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NO 91
Candidates for Judges of the Supreme Court and County Offices,
Which Composes Persons Whose Records Will Bear Closest
InsDection as to Ability and Qualifications.
Let us call your attention brief
ly to a few facts concerning lion.
Willis D. Oldham of eKarney, can
didate for supreme judge:
Judge Oldham is a man 51
years of age, in the very prime
of life, never having been sick a
day. He has been actively en
gaged in the practice of his pro
fession for 2i years in Nebraska,
adn as you are aware, haa always
taken a prominent part in both
state and national politics.
He was chairman of the state
democratic convention that nom
inated Judge Holcomb for gov
ernor in 1894 and took a leading
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HON. W D. OLDHAM, of Kearney
Candidate for Supreme Judge
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, . , this brief sketch. We want our
part in the campaign that result
ed in Holeomb's election. I " " ' '"
He was appointed deputy at
torney general by Hon. C. J.
Smylhe and engaged with him in
the trial of all the important suits
growing out of the defalcation of
State Trea surer Hartley. With
Attorney Ceneral Smylhe he as
sisted in the inslitulii n of all the
suits to exclude the Standard Oil
trust and the Starch trust from
doing business in Nebraska. His
participation in these suits had
much to do with bin defeat for at
torney general in 1900, along with
the rest of the state ticket on
which he ran.
In 1900 Judge Oldham placed
Mr. Bryan in nomination for Hie
presidency at the Kansas City
convention, and afterward en
gaged actively in Mr. Bryan's'
campaign in Nebraska and neigh-
boring etate8. !
He was appointed supreme
court commissioner by Chief
Justice Sullivan and reappointed
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HON. W. L. STArtK, Candidate tor Supreme Jud&e.
by Chief Just ice Holcomb, remain
ing on the commission for six
years. His work as supreme
court commissioner has received
the hearty endorsement of all
prominent members of the legal
profession in Nebraska. His
opinions were always clear and
straight to the point, and he
showed himself absolutely fair as
a judge, knowing neither friend
nor foe when on the bench!
James R. Dean of Broken Bow,
while serving on (he supreme
court bench, convinced many Ne-
braskaus that he was not only
one of the ablest jurists that ever
served as a member of that court,
but he convinced I hose who know
anything about cases that come
before that body that he was one
of the most conservative jurists
that ever rendered a supremo
court decision. He fully demon
strated to the people of Nebraska
that he was able, conscientious
and honest in all his acts on the
bench, and he
a"' democrats
alike, for the
won praise from
and republicans
manner and dis
position he had shown to serve
and protect nil alike. Jiufcc Dean
was a visitor in PlatlsmouVh a
short time since, and his personal
appearance impressed all who
chanced to meet him, as n gentle
man oi large mind ami great legur
ability. He is a man of whom
any parly should hep rood and
deserves a great deal more praise
'than the Journal can give him in
HON. J. R DE.An. l( Broken Bow
CsndidHte for Supreme Judge
friends to rally to the support of
Judge Dean on election day and
assist in placing him upon tho
supreme bench, where he can give
honest decisions, as all members
4 f
of that body should do. Whop you
go to the polls next luesday don t
fail to vote for Judge James R.
Dean, who is worthy of the sup
port of every voter who believes
in a righteous decision, regard
less ofq party or creed.
Hon. William L. Stark, one of
the three democratic candidates
for judges of the supreme court,
is one of the most successful
lawyers in Nebraska, and one of
the state's ablest men. Mr. Stark
was admitted to the bar nearly
thirty-five years ago, and for over
thirty years has been practicing
his profession in Nebraska. Dur
ing this time he has successfully
filled the offlre of deputy district
attorney for Hamilton county for
two terms, and for five terms the
otllce of county judge, declining
the nomination for the sixth term.
He was elected to congress from
the Fourth congressional district
of Nebraska, serving for six years,
making an enviable reputation in
the national house of represent
atives, serving the people of his
district with honor to his con
stituents and great credit to him
self. Mr. Stark is a represent
ative of the people in the fullest
sense of the term. He maintains
that the supreme court, to retain
tho respect and confidence of the
people, should be a bi-narlisan
body. The people of Nebraska
will make no mistake in electing
Hon. William L. Stark to the su
preme court on Tuesday, Novem
ber 7.
