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Railroad and Shop Men and Friends Come From Afar to Attend
the Funeral of Their Old "Boss" and Friend Canon Burgess
Talked of the Life of This Friend of Mankind.
The funeral services of David
Hrtwkswiirth were held Sunday
af'.-rnoon at the home on Vine
piri-et. One (if the largest pat her
itors of people that ever attended
a fmeral in this city was present
to pay the last earthly tribute to a
man whoso life had been such that
he held the love and respect of
ev-.rone who came in contact
wit.h ti i m . From many places
ir. this state and in Iowa friends
of years atro came to pay their
respects to their old-."boss" and
he.lpiul friend. A final tribute
such as he deserved was paid to
this aged citizen, so much of
whose life wag given to his fel
low man.
The services were conducted by
thf pastor and long-time friend
of the deceased, Cannon H. B.
Burgess of St. Luke's Episcopal
church. The text of his sermon
was from Ephesians, vitl2: "For
we wrestle not against flesh and
blood, but against principalities,
against powers, against the rulers
of the darkness of this world,
against spiritual wickedness in
high places." It was the first part
of this sentence that Cannon Hur
gess used.
"The Battle of Life" could well
be chosen as the title of the ser
mon. He talked of David Hawks
vnrth's life as a young man just
entering the battle of life; as a
soldier in the civil war where, as
an engineer on two gunboats, he
OA-posed himself to great danger;
of his capture by the enemy, and
of his return to conflict after he
was released; of his courage in
th areat conflict of capital and
I'tli 'P, where he invariably came
.mm right because of his love of
iusiiee and fair play. His calm,
pacific nature was always an aid
if Ir'in whatever the struggle in
w in i h he was engaged.
II- was a lover of men, said the
".. '.ker, and the "hoys" n 0
soi'ps all loved him. The man
vtio was discharged was never
(fended because fiave Hawks
wort h did it in such a gracious
j S'ner. lloi'Uir-JeH his pa.l.r?i
' 1 ' hard i! vva fur him to dis
i ' ::: e a man. He always told his
ni" thai hi
In'ed to retain, as far i
' was in his power do so. I
j wil h w ivi's ami families, i
: sj;o,. M.,.r j , , f J
voiH'se,. ii,;,,, ,,, iparrj,.,! j
Inve no inn- mi
' fiiil upon vi.u. o
l.'l yen g,, lilM."
he talked to the
il, of Ciilirse, lev
of Ins :k i,,n .,,,,1
c .
('.;,!! Mi
1 '.11
told of M
c. i
-V I I)'
I hi-
il S I
M .-II
i ln
tn lil
f hi-
'V to Ins !';.
o hi Hniivli.
1 ...
-lair and to his
hi ureal moral
"illle ,.,,,. ro.sjty.
i d of hi- s,;en.'i.l !
innn'e. lie vva- a '
i a a nn
who. in
.'.:!. for
tn .'i-e when tlie
'old was crovN.ij.,- j
(i . l.'l ,
the nna
. ' "I i,.-eii,Mo!e-.s ,
1 "';!' !'"- !
of life js lo inaki
'' his fello.. man.
easier the ,
District Congressman
Trs First
Reviews Ictlon of ths
Lowrr Hei s
..ingress did the l.evi , n,,!,l I
I" mcel the demiind of !!, con...
tr.' for larilT revision downward.
Imi' it would seem that there is
I'ttl" use .of treat legislative
hri.lies d"voliuL iliei- i;,,,..
v ork when the his are to kill- i
ml it the throne." P.,,,,. ...... 1
.1. A. Mctiiiire of ih,. Firs district
r tui ned to Linoyln xeslerdav and
thus expressed himself r l-an j n
the work of Ih,. recent se.ssj,,,, ,,f
cm; ress.
"The democratic party, in
power f,,P ,e firf., j() ix ,M.n
iirs, not only showed (hat it, had
real constructive ahility in legis
lation, hut it aNo proved that it
really had the interests of the
people at heart."
Congressman Mauire is much
pleased over the removal nf the
speaker's appointive power and
believes that this put the lower
homo in shape to achieve, results.
