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    The- Plattsmouth - Journal
Published Semi-Week!) it
Entered at the Postoffice at Plattsmouth, Nebraska, as second-class
m. t er.
That landslide November 7
seems to have slid both ways.
The massacre of Hankow spells
tho unalterable doom of imperial
'government in China.
Judge Hamer, the lowest man
on the republican ticket for su
preme judge, will have 2,500 ma
jority. :o:
Forty-seven hunters have beenj
killed so far this year, although
public sentiment still forbids the
use of human llesh for food.
Wa Ting Fang was in America
long enough to realize the ad
vantages of hopping into the
tarid wagon as it goon speeding
Massachusetts lias a demo
cratic governor again and tho
scared codfish refuses to be com
forted, even by a baked bean
nipper. "
Mr. Taft took Jots of Jrouble to
vole, although ve ftro not inform
ed that he is1 a candidate for any
position in the (finrintinli' civil
service. , , i
' A Missouri citizen, who died a
few days ago, was th' father of
twenty-eight x-tylJriyi, njid lie was
only CO years old. What ailed
him race suicide?
Senator (Hiinirtins of Iowa says
Taft cannot be renominated, even,
let alone being re-elected. Tho
toenatnr also dwlnres liimMf eu
tircly'oul of iM race. 11 j
Chicago managers blame
the public for (he lipping prac
tice. It is also duo to the desire
of Hit! public to have luncheon
served in time for dinner.
A number of reform mayors
were defeated in (be late election.
II. lakes a skillful politician to
prepare a sugar-coating for tho
Jotter pill of good government.
Ah, how true the saying: "There
is so much bad in I he best of us,
mnj so much good in the worst of
lis, that it hardly behooves any of
us to talk about the rest of us.''
:o :
Regardless of who it was who
tdrurk n certain historic and
mysterious blow, (here is no doubt
I hat Senator I.orimer is the one
who is knocking the late Robert
We are somewhat afraid that
there are too many democrats
who want to be president, for the
good of the party. The only mis
take tho parly is liable to make is
in the selection of a candidate.
Hut one thing separates Heat
tie, the murdoror of his young
vife, from the death chair, and
IhaUs the governor of Virginia.
The stale supreme court refuses
o interfere, and if the governoT
does the same it is all up with
. Ileal lie and ho will die November
25 in the cleotrio chair.
Yesterday China lay asleep
with (he sleep of I he centuries.
I'or .100 years the Manehu dynas
ty ruled it with an iron rod. Its
sleep was too profound for there
(o be thought of resistance To
flay China is wide-awake nay,
more, fiercely militant In the
cause of liberty arid real justice
Iietween man and' man. The
revolutionists, winning victory
after victory, have determined
upon tho eslahlidliment. of. a ro-
rubiic. ; ! , , ; .T,Vf,
Plattsmouth, Nebraska CZZ3
Frank Hitchcock is trying to
save money by having the post
olliee department sell its old
packing boxes for kindling wood,
forgetting all about the needs of
tho small boy for July 4th bonfire
In Gentry, Ark., a mob tried to
lynch the cashier of a collapsed
bank. However, Arkansas has
more fiscal enlightenment than
China, where it is customary,
when a bank fails, to chop off the
heads of all the olllcials.
It is slated that the democrats
of Lancaster county will meet
shortly for tho purpose of giving
expression as to their choice for
president. That may bo all right,
but we doubt tho wisdom of such
a movo at this time. Suppose
every county done the same, we
would have a dozen candidates
endorsed in no time.
Senator Stone of Missouri is
championing Champ Clark for the
presidential nomination. We have
known Speaker Clark for at least
thirty years, and' believe he is
making a serious mistake in his
candidacy for president. He is
one of the best men in the world,
but we do not believe he is the
proper man for a ' presidential
cundidate, although we could sup
port him, if nominated, with all
the vim within us.
