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Pastor Russell Explains an
scriptural Error.
Bible Clear and Harmonious on This
Subject, Paitor Ruatell Points Out.
Theory of Body Resurrection Unrea
sonable and Suggests Ghastliness.
"Flesh and Blood Cannot Inherit the
Kingdom of God" Natural Men Can
not Appreciate Spiritual Things.
Baltimore, Md.,
April U. -Pastor
Russell addressed
large audiences
liero today. We re
port one of tils din
courses from the
text, "With what
body do they
come?" I Cor, xv,
On last Lord's
day we discussed
the fact of the res
urrection and show-
ed from St. Paul's words that without
Ood's purpose of a resurrection those
who have fallen asleep In death would
have perished as brutes. We followed
with the Apostle the assurances that
Christ did rise from the dead and be
come the First-fruits of all those who
have gone Into the sleep of death. Oth
ers, Indeed, were awakened temporarl-ly-as,
for Instance, Jalrus' daughter,
Ijiznrus the friend of Jesus, and the
son of the widow of Nuln.
Yet none of those Instances Is count
ed as a resurrection, for It Is said that
Christ Is the First-fruits of those who
slept Their awakening was merely of
a temporary nature, and they soon re
lapsed Into tbo sleep of death. They
did not have a full resurrection an
astasia a raising up to perfection of
life, such as the redemptive work of
Jesus guarantees to Adam and to all
Ms race willing to accept the same un
der the terms of the New Covenant
You will recall that on last Lord's
day we demonstrated from the Scrip
tures tliHt It Is not the body, but the toul,
that 1 promised a resurrection that It
was our Lord's toul that went to thcol,
to hadn. to the death state, and that
God r a Ned Him up from .'death on the
third day. We noted a difficulty Into
which all Christendom was plunged by
the nnscrlptural theory that It Is the
body that Is to bo resurrected. Weuow
continue to search and note well fur
ther dltllcultlcs Into which this error
plunged us as believers In tho words of
Christ, particularly In connection with
our Redeemer's resurrection.
f What Went to Heaven f
The iTdlunry thought In Christian
mlnd.4 In reaped to Jesus' death and
resurrection Is that when lie seemed to
die He did not die; that He, the being,
the soul, could not die; that. Instead,
He went to Heaven, and then, on the
third d.i.v, came back to get the body
which bad been crucified ; and that Ho
took It to Itenveu forty days later; that
He bns had that body ever since; and
that He will have It to all eternity,
marred with the print of the nails In
Ills hands and feet, the thorns upou
Ills brow, and tho spear mark In His
(tide. What a ghastly thought! How
strange that we should ever have been
misled Into so unscrlptural and unrea
sonable a theory 1 Bomo endeavor to
gloss the matter by suggesting that our
Lord's flesh Is glorified that It shines
the shining presumably making the
wounds all the more conspicuous.
Our Methodist friends have not yet
changed their statement of the matter,
uumely, "He ascended up on high, tak
Ing Ills fleshly body with Him, and all
that appertained thereto, and sat down
on the right hand of God." This tue
dlcval statement correctly admits that
tho fleshly body was not tho Lord's
but that He, tho soul, took It with HIiu
as luggage. The statement, "and all
that appertained thereto," presumably
would refer to our Lord's sandals,
walking stick and such clothing as the
soldiers did not divide amongst them
at the time of Ills crucifixion If In
deed He bad auy others I Put our dear
Methodist friends want to be sure that
nothing was loft behind.
All this Is of a piece with tho theory
that the lainti when they die go to
heaven, and then, later, come back and
get their bodies, "and all things apper
taining thereto" the inconveniences
that they hove been rid of for cen
turicsl How many trunkloada of
"things appertaining thereto" may be
taken by somjr, and how mixed an as
sortment by others is not stated. Net
tber are particulars given respecting
those whoso clothing, etc., have moan
time worn out But we have bad
enough of this, if it has helped us to
see the absurdity of our theories re
ceived from the "Dark Age"-if It ha
awakened us to thought and to Bible
investigation on thts Important and in
terestlng subject
What Say the SorlpturesT
The Dlble presentation of this sub
Jett Is every way reasonable, consist
cnt and harmonious. 8t. Tsui point
out that "there is a natural body and
thero is a spirit body." He does not
mean and he does not say that the
spirit body Is n human body glorified.
