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    Murray Department
If any of tlie readers of the Journal k iu w of a social ercitf or an item of intercut in this vicinity and will mail anie to this office it will afijitar under this kendiny
ty'e vant ull itam of interest. Editor Jou m'
Murray State Bank
Capital and
$1 5000.00
Wc Solicit Your Banking
was an Omaha No "Lazy Moon" for the malt1
Louis Puis was in Plattsmouth
Fresh new lino of candles at Hunt's
wtore today.
Dr. Newell, the dcntlest, In Murray
every Tuesday.
Frank (lolwtiiian, painter and
I-ajjor hanger. PlattmmouUi.
iarden seeds of all kinds at the A.
I!at store.
A. L. Maker was a Plallsniouth
visitor Tuesday evening.
Mrs. J. V. F.dmunds was in Ne
braska City last. Saturday.
Your neighbor bought some of our
Khoe bargains this week. Did you?
At A. Hast's.
Jesse II. McVey went to Platts
mouth this week, where he will
visit for n time.
See the bargains that we are offer
ing you In groceries this week.
A. Hast.
Mrs. (i. M. Mulford and daugh
ter, Ogla, ami Miss F.dilli Laltue
were shopping in Nebraska Oily
There will he a new married
couple at I he entertainment
Saturday evening, April 22. You
will miss half your life if you fail
to nee, the "spoony" couple.
Misses Zetta Drown and Vernn
Hatt of Plattsinoulh were in Mur
ray last Sunday visiting willi
friends. They look supper at the,
home of Mr. and Mrs. James
Frank J. Davis shipped a car of
cuttle to South Omaha Tuesday
Charles I Mi i 1 pot. shipped a car
of hogs to South Omaha Wednes
day evening.
Come to Murray to trade, and bo
Hiire while here ' to call at Hast's
Htore for real bargains.
William Hamilton and Albert
Young are repairing the dwelling
house of J. W. Walker.
John Philpot shipped a car of
cattle from Murray to South
Omaha Wednesday evening.
Get garden seeds at A. Hast's store.
We have a nice new stock of bulk and
lmrkage goods open for sale here.
Dr. A. K. Walker and Dr. (717
more were in Union Wednesday
attending the meeting of the Cass
County Medical association.
(1. M. Min ford shipped a car of
cattle to South Omaha Tuesday
evening. Han went up Wednes
day morning to be on the market
with them.
We are informed that Karl Colo
ilid the traveling public a mighty
good turn this week. He was com
piled to make the trip from his
farm to his father's one day this
week, his father living near
Mynard, a distance of several
miles. He hitched onto the drag
and made the trip. He made a
wonderful change in the condition
of the roads and changed the
travel of all parties Ruing north.
Mrs. . Lallue
visitor Tuesday.
Dr. and Mi s. (i. H. Oilmore wi re
in Plallsimiuth Monday.
Mrs. Charles Carroll was shop
ping in Omaha last Friday.
Don't forget the entertainment
at the hall next Saturday evening.
Alex Katon's little girl, Thclma,
has been quite sick with pneu
monia. fleorge Parks is doing the work
of remodelling the Presbyterian
Mrs. W. S. Smith attended the
funeral of Mrs. Adda Kccnan in
Omaha last Friday.
Mrs. Charles Carroll and Mrs.
A. L. Raker were in Omaha Wed
nesday of this week.
The Ittle child of Mr. and Mrs.
Herman Reike has been suffering
for the past few days with pneu
monia. You miss a good limn if you
fail to attend the entertainment
at the hall Saturday evening,
April 22. .
William A. Drown is making
some repairs on his residence this
week, among which is a new floor
in the entire house.
Dr. W. K. Lougridge and a
party of friends motored from
Lincoln Sunday to lake dinner
with his mother and Mr. and Mrs.
James Loughridgc.
Tom Nix met with quite a pain
ful accident last Friday while as
sisting in corn shelling. He got
his hand caught in cog chains of
the machine and it was quite bad
ly mashed.
Mr. and Mrs. George Allwiue of
Rapid City, S. )., and Miss Anna
Keenan and Randolph Keenan of
Omaha were in Murray Sunday
and Monday of this week visiting
at Hie home of Mr. and Mrs. J. W.
