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The Wildernesi Cabin.
The light was considerably farther
way than they had at first suppoued,
and as they advanced steadily toward
It, the nature of the ground rapidly
changed, becoming Irregular, and Ut
tered with low growing shrubs. In
the darkness lliey stumbled over out-
cropplngs of rock, and after a fall or
two. were compelled to move forward
with cxtroti'e caution. Uut the mys
terious yellow glow continually beck
oned, and with new hope animating
the hearts of tmh ui-.n, lliey staggered
on, nerving themselves to the effort,
and fr!lowiiiw closely along the bank
of the stream.
At last they arrived where they
could perceive dimly something of the
nature of this unexpected desert oasis.
The light shone forth, piercing the
night, through the uncurtained window
of a log cabin, which would otherwise
bare been completely ooncealed from
view by a group of low growing cot
ton woods. This was all the black, en
shrouding night revealed, and eren
this was merely made apparent by the
yellow illumination of the window.
The cabla stood upon an Island, a
et.rlp of saad, partially covered by wa
ter, separating it from the north shore
on which they stood. There waa no
sign of life about the hat, other than
the burning lamp, but that alone was
sufficient evidence of occupancy. In
spite of hunger, and urgent need, Keith
hesitated, uncertain as to what they
might be called upon to face. Who
'flottld be living in this out-of-the-way
frnot, in the heart of this inhospitable
desert? It would be no cattle out
post surely, for there was no surround
ing grating land, while surely no pro
fessional hunter would choose such a
Barren spot for headquarters. Either
a hermit, anxious to escape all Inter
wwrse with humanity, or some outlaw
Httiri fr""- rt. wrmid he ItkelY to
fleet is isolated a place In which to
live. To them it would be ideal. Away
from all trails, where not even widely
roving cattlemen would penetrate, In
midst ot a desert avoided by Indians
because of lack of game a mac might
bide here year after year without
Hanger of discovery. Yet such a one
would not be likely to welcome their
coming, and they were without arms.
But Keith was not a man to hesitate
long because of possible danger, and
he stepped down Into the shallow wa
ter. "Come on, Neb," he commanded,
"and we'll find out who lives here."
The window faced the west, and be
came up the low bank to where the
door fronted the north in intense
darkness. Under the shadow of the
cottonwoods he could see nothing,
groping his way, with hands extended.
His foot struck a flat stone, and he
plunged forward, striking the unlatrh
rt door so heavily as to swing It open,
and fell partially forward Into the
room. As he struggled to his knees,
Neb's black face peering past him Into
the lighted Interior, he seemed to per
ceive In one swift, comprehensive
glance, every revealed detail. A lamp
burned on a rudely constructed set of
drawers near the window, and a wood
fire blazed redly in a stone fireplace
opposite, the yellow and red lights
blending In a peculiar glow of color.
T'nder this radiance were revealed the
rough log walls plastered with yellow
clay, and hung about with the skins
of wild animals, a roughly made table,
bare except for a book lying upon It,
and a few ordinary appearing boxes,
evidently utlllied as seats, together
with a barrel cut so as to make a com
fortable chair. In the back wall was
a door, partially open, apparently
leading into a second room. That was
all, except the woman.
Keith must have perceived all these
in that first hurried glance, for they
were ever after closely associated to
gether In his niltiil. yet at the moment
he posseHsed no e '! fhoiisht of any
thing except her. Slie stood dirertiy
Ixdilnd the table, wlure she must liuve
Mprung hastily at the drat sound of
their approach, clutching at the rude
mantel above the fireplace, and staring
toward him, her face white, her breath
coming In sobs. At first he thought
the vision a dream, a delirium bora
from his long struggle; he could not
conceive the possibility of such e. pres
ence In this louely place, and stagger
ing to his feet, gazed wldly, 'dumbly
at the slender, gray clad figure, the al
most girlish face under the shadowing
durk hair, expecting the marvellous
vision to vanish. Surely this could
not be real! A woman, and such
woman as this here, and aloue, of all
places! He staggered from weakness,
almost terror, and grasped the table
to hold himself erect. The rising
wind came swirling in through the
open door, causing the fire to send
forth spirals of smoke, and he turned,
dragging the dated negro within, and
snapping the latch behind him. When
be glanced around again he fully be
lieved the vision , confronting him
would have vanished. But no! there
ehe yet remained, those wlde-opea,
frightened brown eyes, with long lash
ew half hiding their depths, looking dV
Xoy Pamdall Padpish-
UTHo0r"MY Lady Or The South"
Vhem Wilderness Walking. FjcCtc
McClurg Co.. U1M
recny into nia own; only now stie"Tia
slightly changed her posture, leaning
toward hhu across the table. I.Ike a
flash he comprehended that this was
reality flesh and blood and, with
the swift instinct of a gentleman, his
numbed, nerveless Angers Jerked off
his hat, and he bowed bareheaded be
fore her.