Ilon. John A. Maguire, while in
the oity yesterday, talked rifle
range to a number of our
citizens. He will - return to
Washington' early next rtiftnlh
and will urge the locution of the
range near . Plattsmouth. Con
gressman Maguire, who is always
alert to the interests of his con
stituents, came here for the pur
pose of ascertaining what he
could do for our people, not only
as to the rifle range, but other
matters of interest to them.
The democrats of Nebraska
should get a move on themselves
and begin to organize for the
campaign next year. Why not
have a genuine old-fashioned love
feast at Omaha or Lincoln some
lime during the early part of
January, and have every section
of the state represented by good,
live democrats, and talk over mat
ters pertaining to the great battle
next year? Nebraska can be car
ried next year if tho proper man
is nominated for president.
Speaking of newspaper scraps,
the editor of the Hiawatha (Kan
sas) World, who has had 'em by
the dozens, gives the following
competent testimony: "I admit
that there is nothing more sense
less than a newspaper war. One
editor gets funny over another
editor. There is a comeback, then
a reply and then both say mean,
spiteful, personal things of one
another. Ofler they believe very
little of what they say. It is boy
fighting. I've had so many lights
(hat I think I never will tight
again, but I get in and cut my way
out, or indeeper, all tho lime
knowing tho folly of lighting."
Mark Sullivan, in Collier's
Weekly, says: "Tho cities which
are candidates for tho republican
convention aro St. Louis, Cincin
nati, Chicago and Buffalo. For
the democratic convention the
most aggressive candidate is
Baltimore. Progressive democrats
ought to oppose this. Maryland
is tho home of that sort of sordid
democracy which is typified by
the late Senator Gorman, the man
who, for the pocketbooka of him.
self and his friends, betrayed and
destroyed the democratic party
the last time it had a national
success. Kansas City or Denver
would be a much better city and
have a morep rogressive at
mosphere." :o:
Democracy is now singing with
renewed zest, "My Old Kentucky
Six weeks till Christmas. Now
is the time to begin thinking
about your holiday advertising.
With this year's election out of
the way it would be well now to
think about your Christmas shop
ping. :o
If Plattsmouth is not greatly
benefited by the building -of the
Platte river bridge wc miss our
guess, and badly, too.
As a million women will vote in
tho next presidential election the
candidates must take more care
to have their trousers property
New Mexico is a new state and
a new recruit in th, Democratic
"auks. The result of lh! election
he'd there Tuesday was mdei d
welcome news.
"Lorimer probe learns nothing
worth while." But the nation has
long ago learned by heart the fact
that Lorimer is not a fit person to
occupy a seat in the United States
The Atchison Champion quotes
one statesman as saying: "Every
dollar I ever had in the world I
got out of the republican party."
"And," says the Champion, "there
aro others." '
.;o : .
A man at New York has-been
held on a charge of sniuggM.ig
glass eyes into this country.
he succeeded for years in keeping
on the blind side of the customs
A New York judge has refused
to incorporate an athWie organ
ization because it wanted to be
called tho "Mono club." Towns
should indeed be careful what they
let make them famous.
The government is now stalking
the wheat and bread trust. We
can view with feelings of equiniin-
;ly at least the cornering of oil,
steel and tobacco, but when our
bread is held tip, we resent it.
:o :
Teddy makes fun of Tafl's pro
posed peace treaties. Teddy has
plenty of leisure now to get round
to almost everything. The people,
however, do not chuckle over
Teddy's fun like they used to.
Tho weather for the past few
days makes some of the boys
think of how they spent last sum
mer's wages, instead of laying up
a few dollars to buy their win
ter's outfit.
Fifly thousand lives have been
the record of the Chinese rebel
lion so far. The world has not
outgrown the time when human
life and suffering constitute tho
price of liberty and advancement.
:o :
Republican reactionaries in
New Mexico started to run things
with a high hand and lost the
stale at the first election. This
should be a lesson to the reac
tionaries if they ever learn les
sons. -:o:-
"I am pleased to recommend
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy as
the best thing I know of and
safest remedy for coughs, cold9
and bronchial trouble," writes
Mrs. L. B. Arnold of Denver, Colo.
