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lUmtof Interest to Journal Readers
$ New subscriptions and !
J renewals to (be Journal will J
4 be recived by J. A. Shaffer
J at tbe drug slore.
Loral !!
news, advertising matter , ,s -; j i , f j. pierce of Lim-olii is
and all business pertaining ! jsjjlltr m,. Willis Wlnim-v tins
J in this department may be '"week.
transacted. Mr. and Mrs.
SbafTcr are instructed to re- J
ceived and receipt for all
money. Ed. !
4. !
J. II. Slroeiner went to Omaha
Harry Parsell was in Lincoln
Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Keefer were
in Lincoln Friday.
Allie Iiiinrnilt. was in Lincoln on
business last. Wednesday.
Cirandma Stone returned Satur
day from University Place.
Clarence Hurknell visiled in
Lincoln Friday and Saturday.
William Lewis and family visit
ed at Havelock last Wednesday.
Dr. L. Muir and wife went to
Lincoln on No. 3.')1 Tbursday.
C. II. Jordan and son, Sarn,
autoed to Avoca Saturday evening.
Tbe M. K. Sunday scbool lield a
picnic, in Iloyles' prove Wednes
day. William Kilzel and family spent,
Sunday with Artbur Mird ami
Mrs. Slrnng and daughter,
Emily, were, in Lincoln last
Sam Casliner went to Omaba on
business Monday, returning Mon
day evening.
Miss Nellie Ireauier of Lincoln
visited relatives here Saturday
and Sunday.
Charles llile and son were in
Lincoln transacting business last
Frank Anderson of Weeping
Water visited Sunday with Miss
Mae I'nnily.
The Alvo baseball nine played
Murdock last Friday 011 the bit
ter's diamond.
Mrs. Jesse Slone and son,
Homer, were in Lincoln between
trains Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. (inllion and son,
Raymond, of Lincoln, spent Sun
day villi relatives here.
W. II. Stnlers of Clalonia was
in town Thursday on his way
home from Harlan, Iowa.
Mrs. I'.minell Friend and daugh
ter, Irene, returned to their home
at Lilchlield Tuesday.
Jacob Kauini, sr., and his
George, and llarley Wolfe were in
Plattsinoiith lasl Snliinlav.
Lillle Georgia Snoke is
visiting her aunt, Mrs. Sam Cash
ner, fur a Uw days this week.
John F.lliolt ami family are
Visiting in Illinois, having gone
there last week by the auto route.
Will Hosenow and family of
near Flimvoml autoed over to
Charles Hosenow 's Sunday after
noon. Henry Clapp, jr., shipped a ear
Of cnltle to South Omaha Mon
day, returning home Tuesday
Mrs. Philip Linch ami children,
Miss Alia am Vei l, ami Joe Par
sell and wile autoed to Lincoln
Mrs. Taney ami children of Mer
lin mid Mrs. Staack of Syracuse
Visited last week with Frank Davis
and family.
Kllon Snoke ami family of near
Eagle were visit inn Mr. Suoke's
sister, Mrs. Sam Cashncr, Mon
day afternoon.
Hobeii Johnson lost a couple of
valuable milch cows this week.
they bavin broken out ami got
in the corn Held.
Mrs. Floyd Carr am) daughter,
Ruth, of Lincoln, visited Mr. ami
Mrs. George Curyea from Thurs
day until Saturday.
A jolly crowd of Murdock street
fair boosters were in town last
Friday ami rendered some line
musical selections.
Mr. and Mrs. K. M. Slone ami
son. Herbert l'roul, Miss Alia
Linch ami Verl Linch spent Satur
day at Ashland fishing.
Me. ami Mrs. Clarence Curyea
and daughter. Lillian, visited at
Wuverlv Sunday with Mr. Curyca's
cousin, George Cnrvea and family.
Fred I'roulv ami family spent
Sunday with Mr. ami Mrs. Sain
Casbner, ami Joe Prouty and fam
ily look supper with them Satur
day even inn.
Mi1, ami Mrs. Jake Forsythe ami
Mr, and Mrs. H. Forsythe of Lin
coln were at Sam Cashner's Sun-
Will Be Received at the Dru Store
day afternoon, having conn d"wn
in tin- former's new Kurd ante
The Hoi k Island di-jx t is re
ceiving a new coat of paint.
.Mr. ami .Mrs. Eidcmiller were
,,iiuii' in Lincoln Wednesday.
