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Th3 Creators Note! Gills to
Pastor Russell, In Hit Address at the
Missionary Inspection Committee
Welcome at Shanghai, Expresses
Sympathy For the Chinese Holds
Out the Hope of the Gospel For
Them The New Testament Has a
Message of Salvation For All People.
Shanghai. China.
Jan. 7th. - China's
hundreds of mil
lion of patient. In
cessant worker
have 1 1 iid my syui
pathy from child
hood. The philoso
phies of childhood
wo often as correct
lis hose of mat ure
years - sometimes
more so. Well I re
rnemlier us n child
Inquiring what would he the fale of
Hie ticiithcii. mid the answer that 1
pot. mimely. that only through faith
In Jesus, the Redeemer. Is there any
salvation. Then 1 queried. What Is
the prmilti of their Ignorance of the
Only Name given under henven or
amongst meu whereby we must he
saved? The answer was the usunl one
of all of our "Orlliodox creeds:" tliat
they would upend eternity In a hell of
unutterable anguish. How tny heart
went out sympathetically toward every
missionary movement on behalf of t ho
Then canio mature thinking and I
said. Like others 1 flm Imperfect In
very way: tny sympathy and love,
therefore, cannot be as great as that of
our Creator. How la It possible that
God. with all the force of the Universe
at His command, could look calmly on
and see the operation of Ilia own laws
carrying thousands of millions to eter
nal misery and yet refrain from giving
those creatures the necessary Informa
tion? I said, there Is something wrong
with the Itlblc and with our creeds
which we have built upon It.
I threw all away and hepm to reason-but.
thuuk God! not along Irrev
erent lines. I rensoneil that He who
made the Universe also made mini:
that whatever noble qualities 1 could
find In humanity wero the work of the
Creator. I said, Mnn'a noblest qualities
are Justice and love, nnd hence the
Creator must possess these unlimltedly
I bowed In worship before Ood, Infinite
In Wisdom, Justice. Love and row
er. He That 8eeketh Findeth.
I said. Oh, great, Almighty God. al
though unknown to me, 1 worship
Thee! I adore Thee! My whole being
cries out for the pleasure of more Inti
mate acquaintance with Thee, that I
might know Thy will regarding me
and Thy purposes respecting human
ity. I said. Assuredly, as God Is All
Wise, He must have an All-Wise pur
pose, of which I need not be ashamed!
So surely as He Is Just and loving, all
of His plans and purposes must accord
with these qualities; and having made
tint u capable of appreciating these
qualities. He will surely be willing to
bestow the Information which 1 desire
information as to how I can best
please and serve Him nnd as to what
His purposes unci Intentions are re
specting mankind.
My prayers convinced nie the more
that there must be n Divine Revela
tion somewhere In the world. I thought
that I had searched the Bible faith
fully and proved It unreasonable nnd
contrary to every conception I could
have of a Divine Creator nnd Ills pur
poses; hence my eyes turned toward
this I '.a st em land and your sacred
books. I studied them for a time, only
to tlnd them far less satisfactory to
my Intellect than the Bible 1 had al
ready east aside.
I returned to the Bible. I asked my
self. Might you have been prejudiced
when you examined it before? Al
though I thought not, I made n fresh
Investigation, because I felt there must
be a Revelation from the true God
somewhere, and because the Bible thus
far gave the best testlmouy. It. in
deed, told of a God of Love, ns no
other religious books do. yet Its teach
ings respecting the future of the non
elect staggered nte. for I was sure that
they were not flcdllke. but the reverse
Proving the Bible Reasonable.
Disregarding the Old Testament
'Scriptures entirely 1 begun with the
New I said. Was not Jesus a most
wonderful Character? Is It not true
that "never man spake like this Man?"
Both heart and head answered, Yes!
Ills teachings are the noblest found on
earth! His example fully comports
with Ills teachings) I asked, Cau I
rely upon the evidence? My mind re
plied. Yes. If Just such men today
told you their observations you would
bellve them implicitly. These men
eonfesspj that they were Ignorant and
unlearned men, telling of their own
weaknesses lu a way that Impostors
won d not do. Their Message abounds
hi "good tidings of great Joy for all
people," and not merely for their own
nationality. My heart began to take
toin-nge. I began to feel that I had
foimd a footing for my faith and that
the Bible Indeed differed considerably
Iroiu tbu wrlous and conflicting creeds
which rial 31 It as their support and
However. I suddenly remembered
that much of the N'cw Testament is
composed of paiwwges from the Old
Testament and coaimenls thereon.