"We have used it repeatedly and
it has never failed to give relief."
For salo by F. 0. Fricke & Co.
Miss Teresa Hempel went to
Omaha this afternoon to see some
of the superior oOlcers of the De
gree of olinor. . Tomorrow she
expect to, go to Lincoln to look
after business for the order.
(Copyright. A. C
Tho Stage Door of tho Trocadero.
Hope discovered very little difficulty
In duplicating the outer garments
Keith reported Miss Maclalre as wear
Ing. The colors, indeed, were not ex
actly the same, yet this difference was
not sufficient to be noticeable at night
by the eyes of a man who had no rea
son to suspect deceit. The girl was
In a flutter of nervous excitement as
she hastened about the room, donning
her few requirements of masquerade,
yet Keith noted with appreciation that
she became perceptibly cooler as the
moment of departure approached
With cheeks aflame and eyes spark
ling, yet speaking with a voice re
vealing no falter, she pressed his arm
and declared herself prepared for the
ordeal. The face under the shadow
of the mantilla was so arch and
piquant, Keith Could not disguise his
"Aro I Christie Maclalre?" she asked
, "Sufficiently so to fool our friend,"
h returned, "but I am ready to sweat
that lady never looked so charming."
"A compliment, and spoken as
though you really meant It"
"Have I not been honest enough
with you In the past to be credited
with honsty newr he protested, a lit
tle hurt by the bantering tone.
"Of court you hare; I merely talk
lightly to keep my courage up. Teu
can have' no Idea how afraid I am."
"then you are truly an actress, for
you appear the picture of enjoyment.
But we must go, or Hawley will be
ther before us. aad thus spoil all our
They passed out through the offloo
together, soelng no one familiar to
either, Hope keeping her face par
tially concealed. , The east side of the
street was less frequented than the
other, having fewer saloons along its
way, and they chose Its darkness. As
they advanced, the long habit of fron
tier life caused Keith to glance be
hind before they had progressed a
block, and he was - thus made aware
that they were being followed. Con
versing lightly, and without a word
to. alarm the girl, he managed to ob
serve every movement of the 'dimly
outlined figure which advanced with
them, timing every motion to theirs.
Long before they crossed the street
to the Trocadero he was convinced
there was no mistake the fellow,
whoever he might be, was trailing
them. Keith smiled grimly to himself,
resolving that as soon as he had left
the lady he would teach tho spy a les
son not soon to be forgotten.
They barely entered the outer circle
of the Trocadero lights, noting a group
of men thronging about the doors, and
hearing the sound of the band within,
and then turned swiftly down the nar
row dark alleyway leading toward the
stage entrance. Keith, having been
there before, advanced confidently, but
Hope, her heart beating wildly, ?
to his arm, g.m "j1 v .. TTTTng a word
In reply to his whispered assurances.
Fortunately they encountered no one,
nd Keith, feeling cautiously In the
dark, easily succeeded In locating the
opening to the vestibule. Listening
Intently he became convinced that no
one occupied the little shed. He had
Intended to remain with the girl until
the tlrn came for her to emerge, but
the remembranceof that figure dogging
them all the way from the hotel now
caused a change of plan. He held
her band closely clasped In his.
"Now, Hope, I am going to leav
you," ho whispered, "and your own
wit will have to carry you through. I
know you will play your part all right,
and It will be mtne to wait for Chris
tie, and give her somo explanation of
why Hawley failed to meet her as ho
promised. It will never do for her to
suspect, until you have time to learn
all possible. You aro not afraid!"
"Yes, I am," clinging to him, "but
but I am going through It Just the
"Tho truest kind of courage, my
girl. Now slip Inside, but hold the
door ajar. Hawley will certainly be
here within ten minutes, and you must
Join him at once, or else the other
might appear. You can Judge as to
Its being him even In this darkness.
Good bye."
