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Many Out of Town Guests Come to Pay Tribute to the Grand
Old Man, Who for Thirty-Eight Years Has Had Charge
of St Luke's Parish of This City.
Thursday was a day long to be
remembered by the members of
St. Luke's church and those who
paid tribute to one of the noblest
men on earth on this eventful
date. The day marked the clos
ing of a half century of the great
work of Canon H. B. Burgess as
rector of the Episcopal church,
and the thirty-eighth year of his
ministry in Plattsmouth, and
Thursday was a day set apart as
the time to celebrate this event,
as well as tho golden anniversary
and ordination of Canon Burgess.
It was indeed one of the happiest
events in the history of both Mr.
and Mrs. Burgess, and they feel
very grateful to their friends for
the noble tribute of respect paid
A largo number of the clergy
from Omaha and other cities of
the state, as well as a large rep
resentation of the laity of the
Episcopal church of Omaha, ar
rived on the early morning train
to participate in the holy com
munion services and ordination of
the rector, Canon Burgess. The
services" in the morning were most
beautiful and impressive. Bishop
Williams of Omaha conducted the
services at which the communion
was taken, and it was a most
beautiful sight to see those two
old and dear people to the hearts
of all who know them, Mr. and
Mrs. Burgess commune together
and separate from the other
participants. Bishop Wililams,
In a few very Jieautiful remarks,
in referring to this great event,
said (hat the date (June 29) was
especially appropriate, as it was
also the anniversary of the or
dination of St. Peter, as well as
Canon Burgess. In reference to
him, in whose honor (his even!
was celebrated, Bishop Williams
pokc very feelingly.
There was a fine audience of
friends of the aged clergyman,
besides members of the church,
present to do him honor, and as a
token of esteem lo the grand old
man, the Plattsmouth congrega
tion and Bishop Williams raised
a pure of $1G0 in gold, and Mrs.
llaller of Omaha presented Mr.
and Mrs. Burgess with a magnifi
cent gift in the shape of a gold
At the close of the services at
noon Canon and Mrs. Burgess,
Bishop Williams and wife and
other visiting clergymen were
entertained at lunch by Dr. and
Mrs. T. P. Livingston, while Mr.
and Mrs. George N. Dovey enter
tained Mrs. and Miss Barkalow,
Mr. and Mrs. Van Oslrand, Dean
and Mrs. Tancock and Mr.
Col I a of Omaha. Mr. and Mrs.
August Tartsch entertained Mr.
and Mrs. Jack Pearce of Lincoln.
The clergymen and others from
abroad who were present to do
honor to the, occasion were:
Bishop Williams and wife, Right
Rev. James A. Tancock, dean;
Rev. T. J. Collar, Rev. W. II.
Baylcy, Rev.1 John Albert Wil
liams, all of Omaha; Rev. W. IT.
Frost of Fremont; Rev. S. Mills
Hayes and Rev. A. II. Brook and
wife of Lincoln; Hon. F. E. White
and wife, Mr. and Mrs. C. H.
White, Mrs. Byron Reid, Mrs. F.
L. Haller, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Van
Ostrand. Mr. George II. Savidgc,
Mrs. S. 0. Barklow, Miss Barklow,
Miss Melona Butlerfleld and Mrs.
Mar Murphy of Omaha; Mr. and
Mrs. Harris and Mr. and Mrs.
Jack Pearce of Lincoln.
The rectory was the scone of
splendid receptions during the
afternoon and evenings. Hun
dreds of people mine and went,
extending lo Canon and Mrs.
Burgess heartiest congratulations
on the propitious occasion. The
parlors and living rooms and din
ing room were beautifully deco
rated willi flowers and ferns, and
after passing the receiving line,
headed by the guest of honor and
bis wife, the guests were Ushered
into the dining room, where
orange punch ami ices were
During the evening the. lawn
and the rectory were brillantly
lighted with electricity and
beautifully gowned women and
gentlemen in evening dress
thronged (he veranda and parlors.
Rector St Luke's Church
Miss Kiltie Comings presided at
the piano, while different mem
bers of St. Luke's choir rendered
beautiful solos.
