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Two Breal BaMons and Two
ihu viuui uuwjiuu uitu inw
Great Captivities.
Paator Ruatell Seat Type and Antityp the prophecies speak of the end of this
Between Babylon of Old and Myatl Age and of world-wide calamities in
Babylon and Between th. Captivity cldentai to the overthrow of every in-
f ri..hly l.ra.l and th. Captivity of
ai. i . a, t 4 1 1 1 . 1
T" -w. -
Seattle, Wash.,
July 2.-Bible Stu
dents and the pub
lic In great num
bers heard Pastor
Russell here today, and Jerenilh 1, 3S, with Revelation
' We report one of , xvi, 12, nnd the 4tith verse with Reve
hls discourses on latlon xvlil, D. Compare also Jeremiah
the "Two Baby
Ions" one Literal
and the other Mys
tical. He took no
specific text, bt
relied wholly upon
Bible testimony,
quoting the same frequently, lie said
in part:
For centuries Bible Students have
observed that many of the strong ex
pressions of the Old Testament re
specting Babylon found their parallels
In the New Testament, used in respect
to Mystic Babylon. Many of these
statements of the Old Testament seem
far too vivid and too strong to be ap
plied to Literal Babylon. Hence It was
surmised that Mystic Babylon was
more particularly referred to than the
Literal. It was noticed also that as
Israel and Judah went into captivity
to Literal Babylon, so apparently the
Book of Revelation teaches that Spir
itual Israel would have drastic experi
ences In a captivity to Mystic or Sym
bolic "Babylon the Great, the Mother
of Harlots" (Revelation xvii, 5).
Within the past fifty years, under
the blighting Influence of the Evolu
tion theory and the destructive Higher
Criticism iif the Bible, these parallels
have been lost sight of. Indeed, aside
from International Sunday School les
sons, Bible study has been very large
ly neglected, even in theological semi
naries. And the Sunday School les
sons, under the guidance of worldly
wisdom, have sought to avoid every
thing except the "milk of the Word"
(the simple doctrines) to avoid contro
versies. Only very recently is true Bible study
being revived In conjunction with the
International Bible Students Associa
tion, a branch of which I have the
honor to address today. We may well
congratulate each other, dear friends,
that in God's providence we have es-1
caped the faith-destroying influence of
Higher Criticism and Evolution. We
may well congratulate ourselves also
on the degree of liberty we have at
tained In the study of God's Word
freedom from the confusing creeds
manufactured for us in a darker nge
freedom from some of the rank super
stitions and false theories which, for a
time, fettered our reason and made
the Divine Plan to appear ignoble un
worthy of a Just and loving man, much
more of an All-Wise, Just and Loving
Great Bab'ylon of Old.
Briefly we remind you that ancient
Babylon was built on the river Eu
phrates; that she had impregnable
walls; thnt the river ran through the
midst of the city, and tho great gates
of brass spanned the river as a pro
tection against assaults of an enemy
from that quarter. The name of the
city was attached to a large area of
country outside of It, for which It
served as the capital. Indeed, at Its
cenlth Babylon was mistress of the
then civilized world the first Uni
versal Empire.
We remind you of the captivity, first
of the ten tribes of Israel, and later
on of the remaining two tribes or king
dom called Judah. The method of
Babylon was to scatter the Israelites
amongst the Babylonians, and through
their earthly Interests to amnlgamnte
them as part and parcel of Babylonia.
This condition of things lasted until
the fall of Babylon before its con
queror, Cyrus.
The General gained his victory In
remarknble manner, while the Baby
lonians, assured of their security, wore
revelling at a banquet. Although the
crisis came suddenly, the preparation
had been long In progress. The sol
diers of Cyrus, under his direction,
hnd disced a canal of considerable
depth ready to drain off the water of
the river as soon ns the necessary con
nection was made. When the canal
wns in readiness the connection with
the river was speedily made and the
water flowed rapidly into the new
channel, leaving the bed of the river
under the great brazen gates, ou both
tides of the city, nn open roadway,
through which marched the army of
Cyrus. Suddenly, nt an unexpected
moment, the boastful city, the proud
Babylon, was captured.