Alas! I said, for 1 cannot accept the
Old Testament Scriptures. Hut the
more I studied the matter tiie mure
convlu'ed 1 was that If Jesus and the
Apostles were at all what they claim
ed to be the Old Testament must he as
true as the New as St. Peter declared.
"Holy meu of old spoke and wrote as
they were moved by the Holy Spirit."
Then I began a more critical at tidy of
the 0!d Testament, and to my Joy. as
I sought. I found, as I knocked the door
of Truth opened for inc. I found the
Bible teaching very different from
what I had supposed it to be, very con
trary to that of all the creeds. The
latter. Indeed, each and all. contain
truths taken from the Bible, but truths
Incrusted with various human creduli
ties and misconceptions the Bible mes
sage as a whole divided amongst many
creeds and made to contradict itself.
The Bible Hell Is the Key.
To my surprise found the presen
tations of the Bible not only more log
tcal than anything else 111 the world,
but absolutely the only logical presen
tation on eni'ih. As Interpreted by It
self, and not by the creeds and theo
ries of the I lark, the Bible tells
one beautiful, reasonable. Iinrmouloiis
story, from d'eue-d to Bevelatlon. It
le'is nothing of a fiery hell manned by
lire-proof demons, and supplied with
fuel for all eternity, to which Adam
and his race were sentenced on ac
count of sin On the contrary. It tenches
that "the wages of sin Is death."
It tells that "the soul that slnneth. It
shall die;" and tells that Adam sinned
and cainc under this death penalty and
that all of his race by the laws of
heredity are subject to frailty, weak
ncss, mental, moral und physical ami
that these have triumphed In a reign
of sin and death for now six thousand
years. It tells that this death is the
death Into which Adam and all of his
race go nhrol, the hell of the Bible, for
all mankind, good and bad. It tells that
there Is no pain or suffering there, no
knowledge, no work of any kind.
It tells that nil, both good and bad.
lcvp, awaiting the resurrection of the
dead. It tells that mail's death would
have been nn extinction as complete as
that of the brute lieast had Ood In His
Wisdom and Love not urranged for
human redemption and a resurrection
of the dead, Isith of the Just and un
just. It tells that the Divine arrange
ment whereby Ood could be Just and
not repudiate the rulershlp of His own
Court and yet recover man from the
death sentence, was nrrnnged for. The
iiM-nnmiinunt ivna ttint .Tnana Mhr thli
grace of God. should taste dentil for !
every man;" that "as by a man came
death, by n Man also should come the
resurrection of the dead; for as all In
Adam die even so all In Christ shall be
made alive, every man In his own orders-Hebrews
II. 0: 1 Cor. iv. 21. 22.
First the Elect Bride.
With God "n thousand years are as
one duy." (II Peter III. 8.1 He hns
therefore arranged that six of these
great days shall constitute man's peri
od of battling with sin and death and
shall be the Day of Messiah, the Sab- j
bath or Rest Day to the world, lu
which Messiah, as the Divine Repre
sentative, shall lift up nil the willing
and obedient, opening their blind eyes,
unstopping their deaf ears and causing
all to know the Iird. from the least to
the greatest.
As a result, some will refuse nnd die
the "Second Death" utter destruction.
No more than a century of trial Is to
be granted, because we read. "The sin
ner a hundred years old shall be cut
off'-a child a century old In sin shall
be aeeursed-to the Second Death.
(Isaiah lv. 20.1 But all who will ac
cept Divine favor may then be brought
to full, human perfection, similar to
that which Adam enjoyed at the be
ginning, plus the knowledge of good
nnd evil, which he lacked.
