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    Murray Department
If anif of lite rt'uleri of the Journal krimii of a tior.iul, e nd or an item of interest
H'c r,ant all Ham of intercut. Edit(r Jmr uA.
J i mm 'i i ii
a Murray State Bank
Capita! and
$1 5000.00
Wo Solicit Your Danking
Interest Paid on Time Deposits
Dr. Newell, tho dentloat, la Murray
rvery Tuesday.
Ice cream, fruit sundaes and
n-ncs at A. L. Baker's.
Frank Gohnhiian, painter aad
paper i anger. Plattsmouth.
Mrs. Addie Stokes was a Ne
braska City visitor Wednesday.
Miss Willa Moore was visiting
Mr. and Mrs. Iuy Young at Fair
mont, Neb., this wi'ok.
Rev. Williams departed Mon
day for Topcka, Kansas, for a few
days' visit with his parents.
Albert Young came home Wed
nesday after a four month' slay
in Montana and North Dakota.
A big crowd from here attended
the. Log Rolling at Nehawka Sat
urday and all report a grand
time. v
Dr. i i I tm ir made a profes
sional trip to Omaha Tuesday, ac
companying a patient to the hos
pital. John (iilmore of Callaway,
Neh., spent. Sunday in Murray, a
guest of his cousin, Dr. (iilmore
and family.
Dr. (liliimre is moving right
along willi his concrete Karate.
He has completed all the walls
and is up to the roof.
' Fuel.- Hen Iteckniau received
the nomination in district No. 10
for road overseer. I'ncle Hen has
made a good overseer and no
douht. will he re-elected at Hie
Noveintii'r election.
Dry Goods and Notions
Ladies' Bib Aprons, well made, for 25c each
" Sleeve " " 44 44 50c 44
44 Petticoats of Gingham for 50c 44
Some new Red Seal Check Ginghams.
A nice new lot of Dress Trimmings, such as you
have not seen here before.
New arrivals in Notions and Collar Supporters,
:Cuff Pins, Beads, Bar Pins,, Broaches, Hat Pins, La
dies' Shopping Bags, Belts and Belting, Hair Pins,
Barr Pins, Hair Nets, Hair Rolls, Silk Scarfs, Hair Or
naments and a large line in Jewelry Novelties.
arWe buy those goods from a very strong house and guarantee
that our goods will show up with lines shown in larger towns, and
our prices in a good many instances are lower. We invite you to
call in and let us have the pleasure of showing you.
'Ma iii r
Cyrus Danhorn of Lincoln
spent Sunday with W. F. Moore
uud family.
Miss Anna Eikenbary of Lin
coln is the guest of Miss Ida
Hoedecker this week.
Arthur Hansen left for Colo
rado Monday, where he expects to
make his home for the winter al
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Young of
Fairmont, Neb., returned home
Tuesday after a week's visit with
Mrs. Young's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Hansen.
Mrs. W. C. Brown left Monday
evening for Red Oak, Iowa, where
she has several days' engagement
on the chant auqua platform as a
Mrs. Homer Miller and son,
Edward, returned home Monday,
after ten days' visit with her par
ents and with her sisters, Mrs.
Sporer and Mrs. Long.
Mrs. Clara Campbell of Hlair,
Neh., sister of the late F. M.
Young, came Saturday to attend
the funeral of Mrs. Lewis Young,
whose remains were brought from
Carroll. Neb., for interment here.
Elmer Hoedecker was a Plalls
mouth visitor Monday. A team
ran away with Mrs. Hoedecker and
her sister Sunday afternoon and
broke (lie buggy, no il was
necessary for Mr. Hoedecker to
take it to Plallsiimulh for repairs
Luckily no one was hurl and only
the huugy was injured.
in thin vkinity and will mail game to this
Clirn Miller wa a IMatlsnioutli
isiinr Tuesday morninu.
Mr. A. L. Laker was a Platts
1 1 1 u 1 1t i.iir Tued;ty evening.
The Lloyd buy,, i i n I a I . -i a new
separator at this place last week.
('. M. Minford .shipped two cars
of cattle to Si m 1 Ii Omaha Wed
nesday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. John Hatched are
isiting w il Ii friends and relatives
in Kansas City Ibis week.
