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Pestor Russell Discusses, "Befors th
Prince of dory," the redeemer, tbo
Kegciicrut'ir f Ail.iiu and bi rife.
And finally, from the st::u lpolnt of
the completion of Jehovah's Kicut pur :
pesos and deiiliii.s with in. in mid In
respect to him, will slum! revealed the
foreknowledge und Wisdom of God
who knew the cud from tin? Inclining
nn 1 who fop-Jiiw how even the pcruils- j
t-lou of u reign of hhi und death could;
he made eventually to work out to hl
own clory und to the blessing und In-j
ntnirilim of his creatures on both the
From fvcrlRHtlnn to everlaittlns. thou
fcrt Ood" (I'KUlm xc, 2). "1 am Jehovah,
that la my name uml my Klry will I not
iv to another" (lealah xlll, ). "To us
Iher Is one (iod, the father, of whom nrs
all thhiKs" (I Thessolonlnns vlll, C). "1 Icar,
O Israel, the Lord our (Jud Is one-Jeho-Vh"
(Deuteronomy vl, 4).
liuniiin and the uugelle planes. Then ' '"' "' l 0:v,r
j. AD)
St. Petersburg,
Flu., Jnn. S.-These
and oilier St1i
tures tell us of a
personal God, tho
Father or Life
(Jlver of all, the
Grout One who In
habits li Identity.
St. I'ii ul declares
tlmt to (lie heathen
"there are lords many and gods ninny,
but to us there Is but one God, the
Father," and one appointed Agent of
hU In dealing with humanity one Lord
Jesus ChrlHt "and tlmt every tongue
shall confess that Jesus, Messiah, Is
Lord, to tho glory of God the Father"
(Phillpplnns II, 11).
The Scriptures tell us of "the le
Klnnlng of tho creation of God," hence
there was a time before that beginning
of creation when Jehovah God was
alono-"ho tlint InhiiMlcth Eternity."
Not even tho great Michael was with
Llm, the great Messiah, whom he hath
so highly honored and whom ho de
clares he will still further honor
throughout a glorious eternity. Ho
was not with the Futher before tho
beginning of creation, because ho him
self was "the beginning of tho crea
tion of Ood-tho first born of every
creature" (Itevclatlons 111, 11; Coins
elans 1, IS). Ho was the first expres
sion or manifestation of tho Dlvlno
attributes (John I, IS).
This mighty God, Jehovah, self-centered,
self-contained, Is ours, tho same
yesterday, today and forever, ho
changes not.
Divine Attributes Glorious.
Every attribute of the Divine char
acter was the same millions of years
ago that It Is today, but that character
was unrevealed. F.vcry step of crea
tion has tended to display the IMvlne
character more and more, and each
successive step and development of
creation has brought forth new crea
tures cupablo of comprehending tho
Eternal One. We deem It not unrea
sonable to asHiimo that Jehovah's cre
ative power will continue to be exer
cised throughout all coming time.
Astronomical photography now re
veals nearly rjr,(HKi,(KiO suns, around
which circle systems such as the one
which circles around our sun, and of
which our earth Is n part. We deem ll
not unreasonable to nnsi'iiio, from the
Ncrlptures, that the great work of or
dcrltig nil hundreds of millions
of planets stretches forward Into eter
nity, mid that (he work of Divine
grace, begun on the planet. "Earth,"
will be couilnued throughout the ('Di
verse, not. only In conjunction with the
planetary systems we can discern.
but probably with millions of plan
etary systems too far removed from
us to be discerned even by pholog
Doubtless Mlne methods 111 con
nectlou with oilier worlds and other
Inhabitants will display the manifold
wisdom of (iod.. For Instance, we tin
derslaud tho Itlhle to Indicate that
while the permission of evil In tin
earth was wise, It will not necessarily
be wise or expedient for any reason
to permit a similar relgu of Slit ami
1 Ma tli In nwy other of the minimis of
Worlds, In connection with their order
ing or development and their peopling
with glorious creatures who will
dhow forth tho praises of the great
Creator without their passing through
experiences with sin mid death such
OS have been penult ted iu connection
with the humanity of earth.
The Permission of Evil.
Can we not see a broad reason for
the permission of evil on the earth-
fur the permission of tho reign of Slu
and Death, which for six thousand
years has apparently disgraced tho
Creator, degraded humanity, astonish
ed tho angels and constituted our race
a groaning creation? Only when we
discern that Messiah's Kingdom wl'l
surely bring order out of this confu
tdon, do wo begin to get tho propr
focus upon our subject and realize
something of the greatness of our God.
