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    Children Cry for Fletcher's
The Kind You Have Alwny Ikmi'ht, nnd which has bcci.
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nnd ha !een mado under his pcr
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-utr7X J-UiCJUM Allow MO OBe deeelve you in tills.
All Counterfeits, Imitations nnd Jut-o-goo',, uro lut
Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health of
Infants and Children Experience ay.uin.wt Experiment.
CoHtoria In a harmless pobstltut-e or Cantor Oil, Pare
goric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It la 1'Leasant. It
contains neither Opium, .Morphine nor other Jiarcotlo
substance. Its age is Its guarantee. It destroys "Worms
and allays reverlshness. It cures Diarrhoea and "Wind
CTllc. It relieves Teething' Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates tho
rLoma li and 1 towels, giving: healthy and natural lee;.
The Children's Panacea- The 51 other's Friend.
Bears the Signature of
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years
4 Leader-Echo. j
A baby liny was born to Mr. and
Mrs. (ieorge Orhlerking yesterday
Ii. F. Langhorsl is building a
porch and ol herwise improving
his residence properly.
Oliver llogcurirf lias moved
back from Oklahoma with his
family and they are now residents
of Klmwood.
J. M. McOrew relumed Monday
from a sojourn in Missouri. We
underhand he purchased a small
tract of land down there and hired
a man Id plant it in strawberries.
Editor Merger of the Fa nut m
(Neb.) Kclio was visiting his
father, (i. L. Merger, for a few
days the fore part of I he w eek.
While here Mr. Merger was a
very pleasant culler at this oHlce.
Dr. nnd Mrs. Lislon and Miss
Ada Lislon were Lincoln pas
sengers Wednesday evening, Miss
Ada undergoing an operation at
Ihc SI, Mlizalirlli hospital Thurs
day morning.
, Mrs, F. W. Robb and little babe,
who have been visiting with
Grandpa nnd (irandnia Tyson,
leave today to join Mr. Ilobb at
their new home near Hillings,!
Mont. They will be accompanied I
liy Miss Aussie Robb.
Mr. and Mis. William ('ass of
Lyons, Neb., mine Tuesday for
a visit with the, former's friend,
A. E. Lake, of nenr Munlock. The
two gentlemen had not met since
Mr. Lake taught school at Lyons,
some thirty odd years ngo.
Mrs. Harry Williams is suffer
ing from bruises received by fall
ing down cellar, the accident hap
pening at her home Thursday
evening of last week. She was for
a lime in a precarious condition,
but present indications point to
an enrly recovery.
Louis Dunkak drove in Wed
nesday with his large louring car
from his farm live miles south of
town. The two rear tires of Mr.
Dunknk's car were badly damaged
by the ruts in the roads. Thev
TKE BIG HORN MOUNTAINS: The hotels and ranches around Sheridan in
these beautiful pine clad mountains are attracting a large Summer pat
ronage. It will pay you to inquire about them.
TKE BLACK HILLS: Hot Springs", South Dakota, is one of the finest health
restoring regions in the West. It is deautifully located in the Southern
Black Hills.
18 million gallons of hot water, 130 degrees, flow daily. Famous through)
out the West for its wonderful cures of rheumatism.
EASTERN VACATION TOURS: Attractive special rate tours will be announc
ed and leaflets containing details will be mailed to ticket agents. It will
be to your advantnge to consult agent, that he may tell you about these
rates to various Eastern localities.
Consult with us as to special ratos available to these resorts.
1 ! f 1 1 1 1 1 :
i f "--w
were new I ires and being used for
the first lime. Similar experiences
to Ibis have been reported by aulo
drivers. There is no argument in
favor of liad roads.
The Danger After Grip
lies often in a run-down system.
Weakness, nervousness, lack of
appetite, energy and ambition,
with disordered liver and kidneys
often follow an nllack of this
wretched disease. The greatest
need I hen is Electric Hilers, the
glorious Ionic, blood purifier and
regulator of stomach, liver and
kidneys. Thousands have proved
thai I hey wonderfully strengthen
I he nerves, build up the system
and restore to health and good
spirits after an attack of grip.