Mrs. Strain and children
liethaiiy are visiting Mrs. Vim
this week. ,
Fred Dreamer and
Chris J u eamer, autoed
mould .Moinlav.
Mr. and Mis. Frank
blot Inf.
o Platls-
Palmvia viiled the hoim
Veilm'ila and Thursday.
Fred I'roiity, Warren Itird ami
August Johnson shipped a car
of hops to South Omaha Monday.
Or. Muir and family returned
Wednesda from .Mil ford, where
I hey have been visiting the past
ten da.vs.
Mrs. Perry of University Place
came down last, Wednesday to
visit, a few days with Mrs. George
Foreman, sr.
Hubert Kinersoii has rented the
Hulofsz building, north of Fred
Dreamer's store, where he will
pay the highest market price for
cream, eggs ami chickens.
Mrs. .Warren Deck and daugh
ter, Alia, and Mrs. Joe Heck, from
llighrnore, S. D., came in Tues
day to visit Mr. and Mrs. II.
Thomas and other relatives.
Mrs. Will Newkirk and children
were visiting her (laughters, Mrs.
Aaron Paling and Mrs. Arthur
Kimberly .'it Greenwood Tuesday
ami Wednesday of last week.
Mr. and Mrs. L. K. Hobbitl, and
daughter, Miss Hazel, returned
home Monday, having come down
last Wednesday to spend a few
days with her parents, Mr. ami
Mrs. George Foreman, sr.
Dale ltoes returned home
Tuesday from the convention of
the Delia Tan Delhi at Chicago,
III., he going as a delegate from
the Nebraska University Delta
Tan Delta.
Jessie Hucknell, being It years
old last Friday, August 'J 5, her
lillle friends helped her celebrate.
Pleasant games were indulged in
'ml later delicious ice cream ami
cake were served.
Mr. ami Mrs. It. A. Slone went
to Omaha Tuesday on business.
Mrs. Stone returned home Tues
day evening ami Mr. Stone re
turned Wednesday. Miss Stella
Sheesely kepi slore during their
Miss F.thel N'evvsbain ami
cousin. Mis Dorothy Itenling, of
Cercsco, ami Miss Puloka Andrus
of Lincoln spent the past week
with their cousin. Miss Frances
Mvers. They returned home
Miss liravce Foreman enter
tained the following at dinner
Sunday: Miss Madge Hoise, lien
Deck. Paul Thurston of Uni
versity Place, Miss Pearl Keeper,
Miss Flo Movies ami Sam Jordan
of tins place.
Word was received here some
!inie ago by (ieorge Curyea that
Ocorge Mess of Alhamhra, Cali
fornia, formerly of Alvo) was suf
fering with asthma ami was go
ing to Colorado for relief, but at
this writing be is feeling much
belter ami may not go to Colorado.
New Blood.
The blood circulating m our
body must be kepi perfectly pure
ami rich. All waste mailer, all
impure ami injurious ingredients
must constantly be driven out of
the body ami the veins must be
kepi tilled with good blood. This
exchange must go on without
interruption, as otherwise grave
diseases would result. every
body should therefore, as soon a9
Ihe slightest disorder in bis ap
petite or in bis digest ion sels in.
use Triner's American F.lixir of
Hitter Wine, the great tonic and
puriller. II will not allow any ac
cumulation of waste mailer in
Hie body, but will keep the in
testines clean ami healthy. It
will give strength to all digestive
organs and to the nerves. It will
give ou a healthy appetite, will
cure constipation, headache,
nervousness, jaundice ami in
digestion. At drug .lores. Jos
Triner. 1 :!:t:t-1 ;i:ty So. Ashland
e Chicago, 111.
Do m allow our kidney anc
bladder I rouble to dev elop bevoiul
the reach of medicine. Take l'olej
Kidney Pills. They uve quick re
sult ami stop irregularities with
surprising: promptness. For sale
by Fricke A Co.
Subscribe for the Dally Journal
Pioneer of 1878 Celebrates the
Eighty-first Anniversary of
Her Birthday.
Fighly years oM, "eighty year
oung." The stars, the hills and
the sens are old, but, Grandma
Towner is not old. '"At evening
lime it -.hall be light." and some
of the brightness came n her on
tier Nuth birthday. There was
nulling very remarkable in the
fael that Cramlma Towner had a
hirlhdav, for -he has bad several
of th'-iu. The lirsl one was in
grand old Glasgow. Kenluekv.