"Congress rehired expenses
Jifi'insr from useless clerkships,"
n.iid the congressman, hut this is
The Moral offerings were
beautiful. The shop men gave as
one f their offerings a large
wheel of flowers with one of the
spokes broken. It was as beauti
fully made as it was appropriate.
The Elks, the (i. A. It. and many
friends gave beautiful offerings.
The active pall-bearers were:
Dr. J. S. Livingston, Ed H. Schul
hof, William Ballauce, Robert
Hayes, D. C. Morgan and F. E.
Schlater. The honorary pall-bearers
were selected by the McConaha
post of the G. A. Ft., of which the
deceased was a member.
They were: J. H. Thrasher,
Thomas W. Glenn. William Port
er, V. II. Newell, Edward Bates
and William H. Ereese.
The shop men and the members
of the Elks' lodge formed in line
and made up a part of the long
funeral procession.
The relatives present were; The
widow, Mrs. D. Hawksworth; his
sons, Frank Hawksworth, Lincoln;
D. W. Hawksworth, Detroit. Mich.;
D. E. Hawksworth, Fort Madison,
Iowa, and Fred Hawksworth,
IMattsniouth; his daughter, Mrs.
E. W. Cook, Piatt smouth; John
Schaefer, Fairfield, Iowa; Fred
and Mary Schaefer, Burlington,
Iowa; Lionel Hawksworth and two
daughters, Ella and Nettie, Bur
lington, Iowa; Mrs. J. M. Jackson,
Chicago; Mrs. M. A. Hobson, Lin
coln, and Mrs. F. W. Hawksworth,
The Journal was unable to get
all of the large list of the rail
road men that were here for the
funeral, but the following is a
1 arfial list: T. E. Calvert, con
sulting enirineer C. 15. & O., Chi
cago; A. B. Pirie, Atchison, Kas.:
John Thompson. Lincoln: S. C.
Wheeler, superintendent of air.
Wvnmre: ('.has. Bailey. Wymore;
John Sevtou, Fort Madison, Iowa:
Tames Eagen. McCook; Mr. and
M''s. Thomas Than. Nebraska
CilV: T. Poop, superintendent ,,f
motive power. Lincoln; . N.
W'Nie. master mechanic. Vi a!'i:
. i. Johnson. Geneva! ' i .-I
I'le.-haiu'e, P,'r,c,,!u ; V, 11
Oaialia; r.hai-e ' P. ul In-rf. !!
Omaha: 1M !.
W. Mayer. Lin
Vl'cliir A. lay
llavi ,,c: ,T. !
Mo:,. Ifav,
o!n: Mr. :
and 1 1
I. ;'av. i
IVeil .
11 av
n. HaM-h
k : Jark
li;o i .
.: 1 i
: !'. V.
! '('I' . I,
. i
i 1 1 ;i - i-r nit"
' "!' ri
; IVVi;;. At
; l!:i. lurk:
1 1 : 1 1 '
i - ion.
Cook :
T. W.
int. m!
! .1. l'i.'ti-iidi
1 1 -1 1 . ma
e In : .I.. ..', i
.lames l'i'!iV"
Wallers. Have
Mav-loik: .ta:;
1. C. Tlionip.
oil. !!a
I. Ilavelock
. ..1; : .Toll n AI
es DnlVv. Lice
n. On, alia: .In
l'eppei'lii-r!.'. Lincoln
: . A. Mv
i llav.-l,
: .Tinle ,T.
l'av.' : H. XV. Mm
I". T'.. While, Onialia
L. Root. Lincoln.
r,,r the convcnie, f 1 1 1 , - rn
j.,,,.,,! ,,.,, .,, I, j oco 1 1 ul,,, uj
!o attend th- funeral II,,
pacjiic ,n on an evlra .
a. 'ii
passed the men I hroicih.
j not s, important in dollars nnd
cents as it is in showing that the
! democrats are willing and aide to
I handle (lie pwerniiient in a husj-
I ness-like method."
j '"efusal of President Tafl
to concur in the important work
of congress has discounted his
chances for re-election material
ly, in the opiilion of Mr. Mapruire.
An Automobile Accident.