Quito to tho contrary. He declares
that "Flesh and blood cannot inherit
the Kingdom of God" no matter how
glorified It might be. A, human being
would be ao totally different from a
spirit being that, as St. Paul says, "It
doth not yet appear what we shall be,
In our resurrection change; n.:d the
Scriptures do not eveu attempt to give
us an explanation.
The Bible merely declares that as we
now bear the tmnge of the earthy,
Adum, we shall, by the glorious resur
rection change, be given a share In the
nature and likeness of the Second
Adam, our glorious Lord. We shall be
like Hltn and see Illm as He is; and.
lie It noted, we must change from flesh
and blood conditions to spirit condi
tion? by resurrection power, in order
thnt .wo may see Mm as -He Is. Surely
this' proves 'that our Lord Jesus Is no
longer flesh, as He once wns "In the
dnys of Ills flesh."-Hebrews v, 7.
Difference Between Heavenly and
Earthly Bodies.
Our text calls nttontion to tho differ
ence between celestial bodies and ter
restrial, or earthly bodies, and declares
thnt they have different glories. It
tells us thnt the first Adam was made
a living soul, n human being, but thnt
our Redeemer, who humbled Himself
and took the earthly nature, "for tho
suffering of death," thereby became
the Second Adam tho neavenly Lord.
Tho wide distinction between the Sec
ond Adam and the first Adam Is clear?
ly set forth. Ouo was earthy and tho
other heavenly. As we now bear the
Imago of tho earthy, wo shall, If faith
ful, bear the heavenly Imago of our
Lord, the second Adam, after our res
urrection change.
St. Paul Illustrates by saying that
we know of many kinds of organisms
on tho earthy or fleshly plane one
flesh of man, another of beasts, an
other of birds and another of fish. But
however different the organisms they
are all earthy. So, on the heavenly
plane, the spirit plane, thero aro vari
eties of organisms, but all are spirit.
Our heavenly Father Is the nead or
Chlcf-"dod Is a Spirit." Cherubim,
seraphim, and the still lower order of
angels are all spirit beings; and Christ
Jesus, our Redeemer, after finishing
tho work of sacrificing appointed to
nim, was resurrected to the spirit
plane far abovo angels, principalities
and powers next to tbo Father; and
thus wo read, "Now tho Lord Is that
Spirit." And again that "He was put
to death In the flesh, but quickened (or
mado alive) In the splrlf'-l ret ill, 18.
The more we examine the subject
the more foolish and unscrlptural the
views handed to us from the Dark
Ages appear. For Instance, the Scrip
tures clearly set forth that our Re
deemer, prior to becoming a Man, was
a spirit being "the Only Begotten of
the Father, full of grace and truth."
Ilia leaving the spirit plane to become
a Man Is Scrlpturally described as a
great stoop or humiliation. Is it rea
sonable to suppose that the heavenly
Father would perpetuate to all eterni
ty that humiliation, after it had serv
ed Its Intended purpose? Surely not.
The Bible tells us why Jesus hum
bled Himself to the human nature "a
little lower than the angels." It was
because a man had sinned, and the Re
deemer must under the Law, be on
the same plane of being as the one
whom He would redeem. Thus Jeho
vah particularly specified, "An eye for
an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a life for a
life." Hence the death of an nngel, or
of our Lord In nis pre-human condi
tion, could not have affected the pay
ment of man's penalty and tho conse
quent release of the condemned race.
Thus again we read, "A body hast
Thou prepared Me," "for the suffering
of death."-Hebrews x, B; 11, 0.
No one questions that this applies
exclusively to our Lord's experiences
during the years in which "He who
was rich for our sakes became poor,
that we through His poverty might be
made rich." Surely It Is unBUpposable
that tho Father would arrange a Plan
by which our Redeemer's faithfulness
in accomplishing - man's redemption
would cost Mm an eternity of poverty,
humiliation, degradation to a plane "a
little lower than the angels," while the
Church would be made rich, and would
attain n spirit state "far above angels"
be mado "partakers of the divine na
ture" II Peter 1. 1.
