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Kis Kingdom on Earth Shar B
Pastor Russell Says Mankind Erred In
Its Early Interpretation of the Divine
Plan of Salvation The Present Age
Not the Lord's Time For the Redemp
tion of the World It is the Period In
Which the Few Shall Be Selected to
Receive the Blessing of the Messiah.
Honolulu, Ha
waiian Islands.
Th Internntlon-
nl P.iblo Students
(Joinniillee of For
eign Mlssinmt I ii
vestigation stop
ped lit Honolulu
mid made obser
vations. I'iislor
Russell, Clinlrninn
of the Committee,
delivered 11 public
address, lie had
- n large audience
and attentive heurlng. His text was
from Isaiah Ixvl, 8. respect lug the
birth of a nation In a dny. He said:
In my childhood days every penny
I could save was devoted to Foreign
Missions. Tin; I In wnl in n Islands and
the Fiji Islands wero prominent be
fore the Christian world us missionary
fields. I remember well that the es
tablishment of a clvlll.ed government
in these Islands was hailed as the ful
filment of the text I have chosen "u
nation bom In u day." Tlio thought
then was that thus speedily the world
would be converted rind the glorious
promises of tho Hebrew prophets fill
filled. How earnestly we labored und
prayed. "Thy Kingdom come." think
lng oil the while that we were bring
lnjf the Kingdom of (!od to earth and
fulfilling the Lord's Prayer!
Alas! we are having n rude awaken
ing from such dreams. We are finding
that If the Kingdom of (!od must be
established by biiiiuin power It will
never be established. Wo are finding
that the world's population Is doubling
every century. If wo double our mis
sionary enterprises every century we
would only bo keeping puce with the
natural Increase, of (be human family.
Statistics show us that there are
twelve tin ml roil millions of heathen
today and that a century ago there
were only half as many. Alas! those
missionary hopes of ours have gone
Hut the awakening has done us food;
it has taught us to think a little. We
are now sensibly liuiiiirlng, Suppose
we should convert all the bent hen and
make the whole world a Christendom
of the same sort that wo have In F.u
rope, mid America! What then? Would
Cod's will be done on earth as It Is
done la heaven-perfectly? Could wo
thus hope to bring In tho glorious con
ditions prophesied. In which not only
the knowledge of GimI would till the
whole earth, but. additionally every
knee should bow und every tongue con
fess In Niich n manner us to be to tho
glory of Cod? Wo see that such hopes
would be worn than foolish; they
would be ludicrous. Thus our awaken
ing has done us good, and scut lis again
to (iod'n I took to see wherein we erred
in our expectations.
What S.-iy the Scripures7
The disillusion respect ing great works
of 1 1 r own hiunblt'd us before Cod and
made us reallv.c our dependence upon
1 1 ! in for the fiillilincnl of (lie glorious
pruplie. Ie4. W e bae read our I'.llilcs
alie li. We have taken from our minds
t!,- s;s. t.u let of our forefathers with
the color mid clos-t hich I Key handed
d n to u-'. We ale now rending Cod's
P.eok In lli own li.lit. allowing Cod to
be His own liderpieier. and Himself
to make It plain And what do we
find? Ah! wonder of wonders! We
lind (he Divine Plan wider and deeper
iiikI lih her than we bad ever dreamed.
We llud that the present Age. from
Calvary and Pentecost to the. second
coming of .lesn.s. Is n t Cod's time for
dealing with the world, opening their
blind eyes, unstopping their deaf ears
noil winking every knee to Ihiw and ev
ery tongue to confess. It Is merely
His time far tho gathering out from
every nation, people, kindred mid
tongue a "little flock" of such ns have
the hearing ear mid the appreciative
heart, to become the Itrldo of Christ
and Ills Joint heirs in His glorious
Kingdom, the establishment of which
will mean tho blessing of oil tho fami
lies of the earth, as was promised to
father A bin ham.
