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The Doing Open With Big Good Road Meeting at
Theater in the Afternoon and Cloe With Big
Show at Night Big Crowd Both Day and Night
November 15, 1911, will go
4own in history as one of the
poch-marking dates for Platts
tnoulh and Cass county. Al
bough the unsettled state of the
weather rendered it impossible
for a formal program advertised
4ays in advance, yet the informal
proceedings of the afternoon were
as expressive of the sentiment and
I he, selection of the otlicers lastj
named. He called to the stage a
gentleman from Atchison, who
came as a delegate to the good
mads meeting, and asked him to
tell the audience where Atchison
was local rd on the map. The
Atchison delegate spoke briefly on
Ihe benefits of the air line from
Omaha to Kansas City.
Mr. Searle then suggested that
the highway or route which the
opening of the Platte river bridge
had made possible, should be
locality they were situated in the nam(1(j at this meeting, aa the
state. Mr. Sellick mentioned the map.,nakers, who had constructed
the Parmele
good results of a smooth highway
and the effect the same would have
on the farming interests by mak
ing belter roads for produce to be
transported over, and that it had
been the history of the progress
of civilization that it advanced
with th betterment of the means
good feeling as any studied plan ! of interchange of commerce, and
fulrt have been. The 200 good the netier trie nignways ine more
charts and maps of the state
roads of Iowa, would soon have
a chart of the new route and it
would .be best to have the name
decided Upon at once.
A delegate in . the-rear of the
auditorium moved that the name
given this route be "The Omaha
Kansas City Scenic Motor Route."
The motion was seconded and
roads boosters from Omaha were) we would become acquainted with carri((li Tne r,r,sjdont of the as-
... . . . ' L ..II 1'l..l ...,. nnl ilnnl
enthusiastic, and the addresses of
their representatives, Mr. Harry
Lowrie and Mr. Searle, were
calculated to increase the
friendliness between the business
interests of Omaha and the ter
ritory south of the Platte river.
The meeting for the organiza
tion of the Omaha-Plattsmoulh-Nebraska
City-Kansas City High
way Improvement association was
called to order at the Parmele
about 3:30 o'clock in the after
noon by T. H. Pollock, president
of the Plattsmoulh Commercial
club. Before alTerling the or
ganization Mr. Pollock called on
Harry Lowrie of Omaha and V. A.
Relleck, ex-mayor of Lincoln, who
each made an excellent address
appropriate to the occasion.
Mr. Lowrie congratulated
Maltsmoulh and the citizens of
Cass county on the propitious oc
casion of the opening of a motor
highway between Plallsmoulh
and Omaha. He referred to the
energy and enterprise of Messrs.'
Pollock and Dull" in seizing on the
opportunity of furnishing a
means of transportation between;
the cities on the north and south!
of the Plalle river. Mr. Lowrie j
closed by moving a vole of thanks ,
to the promoters of the new
bridge, but railed to ask Tor n
second and sat down without pul
ling his molion. Mr. Searle,
president of Ihe Omaha Auto
mobile association, who was seal
fid on the stage at the lime, quick
ly arose and seconded Mr.
Lowrie's molion and put Ihe
question, which received a loud
response of "ayes."
Mr. Sellick, representing Ihe
Lincoln boosters for good roads,
made an enthusiastic talk for the
Improvement of the highways and
said tliul all hough his community
were not on the Omaha-Platts-rnoulh-Nebraska
City-Kansas Cilv
route, yet Lincoln was interested
in good roads, no mailer in what
each other. That men did not deal
with strangers to any extent, but
commerce and trade grew after
men became acquainted, and the
sociation then suggested thai
there should be an executive com
mittee, composed of one member
from each city and town through
which the route passes, whose
duties would be defined by a con
stitution and by-laws lo be adopt
ed later.
Mr. Searle Mien lectured for
almost an hour, showing slereop-
lican views of Ihe places of in
terest along Ihe route from Orna
ha lo Denver. This highway was
opened this summer and good
roads associations organized in
every county irirougii whien im
route passes. The lecturer slated
that Iowa and other western
slates bad gotten into the proces
sion wilh the east, to heller the
highways and had enacted a law
opening of the highway between
this city and surrounding country
would improve business, no doubt,
for all linvs.
After Mr. Sellick's talk the
meeting proceeded lo elect olll
cers of the Good lloads associa
lion. The Omaha delegation
iioininaled Mr. Pollock for prcsi
dent of Ihe, association, but by
some explanation he managed to
have his name withdrawn. Mr
Searle. president of the Omaha
Automobile association, was Mien
named and elected president over
liw own ni'otest. but after some
parting Mr. Searle agreed to ac
cept Ihe position. Three vice
presidents were thenVhosen, and
lo fill these important places II.