Of these willing nnd obedient ones
It Is written. "Every kneo shall bow
and every tongue coufess, to the glory
of God." Many of you Chinese, doubt
less, will then be bowing before tho
great King of kings and Lord of lords.
whom then you will know completely;
for "the knowledge of the Lord shnll
fill the whole enrth as the waters cover
the great deep." And your forefathers.
whom you reverence, will be there,
too; their eyes shall be opened and
their ears unstopped, ns It Is written,
"All the blind eyes shnll be opened and
all the deaf ears jdiall be unstopped."
What a great re-unlon time that will
be for the Chinese hundreds of mil
Hons! Yes. and still more! As the
Scriptures declare, all the families of
the earth sh
all be blessed similarly
edge of Ood aud with a
with a know I
full opportunity for rrfifMf.)ii to all
that was lost In Adam to all that was
redeemed at Calvniy.-Aets HI. 1!-21.
Do you say to mo. This news Is too mon-v wl,n 011(1 everlasting lire,
good to be true? Do you say. No mis- inml uow "mnv ""worthy will be de
slonary e-er told us of such a gracious 1 Ntroycd In the Second Death, tiod. who
(lod and such a uilgbty Savior! Had lms elected these kings, priests ami
we heard such a Knicous Message It JutItM. ,1!,H apixdnted a Day In which
... 41 .... I II.. I.. . i
would liave attracted our hearts long ,l,ie- ,mss- insiruer. juuge
go. for our gods are non-sympathetic mankind In general. It will be the
-they are urent, powerful nnd vicious! 'thousand years of Messiah's Kingdom.
P.ut we thought as we heard the nils- , ,,r "" 'ay with the Lord Is ns a thou
slonarles' message that the Chrlstlau isnnJ .vears."-(II. I'eter III. 7. 8.)
Ood must be even more ferocious than
ours, for the awful, burning hell of
which we have heard through Chris
tians Is terrible beyond anything wo
heathens bad ever heard of before or
conjivturcd for ourselves!
Satan tho Cod of This World.
Alas my dear friends, I know this
very well and the Illble explains the
whole mattr. It tells us that we
havo been believing "doctrines of de
irons" (t. Timothy iv. D. These vicious
doctrines lu the past, when more liter
ally believed than today, led sotno no
ble Christian people Into most atro
cious conduct.
We are all awaking from this sad
bllndnes, thank Cod: We are emerg
ing slowly from the darkness of the
past. We are in the very dawning of
the morning of Messiah's Kingdom,
which is to bless the world. The ris
ing of the Sun of Righteousness is to
bring the New Day of emancipation
from Ignorance, superstition and death.
The more awake we become the more
clearly do wt see the beauty of Ood's
Word and the ridii ulous inconsistency
of things we once believed.
St. Paul explains to us why Satau
strives to put darkness for light and
light for darkness. He explains why
,.... . Ltn.,.1 .i n w nnivnl tt
du nil .e,.8 u.u.w..
light and endeavors to besmirch the
Divine character and to make Ood the
very personification of wickedness and
Injustice! It is a part of his general
endeavor to thwart the Divine Plan, to
mislead those who are seeking to know
God. Heaken to the Apostle's words
"The god of this world hath blinded
the minds of them that believe not.
lest the glorious light of God's good-
ness,as it shines in the face of Jesus
Christ our Lord, should shine Into their
hearts." ill. Corinthians, Iv. 4.)
In proportion as humanity miscon
ceives Ood's character and His Word,
In that same proportion they will shun
the Bible and its God, and thus net
nwnv iron. H,p fnlth mid hone revealed
In the Bible. As I have told you. 1 had f,0,u Cim,on' w,:o lroubt w ilh
my own bitter experiences along this 30 n,'w '"agaz'ne rifles. It is estl-
llne. How I thank God for the "eye- '"'ltul tlu,t tU' publican forces now
salve" mid for the glorious vision of nni0,mt ,0 ronslderuMy more than 3:.-
the Divine character and Plan which 000 "u'n- with '":u'y batteries r mod-
now stands out so distinctly before the ern aM B"ns !,n,i Plent' of amnu-
eyes of my understanding! r.'?"'. ... . .
