The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, June 26, 1911, Image 8

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AVegclaWe Preparalion for As
I incite Storaaclis amUJowelsof
Promotes DigcslionfkftW
ness and RestontaIns neiito
Opium.Morplune nor Mineral
J?nyt0J 0SV4UmMA
Il'in SreJ
form Sfftm
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
Ancrfprl Remedy forConstipi
Hon . Sour StomaclUllarrtoea
Worms jConvulswus.revcriyi
ncs3 and Loss of Sleep.
Facsimile Signature of
If vir
For Over
Thirty Years
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
Eighth ol House of Hanover Con
secrates Life to Country,
8ervice la Like AN Previous Events
for Twelve Hundred Years Crown
Is Placed Upon King's Head by
Archbishop ef Canterbury.
London, June 23. King George V.,
eighth of the house of Hanover, was
consecrated to the service of the Brit
ish empire and in turn received the
public homage of his world-wide sub
With hif conHort, Queen Mary, his
majesty was crowned in the abbey of
West minuter with all the wealth and
religious rites and royal ceremonial
prescribed by historic custom.
The picture within the gray walled
abbey was one of medieval splendor.
The coronation services, solemn and
Imposing, were those handed down
from the earlier centuries and the act
ors In the principal and secondary
roles of the treat function were
garbed In reproductions of the multl
colored, gold embroidered trappings
sib mm OSLER.
Famous Surgeon Who
Is Among Barcns'.s
Created by George V.
From Friday's DaMjr.
Councilman George Dovey was
called to Omaha on business this
Mr, Holman went to Omaha on
the morning train today to have
bis eyes treated hy a specialist.
Miss Kthcl llallaneo departed
last evening for Peru, where she
will visit school friends for a
short time.
Mr. L. A. Meisingcr of near
Cedar Creek was looking after
business matters in IMatlsmouth
yesterday afternoon.
John Hall lias moved into the
William Miller residence prop
erty in I ho Second ward and has
begun housekeeping.
Mrs. C. L. Piltuian and babe, of
Omaha arrived last evening and
will visit her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Anton Kauka, for a time.
Mr. Trimpe has rented and
moved into the Windham resi
dence in the Second ward and
will be a neighbor of John Snead.
Mr. II. K. Pankonin of Louis
ville was in the county seat look
ing after business mailers for a
few hours today.
Grandpa Gravett departed for
Watson, Misouri, on the early
train today, where bo will visit
relatives for a time.
Mr. D. Tourtelot of Lincoln ar
rived last evening and will visit
his daughter, Mrs. William Baird
and family for a time.
Mrs. Charles Martin and son,
Hill, departed for Lincoln yes
terday afternoon, where they will
visit relatives for a time.
Messrs. Philip and Louie Horn
were Plattsmouth visitors yester
day afternoon, having come in to
do some shopping at the stores.
Mr. J. K. Tuey, (he Sixth street
merchant, was called to Glen-
wood on the morning train today
to look after some business mat
Charles Kunsmann and Henry
liess departed for Aurora and
Chicago today, where they will
look after business mailers for
a lime.
Mr. W. Schwalen and wife and
son, F.lsworlh, of Denver, arrived
this morning and will visit Mr.
and Mrs. (leorge Schoeman for a
Hon II. H. Windham was a pas
senger to Omaha on the morning
train today. His daughter, Miss
Katheryn, accompanied her
father, ami expected to go on to
Hardy for a visit with friends for
a few days.
Clerk of lint District Court
James M. Ilohertson and wife, and
daughters, Binoche and Marie,
and Zeta Gilliland of Fremont,
who is a guest of the Robertson
home, went lo Louisvilltj this
morning to spend the day.
Dick Heck, John Raird, V.
Raker and William Delle Dernier
of Llmwood motored to Plalls-
moulh tody. Rosey stated
as he boarded the fast mail for
Omaha that he was awful sorry
that ho was called away this aft
ernoon, as ho knew well the cap
acity of the Klmwood parly to
take refreshments.
Miss Villa Gapcn of Murray
was a visitor in the city today and
a pleasant caller at this office.
Mrs. D. P. Jackson departed for
Pueblo, Colorado, this afternoon,
where she will visit friends for a
Mrs. Harry Hat hold and daugh
ter, Muriel, were Omaha pas
sengers on the morning train to
Anton Nilka is reported much
belter today, lie has been able
to get some sleep and the doctor
.now thinks he may recover.
