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(We are speaking now strictly to
hug your neck and stay there. They do
not stand out away from your neck and
collar as ordinary suits do, but they are
shaped and made to fit close and snug
about your neck, giving that tailor made
effect that is the mark of all good clothes.
If you have been getting a poor fit in
the neck or otherwise "getting it in the
neck" so to speak, come here and try
and stav fit.
eing concerning the Jews who
criticized Jesus' teachings of the
resurrect lull, and toM'il the Mivior
hose wife a certain woman
ould he in the next world, when
he had been the wife of seven
rot tiers in succession. Rev. Aus-
in elaborated on this branch of
his theme, leaving with his audit
ors the statement that the spirit
ual life would be so far in ad-
ance of the physical there would
e no thought of the environment
which surrounded men on earth.
Two persons were received into
the church. The league service
was conducted by Mrs. Edna Wes
oott, the topic of the meeting be
ing that of missions.
The evening congregation was
arger than usual and the service
very interesting. llev. Austin
poke on the theme of the "Com
forting Christ," the text being, "It
Is I, lie Not Afraid." An Kaster
anthem was sung both morning
and evening. Mrs. K. H. Weseotl
sang a solo and the Glee club
sang "Jesus, Savior, Pilot Me."
The Presbyterian, Methodist and St. Luke's Church Have Pro
grams Especially Prepared for the Event and the Weather
Propitious for the Occasion.
Easter dawned beautiful and
bright, and the weather continued
lovely throughout the entire day.
Everyone seemed happy in the
thought that the day was very
propropitious for the donning of
that Easter bat or new Easter
iginal poem eulogistic of the de
parted knight.
The above refers to the serv
ices at 11 a. m. Interesting and
appropriate services were held
in the early morn at 8 o'clock am
at 7:30 in the evening.
suit. rl lie churches that naci , One of the striking features o
special programs for the oc- ti,P decorations was the curtain
casion were largely attended. Be- ,nam, uf green foliage, the ma
i :., e .. Ki ... .
low we gie u synopsis ui iiii,,TO 0i which hail been verv
was done at several of the ' kindly donated bv Mr. L. A. Moore
churches: i
At St. Paul's Church. !
Easter Sunday brought out a
very large congregation to the
the curtain being constructed by
the committee of ladies in charg
of the decorations, after which it
was placed by Mr. Moore. It wa
ht. Pauls Jwangeucai cnurcn. ; a most handsome apiece of decora
The church was tastily decorated tjon an(j surely something out of
Vith ferns and carnations. The ' he ordinary,
fhoir rendered two beautiful Ger- i Another feature was that each
man hymns under the leadership pew was decked with three while
of Mr. Wesch. j carnations and three ferns tied
Mr. Stegcr delivered a very im- J wilh whi, ni.bons. This morn
pressive sermon appropriate for in(f t,e committee in charge dis
the day. After the services the trihuted the llowers among Ihe
Lord's Supper was held, there be-' sick and the shul-in of the
ing nearly 100 communicants
The Easter offering was. very
large, it amounting to $103.50.
church, as has been customary.
At St. Luke's Church.
Easier services were fittingly
observed at St. Luke's ' church
yesterday, the church being
At the Methodist Church.
The glad Easter celebrutioii be
gan witli the Sunday school at the
M. E. church yesterday morning,
the lesson period was preceded by
a program consisting of peril a -
hpnii) ifnllv rtec.ornleil with smilax. I ''"'is, exercises, uucis anil a
ferns and Easter lilies .in front ! cbrus
. r ih.i anil Ilia nllnp Choll".
, ttH' ui'out tt.V,
by the Sunday school
f.nd each pew was decorated with 1,u' ciiumii
' ill I'll I' II I I'll I III!
while carnations. The Sir Knights
Templar were present, in a body i Oreetong
and occupied seats in the
auditorium reserved for tnein.
was tastefully
words, "Faster
were suspended from
the archway. A mammoth ger
anium slood in front of the
I ' 1 11 1 1 1 i .