Well may we reason that If our flod
walled for four thousand years before
lie sent Ills Son to redeem the world,
and has nlnoe waited two thousand
more for the selecting of the Itrlde of
Christ. He must Intend that the grout
Kingdom of III Son, the Messianic
reign of n thousand years, Is to do n
grout work for mankind In general.
Such broad foundations, such deep laid
plans and arrangements foretell a
grand mid glorious outcome. Evident
ly (lad's Word shall lo fulfilled, which
Ho spoke, saying, "My Word that go
fth forth out of My month shall not
return unto Mo void, but It shall no
eonipllsh tint which I please, mid shall
prosper In tho thing wherounto I sent
The message went forth In n primary
iense In Fdon. when flod deolnred thnt
vetttunlly "tho Seed of the woman
! j' !'
'MA, fc
should bruise tho serpent's bead"
uhoiild crush evb His Word went
forth still more u'stinctly to Father
Abraham, assuring him that ''e would
have two seeds, two poster.. .es, one
"as the stars of heaven" and the other j
"as the sands of the seashore." The
Church, with Christ her Head, const 1- ,
tutcs this heavenly, starry Seed of
Abraham, as salth the Apostle (Gnls
tlans 111. It!. 20); and with the comple
tion of the Church will come the sec
ondary blessing the development of
the seed of Abraham as the sand of
the seashore for multitude, every knee
bowing and every tongue, confessing,
to the glory of Cod.
I5ut this secondary seed of Abraham,
the earthly seed. Is to receive Its bless
ing from the Heavenly Seed, hence
everything waits now uutil the Church
shall have been completed until the
"very elect" shall have been gathered
"from the four winds of heaven" un
til all the followers of Jesus shall have
been changed, "In a moment, In the
twinkling of on eye," as participants
la the First Resurrection.
Then, oh, glorious Imy! the Run of
Righteousness will shine forth Christ
and Ills faithful Itrldo to chase nwuy
thedarkness. Ignorance and supersti.
tion from the world and to fully en
lighten mankind of every nation, peo
ple, kindred and tongue. In that glori
ous work of enlightenment the natural
seed of Abraham will have a blessed
share, and Abraham, Isaac mid Jacob
and all the Prophets shall bo "Princes
In all the earth" iPsaliu xlv, HI), per
fect men, representatives of the glori
ous Messiah mid His P.riih in the
earth, administrators of tho Law,
which will go forth from the glorious
Christ, invisible to men.
Ah! that will be Earth's Jubilee! As
In olden time, In tho Jubilee year,
the Israelites returned to their own
possessions, to their owu homesteads,
so In the Antitype, only the latter will
be still more grand: The human fam
ily will come back into possession of
Its own that which was lost by sin
and lis penalty, that which was recov
ered by Jesus, that which will be re
stored by resurrection power during
tho Messianic reign.
The Nation Born In a Day.
Rut what about our text? Did wo
misinterpret tho Divine statement
when we applied It to the acceptance
by a people of civilization? Ah! yes;
we made a very foolish mistake; the
wish was father to the thought. Our
misconceptions blinded us to tho prop
er Interpretation of that Scripture.
What then does It mean? How should
our text be npplled? Ah, Ilcloved,
thnt Nation to lie born In a day Is the
Church, the Holy Nation, of which St.
Peter spoke, "Ye are a Royal Priest
hood, a peculiar people, n Holy Na
tion." (I Peter II, !).) The Ixiiilting of
this Holy Nation began at Pentecost,
and has continued down through tho
succeeding eighteen centuries and
more. Tho Urlh will be the resurrec
tion. All who now receive the begetting
of the Holy Spirit are reckoned ns
members of this Holy Nation, but
their membership in it Is dependent
upon their faithfulness; as we read.
"To him that overcometh will I grant
to sit with Mo in My Throne." The
present life Is to every one of these
royal priests, or priestly kings, ns we
may choose to express It, n period of
probation. Will we or will we uot
"make our railing and election sure?"