"Purdon me," he said, finding hie
voice with difficulty. "I fell over the
step, but but I didn't expect to find
woman here.'
He heard her quick breathing, mark
ed a alight change In the expression of
the Hark eyes, and caught the glitter
of the tireli;M on a re,lver In her
lowered hand.
"What a'.il you expect to fli' l?"
"I hardly knew," he expkined lame
ly; "we stumbled on this hut by acci
dent. I didn't know there was a
cabin In all this valley."
"Then you are not here for any
purpose? to meet with any one?"
"No; we were lost, and had gone
into camp up above, when we discov
ered your light."
"Where do you come from?"
Keith hesitated just an instant, yet
falsehood was never easy for him, and
he saw no occasion for any deceit
"Carson City."
"What brought you here?"
"We started for the 'Bar X' ranch
down below, on the Canadian; got
caught in a sand storm, and then Just
drifted. I do not know within twenty
miles of where we are."
She drew a deep breath of uncon
cealed relief.
"Are you alone?"
'The negro and I yes; and you
haven't the slightest reason to be
afraid of us we're square."
She looked at him searchlngly, and
something in Keith's clean-cut face
seemed to bring reassurance, confi
dence in the man.
"I am not afraid," she answered,
coming toward him around the short
table. "Only It is so lonely here, and
you startled me, bursting In without
warning. But you look all right, and
I am going to believe your story.
What Is your name?"
"Keith Jack Keith."
"A cowman?"
a uute or everyming, i recson,
touch of returning bitterness In the
tone. "A plainsman, who Vas punched
cattle, but my last job was govern
ment scout."
"You look as though you might be
more than that," she said slowly.
The man flushed, his Hps pressing
tightly together. ,
"Well, I ! may have been," he con
fessed unwillingly. "I started out all
r'M. het "jo vp' I reckon I Just
went adrift. It's a habit In this coun
Apparently thotte first words of com
.iAf kaj left tia Ht. imtlilnlHncrlv fl9
infill uau icn, iici iia luiiinuiQ ,
she made no attempt to reply; merely
tood there directly facing him, her
clear eyes gazing frankly Into his
own. He seemed to actually see her
now for the first time, fairly a sup
ple, slender figure,- simply dressed,
with wonderfully expressive brown
eyes, a perfect wealth of dark hair, a
clear complexion with slight olive
tinge to it, a strong, intelligent face,
not strictly beautiful, yet strangoly
attractive, f.he forehead low and broad,
the nose straight, the Hps full and In
clined to smile. Suddenly a vague re
membrance brought recognition.
"Why, I know you now."
"Indeed!" the single word a note of
undlsgulshed surprise.
"Yes; I thought you looked oddly
familiar all the time, but couldn't for
the life of me oonnect up. You're
Christie Maclalre."
"Am I?" her eyes filled with curi
osity. "Of course you are. You needn't
be afraid of me If you want It kept
secret, but I know you just the same.
Saw you at the 'Gaiety' In Indepen
dence, maybe two months ago. I went
three times, mostly on your account.
I You've got a great act, and you can
alng too."
She stood in silence, still looking
fixedly at him, her bosom rising and
falling, her lips parted as if to speak.
Apparently she did not know what to
do, how to act, and was thinking
"Mr. Keith," she said, at last In de
cision, "I am going to ask you to blot
that all out to forget that you even
suspect me or being Christie Maclaire,
of the Gaiety."