14. Manspeaker, deputy sheriff;
C. H. Taylor, county attorney; H.
M. Prihble and L. W. Lorcnz
were Omaha passengers on the
fast mail this afternoon. Some
of the patty said that this would
be their first ball game this sea
Hf ,;f'. I'
Mr. J. W. Harwick went to
Omaha on the afternoon train to
day to see his daughter, Mrs. T.
M. Julyan, and daughter, Hilda,
off to Oklahoma. They depart
for Thomas, Oklahoma, this afternoon.
For Commissioner.
Wo aro authorized lo announce
C. M. Seybert of Louisvillo as a
candidate for commissioner from
the Second district, subject to the
will of tho democratic voters al
tho primary election in August.
Hetween Manley and Rock
RlulTs, an automobile crank.
Finder will receive reward by
notifying S. 0. Cole, Mynard, Neb.
1 1 Mi IS -al i iMil i iMi -
Chicago Publisher Testifies in
Lorimsr Inyestiation.
Proprietor of Inter-Ocean Says There
Has Been a "Jackpot" at Every Ses
sion of Illinois Legislature for Years,
Ex-Governor Yates Testifies.
Washington, June 23. Gorge W.
In County Court.
Stale of Nebraska, Cass Coua
ty, ss.
In the Matter of the Estate of
Henry C. Hardnock, Deceased.
Notice is hereby given to the
creditors of said deceased that
hearings will be had upon claims
filed against said estate, before
me, County Judge of Cass Coun
ty, Nebraska, at the County Court
room in Plattsmouth, in said
County, on the 15th day of July,
1911, and on the 18lh day of
January, 1912, at 9 o'clock A. M.
each day for examination, adjust
ment and allowance.
All claims must be filed in said
court on or before said last hour
of hearing.
Witness my hand and seal of
said County Court, at Platts-
innman eouor ana puousner oi me, moulh Nebraska ihis mh day of
Chicago Inter-Ocean, was the first wit i r,lna AQit
Secretary Lawrence Makes Re
port to Convention.
San Francisco, June 23. There are
now 14,946,504 .Sunday school pupils
In this country, according to the re
port of General Secretary Marien
Iawrencc, read in the International
Sunday School convention here. This,
said the secretary, means a gain of 1,
431,00(1 pupils since the last conven
tion three years ago. Since the last
meeting at Louisville conversions have
been made at the rate of over 1,000 a
day. Secretary Lawrence thinks the
schools are now ready for a ' sys;
tcmatlc In gathering" and recommends
energies inward Increasing the enroll
worn by their ancestors. The latter
made a wonderfully effective setting
around the central figures.
Multitude Sees Pageant.
(Jul side the usually dull streets had
been transformed Into a muss of Color
The king and queen's progress to the
abbey and the return to Buckingham
palace wan one unbroken ovation. The
routo was hedged with a vast polyglot
host with a background of decorated
viewing Rtands and windows and roofs,
all of which were crammed to thel
Hundreds of thousands of spectators
shouted themselves hoarse at central
polntB like the Mall and the entrance
to tho udmiralty, where the govern
ment Fitaiids held a score of thousands.
Trafalgar square was so densely
packed with humanity that It would
not have been difficult to traverso the
square walking on the heads of tho,
people. Parliament square and Con
stitution hill held their countless
The tumult of thunderous welcome
was almost deafening as the king and
queen passed on the outward and
home lourneys, preceded In the first
Instance and followed on the return
by a stately, superb cavalcade of emi
nent persons, many themselves heirs
to thrones, statesmen, diplomats,
courtiers, soldiers, sailors and men of
all hues, rsces and creeds from the
four quarters of the globe.
The great ceremonial passed off un-
marred by untoward Incidents.
Coronation Oath.
New Deputy Treasurer.
Lincoln, Jane 23. State Treasurer
W. A. George announced that he had
appointed O. A. Tanielson of Center.
Knox county, as deputy state treasurer
to Bucceed K. S. Mickey, who resigned
some timt ngo. Mr. Daniclson will as
sume the duties of the office on July 1.
