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    Murray Department
lfanyfUvcadri0fthtJmrnalkrunofamil.Uornrn ofintcrut in thU vicinity and vill maxl rnnu to tkis office it mil appear wfer this headin
Wt want all ikvit of intend. Kdilur imr
urray State
. 0
Capital and
$1 5000.00
Wo Solicit Your Banking
Dr. Newell, the d'iitlMt, In Murrsr
every Ttiwiday.
Ice cream, fruit Hundaes and
rones nl A. L. linker's.
Frauk Co lx-1 man, pain tor ami
paper hanger. PlattHmouth.
Men. Albert Ouei-n is attending
institute at Weeping Water this
Miss Villa Gapen in attending
county institute in Weeping
Water thin week.
Mr. ami Mrs. Lloyd Gapen ami
Miss Ixabelle, Young were in
PlattHmouth Tuesday.
William Wiley ban been juilc
Hick fur soiiie time, ami hits con
dition reimiiiiH about the name.
Jiimi'H llolini'H ami Will Hiuilli
returneil home from lbelr Coln-
railo trip last hutunlay morning.
H. (i. Latin, O. A. Davis, Dr. nml
Mrs. (iiliiiote atlemli'il the fun
eral of Mrs. Margaret MrCalluin
lust Friday.
Mi'h. I'.il It ik m h ami children of
fi n i u m . Nebraska, are visiting
Willi lier parent, Mr. ami Mrs. I
Filch, cast of Murray.
Mrs, O. A. Davis is Hull'ering
from a severe ease of poison ivey
tl i h weekk wliirh she nml racled
while gathering grapes.
Warren Wiley returned lo
l'lainvicvv Monday. Mrs. Wiley
will remain lo visit witb her
rnollier ami si.sler for several
Olie (Campbell moved to the Pit
man place, near Nehawka, this
K, II. Spangler lias purchased
a fine new Velio. "40" automobile
It in sure a dandy.
Miss Ina Davis of Los Angeles,
California, visited with Mr. and
Mrs. Gilmoro a few days tli i 9
George, Campbell of Fullerton,
Neb., was in Murray last week,
coming down for a visit with his
brothers. The trip was inadp In
the nulo.
Mrs. 1 D. Smith lias been in
Darlington, Nob., for the past few
days visiting with her until, Mrs.
J. A. Iloggall. Pete says lie is
getting mighty lonesome.
Charles Countryman is building
a new tenant house mi his farm
w est of Murray on I he old Had
llhodcii farm. W. W. Hamilton,
the boss Murray, carpenter, is do
ing the work.
mrs. Joseph tia 1 1 K m or Mrokon
How, ipiite well known in Hits
locality, has been nuilo sick and
her husband ha boon called to
her bedside from the west. Her
condition is very serious.
ord has been received here
from Frank Vallery, who made the
trip out home in the western part
of the state in his aulo, that ho
arrived home all O. K. and the
trip was made in two days. Preltv
good traveling for a new chauf
The Murray schools will open
September 4.
Murray was well represented at
the Old Settlers' picnic last Fri
day and Saturday.
Rev. Williams will begin a
series of meetings in Murray
about September 1st.
Mrs. G. H. Oilmore and son,
Walker, attended the UuiTalo Dili
show in Omali aMonday.
Mr. and Mrs. John Rutherford
of Plattsmouth spent Sunday at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. E.
W. A. Drown returned home
from Central City last Friday
evening. lie reports a very
pleasant visit.
J. R. C. Gregory shipped two
cars or feeders from South Oma
ha Wednesday. They were driven
from here to his farm.
II. A. Hoot went to Lincoln and
York, Nebraska, Wednesday
morning for a few days' visit with
friends and relatives.
A. L. Dakrr and daughter,
Opha, and. Mr. and Mrs. M. G.
Churchill attended the IlulTalo
show in Omaha Monday.