There was an automobile ac
cident near town yesterday after
noon. A Shenandoah man was
driving an Aiilmrn car and it
welnl dead mi him. He telephoned
in for someone to come to his
rescue. Ofe Andrews went out
wi:h a machine, and. tying a rope
to his machine, was pulling him
in when the mpe became caught
around the steering rod. The
machine went over on one side,
Ihrovvina the occupants to (,e
irround pretty hard, hut n,, hurl-
imr them seriously. Th
damaged conidf raldv.
ear was
Ned C. of Plaits, 11, ut,,
f,.l'!!lor siiperiilleiiilelit of (he
School fur the lllllnl. tta ill the
iiv last nipht en route home from
Tfiltiiiine, where he made one of
the addresses yesterday. No
lirasku City Press.
Bignell'a Son Better.
The condition of Eugene Big
nell, who has ben seriously ill
willi tvphoid fever at his home,
18 45 F street, is unchanged. Mr.
Bignell was dangerously ill the
former part of last week, but later
his condition improved slightly,
lie is the s,n of Edward Bignell
of the Burlir.iton. Lincoln Journal.
Emma Roessner Passes Away at
the Home of Her Brother, Mr.
Ernest Roeasner.
The sad news was received this
morning by (ieorge Luschinsky
apprising him of the death of Miss
Emma Hoessner, which occurred
at G o'clock this morning at the
home of her brother, Ernest, 1415
South Twelfth street, Lincoln.
Miss Roessner was born and
reared in this city and is a
graduate of the Plattstnouth High
I'chool, being a member of the
class of 1904, and carried off the
honors of the class, she receiving
the scholarship for having the
highest grades for the four years
she attended the High school.
After her graduation and during
the next fall and winter she at
tended Bellevue college, going up
every morning and returning each
evening. The following summer
she prepared herself for teaching
school and proved a most desir
able teacher. She tautiht in
schools near Louisville for a
couple of years and then made a
journey across the waters to Ger
many, where she spent several
months visitine various points of
. . . , .
interest She taught school at I
Louisville last year and was en
fraued tn teach there for the en
suing term.
Her ailment we did not learn,
hut possihly typhoid fever. She
was about 23 years old and was a
vounp lady hichlv esteemed by all
who knew her and is said to have
heen one of the host and hriahtest
tenehers in Cass countv.
The remains will le criiiveyed
to South Omaha and the fnnernl
will take place from the home of
In r sister. Mrs. Wanner, on Wed
nesday afternoon.
This w il! he ad rn-"- to the
"nv VolHIU f'-i-Ml 1- of the ile-
' a-."l. v.l) alwnvs re'iii'inliir
he" :i 1 i i hi. fin erfnl. ki'ld and
1 ''iri.- :,, ,),, i,,.,. si,o.... m ),.,
-In' wa
in !
Hood Piirci.
; .nn., I
,-, Ve.
' the
a! tile
e eil-
: t! '
,!. ,.:!v
W !
:: r:
.. !! o
rn.. p
. ; "e.
. I - -
i,, :
. a I e
- e-
llel IV S
I . e, n 1 1 ,da v .
i i i-i iie rrii i i oi in or i hi.
oi vn ii r., m intsi. v.
Im the Xl.ltt.'l- ,,' III" . t . I . I , ' t I.. ef Th,.
I 'In I : -in I A :i M.I iim.n III
''i,r,Mi,v nf I'iill.M Ill, .V. 1,1 il-.,
n n i H ,!, el ( 'mill I': , neiaMhu the
I ,i i,l' 't',,1 1 ,i l.e ( Tn i n ,., ,v Sa 1.1
', en , .-. i r,.i- I ';- ts'e.
:li-v f ll.iiilnu on .,.IIioiiiii fr
s,ii,,iiii,' i.r vi iii i tn ii mi iii, o !' 'roil
rir ( rossinu Snhl llrhluc
To .VI. 1. I'KllSiiNS IN I i;,;i:sTi:i:
Nuiiee is lierchy trlvcn that mi the .'lith
l:iv nf A. uii si. A. 1 h, 1 1, 1 I . TI,.. I'lutts-
lit. 11,1,1 IIF.I n.,.1 1, .. ...... 1,.. I. I.... ... ...
