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K 11 1 n I Is SL. P a U
mm H W K Mr ua M K Hfc
More good value in Pork and Beans
than in anything you could use.
.. .
-v No. 1 size 10 each or per doz.
V Mr 9it1!;
' mm W
y SMriZYlS No. 3 size 20 " " "
f B5AJ15
: TmsTj imtl.
Order a can today and if you think
they are not the most delicious Pork
and Beans vou ever tasted, tell us
I and tret vour mor.ev back it's a
way we have of saying that every
can is right.
Snider's Pork and Beans comply with all pure
food laws of the world"
Snider's Tomato Catsup, pure and wholesome,
no color or artificial preservative. Contains toma
toes, sugar, salt, vinegar, onions, garlic and tpices.
the Dest
FORI! and BEANS! ii
. 1.60
. 2.10
.at- ' .vr-"l
4 f- X'lf
25c Q
E. A. WURL-jj
The hospitable home of Mr. and
Mrs. D. C. Morgan on North Sixth
street was the scene of a nappy time
Thursday afternoon, when Mrs. Mor
gan entertained the members of her
Sunday school class of the Frcsbyte
lan church In a very charming man
ner. Whenever Invited to the home of
their Sunday school teacher, the girls
always expect a line time and their
fxpe' tat ions were fully realized in
the entertainment of Thursjay after
noon. Various games, which the
girls delight to Indulge in, were most
thoroughly enjoyed, while sociability
reigned supreme. The dainty lunch
eon, which consisted of delicious
sherbert and cakes, was not the least
appreciated of the many delightful
things provided by the thoughtful
hostess for the entertainment of her
guests. f
Mrs. Morgan had purchased a lit
tle Christmas gift for the girls, which
she Intended presenting them on
Christmas day, hut the gifts failed to
arrive in tlrce, so Mrs. Morgan plan
ned this enjoyable occasion as a lil
ting time to present the gifts, con
sequently, during the afternoon, the
girls were each made the recipient of
a handsome four-leaf clover class pin,
which is prized very highly by each
The members of the class In at
tendance on Thursday were Elva !
Hartford, Abbio" Brown, Blanche and !
Adelia Sayles, Edna Warren, Cather-1
lne Oliver, Mary Rosencrans, Alice i
Weyrlch, Edith Grassman, Amanda
Greeder and Stella Frans.
Legal Notice.
Theodore D. Buck, defendant, will
take notice that on the 3rd day of
December, 1910, The First National
Batik of riattsmouth, Nebraska,
plaintiff, herein, tiled its petition in
the District Court of Cass County,
Nebraska, against said defendant et
nl, the object and prayer of which
petition are to recover a money judg
ment on a certain promissory note
executed by said defendant and an
other to plaintiff for the sum of
$200.00 with Interest from date at
10 per cent per annum and payable
within eight months after date, and
ak;o subject to the payment and satis
faction of such judgment, the attach
ed property in this action to-wit: The
undivided one-fifth (1-5) of the
North Half ( k ) of the Southwest
Quarter of Section Three (3), Town
ship Ten (10), Range Thirteen (13),
In said Cass County.
You are required to answer said
petition on or before the 13th day of
February, 1911.
Dated this 20th day of December,
First National Bank of
riattsmouth, Nebraska.
D. O. Dwyer, Plaintiff.
Its Attorney. 12-29-Stw
The hearing before the Cass coun
ty board cf commissioners of Insan
ity v. as terminated last evening about
I o'l 'oi k.
The f v'utnee introduced by the ac
cused was to the effect that he war
a sober, industrious farmer, and a
man who paid his bills and all to
gether not a bad man at all. Indeed,
one of ti.f; gentlemen from Greau
wcod viltrmed a representative rf
the Journa! that Mr. Mick was nr.
druuK ?ny oftener than the other
Georges in the vicinity, that M.
Mick dealt at the store kept by tj:e
Journal' Intormant, and paid hit
bills promptly, never allowing them
t j go ary length of time. That th
saloonkeepPT at Greenwood had beer,
notified net to sell Mm liquor ar.d l.e
got only what was procured and car
ried to h.'in unknown to the propr'c-
After hearing the testimony tVr.
bcard held a consultation with t m
attorneys for the parties and deeh'i I
to make an order that accused wai n
f i pel perton to be restrained un ler
the Incbiinle law and that pei-ili..;
the litigation for the divorce the a;
cn?ed should bo paroled, and
Inrly he signed a parol agreement to
drink nc intoxicating liquor dun'U'
tho ;ien lanry of the divorce case, and
also agioed to remain away from the
prcmirer. occupied by Mrs. Mick ?.i 1
the ihildreu, on penalty of having ue
parole recked and the order of eo a
mitniciit to the hospital enforced.
