The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, December 07, 1911, Image 7

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Plattsmouth, Nebraska
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J. II. StrotMiier retuj'iii'd from
Omaha Tuesday morning on
No. 13.
Charles Suavely went to Lincoln
Monday evening to witness the
wrestling match.
S. 0. Ilnyles was the recipient
of a line Thanksgiving turkey. It
came by express incog.
Mr. John Miller returned Mon
day evening from Omaha, where
he had been on business.
Miss Orayce Foreman took siek
the first of last week, but is re
ported much improved at Ibis
Mrs. Ivan elites and baby came
in Tuesday evening from Scrib-
ner, Neb., to visit, her mother, Mrs.
Mary Skinner.
James Cook of Heaver City,
Neb., is visiting his Aunt Nina
Kitzel and other relatives here
and at Plattsmouth.
Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Stone enter
tained Sunday William Kitzel and
family, Aunt Hina Kitzel and son,
Hert, and Oramlma Stone.
T. N. Hobbitt was a passenger
for Lincoln on No. 17 Monday to
visit his wife, .who is sick at the
home of their son, Charles rtob
bitt. J. A. Shaffer was in Lincoln
Monday evening to attend a meet
ing of the Lincoln Poultry as
sociation. He returned home
Tuesday on No. 18.
Mrs. Han Williams was quite
ick Wednesday. Her mother,
Mrs. Henry Suders, of Clalonia,
came up and staved several days
with her. She is better at present.
William DobbiH and family of
Tckamah, Neb., autoed to Lincoln
Friday to see his mother, return
ing home Sunday, slopping a few
moments in Alvo. Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Dobbin of Lincoln accom
panied them to Omaha.
Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Jordan
autoed to Ashland Monday.
Mrs. Oeorge Curyea went to
Lincoln Tuesday on No. 13.
Grandpa Keefer is visiting his
son, Chris Keefer and family, this
Mrs. Ella Prouty and daughter,
Hessie, visited in Lincoln a few
days last week.
Henry Snoke went to Lincoln
Saturday morning, reluming
Tuesday morning.
Harry I'arsell and family ale
Thanksgiving turkey with Joe
I'arsell and family.
Mis Stella Swacker and Calter
Marshall of Greenwood were mar-
i l ied Wednesday at Lincoln.
Art Prouty of Falls City is visit
ing nt the home, of his mother,
Mrs. Ella Prouty, this week.
The M. V. A. will give a supper
Friday' evening to the members
and their families at the hall.
Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Rasp went
to Omaha Saturday morning to
visit their sons for several days.
Miss Floss Strain and brother,
Elmer Strain, spent Thanksgiving
with their aunt, Mrs. I). A. Vin
eent. C C. Rucknell and family spent
Thanksgiving in Lincoln with Mr.
and Mrs. Clyde Hovles. Mrs. nuck-
nell remained until Sunday.
Harry Vickers came in from
Omaha Saturday evening to visit
until Monday with his mother,
Mrs. Mary Vickers.
Harvey Rasp returned Monday
evening from Omaha, where he
visited bis broathers, Albert and
John Rasp and wives.
L Th AIo urhool gave a program
'and box social Tuesday night at
the hall. The proceeds, which
nmr.imlcd to $24, will be used for
I rillPnhtuiiirv ......... .
i '-'"k necessary sriiool
Mrs. E. M. Stone and son were
in Lincoln Saturday.
Albert Foreman of Lincoln is
spending Ibis week at the home of
his parents.
Miss Mae Prouty of Dunbar,
Neb., visited her molher, Mrs.
Ella Prouty. last week.
Mrs. Alice Riner of University
Place spent Thanksgiving with
her sister, Mrs. Joe Parsell.
Mrs. Joe Prouty of University
Place spent Thanksgiving with
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Alex
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Cashner of
University Place spent Thanks
giving with Mr. and Mrs. Fred
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mares of
Dennett visited last week with
Mrs. Mares' parents," Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Hite.
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Parsell and
daughter visited a few days last
week with the former's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Parsell,
Mrs. Alex Skiles returned Mon
day from University Place, where
she has been visiting her daugh
ter, Mrs. Joe Prouty.
Miss Alta Linch visited her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Linch,
last week during her Thanksgiv
ing vacation. She returned to York
Mrs. Charles Kirlipalrick re
ceived a telegram Sunday from
Craig staling that her brother had
passed away. Mr. and Mrs. Kirk
patrick left Monday to attend the
Mrs. William Newkirk went to
( Plionu'm nt Tn.ii-.l.... f i i ,
to visit hor daughter, Mrs. Paling, I
remaining until last Sunday. Mr.(
Newkirk and Miss Cecil spent
Thankisgiving there.
Mr. and Mrs. J. . Maker
entertained at dinner Thanksgiv
ing Mr. and Mrs. William Frank
of Rennett, Miss Pearl Woodard
and Messrs. Guy Shrewe, H. L.
Clapp, jr., of Elinwood, Mr. and
Mrs. S. C. Johnson and children
and Miss Grayce Hailey.
James Jordan went to Omaha I
Mrs. Oscar Suavely was a Lin
coln visitor Tuesday.