If suffering, try them. Only 50,
cents. Sold nnd perfect salisfac-i
lion U Mil I'll II I iml hi' I.' l li'fwilrn I
' p UWi HIM' 1 (T I. ... I I IW
k Co.
I Courier.
Miss lloham visited wilh her
parents at Greenwood last Sun
day. Miss llayden visited with her
parents at University Place over
Miss Hannah Ingrini is visiting
in Stanton with her sister, Mrs.
Henry Inheldel'.
G. A. May-Held of Slnnton
visited wilh relatives here Mon
day, returning to his home Tues
day morning.
A Courier representative visilcd
the Mauley school recently and
was greatly impressed wilh the
good discipline among the pupils.
Their teachers deserve the credit.
Mrs. F. A. Secord of Omaha
was here the first of the week
I for a visit with the editor and her
parents, Mr. !. W. Maylleld. She
was accompanied by her brother,
George A. Mayficld of Slnnton,
, Nebraska.
I W. F. Krecklow went to Lin-
coin Thursday evening to be
present nl nn operation to lie per
formed on his son, Will. The
R. W. CLEMENT, Agent.
Generil Passenger Agent, Omaha, Neb.
r i c
young man has been suffering for
some time from a growth on one
side of his face and concluded to
hae it operated upon.
The Mauley pool hall, formerly
owned by W. J. Han and Cha.
Oerlarh, has been purchased by
Ed Kelly, known as a most genial
fellow in Cass county for many
years. William Honer, the form
er manager, remains at the hall
this week, after which Mr. Kelly
will manage the business in per
son. The Degree of Honor organized
a surprise party for Mrs. L. K.
Lee at her home Wednesday aft
ernoon, the occasion being in the
way of a farewell to the Lee fam
ilv, who are removing to Central
City, .Neb. A delightful social
afternoon was enjoyed by all who
were present.
Almost a Miracle.
One of the most startling
changes ever seen in any man, ac
cording to W. H. Holsclaw, Clar
endon, Tex., was effected years
ago in his brother. "He had such
a dreadful cough," he writes,
"that all our family thought he
was going into consumption, but
he began to use Dr. King's New
Discovery, and was completely
cured by ten bottles. Now he is
sound and well and weighs 218
l'uii'ii)i 111111,7 Ul O UUi
family has. used this wonderful!
pounds. ror many years our
remedy for Coughs and Colds
with excellent results." It's quick,
T.I 1
safe, reliable and guaranteed.
Price 50 cents and $1.00. Trial
bottle free at F. G. Fricke & Co.
J Beacon. j
John Hoot was a Lincoln busi
ness, visitor Wednesday, going ou
the noon train.
Hussell J. Mick was a business
visilor in Lincoln Tuesday, go
ing via I he aulo route.
Dr. L C. Munger and W. I'.
Young made a business trip to
Elmwood last Friday.
A. It. McDonald of Hockey Ford,
('.(dorado, arrived Wednesday
morning to make a few days' visit
wilh his uncle, A. L. McDonald.
Miss Mayme McAllisler, who is
employed in Langhorst's slore at
Elmwood, made a short visit with
home folks Friday evening.
Miss Lottie Henner returned
Saturday evening from Julian,
where she had spent two weeks
visiling with her sister, Mrs. Her
man Swan son.
James A. Talkinglon came in
from Surprise Tuesday afternoon
to alleml to some business mat
ters and look afler some properly
he owns here.
Mr. and Mjs. F.inil Oherle are
the proud parents of a new son
which arrived at their home Tues-
day morning, the young man
weighing eleven and one-half
pounds. We are informed that
our friend, Pete, feels so good
over the event that he goes around
saying "dad-dad" all the time. We
hope the young man may grow to
be as good a fellow as his father.
