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    The Avoca Department committees
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News Items Gathered Each Week by a Special Reporter for This Department of the. Seml-Weekly Journa
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H. J. Abker was her from Berlin,
Miss Imo Johnson returned to Lin
coln, Saturday.
Henry Behrna was an Omaha busl
aess visitor Tuesday.
Eddie Worley is licking postage
stamps at the postoffice.
H. 0. Wellenslck was over from
Syracuse Tuesday evening.
Jchn True and wife are enjoying a
visit from Kansas relatives.
Miss Florence Smoots was here
from Berlin, Sunday, visiting.
W. H. Betts, Jr., was on the Omaha
narket with cattle, Tuesday.
Mrs. Wm. Knabe was up rom Ber
lin Saturday, visiting relatives.
Miss Viola Lehm, of Berlin, was
visiting Avoca friends Saturday.
Geo. Wanderer is entertaining
relatives from Chicago this week.
Mrs. Fred McGrady has been num
bered among the sick ones this week.
Chris Nutzman and family have re
turned from their visit at Bertrand.
Harry Marquardt and Roy Fahne
stock were Syracuse visitors Monday.
Itoy Cochran, of Brady, was visit
ing at the Graham home the first of
the week.
John Behling, living west of town,
fell from a hay mow Saturday and
broke two ribs.
John Schmidt has just finished
filling his Ice house with a fine
quality of ice.
G. D. Maseman and family and
Misa Wltzke were visiting at Syra
cuse Sunday.
Ralph Graham left Tuesday for
southern Canada, where he has
secured a good position.
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Hoback, of
Kehawka, visited at the Theron Mal
colm home a few days this week.
Samuel Johnson, who has been at
Lincoln serving on the grand Jury,
spent Sunday with his family at
Carl Schroeder, W. H. Wright and
L. F. Dunkak, were at Nehawka, Sat
urday evening, attending the I. O. 0.
F. lodge.
The band boys met Saturday night
at the Oxford hotel and reorganized.
Several new members were added.
They have employed Chas. Jenkins
as Instructor.
C. G. Bailey was down from Elm
wood last Thursday night and in
stalled the newly elected officers of
the Odd Fellows' lodge. A large
number were present. Refreshments
were served at the close.
Rachel Francis Kepler was born
September 16, 1849, in Franklin
county, Indiana, and died at Lincoln,
January 2, 1911. She was united in
marriage to Wm. Kepler September
1, 1870, and moved to Nebraska In
1876. Deceased leaves a husband
and five children, three girls and two
boys, also one brother and one sister.
Funeral services were held at the
Congregational church at Avoca Jan
uary 7, and the remains were laid to
rest in the Avoca cemetery west of
Lloyd Harmon and Florence
Smoots were married at Council
Bluffs, Iowa, Monday, January 9.
The wedding was a complete surprise
to their many friends in Avoca and
vicinity. We have not learned of the
future plans of the newly wedded
pair. They are both popular and
well known young people, having
been born and reared here. The
parents of Mrs. Harmon recently
moved to Berlin, where the couple
are spending a few days. We wish
Mr. and Mrs. Harmon a long and
happy life.
Good Health to You.
Good health to you means every
thing, comfort, happiness, plenty. No
one can do his life's work without
health. We run a health shop. Our
stock of drugs and chemicals Is the
best and purest. Your family recipes,
prescriptions and all medical prepar
ations given the greatest care in com
pounding. Remember true medica
tion Is to assist nature in performing
a cure, so begin in time.
Sincerely yours,
Ora E. Copes,
Drugs and Jewelry.
Membsrs cl Nebraska House
Reach Agreement.
George Polsall was given the con
tract for grading the road 'between
Kehawka and Union for the sum of
Hans Severs was appointed janitor
of the court house at a salary of $65
per month, . and he to pay for all
extra ihelp.
The communication from State
Superintendent Bishop asking the
county commissioners to Bend Miss
Foster, county superintendent of the
Oass county schools, to the National
Educational Association at Mobile,
Alabama, February 23, 24 and 25,
1911, was tabled.
Bonds of Ben Mohr, constable for
Avoca precinct, and Andrew W. Nel
hart, justice of the peace of Stove
Creek precinct, were approved.