Sam Cashner had business at
the capital city Tuesday.
Mr. ami Mrs. Ed Casey were
trading at Lincoln Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kirkpal
rick were in Lincoln last week.
Mr. and Mrs. William Casey
were in Lincoln Thanksgiving day.
John Skiles of Mount Rose, la.,
is here visiting his brother, Alex
Miss Mary Suders is here from
Clalonia visiting relatives this
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Maker spent
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Gus
Moss at Eagle.
Mrs. William Higgins went to
i .....
i.mcoin last Wednesday evening
to visit relatives.
Chat Mo-micy of Mtirdock, with
his force of men, were in the rail
road yards at Alvo Tuesday. '
Mrs. George Hobbitt. went to
Lincoln Tuesday evening on
No. 17.
Miss Genevieve Horsh of Uni
versity Place visited from Friday
until Sunday with Miss Pearl
Mrs. George Condra, Miss Cor
delia Condra and Mrs. Hill emever
of Lincoln visited Friday at the
home of Mrs. S. C. Hoyles.
Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Hoyles enter
tained at dinner Thanksgiving
Miss Russell of South Dakota, Mr.
Somerville of McCook, Neb.; Mrs.
Joe Prouty of University Place,
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Skiles and Mr.
and Mrs. M. C. Keefer and family.
The A. O. U. W. elected officers
tor the ensuing year as follows:
Charles Ayrs, P. M. W.; A. I. Hird,
M. ; Charles Suavely, foreman;
Hob Johnson, overseer; J. A.
Shaffer, R. F.; Harry Parsell, R.;
Harley Wolfe, guide; Dean Kainm,
I. W.; Henry Hanson, O. W.; Ed
Hurlbut, W. W. Hird and A. J.
Friend, trustees.
.MI'S. Joe Hie lardsnn is visit inir ! Vli.ui...,
' ".B I "in. ii
m lowa.
Mrs. Charles Sbelton went lo
Lincoln Monday evening.
Harry Parsell was in Green
wood Monday on business.
J. II. Miller was in Lincoln
Wednesday on business.
J. P. Rouse was attending lo
business at Lincoln Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Isaac WolTc were
trading in Lincoln Wednesday.
Mrs. McCurdy is visiting her
daughter, Mrs. Hud Grove and
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Foreman
were in Lincoln Saturday on busi
ness. Miss Orpha Mullin was calling
on friends at, Murdock on S;ilm--
day of last week.
Mrs. E. D. Friend and daughter
are visiting this week with her
mother, Mrs. Mary Skinner.
mv. and Mrs. Jacob Cook of
Old are visiting with Aunt Hina
Kitzel and Frank Cook and fam
ily and other relatives here.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Dreamer and
Mrs. Ed Stone autoed to Lincoln
Tuesday, spending the day there.
J. H. Ouellliorst went lo Octavia
Tuesday to spend Thanksgiving
with bis daughter, Mrs. Hirkhold
er and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Hird and
his brother, Clark Hird. of In
diana, look dinner Saturday with
A. I. Hird and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Cashner of
University Place and Mr. and Mrs.
Sam Cashner, sr., spent Sunday
with Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Stone.
Mrs. Hina Kitzel entertained on
Thanksgiving day her brother, J.
D. Cook and family of Ord. Neb.:
her nephew. Frank Cook, of Have
lock, and James Cook of Heaver
City, Neb.; her children, Mr. and
Mrs. A. H. Weichel of Elmwood,
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Stone and son,
William Kitzel and family.. Mr.
and Mrs. Oscar Kitzel, Hert Kitzel
and Mrs. M. P. Slone.
The Hrotherbood of American
elected olllcers fur I ho
ensuing year as follows: Fore
man, George D. Hobbitt; M. C, J.
E. Parsell; C Mrs. Clo O. Shaf
fer; M. A., Ed Slromer; chaplain,
J. H. Slroenier; overseer, A. J.
Foreman; watchman, Alfred
Slroenier; sentinel, Henry M. Han-
son; guard, A. If. Klyver; Lady
Rowena, Mrs. W. E. Newkirk;
Lady Rebecca, Mrs. A. J. Fore
man. Mr, and Mrs. Earl Coin spent
Thanksgiving day with her folks,
Mr. ami Mrs. A. J. Foreman, re
turning Thui-Kday evening to their
luime at Havelock. .
Visit Hospital.
Mrs. linns Sri vers, Mrs. Jacob
Tritsch and Mrs. John Albert
went lo homaniiel hospital at
Omaha this morning to visit Miss
Emma Albert and A. II. Roessler
for a tew hours. John Albert call
ed on these patients yesterday
and found his daughter improved
considerably, the inflammation of
the wound being considerably re
duced ami it is hoped that Miss
Emma is now on the way to re
covery. Mr. Roessler is able, to
Bit up and his physician allows
him lo go about with a crutch, but
riot far as yet.
Injured at the Shops.
Frank 'Slalinsky, an employe of
the Hurlington, working on the
freight car repair track, had the
misfortune lo step on a nail while
working on his job Ibis morning,
esulling in quite n painTuI wound.
His injury was dressed by the
company physician and Mr.
Slalinsky will lay off for a short
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