The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, May 25, 1911, Image 7

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and will run longer without loosing than Is
possible when set the old hot way!
You will not be out the use of your vehicle, as it re
quires but a few moments to do the work!
"No charred surface 4o
wear away and loose the tire.
fcaTNo overdishing wheels
or slitting fslloes or cutting
out too much of the rim.
fcTThe BROOKS sets them
in a machanical and scien
tific way.
(The United States Government finds the cold process
the best and has adopted the BROOKS at the shops
of the U. S. Forts and the Department of the Interior.)
Don't Neglect It!
"The damage to your wheels by running them with loose tires
for one day may amount to much more than the cost of re-setting
them. Let us set them as soon as you discover they are loose.
Keep them tight and your wheels will last longer at less expense
and mueh less annoyance and chance of a break-down or accident"
All work absolutely guaranteed, if not return and get your
money back.
General Olacksmithing and Repairing
Plattsmouth, Nebraska.
Congressman Magulre Introduces
Bill for Its Incorpora
tion. Representative Maguire of Ne
braska has introduced a bill in
the house to incorporate the Mis
sissippi Valley Historical associa
tion. It is to be an association
for the promotion of historical
study and research, particularly
in the Mississippi valley. Among
the incorporators appear the
name of Clarence S. Paine of
The bill provides "that said as
sociation is authorized to hold
real and personal estate and to
acquire and control and dispose
of the same, so far as it may be
found necesasry, or expedient to
its lawful ends, to an amount not
to exceed $500,000; to adopt a
constitution, and to make, prom
ulgate and establish by-laws for
its srovernment not inconsistent
with law,
Place for Plattsmouth Ad.
The beautiful little plot of
ground south of the Burlington
station would be an excellent
place for the Burlington to erect
a white stone with the name of
our city upon it. It would be a
nice advertisement for the town,
beside imparting information to
travelers who have lost track of
their folder and would oviate the
necessity of an inquiry as to what
town the stranger is in when he
reaches the foot of Main street.
The Jolly Eight Card Club Enjoys
Another Pleasant After
noon Yesterday.
The members of the Jolly Eight
Card club were entertained at the
home of Mrs. A. J. Kanka yester
day afternoon in a more than de
lightful manner. As usual, the
principal amusement was derived
from the card games, there being
Said association shalL several games played, and each
Modern Decalogue Drawn Up by
the Queen of
. 1. Thou shalt not cause the
first quarrel, but if unavoidable,
fight it through bravely. To be
victor in the first domestic quar
rel may have a tendency to ele
vate thee in thy husband's mind
for all future.
2. Thou shalt not forget that
thou hast married a man, not a
god. Therefore be not surprised
by his frailties.
3. Thou shalt not always talk
money to thine husband. Rather
try to get along on the allowance
be maketh thee.
4. If thou considerest thine
husband heartless, remember
that, verily, he hath a stomach
By persistently appealing to his
stomach with well cooked meals
thou mayest, after all, touch his
5. Once in a great while, but
not too often, thou shalt let him
have the last word. It tickleth him
and wilt not do thee any harm.
6. Thou shalt read the whole
newspaper and magazine, not
merely the stories dealing with
scandal and society. Thine hus
band will be pleasantly surprised
to find, off and on, lhat he can
talk on general topics and even
on polit ics with his wife.
7. Thou shalt not be rude even
when quarreling with thy hus
band. Forget not that at one t ime
in thy life thou didst consider him
little short of a demigod.
8. Thou shalt, from time to
time, allow thine husband to
know a little more than thyself,
admitting that thou are not in
fallible all through.
9. If thine husband is a smart
man thou shalt be his friend; if
he is not, thou shalt be both
counselor and friend to him.
10. Thou shalt esteem thy
husband's relatives, especially his
mother. Remember that she
loved him long before you didst.
have its principal office at Lin-J game was entered into with the
coin, in the state of Nebraska, and
may hold its meetings annually at
such places as may be determined
by the association, and it may
hold such other meetings at such
times and places and upon such
conditions and under such rules
as may be prescribed by the con
stitution or by-laws of the as
sociation adopted and established
hereunder." Lincoln Journal.