Not nt the beginning nor at the time of
our consecration Is the matter decided,
but after wo "have fought the good
light and finished the course" and won
the crown, by obedience even unto
For nearly nineteen centuries these
royal priests have been testifying for
the Lord, each in his turn. For all
the faithful there Is a crown of right
eousness laul up; as St. rant said
Henceforth there Is hild up for me a '
crown of rl;:lileeusiies, which the
Lord, the righteous ,lud.:e, will idve
nie nt that day"--early In that day of
Me'siah, i;i Hie resiif ection morning.
All ibe-e have a part in the I'll st
' iirreclinn, ami will be members of
that Holy Nation, ryiil pile;!-
hciid; in wo rend, 'T.Ustd and holy
are all tliey 1 Tint tiae part In Hie
Chief Insurrection; tei sm ii ibe See-
mil Heath hath no power; but they
hall be kings and prlc-ls unto tied
and unto Christ und shall reign villi
lllm a thousand years."
Thus will that Holy Nation which
(led has been gathering nud electing
during the nineteen centuries, out of
all nations, peoples, kindreds and
tongues, from .Jews and (lent lies, bond
and free, be born In h day come forth
perfect mid complete, the Holy Nation
of Hlvlne promise which, as (bid's spir
itual Kuiplre, Is to take over tho con
trol of the world for n thousand years
and rule It In righteousness, to free nil
from the power of Satan, sin nud
death, and to lift up ogalu as ninny
us nre willing to the linage and like
ness of Hod, nud to destroy nil who
love unrighteousness mid work In
iquity. This Is the Kingdom of Messiah,
whose dominion Is to be established
on the earth, and for which Jesus
taught us to pray. "Thy Kingdom come,
Thy will be done on earth, ns It Is done
In heaven." It will require the entire
work of a thousnnd years to fully nc
romplish nil of this glorious prophecy,
but we hnve the lilvlne assurance that
by that time Hod's will will bo ns per
fectly done on this earth us It Is now
done lu heaven Itself.
Paradise of th Paeifio.
I enn now well understand why your
beautiful Island has been described ns
the Paradise of the Pacific. I note your
wonderful cllmnte mid everything
which iHioperales with It to bring
about fids Paradise likeness. 1 say to
myself. Ilw gracious is our (Jod! Not
jnly has II provided n heavenly Para
disc for tne Church, that they should
be sharers with their Lord on the spirit
plane, partakers of the divine nature,
"far above nugels. principalities and
powers." but how gracious has God
also been in 1IU provision for the
world at larpe His promise of nn
earthly Paradise for such of humanity
as, when brought to a knowledge of
Himself and Ills requirements, shall
gladly, heartily accept the same!
How wonderful is the Wlsdjiu and
Power of Gi.d by wlti ii He can make
nse of even the reign of sin and death
to teach great lessons both to angels
and men respecting tho exceeding sin
fulness of slu! And how merciful ami
gracious is the arrangement He has
made that when this reign of sin and
death shall have accomplished Ills In
tended purposes, He will bring it to an
end. Those twin monnrchs which have
ruled the world for six thousand years
Sin and Death shall be vanquished:
and ultimately every inemlftr of Ad
ana's rnce shall be delivered from their
power. For the willing and obedient,
the earthly Paradise, human perfec
tion, the image of God la the flesh, is
to be the reward an enrthiy reward;
and for the rebellious, tUe Second
Death, from which there will be no re
demption, no recovery, and in which,
thank Cod! there will be no sulTerlng.
for they shall perish like the brute
beasts, us St. Peter declares. II refer
11, 12.
Restitution Will Bring Real Paradise.
Much as your Island may resemble
tho Garden of I'den, It Is not Paradise,
and cannot be Paradise so long as you
have sin and sorrow, pain mid death
amongst you. One of the first objects
that greeted my sight us I lauded was
your cemetery, and I said. Oh! yes,
death is hero, and rwiitrha-? Cod's
curse, declaring that no Imperfect be
ing may live. Well, I thank Cod for
that, too. Centuries of life with imper
fection would doubtless be to much
for us to enjoy. Fur belter Is It as Di
vine Wisdom has arranged It a birth,
n struggle for existence, a battle with
self and sin. the world, t tic tlesli and
fhe Devil, mid then a falling asleep In
death, until the morning of the resur
rection. There will be no conscious
ness of even a moment's intervening
until tho glorious day shall have dawn
ed, and the n. w order of tilings shall
have been introduced nud established:
and then the sleepers will come forth
to see a brighter side than auy that
they have previously experienced or
ever heard of.