I l'he imperialist troops in the neih
Cood TidinSs of Great Joy. I horhood, under the command of Gen
The Gospel of the Bible, the Message ,.ral chnnRi are not ,t , bc,evcd
of the great God. Infinite In Justice. n,,arly R0 Blron? numorcany aa tne
Wisdom. Love and Power, is a Mes- le)lli,iican8 ail(1 although many of
sage of grace, of mercy, as has em- ,hr,m are BoldlcrB traincd on the Eu.
anated from no other quarter-such as ropt!an BVBteni tnere are a i:irge num.
no other religious book in the world ,)er of nntraiIU,d and undisciplined
presents. And what else should we ex- troops )n thRir rani8
pect than that the great Supreme Be-1 General Chnns, It is sald. com
ing would be a Fountain of grace, of maml8 the entire northern section of
blessing to Ills dependent creatures. tJje Tcutsln peklng railway and occu
lt should not surprise us. then, to find pic8 BeVeral towns on each side. The
the Bible clearly teaching that the God revolutionaries, on the other hand,
of all Grace has in store for humanity , hod the 80uthern section of the rail
great blesslngs-"tlmes of restitution way and have the advantage of pos
of all things spoken by the mouth of 8esslng the sympathy of the popula
te tne noty rropneis since me worm
began." (Acts ill. 10 21).
Another Message should not surprise
us; it is the message that was sung by
the angels on the night of Jesus' birth.
"Behold, we bring you good tidings of
great Joy, which shall be unto all peo
ple" the thousands of millions of the
Chinese Included! It Is a Joy to me to be
permitted to tell this gloric is Message
to such as havo the ear to hear It. It
" n fur,l,r Jov to e that l ,up nl
vine arrangement the time Is coming
when "all the deaf ears shall be un
stopped" and when the clear knowl
edge of God's goodness shall fill the
earth as the waters cover the deep.
God first told this Message of nis
benevolent designs townrd humanity
j about thirty-six hundred years ago.
i when He declared to His friend Abra
ham. I Intend to bless all the families
of the earth, and this shall be done
through your posterity "In thee nnd
In thy Seed shall the families of the
ert4hl The natural seed
of Abrnhnni was first developed und
Instructed, and consequently uplifted,
under a Law Covenant. This arrange
ment prepared the natural seed of
Abraham more thau others of the
world's peoples to receive Jesus; hence,
when lie presented nimself. and when
afterward His message was proclaimed
by Ills twelve Apostles, approximately
sixteen thousand Jews became Ills
footstep followers, were begotten of
the Holy Spirit at Pentecost and after,
and thus became members of the Spir
itual Seed of Abraham.
The Number In the First Resurrection.
But this number was short of the
Divine lntentlon-"a huudred and
forty-four thousand." (Revelation
xlv.) Hence. In due time, the Mes
sage of grace and the privilege of be
coming members of the Spiritual beed
of Abraham was extended to one na
tion after another to the Jew first
but also to as many as the Lord our
God hns called, of every nation, people,
kindred nnd tongue. This "elect" num
ber of splrlt-begotten followers of Je
sus will very soon be completely chang
ed by the glorious First Resurrec
tion, when this mortal and corruptible
shall put on Immortality. All those
found faithful will be made partakers
of tho divine nature, far above angels,
principalities and powers associates
with the Redeemer. (Epheslnns 1, 21.)
Then the Seed of Abraham will be
completed and qualified for Its great
j W0Ik wr blessing tne race.
St- 1,,ul1 declares, "Know ye not that
th ",lnt 8h,Ml JJKe tho world?" (I.
Corinthians vi. 2.1 The Judging will be
i ln th 'Utro f h trial or tcsttiiR to tle-
lernnne now many or uuinanity can be
helped up to human perfection and liar
1 It affords me great pleasure to have
the opportunity of delivering this Mes
sage of the grace of Cod In this, the
Chinese Paris. May the Lord bless it.
U'Jt oily to the Chinese, but to all who
have benrlug ears and hearts appro-
'dative of the Divlrje character. May It
assist some in making their "calling
and election sure" to membership In
tho "little flock" to whom the Kingdom
is soon to lie given. May It favorably
influence others that they may walk
nobly, reasonably, and be the better
prepared to receive the Kingdom bless-
(lngs and earthly restitution.