For Appendicitis.
Mr. flus Hansen of Nehawka ar
rived last evening and visited the
William Hunter home over night.
Mrs. Hunter and Mr. Hansen went
to Omaha this morning to bo with
Mrs. Fred Hild, who will under
go an operation at Immanuel hos
pital this rrforning for appendic
itis. Dr. T. P. Livingston accom
panied Mrs. Hunter and Mr. Han
sen. Mrs. Hild and husband went
to the hospital yesterday, accom
panied by Mrs. Wulf, Mrs. Hild's
mother, who is a sister of Mrs.
Closes Her School Year.
Miss Ina Halt and Miss Edna
Morrison went out to Oreapoli3
on the morning train today to be
present at a picnic given by Miss
Elizabeth Kerr, the occasion be
ing the closing of her term of
school in that district. Miss Kerr
has given splendid satisfaction In
her school work and any com
munity will be fortunate which
secures her services in the
capacity of teacher.
Herman Grcodor,
Graduate Veterinary Surgeon
(Formerly with U. S. Department
Licensed by Nebraska Stale
Calls Answered Promptly
Telephone 378 White, Plattsmouth
For Sale Automobile.
My model 10, 20 H. P. Buick
runabout, 4 cylinders, fully equip
ped, speedometer, wind shield,
top, 20th century tire protectors,
extra tires, all in good condi
tion. Big bargain at $500.00.
T. H. Pollock,
Plattsmouth, Neb.
Notice of Application for Liquor
Notice is hereby given to all
persons interested and to the
public, that the undersigned, W.
II. Thiele, has filed his petition
and application in the office of the
County Clerk of Cass County, Ne
braska, as required by law, sign
ed by a majority of the resident
freeholders of Center Precinct,
setting forth that the applicant
is a man of respectable character
and standing and a resident of the
state of Nebraska, and praying
that license be issued to said W.
II. Thiele for the sale of malt,
spirituous and vinous liquors for
the period of one year from June
10th,. 1911, ending June 10th,
1912, in a building on lot 1, block
2, in the village of Manlcy, in
Center Precinct, in Cass County,
Nebraska. W. II. Thiele,
usual interest and enthusiasm.
Handsome prizes were awarded to
the winners, Miss Pearl Mumm
and Mrs. H. Timm being the for
tunate ones, Miss Mumm winning
the first prize and Mrs. Timm the
booby prize.
Following the card games the
guests indulged in social con
versation and various other
amusements. At a convenient
hour a dainty luncheon, consist
ing of ice cream, cake and fruits,
was provided by the hostess,
which the guests found very ap
pelizing and pleasant. The mem
bers of the club report the usual
fine time and Mrs. Kanka a most
excellent hostess
The members of the club who
enjoyed Mrs. Kanka's hospitality
on this occasion were: Mesdames
Olga Croskary, John Lutz, Henry
Ofe, Henry Timm, James Bird,
Andy Kroehlcr, Jesse Warga, John
Sattler, Will Mason, C. C. Koke, C
R. Burdick, Jacob Mason; Misses
Pearl and Rose Mumm, Paula
Ooos, Olga Saltier and Viole
Foley Kidney Pills are a true
medicine. They are healing
strengthening, antiseptic and
tonic. ,- They act quickly. For
sale by F. O. Fricke & Co.
Take Little Girl to Hospital.
Mr. J. C. Meisinger and wife
and little daughter drove in from
the farm this morning and board
ed the morning train for an Oma
a hospital, where their little
aughter will undergo an exam-
nation by a specialist. The little
one hns been troubled for a long
ime with a disease of the hip
oint, and under Iho advice o
their family physician Mr. am
Mrs. Meisinger have decided to
iave the little girl treatci
scienlillcally, ir the specialist is
of the opinion lhat she can be
Is 25 0 Profit or Discount an Item of Interest to you Mr. Farmer?
