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    business right. He bought over
f.on pounds of chickens, which he
verify ii
iavs took his money he had plan
ned upon spending for rt i lemon
ade and peanuts at the picnic.
" ' ':""T
-.-0 .... . M
1 'JD !
ling (lie Slumadis aiuiUowdsaf
Proraolcs DicstionJCkerfiil
ness and Resi.Contains neither
Opium.Morjihinc norfliacraL;
Not Nahc otic.
flimJljl SttJ
fiprrrmuil -tiilurti'iiiikStda
h'mn Srrd
(anfud Siijnr
halmrrm llurr.
Anprfiprl Reiwdv fnrConsllwi
tlon . Sour Stomach.lUarrtwK'a
Worms onvulsioiis.rcvi'risD
Facsimile Signature of
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears tho
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
For Over
Thirty Years
J Ncws.'. 4
It is reported a carload of
Greeks have been hired to conic
here and pick apples.
Mrs. D. C. West and daughter
returned home from their outing
rn Colorado Wednesday.
Mrs. C. A. Duckworth, who has
been seriously ill the past week, is
improving and with (rood care will
soon be out of danger.
Bonnet Ohriswissor and wife
came down from Plattsmouth
Tuesday to see their son, Charles,
and family. Mrs. Chriswisser is
recovering from the fractured
arm she suffered a short time ago.
Mrs. K. A. Kirkpatricsk left
Monday for St. Joseph, where she
goes for a short, visit to her son,
fluy and wife, and especially to
see that little grandson that ar
rived on the scene this spring.
Sunday was the Iltst birthday of
Carl Stone, and a number of rela
tives from here and Union were
invited out. to the- hopilable home
tf Mr. and Mrs. SI one, where, a
bountiful dinner was served.
I). D. Adams and wife returned
Sunday from a visit to ttieir
daughter, Mrs. W. I,. Sluek, at
Iliff, Colorado. Mr. Adams says
corn looks tine in the western
part of t he stale, and that I hey
are having a great deal more
rain than we are.
C. I). St. John pulled his two
threshing outfits in Tuesday from
a very successful run of shock
threshing. This has been an ex
ceptionally good year for the
threshers, as there was not rain
enough at any one time to lay
their out (Its up.
Victor, Ralph and Justin Strum
started in their cur Sunday for a
trip of several weeks to Colorado.
They expected to .slop at Superior
and lake Vilas Sophn wilh them.
It isn't neecssnry to predict that
the boys will enjoy themselves
E. M. Pollard was in Nebraska
City Inst week and purchased 17,-
the carnival.
Ben Dunn has moved his family
from Omaha back to Louisville
Thev also lived at Crawford a
.short time. Their friends wel
J " Leader-Echo, v
A. C. Ferguson and family spent.
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Geo.
Adams, near Union.
Mrs. Hart, sister of Mrs. Cyrus
llon, has returned to her home
in Indiana, Dr. Alton accompany
ing: her.
Halph Uhley returned home
froin Falls City Monday morning,
where he has been holding down
an operator's job for the M. I'.
(icorgc Steohr and family visit
ed over Sunday in Plattsmouth at
the home of Mrs. Steohr's par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Mois-
Itev. Davis went to Omaha
Tuesday to see Mrs. Davis. He
brought home the good news t hat
Mrs. Davis continues to improve.
0. A. Burcham and wife, of Lin
coln were Monday guests at the
home of the latler's sister, Mrs.
M. H. Tvson. Mrs. Burcham was
formerly Miss fieri ie Coon.
W. E. Hnsenerans and son,
Clale, came out from Plal tsmouth
Tuesday evening in his car, re
turning Wednesday, accompanied
bv Miss Raker and daughter and
Miss Hanna Dettman.
Harry Williams left Tuesday
wilh some landseekers for Can
ada. There were 200 tickets sold
to Canadian landseekers on this
one day.
Leonard McLaughlin and Miss
Louella Heaver wero married in
Lincoln Friday of last week. This
paper joins their many Elrnwood
friends in extending hearty con
Dan McNeely died Wednesday
afternoon about the hour of 2
o'clock. Funeral services will be
held this (Friday) morning at 10
Tho Proof Is In Plattsmouth, Al
most at Your Door.