A Dii fT of Nebraska City. Colonel
J. .1. Deright of Omaha and J. C,
Gibson, president of the Atchison
Automobile association, were
elected. J. C. How of Auburn was
selected as secretary and treas
urer of the association.
Mr. Searle assumed Ihe chair
U 00
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a few well chosen words, Mr.
Raw Is cxpn-sM'd the good will and
hearty appreciation of the club
and people of this city of the re
sults of the enterprise of Mr. T.
11. Pollock of this city and Mr. P..
A. Duff of Nebraska City. Mr.
RawTs remarks provoked a storm
of applause, as he bowed himself
from the stage.
There was not a seat remain
ing unsold at 6 o'clock, and out-
of-town boosters who had failed
to procure tickets in advance had
to be content with standing room
about the theater doors. After
the performance, which lasted
from 8:30 to 11 o'clock, many ex
pressions of pleasing commenda
tion for the entertainment were
heard. The Nebraska City Good
Roads Minstrel company, made a
big hit with the audience last
night, is the verdict of the many
citizens, who were loud in their
praise of the show this morning.
The comedians, Messrs. Harry
Rolfe, M. R. Thorp, Harry An
drews, John Patterson and Clyde
Thorp, performed their role ad
mirably and brought down the
house with their frequent sallies
and local reference to natural and
oilier defects in the make-up of
Plaltsmouth citizens. The Over
land orchestra is a fine aggrega
tion of musicians and deserve
special mention, their artistic
support to the singers adding ma
terially to the pleasurable effect
of the vocal numbers. The Golden
Gate quartet elicitated much ap
plause and tthc Rag-time band
and Ihe cake walk finale was a fit
ling climax to an evening of
mirth and laughter. Should Ihe
Nebraska City minstrels visit our
city again they will meet wilh a
warm and enthusiastic reception.
I "'
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tate dealer the available houses before you go to look
for one.
If you are mcving to another town, an explanation of
your needs over the Long Distance Bell Telephone lines will
enable the real estate dealer to. have a house ready when
you arrive.
Nebraska Telephone
M. E. BRANTNER, Plattsmouth Manager.
making certain main traveled
roads from east to west, across ! J"JH'W!WWMM"H"
The day was an ideal one and
many strangers were in Ihe city.
ie slate "slate roads," and a
commission was empowered to
use a certain amount of funds for
Ihe bellermenl of these roads.'
The speaker hoped Ihe next legis
lature would pass a similar
slalule for Nebraska, as Ihis state
was not keeping step with neigh
boring slates in the improvement
of our highways.
During Ihe afternoon between
200 and 30(1 of Ihe visitors .went
out to the bridge and had the
pleasure of riding over Ihe new
Iruclure. Many words of praise
were heard from the visitors com
mending Hie couraife and enler
prise of T. H. Pollock and R. A.
Dntf iii the, consumal ion of their
long-cherished plan of a brulge
across Hie Plajte. Their emTry
and push had resulted in supply
ing a long-felt want for closer re
lations with Ihe territory on the
and that is another
that our sister city
proud of.
should be
Many strangers were in Platts
moulh yesterday who were never
here before. Several called at the
Journal office, and, in social con
versation, remarked that our city
was larger and a better town than
they ever dreamed of seeing. .
Representatives were here from
nearly every section of Cass
Quite a number were up from
Murray last night to attend the
minstrel show.
Automobile dealers from Lin
coln, Omaha, Nebraska City and
other cities were quite numerous.
Many strangers in Ihe city yes
terday, previous to the meeting
at the Parmele theater in the aft
ernoon, visited the bridge, and all
seemed lo be of one opinion that
Messrs. Pollock and IMiff deserve
great credit for their commend
able energy and enterprise.
The committee .on arrange
ments was greatly disappointed
on the non-arrival of speakers
Among Ihe Nebraska City visit
ors, we noted Hon. II. II. Hanks,
one lime a candidate for congress
in Ihis district.
Over one hundred automobiles
were here, and it looked like do
ing away with "Old Dobbins" and
the buggy entirely.
Plattsmouth should feel highly
honored by the large number of
visitors from Nebraska City last
evening. The building of the
Plalte river bridge by Mr. R. A.
DiilHif that cily and T. H. Pollock
of this city cements a tie between
the two towns which we trust will
remain for all time.
The dance at Coates' hall after
the minstrel show failed to ma-
j terialize. It would seem the
young people were all tired out.