The Kingdom of Cod's dear Son mid
His elect P.rido will bo In power nud
nothing shall hurt or destroy In ull His
holy Kingdom. The blessing of the
Lord shall be upon man, mid his earth
ly dominion. Restitution influences
will be at work for the bringing of
everything to perfection especially for
tho bringing of man up, up, up out of
sin, weakness, degradation mid death
to the full glory of perfection of mind
and body mid vitality the image anil
likeness of Cod, as at first, before sin
Rich and Poor and Socialism.
You still have your rich and poor;
thero still is casta amongst the chil
dren of t lie one parentage; but when
the uplifting Influence of Messiah's
reign shall have done their work, these
things will all bo In the past. "He that
sitleth upon the Throne shall soy, "Re-
hold, I make all thrngs new!" In that
glorious time there will not be rich
and poor, there will be socialism In
the proper sense, as the Scriptures
clearly point out; they say, "Every
man shall sit under his own vine and
under his owu fig tree; and none shall
make them afraid." And again. "They
shall not build and another inhabit,
they shall uot plant nud another eat
tho fruit thereof." There will be no
tenantry, no landlordism theu.
Do not 'understand me to be inciting
dissatisfaction with the present condi
tions. In many respects what we have
to,1'" U Ul" Vl"'y .!,,'st l"""l thins
under present conditions man's fallen
nature and selfish temperament taken
info consideration. The counsel of
Cod's Word Is that till who trust in
Ilitn are to wait for lllm to bring in
the b'lltcr conditions. Same very well
Intent ioned people are making a sad
mistake; Ju- t as the morning Is nbont
to da wu - about to brln;; In the great
blessings of restitution, socialism, etc.,
they blindly look In another direction
and declare that unless they bring so
ckillsm to puss It will never come. We
grant, Indeed, that It would be foolish
to expect that the rich would bring
about the wonderful changes which
the Illltlo foretells It would be con
trary to human nature lo so expect.
P.ut we do say that those who think to
bring about socialism by human wis
dom and human strength nre deficient
In wisdom. They do not see that what
they propose Is absolutely Impossible
their eyes are liolden.
The P.lblo nlone shows us what will
be the outcome of the present unrest
nml selfishness and dissatisfaction.
The Bible tells thnt whnt will start ns
socialism will evetitually develop lulo
nnnrchy. The Illble shows that those
who think they can bring In tho Mes
sianic blessings by carnal weapons nre
deluding themselves they will Instead'
bring noon themselves, ns well ns
upon the rich, the great mid nwful
trouble which the Scriptures foretell
as being now Imminent "a time of
trouble such ns was not since there
was n nation." (Daniel xll.. 1.) Our
Lord Jesus quoted this passago and
added to It the words. "No. nor ever
shall be." (Matthew xxlv. UL) Thank
(Jod! that this one, great, nwful con
flict. In which every ninn's hand sbnll
be against hi neighbor and against
his brother, will be the last. It will be
so nwful as to make the entire world
sick of strife, of selfishness, of sin.
Thus It will net ns a great plowshare
In the hearts of mankind In general, to
break the hard-hearted aud to turn all
hearts In expectation to tho Lord and
Ills glorious Kingdom.
Lillian Graham 2nd EII12I Ccr.ral
Are Acquitted.
Hold W. E. D. Stokes, Millionaire Ho-
tel Man, Was Shot in Self Defense.
Prosecutor Flays Both Sides Stokes
Not Critically III.
New York, Doc. 16. Lillian Graham
and Ethel Conrad, the show girls,
charged with shooting W. E. D. Stokes,
the millionaire hotel man, were ac
quitted by the jury after fifty-eight
minutes' deliberation.