' ...... ..M.. 1,1 int.- , i.iii-
iiiniv nf I'liiilsiii.Milli, Nel.taska. lileil
Its ,elitl,iii In the lilftrht Ciinrt nf tlipl
i'o,il.t i, Nelii ii.-kn, I ,"ui't lH I
-.i'1. "in i in fiiiiT an r t -- anil iIim lee l lhlic; the liiiix Im iiim rates nf toll
hai Ki'S fur einssliiif Its s:i I1 lirli'.ife,
eii'iteil iirroKX the rialte river, tii'ar
I'latlsiiKiiitli l.etwpi'ii the '(iiint lew nf
'ans iiml Siirpy, In tln Stale of ,..
Iiraskii. ii I l.-n Injr the following mluilul,
of toll mtcs tn lie reasotialili.. tn-wlf
Steam or (iasollne Trai l Inn lOn-
Kliii-s not to he ulloweil to
einsK Miltl Iii'IiIkh.
Kuril tirrsoii on foot, on Mrvrle
or In velilrlo ', . 05
riilldn-n uniler twelve yearn of.
ime. wlien arromiaiileil hv
pHientM or Kuanllnn ' ,f.
llolsr nil, I filler
Motor cyrle a nil rliler
nie-linrsc velil. le anil ilrlver!!'
Ttto-hnise vehicle a nil ilrlver...
' Tl.r vehicle ami driver, i
Knur-horse vehicle nml ilrlver. .
Morses uml cuttle, 1,., driven
C'iiIvpm, Kheep, jrnntx or' iiOKR.' ii'i'l
nr driven each
HllrkMer, live I.OIlltrv. ' 'l.'n'l'en'l
tlleillclne ami Klnrery peddler,
each, wniton and driver.... It 00
Kntlirnoit wiiirrni. Willi driver . $11111
Knr en, h adilltlonal person OTi
Aillnllinlilles mid cliailffenr f.O
1 111 rfiii'i
sriiliriltlir. I en in '....1
'i river $j.r,D
'in m
hit. renin una iirl 1 ra
' inn 11. 1, in 1, ,11111 vehicle
Ininlrmetit ilniwn l,v teniti
l.'Msnii ,0
nnd nn order of Cnnrt wns ' i-n'tered
TV X I tiir the lith ilnv nf llrtnl,(.- A II
ll'll. lit ten t.YliH k A. XI , nml '.ilMrlet
mint rmnn In the ritv nr I 'In 1 1 sinniil h
' limit v ef I'll.,. Nelnnslu,. )ls ,,. t ;
n ml
hu e nf Ill-mint.' 1 11 uni.i ,....,.1.,..
11 tnl
Hint nt 1,1 tit,,,. ,! ,,),.,. H1,.h
is will I... innile m,. en ,.
"in im.vimnm mlrs f tell chnix-es
., t I M
I,..., ... . . 1 . 1 1 ..1.1 .
1 . ' 11
- -ui nm.em- .,.r nml ji,v
, " "' seiieiinie nliiiM. lire.
rented i.,':-t lo ii', ,1 i.r,e sl, h,-
'T H.lhl -5 :i Of lum-liiir; r Jill of WMi-l,
VOII V III tllke ie potieo.
Itv the rniirt, llnrvev Ii Ttiivls
.1... re nf the nistrlrt I'mirt In mf f,,r
the imntv of I'-uu v.. ., ,, . 1, ..
Hymn rim Ir nnd VVm. A. l'.i,U,
. . 1 1'irnevH
Banner of Infidelity Raised
Inside the Church.
Pastor Russell Sayt That Evolution
ists Are Hoodwinking tha eopla.
Counsels a Movement Toward Unity
of Creeds Man la His Brother's
Richmond. Vs..
August 27. run
tor It a a e 1 1 of
Brooklyn Tuber
d a c I e preached
here today under
the auspices of
the International
Bible Students
Ajwuclatlao (Lo
cal Braactt un
sectarisn), com
posed of the truth
hungry from all
Asked why such great crowd always
attend his addresses, while the church
ea of all denominations are complain
ing of slim attendance. Pastor Russell
replled.'Tue jteople ore thinking. Per
plexed by the infidelity and Higher
Criticism taught In the prlnctpul col
leges and pulplus many desire to have
nn interpretation of the Bible consist
ent with Itself and not at war with
the reverential exercise of reason. The
Scriptures foretell of our day, saying.