J. W. Johnson was appointed a
member of the Sollders' Relief com
mission. Dr. Albert C. Welch was appointed
county physician for the year 1911,
the compensation to be $5.00 per day
and mileage, not to exceed $20.00
per day, nor the total fees exceed
$500.00 per year.
The Board of Health was organ
ized with L. D. Switzer, chairman;
M. L. Freidrich, vice president; Al
bert C. Welch, physician, and D. C.
Morgan, secretary.
The county clerk was instructed to
call for bids for the burial of pau
pers, county physicians for the vari
ous districts, and county printing for
the year 1911. All bids to be filed
on or before Loon, February 6, 1911.
lae balance or the session was
taken up in passing on claims. Ad
journment was taken to meet Febru
ary 7, 1911.
Ice Harvest Begins.
H. C. McMaken & Son, with a large
force of men and teams began the
Ice harvest this morning. The zero
weather of the past two days has
thickened the Ice and everything was
made ready yesterday to make a big
haul today. The Ice Is of good thick
ness and free from snow, and of a
very good quality.
Judge Travis iheld a session of the
district court this morning, and in
.the case of the State of Nebraska
against William Becker entered the
notation on his docket to the effect
that the defendant's surety had sur-1
rendered him Into open court and
the prisoner was remanded to jail.
Mr. Becker Is the farmer against
whom the county attorney filed a
complaint charging lilm with the
crime of receiving stolen property,
namely, 100 bushels of wheat stolen
by one Jack Crawford from the bin
of R. L. Propst during the month of
December, 1910. Crawford confessed
to the crime and implicated Becker
in whose bin half of the wheat was
found. Crawford is now serving a
five-year sentence for the crime,
while Becker denied his guilt, and at
the preliminary hearing was placed
under a $500 bond for his appear
ance at the April term of the district
court. A few days ago Mr. Becker
advertised hi3 personal property for
sale, and this la probably the reason
for his Burety desiring to get off the
bond. Becker was taken to Jail this
morning, where he will be restrained
until his trial at the next term, of
Foley's Kidney KcinviTy .An Ap
. preciation.
L. MjConnell, Catherine St., Elmi
ra, N. Y., writes: "I wish to express
my appreciation of the great good I
derived from Foley's Kidney Remedy,
which I used for a bad case of kid
ney trouble. Five bottles did the
work most effectively and proved to
me beyond doubt It Is the most reli
able kidney medicine I have ever
taken." Sold by F. G. Frtcke & Co
Here From Oklulioina.
G. W. Burmelster, of Pocasset,
Oklahoma, Is In the city this week
visiting friends at the old 'home. Mr
Burmelster called at the Journal
fflce today to renew for tils sub
scription, and in conversation with
him he tells us that all the Cass
county people In his locality are do
Ing nicely, but crops were cut short
owing to the drouth, but all are hap
py and enjoying good health. Mr
Burmelster will remain here all this
Don't forget if you have not got a
bottle of cough syrup at home you
had better put It down on your mem
orandum book and get one and take
It home bo that If the children got
sick In the night you will be pre
pared.. .
" ' Rynott & Co.,
' ' Sue. to Ofrlng & Co
Bert Ellldge was on a "toot" last
night and In his revellngs rounded
up the thirst parlors until closing
time, wihen he went to the pool hall,
where he was somewhat boisterous
The proprietor ejected him a time or
two, but still Bert insisted on intrud
lng his company and presence In the
hall. Night Policeman H. Trout
was called In to enforce law and
order, and Instructed Bert to depart
for his own rest parlor, which he de
clined to do, inviting the officer to
go "to the land where they don't
shovel snow." At the time this ucas
was Issued by Bert the two had
reached the alley by the postoffice,
and the impertinent suggestion ag
gravated the officer to the extent
that lie fired his revolver into the
night. Bert made off through the
alley, and Ills hair raised his cap
right off his head; never stopping for
his head gear, Bert was soon out of
range and is likely to remain there.
Ills cap was picked up In the alley
and taken to the livery barn of Chas
A Itelinblo Cough Medicine.
Is a valuable family friend. Foley's
Honey and Tar fulfills this condition
exactly. Mrs. Charles Kline, N. 8th
St., Easton, Pa., states: "Several
members of my family have been
cured of bad coughs and colds by the
use of Foley's Honey and Tar and I
am never without a bottle In the
house. It 80thes and relieves the lrrl
i'a SYV.'.'.