"Why, certainly; but would you er
"There Is little enough to explain. It
is sufficient that I am here alone with
you. Whether I wish to or not, I am
compelled to trust myself to your pro
tection. You may call me Christie
Maclalre, or anything else you please;
you may even think me unworthy re.
pert, but you posses the face of
gentleman, and as -such I am going to
trust you I must trust you. Will yon
accept my confidence oa these
Keith did not smile, aor move
Weak from hunger and fatlue, he
leaned wearily against the wall
Nayextbauess that slmnle. womanly a
peal awoke all that was niii'ii
sacrificing within him. although In I
words were so unexpected that, fit
the moment he failed to resize 'heir
full purport. Flua'iiy lie straighten d
"I I accept any terms you desire,
he gasped weakly, "if If you will
only give one return."
"One return? what?"
"Food; e have eaten nothing fof
lxty hours."
Her face, which had been so white,
flushed to the hair, her dark eyes softr
"Why, of course; stt down. I ought
to have known from your face. There
Is plenty here Buch a it U only yon
must wait a moment "
(To Re Continued.
Many a Plattsmouth, Citizen
Knows How Sure They
Nothing, uncertain about lite
work tif Jinan's Kidney Pills in
I'lallstiimilli. There is plenty of
po.-ilive proof of this in Ihe tesli
iimny of citizens. Such e idenci
should convince I lie most skep
tical doubter. Head the following
Mrs. James llodgerl, 1 H) Main
street, I'lat I sniout h. Neb., says:
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heavy pains across (lie small of
my hack, especially severe when
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The aboe statement was given
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30, 1908, Mrs. Hodgerl said: "I
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Kidney Pills. T am triad to con
firm all I have previous said about
this remedy."
For sale by all dealers. Price
50 cents. Foster-Milburn Co..
Buffalo. New York, sole ascents" for
Ihe United Slates.
Remember the name Moan's
and take no other.
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When your doctor orders vou
to stop work, it stafrtrers you.
can't," you say. You know you
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in health, day by day, but you
must work as long as you can
stand. What you need is KleclricJ
Hitlers to give tone, strength, and
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Mon'J lie weak, sickly or ailinfr
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sands bless Ihem for Iheir
iflorious health and strength. Try
! them. Every bottle is frunranlced
to satisfy. Only 50c at F. d.
I'i -L . V- l
n,'K'' lV ,',)
Omaha and Lincoln Favored
Points for Stopping Places
by the Aviators.
Plallsmoulh is much interested
in Hie possibility of seeing one or
more of Ihe transcontinental
aviators in their flight from ocean
to ocean. From Ihe number of
entries and the preparations that
are being made it will be m sur
prise to see Ibis meat feat accom
plished by one or more of Ihe
Ward, a members of Hie Curtis
learn of flyers: Fowler, a success
ful aviator; Phil Parmelee of the
Wright team; Rogers, another
Wright flyer, and Alwood. the St.
Louis lo New York liver have so
far entered for the contest.
, Parinele will have a special
train to follow him. and will have
material on the train for four
aeroplanes. He will also have
four mechanicians, so it appears
as if the only way to keep hjm
from making the I rip is a serious
injury or a lack of lime. The trip
niut be made inside of thirty
Alwood will have Itoslon back
ing on his trip, and Ihe oilier
avialors will likely have arrange
ments somewhat similar to Par
melee's. On account of the winds most
of Ihe llighls will be from the Pa
rifle coast to the east. Lincoln
and Omaha are favored points for
stopping places along the route,
and for that reason Plattsmouth
stands a show of gelling a glimpse
or two of Ihe aviators.
George W. Hild is taking in the
fair today.
Plans of Wilbur F. St. Clair, a
Printer in the Gazette Office,
Nipped In the Bud.
A seiiaiion at Ashland is noth
ing uticominiin. and the latest, real
sensalion has just come to light.
Ashland gossips ate busy with a
genuine domestic sensation these
days which, but for the arrival of
(be wife of a man who was posing
as single, might have bad a tragic
A couple of years ago Wilber F.