Fisp-blM Troops Frapare ti
j Hav3 Toward Pekinj
Fouf Tnou8and Me Come prom Can.
ton, Bringing Thirty Thousand New
Magazine Rifles Have Plenty of
Ammunition and Field Guns.
Nanking, Jan, 6. The armistice ter
minated this morning. The republicans
have moved a larse Quantity of rail-
way stock across the river to Fukow,
where It Is expected the advance
"o.tavva.d will bein today
Winter clothing for the republican
army arrived here In carloads and toe
(soldiers tru being rapidly equipped
In preparation lor their march on Pe
The revolutionary commander re-
,('iv('1 rcln.orccment of 4.000 men
Head of New Republic of China Is
cues Manifesto.
Shanghai, Jan. C Dr. Sun Yat Son,
provisional president of the Chinese
republic, Issued a manifesto to the
foreign powers, In which he explains
the public aims and policies of the re
publicans In China. In it he says
Hint the present situation has be?n
i forced on China by Manchu mlsr.ile,
which was iurapah'.e of remedy with
out a (-"volution.
"We row protliim," he says, "tho
i CHiiltant overthrow of despotic sway
and the establishment of a republic"
The munlfWtn f.ets forth in detail
thp wrrr;;s of the Chinese people nnd
promise's strict adhoience to all trea
ties, obligations and lor.cesslnns un
dc rtnken by the Chinese government.
It give? an RFsurance of the safety of
the persons and property of foreigners
in China and pledges equal treatment
of the Mamhus and the establishment
of a stable government.
It declares that It will abolish aU
restrictions on trade and that It will
undertake the revision of all laws and
will Insure religious toleration. It
"With this message of peace and
good will the repub'lc of China cher
ishes tho hope of its admission to the
family of nntlons, and Its future co
operation In the great and nob'e task
of building up the civilization of the
The manifesto is signed "Sun Yat
Sen, president."
Moroccan Rebels Make Fierce Attack
on Garrison at Sefrau. '
Tangier; Morlcco, Jan. 6. A large
force of revolting Moroccan tribesmen,
according to a wireless dispatch re
ceived here from Fez, attacked the
town of Sefrau.
The garrison o the town, which is
under tie command of French officers,
offered a gallant defense, beating off
the fanatical tribesmen again and
again, although they were far outnum
bcred. The tribesmen continued to
carry out wild rushes, but after eight
hours' fighting the llttlo garrison final
ly succeeded In repulsing them and
making them retreat to the desert,
leaving fifty of their number dead on
the field. Tho garrison lost five killed
and fifteen wn'inded. Major Rreniond
leaves For with reinforcements from
tho sultan's army to assist tho garri
son of Sefrau and to go In pursuit of
the rehel tribesmen.
United States Will Walt.
Washington, Jan 6. Although Min
Inter Calhoun at Peking has made
"sotno suggestion nnd asked some
questions" ubout the send'ng of Aimr
lean troops to China for the protection
of the railroads from Peking to the
set, It was stated emphatically at the
state department thnt this government
would not dispatch any soldiers there
until the powers immediately con
ccrned In Chinese affairs had been
thoroughly consulted and the depart
ment had more information from the
scene of the trouble.
Russians Hang More Persians.
Tabriz, Jan. 6 The hanging of
Fldals by the Russians continues.
Three Fldals wero hanged and their
bodies displayed on the gallows.
ff - Mnflr mill .-.
M ,y H..i. . u....H " -
eral houses of Fldals and Nationalists,
have been blown up.
Considerable Suffering Among Settlers
in South Dakota.
Omaha, Jan. 6. Wi'h the continued j
cold come re ports of heavy losses to ;
the cattle and sheep men. Numerous !
sec tions report that the hay has all J
been fed and that it is impossible for
Btock to get through the heavy snow
that is covered with a hard crust and
get at the dead grass beneath. In
many localities, all that cattle and
sheep have to eat Is the dry and dead .
Ease brush.
Reports coming to the railroad of
fices Indicate that there Is likely to
be considerable suffering among the .
sett'ers who have located in the newer I
sections during the last year. This is
especially true in South Dakota. There
a great many of the settlers are illy
provided for winter. Their houses are
simply of hoards, furnishing hut little
protection from the wind and a far be
low 7ero temperature.