The longing to clasp her In his
arms, to speak the language of his
heart, was almost overwhelming, yet
tho memory of that figure slinking
along behind them, and the brief time
before Hawley's probable appearance,
for he would leave the theater at Iht
conclusion of Miss Maclalre's act, re
strained all demonstration. This was
a moment for action, not for words ot
love; no delay should hazard the suc
cess of their undertaking. He heard
the slight creak of the door as tho
girl . slipped within the concealment
of the vestibule, and then he glided
away through the darkness with tb
stealthy silence of an Indian. There
was no one la tho alley-way, which
was narrow and easily explored, but
tbe glow from the front windows
plainly revealed the shadow of a man r. the entrance, and Keith slipped
xoy Randall, Padbimi-
author Or" My Lady Or THt South.
whem Wilderness wao Kimca etcctc
Illustrations Fv Dearborn Mclviix
MoClurg Co.. Ills.)
"Yes, You Can Get Up. I Reckon
You're Beginning to See Clearer,
Ain't You 7"
up toward him, hugging the side oi
the building for concealment, prepared
to resort to harsh measures. As he
reached out, gripping the astonished
loiterer by the collar, they stared at
on another in surprise, and the grip
ping . hand as . instantly released Its
"You, Falrbstn! What the devil does
this mean? What aro you spying or
us for?"
Clearly taken aback, yet not greatly
disturbed, his eyes showing pugnaci
ous and pis jaw set, tne doctor ruooen
his throat where Keith's knuckles hsd
left a red welt.
"Damn jou, I think I'm the one to
ask for an explanation," he growled.
"She said Ehe was not going with you.
and now you are around here together
at this hour.. I had a right to know
whether I was being played with like
"But, man, that was not Miss Mao
Ialre I was with; It was Hope Walte.
Come back hero under the tent flap
while I explain." -,.-.
Fearful of tbe coming of.Hawjey
he fairly dragged the portly figure of
the "bewildered Doctor with him,
striving, by quickly spoken words, to
make him comprehend the situation.
Knowing previously something of the
Issues involved, it was not difficult to
make Falrbain grasp the meaning of
this present movement, yet his sym
pathies were at once enlisted upon tbe
side of Miss Christl. He'd be damned
If he would have any part In such a
scheme if she had a right to the
money he'd help her get it It was a
cowardly trick, and he'd fight if nec
essary, to keep her from becoming a
victim. His voice rose, bis arms
brandishing violently, bis sentences
snapping like rifle shots. Keith an
gered, and fearful of a discovery
which would leave Hope exposed, real
ized the futility of discussion and
turned to physical force. Grasping the
gesticulating man with both hands, he
flung him backward and dragged him
Into the empty tent, kneeling on him
as he throttled him to the earth.
"Now, Doctor, you listen to me," be
said sternly "I'm through arguing. I
hate to treat you like this, for you aro
my friend, but I'll not stand for inter
ference here. Do you get that, you
old fool? Lie still until I get through!
I respect your feelings toward Miss
Maclalre. .She Is a good girl, and I
hope to heaven you get her If you
want her. But you never will if you
permit this affair to go on. Yes, I
know what I i- Talking about. In all
thti-i-rpe and I do we are serving you
and Christie our only fight Is with
'Black Bart' Hawley. Stop being a
bullet headed old fool, Falrbain, and
understand this thing. Lie still, I tell
yau, and hear me out! Hawley Is a
liar, a thief, and a swindler. There
la a swindle In thla thing somewhere,
and he hopes to pull out a big sum of
money from It He Is merely using
Christie to pull his own chestnuts out
of the fire. She la Innocent; we real
It, but this fellow Is going to
ruin the girl unless we succeed in ex
posing him. He's not only Involving
her in his criminal conspiracy, but
he's making love to her; he's teaching
her to love htm. That's part of his
scheme, no doubt, for then she will bo
so much easier handled. I tell you,
Falrbain, your only chance to ever
win the Interest of Christie Maclalre
la to help us down this fellow Haw
ley. Yes, you can sit up; I reckon
you're beginning to see dearer, ain't
Keith drew aside the flap of the
tent to glance without, the light fall
ing on Falrbaln's face as he struggled
to a sitting posture. He had had 'a
new thought driven Into him, yet
failed to entirely grasp Its signifi
cance. "But. Jaek," ho asked, still half
angry, "how about the girl? Hasn't
she any right to this money?"