'There shall be a f limine In the land;
aot a famine for bread nor a thirst
for water, but for the bearing of the
fairy tules can thoroughly satisfy In
tell!eIlt thinker-. -liHe nninber. art
Word of the Lord' (Amos vlli. 11). No
increaHlilR. Mnny of those who at
tend my services ami many who rend
my sermons 111 the putiHr print lotis
since fi'UMrd ui attend the church serv
ices "
Tvo services were held, one for the
public. coiiHideriug the great "Here
after;" the other, which we report, hud
for its text tjnil's cull to Cnln. after
he had nUiin tils brother. "Where is
Thy L'n.ther?" and Cain's reply, "Am
1 My r.i'uther s Keeper V" Mienesls tv,
2. The speaker Hiiid In pnrt:
No one cat dispute that Individual
ism, personal Independence, personal
responsibility, has iiinrdi for the
(k'Velrpnieiit of our nice. The serfdom
anil paternalism of the past were un
favorable to Individual thoiiht, re
sponsibility n tul ai'tinn No wise and
Kood man would desire to rob his fei
hov.s, of, .el.'j enilciii'L' nt n.ln.J.
Ona Cxtrme, Then the Opposite.
V. e are la ilaauer, Imu ever. el i.iinii
to tl.e npposiie exl rrine - in dimp-r ol
arrvillS the slihjei I of pcrsiei'li hide
per lea. e lii, 1 f.'r - in danger nf ne:.leei-ili.-i
some uli,' sli-iii.i have a; si-aain e
lii (laiiLei of 1 !ia, km;; of nil men as
I riii- not on'y H i e I at c,iial. Willie
. ve all Wn n.',.' hurt' j.r.ipi-r freedom of
v v,-t ail ;:l'e l ime or les liaailiaip
," I in ll;e cm i- ;r el the w 111. As SI.
I'.;al s:;i 1,- "We riiiiiinh do the litn;:-i
w iiii Ii we 'Annul." are slaves i,i'
sin and ib'.iili. seine pi. ne 11 ml s a.e
!:--: Tl.e l'ro,!iel li. aid's xplaiia
ti'll I'l'l'lies tn lis all. "I slni'i'tl
in i! e,i:ay. In sin did my 1 , , oi 1 1 run
ee, e nn'" 1 1 'sal HI II. el.
Ii a lii view nf sn.'h Inci'ialii ies
nt tin- III sli that St., I'aul wrole tn tii1'
t'biirrii, "We that are strong should
lirnr "ill, tip. Inilnidiies of the weak,
ami not please ourselves merely "
ikoiiciiis xv. 1 1. Tliin principle, up
plied I iy the Apostle to the I'liill'. b
wniihl irriainiy he appropriate and
lieneileinl ia the natural family And
a s our deans enlarge we slinr.ld a'l
I'ome tn lealie lame and more die
oneness, the solidarity of mir rare -the
1 entire human family, of whirliSt. I'atil
! fitiys. "Of one blond Cod created nil
men. tn dwell timu I he face of the
I whole earth" (Acts xvil. ".I'd.
"Whsre Is Thy Brother?"
God's Inquiry of Cnln Implied Cain's
responsibility, and teaches us a lesson
respecting our responsibility In Cod's
sight for one another. W - will begin
with the Church, the hUhest type' of
brotherhood Imaginable: We should
not be content to split Into sects and
purl Ies. Whatever was Hie ignorance
of the past, which led to the formation
of the various creed nnd denomina
tions, there can be no excuse for these
now. because Christians of all denom
inations have come to discredit the old
creeds Should there not, then, be a
movemont toward heart unity auil fel
lowship, outside of denominational and
crei'dal lines, amongst those who rec
ognize Cod as Father, the Lord .Jesus
Christ as (lie Itedeemer. nnd the Klhle
as the hivlne Kevelatlon?