From the slandpolnt of tho comple
tion of tho Dlvlno purposes In connec
tion with humanity, and from that
Standpoint alone, can wo pee illus
trated Divine Wisdom, Justice, Love
and Power. The primary l.-sson was
Justice that fin brings suffering and
eventually death.
The second lesson was that of Dl
vlno oompassluii, sympathy Love.
This lesson wu" manifested In tho
pending of the Itedeeincr and his suit
sentient rewind of cxaltnllon, and bis
' -tiherlug of an "elect" Church to bo
his associates In glory and In the
blessing of tho redeemed race. The
relu'ii of glory, tho reign of Messiah,
soon to bo Introduced, will lift up poor
humanity from sin and sorrow, from
degradation and death, and give to
each and all tho fullest opportunity to
' return to human perfection mid to Dl
vlno favor and everlasting life,
In all that work of human, restitu
tion, which will Include the awakening
f mankind from tho sleep pf: death,
will be revealed to all the glorious!
character of their Creator, and the ne-1
cesslty for his requirement of absolute
righteousness ami perfection.
Surely, the result eventually will be,
as the Scriptures declare, that all shall
learn righteousness, and hate Iniquity,
and that every creature In heaven and
In earth and under the earth shall nc-
lalm both Jehovah, who sitteth upon
tho Throne of tho Uul verse, and the
Lamb, the Redeemer, forever.
Were we to allow ourselves to spec
ulate respecting the future respecting
the Dlvlno purposes In relation to the
millions of worlds around us, our spec
ulations would run thus: Those In
structed and used of Jehovah In con-
Junction with tho Initial development
of tho Divine Han In the earth will
thereby be fitted and prepared to be
the Divine Agents to other worlds.
The, Great Redeemer and his "elect"
associates, after dealing with human
ity for their uplift out of slu and denth
conditions, will surely bo qualified for
further servieo In other worlds: to
show forth the praises of him who
called them out of darkness Into his
marvelous light."
And what shall we say of humanity
when perfected at I ho end of Messiah's
glorious reign? Will not all bo well
prepared, not only to approve right
eousness In themselves, but to tell In
other worlds, to other rnces, the story
of the fall and of the reign of Sin and
Death result In?; and of tho redemption
accomplished by God's love; and of
the great restitution; and of tho les
sons thus learned?
l-oll'-nlly In the of I!.-o!;!-n
In that vision tiie Throne ot tie V.'fT-U
Mil One is graphically poiiray -d its ihe
seat of Divine .over u"d n.itt:.l!'y
for the Universe, with tel-e's-terhig
spirits. 'I hcr ilc-c i lned a
scroll, hi the rhi-iiand of JeNov, th
in Divine -7 n ml to:-; in;.-. Tl-it
scroll, written Inside find outside, was
"seahd with seven se;K" repre-umt-lug
the complet" s; re y of the D:vh
purposes related in that 'roll. Fro!;!
before the foundation of the world I'
I. F. S.
of the great Eternal. Ho had given
hints respecting It and h."d caused 1
to be symbolized In the Law end t"
wane exteut to be described by thi
Prophets. Hut still It was a Hidden
Mystery, been use the prophets under
stood not the things which they wrote:
nor could any understand them until
the Father's "due time," which he had
purposed In himself.
Not only was the Divine Program
thus sealed and safely secreted, but It
was the Divine determination tkrt II
should be given only to the one who
would demonstrate bis worthiness to
be Jehovah's honored Agent for the
carrying out of those purposes pre
destinated before the world was. The
honor of being the Agent, the Repre
sentative of Jehovah, to curry out the
Divine purposes, should bo disclosed
In advance only to the one who would
demonstrate his worthiness to bo the
great Messiah, the great . Deliverer,
the grent Prophet, Priest, Judge, King
of Israel.
The Unchangeable One.
Tho qualities of tho Divine character
which wo have Just considered Wis
dom, Just Ire, Love and Power be
longed to our Creator In tho great eter
nity preceding creation. P.ut there
was no one at that time to appreciate
God -It requires a full view of the
perfected Plan of tho Ages to make
known to any and to all the glory of
tho Lord. As we have Just seen, thus
far the secret of tho Lord and tho
glories of his character nro known
only to bis "sons," begotten of his
holy Spirit. P.ut tho tlmo nears when
"the whole earth shall be full of the
knowledge of the glory of the Lord
as the waters cover the great deep."
He and his glorious government will
then b; "H" desire of nil nations;"
The glory of tho Lord shall bo reveal
ed and all flesh shall see It together"
(Haggal II, 7; Isaiah xl, G).