, Look for the Bee Hive
On the package when you buy
Foley's Honey and Tar for coughs
and colds. None genuine without the
Bee Hive. Remember the name, Fo
ley's Honey and Tar and reject any
substitute. Sold by F. G. Fricke &
Estimate of ExpeiiNCH For 1011,
The following Is the estimate of
expenses for Cass county for 1911, as
prepared by the county commission
ers at their recent meeting:
Court house expense. . . .$ 5000.00
Commissioners' 'salaries 2500.0'
Co. Supt. Sal 1500.00
Assessing county 3500.00
Making tax list 700.00
Books, blanks, supplies. . 2000.00 ...... 2300.00
Fuel 1500.00
Jail and Jailer's fees. . . 1800.00
Paupers and poor farm 2500.00
County Attorney 1000.00
Prince of Hall Proposes to Make the
Positions Elective, Term Six Years.
Thirty-One Bills Are Introduced In
House and Twenty-Four in Senate.
Lincoln, Jan. 12. The house com
mittee on committees finished its work
and is ready to offer a report today on
the full membership of all the stand
ing committees.
A report was received from the Re
publican conference which had made
its selections of Republican members
on a basis of a two fifths , minority
representation and in nearly all cases
it was carried out.
In a few committees the majority
maintained more than a three-fifths
preponderance, but made no effort to
reject any names or change any ex
cept where It reduced the number. In
those cases the committee crossed oft
the man rant In by Republicans as the
lust choice.
Some of the most important chair
roanshlps are: Rules, the speaker;
employees, the ppeaker; cities and
towns, Morlarlty of Douglas; school
lands and funds, Harrington of Brown;
revenue and taxation, McKIsskk of
Gage; banks and banking, Sag! of Sa
line; apportionment, Regan of Platte;
fees and salaries, Scheele of Seward;
privileges and elections, Lawrence of
Dodge; fish and game, Metzger of
Caes; enrolled and engrossed bills.
Taylor of Hitchcock; public lands and
buildings, Eastman of Franklin; agri
culture, Sanborn of Sarpy; deficien
cies, Swan of Fillmore; manufactures
and commerce, Murphy of Saline; pen
itentiary, Fuller of Seward; university
and normal schools, Bailey of Buffalo;
medical societies, Weesner of Web
ster; Internal Improvements, Puis; la
bor, Bnrtel of Wayne; militia, Matrau
of Madison; federal relations, Dolezal
of Saunders: irrigation. BubsIb ot
Burt; libraries, McArdlo of Douglas;
public schools, Bonham of Jefferson;
public printing, Schucth of Platte
benevolent Institutions, Sindelar ot
Colfax; immigration, Brecht; accounts
end expenditures, Helliger of Jeffer
Sink and Leldlgh, who were two of
the members to feel the force of the
Bteam roller, are particularly Indlg
nant over the Imputation, coming from
the minority members of the commit
too, that they were In any way under
the Influence of corporation control
Leldlgh hi;d been slated for chair
man of the railroad committee and
Sink for the committee on telephone
and telegraph lines. Gerdes will re
place Leldlgh on the former, and Eg
genhergor will hnve the latter chaii"
Bill for Board of Control.
In the house thlrtyone bills found
their way to the chief clerk's desk
Prince of Hall was in with the first
board of control bill for Eiate lnstltu
tlons. His bill makes provision for a
Lonrd of control by constitutional
amendment. It provides for an eke
tlve bonrd of three members, each to
hold office for bIx yeirs and ono to
bo eluded every two years.
Twenty-four bills were introduced
in tho sennte, of which tho most Im
portant were one on the Initiative am
referendum similar to the ono already
in Iho house that was Introduced by
Sklles, and an Income tax bill pro
posed by Rowan of Lancaster.
A bill for slvlng all cities of more
thnn 5.000 the rijjht to frnme the!
own charters In a charter convention
of fifteen freeholders was Introduced
In tho senate by Reagan of Douglas
Superintendents Want Changes.