"I don't know," honestly, "we don't
any of us know, hut whatever she has
ik rUbt to sho la aetna to 6st Yeu
. '.'
can bet on that, old man. We're buck
ing Hawley, not Christie Maclalre
get that into your head. He hasn't any
fight, that's certain, for he murdered
and stole to get the papers be quiet!
Here the fellow comes now!"
They peered out together through
the convenient tent flap, Falrbain
scarcely less Interested than the oth
er, already dimly comprehending that
his truly dangerous rival was the
gambler, and that he could best servo
the lady by helping to prove to her
the real character of that Individual
He was still blindly groping In the
haze, yet out of Keith's sharp, sting
ing words there had come to hra a
guiding light. The latter gripped hla
arm In restraint
"Easy, old man, easy let hint
Hawley turned Into the alley whb
tllng, evidently well pleased with tho
situation and anticipating other de
lights awaiting his coming. The glow
of the Trocadero's lights served, an
Instant, to reveal his face, shaded by
tbe broad brim of his hat, and then
he vanished Into the dark. Keith lean
ing far out, yet keeping well within
the shadows, heard the faint creak of
the vestibule door and tbe soft mur
mur of distant vol es. Then he drew
back suddenly, his hand again grasp
ing Falrbain. Tw figures those ot
a man and woman emerged Into tho
dim light, and as quickly disappeared.
Apparently her hind was upon his
arm, and he was bending down so
as to gain a glimpse of the face par
tially concealed by the folds of tho
mantilla. Only a word or two reached
them, a little raugh, and the woman's
"Why, of course I hurried! you said
you had eomethlng of such importance
to tell me."
"Falrbain," spoke Keith, his Hps al
most at the ear of the other. "That
was Hope, all right and she has got
him going already. Now, man, will
you help us out?"
"I? How?"
"Go back there, and meet Mis
Maclalre. I don't care whore you take
her lunch, anywhere; only keep her
from the hotel as long a possible.
You can do It far better than I. for
she will not suspect you of any Inter
est In this affair. Tell her, any lie you
can think up on asoou'nt of Hawley'o
absence. Good Ltcd, old man, cant
you see this Is yur chanoe; sjo ta
and win."
Falrbain struggled to Us feet, etrji c
bit dazed and uncertain, yet tempte
by the opportunity.
"You'r perfectly sun. Keith, thla
Isn't am thing that will hurt the glrlT"
"Sure! Of course I am. It's Just
Hawley I'm gunning alter. For God's,
ake, haven't you got that clear yet?"
"I I. reckon I'm. an old fool, Jaok,"
admitted the Doctor regretfully, "and
when an old fool Is in love be hasn't
got any sense left Anyhow I'll do
what you want me to now. Where are -you
going?" , t ....
"To watch those others. There Is
no.knowing what play Hawley might
try to pull off, and I want to keep
within gun-shot of him. Hurry up,
man; that vestibule door creaked Just
He shoved him down the dark alley
and dodged back himself across tho
front of the tent out Into the street
There wss a crowd of men In front of
the Trocadero, but the couple he
sought were nowhere In sight
(To Be Continued.)
N. C. Halmes and wife and fam
ily came over from their homo at
Weeping Water in an auto this
morning and motored out to the
new bridge, returning to IMatts
iimuth and participating in the
good roads meeting this after
noon.1 C. A. RAWLS
Office First National Bank Building
Do You want an
If you do, get one who has
Experience, Ability, Judgement.
Telegraph or write
Dunbar, Neb.
Dates irsde at this office or the
Murray State Bank.
Rates Reasonable
Estimates cheerfully furnished for
all kinds of work in the building line
from foundation to roof complete.
We are prepared to do all
kinds of Building Work.
Plattsmouth, Nebraska.
peters 6 ni