The occasion was a brilliant
social success, there being pres
ent the membership of all of the
churches in the city, who came lo
honor the senior pastor, both in
years and point of service in
The grand, good man, who
served the people of Plattsmouth
so long, first saw the light in Red
ford, Wayne.counly, Michigan, on
April 21, 183.3, which makes him
a little upwards of 78 years of
age. During his early boyhood
days he lived with his parents on
the farm, working during the
summer and attending school in
St. Luke's Episcopal Church, of
the winter, until he had passed his
l"lh year. He then entered the
Iliad school at Ponlaic, Michigan,
and completed a four-years'
course in three years' time, being
compelled to slop one year in
order lo .secure money to "go up
higher." This year was given up
to working on the farm and
"""" I , III' M IIWI . n-ji n ...
f " ' W wit?-
. . .. ' "V---.',''"..:'' :
'""' " -- .-v.'ir..,. V
teaching. He entered the Uni
versity of Michigan at Ann Arbor
in 1851, and completed his studies
there in about two years and ac
quitted the university with the
highest honor. He was proffered
the chair of astronomy in the
university of his graduation,
which position he accepted and
occupied for one year before tak
ing up a course at a theological
school, where he also graduated,
and from there went to Neshota,
Wis., where he entered the min
istry. From there he went to
Milwaukee, where he accepted a
charge, and remained for nearly
eight years, resigning to accept a
position as instructor in the Ne
braska City college, and while
thus engaged he had charge of
for Thirty-alcht Years.
the St. Luke's parish in Platts
mouth. Wlu'le engaged in Nebraska City
Canon Burgess gave one hour
each day to instructions in
Hebrew, one hour lo Greek and
live hours to theology. After
'one year Ihusly engaged the
family removed to this city, where
they have made their home ever
since and where every man, wom
an and child is their friend, and
who love the kind old man as a
While instructor in the Ne
braska City college, which is one
of the institutions of the past, Mr.
Burgess had under ti is charge as
student Paul Morton, former sec
retary of the interior and presi
dent of the Equitable Insurance
company at the time of his death,
a year and a half ago.
Which Canon Burgess It the Rector.
During his I It i il y-oight years
in charge of St. Luke's church he
has missed but one Sunday from
his usual services, and that was
over twenly-livc years ago, when
he was ill for a short lime. Mr.
Burgess became a Mason many
years ago, and has always proved
true to tho same and has ascend-
ed the ladder almost to the top
most round.
While Mr. Burgess has almost
reached his 80th year, his mind
poems as clear as an ordinary
person of ((), and the members
of his church, and many who are
not members, fairly worship him
as man of exemplary qualities
and one whose every-day life is
wc itliv of l i(wiiig. He is a man
whom the writer dearly loves for
his manhood, true Christian
spirit, and manly traits of char
acter. No man would be missed
among us more than Canon Bur
gess, and the Journal hopes that
he and his excellent wife may live
many years and enjoy life and
prosperity, as they truly deserve.
J Since the above was put In type
the Journal is informed that the
purse presented to Canon Burgess
aggregated $310. Mr. Myron
Wheeler of Lincoln, for whom
Canon Burgess performed a mar
riage ceremony twenty-nine years
ago today, commemorated the
i Nent by sending a check for $50,
and checks are still coming in
amounting to $5 and $10 as pres
ents. ) The members of St. Luke's
church are deeply grateful to
those who assisted them in mak
ing the occasion so notable an
event. The ladies who served at
the reception and those who fur
nished music, as well as the
Evening Journal, each and all are
sincerely thanked for the part
taken and aid rendered.
Winners From All Teams That
Are Unfortunate Enough to
Tackle Them.
iThe Cedar Creek baseball
aggregation journed to Louisville
Ydposday and trimmed up the
ball team there by, a score of 11
lo 1. The feature of tho game
was Connor's pitching. Ho kept
tho hits well scattered and at
critical times showed great form,
when it. conies to control, fielding
or heady ball playing, he has Tew
equals in amateur baseball ranks.
Louisville's only score, came in
the sixth inning, when the runner
from second mase ran in front of
the shortstop and caused him lo
miss a fast grounder, which
Shorslop Schneider handles with
ease when given a clear track.
The runner, however managed
not. to touch the shortstop or have
the ball touch him., and con
sequently the only score of the
game was counted.