Then It was thnt Cyrus, the victo
rious genernl, gave the command which
granted liberty to every Israelite car
ried captive thither, to return to his
own land. Additionally, assistance was
rendered to all who desired to return.
and the goldeti vessels pertaining- to
the worship of God In the tempi were
sent back. But strange to say, out of
all the millions who had constituted
Isran) nnd Judah before the captivity.
only about flfty-thre thousand of all
the tribes were amicus to avail them
selves of the privilege of returning to
the Land of Promise.
Antitypical or Mystie Babylon.
The Book of Revelation, the book of
tiuImiIh, the last lusMne of our ai-
tended Redeemer to His Church
through the Apoatle John, was written
,on centurles after literal Bubylou
perl!jheJ Ita referenc. to Babylon.
I therefore, can be viewed only in the
light of symbolism. As already sug
gested, many of the prophetic utter
ances seem far too strong to be ap
plied to literal Babylon and her fall.
Indeed, while speaking directly of
Babylon and her fall at the hands of
the Medes and Persians under Cyrus,
"tltutlon contrary to the Divine will.
IJl CHOI Bivl v iur luauikuiw vawu wi
Messiah's Kingdom.
I request that at your convenience
you read Isaiah xlil, 1-19, in confirma
tion of what I have said. I recom
mend further that you compare Jere-
mlah I, 15, 29, with Revelation xvlil, tt,
11, C-9, with Revelation xvlil, 4; and
verse 13 of Jeremiah 11 with Revela
tion xvii, 1-15; and verses 37, C3. 64
with Revelation xvlil. 2. 4. 21.
No one can make these comparisons,
I believe, and not feel fully convinced
that the noly Spirit dictating through
Isaiah and Jeremiah was the same
Holy Spirit which guided St. John
throueh the ADOcalvntlc vision. Nor
can such students escape the conclu
slon that the force of the prophecies
apply specially to Mystic . Babylon
rather than to the literal city and
country. As one section of literal
Babvlon fell before another, so Reve
lation predicts it will be with Mystic
Babylon. As Literal Babylon ruled
over the whole world, so Mystic Baby
Ion Is represented as ruling the civiliz
ed world, and hence the entire world.
As the lords of Babylon were made
drunk by wine which they drank from
the golden vessels captured from the
temple at Jerusalem, so Mystic Baby
Ion, represented by a woman, is said
to make all nntlous drunk with the
wine, or doctrine, which she gives
them out of the goldei; cup which she
holds in her band. As Literal Babylon
fell by the drying up f the waters of
the Euphrates, so Revelation tells us
that Mystic Babylon sits upon the sym
bollc Euphrates, and that the way of
the kings of the East shall be prepared
by the drying up of those waters
(Revelation xvi, 12).
Similarly, we are assured, Mystic
Babylon's end shall come suddenly, "In
one hour." Like a great millstone she
shall be cast into the sea to rise no
more. As the literal Israelites were In
Tlted to leave Babylon tho literal, and
were helped so to do, but only a few
responded, so spiritual Israelites are
urged to leave Mystic Babylon lu
which they have been In captivity, but
only a comparatively small number
have a sufficiency of courage, love and
xeal to respond nt the first others will
be delivered after her collapse. Now,
however, the message is, "Babylon is
fallen, Is fallen sentenced to fall.
Come out of her, my people, thnt ye
be not partakers of her sins, nnd that
ye receive not of her plagues" (Revela
tion xvlil, 2-5).
Where It Myttio Babylon?
No student can examine the records
without astonishment and a realization
that Mystic Babylon must be some
great, influential system of great power
in the world during this Gospel Age,
and especially at Its close. The very
prominence given to Babylon, both in
prophecy and In Revelation, warns
God's people thnt If they have not yet
found Babylon they should seek for
her. For bo great an institution as
made all nations drunk with her false
doctrine must be very prominent, In
deed, to those who were made so un
der the influence of the stupefying
draft from her cup.
Indeed, the Intimation Is that the
whole civilized world will be so intoxi
cated with the false teaching of Baby
lon as to be completely under her influ
ence. And when she falls It is particu
larly explained that all the great, the
rich, the mighty, the influential of
earth will mourn the catastrophe of her
fall. Only the saintly few will recognize
Its true import and rejoice; as we read,
"Alas! that great city that was clothed
In fine linen and purple and scarlet,
and decked with gold and precious
stones and pearls! For in one hour so
crunf rlehoa In crime to nnnirht.
What city Is like unto this great cityl
And they cast dust, on their beads and
cried, weeping and walling, saying,
Alas, alas, that great city!" (Revela
tion xvlil, 10 19).