The public statement of . a
Plattsmouth citizen is in itself
strong proof for Plattsmouth peo
ple, but continuation strengthens
the evidence.
Here is a Plattsmouth citizen
who testified years ago that
Doan's Kidney Pills relieved sick
kidneys and now states the cure
was permanent. Can any sufferer
from kidney ills ask better proof?
You can investigate. The, case is
right at home.
Herman Tiekoetter, Ninth and
Day streets, Plattsmouth, Neb.,
says: "I never used another
medicine that brought as great
benefit as Doan's Kidney Pills. My
kidneys were disordered and there
was a dull, tired ache across the
small of my back that distressed
me a great deal. If I stooped my
tack pained be severely, and in
the morning when I arose, I felt as
lired as when I went to bed.
Hearing Doan's Kidnev Pills hich-
praised, I procured a box at
Rynolt & Co.'s Drug Store, and it
was not long before I was en
tirely relieved." (Statement
given June 8, 1000) .
On December 29, 1908, Mr.
Tiekoetter said: "I cheerfully
confirm my former endorsement
of Doan's Kidnev Pills. I have
had no trouble from my kidneys
since this remedy cured me."
For sale by all dealers. Price
50 cents. Foster-Milburn Co.,
Buffalo, New York, sole agents for
the United Slates.
Remember the name Doan's
and take no other.
come their return.
City Marshal Cam Seybert has u ciock rrom me r,nrisnan cnuren.
nnchased the. three vacant lots on ,ial1 to have an obituary
Cherry street, east of C. A. Rich
ey. and will erect a handsome
residence in the near future.
George B. Mattison, another
Cass county pioneer, died at his
home in South Bend, Neb., Aug
ust 3 at o'clock. The deceased
had been suffering for some time
with kidney troubles
F. W. Schliefert went to Oma
ha Wednesday, where hopurchas
ed a fine five-passenger Stoddard
aytnn touring car. rred was a
little slow in contracting the
automobile fever, but when he
became infected there was nolh
ing too good for him
Dr. L. F. Polk, who succeeds
Dr. Lewis, says that to practice
medicine one has no time to farm
ami should reside in town. lie
has an advertisement in this issue
offering his farm of 100 acres and
his fine suburban home for sale
The doctor will purchase a site
and erect a neat residence in town,
where he and his excellent family
will receive a most hearty wel
for next week.
The contractor, who was to
have commenced work last Tues
day on our new school house, did
not do so, but forfeited the
amount, covered by certified check
rather than commence the job
So we will have to wait a spel
R. D. Bailey has sold his ice
house and business to Stephen
Gyger, the latter to take posses
sion after ice deliveries have been
made for the season. Mr. Bailey
nnd family will move, to Florida
where they will occupy an eighty
acre truck gardening farm. Wrc
shall dislike to see them leave
here, but as they consider it, best
for their persona'l welfare, their
many Elrnwood friends will hope
that such will lie the case, and
that they will be blessed with
friends as numerous in their
This coating when applied to the above surfaces hardens with
age, rendering it proof against moisture, alkali, acids, gas, grease
and steam as well. Sold at
Agents Heath & Milligan's Prepared Paints
! EAGLE. -J-
I Beacon. J
A. L. McDonald, the real estate
man, arrived home Sunday night
from a business trip to Madison
and Pierce counties.
Mrs. Rose Keeley of .Central
City departed for her home Mon
day, after spending several days
visiung wiin Mrs. i;. a. Mankor.
Misses Nellie and Lena Trum
ble arrived home Tuesday from
Fdgar, where they had been for
some lime visiting wilh their
sister, Mrs. A. P. Purbaugh.
A deal was made Monday
whereby M. A. Rohlyer became
owner of Art Kwerlh's dray busl-
Attack Like Tigers. j
In lighting to keep the blood
pure the, while corpuscles attack
disease, germs like tigers. But
often germs multiply so fast the
little fighters are overcome. Then
see pimples, boils, eczema, salt
rheum and sores multiply and
strength and appetite fail. This
condition demands Electric Bit
ters to regulate stomach, liver
and kidneys and to expel poisons
from the blood. "They are tho
best blood purifier," writes O. T.