It tr.ijuars that Mrs. Mick, Life
the hrin:;.ng of the divorce pweal
ings, "is wt'il as before, has been an
noyed by having Mr. Mick como to
the hoi.fc 'rtoxicafil it which tim
he wield use abnsi'a .ansuage Mil
ill n: 5 tl r. t e (he chillic-i and heiaf
r nd .1 1:. proceeding was brought '. '
P"t r step to this, jti.l r ot. for .'he
pui'icso d' making iiicuce for :'"
f'i-'.-i'oe proceedings.
Altcrasys Seskfn G!eni3:cj (:r
Gliants Gwt Small Gonsclatoi.
Kenyon Says Position of Department
of Justice Is Already Well Known. ,
Indicted Men Must Each Cive Five i
Thousand Collar Bond.
Washington, Dcc. 31. Attorneys for
the individuals indicted as meiubeis
of the so called "bath tub trust" for
alleged violation of the Sherman act
came to tho department of justice in
tho interest of their clients. These,
la the event of their conviction and
of the court's acceptance of the de
clared policy of Attorney General
Wlekersham to "stand for no more
fines," are threatened with jail sen
tences. The trio of lawyers was head
ed by Rush Taggart of New York and
included William L. Carpenter and
Ijoo Butzel of Detroit. After an hour's
conference with W. S. Kenyon, Mr.
Wickershnm's assistant and special
"trust buster," to whom the attorney
general has delegated tho whole, mat
ter, with power to at, the lawyers re
fused to say a word as to the result
of the conference.
To Insist Upon Jail Sentences.
It was 6ald at tho department tliat
they had been given no reason to be
liovo that tho attorney genural would
consent to the acceptance of a plea ot
guilty and tlio Imposition of lines rath-1
er than Imprisonment. They were
given to understand that jail sen
tences would bo Insisted upon and
were Informed that their clients would
bo expected in the United Stutos clr-
Ccmmission of Scientists Frcm Berlir
University Story.
Berlin, Ivo. 31. 'I l.e claim of tin
g.imt-keepcr near Hamburg that hi;
dog ( an speak Genua n and has un un
derstandin of the hiu;uage sutllclen
to answer questions Intelligently has
aken so seriously by Germ.ii
scientists that Professor Pftingst o
Berlin university healed a counuU
&!m of Investigation.
It is stated that they found the an
lmal possessed of a vocabulary of sev
en words, which wero clearly artlcu
lated. Of the number, four were words
of two syllables. It is asserted that
tho dog understands what Is said to.
him and replies to the Inquiries ol
strangers within the limits of his
knowledge of tho language without aid
or suggestion from his owner.
mm holds
Fcasl for Travail Ken Attend
ed ty 1,102 Pcrs3r,s.
Crazed Express Tracer Trias to
Kill n Councilman.
,.crrii;:n ureeuer,
Graduate Veterinary Surgeon
(Formerly with U. S. Department
Licensed by HebraskaSfale
Calls Arswcrcd Promptly
Telephone 878 White, riattsmouth.
Miss Hazel rocker, of Omaha, ar
rived last evening and will be a guest
of the F. S. Ramsey home for a few
Taken 111 in i.incolu.
Mr. Tom Smith, residing near Mur
ray, was in tho city last evening en
route to Lincoln, whero ho goc3 to
bring his daughter, Miss Coldie,
hon;e, who has been 111 in that city
for the past week. Mr. Smith and
family were visiting in the capital
Christmas, and Miss Goldio was taken
111 and unable to return homo with
her parents. At this time she had
sufficiently recovered to return home
and Mr. Smith was compelled to go
after her.
Toy Horn to Joe JIcMaken and Wife.
Joe Mc.Maken wore a smile that
wouldn't come off this morning when
ho d'-ove the big bays down town this
Morning. When interrogated as to
the source Of his unusual happy
mood Joo remarked that "tho stork
visited his homo last night and left
tho finest hoy the city has seen for
years." The incident makes Grand
pa Mc.Maken feel happy also.