While the jury was deliberating the
two defendants were held prisoners in
an adjoining room. Waiting was ob
viously an ordeal for both. When
summoned to hear the verdict. Miss
Graham appeared unstrung and was
assisted into the court room treni
b'ing as with a chill. The more spir
ited Mis-t Conrad came unassisted.
When tho Irls faced the foreman
he announced the words "Not guilty."
Miss Conrad cried: "Thank God,"
and went Into violent hysterics. Fhe
sank to the counsel taldo then jumiie-1
up apa'n, shrieking, tcai-in her hair
and throwing her arms alo:it wild'y.
It WFis a Furnrise to the spectators,
for Miss Conrad had kept much the
better nerve of the two defendants
throughout tho trial.
On the other hand, Miss Graham,
who continua'ly wept during the trial
and soli':ed the more when she hard
tho verdict, recovered herself when
she saw her comnan'on so affected,
and acted as a comforter to her young
er friend.
The girl's hvsteria continued fully
ten minutes before her friend succeed
ed In quieting her.
She recovered as suddenly ns Bhe
was attacked and, with Miss Graham
on her arm, Issued from the court
room to be greeted with cheers hv a
largo crowd gathered outside. Many
persons stepped forward to shake
(heir hands. They stepped Into a til
cab and wer whirled away to dinner.
The jury arrived at its verdict aftr
taking four ballots. On three of them
the jurymen voted each time 11 to 1
for acquittal, the one man dlpsier.t n:;1
bHni? in favor of a conviction on sec-,
ond degreo assault.
When Assistant District Attorney
r.nckner hi uan his speech to the j iry
Vr. Rtokf-s" vretty young w'fe ssit iuit
the ji'd'.;o'8 d"sk and Mis Arabs: m r 'd
M!s3 Conrad at their ntto-ney's t
The prosecutor urged tho jurors rt
to consider Ftokes' character. He
v1end"il with them to forget symnat'-y
and consider only the argument, "fj
self defense SrraHni? of the rela
tions between flukes red Miss Ga
ham, lie said scornfully:
"And they have the hardihood to
call that love. It's not love. It's 1 lt
on the part of ftokes and lucre on ti c
part of I.ililcn Craham."
rtccint reports, it is now learnnd,
rather exaircercted the gravity of M'
Rtokcs' condition. While his recove-y
is slow. It was said that ho was in no
immediate danger.
Chief of Police of Kansas City Tells of
Explosions in That City.
Indianapo'ls, Dec. Id. (lovct nmcnt
oil'da's who at': co operating with
District Attorney Milh r in conducting
the invesi'vatlon or the dynamite an
splracy heiot o. the federal grand jury
: .treed I'livn two toir-iS tho details
r i:..plosioi-. in with It it is sa'd others
(I'. ui t'o. Me::m was wer1 Implicated.
V. 11. j",:-:::; -i. liv:' of t cilice o? Kail
-as Ciiv. c l i d knowledge of five
el;V.-i' ns In Kan a.; City, was oue.i
t'.v , , ; i -it com 'in fads wh.idi. It is
sa'd. bad never I ti rev tib ;1. These
. :..,'es!or all Mi tnirt'i'"S erected by
firms i
In" nonunion men, no-
eerrcd liu' i 10ns to 1010. As not. more
t. ''"ii two or them were ccnfcs.-.cdly tho
vo:' of Ortie M( Manual, Chier flrir
tl:i''i !n format len was sTfed to ascer
tain who else might have destroyed
the property.
Much Important testimony bearing
. .1.-1. .i
on (lie rccorns tauen itom me iieao-
quarters of the International Associa
tion of Bridge end Structural Iron
Workers was also obtained from Miss
Mary IXe, who went before the grand
Mrs. Andrew J. Hull, the former
heokkeopor In the McNamara office,
tilso visited the federnl building.
Sandford Plans Work Ahead.