Cold weather records for the year,
and, in many instances, for many
ears, were broken In the territory
Mthin a 1 000 mile radius of tiie great
iskes. Death rode in with the Increas
lcs; cold and benn a harvest in sev
eral states. More deaths were ex
pected, because of the Inability of
"poor" agents to reach necdv fern
ll'es and becauso of the lnabil'tv of
c!tv police ant municipal lodging
houses to provide sufficient shelter.
Mr. and Mrs, W. F. Krtlle Die
i.i a Pecu'iar Manner.
Omaha, Jan. 6. Husband dead from
heart failure and the wife from a fall
downstairs, Mr. and Mrs. William F.
Krelle, 1819 Van Camp avenue, were
found by their son, F. William Krelle,
a draughtsman. Mr. Krelle was sixty
one years old and his wife fifty-nine
years old.
The opinion of a physician who ex
amined the bodies is that Mr. Krelle
went down the cellar to look after the
fire and died of heart failure; that his
wife, anxious over his prolonged ab
sence, started down the cellar after
him slipped and fell to the bottom,
sustaining injuries from which she
died. The bodies were found lying in
the cellar near the foot of the stair
way. Beatrice Council Stands by Its Mayor.
Beatrice, Neb., Jan. 6. The city
council rescinded Its action of a week
ago In allowing a claim of $3,500 filed
by the Matthews Construction com
pany of Kansas City for work on the
new water plant. The company
threatened to bring action against
Mayor Griffin to compel him to sign
the warrant, but he refused on the
ground that the company had failed to
file an Itemized bill. The council, in
order to stand by tho mayor, reversed
its former action in allowing the esti
Merrick Sells Court House Bonds.
'Central C'.ty, Neb.. Jan. 6. Work on
Merrick county's new $90,000 court
house will begin as soon as the ground
can be broken In March. The board of
cocifitv supervisors completed the sale
of $95,000 of the bonds, the purchaser
being N. W. Ila'sey & Co., Chicago.
As soon as the transfer on the bond3
is made the contract with the Chicago
contractors will be filed, calling for
the building of the court house com
plete with nil the furnishings for a
price of $01,959.
James Pontius Discharged.
Lincoln, Jan. 6. James Pontius of
Indianola, who has been belore the
federal court on the charge of sending
obscene matter through the mail, the
same being printed ln a newspaper,
was discharged, tne opinion being that
It would be difficult, if not impossible,
to show that the matter ln question
whs obscene within the meaning of the
Track Walker Killed by Train.
Nebraska 'City, Jan. 6. Gottlelb
Sheeley, a Missouri Pacific track walk
er, was caught by the northbound pas
senger ns he was trying to get off a
bridge ahead of the train and serious
ly injured. He was taken to Union
for medical treatment, where he died
at noon. His body was brought here
for interment.
Three Charged With Bootlegging.
Holdrege, Neb., Jan. 6. For the
first time since the erection of the
new Phelps county court hoaso the
Ji) cells are tenanted, the occupants
being three local young men arrested
oft a charge or bootl"eging. The pris
oners are Mlio Wl'.liaiiis, Etnil Cub
tavson nad Frank Zellers.
Stcrarje Wanted for Grain.
Dulnth, Jan. 6. Inquiries were re
ceived here lrom Winnipeg as to tho
extent of the facilities at Duiuth and
Superior for the storage of Canadian
grain. It is understood that tho grain
elevators' capacity of Fort William
and Port Arthur will be exhausted
Feb. 1, and there will be millions of
bushels of Canadian grain yet to be
Jackson's Chief Scout Cead In Virginia
Richmond, Va., Jan. 6. Captain
John Cussons Is dead at his home,
Glen Allen, In Henrico county, where
he had a house of 100 rooms. Captain
Cussons was chief of scouts under
Stonewall Jackson and General Iee
and ,fttw gaJncd fame , the we8t R8
, . .
Nebraskan Formally Plased h
R2C3 lor President.
