The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, December 07, 1911, Image 4

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Plattsmouth - Journal
Published Semi-Weekly at
Entered at the Postofbce at I'lattsmouth, Nebrabka, as Becond-clasa
Our merchants arc lining up on
f.he holiday goods.
Turkey day has gone, hut tur
key hash ft ill lingers.
:o :
The democrats in congress now
have the opportunity to keep faith
with the people.
:o :
There may Ik
finer weather
prevailing m
-luit not this
han the kind how
eastern Nebraska-
side, of heaven.
The republican parly lias gut to
ret rid of the, Man Cliu dynasty
before it can kIuikI any show at
the next elections.
It looks as if some of our trust
magnates had got to begin life all
over again with only a pittance
like a million a year.
Senator'ollette hopes the
next presidennt of the United
States will not be a man who
pails his hair in the middle.
The only business that con
gress evan do until the lobbyists
get the wires working is to have
the chaplain lead in prayer.
:o :
Contrary to the view of many
young fellows of the Heal l ie type,
it. takes more brains to raise corn
and potatoes than wild oats,
Thanksgiving being over with
turkeys are considerable cheaper
and will probably remain so un
til a few days before ( 'liri.-l mas.
New canals having been report
ed on I In1 planet Mars, they seem
to make the dirt fly up there even
faster than Colonel (ioelhals can.
Our merchants are well slocked
up with holiday goods and there is
nula particle of use in going else
where to make your Christmas
President Tuft admits that the
ianlT has been "overdone" -which
is hardly the right word to em-
ploy. Overdone means thai it is
more than well done.
Some people say they still be
lieve Doc Cook reached the pole,
but the real tent conies when they
are invited lo put up f0 cents for
a gallery seat to hear him lecture.
"Home llrsl the world after
wards," should be Ihe motto of
every true citizen of Hall smooth.
And it is just as well to reniein
her this in your Christinas pur
With Ihe dissolving of the
Standard Oil company the public
is left to ponder on the wisdom of
getting rid of one octopus and ac
quiring a lot of tnrnatulas in
stead. :o:-
It is hinted that Krnost Pollard
would like lo run for governor.
His candidacy would please Ihe
democrats. If (hey can't beat
Pollard there would he no use try
ing to heat anyone else.
:o :
A visit over town will convince
tho most casual observer that our
business men, as well as others,
are not careful about tho removal
of combustible trash about their
premises as Ihey should be
:o ; .
We are not confident thai jail
ing the packers would make them
any belter, but if Ihey could be
fed on some of tho beefsteak wo
had this morning wo feel suro
they would he good in the future.
Plattsmouth, Nebraska
In view of the way John D. col
lected his loans from the Merritt
brothers, wo have decided not to
ask him fur the loan of $7.75 with
which to buy Christinas presents.
George V. Perkins explain sar
castically that the Sherman law
was not handed down with the
ten commandments. Nevertheless
the trusts violate it as if it had
:o :
The increase in the wholesale
price of beer may force the liquor
dealers lo reduce the size of their
glasses. Hut will it reduce the
number of beer guzzlers? Not in
the least.
;) ;
Doctor I.oveland's plan to have
the churches advertise largely in
the newspapers is all right, but it
is sugosted that the editors will
demand to be paid more promptly
than the pastor.
:o :
Colonel lloosevelt has a find
command of English, but even be
cannot make his enemies believe
what they don't want to believe
regarding his 11)12 intentions.
:o: .
All but one of the National
Hankers' association were for the
Aldrich currency plan. This dam
aging fact should have been, care
fully concealed by Mr. Aldrich if
he wanted his plan adopted.
:o :
While we disapprove of the
Sunday colored supplement, wc
fear still more the demoralization
of our children from IheCongrcs
sionai Ueeuril, which is again
turned loose in our homes.
Of course Hanker Morse bad no
purl inilnc reason to tear punish
meiil when he took Hie money. All
Ihe punishment usually inflicted
on siicli, an oU'emlcr is to elect him
director of a few more corpora
t ions.
The trusts say they cannot llnd
out what they can legally do mi
del Hie Mieriuan law. Hut as tney
can llnd out by paying car-fare
for someone to go down ',o Texas
ami asK N'uaior jiaiicv, iney
should not complain.
While a school of journalism is
n led. Ihe principal thing a re
porter has to learn iH how to cover
the I wo miles across the city from
a Sunday school festival to a box
ing match in the lime between
'.1:05 and Dili p. in.
:o :
Senator I.orimer declares that
all advocates of the initiative,
reieremiuni nlul recall are
"socialists or demagogues." So
far no United Slates senator
whose seat was obtained dis
honestly has declared in favor of
any of these reforms.
Again we warn our people about
lire. No one can he too careful In
this regard, A match dropped in
the yard where the leaves are so
dry, can easily cause I hem to
burn, and carry the flames to the
house, barn or other properly. We
warn every reader of the Journal
to be awful careful, especially
when it is so dry.