Lee Allison, who has been at the
Inebriate hospital at Lincoln, re
turned to riattsmouth last evening,
having been released on a writ of
habeas brought before Judgo Corn
ish of tho Lancaster county district
court Tuesday, the hearing having
been set down for yesterday.
wmm fiium
i w Fr-l '
Holds the door open as well as closed. No chance to have any trouble with
the catch holder, as it sinks into the wood and with a perfectly smooth surface.
It can be seen working on a sample door at
Oin:iha, Dec. 31. Four times a
madman snapped a revolver in Hit
face of Councilman Tom McGovvru in
a sudden and unprovoked struggle ut
tho east front of tho federal building
One notch at a time tho only loaded
chamber lu tho cylinder approached
the hammer. MeCovern reached tuut
and again for the upraised hand hold
lug the gun. Each tlmo the hand evad
ed his grasp.
One more pull of the trigger and a
bullet would have been fired poiiu
blank into Mc-Govern's faco. Then lit
exerted his hist oiineo of strength in
overthrowing his assailant.
A crowd of persons who had gath
ered held McGovern's assalluitt until
the police arrived.
Tho man with the gun was Identified
Manager of Chicago Chamber of Com
merce Talks to Throng at Audito
rium Greatest Dinner in Attendance
City Hat Ever Known.
Omaha, Dee. 31. Eleven hundred
and two men sat down to the wonder
ful feast tendered by the Omaha Com
mercial club to tho traveling men at
the Auditorium last night. It was the
most prodigious affair tho city bus
ever kuown.
For In physical size alono the dinner
was tho biggest ever held lu Omaha.
The eleven hundred were waited on
by 123 waiters. They ate twenty-five
gallons of oysters swimming In thirty
live gallon of oyster cocktail dress
ing, til teen hundred stuffed eggs, ten
thousand sandwiches and fifteen hun
dred Nesfolrodo puddings, after
which they smoked one thousand ci
garettes nnd eleven hundred and two
cigars. Tho speaker of tho evening
wis Walter Moody, general manager
ot tho Chicago chamber of commerce.
Songs, cheers and yells almost deaf
ened guests (luring tho course of the
evening. Fully nine hundred of tho
guests wero traveling men.
cult court at IX t.oit Jan. 4 to give $3.- V ,V '
nA . ... i, . I ells-laigo Express company.
At tho police station McCluro ro
0C0 bonds each. The attorneys for
tho indicted men Indicated they would
not make It necessary for the government-to
start fifty removal suits to
get the fifty defendants together on
that (by'. Tho offer of compromise)
Bald to have been tendered was that
should the Standard Saniiaiv .Manu
facturing company nnd other defend
ants In the civil action appear before
tho UniteC States circuit court at Pal
tlmoro and consent to the permanent
Injunction the government nsks, If the
government would lie satisfied with
fines am' no jail sentences in the crim
inal action. It was pointed out that
on effectual diss dution of tho offen
slvo combination tho government
chnrgf's-'would lie effected -If the in
junction were agreed to.
Combination Dissolved.
Tho department of justice, however,
thinks tho combination Is ns good as
dissolved. This week it learned that
four concerns in the combine sent oat
notices to the trade that they were no
longer parlies to tho alleged price
fixing agreement. Tho recent declara
tion of Attorney General Wickershani,
following the window glass trust case
In Pittsburg, that he would Insist on
prison sentences In all future convic
tions In anti trust cases was tho nn
swer to the second proposition.
Frank IT. Watson, United states
district attorney nt Detroit, referred
tpieBt loners to Mr. Kenyon, who de
clared the position or the department
of Justice wns well known and admit
ted of no discussion.
lapsed into a comatose state. Unre
lenting worry through tho days und
far lrto tho night of the holiday sea
son nt his tedious work of traclns:
lost gilt packages, is held respon.'iilile
for tho unbalanced condition of Me
Wl'lism C. Etrlckler Murders Wife anc
Daughter and Commits Suicide.
Daltlmore, Dec. 31. William C
Strickler shot and killed his wife nnd
nlnotoon-y car-old stepdaughter, lie.ihili
Kile, in their home, In East I.nfayetti
avenue, this city. Strickler then fired
a b':!!et Into his own body. Domestic
troublo-i wero given 113 in 0 cause 0!
the tragedy. Si itchier was employe 1
as a Hi email In a iower house.
Stolen Prize Opera Qrorc3 Pccovered
New York, Dec. 31. The lost opeia
scores in the Metropolitan opera house
Broken Eow City Council In3icts Com
pany Ure Only Insulated Wires.