Durham, Me.. Dee. !. Tlnns for the
continuation of the work of the Holy
Ciltost and Us society of Shlloh, after
Its leader, the Rev. Frank W. Sand-
ford, Is sentenced next Monday for
causing the deaths of six persons on
the yacht Coronet, were announced by
him. Rev. Mr. Sandford said thnt
Rev. Charles K. Holland, one of his
lieutenants, would be in chnrge of the
Emperor Lays Cornerstone.
Delhi, Dee. 10. The klngemperot
and queen empress laid the first stone
of the new capital of India, which, as
was proclaimed after the Durbar, Is to
be Delhi. There was a brilliant as
semblage of ruling princes, governors
and state officials. Their majesties
both are enjoylnar splendid health In
spite of the great fatigue they have
undergone during the lengthy ceremonies.
Children Cry
The Kind You Have Always JJoujjht, ami which has been
in iLso for over SO years, lias homo tho signature of
7 nntl has been nnulo under kin per-
jCffi?)) sonal supervision slnco Its Lu Taney.
-uzfyt JticAi4 Allow no one t deceive you Iri this.
All Counterfeits, Imitations and "Just-as-good" aro but
Experiments that trifle with and endanger tho health of
Infants and Childreu Experience ngainst Experiment.
What is CASTOR1A
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare
goric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, .Morphine nor Other Narcotic
substance. Its nse is its guarantee. It destroys AVonim
and allays Foverlshness. Jt cures Diarrhoea and AVind
Colic. It relieve: Teething' Troubles, cures Constipation
and ri-ittilcncy. It assimilates the Pood, regulates the
Stomach and Dowels, git tag1 heaitby and natural slee.n.
Tbe Children's J'uiincea- Tl.o 2Ktler's Eriend.
Bears the
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years
Striking Jury Returns Verdict
Contrary to Instructions.
nniinT rOPrT"0 Tfi IPPCDT IT
tjuUnl rlnUCJ IU AuUCN
Orders Verdict Entered and Jurymen
Discharged Insisted That They
Were Acting According to Their
Oaths Out Four Days.
St. Louis, Dec. lli. The "striking"
Jury in .Judge James E. Withrow's
court triumphed when it returned a
verdict for tho plantiff in the McDer
niott will case, which was contrary to
the instructions of the Judge deliv
ered four days ago and which the
Judge had to accept.
The court announced that on the
motion of either side the verdict could
bo set aside.
A slight change in the judge's lan
guage in sending the Jury back to de
liberate opened the way for a verdb t.
"The judge had kept nuking us If
we had signed a verdict," said Fore
man Jlartniann, after the jury was
discharged. "He told us to go back
and deliberate until we reached a ver
dict. We did."
Mrs. Mary F.irrlncton had sued the
Rev. Father .John White, executor of
the estate of her mother, Bridget Me
Dermolt, charging that he had exer
cised undue Influence over Mrs. Mc
Dcrmntt The court he'd that iii'utr,
dent evidence bad been Introdiced
by the pbiintiT and TuosC-iy illicct-d
tl e jnrv to return n verdict for the
defendant. This the I we've men re
fused to do. ssy'ir; tlo y "would sl.iml
o.i th"ir rh'.ht a--, American c'tbers."
The jurv came into co-irt and te
following finding was handed to .ftn!.:e
"We, the jury, find In favor of the
plaintiff tor tlift rev-on that, from th"
circumstantial evidence of witnesses,
we be'ieve there was undue influence
exerted over Bridget McDermott prior
to and at the time she executed the
testament In ouestlon. when It wtu
not her last will and testament."
The jndee pent for law books and.
with the foreman of the jury, looked
at them and then said:
"Gentlemen of the Jury, although
vour verdict Is In violation of the or
ders of this court, under the rullnes
of the supreme court It becomes my
duty to accept It. Upon motion of
either party the plaintiff or the de
fendantthe verdict will be set aside
and a new trial ordered. The jury Is
discharged. "
The Jurors declared their resistance
was due In a measure to their desire
to protest nen'nst a system which per
mlts Jndees to direct Jurors to return
certain verdicts.
Utah Murderer Wants Exclusive Use
of the Jail.
Moab, Utah, Dee. 16. John E.