SI. Clair, a printer, aged rn years,
came there from Omaha and went
to work in the office of the Ash
Uud (lazette. He was known to
be a married man and he made
weekly isits to his home in Oma
ha. The xjsils became less fre
quent as time went on and they
almost Ceased. He tlnally gave
on) thai lie had been diorccd mi
the grounds of iulldelily. and a
notice to thai effect was printed in
the Gazette, on which he was fores,
man. About this time he began
paying marked attention to a 19-year-old
gill in thai tily, taking
her to and from church, to amuse
ments and ice cream parlors.
Shortly after both St. Clair and
the young woman made annotinee-
ment that they were to he married
as soon as tlie necessary sit
months following tiis divorce had
Hut somewhere in the carefully
laid plan a burr dropped off a bolt
and the machine began to wobble.
It was becoming loose in its bear
ings, when Mrs. Paxton, a sister
of St. Clair's wife, a bookkeeper
at the Omaha Printing company,
Omaha, came here with an officer
and confronted St. Clair with evi
deuce of his escapades. Hut the
foreman bluffed his sister-in-law
and the officer who accompanied
her. and they returned to Omaha
that same day. Mrs.. Paxton said
she was afraid to let her sisler
know anything of the matter as
the news would kill her.
Monday, Mrs. Paxton. aeeotn
nanied by Mrs. W. F. St. Clair
came here and finding that St
Clair was in Greenwood, they
hired an auto atid hied over to
that place, taking with them the
Ashland girl, where they con
fronted St. Clair in a restaurant
His wife accused SI. Clair of re
cent acts and. it is said, he con
fessed before at least a score of
people, begging his wife not to
send him lo Ihe penitentiary for
wife desertion and neglect of her
and his four children. As a side
issue S; Clair was in the land
business and he said he was about
to start out with a party of land
buyers and that he would send his
wife plenty of money.
The three women returned to
Ashland in a hysterical condition.
Mrs. St. Clair and her sister re
turned to Omaha, where she said
she would al once bring suit for
divorce against her husband, who,
it is said here, has skipped for
greener fields.
W. N. Meeker, owner of the
Gazelle, has something lo say to
St. Clair if he catches up wild
him, and possibly I'ncle Sam may
get into the game likewise, but
I hat is nnolher story.
II is said that St. Clair received
$'0 per week ami that he sent his
w ife, who lives with her four chil
dren al (Hii South Thirtieth
street, Omaha, from .r to $7 per
week, retaining the rest for his
"personal" expenses. St. Clair
formerly lived at Glenwood. Iowa.
His father, who is 8Ti years of
age, is pastor of a Melhodist
church at F.xeter. Mo.
William Slarkjohn went
Cusler county Ibis afternoon
look after his laud there.
k So
ld 2. oSS-?
ui infill
I fe. SI T"
7- I
m s "i ? j
Applied InU lh itoslrllt
Is aulokly aborbd,
It cloniiAcH, sonfhcH, lienlx ami protect th
dixniufd inemliniiiH retiltii)g from Catarrh
and driven away a ('"Id iu the Hewl quickly.
Kent or r thn Hoime of Taxta nnd Smell.
It U euxy to unp. Contain no injurious
drugs. No 'mercury, no cocaine, no mor.
pmne. 1 he bonwiunld remedy.
Price, 50 coU at Dnigglnt or ly mail,
ELY BROTHERS. 58 Wtrran St., Htm York
Do you know that this week we are selling
choice of any odd Summer suit in our store
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exceptional offer as it means suits as high as $30
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in our corner window.
It's never too late to do pood. We bought last
week of a prominent manufacturer a lot of fine
soft dress shirts, with, soft collar and
cuffs attached at )i price. You can
see them in our west window. The
price is
C. E. Wescotfs Sons
Man Hunts Are All the Rage Across the River Two Men Injured
in Automobile Accident While Chasing Robbers People
Should Be Careful Here-
lleeent robberies at Glenwood
and Hastings, Iowa, in Mills coun
ty, across the Missouri river, aiul
the robbery here last night may
have been done by the same men.