The special nulsic consisted of.I""P'i. no,," l11iims ",n ,IU'1
the "Te Ileum Laudamus," jn SP,,','1 about the platform
which the solo parts were lakon ' whorr-vor there was a vacant
bv Miss Edna Peterson and Mr. II. ' place, and twenty or more Easter
S. Austin. And an Easter anthem, ' Mies nodded their beautiful faces
"As It Began to Dawn," in which '"ward Ihe happy children in the
Hiss firelchen Donnelly sang the .1 Miililorium. The allendaifce at
m,o part. The music was well U"' Sunday school was large,
remt-icd, each singer doing bis or . t being 228 present. The
junior (leparimeni, iook posses
sion of its room in the basement
the first time yesterday.
morning service was large-
tribtue to the visiting Sir Knights ly atlended, the membership glad-
Canon Hurgess made a touching ly greeting their pastor alter a
reference to Ihe chair made recess of five weeks. Ilev. Austin
vacant by Ihe death of the late preached a powerful discourse on
Mr. 1'. S. While, and read an or- I "The Life Heyond." Ihe context
tier part very creditably.
The sermon by Ilev. Burgess
ua iiwniwi'lllv wnll limi'il In Die' 1'"
occasion, and in paying a line; Th
-Sun Bonnets-
Li!a:aaM'.iwffl minium
The season is near when
you will want a nice Sun
Lonnet. We have some
thing stcinl in .this line.
They have a patent process
stiffening which you can
not Kt in other makes.
You will not le satisfied
with the ordinary make if
ou see ours.
At the Presbyterian Church.
A large congregation greeted
Rev. L. W. Cade at the Presby
terian church at the opening of
the morning service yesterday.
The choir rendered two Easter
anthems and Mrs! Edna Eaton a
solo, aeoempanied by Miss Yerna
Colo, with pipe organ, and Mrs.
Will Troop with violin. The
violin in the skillful hands of
Mrs. Troop added much to the
pecial music.
Ilev. Hade delivered a short
Easter discourse, which was full
of hope and comfort to the believ
ers. Among other things Rev.
Ciade said: "Easier festival is the
largest observed of all the Chris
tian festivals on the calendar. It
brings into view the resurrection
of our Savior and through Him
the resurrection of the dead.
Church ritualism and church
formalism cannot, destroy the
powr of its value. The Cireek
church, the church of Rome and
all Protestant denominations join
in hailing the Redeemer's triumph
from the tomb. Jesus and the
resurrection has been Ihe glad
theme of preachers and worship
pers, poets and philosophers, for
nineteen hundred years. Easter
can never be forgotten for it cele
brates Christ's glorious resurrec
tion and complete triumph over
all the powers of death and hell.
Tt marks find's approval of the
sacrifice and alonemenl made on
Cajvary's cross. When we think
of Easier there comes the echo
to heaven and earth of Christ's
triumphant words, uttered in Ihe
darkest of earth's shadows, 'It is
finished.' "
.Ulor a clear and convincing
presentation of the proofs of
Christ's resurrection. Rev. fiade
said: "Over the arched gateway
to one of our great cemeteries in
the easl is inscribed the words
Tnlil Ihe daybreak and th
shadows flee away.' How fitting
are I nose wonts to us who (Mm
in and lay our beloved dead from
sight, and go our way to rejoice
in a glorious resurrection. The
risen Christ keeps us. He lead
us through life's dusty way when
it is dim nnd dark; He carries us
across earth's deepest chasms
He holds our hand that our foot
steps slip not, and He rests us to
leep the sleep that men, call
ealh nnd keeps us 'until Ihe
daybreak and Ihe shadows flee
away.' In the resurrection of
Christ is the hope of our resur
rection and reunion with our
friends. Our nnd her, our father,
our brothers and sisters went out
from us on that long-distant af
ternoon. They went into the
shadows, and in the hope of
Easter morning, I ask you, was it
death or dawn? When you visit
that loved spot, where the grass
grows refreshingly green in the
springtime, across which sweeps
the summer zephyrs, and where
you delight to plant sweet flowers,
when you visit that spot, I fancy
there comes to you the blessed
lien I go Homo I hope to see
A little face look up nt me,
Unchanged from what il used to
When I go homo,'
"Easter gives this greeting
At the close of the sermon two
young men were received into the
church, alter winch the sacra
ment of the Lord's Supper was
The Assessor of Rock Bluffs
Precinct Has a Joy Ride
Not Antipicated.
