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Item of Interest to Journal Reader Will Ba Received M the Drug Store
has proven a grand success in every particular, which has demonstrated to
us that it pays to buy goods in large quantities, and sell on a
' W
Small MaigriB of Wits! I
Making quick sales and pleasing the customer is what gets the business, and
this is our plan for the future.
1 i MLEI -II
g 3
will continue all this month in order to give the people an opportunity to buy
their Fall goods right. We are making these prices as an inducement to the
people of Cass county to call and get acquainted with us, and see the high
class merchandise we are selling.
Remember this Sale will hold for the en-
tire.FIonth of September.
Mr. and Mrs. Philander Williams
of Elmwood the Happy
A special from Flmwood, under
dalco f September i, .;iys:
"Today Mr. and Mrs. Philander
Williams of this place celebrated
their sixtieth wedding anniversary
and were entertained with 100
other uesi.s ;it tin' home of their
daughter, Mrs. I.. V. I.anghorst.
assisted liy tlirir daughter-in-law,
Mrs. Harry Williams.
"Mr. and Mrs. Williams were
re-married by the Itev. Mr. Oavis
under I lie while inarriagi hell and
were preceded In the altar liy four
little, tliiwtr niils. scattering
llnwei's before them, while Miss
erna Warl sansr 'Because,' fid-
owed Willi the '.Mendelssohn wed-
diner march,' with Miss Daisy
Laimhorst at the piano.
"Mrs. Williams, who was Miss
Parniilia Keves, is 7! years old
ind Mr. Williams is 8:t. , They
have livell in Nehraska fnrly-eight
years. Fonr general ions were
present. A six-course luncheon
was served, i wo heautiiui cnairs
were presented to Mr. and Mrs.
Williams hv Hev. Mr. Wilkinson
in behalf of their friends."
i-iHi,W"HlIH',"H of Chappell. N'cb., motored down
I ; Saturday evening and w ill remain
New subscriptions and J'lten days with relatives,
renewals to the Journal will J Mrs. Lnra I'iiit and little
he recived by J. A. Shatter daughter, Ardella, came i:i Wed-
. .i i .i , i
ai i ne urug siore. l.oeai
news, advertising matter
and all business pertaining
to this department may lit
transacted. Mr. and Mrs.
Shaffer are instructed to re
ceived and receipt for all
nionev . lid.
J I oedav of last week from Wedron.
: i
vi Illinois, to visit her cousin, (liar
J I eoee Curyea and family, and other
Laura Prtill of
isit e( Sunday w it li M is
C.hai'le- 11. .lord. in was
in'-r Water Tuesday on e
Mrs. 11. A. liailey and dan
llulh. nllended the stale
.loe I'rouly and family
Lincoln i
: filer,
A Great
' Men.
to Working
V. ZUCKER, Manager. .
The Avoca: Department
J. A. Maple, 125 S. 7th St.,
Steulienville, ()., says: "For
years I sull'ercd from weak kid
neys and a severe bladder trouble.
I learned of Foley's Kidney Pills
and their wonderful cures so I
began taking them and surcH
enough f had as good results as
any I heard about. My backache
left nie ami to one of my business,
expressman, that along is a great
advantage. My kidneys acted
free and normal, and that saved
me a lot of misery. It is now a
pleasure to work whore ilu sed to
lie a misery. Foley Kidney Pills
j have cured me and have my high
est, praise
& fin.
Item Gathered Each Week by a Special Reporter for Thl Department of the Semt-eekly Jounia
For sale bv Frieke
The bait tournament is now on.
Tle Avoea schools opened
Louis Dunkak is here from
Newcastle, Wyn.
(). D. Slraub made a trip to
School children, go to Popes'
drug store for your school sup
plies. A big' line to select from.
Fred Wesllake and wife are
entertaining relatives from South
D -iiiha Tuesday. 1 Fred Wesllake has sold his
Mrs. Henry Franzen was at farm north of town to his brother,
Omaha Tuesday. Oeorge.
Peter Jorgeiison was at Omaha True Harmon has just rom-
Tuesdav with stock. rdeted an addition to his home
Try A. I. S. peroxide Cream for west 0f town,
sore hands and face. F. Nutznian, sr., is having a
fi. M. Shaw was over from Ne- large silo built on his farm
braska City Tuesday, southeast of town.
