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ize a li Mini if safeiy
President Darius Miller Asks the Hearty Co-operation of all Em
plcyes to the End That the Number of - Personal Injuries Sus
tained Each Year May Be Materially Reduced.
The. Burlington lias organized
4 department of safety, of which
E. M. Switzer is to he, superin
tendent, and with an advisory
ommittee on which two Lincoln
officials of the road will serve.
The central or advisory com
mittee consists of K. P. Hracken,
assistant general manager; J. A.
Connell, attorney of Iowa lines;
"It is very plain to those who
have the duty of investigating in
juries to persons that a great
many of them are entirely un
necessary, and would not have oc
curred if proper precautions had
been taken. The object in send
ing this personal letter to you is
to solicit your interest in the mat
ter of preventing personal in-
.1. A. Denny, medical director and I juries of every character and to
assistant superintendent relief j secure your earnest co-operation
nd employment departments;- NV.i with the local committee which
L. Breckenridge, engineer main- will be formed in vour territory.
lenance; T. Rnopc, superintendent
motive power lines east of Mis
souri river; L. P. Allen, general
superintendent Nebraska district;
A. W. Newton, general inspector
permanent way and structures.
Mr. Switzer will have head
quarters in Chicago and will be
aided in the work by the central
advisory committee. On each
operating division there will be a
sub-committee, with separate
sub-committees for some of the
more important shops and other
places where large numbers of
men are employed. These sub
committees will be composed
largely of employes from the dif
ferent classes of service, supple
mented and assisted by certain of
the division oflicers. The sub
committees will meet monthly,
and will be expected to report and
discuss all matters thnt have
come under their observation in
volving the safely of employes or
others, and to endeavor to enlist
the co-operation and interest of
all employes in the promotion of
President Darius Miller of the
Burlington has issued a circular
to the employes of the road in
which he asks the co-operation of
the men to the end that the num
ber of personal injuries sustained
each year may be materially re
duced. In this, among other
things, he says:
H. C.
A Pioneer Citizen Passes Away at
His Home in This City at 1
O'clock This Morning.
From Wednesday's Dully.
Colonel II. G. McMaken, one of
the pioneer citizens of Platts
mouth and Cass county, died at
his late residence in this city at
an early hour this morning. His
children were all present at their
father's bedside when the final
summons came, except his son,
Edward M., of Sheridan, Wyo.,
who was on his way to Plaits
mouth, hoping to arrive before
Depart for Texas.
From Wednesday's Dally.
V. K. Hosenerans departed for
l'cxas this morning on No. i in
onipany with a party composed
of ex-County Commissioner L." D., (leorge KalTenberger, F,
. Haker ami C. II. Hist. The party
will be absent about three weeks
nnd will go to San Antonio, Corpus
Christ a, Falfurrias, Houston and
Galveston before returning to this
it. v. The party will look. over the
real estate in the difleernt locali
ties and probably invest in some
of the best soil they can find.
I hope you will inform yourself
regarding your community and
support its work. This you can
do in large measure by avoiding
all unnecessary risks in your own
work and using all possible care
to avoid injuries to yourself or
your co-emplnyes. The company
will continue its efforts to reduce
and remove, as far as possible,
the elements of danger that may
surround your work, and you can
assist it by reporting to your su
perior officer conditions of ways
or structures that appear lo
threaten injury, dangerous
methods of work that can be im
proved, or careless employes
whose conduct is likely to pro
duce injury lo tnemselves or
"If every employe on the Bur
lington will respond to this re
quest for co-operation and as
sistance, we believe that by the
exercise of greater care on the
part of employes, and the pro
vision of better safeguards on the
part of the company, a very large
decrease in the number of in
juries can be accomplished, and
much pain, unhapppiness and loss
of time on the part of employes
and others can be avoided."
Similar organizations now exist
on the Frisco, Northwestern, B. &
O., Chicago Great Western and
the Lackawanna.