II. f!. Jiailey, the Maple Grove
blacksmith, was looking after
some business matters in the
county seal, last Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Carroll
entertained Mr. and Mrs. Major
Hall and sou and daughter and
Rev. Williams at dinner last Sun
day. The Sunshine band will give an
ice cream social at the home of
Frank Moore on aturday evening,
August 26th. Everybody invited
lo roine.
Mr. and Mrs. Alva Long and
family, Mr. and Mrs. Edmunds
and Mrs. Homer Miller were
'nlerlained at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. William Sporer last Sunday.
Mrs. Julia Turner of Gibbon,
Neb., who has been making her
ome with R. C. Dailey and chil
dren in Fight Mile Grove precinct,
as housekeeper, has been anile
sick for Hie past few days.
Mrs. Homer Miller and little
sun, iMimunds, or Plainview, Neb.,
are visit ing in Murray, truest s at
the homo of Mr. and Mrs. John
Kilniunds. parents of Mrs. Miller.
Mr. and Mrs. Troy Davis and
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Davis of
Weeping Water and Mrs. Mary
Davis and son. Seurl. of Lincoln.
and Mrs. Ireland of Merlin were
guests at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. G. M. Minford last Sunday.
Frank Sheldon, John While
man. John Wumlerlich and Dr.
Thomas made up an automobile
load that were in Murray Wed
nesday morning boosting for the
big M. W. A. Log Rolling next
(In memory of the late F. M.
Young, sr.)
Only asleep! There isno death!
God calls His loved ones home.
Let our grief be subdued by faith
and hope,
For 'twas God who 'MM to him,
i four.
Dry Goods and Notions
Lnilies' Bib Aprons, well made, for 23c each
" Sleeve 50c "
" Petticoats of Gingham for 50c "
Some new Red Seal Check Ginghams.
A nice new lot of Dress Trimmings, ;such as you
have not seen here before.
New arrivals in Notions and Collar Supirters,
Cuff Pins, Heads, Bar Pins, Broaches, Hat Pins, La
; dies Chopping Dags, Belts, and Belting. Hair Pins,
narr Pins, Hair Nets.' Hair Rolls. Silk Scarfs. Hair Or
naments and a large line in Jewelry Novelties.
irW buy those ginnls from a very strong house and guarantee
that our gotnls will show up with lines shown in larger towns, and
our lines in a good many instances are lower. We invite you to
call in and let us have the pleasure of showing you.
Ayy T HAST, .
Cliff llubltell (r lleniingford.
Neb., brother of Mrs. John
Schwartz and Dick Shepard of
Henfro, Oklahoma, an uncle of
Mrs. Schwartz, are visiting at the
N'hwarU home near Mvnard. In
ompany with Mr. Schwartz they
attended the Old Settlers' nienie.
Mrs. James I.oughridge has
een numbered with the sick for
the past few days. She has been
gaining so rapidly for the oast
ew months that the friends and
relatives thought she would com
pletely recover from her old at
tacks, but she has not been feel
ing so well of late.
Arrangements nre being made
for a good lecture course in Mur
ray this season. The course has
already been selected and it is a
food list of attractions. Thev
ought to be great drawing cards
ajul the promoters should ex
perience no difficulty in selling
sufficient season tickets to defray
the expenses of the course.
It is not often that an election
L . . . .
ooaro log meniseivevs out in a
lull dress gear to serve on the
board, but such was the case in
Murray Tuesday. Sam Pitman
Will Hrown and Lee Oldham com
posed the election board, the two
former members wearing a full
dress suit. It is claimed that Lee
did hot have one and endeavored
to soil the suits worn by the other
Peter Campbell celebrated his
frty-eishth birthday anniversary
Tuesday eveninsr. Mr. Campbell
resides three and one-half miles
eat of Murray, and ail the rela
lives of the vicinity gathered in to
assist Pete in celebrating the oc
casion, taking him by surprise
Pete hardly realized that he was
i8 years old until the relatives
began to gather hi upon him. The
time was enjoyed just the same.
