The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, June 29, 1911, Image 2

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A railroad may haul a carload of flour at a cheaper
cost per sack than if only one-tenth as much were ship
ped, but it costs us d great deal more per telephone to
operate an exchange of 5,000 subscribers than one of
only a thousand.
In an exchange of 5,000 subscribers, every tele
, phone uses is given an opportunity to use his telephone
ten times as much as in an exchange of a thousand
This condition would make the operating expense
and maintenance cost of every telephone and line in the
larger exchange much higher than in the smaller one.
Then, too, in the larger exchange, telephones ever
age farther from the central office, necessitating more
wire per telephone.
Also, as more telepeones are added to an exchange,
the uniting of every telephone with every other one in
creases the individual cost enormously.'
But the service of the larger exchange is worth a
great deal more.
Nebraska Telephone Company
M. E. I1RANTNER, Plallsmouth Manager
Items of lnUrt to Journal Radr
4 New subscriptions and 4
renewals to the Journal will
4 be recived by J. A. Shaffer
j at the drug store. Local
4 news, advertising: matter
j and all business pertaining 4
4 to this department may bo 4
4 transacted. Mr. and Mrs. 4
4 Shaffer are instructed to re- 4
4 ceived and receipt for all 4
4" money. Ed. , 4
4441 4iIl. l"l""HIl 4,,l,I"l
Mrs. Godhy
went to Lincoln
Mrs. Chris Keefer went to Lin-j
coin Friday.
Mrs. Henry Thomas was in Lin
coln Wednesday.
Miss Belle Miller of Lincoln
came in Thursday.
Ed Carr of Eagle was over
Saturday in his atilo.
Harry Parsell was in Lincoln
on business Saturday.
I, rander Friend was in Lincoln
on business Saturday.
W. O. lloyles returned lo Lin
coln Saturday evening.
Carlton (tuition came over from
Eagle to spend Sunday.
Mrs. Harry Appleman came
down from Lincoln Friday.
J. Herman Slroemer went to
O nana on No. 18 Sunday.
I 'i. Moore of Murdock was in
town on business Thursday.
Sam Jarvis came down from
Lincoln Saturday on business.
Oris Foreman ami family auto
ed down from Valparaiso Sunday.
Miss Esther Letter of Lincoln
Visited Mrs. J. A. Shaffer Satur
day. Mrs. Itina Kitzcl returned Fri
day from camp meeting at' Lin
coln. I'aul Frolilich came down Fri
day from Lincoln to visit rela
tives. Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Cpplo went
to Wabash Sunday to visit rela
tives. Hay Linen of Omaha was in
Alvo on business between trains
Mrs. Clarence Curyea and
daughter, Lillian, went to Lincoln
Floyd Sheeseley and Clifford
Applenian went to Lincoln Satur
day evening.
Mr. Mavin of Palmyra was in
own Thursday to meet, some
John Walker and wife of Lin
coln are visiting at tho home of
John Weichel.
Albert Foreman came down
from Lincoln Wednesday, return
ing Friday evening.
Elmer Boyle of Elmwood auto
ed over Saturday to visit his
brother, S. C. and family.
Mrs. Joe Prouty mid little
daughters went In University
Place Saturday evening.
Mrs. P.. A. Slono and children
Telephone Talks!
Uo. 9
Will Bo Rocolvod at tho Druf Storo.
and Mrs. G. P.. Jordan went to
Lincoln Thursday on No. 331.
Miss Pearl Keefer was in Lin
coln Monday.
Art Trimble and wife and
George Ileiter, Jr., of Eagle were
calling on their Alvo friends Wed
nesday evening.
Mrs. Andy Sutton and daughter,
Kate, returned from Lincoln' Fri
day, where they had been attend
ing camp meeting.
Mrs. D. P. Ellis returned to
Lincoln Friday, after spending the
past week with her daughter, Mrs.
Charles Sfrong.
C. R. Jordan and son, Sam, and
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Davis autoed
to Lincoln Friday and brought
Mr. I)avis' aged mother home with
Chris Keefer had the misfor to have his arm wrenched
last, Thursday by getting tangled
with a rope while unloading hay
and was thrown lo the ground.
Joe Prouty came Wednesday
from lies Moines, Fowa, and went
to University Place Friday even
ing, where he shipped his house
hold goods and will make his
flev. W. M. Hliss was married
Wednesday, June 2t, 1011, lo
Miss Lucy E. McCartney at her
home in University Place. Their
many friends extend congratula
tions. There were 0 or 10 automobiles
in town Monday from Elmwood
nnd Eagle advertising the celebra
tion lo be held at Elmwood the
Fourth of July. The band played
a couple of pieces of music.
Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Jordan, son,
Sam, and daughters, Miss Ena
Jordan and Mrs. Joe Vickers and
children, autoed to Cairo Satur
day to visit their daughter, Mrs.
John McDowell and family, for a
few days.
Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Garcia
and son, Robert, of Clalonia came
in Wednesday to visit her. sister,
Mrs. Dan Williams and family
and her grandparents, Mr. anil
Mrs. Henry Thomas, remaining
until Friday.
Andy Christiansen was out
driving Sunday with his family,
and while going down hill some
part of the harness broke, let
ting the buggy run onto the horse,
which began kicking, striking Mr.
Christiansen on the nose. The
horse was soon slopped with no
injury to the family.
Ned Shaffer of Denver, Colo.,
cuiie in Thursday to visit his
brother, J. A. Shaffer and wife,
remaining until Friday. Ho re
turned via Omaha over tho Union
I'a.Jiltc railroad, of which he is
assistant cashier in the office of
the treiRht department at Denver.
Mrs. Hollo Keefer and Miss
filadys Apploman, while driving
home Friday evening, had an nc
' itlenl, caused by the burr coin
ing oil of tho front wheel of their
Ui-my, lolling Ihe wheel off. They
jumped and were dragged a short
distance, quite severely hurling
Mrs. Keefer's ankle, while Miss
(iladvs escaped unhurt. Dr.
Muir was called and dressed the
Miss Vera Prouty was in Lin
coln Tuesday.
Will Sutton came in on No. 17
Monday evening.
Charles Strong had business in
Lincoln Monday.
Mrs. Ed Casey was in Lincoln
between trains .Tuesday.
Mrs. Minnie Gullion and son
went to Lincoln Sunday evening.
Mrs. Charles Strong went to
Lincoln Tuesday evening on
No. 17.
Paul Frohlich and grand
daughter, Jessie Bucknell, went to
Lincoln Tuesday evening.
Harry Parsell purchased a new
water tank for his threshing out
fit Saturday while in Lincoln.
Sam lams of Lincoln Tias gone
to Toledo, Ohio, on legal busi
ness, to be gone about a week.
Mrs. J. B. Shields and two chil
dren of Manhattan, Kansas, Is
visiting her sister, Mrs. George
Sutton. She reports crop9 a total
failure in that part of Kansas.
J. E. Parsell threshed his wheat
Tuesday. It went 30 bushels to
the acre and test 63 pounds to
the bushel. Harry Parsell's
threshing outfit did the work.
Mrs. Joe Parsell was called to
the home of her son, Ray Parsell,
Monday, whose baby was very
sick, also Mrs. Parsell's sister,
who is staying with Mr. and Mrs.
Ray Parsell.
Oscar Kitzel, while leaving town
Tuesday evening, dropped the
pitchfork off of the hayrack, and
while he wa9 getting it his team
began to run. He got hold of
th em, but they dragged him some
distance, bruising him and de
molishing the rack and wagon.
Mrs. Sidney Smith and daugn
afternoon to purchase a new rub
who spent the past week with her
sister-in-law, Mrs. George Cur
yea, went to Lincoln Sunday even
ing to visit her mother, Mrs.
Harriet Hoxie. Mr. and Mrs.
Curyea also entertained Mr. and
Mrs. Will Lewis and Mr. and Mrs.
Morgan Curyea at dinner Sunday.
You certainly noticed that, dur
ing this time of the year, you al
ways feel tired and even exhaust
ed. It is evident that you need
some kind of a stimulant or'tonte
to make you able to work. We
offer such a remedy In Triner's
American Elixir of Bitter Wine.
It stimulates the digestive organs
to an increased activity, strength
ening them at the same lime and
giving them endurance. We can
recommend this remedy in dis
eases of the stomach and Ihe in
testines as also in diseases of the
blood and the nerves nnd in all
disturbances of the general health
combined with loss of appetite
flnd bodily strength, with lack of
energy and exhaustion. We can
further recommend it in diseases
of the liver and the kidneys, in
rheumatism and some forms of
headache, where it becomes
necessary lo thoroughly clean out
the whole system. At drug stores.
Jos. Triner, 1333-1339 So. Ash
land Ave., Chicago, 111.
Hay for Sale.
Clover, Timothy and Alfalfa.
Call 'Phone 10 F, or J. M. Rob
erts, at Plattsmouth State Bank.