Mrs. F. W. Hughe and Annie Lloyd Harmon had his arm
were at Omaha Monday. ( burned quite badly while working
Dr. Tuck was here on prnfes- a( the mill this week,
sional business Tuesday. Mrs. Lambert Johnson of Sum-
Ous Kegley was down from ner, Neb., is a guest at the
Weeping Water 'Monday. Samuel Johnson home.
Claud Fahnestock was at Lin- Miss llardell returned Tuesday
coin the first of the week. evening lrom a visit of some
Several from here attended the i wneks in Elyria, Ohio. "
.... i . . F Young of Merlin is
Mrs. John Mol.r sr., was visit- vjj)i. h(r n,Ht Mp and Mpg
,ng relatives here I uesday. 1lnjaniin nHs. this week.
MIu ll,nu Dnfnpw urn a hoi'O f mill "
. ,u- ... i Mrs. J. 13. lrey was here from
r.ilgie l lie ill si i ii' "ixR. ..... ,
m;.. r iuin nf Pnr WnJ MiiT this week visiting her par
.' i. ri.,. enls. Mr. and Mrs. nenjamin
Ut"lf llll wn'! viniini III. II. ID. I
James Trook of Lincoln wasi'"9'
visitinc relatives Ibis week. Henry Franzen has been enjoy
J. P. Rasmussen is head clerk ing a visit from Ins rather, mother
hi. the Avoea Lumber company. and sister, who reside at Arcadia,
William fSillen look a few days' this week.
lay-off to nurse a cold last, week. W. A. Hollenberger and wife
Oeorpe Shaekley wae at Mur- went to Lincoln Sunday, where
dock last week attending the car- i they spent several days at the
nival. slate fair. -
J. fi. Zimmerer and familv spent viijs r,wton left
Sunday and Monday with Lnrton i)(1(J M0j,s where
the gentleman xvilh socks.
The ringing of the school bell
Monday announced the beginning
of the school year, with Professor
John Urannigan, principal; Miss
Francis, assistant; Florence Wil
kinson, 'intermediate, and Selma
Maniuardl, primary.
Fred Ilnhge is home for a short
lime on his way from Chicago to
Denver. He lias been taking a
tailoring course and will go into
partnership with his brother, Her
man, in Denver in the skirt and
suit business.
A Reliable Nursery. i
P. V.. Huffncr snys that he and
fi. C. Hespain are making -good
sales on their nursery slock. We
are glad to hear Him, for I hey
represent one of the best
nurseries in the United Slates.
Stark Brothers' trees do grow. The
writer has known' of Ibis nursery
since tie was a noy, iney uaving
been 'in business for eighty-six
years. Holh Mr. Ruffner and Mr.
Despain know what fruit is best
adapted for Ibis part of the coun
try, having dealt in fruit trees for
a long lime. Duy fruit Irees and
shrubs of home dealers and yon
will not, regrei it.--, "See Plalls
moulh Succeed."
moved to University Place to makt
their future home.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Sutton and
children are here from ('happell.
Neb., visiting relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Ilamel are here
this week fi i Nora, Neb., visit
ing relatives and friends.
Mr. ami Mrs. Charles Kirkpat-
t i i i i i . . .
rick returned nome iasi i nui suay
from Portland. Oregon, where
thev spent the summer.
Miss f'.slella Oriffin, formerly of
this place, will teach the primary
room at Nora, Neb., where she re
sides with her parenls.
Miss Itelle (.urca moved over
from divenwooil last Saturday.
Messrs. I.andis, Curyea and Lewis
moved tier iiouseiioni goons.
Mrs. F. Hendricks, who at one
lime resided at Ibis place, hut who
has been esidin'- al Flmwood,
died at her home al that place
Miss Alia h left Friday for
York. Neb. .where she will leach
the coming school year. Her
father look her In Creenwood in
the aulo.
Mr. and M s. Lew Mini of Union
came in Tuesday to visit his
brother', Wesley Mini. sr.. and
family, and olher relatives for a
few days.
Mr. and Mrs. Wililam Kenney of
Waterloo, fowa, came in Monday
veiling lo visit M's- Kenney's
brother, S. C. Movies and family,
and ol her relal i es.
Tom Sul tun and family and
Avoea Wins Two.
The Manley team was here Sat
urday and played our boys a fast
and interesting game, but were
defeated by a score of 3 io 1. The
game was snappy on both sides,
and some good ball playing was
done. The visitors secured one
in the first inning and from then
on they were handed eight goose
eggs. Jess druber, who was on
the rubber for the home boys,
twirled in line fnrin, striking nut
snme nf Mauley's heavy hitters.