"She was born in obi Kentucky,
whieh, you know, was mighty
luekv," February 3, 1S.1I. She
does not remember very much
that happened on that, or three or
four following anniversaries, for
she was very busy, but this is the
first lime she every celebrated the
HOth anniversary of her birthday,
and some of her friends, finding
out about it, thought that it would
be a pleasant reminder in the
coming days, to have some pretty
souvenirs of the occasion. So
Ihe beautiful post cards were sent
from east and west, north and
south, until more than 100 were
received by her, who thinks each
one "just as pretty as it can be."
As she treasures I hem one by one,
she will recall the loving hearts
that prompted the kind remem
brance. This will brighten many
of Ihe long, lonely hours, as she
sils in her chair, unable to go
about, while her daughter with
whom she lives, Mrs. Addie
Lewis, is busy about her work.
Mrs. Lewis had some of Ihe old
time neighbors to dinner. Among
Iheui were Mrs. Pauline Kausche,
who was among the pioneers in
1878, and Mrs. Alice O'Connor,
now living w ith her daughter near
After dinner Mr. Olson ami the
Moss family, the evangelist am!
singers, who were then holding
meetings together with Pastor H.
S. Champic and wife, and Miss
Vera, came in for a cheery visit.
They sang several beautiful
songs, and left "Oranduia" feeling
that her cup of happiness was
full, but in ii lillle while il had
lo be packed down, and began to
run over as one afler another
came in with hearty greelings and
good wishes.
"Old friends ami new, tried
fireinls and true, welcome, wel
come, nolo vou." About :i p. in.
the pastor of the M. F. church,
Itev. A. Monroe, w it h his w il'e and
several more, came in. They sang
a number of her favorite hymns.
Mr. Monroe gave a very i!ilere
iug talk ami earnest prayer of
I hanksv.iv ing ami parise for find's
wonderful goodness, and the lone
period of usefulness ami Chris-!
I inn serv ice I his aged saint had
been permitted to enjoy.
Then ( iramlmu Towner talked.
Among many good things she
said, speaking of the early days,
and later ones, was: "I am so
glad I started to serve the blessed
Lord while I was very young. It
pavs to give Cod our very best."
She urged that special effort be
put forth to bring the young into
the watchful care of Ihe church.
Several teslitled to the help ami
encouragement Cirandma had been
to them during Ihe pioneer days
of this country.
At 1 o'clock Hessie Kuykendall
with her "band of sunshine" came
in. My Ibis lime Hint cup of hap
piness had run over until it tilled
the whole room. There were 13
little girl sunshines, who gathered
around the chair and sang several
songs, their sweet young voices
making rich melody in the hearts
of all who heard them.
Miranda Towner's maiden name
was Ashley. On August 2 4, 1818,
she was married lo A. C. Towner,
in Misouri. with whom she lived
more than 50 years, until he was
called to his heavenly home about,
four years ago. She is the mother
of lit children, 15 of whom are
slill living. She used to say, "I
always did hale lo see an old hen
clucking around with one chick
en. They always look so lone
some." They came lo (larllehl county
in the fall of 1878. when they
moved to Falling Spring, Since
her husband's death she has lived
with her daughter, Mrs. Addie
Lewis. Within a year after he
died she had pieced red and
while "double Irish chain" bed
ituills f,.r children and grand
children. "All alike, so one could
mil think another was (he pret
tiest." July to. I i)n), she was celling
ready lo go to Ihe Pioneer din
ner, when she fell and broke her
hip. Since thai time she has been
contlned lo her room, but has re
mained i h'-erfu! and bright.
F!l;i DeMow.
The above appeared in a recent
l-sne of the I'omeroy ;Wasll.i
Vahiiigtonian. a copy of which
was furnished the Journal by Mr.
William (iilmour. Mrs. Towner's
husband, who died several years
ago. was a brother of Mrs. Wil
liam (iiliiii'iir. being 2 ears her
senior. He will probably be re
membered by a number of the
very earliest pioneers, being tbe
tirst sheriir that Cass county ever
had. to which position he was ap
pointed in 1 nrr by Franklin
Pierce, president of (tie United
states. The family lived in Cass
county a number of years, and the
above wil Ihe read with consider
able interest by I hose who knew
Cirandma Towner in Ihe earlier
lays of her womanhood.