It is worse than useless to lake
any medicine internally for
muscular or chronic rheumatism.
All that is needed is a freo ap
plication of Chamberlain's Lini
ment. For sale by F. G. Fricke &
We are also buying nil kinds of
live stock, nnd will receive t hp s.ime
every day in the week. The highest
market price paid.
Great Feature of the Policies Is
ued by the Reliance Life In-.
surance Co. of Pittsburg.
John M. Patterson, a railroad
.conductor, of Sedalia, Missouri,
took a policy with the Reliance
for 12,000 on the 15-Year Endow
ment Plan, April 13, 1907. A
note by the inspector received at
the time says: "Mr. Patterson
has a family; he is a healthy,
stout man."
In September, 1907, Mr. Pat
terson had a stroke of paralysis.
which totally disabled him. Sub
sequently his Reliance Policy was
either destroyed or lost, as it was
considered of no value. Recently
Mr. W. L. Phinps. of the Renew
ing Division, while in Sedalia, dis
covered this situation. The at
tention of Mrs. Patterson was
called to the fact that her hus
band's policy had not lapsed, but
was still in force under the Total
and Permanent Disability Clause.
Her own letter is more eloquent
praise of the Reliance policy than
anything else can be. It says:
"Sedalia, Mo.
"Mr. Scott Dear Sir: Mr.
Patterson is unable to write. He
was running out of Jefferson
City at Ihe time he took out the
policy, and I did not know any
thing about it. The policy is
either lost or misplaced. I feel
sure Mr. Patterson will never be
able to work again. He has been
under the doctor's care nearly all
the time since September, 1907.
It will surely be a great benefit
to me and the children. Please
advise me what to do. We,
neither of us, knew of the Dis
ability Clause. It Is very kind of
you to look us up and tell us of It,
and I surely appreciate it. This
has been a trying ordeal to me to
see my husband fighting so hard
to regain his health. Thanking
you again for your kindness. Re
spectfully yours,
"Mrs. J. M. Patterson,
"305 W. 5th St., Sedalia, Mo."
The company, upon receipt of
affidavit that policy had been lost,
Issued a duplicate endorsed fully
paid up.
A Reliance Policy may be lost,
destroyed or forsrotten. It works
just the same, BECAUSE it is the
policy of the Reliance Life In
surance Company to see that it
The Reliance Life Insurance
Company of PittsburEr is renre-
sented in Plattsmouth and south
eastern Nebraska . bv General
Agent W. J. Thomas. They refer,
by permission, to H. N. Dovey,
Cashier of the First National
Dank of Plattsmouth.
Many a Plattsmouth Citizen
Knows How Sure They Are.
Nothing uncertain about the
work of Doan's Kidney Pills in
Plattsmouth. There is plenty of
positive proof of this in the testi
mony of citizens. Such evidence
should convince tho most skepti
cal doubter. Read the following
Mrs. James Hodgert, 1102 Main
St., Plattsmouth, Neb., says: "I
suffered a great deal from dull,
heavy pains across the small of
my back, especially severe when I
stooped or brought any strain on
the muscles of my loins. About
two years ago I learned of Doan's
Kidney Pills and they brought me
such prompt and positive relief
that I have since used them when
ever I have felt in need of a kid
ney remedy. I procured Doan's
Kidney Pills at Rynott & Co.'s
Drug Store and do not hesitate to
recommend them."
Tho above statement was given
in June, 1900, and on December
30, 1008, Mrs. Hodgert said: "I
still hold a high opinion of
Doan's Kidney Pills. I am glad
to confirm all I have previously
said about this remedy."
For sale by all dealers. Price
50 cents. Foster-Milburn Co.,
Buffalo, New York, solo agents for
the United States.
Remember the name Doan's
and take no other.
Another Barn Dance.
There will bo another one of
those pleasant barn dances given
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Otto
Puis next Saturday evening, July
1st. Those who attended the last
dance given by Mr. Puis know
that this means a good time for
all. You are invited to attend.
Good music and a pleasant lime
Subscribe for the Dally Journal.
About Fifteen Lady Friends Attend the Happy Event, and the
Ho vie isTaitily Decorated fcr Ike Occaticn.
From Wednesday's laily.