Qod Highly Exalted Him.
On tho contrary, the very same Apos
tle who tells us of our Lord'B humilia
tion carries the matter to tho ollmux.
telling us of His faithfulness, as the
Mau Christ Jesus, unto death, even
the death of the cross; and then be
adds an assurance of the heavenly
Father's faithfulness In not leaving
His Son on a lower plauo; "Where
fore," says the Apostle, "God also high
ly exalted Illm, and hath given Illm a
name above every name." This, too,
is in harmony with our Lord's words
In Ills prayer to the Father. A joy
had been set before nim by the Fa
thera joy of pleasing the Father, of
bringing a blessing to mankind, and
the Joy also of exaltation, as a special
reward for obedience.
But the Redeemer, Ignoring all the
promises of a higher glory as a reward
for His faithfulness, merely prayed to
the Father In thoso words, "Father,
glorify Thou Mo with tho glory which
I had with Thee before the world
was." In humility He asked uo re
ward. He did not pray, Remember
that you promised a still greater exal
tation In glory! No, Ho would bo quite
couteut to have served the Father's
purpose and plans and then to return
to the glorious state in which He was
before He left the glory, and for our
sakes became poor and took upon Him
self the human nature. And what said
the heavenly Father in response to that
prayer t Oh, we remember the words
of Jehovah were, "I have glorified
Thee, and 1 will glorify Thee again,"
or further the Implication Is that of a
atlll higher glory than the one which
Re enjoyed before He was made flesh.
He Appeared and Disappeared.
IVo lines of difficulties present them-
elves, one of which can be answered
sud tho other cannot. - The unanswer
able difficulty Is where a natural-mind-cd
man undertakes to reason the sub
ject out. He finds It Impossible of
comprehension as he 3uds other Items
of Divine revelation. St. Taul explains
this, saying, "The natural :non receiv
ed not the things of the Spirit of God.
neither can he know them, because
they' are spiritually discerned." The
Apostle proceeds to tell us thnt a" men
are natural men. except such as have
been begotteU by the Holy Spirit. All
uutural men will, In their resurrection,
receive earthly, or human bodies, while
all spiritual ones. New Creatures in
Christ, will receive spirit bodies, as St.
i'uul explains in our context, verses
Those of my hearers, therefore, who
have never accepted Christ, and ronde
a full consecration of their all to be Ills
disciples, following In His footsteps,
may know that they have not been bo
gotten of tho Holy Spirit (because only
upon theso terms aro any begotten of
tho Spirit). These, therefore, I will
ask to consider what I say, and hold it.
If they please, tentatively, until such
time as, In God's providence, they may
bo begotten of the Iloly Spirit and
thus be enabled to understand spiritual
matters such as this.
Another class who have difficulty on
this subject are tho spirit-begotten ones
who have been entangled In their rea
soning by, tho declaration of the creeds
respecting the resurrection of the body.
It is difficult to unlearn error. When
visiting various' lands and learning of
the hold of superstition upon the hea
thens, I said to myself, I believe that
we Christians experience Just as much
difficulty in unlearning our errors as
these heathens do In getting free from
The Unconsecrated Cannot Understand
Spiritual Problems.
Coming to the point of what Is to be'
resurrected, we note the fact that our
Lord appeared in a body of flesh, and
showed the disciples the print of the
nails and tho bole made by the spear.