Mrs. (1. I). Connally, who has
been ery ill for the past few
weeks, is .some heller this week.
Mrs. Lizzie Gregg was a Plat t s
moiith visitor Tuesday, spending
the day with Mrs. Taylor and Mrs.
Mrs. W. S. Smith and father,
Mr. A. M. Holmes, are expected to
arrive homo from their western
trip today.
Horn To Mr. and Mrs. Nick
Friedrich, a boy, on August 20th.
Both the mother and little one are
getting along nicely.
Mrs. John Lloyd of Fairbury,
Neb., arrived in Murray Wednes
day for a few days' visit with Mr.
and Mrs. I). C. ilhodeii.
Mr. and Mrs. Harms of Wilcox,
Neb., were Murray visitors a few
days last week, guests at. the home
of Mr. and Mrs. August Hast.
The Sunshine band will give an
ice cream social at the home of
Frank Moore on Saturday even
ing, August 2 (J. Everybody invited
to come.
Miss Elizabeth Campbell ar
rived home last Friday from the
western part of the slate, where
she has been visiting with her
Mr. and Mrs. ft. M. Minford
were in Lincoln last Sunday, going
up to spend the day with Mr. Min
ford's father, who is very poorly
in health at this time.
In returning home from the Log
Moiling at Nehawka last Saturday
Mrs. Charles Tilson was thrown
from the buggy and sustained
slight injuries to her side.
Miss' Elizabeth Campbell gave
a parly for a number of her girl
friends Wednesday. afternoon, be
fore returning to her school in
I'lallMiiouth for the winter. A
very pleasant time was had by all
the young folks present.
Miss Agnes Kennedy has re
turned home from her visit up in
De Grauf, Minnesota, where she
was a guest with the family i.f
Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Young, who
are obi residents of this section
and are doing nicely in (he north.
Mrs. Louie Puis was taken to
Omaha Tuesday, where she was
operated upon at the Immanuel
hospital for appendicitis. She
recovered from I he llrsl stages of
danger nicely and bids fair to re
cover very rapnllv.
Mrs. James Loughridge, who
lias 1 n quite sick for the past
few weeks, is reported some bet
ter this week. While she is si ill
unable to be up she is getting
some lielter.
Elmer Hoedeker experienced
quite a serious runaway while re
turning home from the Nehawka
Log (lolling last Saturday. The
occupants of the vehicle were un
injured, but the buggy was pretty
badly demolished.
Dr. J. W. Hrendi 1, Mrs. Mar-
luardt and two daughters of
Avoca were in Murray last Sun
day, guests at the home of Mr.
Hrendel's parents. Dr. J. W. re
turned a few days ago from his
Indiana visit. Mrs. Hrendel and
the doctor's mother will return in
a few days.
Dr. and Mrs. Oilniore came very
near meeting with a very serious
automobile accident near Weep
ing Water, last Friday. In com
pany with their little son,
Walker, they were driving over to
Elmwood to attend the Cass
County Medical society, and just
before arriving at Weeping Water
they crossed a bridge with a very
much warped board in it. In
passing over this board the front
wheels of the auto turned the
hoard completely over, permit
ting the rear wheels to drop into
the hole made by the removal of
the plank. Fortunately the doctor
held a tight grasp upon the steer
ing wheel and they passed over
without injury to themselves and
very slight damages to the auto
I he passed on into Weeping
Water, notifying the authorities,
Who were not long in repairing
' the bridge.
office it will appear uwler this headin
The children of Mr. and Mrs.
Dave Murray have been on the
sick list for the past few days.
Grandma Thomas has been
quite sick for Hie past few days,
she is almost 111 years of age.
The Id lie child of Mr. ami Mrs.
Jake Lohnes has been numbered
with the su-k for t lie past few
days. I'ncle Jake Gruber of Ne
hawka. who has been so ill for the
past few weeks, remains about
the same.
Horn To Mr. and Mrs. Hert
Salchell. on August 12, a baby
boy. Mother and little one are
doing nicely.
Leona, the little daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. John Karris, has
been numbered with the sick for
the past few days.
August Hast departed Thursday
of this week for a few days' busi
ness visit in Colorado, where he
has some land interests to look
The Murray State bank has re
ceived their certificate from the
slate banking board, showing that
all the rules and regulations of
the new banking laws of Ne
braska have been complied with.