Miss Ruth Eleanor Johnson and
John W. Chapman Married
Tuesday, January 16, 1912.
from Wednesduy'8 Daily.
Yesterday afternoon at the
pleasant home of Mr. and Mrs.
Joseph W. Johnson occurred the
very pretty wedding of their
daughter, Miss Huth Fleanor, to
Mr. John W. Chapman. The cere
mony was performed by Key. L.
W. Oade, pastor of the First
Presbyterian church, at 3 o'clock,
in the presence of a large gather
ing of friends and relatives.
The entire house was hand
somely decorated in green ferns
and yellow roses, also the lunch
eon bearing the same colors, in
cluding layer brick ice cream and
bride's cake. Just before the
ceremony Miss Helen Chapman,
sister of the groom, sang "0
Promise Me." During the solemn
and impressive ceremony Miss
Ruth Chapman, younger sister of
the groom, played the piano selec
tion, "Traumerei," by Shuman,
and immediately following Miss
Josephine Johnson, niece of the
Hride, sang "I Love You Truly."
The bride was attired in a very
beautiful traveling suit, while the
groom wore the conventional
slack. The guests were received
hy Mrs. Frank Johnson. The din
ing room was under the super
vision of Miss Helen Cabpman,
assisted by Misses Frances Weid
mnn, Ruth Chapman, Josephine
Johnson. Flenora Johnson and
Muriel Benton.
The bride is (lie only (laughter
t Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, born
and reared in this city, and her i
many excellent qualities and un
assuming nature have won her aj
host of friends, and that large!
rircle of friendship remains un
broken in wishing her much hap
piness for future years. The
a room is the son of the late Judge
and Mrs. S. M. Chapman and like
wise has spent nil his life in Ibis
city. For a number of years past
c, has been iii the employ of the
Burlington Railror.d company. He
is a young man of sterlirg worth
and numbers his friends by the
irore. The parents of the con
tracting parties are among the
tiosl highly respected people of
fcfi city, where they have lived for
I a great many years.
I The happy young couple de-
parted on the Burlington train
No. 2 yesterday evening for Sioux
i City, where they will make their
I future home and where the groom
1 lias prepared a cosy l it f If collage
for the new bride, all ready for
The guests attending from out-
of-town were; Mr. and Mrs. F.d
Johnson and daughters. Josephine
and Flenora, and son, Fdgar; Mr.
and Mrs. A. S. Johnson and chil
dren, Pratt, Fritz and Ruth Jane,
nil of Lincoln; Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Johnson and son. Walker, from
near Weeping Water; Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Fads, from South
Omaha; Mrs. William Ward and
two sons, from Omaha; Mr. and
Mrs. W. F. C.illispie and (he Mis
ses Henton of Mvnard.
The Journal extends the
heartiest congratulations, with
the hope that their pathway
throuuh life may alwavs be strewn
with the choicest of flowers, and
happiness will remain supreme
through life.
Colonel H. C. McMaken.
Mr. McMaken should pass away
Colonel McMaken was conscious
up to within half an hour of
breathing his last, and it is a satis
faction to his children that he
could recognize them to the last
Henry Clay McMaken was born
seventy-two years ago next Sat
urday and has been a resident of
Cass county for almost 11 fly-five
years, lie has led an active busi
ness career ever since coming to
l'lattsmouth, having done an ex
tensive dray business for a num
her ' of years. lie was an old
soldier and active in (Irand Army
circles. He was a member of the
Knights and Ladies of Security
being a charter member of this
order in l'lattsmouth. He is sur
vived by three sons and two
daughters and one sister, Mrs
Sprague of Buffalo (Ian. S. D. His
sous are Fdward M. of Sheridan
Wyo.; Joseph II. and Guy D. o
(his city; his daughters are Mrs
Fva Reese and Mrs. Carrie Scotl
hold of Plaltsmoulh.
Moves to Arkansas.
