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    The - Plattsmouth - Journal
CZ3 Published Seml-Weeklj at Plattsmouth, Nebraska CZD
R. A. BATES, Publisher.
Entered at the I'ostoflke at Plattsmouth, Nebraska, as second-class
Taft has tentatively fixed April 4
A3 the date for the extra Mission of
. :o:
The people of Nebraska that Is
the common people are unanimous
for a non-partlsian Judiciary.
. :o:
An extra session may mean not
only Canadian reciprocity, but gen
eral tariff revision downward.
The Commercial club In doing lots
of good work for Plattsmouth and It
nhould receive the united nupport of
every property owner In the city.
Ceorgo W. Laeey, banker of the
Modern Woodmen camp No. 969 of
Lincoln, has been Indicted, accused of
embezzling the sum of $3,200.
llavo you made up your mind to
buy a ticket to the Commercial club
banquet? If not do not hesitate any
longer, but purchase one right now,
Now they are sending out reports
from Washington that ship subsidy Is
dead agnln. Ia1 us hope that they
will take It to the morgue this time
If Its mortuary condition Is not ex
aggerated. :o:
The appropriation bill already
amounts to over $6,000,000. That
Is perfectly ridiculous. Hut there Is
not a great deal of danger of the
prosent legislature appropriating any
uch amount.
:o: -..
It would be a shameful oversight
for the legislature to omit from the
maintenance bill provision for pay
ment of the governor's life Insurance
and building and loan payments, If he
mny have any.
:o: j
W. J. Bryan, who returned to Lin
coln Friday night after an absence
of more than two months, Is quoted
its saying that he had nothing to say
on state politics and that he had paid
little attention to the work of the
The prospects are that Lincoln will
have from fifteen to twenty saloons
at least after the spring election. Just
as well bave fifty as the manner In
which drinkables are parceled out In
the capital city now.
Fan Francisco Is going to spend
$17,000,000 on Its exposition. She
expects to get a good deal more out of
tourists wlio will visit It. Just where
the tourUts Rre going to get It Is not
made plan to some of them.
To treat John O. Yelser right the
legislature should refuse to pay him
a cent for the trouble ho has put
Omaha to, and if he Is worth bother
ing with City Clerk Dutler should
bring suit against him for damages.
that tlie figures had ben reversed.
Lincoln Star.
The New York Press says, "About
one In a hundred million times there
Is a friend who conies to you In time
of trouble." Hut that is about as
often as a fellow ought to get Into
trouble about once In a hundred
million times.
The republican party, by the oppo
sition of the majority of Its members
in congress to the Canadian reciproc
ity treaty, has further discredited it
self in the eyes of the country. It
has long ceased to represent the peo
ple. Many of Its leading members are
watchdogs of the special Interests. It
will soon bo driven from power In
every branch of government.
The "short and ugly word rang
out," also the "Ho was passed" In the
houso of representatives recently.
After which Delegate Wlekersham's
"right arm shot out." Thereupon
"members rushed In," the sergeant-at-arms
"carried the maeo. the
historic emblem of authority," to the
floor, the disputants apologized and
every precedent of congressional
altercation had been satisfied.
The Canadian reciprocity agree
ment was reported to the senate by
the finance committee veHterdnv
without recommendation," and inas
much as the chairman of the senate
finance committee Is Mr. Aldrlch, and
it Includes among its members such
reactionaries as Burrows, Penrose,
Hale, Curtis and Halley, this Is really
more of a concession than the public
might have looked for.
Few people are aware of the fact
that Borne of the legislation that gets
upon the statute books was put there
out of personal spite. One law that
may be found there seeks to make
newspaper subscriptions uncollectible
If the paper Is sent after the time for
which it was ordered, no matter
whether the patron receives it or not.
Such a law would not likely stand the
test of the courts, because it violates
a fundamental principle of equity. It
was fathered by a man who had had
trouble with one of the editors in
his home town over an overdue sub
scription account. There is another
law that gives attorneys interested in
litigation the right to designate the
newspaper in which legal notices ap
pertaining to that suit may be
printed. This bill was pushed through
by a member who wanted to secure
for his home paper, located outside
the county Beat, some of the legal
printing, which had gone theretofore
to the county seat papers through the
favor of the county officers. And
et some folks object to giving the
peoplo the right to enact laws Lin
coln News.
is the conscious, cruel and well
thought-out plans of the leaders of
the republican party laws drafted
and enacted by them with the Intent
and purpose of taking all the increase
of wealth created by science, educa
tion and invention from the mass of
the people and concentrating it in the
hands of a few men who, by the
power of their wealth, were to rule
this country, that have brought about
present conditions. It was not an un
seen and irresistible force that did it.