Burglars entered the store of
Miller &. Phipps at Glenwood a
few nights ago and carried away
goods to the amount of $200.
Fnt ranee was effected by forcing
a back transom, and then the
door was removed by uncoupling,
the hinges.
nioodhounds were secured from
Norfolk, Neb., and put to work.
They followed a trail to Pacific
.Timet ion. but lost it at that place.
Just a day or two before a slore
Anson A. Hubbard of Arkansas
Asks This Amount From the
Missouri Pacific Railway.
According to the Nebraska Cily
News a suit tiled in the district
court by Anson A. Hubbard of
Salado. Ark., through his at
lornes, Pilzer, Hayward A Zim
mcrer. asks for -'0,000 damages
for injuries received in a wreck
supposed lo have occurred at
I'nion. Neb., on October JO, HMO.
According to the petition the
plaintiff was en route from Oma
ha to his southern home ami
while asleep in one of the chair
cars another train butted into the
car and so seriously injured him
that he was unconscious for a
long lime and does not remember
an thing until he reached Kan
sas City. In first looking up Ihe
case it was found that the man
got onto the cars at Omaha and
lay down lo sleep in one of Ihe
chair cars and was slightly
aroused when (he train slopped al
1'nioti and Ihe accident occurred
a short time after Ihe slop and he
was so seriously injured that he
was unconscious for many hours
and for a long time after he
reached his home could remember
but little about the trip or how he
was injured. He claims to be n
farmer and had been up north to
look after some land anil was in
jured while en route home. The
accident occurred at night and
happened while the Lincoln
branch train was being switched
onto the main line to be attached
lo Ihe main line train. The man
is still unable to work and asks
Ihe court to award him the
amount of damages asked for.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bongfct
Bear the
Signature of
at Fuierson was entered and
goods to the amount of $150
taken. This rapidly followed the
burglarizing of the Martin store
at Hastings and a store at Red
While on the hunt for the tw(x
robbers of the Glenwood - stor
Monday Deputy Sheriff F.dward3
of Mills county and L. 1. Stevens.
owner of one of the dogs, were In-,
jured when an automobile went
olT a bridge and fell twenty feet.
The car was badly smashed.
The numerous burglaries in
Mills county and Ihe one at the
Scott home last night should make
local people a little careful for the
next few days.
A Dreadful Sight
lo II. J. Hariuini, of l-'reeville, N,
Y., was the fever-sore that had
plagued his life for years in spit
of many remedies he tried. Al
last he used Hucklen's Arnica
Sahe and wrole: "It has entirely
healed with scarcely a scar left.4'
Ih-als Hums, Moils, Kczema, Cuts,
Hruises, Swellings, Corns and
1'iles like magic. (Inly 2 fie at F.
O. I'ricke k Co.
Candidate for Clerk.
The chairman and secretary of
the republican county (co ntxal
committee filed (be name of Hay-
mom) Mayflebl of Kigbt Mile (irov
precinct loday as a candidate for
county clerk on Ihe republican
ticket. There is a quest ion as to
whether this procedure is legal,
but County Clerk Morgan accept
ed il just the same. It will he re
membered ' that (ieorge KwarU,
who was nominated for Ibis posi
tion, (lied his .decimal ion some
lime ago with the county clerk,
but it is claimed by the chairman,
and secretary that he declined
something he had not received.
Mr. Morgan, howeer, feeling that
there was a quest ion as to its
legality, filed the name, and il will
appear on (lie regular ballots. Mr,
Morgan is a man who believes In
being fair in all things.
As usually treated, a sprained
ankle will disable a man for three
or four weeks, but by applying
Chamberlain's Liniment freely 89
soon as the injury is received, and
ohsers ing the directions with each
boll le, a cure can be effected in
from two lo four davs. For sate
by I". O. Fricke & Co.
New Qlrl Arrives.
The stork stopped at the horns
of Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Fgenberger
last night and left a bouncing ten
pound baby girl. Iiolh mother
and child are getting along fine,
and, of course, Fred is wearing
that broad smile that won't
rome off,
C. II. Wedemeyer went to Adair,
Iowa, after a business trip here.