With th advent of warm weather
comes foot troubles to thousands of
people. The hu Teased temperature and
heaviness of the atmosphere caimeH
swelling nud excess perspiration This
biings on a series of foot
troubles The treatment
given below will be wet
(onied with Joy by n ar
my of sufferers. It act
like magic. "Dissolve two
tublt'BpiMmfuls of Calnclile
compound In a basin ot
hot water; soak the feet lu
this for full fifteen mln
utes. gently muHKiigltiK the sore parts
Less time will not give the desired
results ) Repeat this each night un
til the cure Is permanent.'' All sore
nets disappears Immediately. Corns
and callouses can be peeled right off
Punlons are reduced to normnl and
the Inflammation drawn out. Sweaty
and smelly feet, tender and swollen
feet need but a few treatments. This
Calorlds Is a remarkable- drug. For
merly used only by doctors but any
druggist now has It In stock or will
qulrkly get It from his wholesala
bovine. A twenty-five rent packsg It
claimed to cur the worst Net.
The Archbishop of Canterbury ad
ministered tho coronation oath, say
Ing: "Will you solemnly promise and
swear to govern tho people of this
United Kingdom and the dominions
thereof according to the statutes In
parliament agreed on and the respec
tive laws and customs of the same?'
The king: "I solemnly promise so
to do."
The crown placed on King George's
head was of solid gold studded with
precious stones of Inestimable value,
Including 3,000 diamonds, 300 pearls
and handreds of rubles, emeralds and
sapphires. The queen's crown con
tained the famous Koh l-Noor diamond
with Its legend of bringing good luck
Over forty members of royal fam
lllos, 2."0 rulers of foreign states, 1,450
ears, dukes, lords and ladles, 300 am
bassadors and ministers; 1,500 repre
sentatives of the army, navy, judiciary
clergy, etc., formed part of the 7,000
guests at Westminster abbey.
America was represented nt the
coronation by the American amlmssa
dor, Whitelaw Held; the American
special envoy, John Hays Hammond
many Amerlcen wives of English
peers, members of the American diplo
matic corps and many unofficial Amer
leans, liu hiding Charles P. Tait,
brother of President Taft.
American League.
At Detroit: R.H.E.
Cleveland 0 0000121 04 8 2
Detroit 000 2 0 0 1 00 3 6 4
West Fisher; Summers Stanage.
At Philadelphia: R.H.E.
Philadelphia . . .1 0 0 0 0 0 5 2 8 12 1
Washington ....0020 0 0 0 0 35 9 2
Bender-Thomas ; Walker-Alnsmith.
At New York: R.H.E.
Boston 0 0 00 00 4 3
New York 4 3 0 0 7 9 3
Pape-Kleinow; Warhop-Sweeney.
At St. Louis; R.H.E.
Chicago 000 00 2 0002 4 1
St. Louis 00000 1 000 1 6 3
Lange-Payne; Powell-Clarke.
National League.
At Boston: R.H.E
Boston 11000060 18 9 6
New York 3000 1 0 0217 11 1
Brown Kling; Marquard Wilson.
At Cincinnati: R.H.E.
St. Louis 0231 1 2 0 009 15
Cincinnati 0 0101001 03 11 3
Harmon Bllrs; Smith-Clarke.
At Brooklyn: R.H.E.
Philadelphia 0 2 0 0 0 02 7
Brooklyn 0 00 0 022 6
Burns Mornn; Kuetzer-Bergen.
At Chicago: R.H.E
Chicago ..... .0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 1 3 6
Pittsburg 0 01 2 3 0 4 1 112 15 0
Brown-Archer; Lelfleld Gibson.
Western League.
At St. Joseph: R.H.E
Lincoln 0201 0 0 0003 7
St. Joseph 0000 2 00002 5 3
Wolverton-McGraw; Johnson-Kerns
At Sioux City: R.H.E
Denver 0 2020310 08 12
Sioux City 0400OO0OO4 8
O'Brlen-McMurray; Sage-Miller.
At Is Moines: - R.H.E,
Des Moines.. ..1000 1 1 00 14 6 1
Pueblo 0200 1 0 2 4 09 12 1
Benx-L'ltowskl; Jarnlgan-Clemons.
At Omaha: R.H.E,
Omaha 00102151 10 13
Topoka 00000 0 0 1 1 2 4 9
Rhodes Agnew; Beecher Hawkins.
Nebraska State League.