Thereby your deposits are fully
guaranteed by the state of Ne
braska. Mrs. A. L. Raker entertained
Mrs. Homer Miller.'Mrs. William
Sporer and children and Mrs.
Alva Long and children at dinner
last Thursday. On the following
Sunday they all, in company with
Mrs. Haker and daughter Opba,
prepared their dinners and spent
the day at old King bill near the
river. They hail a very pleasant
Be a Booster.
The-Weeping Water boosters
gave us a call last Monday and we
were glad to see them glad to
see twenty-one aulos full of men
working for the betterment of
their town. The power of in
centive is great, and why can't
Murray do a little boosting We
have seen the Nehawka and Weep
ing Water boosters. We have
read about Hie Omaha boosters
and what good they have accom
plished for their city, and how
Hilt Wescolt and his friends
boosted all through the east for
Nebraska and the town of Plalts-
inoulh. Why can't we? Trm
we can i nave an .K-sar-nen or
support a $1,5110 or ,(((( cbau
i . . . . . .. .Ml i i
nuinuii; nenner nave we iieen
I. .. ...I -it it mm a
iioiioren wiin i ne iM. W . A. I.og
Hoi ling.' We can't even have a
street carnival, but we can sup
port a $200 Lyceum course this
winter if you will boost a lilt!
A few of the business men who
are inclined that way secured a
first-class Lyceum course, the
first number to be given sonir
time in October, but without your
attendance il will be a failure
Think seriously what it means to
have a good, clean, high-class
entertainment in our town and
make it possible by your attend
ance. Let's all be boosters for
the Murray Lyceum course.
In Honor of Mr 3. Homer Miller.
Mrs. J. W. Edmunds entertain
ed a number of friends Saturday
afternoon in honor of her daugh
ter, Mrs. Homer Miller of Plain
view, Neb. During the afternoon
a couple of novel games were in
troduced, the tlrst was the draw
ing or timerent pictures rep
resenting the name of songs. The
ladies of Murray are quite talent
ed along this line and the classic
songs, like "Old drey Honnet,"
"lied Wing," "Where the Silvery-
Colorado Vind9 It's Way," were
well represented. Hut "Waiting
at the Church," drawn by Pauline
Oldham, appealed to the humor
of the judge and was awarded the
prize a sugar and creamer. Then
a prize was given for the one that
could write the largest number
of words, using Mrs. Miller's
name, Elizabeth. Mrs. Spangler
being an expert, easily won the
cup. At. 5 o'clock refreshments
were served and the time for
leaving came only too soon. The
afternoon with Mrs. Miller am
her friends will long be remem
bered. Those present were
Mesdames Charles Spangler, S. O
Pitman, O. II. Gilmore. O.
Dav is, James Holmes, A. L. Haker
G. W. Hoedecker. Alva Long, Wil
liam Spirer. William Seybolt. W
C. Hrown, 0. Y. Virgin; Misses
We are Showing an Excellent Line of
Ladies' Petticoats
made of Gingham, Chambra and Madress
PRICE 50c, 85c, $1.00 and $2.25
150 in all; washable materials. We believe we have
the best line of Petticoats ever shown in the city. Our
prices are guaranteed.
Ida Hoedecker. Anna Eikenbary
of Lincoln, Pauline and Fav Old
Former Neighbors and Friends
Meet at the Home of Mr. and
Mrs. William Wiley.
Quite a number of old friends
from the neighborhood gathered
at the pleasant farm home of Mr.
and Mrs. William Wiley last Sun-
lay to spend the day. Some of
the guests were from out of the
ounty and were here to attend
the funeral of Mrs. L. II. Young,
and took advantage of the oppor
tunity to spend another day with
their old friends, Mr. and Mrs.
Wiley. They were most royally-
entertained, too, and at noon they
were invited to partake of one of
the finest dinners that had been
their pleasure for some time.
We got this information from one
who was there, and we know that
he is a judge.
Those present were: Mr. and
Mrs. Ed Phipps, Byron and Eddie
Young of Carroll, Neb.; Mr. and
Mrs. D. A. Young and daughter,
Clara: Charles Read and children,
Rose, Helen and Melvin; Mr. and
Mrs. George Parks and daughters,
Mary and Willa; Mr. and Mrs.