It was the act of tho republican lead
Tho history of those schemes and
plots to rob and impoverish a nation
Is being gradually revealed. Ex-Sen
ator Cannon of Utah has been writing
up Kome of the hitherto hidden facts
In regard to that matter, lie tells
with what clear insight and cruel
hcartlessncss, republican leaders In
the senate planned it all. How they
bought with promises of position and
power senators to vote for the sugar
trust, how they allied themselves
with the vice of polygamy, how theyj
planned to make the whole business
world subject to the money power
through an unlimited issue of bonds
at the will of a president they elected,
how they opened tho way to unite
every predatory Interest and give
each an opportunity to plunder the
That Is w hat the republican leaders
did and they did It consciously, for
the purpose of establishing a govern
ment by the wealtny, they did It of
their own free will and they were not
forced to do It by an irresistible
economic evolution.
If their work is overthrown, If the
trusts are destroyed, if special privi
leges are abolished, that work must
be accomplished toy the voluntary
action of men. It w ill not come about
of Itself by bo me irresistible evolu
tion World-Herald.
The new Japanese treaty Is having
as much trouble in the senate as the
Canadian teraty. Has the senate
Joined the antl-treatlng movement?
A Washington, man has been
A man in New Haven owes his life
to a number of coins he carried In
bis pocket. He was shot at and the
bullet was deflected by the coins.
Which again Illustrates tlhe value of
always keeping a supply of coin in
yoar lmilde pocket.
Hoke Smith having been mention
ed for the presidency Mr. llryan says
that If a southern man Is to get it,
Hoke is the one for him. He would
make a valient bearer of the demo
rratlc standard at that. It has been
a long time since a son of the south
has led the popular hosts.
It was John O. Yelser that led th
governor Into the assertion that three
times as many votes were cast In the
Third ward of Omaha as there were
malo Inhabitants of tho ward, but
the Information really was hardly
worth $1,500 to the state, since It
ha been shown by the census report
arrested for poker playing Just as he
was going the other fellow ten bet
ter. It Is dangerous to experiment
with the X-rays.
A Georgia woman has secured a
court order enjoining her husband
from Interfering with her work away
from home. This is the sort of suf
fragette that is worth while.
Senator Jeff Davis declares pos
itively that ho does not know what a
jackpot Is. If this fact comes official-1
ly before the senate It may disqualify
him from holding his seat.
From recent Indications It appears
that an extra session cannot be avoid
ed. The reciprocity bill will be re
ported out of the senate committee
early next week, very likely without
amendment, the purpose being to give
the members unrestricted opportunity
to act upon the measure as they wish.
The reactionary vote Is certain to be
against it. In the opinion of leading
members It will not pass at this ses
Speaking of the work that has been
done by the Tlattsmouth Commercial
club, while at the state capital Mon
day,, in a very few hours at least a
dozen members cf that body spoke to
the writer In regard to the good it
was doing. Most of these members
were from the western part of the
state, too. Don't tell us that a good,
live Commercial club can't do won
ders for a town. It gives tone to a
city. Not only that, but It's work
brings forth good results. Let's boost
the Commercial club and give It more
aid this year than ever before.
Is treason at work in the Depart
ment of Commerce and Labor? At
any rate, here is a bulletin from that
department about women workers in
Chicago giving facts and criticisms
which are far more condemnatory of
the supreme court's decisions in the
bakeshop and other cases than any
thing Mr. Roosevelt said In his Den
ver speech.
i:yin aim.e railroad hates.
In deciding r.ot to permit the rail
roads to Increase tehir freight rates,
the members of the Interstate 'Com
merce Commission seem to have been
governed largely by these considera
tions: First, that the Increases proposed
were largely arbitrary and not based
on any rational adjustment with re
gard to cost of service or character of
atom. The senators recommended
Cadet Taylor, an Omaha politician,
for a government Job in which there
U a salary, but no work or responsibil
ity. Rosewater objected. He filed
charges against Taylor and threat
ened the senators with the dis
pleasure of the Bee.
At this point Burkett ducked, but
Brown stood pat. He pushed Taylor
over and beyond the Rosewater pro
test and got him In. Now comes
Rosewater and again threatens
Brown. He warns the senator and
the president and tho republicans of
Nebraska that Taylor's apoplntment
Is a serious matter that the people
will resent.
In this Mr. Rosewater, who is
sometimes right, la absolutely wrong
The Nebraska people don't care a fig
about this Taylor appointment. It Is
not material to them, that's the
reason. Taylor Is not particularly
good nor a particularly bad man.