Fire destroyed the old Dyers
house in Old Hock Dlufl's last Fri
dav night. The house stood on
old Hock creek, and with it 9 de
st ruction there seems to be mys
terv. There was no one about the
premises and had not been for
several days. Charley Dyers was
living in the house, but had not
been at home for some time, and
all his household eiiects were
burned. The fire occurred early
in the morning with no one at
Nelson Carnine, who has been
in Murray for the past few weeks
visiting with his sister, Mrs.
Long, departed for Mattoon, III.,
Monday morning, where he goes
to visit with a brother for a time
before returning lo his home in
Vevey, Indiana. He was aceom
nanied as far as Omaha by his
neice, Mrs. Addie Stokes. Mr
Carnine is a mighty fine old
gentleman and during his visit in
Murray he made a lot of friends
who will ho pleased to see him
pay them another visit.
There might have been a chance
for some one to sell our good
friend, James flaincy, of Union,
an automobile a few weeks' ago,
but that opportunity has all been
shattered now. Mr. Hainey and
Mr. Nichols of Union were mak
ing a trip through the eastern
part of East. Hock DIufTs precinst
Tuesday. They were over in near
Hock DIufTs when something got
wrong with the feeding apparatus
of the big buzz wagon and they
were unable to administer a rem
edy. They worked for several
hours without finding the injured
spot, and finally telephoned to
Plattsmouth for Ed Darker. They
were laved up' about fourteen
hours all told before Mr. Darker
arrived. Mr. Darker was no!, long
in gelling the machine lo go, but
too long for Mr. Hainey to become
the owner of au auto real soon.
A Birthday Surprise
On the evening of the fifteenth
of Auirust the neighbors ami
friends '.'T the red at the home of
Mr. ami Mrs. (5uy KNer to give
(iuy's father. Mr. J. A. Wiser a
birthday surprise. He was gal-
lanlly surprised as he hail retired
for the night. The crowd soon
put an end to his peaceful slumb
ers ami forced him to take part
in the program, when he remem
bered it was his 18th birthday.
The evening was spent in social
conversation and musical selec
tions on the piano by Mrs. V. E.
I'erry and Mrs. J. S. Vallery, also
music by the phonograph. Then
all withdrew to the dining room
where an elegant two-course
luncheon was served by Mrs. Cmy
Wi-ii-r. assisted by Mrs. S. A. Dar
ker, Mrs. J. S. Vallery and Misses
Mae and Oleune Darker. All then
turned their steps homeward
wishing Mr. Wiser many more
happy birt hdays.
Those in attendance were: Mes-
sers and Mesdanies deo. A.Mei
singer. Albert Welenkkanip. J. H.
ullery, Philip Meisinger. C. II.
Only asleep 1 That peaceful sleep
Which knoweth no waking here;
That restful sleep, so calm and
With no dreams of heart-acre
or fear. N
SUtmnt of the Condition
Only asleepl Ah, blessed sleep,
When care and pain are o'er,
When the Angel of Love from the
mansion above
Bears us on to life evermore.
Only asleep in the arms of peace;
Only gone on before, ,
To awaken at last, when the
anchor i9 cast, ,
Safe on the evergreen shore.
Only asleep! May we thus be
Sweetly resting, Lord, in Thee,
When Thou shall call us, one by
As night comes on when day
is done.
v Mrs. Grace Hall.
KirMt aiorurauv loans I iW.OUO 6.1
Stock lottos K.747 HO
Caso IS. TOO 15
Delimiuctnt interest, premiums and
tines 6,5)8
ln.surkiu-e ana taxes paid and ad
vanced 1.W3W
Real estate contracts 3,721 77
Kent account 79 61
Total $132,417 46
Canitul Stock iaid up
KfMeiTe fund
Dividends declared
.... 97.5IK0O
... 5.113 7S
. .. 2,74iG7
Total J132.417 V
F.MMNll.lU.M 3D. UU.