But, on the contrary, another class
rejoices, as we read:
"Rejoice over her, thou heaven, and
ye Holy Apostles and Prophets; for
God hath avenged you on her. And I
heard a voice of much people in heav
en, snylng, Alleluia! Salvation, and
glory, and honor, and power, unto the
Lord our 0d; for true and righteous
are His Judgments; for He hnth Judged
the great Harlot which did corrupt
the earth with her forni ntlon, and
hath avenged the blood of His serv
ants at her hand" (Revelation xvlil, 20,
and xlx, 1, 2).
it seems very clear, ruy dear breth
ren, that many of us were once part
and parcel of this great Babylon this
great system of confusion by which
the Divine character has been so tra
duced through misinterpretations of
the Divine Word. I am aware thnt
Catholics declari? that Protestants are
this Babylon system; and I am aware
that Protestants claim that Catholics
are this Babylon system.
To my understanding of the Divine
Word, both are right! Babylon Is the
Mother system and the various sects
of Protestantism are the daughters.
and the name Babylon la a family
name. It belongs to the mother sys
tem first, and to all the daughters of
the system now, as well. Improjer as
sociation with the world, its govern
ments aud systems, Is a crime to which
they are parties. The "daughters"
have followed the example of the
"mother," and more or less are coming
back Into sympathy with her in all
particulars. None of them have main
tained the proper attitude of virginity
and separateness from the world.
"I Speak Net Unkindly."
Do not misunderstand me. Mtevt
that then art true taintt of Ood in all
the various parts of Christendom-
mother and daughters. I do not even
charge nor believe that those who have
upheld and are upholding the various
sections of Babylon have an evil In
tention; I believe that they are thor
oughly "drunk," Intoxicated with their
own erroneous theories. The fall of
their present institutions will be a
startling blow to them, for they verily
believe them to be Christ's Kingdom
and style them such Christendom.
The fall of Babylon will astonish the
entire world, so complete Is the Illusion
thnt Christendom represents the throne
and government of Messiah amongst
men. And, be It remembered, the vast
majority In all the various sects and
denominations of Christendom are
worldly people who have no concep
tion whatever of the true Church and
her cause. Their ambition is to ap
proximate rlghteousuess and a form
of godliness, but no more than this
seems to them necessary; more would
be Irrational, unreasonable, since they
have not been begotten of tho Holy
Spirit and therefore canuot appreciate
things from the Divine standpoint.
To them the fall of Babylon at first
Is astounding, a perplexity, but will
work uo real Injury, because the reign
of Babylon over the earth will be
superseded by tho reign of the New
Jerusalem the Kingdom of God's dear
Son, The most saintly of God's people
will hear the voice of Divine com
mand, "Couio out of her, My people,"
and will obey It before the fall comes;
but a large number, even of the Lord's
people, lacking courage, will share
with Babylon the troubles of that hour.
Subsequently, however, they will
rejoice and be glnd when they realize
the Justice of the Divine execution
against Babylon, and to them will
come, as an inferior company, an In
vitation to attend the "marrage supper
of the Lamb." Their honorable posi
tion will be that of bridesmaids to
the still more faithful and courageous
"little flock," who will be accounted
worthy to be tho Bride class and to
sit with the Redeemer in His throne.
Then speedily will follow the long
promised Times of Restitution to the
world of mankind, for which we pray,
"Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done
on earth, as it Is done In heaven."
"Thy Kingdom Coma."
As God nnd Ills glory and honor are
to be -first in the minds of His children,
so their next thought should be for the
glorious Kingdom, which He has prom
ised shall bless the world. However
much our own personal Interests nnd
affairs may be pressing upon us, aud
however much we may desire to have
the Lord's blessing and guidance in
them, they nro not to outrank our ap
preciation of His beneficent arrange
ments which He has so clearly prom
ised In His Word. We are to remem
ber that the Kingdom, when it shall
come, will be a panacea for every III
and every trouble, not only for us. but
for the whole world of mankind. We
are not, therefore, to permit our own
pe-onal needs to be too prominent,
bul are to remember that the whole
creation is groaning aud travailing in
pain together, waiting for this glo
rious Kingdom aud tho blessing upon
all the families of the earth, which our
neavenly Father has promised shall
yet come through the Seed of Abraham.