Budahn, of Tracy. California, "I
have ever found." They make
rich, red blood, strong nerves and
build up your hcallh. Try them.
r0c at F. G. Fricke iV Co.
000 barrels which they will use in n,'ss- Mr- Ewerlh expects to on-
Daokine: the annle cron. and he farming near Eagle.
fxpocts that wilh tho Norris or
chard, which they purchased from
D. C. West, Ihey will have about
100 carloads. ,
Hally Delaney of Union Loses His
Right Hand at Nebraska
Iialley Delaney, a Missouri Pa
cific brakoman, and one of the
most efficient men in the com
pany's train service on this di
vision, so badly mangled his right
hand shortly after noon Sunday
that it was necessaryto amputate
the wounded member, says the
Nebraska City Press.
Delaney, who is a member of
the switching crew, ate dinner
with his wife at. Union, his home
on Sunday and came at once wilh
the crew to do some work in the
Nebraska City yards. He attempt
ed to couple J wo cars and, in
some manner which will probably
never be known, he slipped and
fell, his right hand falling over
the rail and Hie heavy car at once
passing over it. ' 4
T. D. Brown's automobile was
at once pressed into service and
the injured man taken from Hie
place of accident, near the freight
depot, to the office of Dr. S. S.
Wilson. Dr. Wilson and Dr. C. D.
Crudup at once examined the in
jury anil came to the conclusion
that amputation was necessary.
The wrist was crushed and
mangled and the fingers on the
hand smashed and hanging ,by
mere threads. Delaney was given
an anesthetic and amputation
performed. He was (aken homo
in the afternoon and Sunday night
he was sent to St. Louis to the
Missouri Pacific general hospital,
where he will receive the proper
He was one of the best brake
men in the service of the com
pany and his injury will cause the
AIITKl.KS of iroitroHTiov
PKKKKNTS, That we. the undersigned.
do hereby form and create a corpora
tion under and by the name of
I'lie I'lmtxinoulh Aulo mill Wagon
llrldm- Oiinjiiiiiy.
1. The principal place of business of
said corporation shall be the City of
Plattsmouth, County of Cass, Ne
2. The purpose of said corporation
shall be to construct, maintain and
operate a bridge across the 1'latte river,
at a point on said river east of the
bridge thereover of the Chicago, P.ur-
lliiKton Sr. Qulncy Iiailroad Company,
between t lie counties of Sarpy and Cass,
of the State of Nebraska, and to pur
chase and own land sulllcient upon
which to construct said bridge and
buildings necessary to carry on said
business and to charpre and collect tells
for the use thereof.
3. The capital stock of said corpora
tion shall be (If ty thousand dollars.
of which twenty-live thousand dollars
shall be common stock, divided Into one
thousand Bliares of the par value of
twenty-tlve dollars each, and the
owners thereof shall have the sole and
exclusive power of voting at all stock
holders meetings, each owner being
entitled to one vote for each share of
said common stock by him so owned
and said stock only shall be counted
In any vote cast at any stockholders'
meeting and shall be entitled to all
dividends In excess of the six per cent
guaranteed to the preferred stock, and
the balance of said stock shall be
k:iown as preferred stock, subject to
ti e power of the lommon stock and
divided Into one thousand shares of
the par value of twenty-five dollars
each, and shall be entitled to dividends
of six per cent per annum, payable
annually, and tne Hoard or Directors
may. in Its disaretlon. order said
dividends upon the preferred stock to
no paid quarterly or semi-annually, and
for the payment of said dividends upon
the preferred stock, the ways, works.
easements, bridge nnd franchises of
this company aro herebv pledged
4. Said Corporation shall commence
doing business on June 1st. A. D. 1911.
and shall terminate on June 1st, A. D.
5. The annual meetings shall be held
on the first Monday xf January of each
6. Said corporation shall not com
mence doing business until ten per
cent of the capital sock shall be sub
scribed and paid and the balance shall
be due upon call of the Hoard of
Directors. .