Mrs. J. N. Wise entertained
about fifteen of her lady friends
at her charming home during the
afternoon hours yesterday in a
most delightful manner. This oc
casion was in honor of her 65th
birthday anniversary, and for this
happy event the pretty rooms of
the Wise home had been hand
somely 'decorated in a color
scheme of green and white, a
number of the gifts received by
the hostess being of the green
and white color, also. Mrs. Wise
was assisted in eclebratinsr her
birthday anniversary by her
daughter, Mrs. J. L. Root, and lit
tle Flora Root of Lincoln, and'
they also assisted her in enter
taining her guests yesterday aft
ernoon. The time was very pleasantly
spent in amusements, which the
hostess had planned for the oc
casion. These amusements were
interspersed with various games
and social conversation, all of
which made the afternoon's enter-1
i (Special Correspondence.)
Dr. I. D. Jones was in Omaha
Fred Stock was in Lincoln Mon
day. Emil Kuehn was at Lincoln last
M. W. Moore was in Lincoln
Threshing has commenced in
this vicinity.
Od Gillespie was in Greenwood
Monday morning.
Mr. and Mrs. Al Bauers and Mr.
and Mrs. Mike Sorick were fishing
at bait Creek Sunday.
vjini-iv ounuay.
Ed Thimgan and family visited
llh f n Tr.,,r.iv ft i
with Mr. Kuehn last Sundav
Miss Mabel Carlisle of Omaha
is the guest of the Goehry sisters.
Miss Anna Amgwert visited her
relatives and friends here Sunday.
uuiia mm n iuiius litre ounaay.
Paul Goehry and Harold Tool
ro in T71 miiTAA,! G. ; i
were in Elmwood Sunday evening
Mrs. Mary Schewe was in Oma
ha last week having some dental
work done.
) Mrs. Rosa Waite took dinner
with John Amgwert and familv
last Sunday.
', Idd Hornbeck went to Lincoln
Saturday evening, returning Sun
day on No. 18.
, Miss Violet Gilmore of Omaha
visited with John Gust in and
family over Sunday.
, Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Gillespie
and Miss Verna Bush were shop
ping in Omaha last Friday.
Dr. and Mrs. Jones and small
, . . I "w "vii.ui uuuti ui iwu worm. U
daughter Mary Edna, went to your digestion is faulty Chamber
Lincoln last Friday by the auto Iain's Stomach and Liver Tablets
rM . ,..., I will correct it. For sale by F. G.
Mr. and Mrs. William Wack of Fricke & Co.
gypiiao Tissue
Fine Summer Dress Goods, guaranteed not to fade in
all the latest colors and designs. 1
Per yard 22?C
A large line of Fancy Dress Lawns just re
ceived. Big values, at per yard
See Our West Window
tainment a most enjoyable one.
One of the amusements was a
drawing contest, in which the
guests were given the title of some
I popular song and then drew a
picture of it. Mrs. T. H. Pollock
captured the first prize, a book,
while Mrs. L. A. Moore carried off
the second prize, a book. Per
sonal conundrums was another
amusement introduced by the
hostess and was one which pro
duced considerable merriment.
An elegant three-course birth
day luncehon was provided by the
hostess, the color scheme of green
and white being carried out In the
refreshments served. When the
guests took their departure all
extended their warmest con
gratulations, wished Mrs. Wise
many more such happy birth
days and expressed much
pleasure in assisting her in com
memorating the event. Mrs.
Wise received many pretty gifts
in honor of the day, which will be
constant reminders of this birth
day occasion.
Lincoln visited the latter's
mother, Mrs. Fred Shewe, over
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Long and
son, Robert, of South Bend ate
dinner with A. J. Tool and family
. Charles Hite, from near Alvo,
came over Saturday and pur
chased a gasoline engine from
William Gehrts.
Oscar McDonald, accompanied
by his wife and daughter, Mar
guerite, visited his mother at
Muray Sunday.
Mrs. Pankonin, who has been
visiting her sister, Mrs. Jake
Goehry. sr.. the flD flf four tirnnlr e
i. left Monday for Wisconsin, where
t wi lsuuutmi, wnero
8ne wil1 make her home with her
Several from here attended the
ball game at Manley on Sunday
afternoon, when our boys crossed
--" m., uiouiuj uuys. uom
,side8 Put UP a. good game, but
f hft CO m onHn i r t f K n - e
Dats with the Manley boys. Both
the game ended with a score of 9
to 5 in favor of Murdock.
Elmwood boosters came over in
seven automobiles Monday ad
vertising Ihe big Fourth of July
celebration to be held at that
.place. Among them were several
members of their city band, who
gave, a few selections on our
'main street.
The woman of today who has
good health, good temper, good
sense, bright eyes and a lovely
complexion, the result of correct
living and good digestion, wins
a It fit