, ,1' k"1 '
i Candidate for Railway Commissioner
One of the important, positions
to be (Hied at the elect inn Tues
day, November 7, is that of rail
way cornmisioner, one to' be elect
ed every two years, but this year
Mr. Clarence E. Barman is the
democratic candidate to fill a
vacancy caused by the death of
the democratic member of that
commission. Evidently from the
vote that Mr. Barman received at
the primary election, he is cer
tainly a very popular man for the
posit ion. He has resided at Hold
ridge for twelve years, and in Ne
braska all his life, having been
born at Bloomington in 187C. Mr.
Barman is just the kind of man to
serve on the railway commission,
being well versed in all matters
pertaining to the duties of the
railway commission. Being a
traveling man for a wholesale
grocery house for fourteen years,
his vocation has made him
familiar with the troubles of the
small shipper, a9 well as tho
larger ones. His platform pledges
him to fight at all times against
discriminations and special
privileges and for a complete
physical valuation of all railroad
and public service corporation
properly. He is a belicvier in
"equal and exact justice lo all and
special privileges to none." Clar
ence E. Barman, if elected, will
prove an efficient and popular
representative of the peoples' in
terests on the railway commission
and deserves the support of every
voter next Tuesday who delights
in justice to all alike.
Judge Travis has no opposi
tion for re-election. So satis
factorily has he filled the position
of judge of the district court that
he was nominated by all parties
at the primary election. This Is a
great compliment to Judge Travis,
but not any more so than this
eminent jurist justly deserves.
' A
Candidate for District Clerk.
If (hero ever was a man that
deserved success ot the polls next
Tuesday, November 7, that man Is
James T. Reynolds, candidate for
clerk of the district court. Ho
never was an office-seeker, and it
was with considerable insistanco
from his friends that he was in
duced to make the race. He has
resided in Cass county ever since
1871. He was born in Missouri
in 1859, coming to Nebraska with
his parents when a boy, locating
five miles south of Nebraska City
on a farm, where he resided until
they came to Cass county and
located on Hie farm where he has
lived ever since. For several
years Mr. Reynolds taught school,
and proved a most successful
teacher. He is a gentleman of
fine educational attainments, and
one of the best representatives of
the common people in whom Hod
has given the breath of life. His
nimlifieat ions for the position of
clerk of the district court are
second lo no man in Cass county,
and his natural inclinations are
those of a good citizen who wants
t''o right by everybody. If he
is elected next Tuesday the peo
ple will find in the district clerk's
office after the first of next Janu
ary a man in whom they can place
the utmost confidence that he will
do right by everyone having busi
ness with the office and will ad
minster impartially to all. A vote
for James T. Reynolds next Tues
day is a vole for the right man
for the right place.
Candidate for County Clerk.
In Clell Morgan, candidate for
the second term of county clerk,
the electors have a gentleman
who is in every way worthy their
support, lie has made a record
for efficiency and faithfulness Ihat
few county clerks have, ever
equalled, denial ami companiable
to everyone who lias business with
the county clerk's office, he has
made for himself a popularity to
be proud of and can depend upon
receiving many votes that he fail
ed to receive two years ago. No
man has ever made more friends
in the performance of his duties
than Clell Morgan in the county
clerk office. He is the same genial
gentleman every day in the week
and everyone who has business
with the ofllc'e always finds the
glad hand extended in welcome.
The voters ought to weigh well
the excellent record Ihat Mr. Mor
gan has made and the excellent
qualifications, he possesses, and
cast their votes accordingly. Too
much cannot be said in behalf of
Clell Morgan as a man, a good
cilizen and a most excellent
official and he should receive the
support of every voter who be
lieves in rewarding an official for
the prompt and efficient man who
has dono his whole duty to tho
people of Cass county. Remem
ber, when you go to the polls next
Tuesday to vole for C. D. Morgan,
who truly deserves your support.
I : I ' J " . .
' I
William K. Fox is a Kent Ionian
in whom thousands of voters will
take great delight in supporting
on Tuesday next, November 7.