This thought respecting tho King
dom, its necessity, aud the blessings
that it will bring will keep prominently
before our minds our own high calling
to jolut-helrshlp with our Lord in this
Kingdom. And In proportion ns that
hope Is clearly before our minds it will
be, as tho Apostle explains, as "an an
chor to our souls, sure and stendfnst,
entering into thnt which is within the
vail." This anchorage of hope in the
future, In the Kingdom, will enable
us to pnss safely, and with compara
tive qnlet, through the trials and
storms and difficulties of this present
evil world. More than this, our
thoughts respecting the Kingdom will
remind us that if we are to bo heirs of
the Kingdom It will be necessary that
we have the appropriate discipline and
Thy Will Be Dens en Earth, as It Is
Dene In Heaven."
This petition offered from the heart
implies thnt the one offering It has
rondo a full consecration of his will,
his heart, to the Lord, and that as be
hopes for the Kingdom by and by to
come and subdue all unrighteousness
and to establish the Divine will from
sea to sea, and from pole to pole, so
now, the petitioner, being thus In ac
cord with the Lord's will, and thus
wishing thnt it might be universally
tn contrd, will seo to It that this will
Is ruling In his own heart that in his
own nff.ilrs God's will Is done to the
best of l is ability tn his earthly con
dition, even as ho hopes to have It
perfected In the Kingdom. No one
can Intelligently and honestly offer
this petition and not desire nnd en
deavor to hnvo the !rd's will done in
himself while on enrth. Thus n blen j
ing comes to the one who offers this
petition before h hns asked nny sp
clal blessing upon himself or othere
The mere thought of the Divine
rangement brings a blessing, a pe- ,
a rest, a snnctlflcntlon of heart
Publlo Feels Certain Degree of
Confidence In Merchants
Who Advertise.
When a business concern in
vests a large sum of money in a
handsome store and equipment
for retail merchandising, the
public feels a certain degree of
confidence that tho concern has
goods worth examining. People
argue that unless they had estab
lished a reputation for fair deal
ing and unless they had goods
that they knew filled a need, they
would not dare spend so much
Advertising, likewise, acts as a
guarantee of substantial business
character. When a firm spends
money freely on this necessary
form of salesmanship the public
concludes that it must have goods
back of it that have demonstrated
their worth, or the firm would not
set apart this sum of money for
selling them through tho news
papers. A concern that does not ad
.vertise impresses tho public as
merely an experiment. Tho fact
that it may have been in exist
ence for many years does not help
jt so very much. The public may
even look at mere existence for a
long term of years as a dis
qualification, indicating prefer
ence for old-time methods. It
takes advertising to prove that
you have confidence in vour
Relief Agent Skips Out.
A special from Brook, Neb., un
der dale of June 29, says: "J. W.
Johnson, relief agent for the Mis
souri Pacific at this point, is mis
sing and two diamond rings valu
ed at $850 and cash amounting to
$800 are missing with him
Johnson was checked in on the
10th inst. to relieve J. W. Tee
garden, the regular agent, who,
with his wife and son, is visiting
friends and relatives in Indiana
Johnson is described as being 2G
years of age, weight about 105,
five feet ten inches in height nnd
has dark hair and eyes. No trace
of him has yet ben found."
Mr. Teegarden is a son-m-law
of Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Smith of
this city, and the family was here
only; a few days since visiting nt
the Smith home. Mr. Teegarden
was oft on n month's vacation
and no doubt this state of affairs
will hasten his return homo.
(ft)' f I'lattumouth.
Statement of the appropriation for
the City of 1'liittHinoiilli for tho pant
flaral year ami an CHtlmate of the
prohahle amount of money Decennary
for all purpoHea to he mined In aald
city ror the lineal year 1911-1912.
I.axt car's Appropriation.
Mayor 150.00
City Council 600.00
City Clerk 300.00
City Tieanurer 300.00
City Attorney 250.00
I'ollce JudKe 300.00
Police OMIcerH 1,500.00
Street ComtnlHHltier HOO.OO
Hoard of Health 100.00
Printline 150.00
Hoardlnir City PrlNonem 250.00
StreelH and (liaillnn 2,200.00
Miliary fioo.00
Park 100.00
Fire Hydrant Rental 3,510.00
Klre department 225.00
PcfiindliiK Honda Int. and
Honda 21 and 22 11,000.00
Street l.lKhtinif 1,500.00
Sinklmr Fund 2,500.00
Kathnate for FUrat Year HIM-IDU.