Balance onliand.Iuly 1. l'.'lU $ A, 936 Yti
lues 23.H04 00
1 ntereth, premiums and fines 9.074 34
l.oaim reiiaid . 23.4U3 'M
Membership fees ; ivl !5
Keal estate contracts lie' u:i
Insurance and tuxes paid and ad
vanced R0 41
Fine 15 OK
Surprise Party.
of the most pleasant sur
parties held in this com
munity for many a day was at the
pleasant farm home of Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Springier Tuesday
evening. I he occasion was given
in honor of Mr. Spangler's birth
day anniversary, and was sure a
genuine surprise, as Charley was
ready to enter into slumberland
when the merry party arrived.
There were 35 automobiles filled
with people, besides all that came
in other conveyances, making over
100 in attendance. Those coming
from the north met at I he home
of W. D. Virgin and thosefrom
the south at O.-V. Virgin's, and at
the hour to move on all started
and met at the Spangler home to
gether. People were there from
Elniwood, Plattsmouth and
numerous other places of the
county. Ice cream and cake were
served and the gathering was held
in the nature of a porch party,
The occasion will long be remem
bered by Mr. Spangler.
Celebrates 48th Anniversary.
From Wednesday' Dally.
Peter Campbell, Andrew Camp
bell and George Campbell, the lat
ter now living nenr Dellgrade
.Mince county, Aebraska, were in
the city this morning and gave
the Journal a brief but pleasant
call. Mr. Peter Campbell cele
brated his 48th anniversary yes
terday at his home, six miles east
of Murray. The entire family of
children we rep resent to indm
Peter into the belief that "life
worth living." It was a sort of a
familyVeunion, and it is unneces
sary lo remark ,lhat a genuine
good time was enjoyed. Mr.
Campbell was born in Cass county
forty-eight years ago, and no one
las any belter risht to celebrate
his anniversary than Peter.. May
he live to celebrate at least double
thai number of birthdays is the
wish of the Journal.
Vallery, S. A. Darker. V. E. Perry,
J. S. Vallery, Olen Vallerv. Guv
Wiser. Messers Peter Perry, Grant
and Schuyler Hackenburg, George
Wreager, R. W. Lang, Noble Wiser.
and Misses Mae and Glenna and
Helen Vallery.
Ladles Aid Meeting.
Mrs. Georgia Creamer and Mrs
Walter Sans entertained the Lad
ies Aid of the Christian church
Wednesday afternoon, August trt,
At the usual hour refreshments
were served that were verv de
lieious. The usual business of
the society was transacted, and a
most enjoyable afternoon was had
by all in attendance. Those that
were fortunate to receive the hos
pitality of these royal entertainers
were Mesdames Ivan White, G. W
Shrader, G. S. Hay. W. P. Hutche
snu, jKsepn fans. w m. heeler,
Albert Wheeler. J. W. Derger,
Chas. Carroll. Lloyd Gapen. A. I
Daker, Homer Miller, of Plain
Mew, Will porer, Frank Moore,
1. r lemmmg. Lucille Young, aud
Mi sses Minnie Hutcheson, Vera
Yardley. Isabella Young. Deulah
Sans. Franses Moore, Harlan Sans
. 4 1M . ... . .
""niniii r lemming, sirs, waiter
an and Mrs. Georgia Creamer
forest nose Hour. The next
time you need a sack of flour try
a sack. ou will And it the bes
on the market.
Total $ $r.,6W 75
I.oun.H lll.4!5 00
Expenses I.5HB 80
Stock redeemed 21.4119 8T
'ahhonliaiul I2.l)a 15
Matured stock 8,1a! 00
Muturedstock interest 4.J.7H 00
Insurance and taxes paid and ad-
vaneed 773 34
Kent and repair 79 61
Total $ 85,6119 75
I. Carl O. Ericke. secretair of the abovo
named associat ion, do solemnly swear that tlio
foreirolnif statement of Hie condition of said as-
social Ion. is true and correct to the best of my
kuowledxe and belief.