It Is not proper to say as did Cain.
"Am I my brother's keeper?" Kvery
..., f'tit.1., 1.. 1.1 n..ll..n 41... ...
line-- 1-111111.111 munnu 11-uns.i- mill ll-
dn.v Christianity Is being assaulted tn
lis own House anil by Its professed
friends In the universities, colleges
nnd seminaries of nil denominations a
tmttte Is raging, which threatens the
destruction (,' our Christian faith,
possibly a few are blind to the situa
tion, but the Insurgents the Higher
Critics and I'.volutionlsis realize the
I silliatloii and lire (Taflllv snvltiL' lo tilt1
e I lienlile
'We are tin:
Wati.'liiiicn upon
Hearken to nt'n
All I -I
1 . 1 II . m 1 .
1 ne wiiiis 01 .ion;
iiy: All Is welil" These Higher Crit
ics seem to have no conscience. They
claim that the people must be gradual
ly t.iknn hv guile. They encourage
thetu to "sleep," whll" they raise over
v 1
them the banner of infidelity "called people be says. "Have patience, bretfc
Hlgher Criticism. ten, for the coming ot the Lord draw.
Many who see the killing of this anti- eth nigh." The Lord speaks of tola
typical Abel shirk the responsibility , "Day f Recompense" as a "time tf
by saying. "Am 1 my brother's keep- trouble" of the overthrow of opprea
err not realizing that from the Divine slon. the uplifting of the poor ani
standpoint they have a resHnsihllity
toward every other Christian with
whom tbey are In contact They
should realize that loyalty to God
means that tbey "should show forth
the praises of linn who bath called us
out of darkness Into his marvelous
a word, every true Christian who
has made a full consecration of him
self to the Lord, to walk In the foot
stops of the Savior, should waken to
the fact that we are In a critical time.
We are In the time mentioned by St
Paul, when "every man's work shall be
tried so as by tire" (I Corinthians ill,
13.) The testing will be along the
lines both of faith and of works. Only
those holding tlrmly to "the faith once
delivered to the saints" will be able to
bring forth such fruits, such good
works, as the testings of this hour re
quire. This class, awoke to their re
sponsibility toward God and the breth
ren and the Bible, and full of seal
therefore, will thereby be kept In this
"evil day." God will bless them In
their endeavors to glorify Him.
My Brother's Keeper Sooially.
Is the days of slavery and serfdom.
every master, every feudal lord, recog
nized a responsibility for his servants
or slaves. lie was interested in their
health and In their morals, for they
were his property, and any deprecia
tion meant Qnunclal loss to him. Thus
selfish Interest kept him sllre to his
responsibility, to a considerable degree.
Out now all that has changed. Serfs
and slaves, released from obligation,
are without supervision and care. The
less fit of our race are in serious dan
ger of being crowded to the wall. Our lad- lnd,Hd- ,f 0,ne Dlvlne Interpoat
lawmakers have recognized the fact tion "en t0 llft them and tnelr an"lr"
and have thrown around tbe weaker out of present conditions and put them
sex and children safeguards In the upon a plane of absolute righteousness,
laws, protecting them from desiring Jc equity. This, the speaker be
people who would exploit them for ll(,Tes. 18 tbe dos,re ot a lftr8 lw
selBsh purposes i ln ever7 n""0"- predominating class.
Ne vert helms, with all that human ,8ucn n1Kn of righteousness, justice,
law has yet been able to accomplish. , ln 11,0 world- wl "PM-dlly
the danger Is increased. As knowl- ."ult' he Bl,id' fro,u establishment
edge Increases, trusts and combina
tions selfltdily boost the price of life's
necessities nnd luxuries. Those mcm
lxrs of our race less favorably equip
ped for the battfe of life are seriously
disadvantaged, some by reason of less i
intellectual powers, others by reason
of unfavorable circumstances and en
vironments. Under such conditions it is not sur
prising that nil who ure able are band
ing together into unions for their own
protection; nor should It surprise us
that these, also, sellish and bard of
heart, tdiould sometimes be unjust In
their demands, and sometimes cruel
land ready to slay their brother who
Joins them not In their organization.