This will be the case because Kel
ly Fox was reared to manhood
in Plattsmotilh. and bv his manv
excellent traits of character has
won the respect and confidence of
hosts of people all over finss i
county. For four years he held a!
clerical position under former I
County Treasurer W. D.I
Wheeler, and upon Hie induction'
of the preesnt county treasurer, I
l rank h. Schlater, he was made
chief deputy, which position he
has held for four years, not only
with credit to himself, but also to
the credit of his superior officer.
All ot which is sufficient to dem
onstrate the fact that he is a
practical man for the most re
sponsible position in the urift of
the voters of Cass county. Tho
office of county treasurer is one
that most surely needs a com
petent and reliable man at its
head, and Kelly Fox is highly re-
Candidate for Treasurer.
commended by both Mr. Wheeler
and Mr. Schlater as a man
qualified in every respect lo place
at the head of the office and a
gentleman in whose hands the
peoples' money will be safe and
the same kind of adiniuisf ration
of the affairs of the office ns has
been carried out by both Mr.
Wheeler ami Mr. Schlater. You
will be Inkim,' no chances when
you vote for W. K. Fox for county
treasurer next Tuesday, Novem
ber 7.
. Candidate tor Sheriff
Next Tuesday, November 7, the
voters of Cass county will have an
opportunity of voting for a can
didate for sheriff' who possesses
the manhood, ability and courage
to do his duty at all times and
under all circumstances when
called upon so to do. That can
didate is Don 0. Hhoden, who
grew to manhod in Ihe county, re
siding on a farm most of the time.
The duties of the office of sheriff
are sometimes very arduous, and
many times need the attention of
such an officer immediately, and
in Don Ithoden you will find a man
who never saw the night lo dark
or Ihe call lo hazardous for him
lo go when and where duly calls.
Cass county needs a sheriff who
possesses the courage and in
clination lo go where duly calls,
regardless of friendship or for
fear of making some friend mad.
A successful sheriff knows no
friends when he is called upon to
do his duly, and If Don Rhoden is
elected next Tuesday, which ho
ought lo be, Ihe law-abiding people
of Cass county can rest assured
of having a sheriff who will exert
every effort in his power to ap
prehend nnd bring to Justice every
man who commits a crime of any
kind. He is a man that is fear
less when called upon for protec
tion. When you go to tho polls
next Tuesday be sure and vote for
Don C. Rhoden, if you want a
sheriff who is not afraid to do his
Candidate for County Superintendent
There is one thing that is very
evident, and that is that Cass
county can boast of one of tho
most competent county superin
tendent of schools in tho state of
Nebraska. Miss Mary E. Foster is
not only a graduate of the stalo
university, but she is a practical
teacher. She has made tho best
interests of the schools a study
for a number of years. Miss
Foster has made an enviable
record as superintendent of
schools, an those who believe in
good schools know Ibis for a cer
tainly. The schools of Cnss
county are in a belter condition
today than they ever were, ami tho
untiring efforts of Miss Foster de
serve great credit for making
them' no.-" Th earlii'rna.-- weH
satisfied with her administration
and parents know she has been
untiring in her efforts in behalf
of both teachers ami nunils. Tho
voters will be given an oppor-v
hmilv on Tuesday, November 7,
lo endorse the splendid record of
Miss Foster, and sav by their bal
lots Hint Ihev desire the good work
to go on. She haJ served faith
fully and well and her record
should be endorsed bv a large
inaiorilv of the voters nl the polls
ttev Tuesd.iv. A vole for Miss
Foster means a vote for the con
tinuation of good schools in Cass
The above gentleman made Iho
race for county commissioner
three years ago and came within
a few votes of defeating D. L.
Swilzer, who had made himself
very popular by his clever mnnner
in transacting the business of the
county in the previous term. Tho
Journal considers Cam Seybert
one of the best men in Cass coun
ty for this important position. Ho
has been a resident of the county
nearly all his life, most of this
lime on the farm, and con
sequently is remarkably well
versed in the duties of the. posi
tion. He is a gentleman of mark
ed ability, nnd in the discharge of
the duties devolving upon him as
county commissioner he will bo
free and independent to act as his
conscienc,. may dictate and for
Candidate for Commusioner.
tho greatest good to the greatest
number of taxpayers of tho coun
ty. Wo are free to say, also, that
Mr. Sejbert is a man who can be
(Continued on Pago Two.)
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