Holme's. Mr. Holmes went to
Plallsnioulh in the aluo Sunday
to meet them.
Lee Allison is reported on' the
sick list.
Get a supply of fresh cakes and
candies at Hast's store.
Miss Margie Walker was shop
ping iu Plattsinoulh last Satur
day. Lost Mrs. Snagg's goose.
Must be returned by April 22.
Needed in the play.
Mrs. Jesse pell, who has been
quite sick for the past few weeks,
is much better this week.
M. (I. Churchill was looking
after some business matters in
Plattsmouth Wednesday morning.
The costumes used in the play
Saturday evening, April 22, are
furnished by Theodore Leiben of
Omaha. . 1
Miss Nettie Marsh, who under
went an operation for appendicitis
a few days ago in Omaha, is get
ting along nicely.
Theodore Amick sold and de
livered i,70fl bushels of corn to
the Jones drain company in Mur
ray the past few days.
Have you seen Miss Drown?
Which Miss Drown? Why, the
Miss Drown at Jerikin's hall
Saturday night, April 22.
Will Seyboll and Miss Dessie.
Drendel were in Plattsmouth Sun-'
day afternoon, taking advantage
of the pleasant day fur auloing.
The entertainment and ice!
cream social given by (be Ladies'
Aid society and the Sunshine band j
last Saturday evening, was a very J
successful affair, the young ladies !
4 1. :.. jit.) ....j ii. . . I
icimiik iii 7 i . i ri nil ine .Mil socieiy
I 2.50.
Mr. and Mrs. James Hatched
and J. W. Merger took dinner and
spent the day at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. George Ray last Sunday.
They report a pleasant lime and
one of the finest dinners they have
enioveil in ii Inner linn.
Arnold Holmes writes from the
United States navy yards that he' On Saturday night. April 22, at
has been released from the bos- Jenkins' hall, the people of Murray
pilal, where he has been receiving wl" lve a hon,' talent play and
treatment for the past few weeks, musical farce. The musbal part of
owing to a slight attack of sick- ! tne Program Is under the direction of
ness. He is still in the training Mrs- E(1na F;a,0,, f Plattsmouth.
station and will not be placed on Pauline Oldham Is the coach for the
board a man-of-war until some acting.
lime in May. J. W. Merger is in receipt of a
Mr. and Mrs. S. O. Pitman re-, letter from Mont Robb at Lincoln
turned home from their southern j slating that in a telephone mes
t rip last week and report a most ' sage from the Steiner home he
pleasant time. Mrs. Pitman re-1 was informed that the smallpox
mained in Kansas City with her quarantine would be lifted from
mother while some made the trip them the last of the present week,
to Texas. Mr. Pitman was well This means that Mrs. Merger will
pleased with that part of the be able to return home the fore
country; so well pleased, iu fact,' part of'nexl week. Up to the
that he says he intends to move present time the remainder of the
there some time in the near family have escaped the disease,
future. Sam says it is the great- and there is comparatively no
est country in the world. ' danger at this time.
d i x yxt " ,n ( j crx
g for )g)D Q)g)lf
We have been so busv for the past week re arranging our Summer goods to prepare an advertisement
numerating the many items in Spring and Summer goods that we are placing on sale at greatly reduced
prices, hut commencing on
Men's and Ladies Undcrwcr,
Boy's and Men's Dress Shirts,
Men's and Boy's Work Shirts,
Overalls and Hats and Caps!
in which wc arc going to make a special low price at a discount off 20, 33 and 50 per cent, ij
from the former price of Holmes & Smith. Don't fail to make it a point to drop in whether you
buy or not, and see the bargains we are now offering.
Don't Fail to Bring in Your Produce! WE PAY THE TOP PRICES!
Murray, Nebraska
IHIDTFj Succcssorto Holmes & Smith.
mm m
From 1200 to 1800 pouuds; 4 to 10 years old.
They must be fat and well broke to work. We want
only good, fat, thick made chunks for the eastern
market. Will buy smooth mouthed horses if they are
tat and ready to go to market, Lead in your good
fat hcrses and take the money home with you.
Plattsmouth, Nebraska,
Saturday, April 1 11
Charles Chriswisser was look
ing after some business matters
iu lMattsinoulh Wednesday.
Mrs. J. V. Edmunds and Mrs.