(In their desire to promote the best In
Iterests of their craft they may, Indeed.
reasonably exhort fellow-craftsmen to
support the . organl.atlon, and may
slmw its iidtaniai:es. btit bevond that
tliev dare not gj without infracting
the principles of justice and brlngln-,'
Iiivine condemnation which, sooner or
later. In one way or nnoiher, will sure
ly ,e mi tr ! out.
Seen from this standpoint, unionism
has a responsibility tow ai d breihreu
imt nei' ol the union to treat.
Iheiii ju-tl.v. I bully, helpfully. Amino
d.itibt this int. lu. ie would bring the
hiicer I'les'.ing and truer prosperity.
My tjro'.ii'ir's KcBper Financially. J
(Ir.iiluai;;.- 1 he world Is reall.liii: lis
ri"-poiisilii'iy 1, 1 the Avoak nnd iticom- 1
clear Ot 1 a. e,l. The j
llnsj.ll.i.s. II es for the Poor, el '., !
are all proper recognitions of th" j
hrelhiTltui'd ol' mail -iiaide from the j
hlulier l.riilhciln.iid In Christ. We 1
cannot claim I hat t liese liisl ii ul Inns are
the product of pure benevolence. We
i iniisl admit that poillli s lias muni to :
do with t Lcni. The tle-dre for con- I
tracts ami for labor In connection with j
these llislllul inlis. has, of louio. mil' It ;
to do willi their existence. The ev
pendiimi! of such enormous sums a.
annually go to these Ins! II u! ions mi!
urally enoii'-li draws an army d po
litical heelers ami nulonUci'S
Tho Day of Rscompne.
The All Seeing eye of our Creator
keeps watch over the affairs of Ills
creatures today as It kept watcli over
Abel's Interests. Cod allowed Cain to
have his way; allowed him to kill his
brother; allowed the righteous to suf
fer; yet Cnln did not escape, but was
. . i i i m .1. .1 u ..I..
I neiu accouiiiaoie ior iue uemu ui in
brother. Cod's sentence upon him sep
arated hlru from his brethren until he
cried out that tils punishment was
greater than he could beir. And. simi
larly, we may be sure that tho nn
class of our day will be held account
able for the wilful slaying of their
brother, especially to tho extent that
the brother despised may be a child
of God. As Cod declared that the
blood of Abel cried to Him from the
ground cried for Justice so the inti
mation of the Scriptures Is that nil In
justice of every kind, everywhere will
bring n "Just recompense of reward."
St James tlgurntlvely represents the
laborers. Die tollers ln the field of la
bor today, as crying out to God, and as
being heard, and Us resulting In n
great "time of trouble." In which the
great, the mighty ami tint rich shall
weep bitterly (.lames v. Ii. As these
are not tin union men. generally, who
are crying out at the present time, we
may look more especially amongst
those on the outside; but tho lesson Is
that those who sulTcr oppression wdll
ultimately have Hivlne power ever
vised In their defense and for their re
lief. St. James Intimates that this re
lease will come to this class nt the
coming of Messiah, In power and great
j'lory. for the establishment of Ills
Kingdom of righteousness In th"
World. To those who nre the Lord's
those that have do helper (l's. IxrlL 12).
Th D.tire of All Nations
Those who are entirely natLsfled with
present conditions are the compara
tively few who have special advan
tages. The masses are discontented--
some of thetu properly so, and other!
of them more discontented than ta rea
sonable. All but the very poorest and
worst situated are better otf today
than were their grandfathers yet less
contented. The spirit of discontent
sol Unimex and a failure to note and to
enjoy the trout blessings which God
has provided so bouutifully, as well as
wonderfully, hi our day. prevails.
Nevertheless. Rome have reason for
dlsconteut; and some, looking Into th
future, are fcarlnj; worse conditions,
us the monopolies have gained a firmer
(trip upon all the necessities of life.
Surely their forebodings are not
wt'hout grounds. Unless something
shall occur to lift matters out of their
preteut rut, human Intelligence sees,
at a not fur distant day, a new serf
dom, with masters directing all th
forces of the world, and with the coca
nion people at their mercy, (tad ts
hare a sufficiency of work and f
wage for life's necessities.