Twice they had men on third
base, but Kelly, left fielder, spoiled
the scoring lry sensational catches
of a line drive and a Texas
leaguer. The batteries were:
Cedar Creek, Connor and WoHT;
Louisville, Wood, Ossonkop and
Wolli's Colls will ramble to
Avoca Sunday, July 2, and play
the fastest team in the south end
of the county and a god game may
be looked for. There will be a
train of autos lenve Cedar Creek
promptly at 12 o'clock and every
one who can is invited to join the
At Newport, R. I.
Mrs. N. H. lsbel in In receipt of
a communication from her adopt
ed son, John lsbel, who has joined
the U. S. navy, and is now in
training at Newport,. R. I. Ho
says ho likes it, fine and that
there are over 800 boys in train
ing there. Ho nlso slates that
he will receive $17.(10, each month
besides all his necessary cloth
ing. Ho says he will remain in
training at this point until Sep
tember ft, at which limo they will
('epart for a trip around tho
world. He asked (hat a copy of
tho Semi-Weekly Journal bo sent
to him In order that he might be
'u'pt posted as to happenings at
In the County Court.
Vmm FrMiiy'n Tiiilly.
The hearing on the probate of
an instrument propounded as the
last will of W. S. Polhemus was
continued so Dial, Hie depositions
of attesting witnesses could be
taken in the east.
Mr. V. A. Elwood of Neligh is
in the city, the guest of his
friend, County Treasurer F. E.
Sch later.
Royal Reception at Nebraska City
by Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Soper,
Formerly of This City.
From Tliurnilay'8 Iiaily.
Mr. E. II. Wescott returned this
morning from the Fpworth league
district convention held.' at Ne
braska City Tuesday and Wednes
day. The convention was com
posed of delegates from the five
adjacent counties and met in the
First Methodist church of Ne
braska City and was presided over
by the president of the conven
tion, Prof. E. C. Loiter, of Peru.
The Plattsmouth delegation are
grateful to Mr. and Mrs. W. S.
Soper, who extended the kindest
hospitality to the Plattsmouth
contingent, meeting them at the
train on Iheir arrival and escort
ing them to their beautiful studio
and suite of rooms, where lunch
was served, and afterward a pic
ture of the entire Plattsmouth
delegation was taken. Their kind
reception by Mr. and Mrs. Soper
will be a pleasant memory for
years to come in the minds' of all
who were fortunate enough to at
tend tho convention from this
Plattsmouth was represented
on the program by Mr. E. H. Wes
cott, who had a topic, and Iho
chorus singing of the convention
was conducted by Mr. DC. York
of this city and several solos were
also sung by Mr. York, and he
never failed to inject enthusiasm
into the song feature of the con
vention. Tho Nebraska City peo
ple as a whole cared for the con
vention most excellently, a feature
of the entertainment being an
auto ride through the city and
Morion park.
Those attending from this oily
were: President E. 0. Hill and
wife, J). C. York, Jesse J'erry,
Ellen- Windham,. .Ethel , Leyda,
Myrtle Hall, Margaret Rishel.
Eunice Cline, Erma Covert and E.
If. Wescolt.
Given at Home of Mr. and Mrs.
Peter Campbell In Honor of
Their Daughter, Vergla.
From Friday's Dnlly.
The pleasant country homo, of
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Campbell,
south of this city, was tho scene
of a most delightful birthday
party on Thursday evening, when
they entertained a number of
friends in avery charming man
near in honor of their daughter,
Vergia's, birthday anniversary.
Whenever invited to the, Camp
bell homo everybody in that
vicinily always expects a delight
ful lime, and their expectations
were fully realized in the enter
tainment of Thursday evening.
The friends who had assembled at
the Campbell home had - como
prepared to have a royal good
time, and we have it, very con
fidential, that they sure did. The
hours were very pleasantly spent
in various games, interspered
with many oilier amusements, and
all of which made the evening a
most en joyable one. Dainty re
freshments, consisting of de
licious ice cream and cake, were,
served, which the merry company
likewise thoroughly enjoyed. It,
was a late hour when, after hav
ing wished Miss Vergia many
more as happy birthdays, tho
guests departed for their homes.
Those who enjoyed this oc
casion were: Messrs. ami Mes
dames J. M. Wolland, W. M.