On Sunday, March 30, the home
of Mr, and Mrs. J. Darge of near
Lincoln was the scene of a quiet
but very pretty wedding, when
their daughter, Miss Nora, was
united in marriage with Will
Kelelhul of Eagle, Hev. Morey of
Cheney performing the ceremony
in the presence of a few relatives
nnd friends. The happy. young
couple returned to Eagle and
nre mtw nt home on a farm fur
miles southwest of town.
It Looks Like a Crime
to separate a boy from a box of
Hucklen's Arnica Salve. His
nininles. boils, scratches, knocks.
sprains nnd bruises demand it,
nnd ils quick relief for burns,
scnhls, or cuts is his right. Keep
it hnndy for hoys, nlso girls.
I Ileitis everything henlable nnd
jdoes it quick. Unequnled for
I piles. Only 25 cents nt F, G.
Fricke & Co.
-a Ja a
J Republican. J
H-I-M -H-I-M H-M-M Ml
George Close was out Monday
on the streets. He has been con
lined to his room for the pas
Hobeif MeCleery has invested
in a new cement mixing machine
II is a neat looking outfit wilh (
gasoline engine to provide tin
Mrs. P. S. Karnes went to Oma
ha last Thursday, and from there
accompanied Mrs. H. J. peck to
Johnstown, where they will re
main on their land.
I here is going to lie sonu
changing in the academy leaching
force this coming school venr
Principal J. F. Hall. Victor Craig
and Miss Anna Carlson havi
K. II. Dahlen and, family isit
I'd from Saturday until Mondav
with Mr. and Mrs. Walter Green.
Mrs. Dahlen is Mr. Green's sis
ter. The guests came in from
Oklahoma City, having spent the
winter in Florida, and returned
to their home in Kansas.
Mrs. Inez Hammer returned
home Monday from Falls City,
where she has been attending her
sister, Mrs. Morton. The latter
was seriously injured falling
down stairs, and has been having
a very h.?rd time, but is improv
ing slowly.
Miss Amy Tucker arrived home
yesterday from the University of
Kansas to spend the Easter vaca
tion with her parents at 228
North Topeka avenue. Miss Mary
Hungate of Weeping Water, who
is also a student at the university,
came home with Miss Tucker.
Superintendent I. N'. Clark
notified the secretary of the
school board last Monday that be
had accepted as superintendent of
the Pawnee City schools. He re
ceives quite a raise in salary and
the second year an additional
raise. This leaves the position
of superintendent here to be
4 Ledger.
Will Revnolds came down from
Omaha () snend Sunday with hi
" '
Abe L. Decker took a shipment
of hogs to (he South Omaha mar
ket Tuesday afternoon.
James Frans returned Saturday
from Sf. Joseph, where he went to
see his mother, who has been very
seriously ill.
Frank Smith of Plattsmouth
was spending Easter Sunday with
his mother, Mrs. Claudius Everett,
a few miles northeast of town.
11. L. Hansen, one of the pros
perous farmers southwest of
town, took a shipment of cattle to
the South Omaha market Wed
nesday. James Morgan and wife arrived
from Winnebago, Neb., and made
a visit with Matt MrOuin and wife,
departing last Friday to visit their
relatives in Denver.
Mrs. Myron Lynde arrived home
last Friday night from Hushville,
Neb., where she had been visiting
for some time with her daughter,
Mrs. Frank Fariburghouse.
John Chlidester arrived home
on Tuesday night from his Irip to
Montana, where he went with Al
Sliles and Ed Everett to help get
them settled in their new homes.