There is nr just cause why
labor organisations should foe
bad over the confessions of the
McNamaras. You will find jus
such fellows in nil organizations
They aro in political parties
social and secret societies. There
is not a laborer In the country but
wants to bco tho McNamaras
punished to the fullest extent of
j tho law, evon to that of hanging.
R. L. Metcalfe fur governor?
Well we are not so sur about
that. We must have a democrat
who can unite both factious of the
party and a man who took such an
important part in the campaign
two years ago cannot do that.
Then what is the use of talking
of a man that you know cannot
get the united support of the
It both astonishes and pains
those who have started to secure a
Taft delegation from Nebraska to
bear themselves referred to as
standpatters, while they know
down in their hearts that they are
the progressives of the progres
sives. They simply cannot under
stand how the real progressives
overlook that fact Lincoln Star.
:o :
The time is drawing near for
personal taxes to become de
linquent. This means that if you
have not paid you have to hustle.
It is strange that personal taxes
should become due and delinquent
about the time you are settling
with the coal man, trying to save
some money for Christmas and
pay for your winter suit.
Inasmuch as Roosevelt's plura
lity over Parker in 190 i was 2,-
"t 55,5 15, which is tw ice Taft's, and
three times as large as either Mc
Kinley's presidential pluralities,
it will hardly do for Alton Brooks
Parker at this late day to attribute
Mr. Roosevelt's victory lo any
thing else but a "slush fund.'
The authorities should insist on
the removal of all trash, old boxes
and such things from the back of
business bouses. And also stop
e burning of waste paper in Ihe
back alleys. In such dry weather
as we are now having, evervone.
should be careful about fire.
:o :
'There was at first much opposi
tion to fortifying Panama, but if
seems to bea greed now that a
10(1,000,000 canal is too valuable
properly lo leave lying around the
back yard nights with all these
disrept liable characters prowling
The report that President Taft
is having a derby bat built is one
of Ihe many signs going to show
that the "plug hat" is gradually
being relegated lo Indian doctors,
circus salesmen and the more in
fantile sprouts of the Smart Set,
II takes an 11-car train to ac
commodate Ihe nine western gov
ernors who are touring the east
ern stales. They must be bring
ing almost as much baggage along
as it takes for the college girl lo
get by the winler term.
As Carnegie only included one
Author, Shapespear, in his list of
L'l great men, what excuso has he
to offer for giving 5,000 libraries
to circulate Rex Beach and George
Hair McCulcheon among a long
offering people?
Considering tho indecent hasle
with which tho trust prosecutions
are being pushed along, a defend-
mt would bettor not show signs
of longevity, or a final settlement
way be reached in his lifetime.
Representative Underwood says
the present session of congress
will bo devoted to lowering the
high tariff. That's no doubt why
President Taft insists on talking
about something else, namely, the
trust problem.
Ernest Pollard posing as a pro
gressive. Wouldn't that cork a
wooden man? Why, there never
was a more complete standpatter
in tho land than Pollard. Such
politics as ho is endeavoring to
play is too brazen.
:o :
Chancellor Day says tho trust
law is paralyzing commerce. Evi
dently some peoplo are determin-
ed to have a monopoly or they
J won't play.
The democrats of Nebraska will j
have to pull together if they ex
pect victory next year. There is
no use of this bringing to the
front candidates who made them
selves obnoxious in the Shallen-bergcr-Dahlman
campaign. Let
all who were instrumental Mn
bringing about the feeling that
still predominates to some extent
slay out of the race. There aro
several prominent men who stear
ed clear of factions in that nota
ble campaign, and no one can find
any objection to such men as can
didates. I'lattsmouth is as good a town
as there is in Nebraska to buy
goods. You can get almost any
thing here that you can get in
Omaha or any other place, for that
matter. Our merchants have
bought nice, clean and pretty
slocks of holiday goods, which are
being displayed to good advantage,
and we would advise the readers
of the Journal to first call and sec
I hose displays and see if I hey can't
get what they want before decid
ing on buying out of town.
While on the gubernatorial
question, there are several good
men in Nebraska, and able ones,
ioo, who did not get mixed up
willi Ihe Shallenberger-Dahlman
I rouble that would make good
eat d Males for governor. Why,
then, persist in bringing a man to
I In front for governor who was
one of the principals in the
trouble? II seems lo us that that
is very poor politics and not com
mon sense, to say the least.
The labor organizations all over
Ihe country are condemning the
McNamaras. There is no question
as to the sincerity of these or
ganizations in the belief that
these men were innocent. Hut now
Ihey are demanding that the Mc
Namaras be punished to the full
est extent of ihe law, and Ihey are
jusl as eager now to see Ibem
punished as Ihey were to assist a
lew weeks ago in raising money lo
defend I hem.
Tile l.a Folic) l.e forces appear
lo he waking up lo Ihe fact that
Ihey must (jet a move on them,
and I bey are organizing in every
county in Ihe slate. The stand
pal republicans are endeavoring
lo palm themselves oil' as the real
progressives. A Taft republican
cannot be anything else but, a
standpatter any way you can fix it.