Loss of Time Means Loss of Pay.
Kidney trouble, ami the ills it
breeds means lost time and lost
pay to many a working man. M
Malent, 121 i Lillle Penna SI..
Slreator, 111., was so had from
kidney and bladder trouble thai
tie could not work, but he says:
"I took Foley Kidney Pills for
only a short, time and feel entirely
well and was soon able to go back
lo work, and am feeling well and
healthier than before." Foley
Kidney Pills are tonic in action,
quick in results a pood friend
to the working man or woman
who suffers from kidney ills.
Stock Car Gets Off Track and
Goes Off to One Side The
Train Breaks In Two.
An extra freight train, west
bound, was wrecked this morning
directly in front of the Hurling
ton depot. One car, an empty
slock car, went off the track and
half way down the bank, while the
front trucks of the car behind
turned sideways on the track.
The train was going by at the
usual hair-raising speed of the
freight trains as they pass the
station going west, when the
brake beam of one of the cars be
came caught in a guard rail. The
beam dragged along for nuite a
distance and then the wheels went
off on the east side of the (rack
ami the car broke loose from Hit
one in front.
It wiis about time for No. Ci, the
Deiivcr-Chirnsro Limited, to come
through from the west and a large
force of men were put to work to
clear the track. The wreck caused
a large crowd to collect, and they
siiw an exhibition of how a rail
coml clears wreckage o(T the track
by means of an engine. Mv Ihe
pulling ami pushing methods an
engine can do swift execution.
provided the (rack is not torn up.
The track was cleared by a few
minutes before ) o'clock and bolh
passenger trains wen! on lo their
destinations, No. f having been
delayed about an hour.
Many a Suffering Woman
Drags herself painfully through
her daily tasks, suffering from
backache, headache, nervousness,
loss of appetite and poor sleep,
not knowing her ills are due to
kidney and bladder troubles. Foley
Kidney Pills give quick relief from
pain and misery and a prompt re
turn to health and strength. No
woman who so suffers can afford
to overlook Foley Kidney Pills.
For sale by Fricke & Co.
State Fair Items.
The two Wright Druthers' Aero
planes at the Nebraska slate fair,
September Hh to 8th, will be
manipulated in the four flights
each day by Avaiators P. O. Par
melee and Clifford Turpin. Par
inelee is (he holder of several
world's records, among which is
the duration record made at San
Francisco, January 22, 1911, of
3 hours, P.) minutes and 48 sec
onds. He also made a single
(light from Dayton lo Columbus,
Ohio, carrying 00 pounds of extra
weight fit miles. His lies! record,
however, is a single (light from
Lercdo to F.agle Pass, Texas, lflrt
miles, carrying a passenger. We
are glad to know that such re
liable "bird men" are sen! to our
slate fair, as our people will feel
assured of witness flights.
More people, men and women,
are sulTering trom fciilney and
bladder (rouble than ever before,
and each year more of them (urn
for quick relief and permanent
benefit to Foley's Kidney Remedy,
which lias proven itself to be one
of the most pffertive remedies for
kidney and bladder ailments that
medical science has devised. For
sale by Fricke A Co.
npHOSE of you who have worn
1 sweaters know handy they are,
that is, coat sweaters. Those who
l ave never had one should get one this
season as they are one of the handiest
garments you can wear. And they are
neat appearing too. They keep you
wanner than a coat without having the
weight of one. We are show a nice line
of these goods the best we have ever
shown. This showing includes the Brad
ley line of sweater coats for women and
children. They come in large variety
of colors, including oxfords, cardinals
and navy blues, white and brown. Look
in our window and see what a fine line
they are.
Corner Sixthnd31ain
l-K-M I-H-H !HK M"H
-i' Special Correspondence.
Kveryone is planning for a good
time during the street carnival.
Rev. Hranekle returned Sunday
from a three weeks' trip to
William Weddell and family at
tended the funeral of his neice at
Ashland Sunday.
.Misses Anna Anigwert arid Etta
Sorick of Lincoln spent Sunday
with their parents here.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schewe and
children, Millard and Virginia,
were guests of Henry Tool and
family Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred (iorder and
children. Henry and Dorothy, of
Weeping Water, visiled with
Eugene Tool and family over
Our baseball boys wenls over to
Oreenwood Saturday and played
ball. Tbe game ended with tbe
score standing t'2 lo 3 in favor
of firecn wood.