Mayor $ 150.00
City Council 500.00
City Clerk 300.00
City TreaHurer 300.00
City Attorney 850.00
Police JudKe 3B0.00
Police (illlcera 1,500.00
Street Commhoilnpr ,, 400.00
Hoard of Health 100.00
PrintitiK ami Stationery 200.00
Hoarding City Prlxonura 250 00
StreetH and Grading 1,500.00
Mhrary 450.00
Pnrk 250 00
Fire Hydrant Itental 2,000.00
Fire department 175 00
Kefuiidlnir Honda Int. and
KondH 23 and 24 lAnr.nnn
Street Mirhtlng 1,500 00
Slnklnn Fund 2,500.00
Cemetery Fund 260 00
Therefore, He It reaolved by the
Mayor and City Council that the froe-R-olna:
atatement and entimate be enter
ed at large unon the minutea by the
City Clerk and that the same be pub
lished for four weeks, aa required by
la w
Dated thla 29th day of June, 1911.
John P. Battler,
Attest: B. O. Wurl.
City Clk.
Miss Anna Parkining and her
sister, Miss Clara, wero Omaha
passengers this afternoon, where
they went to spend Sunday with
Herman Grecder,
Graduate Veterinary Surgeon
(Formerly with U. S. Department
Licensed by Nebraska State
Calls Answered Promptly
Telephone 378 White. PlattBmouth
The Democrats Practically United
what Divided Into Two Factions Taft and Anti-Taft Sup
porters and Brown and Anti-Brown Supporters.
That there will be troublous
times in Nebraska during the
coming year is conceded by all
kinds of politicians. The repub
licans are going to have more dif
ficulties to overcome than the
democrats. Senator Norris Brown
is going to have a big fight on his
hands, and it is probable that
George V. Norris will be the man
to make the fight. Tho La Follette
boomers arc behind Norris' cam
paign, and if they fall down in
their row, it is likely that Gov
ernor Aldrich will bo pushed for
ward to make tho race against
Senator Brown.
State Auditor Barton is being
urged to run for congress from
tho Fifth district, in event Norris
takes up the guago of battle for
the senatorship, but Barton will
not have things his own way, as
there are other republicans who
hanker for the job of helping de
feat a democrat for congress from
that bailiwick.
Congressman MeGuire, demo
crat, will have no opposition in
tho First, district. Paul F. Clark
and V. E. Selleck are sounding
the business men of Lincoln as
to whether they may stand for the
republican nomination to succeed
MeGuire, and Frank E. Edgerton
may come out into the open be
From Saturday's Pally.
Miss Bertha Nelson was an
Omaha passenger on tho morning
train today, where she visited
friends for the day.
Mrs. J. II. C. Gregory and
daughter, Pearl, of near Manley
were in the city today looking aft
er busines smatters.
S. Hay Smith nnd wife departed
for Denver and the mountains
this morning for a ten days' trip,
seeking a cooler clime.
Mr. P. A. McCrary was a nas-
Rongor to the metropolis on the
morning train today, where ho!
was called on business
Mrs. Hall of Greenwood arrived
on No. 4 this morning and will
visit her daughter, Mrs. Coon
Vallery, for a few days.
Mr. Jacob Lohnes of Cedar
Creek arrived on No. 4 this
morning and visited his Plaits
mouth friends for the day.
Mr. II. B. Hayes went to Omaha
this afternoon to meet Mrs. Hayes,
who has been visiting her parents
at Sac City for a few days.
Miss Father Larson returned
from Peru this afternoon, where
she had been to visit her sister,
Miss Mattie Larson, for a few
John Corey and wife and Mrs.
F.d Bralner and daughter, Jaunet,
returned last evening from Sac
City, fnwa, where they visited
friends for a time.
Mrs. McIJride and daughter of
Hamburg arrived this afternoon
to be guests of Mr. and Mrs. K.
P. Stewart for a lime. Mrs.
Stewart is Mrs. McMride's daugh
Mr. G. V. Goodman and wife
lelt fur Pender, Nebraska, on the
morning train today, where they
will visit Mrs. Goodman's sister,
Mrs. Henry Beins and family, for
a week.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bucacek and
children hoarded the early train
for Omaha this morning, where
they looked after some items of
business during the day.