This is what you can save on all Implements you need, if you are a
member and own stock in the
Indepentent Harvester Company
Shares are now being sold in this county at $100.00 each. The company was organized four
years ago and started out with twenty farmer stockholders, and today we have 18,000 stockholders.
The main factory is located at Piano, 111., and four years ago two small buildings were all we needed
to manufacture the output. Today we have acres of buildings and the finest manufacturing estab
lishment in the country. Following are a few of the farmers in this county who have taken stock
Mark White, Oscar Gapen, Julius Pitz, Pete Halmes, Ed Todd,
nndjmany others that space will not permit us to publish. It is our intention to locate a branch
house in Plattsmouth in the near future, and want all farmers in this locality to become stockholders.
a representative of the company will call on you in a few days and if you will
take time to listen to his proposition you will become interested.
Every Business Man Should Pa-
tronlze Home Print Shops, In
stead of Foreign Fakirs.
The York News, commenting
upon the recent move of Hastings
merchants, relative to doubtful
advertising propositions, says:
"Hastings business men have
ignod an agreement by which
they refuse to patronize what they
designate as doubtful advertising
schemes. Many of the devices
which are hereafter to be tabooed
have been under the ban in York
or some time; but some on the
ist aro occasionally met with.
The things the Hastings men de
clare they will not support or
patronize under any circum
stances are enumerated as fol-
ows: The city directory, unless
the same is published in Hasti
ngs; hotel registers, desk cards,
room cards and similar devices;
newspaper schemes of every char
acter, when presented by pro
moters or agents other than those
regularly employed by Hastings
papers; cook books, society and
church programs, time cards and
similar devices; theater tickets,
theater programs, society pro
grams, restaurant programs,
restaurant tickets, baseball score
cards, etc.; irregular publications
and circulars issued wholly or
chiefly for advertising purposes.
This paragraph shall not be Inter
preted to prohibit circulars is
sued directly by merchants.
"Relieved of feeling that they
must spend money in these ques
tionable forms of publicity, the
merchants of Hastings ought to
be in a position to patronize
legitimate advertising mediums
with good effect. The main thing
to be considered in placing ad
vertising is that it appears where
it will be read and read by as
many people as possible. The
newspaper fulfills this condition
better than any other known in
"Dr. Thomas' Eclectic Oil is the
best remedy for that often fatal
disease croup. Has been used
with success in our family for
eight years." Mrs. L. Whiteacre,
Buffalo, N. Y.
From Wednesday's Pally.
Mr. and Mrs. George Smith of
near Murray were trading with
Plattsmouth merchants this aft
ernoon. Mr. John I.ohnes of near Cedar.
Creek was in the city for a few
hours today looking after busi
ness matters.
Messrs. George and Philip
Horn, from Fight Mile Grove pre
cinct, were looking after business
matters in the county seat today.
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Albert of
near Cedar Creek were in the city
today, the guests of Mr. Albert's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Al
bert. Mr. J. A. Chambers of Murray
was in the city last evening look
ing after business matters, and
while hero was a guest of the
Perkins hotel.
Mr. J. K. Meisinger of near
Cedar Creek came down on No.
4 this morning and looked after
business matters in the county,
seat for a few hours.
Mrs. Hans Christiansen of near
Murray motored to Plattsmouth
this morning with Mr. Christian
sen and departed for Red Oak,
Iowa, where she will visit rela
tives for a few days.
Mr. John Group, the asses
sor of Louisville precinct, ar
arived in the city this morning
wit hthe results of his past two
with the results of his past two
same to County Assessor II. M.
W. II. and Hen II. Wiles passed
through the city yesterday after
noon en route for their home near
Wabash. They had been visiting
relatives at Glenwood, Iowa, and
vicinity for several days. The
boys were jii an auto and perhaps
reached homo in time for supper.
Herman Fteikc of the vicinity of
Union drove to this city this
morning to attend to some busi
ness matters. While here he call
ed at this office and renewed his
subscription to this paper for an
other year. Mr. Rejke was a pas
senger to Omaha on the afternoon
train, where he had some business
matters to look after.
Preslolite lighting tank for
automobile, between Avoca and
Weeping Water, or on O street
road. Finder please notify this
office and receive reward.