Keckler of Manley also pitched a
gond game. Score:
Manley ...tOOOflOOO 01
Avoea ....0000002 1 .1
Struck Out My Keckler, 11; by
J.. Oruber, 10. Matleries Keck
ler and O'Mrien, J. Oruber ' and
Moehl. . Umpires Kennedy and
Common Colds Must Be Taken
For unless cured they sap the
vitality and lower the vital re
sistance to more serious infection.
Protect your children and your
self by the prnmpt use of Foley'
Honev and Tar Compound and
note its quick and decisive results
For coughs, colds, croup, whoop
ing cough, bronchitis and affec
tions nf the throat, chest and
Innars it is an ever ready and
valuable remedy. For sale by O
F. Fricke & Co.
'Mr. and Mrs. Marsh Wollen and
son attended the slate fair Wed
nesday. F.lmer Corbin left Monday for
. a ten days' visit, wilh Missouri
Charles Jenkins and family'
Visited .uaniey reiauves rsuimay
and Monday.
Fdward Wulf left Saturday for
a few days 'visit with relatives at
Sheridan, Wyn.
Miss May Mogard left Wednes
day for Walnut, fowa. where she
will teach music.
The two Johns, Schmidt and
Ttenecke. look in the fair Tuesday
and Wednesday.
Mrs. J. W. Mrendel returned
last week from a visit of several
weeks in Indiana.
Mr, and Mrs. Cheyne are en
joying a visit from a son who re
sides in Oklahoma.
Saturday for
he will enter
Park College of
the Highland
Mrs. Charles Woodson of Oma
ha was here this week visiting her
parents. Mr. and Mrs. L. W.
John Fillers of Bertrnnd ar
rived the first or Hie week on a
visit to relatives and to attend
the Nutzman-Knk.jer wedding
A party was given at the Tip
ton Bells home Tuesday evening
in honor of their son. Clarence,
who is here convalescing from an
attack of typhoid fever.
William Money and wife ro-J
turned last week from their wed
ding trip and a reception wax
given Ibem at the F. W. Ruhge
home bv the near relatives.
A shower was uiven at Hie John
Nutman hnive Thursday evening
in honor of Miss Julia Nutzman
nnd Rev. J. Kok.jer. The lady was
showered wilh handkerrhiefs and
On Sunday the Avoea team went
to Merlin and defeatedMhe Berlin
bnys by a score of 5 lo 3. Score:
Berlin . ...0 1 0 0 0 2 0 0 03
Avoea 0 0 0 0 0 10 0 15
Batteries Krouse ami Miller.
Oruber and M. Pittinan. Struck
Out By Krouse, 8; by 11. Oruber,
h Umpire Shnman.
relatives for a few weeks.
The Ueunelt brothers. Karl and
F.lmer, purchased the restaurant
lioni Mini Orove Tuesday, taking
immediate possession, and in a
short lime will be prepared to
cou-in. Charles Loeteu and family,
serve meals at a reasonable price.
Mr-. .1. 1!. Sli'o.-iner and .laugh
ter. Miss Louise F.hlcr. and
hrol hers, John and Oeorge Fillers,
came in from Mariiesloii, Neb.,
Tuesday lo isil a few days with
.1. II. siroenier and family and Fd
SI loemer and family.
William Wolfe of MuII'm'. N.
Y., who has been visiting Ins sis
ter, Orandma Rosenow and other
relatives, left last Thursday even
ing for ashorl visit wilh Ihe Rose
now brothers in Kansas, lie was
accompanied by Orandma Rose
now. J. H. siroenier and Harry Par
sell went to Maniesloii. Neb., Fri
day for a few days' fishing. They
returned home Tuesday evening,
after spending Ihe day at the slate
faiK They brought several nice
fish home with them. Ye writer
received four nice specimens.
Mr. and Mrs. Oeorge Curyea,
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Curyea,
Mrs. l.ura Fin r and daughter,
Ardella, and Miss Belle Curyea
were at Mr. and Mrs. Lewis' last
Sunday, Augiil 31, lo a birthday
dinner, it being Mr. Lewis' birth
day and his granddaughter, Yermi
Dimmitl's tenlb birthday, and
Monday. September i, was little
Ardella Furr's third birthday. 'and
they celebrated logelber, all hav
ing a fine lime.