Last Weiluesdav Alvo came
down to play ball with our home
team. Il was a one-sided game,
our boys defeating Iheui to the
Itll'" of t 1 fo n.
Mrs. Louis Neitze and daugh
ter. Miss olga. were in Omaha
S;il unlay.
Mrs. Halph Dorr and children
are guests at the Frank Buell
home, during Mr. Don's absence
on a trip to Cheyenne, Wyo.
Miss Alma Hansen of Louis
ville su lit last week with Mrs.
William Oehrts.
Miss Vera Eistenheil relurned
last Wednesday from a week's
visit at Fairmont, Neb.
Henry Klennie has purchased
a Ford four-passenger auto
mobile. Mr. and Mrs. William Wilken
and daughter returned Saturday
from a trip lo Canada.
Mrs. Williams of Lincoln and
Miss Josie CanefT oT South Rend
were visiting at Ihe Ciehrls' home
a few days the past week.
Miss Francis Stevens of Ash
land was a guest of Mr. and Mrs.
John Aringwerl during Ihe street
Mrs. W. O. fiillespie and An
drew) McNamara relumed Friday
Traveling Inducements for August!
This ffloriou vacation region during August is the magnet of thousands of
tourists and campers; there is no scenic tour in the world like the Park tour,
whether you use the hotels or the personally conducted camping tours. You
owe Jt to yourself and family to see this wonderland.
The thirty and sixty day excursion fares will continue in effect. Thev em-bra-e
the whole Eastern country. Ask for special leaflet of Eastern tours
The very low $2!.X) onu wav fares to the Pa.-ifie Coast will he in etfect Sep
tember 15th to October lath. You should go during the earlier period o
these rates to avoid the final rush.
The Rurlitigton runs through standard and tourist sleepers every day to Cal
ifornia via Denver, scenic Colorado, Salt Lake City, with choice of rentes
beyond via Southern Pacific. Western Pacific (Feather Rivtr Camonj or
Salt Lake Route; alro complete through trains wiih all classes ot equipment
to the Northwest via Hillings.
HOMESEEKER FARES continue first and third Tuesdays to the Went.
St. Jlc
from Fairmont, Neb., where Mrs.
Oillespie has been the past three
weeks. They were accompanied
home by Willard and Jeanette Mc
Namara. who will visit here for
some few weeks.
FOR SALE A seven months'
scholarship in one of Omaha's
best business colleges, cheap. In
quire of Hank of Murdock.
The merry-go-round came to
town last, week and run several
evenings, the children about town
keeping it pretty full.
Lasl Saturday atfernoon Mrs.
Oscar McDonald entertained in
honor of her daughter. Marguer
ite's fifth birthday. The after
noon was spent in playing games
and .swinging, after which a lunch
of ice cream, cake ami candy was
served. Those present were:
Irene and Hryan McDonald. Mary
Isabelle and Richard Tool, Mar
guerite Tool. Ruth Jones. Ruth,
Ciladys ami Mildred Sorick, Elsie
and Amous Gramlich, Mabel and
Mary Rush, Cert rude and Hazel
Ttauer, Lulu Moomey, Willard
Monroe, Carlie Schneider, Law
rence, Edward ami Monia Coin,
Victor Slack. Laura L"iz. Mar
guerite Oust in. Edith Kelly. Ida
Cielii-ts and Maripierile Mc
Donald. Hay Fever, Asthma and Summer
Musi be relieved quickly ami
Foley's Honey and Tar Compound
will do if. E. M. Stewart. 103
Wo farm S(.. Chicago, writes: T
have been arreally troubled during
the hot. summer months with Hay
Fever and find that by using
Foley's Honey and Tar Compound
I pet. great relief." Many others
who suffer similarly will be glad
to benefit by Mr. Stewart's ex
perience. For sale bv Fricke &
Died Today.
Mi s. Garwood, widow of Major
C. H. Garwood, died of cerebral
hemorrhage at 2:20 this after
noon at the home of L. A. Moore.
She was stricken last Friday night
ami never spoke afterward. Fur
ther particulars tomorrow.
Miss Gladys Duke of Omaha is
visiting Miss F.llen Leyda.
Write or cull and let me help you plan an attractive va
R. W. CLEMENT. Ticket Ajent.
vinnaral Paisenver Aaent. Omaha. Neb