Hay Frans dug into a bunch of
bananas yesterday morning and
what he found gave him a very
cold chill, a live taanlula being
lucked away in the hunch. Hay
axed the "big spider" into a
glass jar, nnd now he is not a bit
afraid of it when the lid is on
L. H. Union and Simon Gruber
ent to Omaha last Saturday and
. . , . ,
joined an excursion party that
i on nn- i.uiiii- lOUSl. me
made their schedule to take in all
it nil)
the points of interest along the
route, and to spend a few days
ooking over the California soil.
taking two weeks for their little
Miles Chilcott nnd
)ouge loaded their cars Tuesday
o shin to Ilovd countv. Mr. Chil
cott recently purchased a farm
ml loinmtr Hie (own of Ilnlln nnil
J rt ' - - " ' v
.Mr. Douge owns a farm a few
miles from Spencer
These two
eentlemen and their estimable
wives are long-time residents of
in is pari oi ine county, and nign
y respected citizens whom we re
gret to lose.
Many Witnesses to Come.
The Kurlington hearing on the
physical valuation of its property
in this stale will begin in the
olllces of the state railway com
mission tomorrow. Much of the
lelail proceding of the hearing
will be eliminated, particularly
that part over which there is lit-
or no dilTerence as to the con
clusions arrived at the state's en
gineers and by the company's en
gineers. According lo E. K. Reed,
right-of-way expert with the state
railway commission, in the neigh
borhood of 800 witnesses nre to be
heard on tin' railroad's side pro
testing auainst the land valua
tions which have been given the
Kurlinglon's property in the slate.
The hearing, it is expected, will
consume several days and an un
usually large amount of testi
mony will be taken by both the
company and the slate. Lincoln
Puts End to Bad Habit.
Things never look bright to one
with "the blues." Ten to one the
trouble is a sluggish liver, filling
the system wilh bilious poison,
that Pr. King's New Life Pills
would expel. Try them. Let tho
joy of better feelings end "the
Idues." Hrst for stoniaeh, liver
and kidneys. 25c at F. 0. Fricke
Your for uni
formity. Your for great
est leavening
Your for never
failing results.
Your for purity.
Your for economy.
Your for every
thing that goes to
make ud a strictlv
high grade, ever
dependable bakintr
That isCalumet. Trv
it once and note the im
provement in your bak
ing. See how much mora
economical over the high
priced trust brands, how
much better than the cheap
and big-can kinds.
Calumet is highest in quality
moderate in cost.
Received Highest Award
World' Pure Food
Lost a Section of Land.
J. If. Kesigue, the well known
farmer living near Harney, has
been robebd of one of the best
farms that was ever in Otoe
county, and Hie Missouri river is
the one that got it. Mose Henry
was called to Mr. Hesigue's lo as.
sist in saving I he stables and corn
cribs, ami he will commence work
as soon as possible. Mr. Henry
says that twenty-five years ago he
was called by Mr. Resigue to move
his house, which he did, and that
lime there was a full section of
land between where he placed the
house and the river. Now all that
land is gone. The last, time Mr.
Resigue was compelled to move he
went lo the south line of his land.
The old orchard has gone, and
the new one is fast following.
Mr. Resigue will place his build
uis on some oi uie uujaceiu lami,
aml h(.n ,()ok fo,. a nPW farm ()
ings on some of the adjacent land
,.,. Ima.. V,.l.nn cl o Pit,. V...,
Why He Was Late.
"What made you so late?"
"I met Smithson."
"Well, that is no reason why
you should be an hour late get-
II in nr home In snnner "
I know, but I asked him how
- "-ft
. , ... , ... ... ...
- lie was leeiing, uuu ne nisisieu on
n lellinnr me about his stomach
telling me about
his stomach '
Did vou tell him to take Cham-
berlain's Tablets?"
"Sure, that is what he needs.'
Sold hv F. G. Fricke & Co.
M. P. Pays Judgment.
The Missouri Pacific Railway
company paid the judgment into
court tnis morning in ine case or
Y. R. Sperry against the com
pany, a suit for damages result
ins; to nlaintiff from a fall from
defendant's train at Mynard last
fall, when the plaintiff was at
lenmtintr to aliKht. The case was
tried at the present term of court,
resulting in a judgment for the
plaintiff in the sum of $100. Al
though plaintiff sued for much
more, the amount will lie accept
ed and the matter dropped.