He'll do nothing in the position to
which he is appointed except draw his
salary. If he should happen to under
take to do anything he cannot pos
sibly do more than the hurt already
done to the feelings of Mr. Rose
water. As Tor the salary that he will
draw but not earn, it is only a drop
in the bucket, a grain of sand on the
seashore, so little a part Is it of the
millions paid every year in unneces
sary government expense to useless,
Job-hunting politicians.
Nobody cares who gets this par
ticular job, nor do the Nebraska re
publicans care for the1 fued, if there Is
to be one, between Rosewater and
Brown over his apoplntment. A na
tional committeeman with his per
sonal views and his little jealousies
as to the distribution of federal
patronage cuts no figure any more
with the rank and file of the party.
The time when patronage cuts any
figure with the general public has
long gone by. It began to go when
Carl Schurtz and George William
Curtis began tehlr crnaade for reform
of the civil service. Mr. Rosewater
Is an anachronism Sioux City Trfb-
A pretty home wedding occurred
Wednesday, February 22, at 2 o'clock
at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Jobi
.Meisinger at their beautiful fan
home near Cedar Creek, when their
daughter, Miss Mary, was Joined ia
marriage with Mr.Frank Salberg, oe
of the prominent young farmers of
that vicinity. The ceremony wa3 per
formed by Rev. Spriegel of the
Evangelical Lutheran church, whe
pronounced the solemn word3 which
joined these two estimable young peo
plo for life. The wedding guests iu
cluded only the Immediate relative
of the contracting parties.
After the ceremony and the con
gratulations of the guests, the bridal
pair were ushered into the large dia
Ing room, where the company partook
of a wedding feast which only a good
housewife knows how to prepare. Ia
the evening a dance was given to the
young friends of the bridal pair.
This popular young couple have
hosts. of friends in this vicinity ana
throughout the county who will be
more than pleased at the announce
ment of their nuptials. The bride Is
the charming' daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. John Meisinger and possesses a
legion of frlend3 In this vicinity. The
groom Is a prosperous young farmer
and a son of Mr. Gus Salberg and wife
of this county and has a large circle
of acquaintances and friends through
out the county, in whose estimatiea
he stands very high.
Mr. and Mrs. Salberg will reside ou
a farm two and a half miles southeast
of Cedar Creek, where they will be at
home to their numerous friends.
In this document there Is not the j the commodities affected.
slightest deference paid to the doc- Second, that notwlthstandlnit the
trine that to limit tho legal hours of advance in wages and other increased
employment of women would violate C0Bt8 of operation, the railroads have
the Inalienable rights of private con-keen maXine lareer net earnlnes In
tract. On the contrary, the whole tne pa8t few years than ever before.
rplrit of tho report is one of deepest Third, that the railroad men failed
indignation at the treatment accord- to prove tner contention of Impaired
Ctl tO Women Workers. ' credit nil Innhllltv to mIsa now
Mr. Roosevelt, in seeking the square capital for extensions and better-
deal, did the court the courtesy to merits, because It is shown that they
take It into the reckoning and point Lave obtained four and one-quarter
out Its erroran error virtually billion dollars in the past ten years,
acknowledged by subsequent modi- Ln(j he bonds of established rall-
fleatlons of its Untenable position, rnnd cnmnnlfn r nclllmr nnw
But the Department of Commerce practically as high as the bonds of
and Labor goes to the limit it municipalities.
rudnilty by simply Ignoring the court Vniirth that ,n tha rnan
Mr. and Mrs. C. Norton departed
this afternoon for Henderson, Min
nesota, where they will engage in
farming. Mr. and .. Mrs..- Norton
moved here a year ago and bought a
farm south of this city, but the
climate here did not agree with them
as well as the northern one from
which they acme, and they made up
their minds to go back to their
former home. Mr. Norton loaded his
farming accoutrements and household
furniture on a car at the M. P. station
and shipped it out today, getting
everything off in tfme to catch the
fast mail to Omaha. -
and Its mistakes.
Gentlemen of conforming minds
who think whatever Is wrong is
right if a court says it, cannot under
stand Mr. Roosevelt's mental attitude
that a wrong is a wrong whoever
sively capitalized or poorly managed
railroads which are able to barely
maintain their solvency at present
rates, the trouble Is due to bad man
agement and past mistakes for
which the present and future patrons
enunciates it. They are likely to suf- of the roads should not be required
fer extreme agitation w hen they see to nnv
iti.Pi ijlic.w leaders.
Many able writers both In this
country and Europe have contended
that there Is an Irresistible econo-
mlo movement all over the world In
progress, that It is not controlled by
the volition of men, which will In the
end overthrow to a gorat extent the
present form of government and In
augurate new conditions everywhere.