The Slate Association of County Si
perintcndents, in session here, con
slderod seven bills which are to bo
submitted to the leclslature as ndvis
Public Sale
We Now
Have a Complete Line of the Genuine
For Women and Children
"it will pay the ladiei and children to wear this famous brand of hosiery
just as it has the men and every man who bat worn Everwear knows
what this means. . -.
The same guarantee goes with the women's and children's hosiery, which
is: six pairs must wear ris months without a hole, rip or tear or new
ho-?e will bo given free. The children's stockings are especially durable
th j knee being reinforced as well as tho heel and toe. The stocking U
m ide ol extra long staple cotton and the leg has double the stitching, so
th it it may stretch freely when needed.
Lrulir-i, came in and examine them then .' 7 sis pairs for yourself and
The undersigned will Bell at Pub
lic Auction at the F. F. Guenther
farm, 6 V4 miles west of Plattsmouth,
and four miles north and five miles
west of Mynard, and 7 V4 miles east
and 1 mile north of Louisville
ON THURSDAY, FEB. 2, 1911,
the following described property, to-
wlt. Sale to commence at 12:30
o'clock sharp.
One gray mare, 9 years old, weight
One gray horse, 10 years old,
weight 1,350.
One bay horse, 12 years old,
weight 1,250.
One gelding, 3 years old, weight
One span of black ponies, 7 and 8
years old, weight 1,800. r
One Poland China boar and ten
head of shoats.
Three farm wagonB, one as good
as new.
One good top buggy.
One sleigh and bells.
Four dozen chickens.
One fanning mill.
One Marseilles elevator and der
rick, complete and good as new.
One McCormack binder.
One two-row stalk cutter.
Ono 3-Bection harrow.
One riding cultivator.
One walking cultivator.
One Western Belle riding Hater.
One walking lister.
One 14-Inch walking plow.
Ono two-row St. Joe machine.
Ono corn planted; 80 rods of wire.
One cider mill.
Ono Hoosler Bccder.
Two Bets of work harness.
Ono set of buggy harness.
One single harness.
One saddle.
Two sets of leather fly nets.'
Two pair ot stable blankets.
Ono pair of woolen blankets.
One lap robe.
Household goods and many other
articles too numerous to mention
The usual terms given, with one
VAtt ta limn otiil trrrr n Ir a nonif
for the levy for schools to bo over 25 b(arlnK eight per cent
Master Blythe Rosencrans was
made the recipient of a very pleasant
surprise Tuesday evening by a num
ber of Bchoolmatea and friends, who
had been invited by Mrs. Rosencrans
to come to his home and assist Blythe
in commemorating 'his thirteenth
birthday anniversary, and ttie friends,
who had assembled on this occasion
did celebrate it In a manner long to
be remembered.
Music and games were Indulged In,
which made the time pass all too
rapidly. Prior to the close of this
dollghtful entertainment a dainty
luncheon was served and at a late
hour, and after wishing Blythe many
more such happy birthdays, the
guests departed for their homes, re
porting a fine time.
Those in attendance were Janet
Brantner, Abble Brown, Kate Whtt
taker, Leona Dwyer, Florence Kala
sek, Martha McCrary, Nora and Mary
Rosencrans,- Emll Illid, Eddlo Rebal,
Joe Chapman, Oliver Harvey, John
McCrary, Dewey Zuckweiler and
Charles Polsall.
Eastman kodak tilnis carrying
cases, cards, trays, anything In their
line, at 20 percent discount.
Rynott &. Co.,
Sue. to Gerlng & Co.
Myron Clark llolnjr, Nicely.
Tho residence of Mr. Byron Clark,
which has been under quarantine for
a few days, was called up this after
noon to ascertain Mr. Clark's con
dition. Mrs. Clark responded to the
'phone stating that Mr. Clark was as
comfortable as could he. That what
was at flret thought to bo a few fever
blisters -had developed Into a mild
form of varioloid, and his many
friends In the city will be pleased to
learn that he has reached tho stage
where tliero Is no discomfort to the
patient. The quarantine Is the worst
part of the trouble In these mild
tatlon in the throat and loosens up. Bridges 30000.00
the cold. I have always found it a re
liable 'cough cure.' Sold by F. G.
Fricke & Co.
Roads 26000.00
Incidentals 7500.00
Soldiers' relief 1000.00
Court expense 13000.00
"See PlattHiiioutli Succeed."