Drown. In Jail awaiting trial, charged
with the murder of his daughter, Mrs.
James Dulsds, and her husband on
Nov. IS, Is an exclusive prisoner. He
resents bitterly the Invasion of the
privacy of his Jail bv other offenders
and has taken effective steps to main
tain his seclusion. Rrown, who Is a
wealthy stockman, occupied tho Jn 11
OlQjie, until two days ajo, when Andy
Signature of
1 1 mi 111 ii inmmfr""'
Gibson, a cowboy, was arrested for
"BhootiiiR up" the town.' Brown elim
inated Gibsjn from his society by pay
ing the latter's fine and took similar
action when two men charged with
assault and battery beenme tennnts.
Residents of Moab who have been
deterred from "taking a punch" at a
neighbor solely because of fear of
fines and Imprisonment are said to be
eigerly seek!ns opportunities to even
up old scores with fellow townsmen,
counting on Brown's desire for soli
tude and his extensive pocketbook to
Protm lnPm
of their acts.
protect them from the consequences
Alleged Imposter of Niles City, Mich.,
May Dies of Injuries.
Marion. Ind., Dec. fi. George A.
Kimmcl, the Niles (Mlch.)x"man of
mystery" In the insurance case, who
wag injured in a Chesapeake and Ohio
passenger train wreck near Converse,
Ind., developed paralysis of the legs
and Is not expected to recover. Kim
mel suffered two broken ribs and an
Injury to the spine.
Charles M. Baney, a traveling sa'es
man of St. Henry, O., also was severe
ly Injured, and twenty other passen
gers were hurt.
The wreck was caused by the break
ing of a flange of a wheel on the ten
der. Kimmel, who has been employed In
this cltv for more than a week, was
rf"rnlng f:oni a trip to CIi'ciko,
where ho war, cal'ed In connection
with t''e ii'S' -nvre cases which are to
le trW in r I ci's.
"'.3 t'.tiy N'cc'ify Tresty.
o:t.ei, IVc. 1(1. A report
i.pre-el ;
of t'"'
IC'it'-' lil
.i. wl-h
in a 'i i
t t'e ca;i!tol that the elTortS
:!' depaitment to procure
- ral tveatiivnt. for Auvriean
it'; ees in Russia had rt.ri'ted
.- oelllellt. for a Illddl-
fl. ton
il:e Uatsian rcrtrh tions
t prove a pr.tufartorv solu
veve.l o'l'-stion. Secretary
1 p. n rvroer, .''Hi hrMl bee n
i ip.-lh. rued that the nof;o-
wb! i' Ml-.!
ii. n of ('.
, C !'
,, .. a-e,'. .
Callous s:'"
'ore in progress.
Cinirrnd V';k Dies of Injurlss.
OsdotVirg. X. V., Dec. if!. Word
was vi (e:id here of the death In
Krnstis Citv of G 'orJ'e 11. .McClelland,
hitter known as "Diamond Dick." fa
mous i-i dime novel lore, from injuries
received In being run down by a train
while driving over n railroad crossing.
Ixtuls Forrer, vice president of t-'ie
federal council, was elected president
of the Swls confederation at Heme.
A total surplus of 53,810 cars
throughout the country Is shown by
a b'l'i-tin of the American Railway as
A report current In London Is thnt
Prince Arthur of Connnught will suc
ceed General Paron Hardingo as vice
roy of India.
The SO.oiiO women suit makers and
3,000 tailors who have been on a
strike in r' tlln since Nov. 23 hne
abandoned the struggle.
J. H. Tnnbury of Urbtina nnd Wavne
N. Johnstone of Champaign, junior
students, were suspended for the re
mainder of the year from the Univer
sity of Illinois for participating la an
attack on a vaudeville theater.
Governor Harmon of Ohio has de
clined an Invitation to attend the Jitck
son day banquet to be held In Wash
lngton Jan. 8, the day on which Uie
national Democratic committee meets.
W. J. Dryan has accepted nn Invitation
nd is expected to speak at the dinner.