But we, perhaps, failed to note that
only twice did He thus appear, and but
for a few moments each time. His
other six or seven appearances during
that forty days were also very brief,
and In various bodies once as a gar
dener, another time as a traveler Ills
third time as a stranger on the shore,
and to Saul of Tarsus, as a spirit be
ing, of more than angelic brightness,
"shining above the brightness of the
sun at noonday." We overlooked the
fact that these appearances, If all put
together, would probably not have ex
ceeded four hours out of the entire for
ty days in which our Lord tarried with
His disciples after Ills resurrection
and before His ascension. We were
not critical students when we over
looked those things, and forgot to
ask ourselves why these things were
Now we see more distinctly why our
Lord did as He did. Ills disciples were
natural men and therefore could not
appreciate spiritual things. Further
more, they could not receive the guld
Ing of the Holy Spirit until the Lord's
ascension and appearance in the pres
ence of tho Father on behalf of Ills
Church, to make satisfaction for their
sins, and to make them acceptable
Joint-sacrlflcers with Him. Meantime,
had Jesus not tarried those forty days
had He ascended Immediately after
His resurrection the disciples, stunned
and bewildered, would have had no
assurance of His resurrection. They
would have found it impossible to go
out and tell tbo people that He had
risen from the dead when they had no
proof to this effect
And even if Jesus had appeared to
them as He did to Saul of Tarsus,
above the bright shining of tbo, sun,
this would not have been convincing
and satisfactory. They might have
said, Here Is a phenomenon, but how
can we positively associate it with the
life and death of Jesus? Matters were
different with Saul of Tarsus. He
needed something to thoroughly arouse
him and to teach him for all time.
and others through him, that tho Lord
Is not a Man, but "that Spirit" Be
sides, some of the disciples who al
ready believed were oblo to give Saul
of Tarsus assurances of what they
knew respecting the resurrection of
Jesus and Ills ascension.
No Foolish Suggestions In Bible About
tho Resurreotlon.
The Lord adopted tho only reason'
able way of helping nis disciples to
understand that He was no longer
dcod-that no had risen from the dead
-and that He was no longer human,
but bad been glorified, and had become
a spirit being. The two things wore
necessary and they were dono at the
same time.
Even on the occasions when our Lord
appeared in a body like to the on era
clfled, He took care that the manifes
tation should be under such conditions
as would positively prove that He bad
become a spirit being. He came Into
the room where they were while the
door was shut, and after a few words
with them He vanished from their
sight, au no human being could have
done and as He never did during Ills
earthly career. That the Apostles
caught tho thought Is well evldcuced
by St Paul's argument on the sub
ject In our text. There Is no foolish
suggestion in the Bible about Jesus
having a fleshly body in heaven that
Is all in our creeds and hymn books,
prepared for us by our well-meaning
but mistaken forefathers, who used to
burn one another at the stake If they
failed to promptly agree together on
such propositions.
We mourn the dead, but thfy shall wakv)
The lost, but they shall be restored!
Ot well our human hearts might break
Without that sacred word I
Dim eree, look upt sad hearts, rejoloot
Beelnf Ood's bow ot promise througtw
At sound of thst prophetlo voice;
"X wtll make all thlnn new."
Pennsylvania Primary Results In
Landslide lor Roosevelt.
Famous Red Cross Nurse,
Known All Over the World.
Who Is Dead at Ripe Age.
Republican State Convention Will Be
Controlled by Roosevelt Forces.
Vilson Will Have Solid Delegation
With One or Two Exceptions.
Philadelphia, April 15. Colonel The
odore Roosevelt's sweeping victory In
Pennsylvania at Saturday's primary
election kept growing as the returns
continued to come in.
Incomplete returns from every dis
trict gave the former president sixty
five of the state's seventy-six delegates
In the Republican convention. The
Roosevelt supporters were claiming
sixty-seven and later returns may car
ry the figures to that total. Colonel
Roosevelt won fifty-three of the sixty
four district national delegates and
his followers elected enough delegates
to the state convention to give them
control of that body. The state con
vention will name twelve delegates at
The Republican organization leaders
are stunned by the overwhelming de
feat of the Taft candidates and have
nothing to say regarding the result.
United States Senator Penrose, the
recognized leader of the Republican
organisation and the leading Taft
Loonier in this state, left the city and
boarded his yacht at Atlantic City,
where he is safe from Interviewers.
Whole State for Wilson.
With the exception of one or two
districts In tho state Woodrow Wilson
will havo a solid delegation from
Pennsylvania to the Democratic na
tilnal convention.
In this city Taft got seven of the
twelve national delegates.
Reubsn A. Mocn, who has been a
leader on the Republican side of con
gress for wvoral sessions,, was de
f.lFlvelv de.fejted for renomination Hit
successful opponent Is George W. Ed
monds. Republican Keystone candidate.