"My little son had a very severe,
cold. I was recommended to try
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, and
before a small bottle was finished
he was as well as ever," writes
Mrs. H. Silks, 29 Dowling Street,
Sydney, Australia. For sale by
Sydney, Australia. This remedy
is for sale by F. 0. Fricke & Co.
Arrested for Plain Drunk.
From Mondny's Dally.
L. H. Stillwell. who was ejected
from the court house last even
ing for disturbing the meeting,
was today arrested by Chief
Rainey and arraigned before
Judge Archer as a plain drunk,
and by the court was assessed a
(lee of $5 and costs. The sen
tence was suspended long enough
to allow the man to leave town.
He departed for the south, riding
on an M. P. tie pass.
la the District i mrnri ( c.m Coaaty,
Millie D. Montgomery. Plaintiff,
Jams F. Archer, Defendant.
James F. Aroliri, ,W..mant. will take
notice that on the 9th day of March. A
1J. 1812. Millie D. Montgomery, plaintiff
herein, filed her petition In the Die
trlct Court of Cass County Nebraska
against said defendant, "James F
Archer, the object and prayer of said
petition are. to quiet the title, In the
Pla ntiff Millie I). Montgomery In anJ
to wit- lowln,f -Jestrl bed real estate,
'Commencing at the southest corner
of the northwest nu.rtur r ,ul ;"..vrr
eM ' ua.r,er of Section twenty, Town"
n.V,.. V. '""P" ourieen t;. in Cass
County Nebraska; thence north ten
rods; thence west to the west line of
said uuarter fi .,,.., k - j . Z'
the southwest corner of the said north-
Mxanci oi me southeast quarter'
thence east to the place of beginning
null an,i void ind at n "BC,.a.r;
eneet a certain deed of conveyance of
sa d i-eiil etia f.n ai., !ey. .nce or
"in nun vraoirea to
James F. Archer. ,v.iv, .. I-
corded In th ,i.i .I"' rB-
--. j--- -..., uuu 111 ueciare null and
Ji!" "adverse po87e'ls,seo8n,at0
Vast KV"" eLorOT t"l ten year.
relief. 1 y Ior equitable
i,X0i! are "quired to answer said peti
tion on or hofnio n, ..! j... .'"""
A. ii. 1912. " "ay ot Aprlr
Millie r. Montgomery.
C. A. Ranis. Attorney for Plaintiff.
n ,,, HDEK OF SAI.K.
bv A T WooL8.".0"?1" of sa,e l8ii"ed
CaSH Coun Nehraou1
Joseph M. Itohert., aalnHt C
Kaspar for the sum of 1275 00 and
cost, in an action In ald -Court pen d
in. where n J.i.i. iu i,i..': '
Plaintiff and JameH V. Kks V ' d
SiSfflU- p?otrV;f ;,n?
ia "V"1" "r rye Hour, S b. each.
19 mirks nf ,m.l.' .i "
17 sncki nf
each --.-. "uro iiuur, aa ids.
'10 SllCkn Of Vuliau-lf. tl.... nn
each. 00
PdPj, " ""i iiuur, iog.
3 sacks of IIPlKei-a dour, 9S lbs. ench.
)ne Chopple gasoline engine
Seven piles of wood.
To satisfy an l1 nwin.. r.r u.
amount due thereon being, in tlii nc-Kn-Kate,
$275.00 nn.l $15.65 coauf and
ML i.i U Illf CUMS.
. . , C. P. QITINTON
Mierlff of Casss County, Nebraska
1-9-10 dayg.
JaniPH V k'nunn. u'lll .
. nin tunc induce
'at10?? thl 2"U" (!y ,)f February. A.