7. The indebtednvKS or liability of
this corporation shall at no time ex
ceed two-thirds of the paid-up capital
S. The officers of said corporation
shall be live directors, with power to
pass and adopt by-laws, to be elected
nt the annual meeting of the stock
holders, and to serve until their suc
cessors are elected and qualified, and
said Hoard of Directors shall, from
I heir body, elect a President, Vice
President, Secretary and Treasurer, and
the Inst two olllcers, at the option of
the Hoard, may bo filled by one and
the same person, and the Secretary and
Treasurer may be removed by said
Hoard of Directors at nnv time.
undersigned, have hereunto set our
hands this 27th day of May, A D., 1911.
In presence of
Paul Jessen as to (3 and 4)
Wm. A. Itobertson as to (1. 2 and 5)
(1) T. II Pollock.
(2) I.Ida P. Pollock.
(3) Mrs. N. A. Duff.
(4) 11. A. Duff.
(5) Jas. K. Pollock.
Stnt of Nebraska. County of Otoe, ss.
UK IT REM KM B R It ED, That on this
27th day of May. A. D. 1911, there ap
peared before me, the undersigned
Notary Public, Mrs. N. A. Duff and R.
A. I tuff, who In my presence signed
tho f-ireirnlng certificate of Incorpora
tion and acknowledged the same to be
their f-ee and v-iionlar" net ami rtei-.
In Witness Whereof, I hnve hereunto
set my hand and Notarial Seal the day
ami vear above witten.
(iCKl) I " Jessen,
whom, In my presence, signed tho
foregoing certificate of Incorporation
and acknowledged their said si'inattires
to be their free and olunlary act and
In Witness Whereof, I have hereunto-
set my hand and Notarial Seal the duy
and year above written.
(Seal) W. A. Robertson.
Notary Publi:.
State of Nebraska, Cass County, ss.
William W. Coates nnd Frank C.
Renter will take notice that on the 7th
day of August, 1911, M. Archer, a
Justice of the Peace of the City of
Plattsmouth, Cass County, Nebraska,.
Issued an order of attachment for the
sum of $98.60, In an action pending be
fore him wherein Ueorge Poisall Is
plaintiff and William W. Coates and
Frank C. Henfer are defendants, that
the property of the defendant, con
sisting of a debt owing by Weyrlch &
nauraoa 10 me saia winiam w. coates,
has been attached under said order.
Said cause was continued to the 10th
day of September, 1911, at t o'clock.
a. m.
Dated at Plattsmouth, Nebraska, this
10th day of August, 1911.
. George Poisall, Plaintiff.
Pony Gets Scared at Auto and
Runs Away, but Occupants of
Rig Escape Without Injury.
On Monday afternoon, when
Mrs. Ohlenhouse and Miss Emma
Warner, daughters of Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Warner, were driv
ing to Plattsmouth they came
very near meeting wilh a serious
runaway accident. About four
miles from this city they njet Mr.
Osscnkop of Louisville, returning
home from Plattsmouth in his big
red and black . automobile, at
which the pony that the ladies
were driving became, frightened
and ran away. This was rather
unexpected by the ladies, as the
pony had become accustomed to
their auto and they thought such
would be the case at this time.
Possibly 'the change in color in
the machine was the cause for the
The ladies wered ragged for
some distancei n the top of the
buggy after it had been turned
over, but the top was broken off,
which permitted the ladies to
escape uninjured, otherwise tne
results might have been very
serious. The ladies were slightly
bruised, but no bones were
broken. Teh buggy was the one
that Mr. Warner purchased from
August Oorder a few days ago,
anil otherwise than the demolish
ed top it was uninjured.
notary ruonc. i
Sfnte of Nebrnsk 1. '"oontv of Cass, ss.
HE IT RK.MKMIIEnED,' That on this
27th day of May, A. D. 1911. there ap
peared before me. the undersigned
;owiry runuc, i. -n. ronocK, 1.111a r. ,i,; , ti.i,ni
Pollock and Jas. K. Pollock, each of '""lis MOlkennaupt.
Mrs. 11. A. Wilson returned to
Omaha this afternoon, after visit
ing helween trains with Mrs.
Congratulations, Qus.
From Wednesday's Pally.
The Journal received a 'phone company to lose a splendid man,
message lliis morning apprising according to the statements of
! Courier. !