As the assesor of Rock Mutt's
precinct was making his rounds
listing the personal belongings
and chattels of the citizens of his
precinct last week in his single
buggy and behind his trusty gray-
nag, he unexpectedly took a joy
ride which he had not counted on.
As the assessor was descend
ing one of the gentle slopes which
abound in the eastern part of the
precinct, the bit in the mouth of
bis foaming charger gave way and
left nothing with which the
officer could check its speed. The
buggy and the assessor crowded
down upon the mare, and the
faster she went the more fright
ened she became, and at the 11 r
farm house passed she turned in
and nearly ran over the lady of
the house. Nothing seemed to
check the frightened animal, and
on she sped until she came in col
lision wilh the pig pen, into which
the gray, wilh the buggy and
driver still intact, plunged, and
where she was stopped.
There was, no particular dam
age done, unless to the feelings of
the joy rider himself, as nothing
as broken but the bridle bit.
House leamiiiinig
iiasiit scratched yet!!
for the woodwork and floors and
you will have the hist.
5 and 25c Packages
House cleaning time is now at
hand and every woman is interested
in something that will make it less
a drudgery.
BON Ar.1l
Cleans, all surfaces. Polishes alt
metals. Wears out neither. If you
have never used Bon Ami for clean
ing your windows, for polishing
brass, nickel plating or any other
metals, you have never used the
best and you do not know what a
time and labor saver it is.
Try It Only 10c Each!
An Interesting Bit of History
Related by Judge J. W.
Judge J. W. Johnson, in con
ersalion with the writer this
morning, slated that lllty-lour
years ago today lie crossed ine
Missouri river; landing at the fool
of Main street. lie bad just
finished the journey on foot
across the slate of Iowa, and he,
with two companions, named Rus
sell Vanl'leet and Joseph II. Cox,
within the next three days after
landing. on this side of the river,
went a few miles out west of
town and located on u quarter of
government land each.
Judge Johnson remembers the
i i i -i i it..
year very distinctly, n neing ine
year of the panic of 1K57, when
banks everywhere were going to
the wall, and there was not much
in sight to eat except grass. Mr
VanFleet returned to Pennsyl
vania when his title was secured,
while Mr. Cox afterward removed
to Council Hluffs, where he died.
The quarter entered by Mr. Van
Fleet was transferred - to Mr.
llagoos, who still owns the quar
ter, there having been but one
transfer in fifty-four years.
Home Talent
In the window of J. C. York's
barber shop this morning could
be seen n knapsack and powder
horn of ancient make. The knap
sack is of leather and on the fast
ening was a bronz disk tin which
is Ihe image of an American
eagle holding lliree arrows in one
of its talons and an olive branch
in the other. In the pocket was
a brass bell and an ornament
containing the same design. The
relic was brought In Mr. York's
shop by a Mr. Ilaker, who told its
history in part, statin'-' that il had
been snatched from Ihe body of
a dead Indian by h man named
Hales during, an engagement, of
the Revolutionary war, and by
Hales carried into a fort.
Manager Schlaes Will Have a
Most Beautiful and Enticing
Place of Amusement.
Manager R. M. Schlaes of the
Majestic is contemplating making
quite a lot of improvements at his
popular theater. The front wj"
he repainted, Mr. Frank (lohel-
man doing the job.
In addition to this, Mr. Schlaes
has let to Mr. M. M. Heal the con
tract for painting the lobby and
frescoing the ceiling and papering
the side walls, as well as the
auditorium, which will be re
painted, ropaporod and the ceil
ing frescoed. Mr. Schlaes will not
stop with this, but will procure
rubber carpet for Ihe aisles and
the lobby and the front will bo
lighted with a large arc light in
the center of Ihe lobby or two
smaller incandescents in each
No expense will be spared to
make an artistic and inviting
room, where the public can go
and enjoy its evenings. The
work on these improvements will
be commenced right away and
pushed as rapidly as possible.
There is nothing loo good for the
patrons of Ihe Majestic, is the
way of Mr. Schlaes' thinking.
I hereby announce myself as a
candidate for the nomination of the.
office of flhoriff, subject to the de
rHon of the voters at the coming
primary. I ak them to plaro me In
nomination on the domorrntlc tlrkft.