Heavy, impure blood makes i
muddy, pimply complexion, head
aches, nausea, indigestion. Thin
blood makes you weak, pale, sick
ly; Ihirdock Wood Hitters makes
the blood rich, red, pure restores
perfect health.
Sick headache results from a
disordered condition of the stom
ach, and can be cured by Iho use
of Chamberlain's Stomach and
Liver Tablets. Try it. For sale
by F. O. Fricko Si Co.
Notice to Taxpayers.
The County Hoard of F.fiuatlza
ion will sit for the purpose of
equalizing the assessment of Cuss
County for the year 1911, in the
Commissioners' Chamber at the
court house in Plattsmouth, Nc
braska, beginning Tuesday, June
13th, 1011, at 10 o'clock a. in., and
continue from day to day up to
noon of Saturday, Juno 17th,
All claims for equalization
must be filed on or before Friday,
the IClh day of June, 1011.
D. C. Morgan,
County Clerk.
Stops itching instantly. Cures
piles, eczema, Rait rheum, tetter
itch, hives herpes, scabies
Poan's Ointment. At any drug
D. Ward King's Epigrams.
Good roods are a matter o
good heads; get the heads of the
teople right and the roads will
take care of themselves.
The best material for filling a
mud hole is mud.
The sort of a drag you use
doesn't make so much difference;
anything you can hitch a team to
will make Ihe roads better, if you
have a man to drive it.
Let Ihe man alone who won't
drag his road. He has his re
ward Ihe neighbors sneer at
him, his doctor throws it up to
ii'in, and once in awhile an un
righteous traveling man cusses
hi in.
The more a mad is rounded up
in the middle, the better it will
si and up through a wet spell.
Nine limes out of ten a man
doesn't drug bis road for fear
someone he doesn't like will get
the benefit of it.
You can't poison a hog, a in
some men won't take the gooi
roads fever.
Some people want their corn
shelled. You can't have a round
ed-up rond and one lhat the
horses won't slip on when wet.
From Thuriday's Pally .
Try a sacK of Forest Rose flour
the next lime you need flour. Ask
your dealer what he thinks of it.
Mr. Charles Gauer of Cdar
Creek was on the street for a few
hours today looking after busi
ness mutters.
In the district court today an
appeal was filed from the decision
of the probate court, disallowing
the will of Mrs. F.liza Foster, de
censed. Mr. Philip Thierolf has been
suffering from an acute attack of
rheumatism for the pnst two
days and has not been able to be
in the store.
Misses Margaret and Mary
Moore of Murray were Omaha
visitors this afternoon, where
they went to look after some
business matters during the a ft -
Do you want an
If you do, get one who has
Experience,. Ability, Judgement.
Telegraph or write
Dunbar, Heb.
Dates made at this office or the
Murray State Dank.
Good Scrvic an Reasoble Rates
Mr. and Mrs. Perry Marsh were
Omaha visitors this afternoon,
xpecling to bring their little
daughter, Nettie, home from the
hospital, where she has been for
six weeks recovering from the ef
fects of an operation for ap
M. W. Moure of Murdock was
n Ihe city today looking after
some business mailers with the
county officials. He had been up
to Springfield, where he was
ooking after some veterinary
work. He returns homo this
evening. While here Mr. Moore
paid the Journal office a brief call,
Deminio lliatt was not able to
be down yesterday; in fact, ho was
not able to bo out of bed.
J. M. Howell, a popular drug
gist of Greensburg, Ky., says
"Wo use Chamberlain's Cough
Ilemedey in our own household
and know it is excellent." For
sale by F. O. Fricko A Co.
Mr. and Mrs. P. O. Dwyer were
Omaha passengers this after
noon, where Mr. Dwyer will pre
sent Die diplomas to Ihe gradual
ing class of Ihe I)eaf school.
new building is to be dedicated
Ihe frescoing and painting of Ih
Interior of which has nil bee
done bv the students of Ih
school. The frescoeing is Iruly
work of arlisls.
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your system and help you to rid
yourself of your dragging back
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