George Wiles and son, Earl, and
daughter, Geneva; Mr. and Mrs.
Troy Wiles, Frank Read and Her
man Richter, jr., from Ness City,
We are pleased to note that our
good old friend, Uncle "Billy"
Wiley, was able to enjoy the oc
casion just as well as though it
had been held fifty years ago, and
while his health has been very
poorly lately, he was able to be
up and around.
Judge Travis Held Court.
Judge Travis held court yester
day in the case of Margaret Sea
grave vs. John Seagrave. The
plaintiff was granted leave to file
an amended petition. In the case
of Minnie Lish vs. John Lish. a
witness was examined and the
case continued.
Highest market price paid for
apples at the Welenkamp build
ing, Plattsmoulh, Neb., com
mencing July 10th, 1911.
T. E. Rundle.
Mrs. H. W. Barnes returned to
Omaha Ibis morning. She came
here to attend the wedding of her
sister. Miss Mae Crook, to Mr.
Ralph Stabler of Salem.
Herman Grcodcr,
Graduate Veterinary Surgeon
Formerly with U. S. Department
Licensed by Nebraska Sf ate
Calls Answered Promptly
Telephone 378 White, PUttamout
Do you want an
If you do, get one who has
Experience, Ability, Judgement.
Telegraph or write
Dunbar, fleb.
Dates made at this oTi:a or the
Murray State Bank.
Goad Srvics Rsamibls Rila
Says That Wife Abandoned Him
After Living With Him
for Ten Years.
James M. Tigner has filed suit
for divorce against Louisa Tigner.
Tigner states in his petition that
he has been a resident of this
county for fifteen years. He and
the defendant were married on
November 29, 1899, at Platts
niouth. Her maiden name was
Louisa Jane Irey.
The plaintiff states in his peti
tion that he has been a faithful
husband and provided the defend
ant with a suitable home. On
August 18. 1909, the defendant
abandoned him without cause, and
has since refused to live with him.
lack Brown Leaves.
Zack Brown and his daughters,
Vera, Mabel and Abbie, left this
morning for Topeka. Kansas,
where they will live in the future.
The many firends of Mr. Brown
regretted to see him leave, but
wish him good health and happi
ness in his new home. He was,
until this year, a painter for the
Burlington since 1882, a period of
28 years. For several years he
was foreman of the traveling
painting crew for the western
division. He lost his health in
the work, as the lead, turpentine
and varnish poisoned his system.
He hopes that a rest of a year or
two will restore his health.
The, Coolest Morning.
Today's early morning was the
coolest of the summer, the ther
mometer showing only 58 at 8
o'clock. This was some time after
the sun bad come out and It Is
probable that it went as low as 55
or even lower in the early morn
ing hours. It wanned up rapidly
under the bright sun and at 2
o'clock the mercury showed 74
and was still rising. Seventy
four is anything but a high tem
perature, but it seemed hot to
those out in the sun.
The wedding of Miss Mae
Crook, the daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. B. F. Crook, and Mr. Ralph
Stabler of Salem, took place last
evening at 7:30 o'clock at the
home of the bridge. The Rev. Mr.
Holyoke of Omaha performed the
ceremony. A number of out-of-
town friends and relatives were
present. Mr. ami Mrs. Stabler
left this morning for St. Joseph,
where they will visit before re
turning to Salem, which will be
their future home.
Card of Thanks.
We wish to extend our thanks
to the many friends who so kindly
assisted us in the recent sickness
and death of our little baby.
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Beaver.
Final Settlement.
Petitions for final settlement
were filed in the county court this
morning in the estates of Isabella
Richey and A". E. Oass.
Mrs. Martin Houck, Mrs. A. C.
Godwin and Mrs. 1. T. Lohmes
returned to Omaha this afternoon,
after visiting friends here.
FOR SALE One Ross hand hay
cutter, almost new; cuts hay in
quarter-inch lengths. See Dun
bar at the Riley hotel.
Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Meisinger
went to Benson today to visit Mr.
and Mrs. P. M. Meisinger.
For Infants and Children,
The Kind You Have Always Bo'ighl
Boar the
Signature of