Mrs. Mary Ilisser of St. Paul,
Minnesota, who has been tho
guest of Mrs. S. O. Cole for a
time, departed this morning for
Albia. Iowa, where she will visit
relatives lor a few days.
Mr. W. L. Thorp and Mr. High
field of St. Joseph, Missouri, were
in the city looking afler tho pros
pect for the apple crop, departing
fur Glenwood this morning to In
vestigate the situation there.
Mr. C. II. Haynie of Misouri
Valley, Iowa, who has been visit
ing his brother, John, fur a short
lime, left for Pacific Junction this
morning to visit his old home for
a few days.
Mr. Carl Weber returned last
evening from Chicago, whero he
has been altendimr the national
convention of electrical supply
men. While in the east Mr. Weber
visited his parents in Michigan
Mr. Iavid Turlelott, who has
While Republicans are Some.'
fore long as an avowed aspirant
for the same place. In the Third
district the La Follettes ara,
coaching ex-Congressman Mo-..
Cart by to run for the place held
by James P. Latta, but the 7,000
majority by which Latta was
elected, looks too big for Mc
Carthy to tackle. Dan V. Steph
ens of Fremont will bo tho demo
cratic nominee for congress from
the Big Third, unless Mr. Latta.
decides he wants tho place again.,
which is not probable. Steph
ens ran Latta's campaign, as well
as those for Judge Graves and P.
II. McPhillip, and he has the dis
trict so organized that he can win
the nomination and election hands
down. He is saying nothing about
tho campaign nt all, and naturally
the names of others are being;
mentioned for congress in the
hopes that something may happen
whereby Stephens may decline to
run. The Frenionler, however, Is
ready for the running as soon as
the bell is sounded, but it will not
be tolled for some months to
The republican insurgents are
already laying plans to capture
the republican convention on July
25, and thejr activity is rousing
up the federal guard for Presi
dent Taft,
been visiting his daughter, Mrs.
William Baird, for a short time,
departed for Lincoln this morn
ing. Mr. Turlelott will leave for
Denver and the mountains in a
few days, where ho will spend the
heated term.
Hon. V. II. Puis and wife cam
to Platlsmouth this morning, ac
companying Miss Gusta Bannlck,
Mrs. Puis' sister, to tho station,
where she departed for hor home
at Coleridge, after visiting the
Puis' homo for a time. Mr. and
Mrs. Puis went as far as Omaha
with Miss Bannick.
Little Miss Kopischke, who re
cited at the air domo last even-
received many w;ords of com
mendation, ns sho showed the
right sort of metal. At tho next
amateur evening she will sing for
the entertainment of the audience.
Mr. Jacob Gobelman arrived
this morning from Miller, South
Iakola, where he has visited for
three weeks. The drouth, Mr.
Gobelman says, is quite severe in
that locality, the small grain hav
ing been almost a failure. The
jrorn crop is threatened now and
.unless rain comes within a few
days the corn will also be no good.
Receives a Fall.
While tho storm was on last
Sunday night Mr. George Perry
had the misfortune to fall down a
flight of stairs, Beverly bruising
him and giving him a sever
shaking up. Mr. Perry had arose
to lower the windows to keep oul
the storm, when he accidentally
took a tumble down the stairs.
At II I'm t it wns thought, that his
hip was broken and a physician
wos consulted early the next day,
but it was found that nn bones
wero broken. Tho patient has
been using n cane since and is re
covering from tho effects of the
shaking up as rapidly as could
be expected.
A Word of Thanks.
Once more the Journal, which
has been so kind to me in this
jubilee week, must make room fot
a personal word of thanks. You,
my dear parishioners and friends,
and especially tho Commercial
club and tho citizens at large, who
in this intense heat laid aside casft
to pay mo so great honor by their
presence, as well as kindly gifts
to "fill tho bag with golden
fruits," I feel very grateful. It is
a great lesson on the pnrt of our
fair city in loyalty to our fellow
men. May God bless you all, and
I thank you.
Canon H. B. Burgess.
That Drinking Cup Problem.
Tho Chicago Record-Herald
says: "It has been decided by
tho management of the Burling
ton road to abolish tho common
drinking cup throughout its sys
tem, and to offit" paper cups as a
substitute. That drinking water
will bo shut off in a largo number
of railway stations throughout
Illinois as a result of the enforce
ment of tho common drinking cup
law was tho prediction niado by
railroad ofllicals in touch with th