They constantly repeat: "It la com
ing. Nothing can resist It."
It woul seem to be apparent to any
one that if any changes are made,
they must be made by men. There
cannot be a law repealed or one en
acted without the conscious and wil
ling action of men. It Is not some
blind force which they cannot reslbt
that Is compelling men to advance
It is the free, thought-out conclusions
of men, exercising a "free will" a
tho old theologians called it.
The present conditions have been
Drought a ijo in in t no same way. It
that an administrative department of
the government Is actually more In
terested in protecting women from
cruel social conditions than in up
holding the fetich of a supreme
courts Infallibility Kansas City
The reasoning of the commission
will Impress the public as sound, and
Justified by the facts as presented.
The decision does not necessarily
mean that the railroads are never to
be permitted to raise their rates, but
It paves the way for the railroads and
the commission to get together and
There are watering places and evolve a gyBtem of Bane rate making
watering places, but Wall street has
the call on them all.
Canada's manifest unwillingness to
consider the matter of annexation ap
pears to make it practically unanimous.
on a scientific and equitable basis, in
place of the present haphazard
The problem is extremely .com
plicated and difficult, but It must be
solved, alike In the Interest of the
general public, which pays the
freight, and the great army of rail
The Oklahoma man who died last road security holders who are en
week at the age of 108 years must titled to a reasonable Income on their
have been ablo to look back on a lot Investments Kansas City Star
of fun ho missed. j :o:
:o: A benighted bee
Governor Aldricn. proposes, to
charge up the board of his family and
his servants at the executive mansion
during the next bieanium In & lump
Item of $2,500. This is the first time
a Nebraska executive has ever asked
the state to pay his meat and grocery
bills over and above his $2,500
salary and the allowance which Is
made for miscellaneous expenses at
tbe governor's office and mansion.
When Governor Shalelnberger filed
bills with the state board of public
lands and buildings for flowers used
at social functions in the executive
"lansion, he was rather freely
criticised for trying to Baddle his per
sonal expenses upon tbe state. It is
not on record that Mr. Shallenberger
ever Included Items of table fare In
his account. The supposition has al
ways been that the salary paid to a
public official was intended to meet
hl3 cost of living.
Necessary provision for servant
hire has been made in the past by a
special appropriation which, during
the past blennium, was $5,000. This
amount has been increased In the
general maintenance bill Introduced
by the house finance committee to
$5,500, notwithstanding that the
same bill allows the governor $2,500
for board of family and servants.
The total appropriation proposed
for expenses at the executive office
and mansion Is $11,500 for this blen
nium, as against $8,000 for the Shal
lenberger administration. The con
tingent fund allowance Is raised from
$t00 to $500, and the miscellaneous
office expense account from $1,800 to
If the legislature should act favor
ably upon the governor's budget as
recommended by the finance com
mlttee in the maintenance bill, It Is
believed that Mr. Aldrlch will be able
to get through his term without In
currlng a deficit Lincoln Star.
Wards All Full.
The eighteen rooms at the poor
farm are all occupied at the present
time and Commissioner Frfederich
has had to refuse to admit several
persons who have applied far a room
at the county farm.
A colored man from Nehawka was
In to Interview Mr. Friedertch this
morning, desiring to become an in
mate. He was apparently a cripple
and unable to work, and has been
making his way residing at Avoca and
Nehawka daring the past year. Mr.
Frlederich did not care to take any
action until Commissioner Swltzer
could be Interviewed. It is thought
that about all that can be done Is to
give the man some aid and let him
find a home In the vicinity where he
formerly lived.
181 week's fist fight In the bouse The editor of tho Omaha Bee, Mr
of representatives was useful In Victor Rosewater, is national com
showing there are two Wlrkprs'inm mltteeman from Nebraska.
la Washlntgon. I Burkett and Browu are the sen
The congress which will die next
Saturday noon Is offllcnlly known as
the sixty-first, but It has continued
to act like sixty.
Will Farm Near Memphis. " v
Mr. O. D. Marks, who has been
farming near Mynard,s loaded his
household effects and farming
implements into cars today and ship
ped to Memphis, Nebraska, near
where he will farm the present sea
About fourteen of Mr, Marks
neighbors, with their wagons and
teams, hauled in loads for Mr. Marks
today and assisted him in loading Into
the cars. Mr. Marks has been on of
the Journal's valued readers for a
number of years.
Mrs. L. E. Ralnard of Murray went
to Omaha this afternoon to consult
Dr. Allison relative to her health.
Better Live In a Tent
on your own land than pay rent for
a mansion on your neighbor's land.
Think It over, talk It over with
your wife.
Become Independent.
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