St. Paul assures us that every fea
ture of the Dlvlno Plan which we see
In process of execution was known to
Jehovnh from before tho foundation
of tho world. He declares that these
things God purposed In himself before
the foundation of the world. Tho
creative processes, which have been
operating for thousands of years, were
all sun l.v elaborated in the mind of
Jehovah before the creative work be
gan, in mat purpose angets nan a
part of how many grades wo may
not surely know, but. they are various
ly dot'lunatcd In the holy Scriptures as
anrels, principalities ami powers,"
Ijiter came the creation of man, "a
little lower than tho angels" and
crowned with earthly honor, dignity
ami power, In the Image and likeness
of his Creator's glorious powe.'.
These creations varied not In dorroes
of perfection and Imperfection. Each
was perfect on Its own plane. Each
Intelligent creature wa's a free, moral
agent, and hence, whether on the an
gelic or human plain, was created In
tho likeness of God, unblemished, but
with different capacities and abilities.
Almighty God, tnllnlto In WNdotu,
Justee, Lovo and Power, purposed tho
orderly exercise of bis Infinite powers,
as n great Father, desirous of giving
life and happiness to his creatures.
These Intelligent ones were desig
nated "Sons of God" so long us they
maintained their attitude of perfect
loyalty to him, their Creator and Fa
ther. Not only was It the Dlvlno
Intention thus to give pleasure to
millions of creatures to be created, but
It was also tho Divine will to manifest
to his creatures his own greatness and
tho perfection of his own goodness
that they uiljdit enjoy him and he en
joy them everlastingly.
We are not to understand that Al
mighty God was lonely In that great
Eternity before creation began. On
the contrary, human loneliness Is
lar.vely be n o of human deficiency.
What we l.u k we seek for In others.
P.ut the j..tvat Jehovah lacked nothing;
ho was lo.iiplele In himself; he needed
not conn a il nishlp to complete or to his happiness. It was his
pleasure 'o iivulo that his creatures
might have Joy by rellectlng as a
whole his Divine qualities Implanted
In their eon .'dilutions.
The wre U of Hie human race pro
duced by sin he well foreknew. Nor
did this wrecking of human hopes de
feat, nor was It In danger of defeating,
the Dhiue purpose. It merely demon
strates to angels and to men the graces
of the Divine character and shows unto
all tho more fully the qualities of (iod
proper to be appreciated and copied.
The Seven-Sealed Scroll.
When Opd,wiul4 Illusjrato to us bl
... ... . it, I... ....'...l.l
High as the Redeemer xtood In the
Dlvlno counsels nnd fellowship before
he came Into tho world to be laan's
Redeemer. It was not then granted
even to him to know all the mysteries
of the Divine Program. Put by vir
tue of his high station, his perfection,
his obedience, the privilege- was given
to li I m first to become man's Redeem
er, at tho cost of personal humiliation
nnd death, and then, 1 faithful in this
redemptive work, It should bo his to
bo glorllled, exnlted to the divine na
ture, and to execute the Dlvlno. Pro
gram to its completion. First, he
must manifest hla devotion nnd loyal
ty to the Father, ere he could be trust
ed even with the knowledge of tho
Divine Program.
The Ceremonies Attended by a
Large Number of Masons and
Sympathetic Friends.
The funeral services over the re
mains of the late Francis S. White
occurred at the Masonic temple In
this city at 2 o'clock this afternoon.
A large concourse of his fellow citi
zens followed the casket which was
borne by the four sons and two son-In-laws
of the deceased to the temple,
where the funeral rites were ob
served. The funeral was conducted
by Canon Burgess, of St. Luke's Epis
copal church, and the Masonic frater
nity, the blue lodge and the Knights
Templar, both lodges attending In a
body, and In regalia.
The solemn burial service of the
Episcopal church with Its responsive
readings was observed. St. Luke's
choir sang "Asleep In Jesus," In a
most Impressive manner, after which
the burial service of the Knights
Templar lodge was read and Canon
Burgess offered a prayer. The floral
tributes were profuse and beautiful,
and were silent mementoes of the
pure life of the deceased. The Ma
sonic temple was crowded with the
old time neighbors and friends of the
deceased, who had come to pay a last
tribute of respect to one they had
known for many years. Thus one by
one the pioneers of this community
are gathered to the multitude in the
great beyond. .The life and charac
ter of Francis S. White can well be
the pattern for the young men of this
fmi ialo!