Alvin Long and children were Ne
braska City visitors last Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. James Holmes and
sou, Ralph; Mrs. V. S. Smith and
Miss Pauline Oldham were Platts
mouth visitors Wednesday, driv
ing up in the auto.
Hen Kill returned home from
Plattsmouth and Omaha Wednes
day evening, where he had been to
consult a specialist in regard to
his heart trouble. While Mr.
hill's heart is affected, his con
dition is in no way alarming,
which was indeed good news to
Mr. Dill and his many firends.
Troy Holmes writes the home
folks from New York that he is
having a most enjoyable time
this spring in the big cities of the
east. Mr. Hyarson, the great steel
man, for whom Troy is driving
the auto, is traveling in all the
principal cities of the east, and
the auto is being shipped from
place to place for their use when
iu the cities.
A. Hast is making a great many
changes in the appearance of his
store the past few days, arrang
ing new shelving, counters, etc.,
giving him more room for the
handling of his lines, which he
expects to greatly increase as the
season's goods come in. The
shoe sale that he just closed was
a success in every particular ex
cept financially, which was a
failure owing to the great dis
counts that were being made. He
moved a lot of the goods and this
was the point he had in view.
10, 15 and 25-Cent Counter.
We have Just finished sorting up
our goods and find In our crockery
and novelty lines that we are over
stocked. To close out these lines we
have arranged them on bargain
tables, and they are going to be sold
at bargainslO, 15 and 25-cent
tables. 10c table will contain values
up to 25c, and the 25c table up to
50c. Upon these tables you will find
such goods as lamps, crockeryware,
novelties and many other articles and
at genuine bargains. A. Hast.
Grandpa Young.
Have you noticed the happy
smile on the face of our excellent
friend, I). A. Young? He is now
firandpa Young, having received
a message from his daughter,
Mrs. S. L. Lawton, stating that a
bright-eyed baby boy was born to
them on April 15. Mother and
little one are doing nicely. Mr.
and Mrs. Lawton are living at
Oakton, South Dakota.
Bank's Annual 'Meeting.
The annual meeting of the
stockholders and directors of the
Murray Slate bank was held last
Friday afternoon at the bank
building in Murray. All the di
rectors were present and the same
officers were elected as follows;
C. C. Parmele, president; Fred
Nutzman, vice president, and W.
O. Doedeker, cashier. The busi
ness for the past year has been
most successful iu every par
ticular; $2,000 was added to the
surplus fund, making 5.000.
which, with the capital of ?10,
000. makes a pretty strong bank
ing house for Murray. Only a few
years ago the capital of the Mur
ray bank was only $5,000. with a
very small surplus, so it is easy
to see how it is growing under the
able management of Cashier
Tloedckcr. Murray can sure boast
of one of the strongest and most
ably conducted banks of any town
much larger than Murray in the
state of Nebraska.
Goes to Lincoln Hospital.
Prom Wednesday's Dally.
Alf. Nickels, residing east of
Murray, was taken to the hospital
in Lincoln yesterday evening,
where he goes for the'treatmeni
of rheumatism. Mr. Nickels has
been a great sufferer from this
aflliction for the past few years,
sanitarium may be of great bene
fit to him. He expects to remain
there a couple of weeks.
Notice to Patrons.
As all our former patrons are
aware we have sold our stock of
goods, and would like to have our
books closed and settled at the earl
iest possible time, and therefore re
qust all parties knowing themselves
indebted to us to call and settle. We
have extended you the credit and
done so w illingly, and at the same
time appreciated your patronage, and
trust that you will appreciate our
courtesies sufficiently to call and
Bettle at your earliest possible time.
Holmes & Smith.
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Too Much Booze.
Patrick H. Cavanaugh, art itin
erant umbrella repairer, was be
fore the police court this morning
for being in a beastly slate of in
toxication after his day's work
was done yesterday. The judge
gave him the usual dose pre
scribed by the ordinance for such
depn diat ions.. $5 and costs.
Seed PotatocM.
Genuine Red .Itlver Karly Ohio
oeed potatoes, In small quantities at
J 1.50 per bushel. A. Hast.
WANTED A good, gentle driving
horse, safe for woman to handle. Write
W. II. Porter, Union, Neb;
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