Congressman Michael Donahoc.
Uemocrat, accomplished the remark
able feat of winning the Republican
as well as the Democratic and Key
stone nomination In the Fifth Philadcl
pliia district. This district is largely
peopled by wcrklngmen.
Returns Indicate that the Roos
volt deleeates in Allegheny county, in
eluding P!ttlnirch, to the Chicago con
ventlon bnd ncn e'ected with the pos
sible exrnnt'on of one. Statu Hichway
Commissioner P.igelow leading his op
The lntorrt In the primary nearly
equaled that ordinarily manifested in
a general election
( 15: 1
, '
We are now handling a complete
line of coal. Call and let us quote you
prices for your fall and winter coal.
We also handle wheat, oats, corn and
chop of all kinds.
Ind. Telephone 297
Nelson Jean & Go.
All Speakers Demand Changes In Form
of Government.
New York, April 15. Democrats
leaders from all sections of the coun
try attended the annual Jefferson day
d'nner given by the National Demo
cratic club at the Waldorf-Astoria.
Thomas Donnelly, Judge of the city
court and president of the club, pre
sided. Seated at the guest table with
him were William J. Bryan, Norman
R. Mack, chairman of the Democratic
national committee; Governors Dix
and Wilson, Mayor Gaynor, Senator
O'Gorman and other Democratic lead
crs In the United States house and
senate. More than 1,000 covers were
Practically all the speakers com
pared conditions during Jefferson t
life with conditions today, and de
manded changes In the form of gov
ernment applied by Republicans. ,
Roy Flsk Tells How He Robbed
City of Newton.
Newton, la., April 15. How a col
lege education can be used to recoup
losses from gambling and high living
at the expense of the city's finances
was demonstrated In a most startling
manner when Roy Flsk, college grad
uate and deputy city clerk for several
years, sobbed out his confession of
embezzlement of the city's finances
and the mutilation of the records of
the city before County Attorney
Mowry. Peculations which had been
carried on for two years without the
knowledge of the city authorities until
last month and which are said to have
aggregated $2,480.31, were admitted by
Flsk In a signed statement
A gunny sack containing a bushel
measure of mutilated and torn city
records, taken from the city clerk's
office on the night of March 15, follow
ing a meeting of the city council, was
fished out of the water stand pipe
near the city hall. The hiding place
of the records was confessed by Flsk
and they are being pieced together
and made legible so that the correct
amount of the money embezzled by
Flsk may be obtained.
Young Flsk turned over to a real
estate dealer a quarter section of Tex
as land, which will be sold to make
good the amount of money taken from
the city.
Mrs. Cornelia Flsk, the sixty-year-old
mother of Flsk, appeared In Jus
tice Allfree's court and signed a bond
for $10,000 for his release for his ap
pearance before the grand Jury In
September, and went with him to his
home to break the news to his wife
of a little more than a year.
I have arranged , to get a rate
of $30.C0 round trip to Dcrmott,
Arkansas, on the second day of
May, where we have 15,000 acres
of fine farm lands for sale. Those
buying land while there will have
their railroad fare returned. For
further particulars apply to or
, T. L. Amick, Mynard, Neb.
See the exhibit at J. L. Russell's
Riley Hotel Bar.
Meet at McDaniel Home.
The Hand of Mercy met Satur
day afternoon with Ellen Belle
McDaniel. After the business
session came the program, at
which time the children told very
interesting stories about dogs. At
the next meeting they are to tell
stories about cattle. There were
23 members present. Delicious
refreshments were served. The
next meeting will be held at the
home of Miss Marion Mauzy on
April 27 at 2:30.
Paints Dwelling In Omaha.
J. R. Rummerfleld, the expert
painter, has just closed a contract
with Mrs. M. A. Dickson to paint
her fine Omaha residence prop
erty. Mr. Rummerfleld does the
job just as soon as he can get at
it. He is among the best work
men in that line in the city, and
did the work on the government
building last fall.
Seed Corn for Sale.
I have again tested my seed
corn and And that it is of the very
finest quality, and tests a very
high per cent, and have about 150
bushels for sale at $1.50 per
bushel. 'Ben Beckman.