Splitt, G. E. Wiley, Peter Camp
bell; Misses Mary Carroll, Vergia
Campbell, Golden Wolland, Inez
Splitt; Messrs. John Splitt, Edgar
Wolland, Ed Jones, August Grauf,
Glenn Campbell, Ray Campbell, J.
11. Robins and E. Manspeaker of
For Sale.
One surrey in fair condition and
one single buggy in good condi
lion. For further particulars call
on S, Long, Plattsmouth, Neb.
Mrs. . E. Crabill of Wakeoney,
Kansas, arrived Wednesday to
visit, relatives and to change tho
climate for her babe, which has
been ill for some time.
Get Ready for Threshing.
From Frlilay'i Dally.
William Splitt and Glen Camp
bell have purchased a brand new
threshing machine and will soon
be ready lo do all the work that
comes their way, and do it in
short order. Mr. M. E. Man
speaker wont out to see tho boys
last evening and not only sold tho
machine, but he says he arrived
at the Peter Campbell homo just
u time to partake of some flno
ice cream and cake in honor of
Miss Vorgie's anniversary. Ho
says this alone would have paid
for tho trip.
Starts Out With Twenty Charter
Members, and Prospects Bright
for the Future.
Woodmen of the World insuur-
ance added a number of good risks
lo their list last Wednesday at
Cedar Creek, when Nebraska Stato
Deputy Joseph Silence and
Sovereign W. It. Rishel instituted
a camp of twenty charier mem
bers. John Hunter was elected
(ouiuil commander and Hans
Shroeder clerk. Tho camp was
named for Mr. W. B. Rishel, a.ui
will be known as "Rishel camp
No. 351." This camp is com
posed of some of (he best eili.ona
in Cass county and it is predicted
I hat it w ill have a fine futuro.
Deputy Silence remained in tho
vicinity and tho charter will bo
held open a short lime to writo
new applications.
The meeting Wednesday night
was addressed by Soverign Rishel,
who set forth the advantages of
fered by the Woodmen of tho
World over I he ordinary current
rale societies and old-line in
surance. Sovereign Deputy Sil
ence has made a splendid record
for himself in handling the alTairs
of the fraternity in this slate for
the last, year. A steady, healthy
growth has been scored in tho
stale, there havi'ig been 354
camps instituted last year in Ne
braska, and we look for belter re
sults Ibis year.
A Game of Fish.
Judge A. J. lteeson ami Will J.
Slreight came down from Platts
mouth last Friday in response to
an invitation to join C. I.. Graves
and Harry Graves on a fishing ex
pedition over lo the hospilablo
home of John Larsh at Springdalo
Farm. It, was near the noon hour
when the commissary department
was stocked with sandwiches and
oilier things too numerous to
mention, and the start was mado
for the field of action. Arriving
there the parly received a cordial
welcome by Mr. Larsh, who warn
ed them that "they're not, biting
good this hot weather."
Judge Beoson was first man up
and made a safe hit on a "blue
gill," while Slreight wns trying
to figure out on which end his
angle worm wore its head. Bee
son's catch was the only scoro
made before the hungry sign was
hung out, and after calling
"time" a nice pieino dinner wa9
enjoyed along with a supply of
nice cold spring water. Tho
game was resumed after dinner,
Slreight and Harry holding their
record of "nothing doing," while
Beoson and the older Graves
mado I he phenomenal score as
shown below:
Fish by Innings
A. J. Beoson. .0 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 03
0. L. Graves. ..0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 01
W. J. Slreight..O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00
Barry Graves. ..0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Recapitulation: "0" means
jerked, but didn't catch Ym. Ex
pense, $3; fun, $10; lime, $00.
Wet, pants bosoms, I. Crawdads,
by Slreight, 1 handful. Lies told
on train and in Plallsmoulh in
numerable. ITn ion Lodger.
Returns From Bollovue.
Special Deputy Game Warden
William Grebe relurned from
Bellevue this morning, where the
case against H. L. Hoover and D.
B. Hoover for violating tho fiVi
law was tried yesterday. The
guilt of the defendants was estab
lished and the court fined them
each $10 and cosls.
I Mrs. Droege and Mrs. Jacob
Hoinrich boarded tho early train
i for tho metropolis this morning,
where they looked ntfer some
j business mailers for a short time.