D. C. Rhoden.
Notice of Application for Liquor
Notice is hereby given to all
persons interested and to Ihe
public, that the undersigned, (lus
F. Mohr, has tiled his petition and
application with I lu? village clerk
of the village of Avoca, County of
Cass, and Stale of Nebraska, as
required by law, signed by the
required number of resident
free-holder of the said
village, setting forth that
the applicant is a man of re-
snectable character and standing
t . Mil
and a resident, 01 ine Mate 01 ie-
braska, and praying that a license
may be issued to the said (ins F.
Mohr for Ihe sale of mall,
spirit nous and vinous liquors for
the municipal year ending May 2,
l'.lll', at his place of business,
situated on Ihe west two-thirds of
i l n. in block 1.1, in said village
of Avoca, Nebraska.
(ins I''. Mohr, Applicant.
April 13, Itlll.
John Ilihur.Vho purchased tin
(ins Stull nlacc in West I'latls-
mouth a few weeks ago, is making
some decided changes and vast
improvements on the residence
and outbuildings. We understand
that Mr. lliliur intends lo com
pletely remodel the place, making
almost a modern home. T. J.
Isner and Ami) Walters are doing
the work, Mr. lliliur has placed
about $1,500 in the improving
fund, and when completed will
have one of the finest residences
in Ihe city.
APRIL 22, 1911
Jenkins' Hall
Murray, Neb.
Rock-a-Ilye Neidlinger
Ladles' Quartet.
Sweot and Ixm . . Raraby
Mixed Quartet.
Absent Metcalf
Iadles' Trio.
Dear Starry Eyes
Arranged by Westmta
Malo Quartet.
The QuMtin' Ilee
. ,C. A. March, V. Martin Tom '
Mrs. Shallow (hostess...) Mrs. Holme
Heyzeklah Shallow (her hua- .
band) VV. C. Rrowa
Rev. Mr. tovegood (In love with
Prudence) Guy Stoke
Prudence Plump (who likes the
minister) Maltle Minnie
Hannah Wasp (a gossip age
doubtful) Fay Oldham
Mrs. Snagga (who owiih a goose)
Mrs. Loughrldge
Widow Horner (In her brand
new dress) Mrs. Kennedy
Ann Maria Shallow ("my dar
ter") Marglo Walker
Ilass Solo Selected
Mr. S. G. Latta. .
Mr. J. T,. Russell, the retail
liquor dealer, was an Omaha pas
senger on business this morning
Will Visit Nebraska.
Mrs. J. S. Wendell is in receipt
of a letter from Fred Harger, who
used to make his home with them,
in which he states he is enjoying
Ihe lies), of health ami getting
along just line, lie also inquires
about a number of bis former ac
quaintances and slates that he is
intending to make a visit to Ne
braska during Ihe summer
months and will probably visit,
I'lallsmoulh. Fred formerly re
sided in this city, being employed
with Ihe Hurlinglon, and was very
popular among Ihe young people
of the city. The large circle ot
friends will be pleased lo learn
that Fred is doing so well. He is
now located al Vancouver, H. C.
Thirty Minutes for Refreshments.
A Farce,
John Downley (a bachelor) ....
Ciuy Stokee
Clurence Fitta (his colored serv
ant) William Brown
John Foxton (a young married
gentleman) Glen Hocdecker
Major Pepper, U. S. A
Albert Young
Mrs. Foxton. Margie Walker
Mrs. Arabella Pepper (a maiden
lady) Fay Oldham
Paula (waiting maid at High
land Station) . ..Pauline Oldham
Curtain at 8:15.
Prices, 25 and 35 cents.
Mr. I. l'earlman of Omaha was
in the city today looking after bis
properly Interests.
Miss Vesta Douglass departed
for Peru, Nebraska, this morning
Sick Man Removed to His Home.
Mr. J. F Foyer, a traveling
auditor of the Hurlinglon, who
came here from Omaha lo in
ventory the slock of Ihe local
storehouse about ten days ago,
and who has been very ill al his
rooms in the Riley hotel, was
taken lo his home at Omaha to
day. Mrs. Foyer, who has been at
her husband's beside for some
days, accompanied him lo their
Ike lVarlman, jr., of Omaha
was visiting a few hours yoster-
to visit Ihe normal for two weeks.1 day with IMattsnioulh friends.