Among those who attended the
stale fair . Monday and Tuesday
were: Dr. Muir and family, Mrs.
Craig, Charles Mneknell, ill sul
I in, Oeorge Sul Ion, W. I''.. Casey
and wife, Mrs. .lake Shaffer. Miss
Irayce Mailey, Charles Suavely,
Delbert Skinner, Charles Slout, P.
J. Linch, ltcrl Kilzel, Harry
Weiehel. Will Newkil'k. P. W.
Nickels, jr., ami sisler, .1. A. Shaf
fer. Mrs. Joe Meek. Miss AIM M"ck.
W. S. Jordan and family. Joe
Vickers and family, Fd Sloiie and
son, Lawrence; William Kilzel, S.
0. Movies and family.
Three Cass County Couples Join
Hearts and Hands In
Henry A. Guthman, Jr.
From WertniBlay'i Dally.
From all appearances Henry
Oulhinan is the happiest man in
I own todav. and it is proper he
should be. A nine-pound baby
liov made its advent al Ihe bom.
of Crandpa and Orandma Ciilh
man this morning at about Hi
hour of 1 :30. and il is said Dial
Henry's joy knew no bounds when
he found il was a boy. The
grandparents are about as proud
of the youngster as Henry; and
Aunt' Minnie, well she is happier
than any of them. The mother
and Utile one are doing remark
ably well, ami the Journal extends
congratulations to all concerned.
The following from Ibis morn-
... . I I 1 !....!,.
mg s stale .louruai wouiu imiiriue
that veslenlay, while nllcmling
Ihe slale fair, several Cass coun
ty couples thought it an oppor
tunity also lo gel married:
Philip J. Mir, of Plaltsnioulli.
Neb., and Miss Tillie 1. Dugau of
Louisville. Neb., were married at
(i p. in. al the home of Dr. L F.
Roach. 1201 D sti I. Ihe pastor
performing Ihe ceremony. S
number of friends of Ihe bride and
groom were present.
Three marriage ceremonies
were performed in Justice Fuller
Ion's coiirl yesterday afternoon.
Mr. Fiillerlon says Ihe slale fair
alwavs increases Ihe number of
marriages in Ihe juslice court.
The first couple married were.
Kl r F. Muck and Flhel M. Mar
shall of Oreenwood. The urooin
is 22 years of age ami Ihe bride
18. The groom is a son of Mr.
and Mrs. William Muck of Oreen
wood and the bride a daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Ornnville .Marshall
of Ihe'same place.
The next couple confided to Mr.
Fiillerlon thai Ihe young man was
surprising his parents. They
were W. W. Mogeweif and Bertha
M. Oamhlc. Both are from Flm
wood. The bride gave hcj' agi as
18 and the grooin slated thai he,.
was 22. The groom is a son of
Mr. ami Mrs. Charles W. Moge
weif and Ihe bride a daughler'of
Mr. and Mrs. James Oamhle.
Will reach your individual ease if
you have anv form of kidney and
bladder I rouble or urinary ir
regularities. Trv Iheni. For sale
bv F. O. Frieke Co.
Before You Reach the Limit
of physical endurance and while
your condition is still curable,
take Foley Kidney Pills. Their
quick action and positive results
will delight vrm. For backache,
nervousness, iheumntisni, and all
kidnev, bladder nnd urinary
troubles. I or sale bv F. O. Fricke
a Co.
A Drunk Fined.
Charles Lewis was fined 5 and
costs Ihis morning in police court
for being drunlv He was given
Hie alternative of going to jail or
leaving town within an hour, He
Ford Auto for Sale.
Ford runabout, in good condi
tion. Ihoroffghly overhauled and
repaired. Price 1225.00; rash or
good bankable note. Apply to J.
Marriage Licenses.
Frnm vyprinemlny'B Pally.
Licenses In marry were
on I yesterday by Andrew fi
son and Miss Fva L. I
hoth of Weeping Water, and Fred
Sehnorwein of Alvn and Miss
Flhel Throne of Flmwooit.
Forest Rose Flour. 'Hie next
time you need a sack of flour try
a sack. You will flnJ it the best
on Ihe market.
It's the belt of wisdom to paint
your property in the fall ind protect
, it against winter storms.
House, barn, fences, implements
no matter what you want to paint
tome one ol
Sherwin-Williams Paints
will do your work better and at less
cost than any others.
If you want a good job that will
save money for you come in and talk
it over with us.
I 'f
Avoea, Nebraska