Every seat in the Parmele
theater was occupied to hear the
Nebraska City Good Roads Min
strels and standing room was at a
That prince of good fellows, Ed
Parriot, of Peru, was here to see
the sights. His democracy was
on the special train and had the
pleasure of greeting many of their
former neighbors and friends.
norlh. Members of the delega-ja9 un8hnkon as evPr and we were
tion from Omaha were loud in plca9Pd lo n,Pcl him.
their approval of Ihe efforts of,
Messrs. Pollock and Duff to place r p. Langhorst. tho merchant
Plaltsmouth and Nebraska City ' prince, and C. O. Bailey, of Elm
on the highway to Kansas City wood, accompanied by their wives,
and the south. The Omaha dele- nnloed over yesterday to attend
gat ion assured the Plattsmouth ii0 good roads meeting.
club that thev would stand behind ;
Ihe movement for better roads, j w. S. Soper and wife camo up
and that as the completion of tho with tho Nebraska City boosters
plans of Mr. Pollock had tnado
Ihis route possible, Ihey would
push it north and enlarge Ihe ter
ritory of all our business in
The snecial train from Ne
braska Cily brought in about 200
good roads boosters for the per
formance at the Parmele theater
in the evening. Tho band from
Nebraska Cily, a fine musical or
ganization, accompanied this
delegation and made an excellent
impression on the crowds which
thronged the streets, and en
thusiasm was bubbling nicely
long before the curtain for the
minstrel performance went up.
Just prior to running up the
curtain Mr. fi. A. Rawls stepped
before tho footlights and address
ed the audience, saying, in sub
stance, that at the request of the
Commercial club and leading
citizens of the cilv and com
munity, he would make a few re
marks eypressive of Ihe apprecia
tion of Ihe people of Ihis cilv and
the Commercial club of Ihe ef
fort, courage, energy and fidelity
of the two men responsible for
Ihe ron-plelion of the ncrprie
the cHhrnHon of r hich Mie audi
ence was
Mayor O. C. Morion of Ne
braska Cily was among the Ne
braska Cily delegation who came
up from that city last evening.
Mr. Morion is one of the pro- j
prietors of the Daily News, and j
paid his respects to the Journal ;
office while here. We are always
pleased to meet our friend, O. C.
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The St. Luke's Guild met wilh
Mrs. R. B. Livingston yesterday
afternoon at her home on North
Sixth street. This organization is
composed of the older ladies of
St.. Luke's church, and the usual
number were present and all had
a very pleasant time.
I (Special Correspondence.) !
Mrs. Arthur Stradley is on the
sick list this week.
A clock has been ordered for
the High school and is expected
in a few days.
The school children are pre
paring quite a nice program for
Dan Kelly, who has been in a
hospital for a few weeks, follow
ing an operation, returned home
Saturday and is able to be about
the yard.
I Quite an interesting program
was given at the Literary last
Thursday evening.
John Armstrong has completed
his new barn, which he has been
working on for some lime.:
I Mrs. Miller of Louisville was
here visiting her daughter, Mrs.
Carrie Mockenhaupt, the first of
last week. Miss Luella Miller
is visiting here now.
Clarence Slone is giving violin
lessons to a class in Louisville. .
Mrs. Harry Coleman, who has
been visiting relatives here re
turned to her home in Rushville
Harry Coleman was elected as
sessor for Sheridan county. He
moved from Greenwood lo Rush
ville about two years ago.
Cal Leis and family of Murdock
visited Monday and Tuesday with
Mrs. Leis' sister, Mrs. Robert
Miss Matilda Pearson died earljr
Tuesday morning, after an illness
of a couple of weeks. Mrs. Pear
son was one of the oldest resi
dents of this community.
Grandma Armstrong is quite
sick out at her daughter's, Mrs.
Sam Birdsall.
George Zeigler had a horse
severely cut on a barb-wire fence
Sunday evening.
Dr. Houston Jones reports a
young son at the home of Thomas
Leaver, whose birthday will fall
on November 1 i.
Delegates to the good roads
meeting were hero from Kansas
City, Atchison, Falls City, Auburn
and Nebraska City. Omaha also
had numerous delegates present.
The many strangers in Plalts
mouth yesterday is conclusive
evidence that tho automobilo peo
ple w ill do a great deal in the way
of booming Plattsmouth's future
I Tho Nebraska City Merchants'
band is right there with the goods.
It is certainly a musical organiza
tion for any city many times
larger than our southern neigh
bor to feel proud of.
Ex-Mayor L. F. Jackson of Ne
braska City was here, and wher
ever ho went scattered enthusiasm
for good roads and the Omaha
Plattsmouth.Nebraska City-Kansas
City Auto Route.
Tho famous Overland orchestra
of Nebraska City, which accom
panied the minstrels, is one of the
engaged in. Then, with best that ever visited Plattsmouth,
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