C. F. Heiehart is enjoying a
vacation in the mountains of
Miss Katherine lliehey visiled
Miss (iladvs Ilayden in Lincoln
this week und attended the as
sembly. Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Keckler re
turned Wednesday evening from
an extended visit in South Da
kota. Will LenholT came down Tues
day from Lincoln to attend to
pome repairs on his farm at Col
lege Hill.
Three thousand and ten pounds
of horse wrapped in one horse
hide is some horse. That is what
we are going to show you durinir
F.d Ax, who has been running
an extra gang for tho Missouri
Pacific on the Crele branch, has
returned ami assumed his posi
tion as section foreman, which
has been tilled by Henry Caddy.
The Missouri Pacific has had a
pump gang here this week testing
the How of water of the vein In
Iheir well. If the flow is sufficient
Ihey will probably put in a water
lank at this place.
Misses Klecla and Lavie Jones
arrived a few days ago from Kan
sas and are visiting with their
sister, Mrs. O. L. Myers. In com
pany with Mrs. Myers they will
make a trip to Omaha the last of
this week.
Miss Maude Jack of Washing
ton arrived Monday to spend a
month's vacation with her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. William Jack.
Miss Jack is employed in the con
gressional library at the national
capital city.
Charles Price was about the
busiest man in town Tuesday
it of Ihe fact that Ous livers had
been nominated by the repub
licans of Lancaster county for
sheriff. This is good news to tho
citizens of Plattsmouth, wtiere
Cius spent his boyhood days, and
is a son of Hubo Hyers, who was
sheriff of Cass county for several
years nnd then warden of the
stale penitentiary. Tin very
large vote fins received at Have
lock shows the high esteem in
which he is held by his home
people. He received about 100 ma
jority in Haveloek. and this was
increased to over 000 in Lincoln
and the county. We extend con
gratulations, knowing full well
that he will fill the ofilce to the
entire satisfaction of all con
cerr.ed. A republican nomination
in Lancaster county is equivalent
to an election
Funeral of Infant.
A child, which was born yes
terday to Mr. and Mrs. K. L
Spies, died at birth, and the fun
eral was held at 10 o'clock this
morning, The funeral was
morning, beinfr in the chicken 1 private.
tne tram men wno know him so
well. It 'is quite likely that he
will be unable to again enter the
service of the company in Ihe
train department.
Accused of Stealing.
E. E. Chamberlain, of Clinton,
Me., boldly accuses Bucklen's
Arnica Salve of stealing Ihe
sting from burns or scalds the
pain from sores of all kinds
the distress from boils or piles.
"It robs cuts, corns, bruises,
sprains and injuries of their ter
ror," he says, "as a healing rem
edy its equal don't exist." Only
25fl at F.O. Fricke & Co.
M. W. A. Log Rolling.
Frank Sheldon, the merchant
prince; John Wunderlich, John
Whiteman and Dr. Thomas, all of
Aeluiwka. were here today in the
interest of the M. W. A. Log
llolling at that place next Satur
day, August 19. Plattsmouth
should send down a large delega
tion, remembering that Nehawka
always treats her guests in the
most hospitable manner.
Traveling Inducements for August!
This Rlorions vacation region during August is the magnet of thousands of
tourists and campers; there is no scenic tour in the world like the Park tour,
whether you use the hotels or the personally conducted camping tours. You
owe it to yourself and family to see this wonderland.
The thirty and sixty day excursion fares will continue in effect. Thev em
brace the whole Eastern country. Ask for special leaflet of Eastern tours
The very low $25.00 one-way fares to the Pacific Coast will be in effect Sep
tember 15th to October 15th. You should go during the earlier period o
tliese rates to avoid the final rush.
The Burlington runs through standard and tourist sleepers every day to Cal
ifornia via Denver, scenic Colorado, Salt Lake City, with choice of routes
beyond via Southern Pacific, Western Pacific (Feather River Canyon) or
Salt Lake Route; also complete through trains with all classes ol equipment
to the Northwest via Billings.
HOMESEEKER FARES continue first and third Tuesdays to the West.
Write or call and let me help you plan an attractive va
cation tour.
R. W. CLEMENT, Ticket Agent.
L. W. WAKELY, General Passenger Agent, Omaha. Neb