An event looked forward to by all timers of this
useful ar. icle. The prtsent season finds us with more
left overs from our high
grade lines than in the
the medium class. Our
5, 6 and $7 trousers have
been "shot to pieces" as
it were by the selling of
the past few months. We
propose to clean up on
these first and offer
them to you at the very
low price of
-i . (ptosis
Easy in
Any Position.
S3 and $4
Spot cash no discount
tickets. Those of you
who are in the habit of
buying good trousers,
! better get in on this sale while picking is good. Will
put our medium pants on sale as soon as these are
closed out.
Some few weeks since the Journal
printed a report of how the Green
wood bankers had gotten themselves
Into serious trouble, and then, again,
that It was not so serious as at first
stated. According to a special from
Lincoln, under date of January 7,
the facts In the case seem to be a
great deal worse than at any time re
ported, and the bank taken charge of
by N. II. Meeker, who has always
been the chief owner of the bank.
The special Is as follows: "The fed
eral grand Jury this evening returned
Indictments against A. D. Welton
and Lawrence Daft, respectively,
president and cashier of the First
National bank of Greenwood, Neb.
President Welton is charged with
embezzlement on eighteen counts,
and Cashier Daft with aiding and
abetting embezzlement. The men
were recently arrested and brought
to Lincoln, where they were bound
over by a United States commission
er. The bank has been taken In
charge by N. II. Meeker, and Is de
clared to be sound financially."
,the ouo great lesson will bo the great- oyu great t.e.rsoniuny. wnen no wouui
Bess of the IMvlne Power which will, to hi creatures how he Is work-
to exorcised thnigh Messiah, tho God- li'K n'.f things according to the conn-
like One, Mh Prince of Life, "the sel of his own will, he pictured It sym-
"Worthy Is tho Lamb."
All this Is declared In the account
(Itevelationa v). Tho proclamation
was made, Who Is worthy to receive
the scroll and to break Its seals and
to execute tho wonderful purposes of
(Jod? None was found worthy! Final
ly, one demonstrated his worthiness
he left the courts of ghry, be hum
bled himself, ho "was made fledi."
More than this, being found in fashion
as a man, bo conseerated his all to I he
doing of the Father's will, even unto
death, the death of the cross. Where
fore, says tho Apostle, "(Jod nl ;o high
ly exalted him" and gave him a stand
ing, a rank, a title above nil others
(I'hlllpplans II, 7, S). He commission
ed li 1 m to execute' all the Diviiio pur
poses and to til in ho handed over. t!n
scroll wllh the privilege of oS'iilm: Us
seals and comprehending to tlx full Ilf
In the symbolic picture John saw a
freshly slain lamb at the same time
that the angelic messenger declared
that the Lion of the tribe of Judah
had prevailed. Jesus proved himself
worthy and therefore the privilege "f
understanding the things of tho Diiiii.
Plan, and the privilege of ce;-utiu-;
them rightfully belonged to him. The
Lamb slain represented the wiiii; of
Jesus from the day he wax thirty
years or age and made bin co-.ise ra
tion. There he became dead to si If
ami to the world. When be suece-ti-
fully finished this great contnn-t. In?
rled on Calvary, "It Is llnl.ihed."
This glorious vhior was then ac
knowledge by (Jed and by the holy an
gels to be the worthy One to whom the
Father would entrust the execution of
every feature of the Divine Program,
"Worthy Is the Lamb that was slahi
to receive glory and honor, dominion
and might." lie has not yet completed
his great work there and then entrust
ed to lil in. The Father glorllled him
and set hlni at his own right band
the plnco of Divine favor when he fin
ished his demonstration of loyalty even
unto death. As yet he has Only begun
his great work. The Kesslu:? of tho
Church ns "the P.iide, the Lamb's
Wife," li the llrst step in the glorlms
Program, and It Is not yet completed.
Following II will come the blessing of
tho world, all the families of tho,
earth, not only tho living but the dead.
Ills declaration ." those now called to
be his Pride Is, "To him that over
come! h will I grant to sit with me In
my throno even as 1 overcame and am
set down with my Father In bis
throne" i.Uevelatlon li, 211.
"To us there Is onn (iod," says the
Apostle. All wisdom and power are
his. Uecent electrical Inventions assist
us greatly in apprehending bis great
ness. What man can do llmlledly with
the telephone nnd wireless telegraphy
merely hint to us of the lnlinlle re
sources of the F.ternal One from ever
lasting to everlasting, (Jod. Put our
knowledge of the Dlvlno Justice and
Lovo sallslies our hearts-our (ileal
Creator becomes "Our Father, who iv:i
In heaven."