A rich joke they are trying to play.
'The democrats of Cass county
will enjoy a banquet some time in
January. The dale has not been
decided upon yet, but will be tho
latter part of this month or just
as soon as we know who we are
to have as speakers. One in par
ticular will be a gentleman high
up in the affairs of Ihe country.
There will bo invitations extended
to all democrats in Ihe counfv.
Don't burn your trash back of
your si ores. Carry it off to some
vacant lot and burn it to (he
river bottom if no other available
place. Don't run any risk by burn
ing it so close lo your place of
business. It is very easilv spread
at this season of the year. An
ounce of prevention is sometimes
worth a great deal.
In a tariff case a lot of dainty
lingerie and night gowns formed
an exhibit before the United
States supreme court. It was
rather difficult, no doubt, for even
that high tribunal to apply suc
cessfully tho rule of reason a
purely masculine invention to a
consideration of this evidence.
Of course there is no use of
insisting on those whoso interests
are not identified with Platts
mouth, buying goods at homo.
They won't do it anyway. They
would rather go lo Omaha, even if
they have to pay more for what
they want. Some people are built
that way.
AVcgelable PrcparallonrorAs
sirailailiifJihcroodaiKlaVUnia lingUic Sioiiiacis aalDowcls rf
Promotes DitJcslionJCtifprfd-'
ncss and Resf.Contalns neilhr
OpmnuMorpiurie norlliacreL
;r', S:cJ
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C'fKfotl Syrr
ttelayrmi tttrzr.
, . e v
Apcrfect Remedy for Coir Ufa-
lion, bour siouttcn, uiai nww
Wor ins .Coimilsions.Fevorislv
IhcSiiiilc Signature of
P.cti 0
Guaranteed under Ihe l-ootTfljl
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
We show a full line of Table Linens and Napkins,
them out. Call and see them. As a special we "offer
a beautiful all linen napkin, at per dozen
SILKS! We are closing out a lot of remnants of Silk. Just
the thing for fancy work. Ask to see them.
J. I'. Hock of Newcastle, Wyo.,
who has been a guest of his
father, John Hock, and his sister,
Mrs. William Hunter, for a few
days, departed for his home this
morning. Mrs. Hunter accom
panied her brother to Omaha. Miss
Kdna Bloll of Nehawka, who has
been a guest of ihe Hunter home
for a few days, also went to Oma
ha with Mrs. Hunter. J. F. Bock
has been in a Lincoln sanitarium
for a month recovering from tho
effects of a fall from a western
horse, received last summer.
We still have several fine pul
lets and cockerls for sale. First
buyers have picking choice at 50c
each. Try one for Christmas.
Ileiuember eggs aro selling at 2c
each. J. M. Young, Upper Chi
cago Ave.
I wish to buy a few hogs,
weighing not less than CO pounds.
Inquire at tho restaurant rear of
Donat's saloon. Frank Zetopek.
Blacksmith and Horseshoeing.
H. C. Itailey, the Maple Grove
blacksmith, is now prepared to do
your work of all kinds. You owe
that faithful old horse or team
that has done your summer's
work a new pair of shoes, and the
place lo secure them is at the
shop of It. C. Bailey, the Maplo
drove blacksmith and horseshoer.
He knows how lo do tho work, and
Farmers, Notice I
To tho farmer man or lady
who brings us the largest num
ber of eggs between November 9
and December 9 wc will give a
sack of Plainsifter Flour. When
you bring us your eggs don't for
get that we pay tho highest mar
ket price for same.
Hatt & Son.
For Sale.
Two-passanger Ford Automo
bile, in good repair, just over
hauled and repainted: will sell for
$175.00, if taken within the next
woek. This Is a snap.
J. F.. Mason.
For Sale.
Thoroughbred Barred Plymouth
Hock Cockerels. Prices reason
able. 'Phone No. 1-1. C. L. Wiles.
. 1 Wfc QJ El VL U IL
For Infants and Children.
Tho Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears tho
8 Fnr flusr
Thirty Years
We have
For Sale.
One span of good work horses,
weighing 2,300 pounds, 8 and 9
years old. Also wagon and har
ness. Inquire of A. II. Graves,
Murray, Neb.
Halt and Son will give a sack of
1'Iansifler flour to the farmer
man or boy of Cass County who
will bring to their store tho big
gest and best ( ears of field corn
raised by him. The contest
closes December ). Soundness of
kernels and sie of ears will bo the
points taken into consideration
For Sale.
Pedigreed Duroc-Jersey male
V. E. Perry,
Mynard, Neb.
Highest price paid for
ail kinds of poultry.
Hatt Produce Co.
Herman Grcoder,
Graduate Vctcniary Surgeon
(Formerly with U. S. Department
Licensed by Nebraska State
Calls Answered Promptly
Telephone 378 White, Plattsmouth
ft tV
Do You want an
If you do, get one who has
Experience, Ability, Judgement.
Telegraph or write
Dunbar, Neb.
Dates made at this office or the
Murray State Bank.
Rates Reasonable