Long ago the speaker harbored the
theory taught him In his creed, that
mankind Is totally depraved; but sure
ly none are totally depraved except Us
Idiotic. The speaker, believed thai
there la an element favorable to right
eousness In every member of our rscs,
and that sin is largely tbe result of
unfavorable environments; and that
the majority of mankind would be
of Messiah's Kingdom, for which wa
pray, "Thy Kingdom come; Thy will
he done on earth us It Is In heaven."
Most explicitly do the Scriptures de
clare this, saying, "The desire of all
nations shall come" (Ilnggal 11, 7).
This declaration Is in conjunction with
the foretelllnx of the establishment of
Messiah's Kingdom. The reign ot
righteousness which It will inaugurate
will be the Ideal of the niaSHes Of
mankind, although qulto probably tbe .
overthrow of TtuhIs nnd Combines
will, for n time, not bo viewed sympa
thetically by tho rich, tho wlae, the
preferred, trio favored class, under
present conditions. As it required tlufa
for the slave holders of the past to
become reconciled to the loss of their
blaves nnd to see tho righteousness
of their belli;; freed, no It. will be with
tlnxo who at present are closely Iden-
I"'"'" '' ".u iii-uimiuii w iiu.-u
i ' brlaulm: uiiiiiUind ltuo slavery,
! "r I-""1 "I 111,1 hH'""". say-
ilig. P.h
ssril llic J'ull Will) weep ami
for vial shall be rouil'ortcd.
, mourn.
j Woe nut.) those vvl re full, for they
, shall have distress (Puke vi, 'Jl. 'J.'.i.
The reign of justice and righteous.
ne-s will ultimately oppral ti nil In
heart harmony with .leliovali, and all
who fall to Hills come Inlo heart till r
n.oiiy willi Iiim will in- ncromtteit as
unworthy of His ;.-iit of everlasting
life; for "He who loves not tils I. rot her
whom he linth seen, how could lie love
Cod wlmtn he trilli not seen'.'"
The thousand yen-s of Messiah's
reign, (luring which His I. rale, the
ple. t Church, will be associated with
Iiim. will be uiille .s.t.T lent for the
equalization of all of life's iilValrs for
the entire race. "In Ills day shall the
righteous llourlsll." nnd not the mere
ly strong. In Ills Pay evil doers and
not well doers will be i rmdied It is
written of Ills Kingdom tliat It "shall
Mil. up the pool' .ol of t In dunghill,
and shall brim., d tb. mighty from
the!1, seats
Tho dsrip'irni Aeco"c'i',T tn Prtviouj
( ha jc'fr- Do ilipmnt.
The whole world of mankind will
then be tiiiuslei'ied into the hands of
Messiah, who will take tliem ;ut an
thai are. Tliey will lie In various con
ditions. Some w ill be more depraved.
others less depraved; some will be
more seared In their consciences and
Home less; and these doth lencles of
character will depend upon the wuy la
which each one accepted or rejected
light nml opportunity ln the present
time. Those who knriv not UN will
and rfd it imt will receive few ntrlpes;
those who knew Ui will and did it not
will receive many stripes, because of
previous hardening of character. Ev
erjbody will he required, eventually,
to come up to the full standard of Di
vine requirements. Those uior do
praved will have greater difficulty and
thoso less depraved will have less dif
ficulty and receive fewer stripes. In
the coming up to Plvlne requirements.
Those who most willingly and most
gladly nssent to tho leveling process
will most quickly receive the Divine
blessing and make the most rapid
progress along the Highway of Holi
ness, back to full human perfection
and eternal life. And those who now,
ln advance of the establishment of the
Kingdom, love righteousness and hat
Iniquity, come at present Into favor
with the King of kings, and thus nre
specially favored with light and knowl
edge, nnd nre Invited to become asso
ciates with Messiah lu His glorious
Kingdom, which Is to effect the long
promised, great reformation of earth's
affairs. Pet us all lake to heart nnd
apply well tills lesson, hut especially
those who have heard nnd who have
responded to the Iilvlne InvltnMon to
become heirs of 0 d and Joint-heirs
with our Uedcomer.