At Superior: R.H.E
Grand Island ... .0 0 2 0 0 0 0 2 15 8 1
Superior 01000000 01 7 1
Clausman Jokeist; Stevens Spollman.
At Seward: R.H.E.
Kearney 31 20 4 1 00 011 14 3
Seward 52000 2 0 00 9 11 1
Wright Magcrkurtb; Miller-Lucas.
At York: RU E.
Columbus 20 1 00 00003 6 6
York 01040011 7 10 1
Paul Agnew; Masters Smith.
At Hastings: R.H.E.
Fremont 0 00000100 01 5 2
Hastings 000000001 12 C 8
Smith Neff; Orth lloernle.
ness at the regular session of the sen
ate committee to Investigate the elec
tion of Senator Loriiner.
To Attorney Marble's questions Mr.
Hinman said he was a close friend to
Senator Lorlmer, but had received no
money to be used In his election.
The witness was questioned at
length in regard to the "Jockpot" funds
of the Illinois legislature. Mr. Hinman
Baid he had never talked with anyone
who said he contributed toka "Jack
pot," operated one or received money
from one.
"But I believe there has been a
'Jackpot' In every legislature of Illi
nois since I went there, twelve years
ago," he added.
The attorney read editorials from
the Inter-Ocean, in which the sugges
tion was made that prominent persons
In Chicago and in Peoria "might be
shaken by an investigation Into Illi
nois lefTlslature jackpots."
"To whom did you refer?" Mr. Mar
ble asked.
"The liquor Interest."
"Did common report connect any
other Interests with a Jackpot?"
Money Interests Against.
"Not that I recall," the witness said,
adding that the money interests of
Chicago had taken sides against Sena
tor Lorlmer.
"Do yon mean to say that promi
nent persons of Chicago, who looked
upon themselves as better than Sena
tor Lorimer, did the very things he Is
criticized for doing?" asked Kern-
"That puts It better than I could
express It."
The editor was asked if the packing
house Interests were opposed to Lorl
mer. "I would not say that they were par
ticularly friendly," was the reply.
The witness declined at first to an
swer If he had borrowed money from
either Hines, Tllden or Lorimer, be
cause it wis a question concerning
his private business.
"Oh, well, I will answer under pro
test," he said, after thinking It over.
'On one occasion I borrowed $4,000
from Mr. Hines."
"Within the last eight or ten weeks."
After declaring again that he had
never paid or received money to aid
in Lovimer's election, Mr. Hinman
was excused.
Yates Is Second Witness.
Richard Yates, governor of Illinois
from 1901 to 1905, was the next wit
"Did you ever hear of a Jackpot
when you were governor?" asked Mr.
"No, sir."
He then told the story of the pas
sage of the "Mueller bill providing for
municipal ownership of street rail
ways." He related how, when govern
or, Speaker Mueller came to him with
an account of two men attempting to
bribe him to aid In the passage of the
bill and hovr the bill was passed.
"Mr. Mueller died shortly afterward,
because the house, Instead of Invest!
gating the alleged bribery, invest!
gated him. his friends told me," said
Mr. Yates.
Mr. Yates said he believed men had
approached Mueller. He also said
John L. Lnne, a Chicago Inter-Ocean
reporter, told him In 1901 that a cor
ruptlon fund existed In the legislature,
but Lane could produce no witnesses
and the subject was not made a mat
ter of formal Investigation.
These were the only rumors of cor
ruption, he said, that he was able to
tell about.
Allen J. Beeson,
County Judge
Probate Notice.
State of Nebraska, County
Cass, ss.
In the matter of the estate
Albert Eugene Lewis, deceased.
To All Persons Interested:
You are hereby notified that
there has been filed in this court
a report of the administrator of
said estate, together with his peti
tion for final settlement thereof.
That a hearing will be had up
on said report and petition before
this court in the County Court
Rooms at Plattsmouth, in said
County, on the 3rd day of July,
1911, at 9 o'clock a. m. That all
objections thereto, if any, must be
filed on or before said day and
hour of hearing.
Witness my hand and seal of
the County Court of said County
this 8th day of June, 1911.
(SEAL) Allen J. Beeson,
County Judge.
Probate Notice.
State of Nebraska, County
Cass, ss.
In the matter of the estate
Abel Bevan, Deceased.