For Representative.
We are requested to announce
the name of George W. Olson as a
candidate for state representative,
subject to the choice of tho
democratic voters at the pri
maries on Friday, April 19th.
Saints Ratify Names of -Women. '
Independence, Mo., April 15. Presi
dent Frederick M. Smith presided ovei
the business meeting at the Saints
conference. The names of three wom
en, offered by the woman's auxiliary
as members of the board of trustees
of the children's home located at La
r.ionl, were ratified by the conference.
They are as follows: Minnie B. Nlch
olson, for one-year term; Lucy L. Res
seglne, for two-year term, and Callie
B. Stebblns, for three-year term. All
live In Laraonl.
Delaware for Taft.
Wilmington. Del., April 15. Repub
lican primaries were held In the three
counties to elect delegates to the state
convention, which will select six dele
gates to the Chicago convention. Taft
leaders claim that while the national
delegates will be unlnstructed they
will favor the nomination of President
Pasture for Rent.
Good pasture for about 30 head
of horses and cattle. Three miles
east of Cedar Creek.
T E. Bowers. '
Cashier Robbed of Big Sum.
Chicago, April 15. Albert Kohoe.
twenty years old, cashier for the M.
J. Ncahr company, paper bag manu
facturers, was robbed on Armour ave
nue of a satchel containing $1,970, be-
Thla If Charge of Mason City Woman
Against Husband.
Mason City, la., April 15. Alleging
that her husband made life miserable
for her by becoming Infatuated with
successive domestics, Mrs. Marry
Southward filed a petition for a dl
vorce from Bert A. Southward, form
erly a well known business man of
Forest City. Mrs. Southward Is now
a resident of this city.
Three other wives are seeking di
vorce, each on the ground of cruel and
Inhuman treatment. Emma Bowers
seeks separation from her husband,
II. J. Bowers. Bowers has been spend
ing several weeks In Jail for shooting
Emerson Cannon. Mrs. Myrtle Phillips
asks a divorce from her husband, Will
lam Phillips. They were married in
Brltt in 1902. Mrs. Blanche M. Sauter
seeks separation from Joseph Sauter.
Farm Lands Threatened.
Glenwood, la., April 15. The Mis
souri river at Folsom, on the western
border of Mills county, Is within two
Inches of overflowing Tor a distance
of a quarter of a mile. All available
nnrth.fliVri sucks are in use and a
body of men all that tan work are
nn diitv dav and night. Valuable corn,
alfaUa and wheat land is in danger.
Interstate Laws Control In State.
Ottumwa, la., April 15. A person
who orders a case of boor delivered to
his home or to his office from outside
tho state Is Immune from the attacks
of the civic leagues, If the decision of
Ittgl Bate,
8 Miles South of Plattsmouth
(the Old Martin Farm) .
has installed a Saw Mill on his place,
and is prepared to furnish hard lum
ber of all kinds, posts and chunk
WTAU orders promptly filled, and
also soiicited.
Herman Groodor,
Graduate Vetineary Surgeon
(Formerly with U. S. Department
Licensed by Nebraska State
Calls Arswered Promptly
Phone 378 White, Plattsmouth
longing to his employers, by a well, f Qf the Wapcl,0
dressed man, who pointed a revolver court g afflrmed by th 8U.
at him
, preme court.
rh.m. rlrk' llnel Killed.
...... w v i ,c .mJ Thrown Under Wheels.
W'tiHanhiirs Kv. Anrll IS. While 1
felllag a tree on his farm near here,' Dubuque, April 15.-Henry Smith, a
Morgan Clark, ninety years of age, an bookbinder, died at Mercy hospital as
uncle of Speaker Champ Clark, was the result of an accident at Dyersvllle
Instantly killed. The tree fell unex- He was leaning against a cai when H
pecledly and burled the old man under started, precipitating him under the
, . wheels. U died eight houra later.
Do You want an
If you do, get one who has
Experience, Ability, Judgement.
Telegraph or write
Dunbar, Ilcb.
Dates made at this office or the
Murray State Bank.
. Rates Reasonable