So says our good friend and busi
ness man, John Schlappacasse. The
mayor and city council had scarcely
passed the ordinance levying the
paving tax In Paving District No. 3,
when up Bteps John Schlappacasse
and promptly planks down $340.00,
bis assessment of this tax. Mr.
Schlappacasse, as every one knows, Is
one of Plaittsmouth's substantial and
hustling business men, and Is the
first property owner to pay his assess
ment for the greatest Improvement
made In Plattsmouth for many years.
The other property owners, as the
Journal lias been Informed, will
propmtly follow the example of Mr.
Doan's Regulets cure constipation.
tone the stomach, stimulate the liver,
promote digestion and appetite and
easy passago of the bowels. Ask your
druggist for fheni. "25 cetits a box. ''
Sheriff's salary
mills If desired. The limit Is now
fired at 25 mills. One was for the ap
pointment of deputy superintendents
and another for making the salaries
of superintendents proportionate to
population In the counties.
Life Term for Gage County Man.
Bentrlce, Neb., Jan. 12. Word was
received here to the effect that Whit
ford M. Hall, a former resident of
j Gare county, was sentenced to life lm-
,, , . ,, , J r-riPCinment In the Htate penitentiary
Our line of cough remedies consist Jf Minnm)ta fop kllIln Goo?rRe
of Nebraska Cough Remedy, Foley's Crook huBband of his nicco, after tho
Pine Tar and Honey, Chamberlain's two had quarreled at their home near
Cough Remedy, Dr. King's New DIb- Mankato.
covery, and
the market.
Total $103550.00
all others that are on
Rynott & Co.,
Sue. to Gerlng & Co.
Historical Society Hears Songs.
Lincoln. Jan. 12. Phonograph rec
ords of Indian folk songs were on the
program of tho Nebraska Historical
Boelety. Professor Gllmore of Cotner
For I.nOlppe, Cougiis and Stuffy give the lecture that accompanied the
ColdH. records and Robert F. Gilder of Oma-
Take Foley's Honey and Tar. It s,U),e u',nn Nebraska as nn archue-
glves quick relief and expels the'cold ( ok'K,cul flol,-
from your system. It contains no Captain Charles H. Downs Is Dead
opiates, Is safo and sure. Sold by F. I Omaha, Jan. 12. Captain Charles
G. Fricke & Co. H. Down, practically the first pioneer
1 to locate In Omaha and prominently
There's nothln so ennH mr unm Identified' with the early history of the
throat as Dr. Thomas' Eclectic Oil.
city, passed away at his homo, 1322
Knilfh Twnntv.r.lnth ktront fnritnln
I Ir. t, Tl.ll ....... j ........ ... v.v.....
"V,U1" ny Downs was In his nlnoty Bccond year,
nAin in nnv nnrr
" W S'
Wm. Dunn, F. W. Gunther,
Auctioneer. Owner.
P. T. Becker, Clerk.
If you need a pair of glasses and
your eyes tested, Mr. Henry R. Ger
lng will test eyes and fit glasses every
Thursday and Saturday. Come in and
make an appointment.
Rynott & Co.,
Sue. to Gerlng & Co.
Pete Ever Reloaded on Pond.
Pete Evers, who has been In the
county jail for some days, because
ho has been unable to give a bond to
keep the peace and especially to re
frain from molesting or Intimidating
Mrs. Evers, was released a few days
ago by giving the required bond. The
bond was signed by II. M. Soennlch
sen and another. Evorg filled up on
bug Juice one night about two weeks
ago and proceeded to tho house of
his father-in-law, where his wife has
lodged for Bomo months, end pro
ceeded to make a rough house, but
was somewhat rudely Intorfercd with
and placed in the hands of the police
and being unablo to give .the peace
bond has been in jail until he could
give the bond.
For cither acute or chronic kidney
disorders, for annoying and painful
urinary Irregularities take Foley Kid
ney Pills. An honeBt and effective
medicine for kidney and bladder dis
orders. Sold by F. G. Fricke & Co.
Better Live In a Tent
on your own land than pay rent for
a mansion on your neighbor's land.
Think It over, talk it over with
your wife.
Itcrone Independent.
Others have done, t, why not yout
Start today, Come and see us and
learn what a very little ready cash
will do for you.