Petitions Also in Circulation to Plaoe
Lincoln Democrat's Name on Baliot
For Delcgate-at-Large Teachers to
Select Convention City.
Lincoln, Jan. 6. The name of WiM
iam Jennings Dryan was formally ca
tered in the presidential race when a
petition hearing twenty five names
was filed ln the secretary of state's of
fice. The petition, being in regular
form, was accepted and the name wil
go on the primary ballot.
All the signatures are of men from
Douglas county. A. A. Arter made the
filing. ,
Petitions have been in circulation
for over a week in the different con
gressional districts of the state ask
ing that Bryan's name be placed on
j the ballot as a candidate for delegate
ai large, wr, uryan s menus intend
to push the securing of signatures de
spite the ruling of the secretary of
state that a name can appear on the
primary ballot but once.
Arter Sends Dispatch to Bryan.
The following telegram was sent by
Arter to W. J. Bryan at Washington:
"Have Just filed you for president
without your permission. Consider
you the original progressive. Of course
Clark, Wilson, LaFollctte and Roose
velt are good imitations, but why sub
stitute. Firmly believe the people de
mand the original. American people
Just beg'nning to realize old party to
dominated by politicians for revenue
only. Hence awakeping of progressive
movement throughout the country."
W. J. Bryan, according to a letter
received from him by his brother, T.
W. Bryan, had an intimation that hte
name might be filed as a presidential
candidate, and it was to assure hte
Nebraska friends that under no cir
cumstances would he be a candidate
that he woto the letter. In his com
munication to his brother, Mr. Bryan
Gaid he fc-nrd the effort to launch
him as a candidate for the presidency
might affect his candidacy for dele
gate to the national convention, for
which place, he savs, he Is still an
arplrant. but for nothing else.
Aldrich Would Be Delegate.
Governor Aldrich indicated that he
desired to be a delegate to the Re
publican convention. In this matter
he is up against the same proposition
which confronts W. J. Bryan since the
filing of the latter's name for presi
dential preference. The secretary of
state has construed the law that no
name can go on the ballot twice for
any office and that this includes dole
gates. The governor is of the opinion,
however, that a delegate to a conven
tion Is not an office within the mean
ing of the decision of the supreme
court on the ballot law, and probably
will ask the attorney general for an
opinion- cn tho question.
Date for Patterson Hearing.
After a conference with Attorney
General Martin, Auditor Barton agreed
to fix a date for hearing on the claim
of Sam Patterson for two years' sal
ary as secretary of the banking board.
The auditor said:
"There Is no doubt whatever in my
mind as to our decision, and unless
you feel this Is a necessary step it
would he a waste of time, but if you
desire to do so. let me know what dat
will be convenient and we will arraagt
the hearing."
The bank examiners met in the of
flee of Secretary Royse of the banking
board and mapped out the work for
the year.
Donovan Opposed Deal.
J. F. Donovan, one of the retiring
directors of the Union Fire Insurance
company, who was paid $2,000 on re
signing, said that at no time was be In
favor of the transfer of the company
and that he contested the move on the
day the organization disposed of hta
office without his consent; that Ms
name Is not on the contract, and that
be never consented to the deal, hut
that after the transaction was com
peted he felt that, under the present
arrangement, be could be of no further"
service to the Union and took tho $2,
000. Teachers to Select Convention City.
A new ballot will be sent each mem
ber of the Nebraska State Teachers'
lissoclat'.on who casts a Vote for the
next convention city. This -decision
vas reached at a meeting of the exec
utives committee. The new ba'.lots
trc to be ready by Jan. 18 and will he
canvassed Fob. 2. The convention city
Is selected by referendum vote. Oma
ha and Lincoln are In the race for the
next mee ting of the tenchers.
Union Pacific Valuation,
The state railway commission set
Feb. 5 ns the date for hearing ou the
physical valuation of the Union Fa
ciflc road Tho Northwestern hear
ing, which has been partly held, will
be taken up again Jan. 9.
Mlnden Firemen Will Go to Kearney.
Mlnden, Neb., Jan. 6. The Mlnden
fire department held Its regular meet
ing at the city hall and decided to send
every member of the department who
desires to attend the state coDventMn
at Kearney on Jan. 18.