I). 1912. tho Countv r'r...t r ri
County, Nebraska, In Its Justice
Jurisdiction, Issued an order of at
tachment for tha sum nf it..j i
Six o"'1 i.92100 """a"". In nn action
i.i u, lu,e court wherein the
I lattsmoutli State Bank, a corporation,
Is plaintiff, and James V. Kaspar is de-
renunnt. flint nrni.ui.ti. uA ,i-i
ant, consisting of one Chople gasoline
"j""i inuH or woou, jo sncks
of rye flour 9S lbs. each; 19 sacks Sun
klst Hour, 9S lbs. each; 17 sacks Forest
Hose (lour, 98 lbs. each; 30 sacks Ne-
.,av'k,a.."0,"' n lbs- each: "neks GolcT
Medal (lour. 9S lbs. each; 3 sacks Helser
Hour. 98 lbs. ench In. .-... .i-i..i.
under said order. Said cause wn con.
VoTned ,t0th.e,lsth ,lay ot April. A. D.
1.1(11 OU I.K KNSi;,
NOtlce IS llPI'l.V' D-tl'un rt nil
Interested nnd to the public, that the
... 1 "lour, has liled his
petition nnd application with the vil
la ire I'llM'lf nf Mis .,lll...,
County of Cass, nnd State of Nebraska!
en uiren ny law, signed bv tho re-"tili-ed
number of vesldent freeholders
or the said vllluge. settlnir forth that
the nonllcnnl lu n m i.i
-'- i r.jin ill 111 tj
character and standing and a resident
or tne Mate of Nebraska, nnd pravlng
thnt a llrense mav lie issued to' the
said (Jus F. Mohr for the sale of malt,
spirituous nnd vinous liquors for the-
iiiiiiiii iiiiti year enning mav '!. 1913 at
bis plnce of business, situated on the
west two-thirds of lot live (5), In block
tllll'tPm (1.1 1 In unl.l l-lllnn-., nt 4
Arn ii. i',,S: R Mo"r' Api"ipnnt-
1. 1111 OH l,l(KSK.
In the Matter of the Application of
Henry H. Wledemnn for Uiiuor
This Is to certify that Henrv H..
W ledemnn of the Village of Greenwood.
Cass County. Nebraska, filed a petition
in the oflice of the Village Clerk on
April 10th. 1912. as required by the
i-mimi- i ine .-i3ie or ienrasKa and
ine nruinanrex nr IMP V 1 ae-ft nf nrAn.
wo'l. to sell malt, spirituous ami vinous
me oruinances or ine village of Ureen-
liquors for the comlnir municipal vear
m n iiuiiillnK sltunteil on lot No "77
Kn''LYmne- I-:"- f AFT.
Village Clerk.
I.K1I OH l,l( KSK
Notice is herehv given thnt William
Oelschlager has filed his petition as re
quired by the statute of the State of
Nebraska with the Village Clerk of
Ragle. Nebraska, requesting a license
to sell innlt. uplrltuous and vinous
liquors for the munlclpnl vear. In the
building situated on Lot (6) six. Block
M9 nineteen. In the Village of Kagle,
Cass Countv. Nebraska.
The Board of Control.
A gentleman living in a slate
where a constiltuioual amendment
has been adopted and which has
placed all public institutions un-der-a
board of control and taken
them out of politics, says: "I
notice that the Nebraska voters
have an opportunity to take out
of the hands of the politicians
and grafters all public institutions
ami place them in the hands of a
board of control. This law has
worked wonders in all of the
states thai have adopted it and
that I have visited and examined
ils workings, ft places good men
in eliartre .nut Ihov remain in
I charge just so long as they make
good and improve the condition
of things. The institutions are
operated at much less cost I ban
under the political control, be
sides the inmates or others get
heller treatment and all are on
their best behavior."
You will look a good while be
fore you find n belter medicine for
coughs and colds Ihan Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy. II not only
gives relief it cures. Try it
when you have a cough or cold,
and you are certain to he pleased
with the prompt cure which it will
effect. For sale by F. n. Fricke
& Co.
" ' ' l!.