Fmm Wednenday't Pali.
Hi ley Frady and wife and seven
children and Mrs. Frady's father,
John Tutt, left last night on the
midnight M. P. train for Monti
cello, Arkansas, where Mr. Frady
has made arrangements lo farm.
Mr. Frady has sold his l'latts
mouth residence and shipped his
household goods, slock and farm
implements last Saturday night.
Mr. Frady had been an employe
of the Burlington continuously
for the past (wenly years and his
services have been very valuable
to Hie company. The family will
be missed from Plallsmouth and
their large circle of friends. B
fore bis departure Mr. Fradv
ordered the Journal sent to his
Arkansas address, and we wish
him success in bis new home and
kiiow mat ins lamiiv win en my,
more man ever, reading the news
from home.
County Judge Contemplates Giv
ing a Premium as Induce
ment for Marriage.
If the marriage license depart
ment of the county court con
tinues for the second half of the
month to do as well as the first
half, January, III 12, will prove to
be I he banner month in Judge
Beeson's administration. In order
o make January a red letter
month in this department, the
imlge is considering, for a day or
two, the. proposition of making a
present of the license and cere
mony and a handsome certificate
lo any county official, or deputy,
of Cass countv, who will gel mar
ried during the month.
If this will not increase (he is
suance of licenses, it is con
templated having M. Hild, or some
of tht! numerous furniture deal
ers, offer a housekeeping outfit on
the same conditions. If this is
not sufficient a few sacks of flour
and a couple of tons of coal may
be added to the list everything
or anything goes in order to make
a record for January in the mar
riage department.
Who Get the Eraser?
From Wednesday 'a Dally.
Countv Clerk Morgan has a per
led system oi ctiei king up sup
plies and the disposition of them
lo the several officers in the court
bouse. Penholders, ink erasers
and the like are furnished in lots
of a dozen on a card. When Miss
''osier, or Miss Gering, or Judge
Beeson, etc., get an eraesr the
name and date of issue of the sup
ply is placed on the card where
the "pen slock" or "ink eraser"
has been removed. Then when
I he board wants to know what he
has done with the supplies they
ordered before, the clerk points to
his file of cards and tells Mr.
Commissioner to "hop to it and
look it up." The clerk was in a
worried stale of mind yesterday,
when he discovered that some
official or deputy, with the fear of
the clerk not before his eyes, had
removed an eraser and failed lo
lenve his name and the dale "he
Ink it."
Otto Paul Herman Finder and
Miss Anna Hanasek United
in Marriage.
From Wednesday's Dally.
Yesterday afternoon at 3 o'clock
at the county court room occur
red the marriage of Otto Paul
Herman Finder and Miss Anna
Hanasek, Judge Beeson official
ing. Both the groom and bride
have grown up in Plallsmouth,
all hough both were born in Ger
many, having come here with
their parents when quite small.
A line wedding reception was
held last evening at the residence
of Mr. and .Mrs. Hanasek, parents
of the bride, who have resided in
l'lattsmouth for the past fourteen
years and stand high in the com
munity in which they live. Mr.
and Mrs. Finder will reside in this
citv, he having a good position
with the Burlington freight, car
repair department. at. the shops.
The Journal extends congratula
tions and trusts the young couple
will find smooth sailing down the
river of Time.
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of every ten cases of rheumatism
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muscles due to cold or damp, or
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Fricke & Co.
In County Court.
The last hearing on claims in
the Norman Slocum estate was
lived for today, and the parlies
appeared. The claims mil con
tested were allowed. A continu
ance was asked for in I he mailer
of a claim for $.10 Hied by Tom
Try against the estate.
Children Cry for Fletcher's
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Tho Kind You Have Always Bought, and which Las beet
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unci has hecn nuulo under his per
sonal supervision slnco its infancy
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Oleson Cases Settled.