Approved: Secretary.
T). tt. SMITH. 1
NublwcrilM'd and sworn to before me this t'Mit
day of July, 1910.
(seal.) Notary l'ubllc.
My commission expires February 13, 1913. .
pressing our sincere
Card, of Thanks.
take this method of ex-
thanks to
I hose kind friends who so w illing
ly assisted us in our recent sick
ness ami death of our beloved
husband and father.
Mrs. V. M. Y'oung.
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Gapen.
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Wiley
Mr. ami Mrs. T. J. White.
Durton Y'oung.
Arthur Y'oung.
Isabella Y'oung.
Mrs. Margaret Countryman Mc-
Callum, who died at Guide Rock,
Neb., after six weeks' sickness,
was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
H. E. Countryman. Mrs. McCal
lum was born in Mt. Pleasant
precinct, in this county, Feb
ruary 23, 1875, and was 36 years,
5 months and 16 days of age at
the time of her death. Mrs. Mo
Callum spent her girlhood days
upon the farm of her father, and
after completing her course at
the district school she entered the
Weeping Water academy. After
completing her course at the
academy she entered the Nebraska
State university, where she gradu
ated with credit in 1902. For
three years she followed the pro
fession of leaching in Illinois and
in Alabama. In 1006 she was
united in marriage with Ralph
McCallum of Guide Rock, with
whom she had become acquainted,
while attending the state uni
versity. Their short married life
was spent in Guide Rock, where
two children were born to them, a
boy 2 years old and an infant son
6 veeks old. Mrs. MrCollum was
a devvout Christian, a member
of the Congregational church.
In storm or sunshine her cheer
ful, even temper stood boldly out.
She leaves her husband, two sons,
father and mother, three brothers
and three sisters to mourn her
loss. Charles and William Coun
trymen of Mt. Pleasant precinct
and Clifton Countryman, a banker
in Western. Nebraska, are broth
ers well known here. The funeral
services were conducted by Rev.
Henford of Weeping Water and
interment was made at Oakwood
cemetery at Weeping Water.
Dut when the sun in all bis stale
Illumed the eastern skies.
She passed through glory's morn
ing gate
And walked into Paradise.
Itching, bleeding, protruding or
blind piles yield to Doan's Oint
ment. Chronic cases soon re
lieved, finally cured. Druggists
all sell it.
Light Rain at Murray.
Although a heavy rain fell ap
parently on all sides of Murray,
D. A. Y'oung, who was here this
aiternoon. said that Murray only
pot enough rain to settle the dust,
lie said that I'nion reported a
heavy rain. Miss Y'oung. who
came in from Denver on No. 6
this morning, said that it began to
rain heavily in western Colorado
and rained through all the ter
ritory between there and here. At
Lincoln the tracks were under
Special Discount
We are holding a special dis
count sale on all our Ladies'
Muslin wear and Summer Waists.
Special prices to reduce the liae.
A. Hast.
Miss Clara Dovey went to Oma
ha this afternoon.
Doan's Regulets cure constipa
tion without griping, nausea, nor
any weakening effect. Ask your
for them. -25 cents per
Resigns Her Position.
A special from Stanton, Neb.,
under date of August 16, says:
Miss Grace Countryman of Weep
ing Water, principal of the Stan-,
ton High school for the last two
years, has resigned her position
on account of the death of a sis
ter, which makes it impossible for
her to continue her school work.
Miss Contryman has been a very
etVticent member of the High
school faculty. The other vac
ancies in the school have been
filled by Miss Myrtle Daniels of
Stanton and William DIackstone
of Pilger.
Office First National Bank Building