Next Lord's Day, D. V., 1 will have
something more to say to the la rue
Congregation of millions whom i ad
dress weekly, respecting the mellioU
by vhh h the Almighty Cod Is work
ing all things according to the '-ouusel
of bin own will, using b's glorious
Pon, Messiah, his First Begotten, as
Ibis honored agent in the .;--i'mvui Ion
of every feature of the c-reat Plan
which he purposed In himself bef-Tv
the world was when he was alone.
I suggest to Interested readers of my
sermons participation in the '7 'c-;'.'
Horn? MisxhimirH Mufnin ni" i f brinttoi.'
them to the attention 1'iv'r filend-. ( pf ! In thu V
Hind neighbors who dj ni'. 'i't' THE W. G. CLE
. UoSGOif S
Charles Chrlswlsser, cow feeder
and shipper of Murray, Nebraska,
says that he Intends to give up stock
and grain farming In a short time
and move to one of the small towns
on the Missouri TadAe, says the
South Omaha Drovers' Stockman, i jeiay
In the County Court.
Judge Beeson's docket shows that
last Saturday was a busy day In the
couuty court. Administration, was
granted to J. G. Rlchey on the estate
of Mrs. Isabell Richel, deceased.
Final settlement was had In the
estate of W. L. Street, deceased. In
this case, the short for mof adminis
tration provided by statute wa3 fol
lowed and the estate closed without
Legal Notice. t
, Theodore D. Duck, defendant, will
take notice that, on the 3rd day of
December, 1910,. The First National
Hank of Plattsmouth, ' Nebraska,
plaintiff, herein, filed Its petition In
the District Court of Cass County,
Nebraska, against said defendant et
al, the object and prayer or which
petition are to recover a money Judg
ment on a certain promissory note
executed by said defendant and an
other to plaintiff for the sum of
$200.00 with interest from date at
10 per cent per annum and payable
within eight months after date, and
also subject to the payment and satis
faction of such Judgment, the attach
ed property In this action to-wit: The
undivided one-fifth (1-5) of ihe
North Halt (14) ot the Southwest
Quarter of Section Three (3), Town
ship Ten (10), Range Thirteen (13),
In said Cass County.
You are required to answer said
petition on or before the 13th day of
February, 1911.
Dated this 29th day of December,
First National IJank of
Plattsmouth, Nebraska.
D. O. Dwyer, Plaintiff,
Its Attorney. 12-29-Stw
Charley has been a regular patron of
tho South Omaha feeder market for
many years, so that his retirement
will be a source of keen regret to
his many friends at the yards. While
here this week he dropped a few re
marks regarding the exodus of farm
ers vlllageward that aptly apply to
this movement a3 viewed from one
end of the state to the other.
"After he has made his pile, the
average farmer can hardly be blamed
for wishing to settle down In some
thriving village," he said. "The germ
ot easy living is not alone confined to
Individuals who are engaged In com
mercial and Intellectual pursuits, as
is proven by the many fine homes In
various towns, most of them built and
occupied by - retired farmers. The
old-time 'dle-In-the-harness' attitude
of farmers Is giving place to a better
philosophy and as long as up-to-date
machinery, the automobile and the
telephone are possible, Just so long
will farmers continue to move to
nearby towns and direct the manage
ment of their farm holdings from
Murray Pum lug Club.
The Murray Dancing Club will give
another one of their pleasant dancing
events at the Jenkins hall, In Murray,
on next Saturday evening, January
14. The music will bo furnished by
the Jacobs orchestra, of Omaha. The
usual good time is In store for all
who wish to attend, so make the
lUtc now and keep It.
1'-I 'I ha only urgical houfe in tht
West whrrs all fitting is dont
. by n eipcrt.- . Lurjest stock
ha West. ,,
church m-r li-cs.
Charles C. Farmele was appointed
administrator of the estate of A. E.
Gass, deceased.
Subscribe for tho DaJJy Journal.
Married by Judge Peesoii.
Ulva L. Wilson and Miss Lillia
M. Henry, both of Omaha, appeared
before Judge Beeson this morning
and procured a license to wed. Th
Judge then produced one of his best
ceremonies, which he retails at $3.00
per, and in the presence of two wit
nesses as well as bystanders mad
the two as one.
Henry Horn, of n .r Cedar Creek,
'ransatted business In Plattsmoutfi
today, having cone down on No. 1.
Live Stock and General Farm Sale
Five years successful selling renders
me thoroughly competent of handling
your sale. Referfence from those 1
nave sold for. Graduate from Missouri
Auction School. Dee me at Terkins
Platts. 'Phone Green 142
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