The county commissioners
reached a settlement with George
S. Oleson, special administrator
of the estate of Ruth S. Oleson,
and with his wife, Mrs. Florence
I). Oleson, for the death of Ruth
and injury to Mrs. Oleson on the
nublic highway July 22, 1911,
from a defect in the approach to
a bridge near Union. The county
paid $250 in each case by way of
compromise. The county did not
admit any liability, but settled
the claims for about what the
costs of litigation would amount
lo should the county contest the
claims in (he courts. The cases
had been filed in the district court.
J (Special Correspondence.) J
Pete Mockenhaupt's baby has
been quite sick, but is better now.
Mr. and Mrs. Ilellinger were at
Wymore Thursday visiting their
son, Clifford and wife.
The literary was postponed
last week on account of I he ex
tremely cold weather.
A number of school speakers,
which we have been expecting for
some lime, have arrived.
The Woodmen lodgo installed
their members Saturday evening
afler which a fine lunch was
The Greenwood High school is
preparing lo send a represent
ative to the High school oratorical
contest at Frement next February.
A young lady arrived at Will
Gabriel's home, whose birthday
will fall on January 10. noth
mot tier and little one are doing
Tom Leaver and Carl Hammer
each purchased some land in
Louisiana. Mr. Leaver is making
a visit in Illinois on his return
The winning pupils from the
country districts came in to com
pete with the winning pupils of
this district on Monday. Ilessie
Abbott won in spellnig and Kllen
Mel ford in mental arilhimelic.
These will be our representatives
to the county contest.
Depart for Arkansas.
From WeitneMday'i Pally.
J. S. Vallery departed for Mon
licello, Arkansas, Shipping his
slock, household goods and farm
ing implements via the M. P. yes
terday, where he will engago In
farming. Mrs. Vallery left on No.
2 last evening for Kansas City,
where she will meet her husband
and continue their journey to the
sunny south. A. M. Searlo also
left for Monlicello on No. 2 last
Pleased With Postofflce.
Hen Tteckman of near Murray
was a Platlsmoulh visitor yester
day and went through the new
postoffice for the first time. Mr.
Ueckman was very much pleased
at Ihe elegance and convenience
of Ihe new building and expressed
gratification that the most im
portant business in the city Is
housed in a building adapted to
its needs.
Miss Gale Will Wed.
Marriage license was issued
this morning by Judge Heeson for
Ihe marriage of Marl L. Wilken
sou of Hethany and Miss Nina
Opal Gale of Greenwood. The
ceremony will be performed by
the father of tins groom, Rev.
Henjamin A. Wilkinson of lleth
auy. Afler their marriage Mr.
and Mrs. Wilkinson will go to
Canada to reside on a farm.
C. C. Haldwin, the Weeping Wa
ter commercial traveler, visited
Plallsmouth Ibis morning.
Will Address the Retailers.
1 he Retailers' assocralion of
Nebraska will convene in Omaha
March 12, at which lime E. A.
Wurl of Platlsmoulh is down for
an address in response to the
sneeches of welcome delivered by
Mavor Dahlman and Governor
Ablrich. This is one of the most
important meetings of Ihe year
for Ihe retail merchants and it is
expected that the attendance will
be large.
Mrs. 11. N. Dovey was a pas
senger to Omaha on (he morning
train today.
For Infanta and Children.
Ttia Kind You Have Always- Bough!
Bears the
Rlgnfetur of
A Hero in a Lighthouse.
For years J. S. Donahue, So.
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he might have been a wreck him
self, if F.leclric Hitlers had not
prevented. "They cured me of
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Long distance telephone service untitles space nnd brings
friends in close personal relationship. Separation means
uncertainty; uncertainty incai.s anxiety.
The greeting of loved ones far away is music to the ear.
Absent friends seem very near at such a time.
You can bring sunshine into your own life nnd the lives of
others, by an appreciative use of your Bell Telephone
Nebraska Telephone
M. E. BRANTNES, Plaltsmouth Manager.