To All Persons Interested:
You are hereby notified that
there has been filed in this court,
report of the administratrix of
above estate, together with her
petition for final settlement of her
accounts as set forth in said re
port, and for her discharge as
such administratrix, in all things
except the payment of claims.
That a hearing will be had up
on said report and petition before
this court in the County Court
Rooms at Plattsmouth, in said
County, on the 27th day of June,
1911, at 10 o'clock A. M.
That all objections, if any, must
bo filed on or before said day and
hour of hearing.
Witness my hand and the seal
of the County Court of said
County this 51 h day of June, 1911.
Allen J. Beeson,
County Judge.
Steamship Chester Lands Cargo From
New Orleans at Kansas City.
Kansas City. June 23 The Kansas
City Navigation company's steamer
Chester arrived here, bringing the first
cargo that has come to this city by
river from New Orleans In twenty-five
years. A delegation of citizens, led
by Mayor Brown and accompanied by
a band, met the Chester at the wharf,
The Chester Is Intended to run on reg
ular schedulo between Kansas City
and St. I-ouls, carrying passengers
and freight.
Wheeler Bound Over.
Beaflce, Neb., June 23. D. F.
Wheeler of Wymore. who was taken
to Washington, Kan., several days ngo
to answer to a charge of complicity
In the Hanover bank robbery last win
ter, was given his preliminary hearing
and bound over to the district court
lu the sum of $4,000. In default of
bonds he was sent to the county Jail.
lowan Dies In His Auto Near St. Joe.
St. Jospli, Mo., June 23. Fred
Hels, Jr., of Atlantic, la., while mak
lng an automobile trip to Leaven
worth, died suddenly In his automobile
near here. Mr?. Hels was with him.
He was forty-four yours of age.
Notice la hereby Riven that the Ash
land Drainage District needs the aum
of seventeen tnouxands Ave hundred
Mxty-elKlit and 60.100 (17,5ti8.60) dol
lHrn, and the Hoard of Directors there
of is about to l8ue seventeen thousand
live hundred glxty-elKlit and 60.100
$17,568.60) dollars of neKotiuble bonds
of said diHtirct, drawing six per cent
Interest per annum, payable In ten
equal annual iiixtallnients, with Interest
coupons attached, said bonds to be sold
at not less than par. At any time with
in sixty days after the date of the first
publication of this notice, to-wit: June
8, 1911, any owner of any tract of real
entate In said dlxtrlct, or of any euKe
ment therein, may pay to C. Keetle,
treasurer of said district, at the Farm
cera and Merchants Hank, Ashland, Ne
tunHka, the proportionate share of the
principal amount of said bonds charge
able aKaltiHt said tract, and the amount
of bonds IsHued will he reduced In the
aKgreicate amount of said advance
payment so made, and any tract upon
which such advance payment is made
wil lnot he charKeahle with payment
of any of snid bonds or the Interest
thereon; provided, that If a deficit Is
canned by an appeal from the rshchs-
ineut of benefits and a change thereon,
or by rennon of any asseBHinent being
uncollectible, or In any other manner
whatsoever, then said deficit shall be
a chai-Ke upon all the lands aaHessed
according to the apportionment of
benefits, the same us any other liability
of the district.
The proportionate share of the prin
cipal amount of said bonds chargeable
against each tract ofJand In said dis
trict has been determined, levied and
assessed by the board of directors
thereof In dollars and cetns against and
upon each tract thereof on the basts of
the apportionment of units of benefit
and assessment hitherto made at the
rate of four and forty-five hundredths
dollars (H.4S) per unit; reference boing
hereby made, for specific Information
us to particular tracts, to the Resolu
tion of said Hoard of Directors relat
ing thereto on tile In the ottlce of A. B.
Fuller. Ashland, Nebraska, secretary of
said district.
Witness the signature of said Ash
land Drainage District, by the Presi
dent and Secretary thereof, and the
corpornte seal of said district, this 3d
day of June. 1911.
Ashland Drainage District.
Hy Nelson Shelter. President.
A. H. Fuller, Secretary.
For Sale.
I have a half section, 320 acres,
in Pandborn county, South Da
kota, one quarter fenced, artesian
well flowing through it, that I will
sell at a reasonable price. Terms
to suit the purchaser. Address,
A. W. Smith,
Plattsmouth, Neb.