Droken How, Ni b., Dec. 31. A state
of discord exists between the city
counc il ami the electric light company
which threatens some complications
nnb-s th" matter Is taken promptly
In hand ami disposed of. Seme low
weeks ago, It appears, tho council
I awakened to the fact that bare copper
I who was being exclusively used by
the electric company In stringing lis
I lines, and n demand was at once made
Ion the company to discontinue its use
land substitute Insulated wire (Ihmul-i
out. Manager Steeu of tho company
says It is foolishness to use Insulated
who cm a 110 voltage, hut where it Is
hl.'.her he Is willing to make the sub
stltiitlnti, providing the council takes
official recognition of tho work so It
mnv go on record. Thus tho matter
stands at present.
Jclin Mead, Heal E:tats Arjent, Found
Ucad In by Son.
Chadreii, Neb., Dec. 31. John Mead,
p'iil estate and e agent, was
found dead in Ida oHloo by his ( iht
jearold sou. lie had committed sui
cide by shooting himself through the
$l0,0tin prize competition, stolen f roil! J )lt,,i( placing the barrel of a levolvei
nn Adams Express company s wagon
lust Saturday, have been recovered
John Ken, who handed tho four maun
scripts to the Harlem police, said hi:
life had been threatened If he told how
ho obtained possession of them. Do
In his mouth. Ills wife left him last
winter for another man, talcing a baby
witii her and leaving three other chil
dren. It Is believed that brooding
over his domestic troubles had tempo
ral lly unbalanced his mind, lie Is the
tectlvcs questioned him, however, nnd 0l jlU Mt.;Ul, one of Chailroii's
French Aviator Makes Continuous
Flight of 363 MUes.
Due, France, Doc. 31. Maurice
Tabuteau, contesting for the Mlchclln
cup, broke the world's aviation rec
ord for long distance, covering 3fi2.GG
miles In a contlnous (light of seven
hours forty-five minutes.
Tabuteau had before mndo the best
mark In this year's competition for
tho Mlchelln cup, having on Oct. 28
last flown 288 miles. Tho cup is
awarded annually, along with a cash
premium of $4,000, to tho avlntor mak
ing tie longest sustained flight within
the twelve months. Henri Farman
won the trophy In 1909, making 150
miles In four hours seventeen minutes.
Episcopal Prelate Attacks "New Year's
rittsbiirg, Dec. 31. lllshop Cort
landt Whitehead of tho Episcopal
church attacked New Year's resolu
tions in an address before the Credit
Men's association of Pittsburg. "I do
not believe In them," ho said, "because
they only afford material to make the
positive and well meaning poor victim
a laughing stock. The New Year's
resolution is a frail proposition at
then started out with him on a tour ol
Haskell Signs Capital BUI.
Guthrie, Okla., Dec. 31. T.overnoi
Haskell affixed his slgnnturo to the
Btuto capital bill while sitting 011
stocd In a railway eating house in
this city. The bill, which wns passed
nt a recent special session of tho legis
lature, locates tho capital at Okla
homa City.
Alaska Cold Output Smaller.
Washington, Dec. 31. A marked
falling of in the production of gold in
Alaska, due to tho failure of plaeei
mines In tho Fairbanks and Sewaru
peninsula districts, Is reported. . The
production within the year litis been
$Di,3i;o,(iOO, compared with $20,371,U0C
In 1909.
Bars Woman From Office.
Green Pay, Wis, Dec. 31. Judge S.
D. Hastings decided a woman Is not
eligible to hold a public office, because
alio Is not an elector. The decision
was In the rase of Adeline Pratt, who
was elected register of deeds of Mari
nette county.
Caumont Falls Sixty Feet.
Versailles, France, Dec. 31. Lieu
tenant Caumont of the army aviation
corps, while testing a new monoplane,
fell from a height of sixty feet. Both
arms find both legs wera brokeu. Ills
condition la critical.
Boy Scout Battle Ends In Fatal Shoot
Cincinnati, Dee. 31. Several pro
vlons bloodless battles between rival
factions of tho boy scout movement
wero followed by a shooting In Covins
ton, Ky., In which Harry lllgglns, fif
teen yonrs old, was probably fatally
Bookmaker Drops Dead.
Sim Francisco, Dec. 31. Joseph Mc
Gee, widely known on tho nice tracks
of this country and Canada as a book
maker, dropped dead here as he was
walking along tho street. Heart dia
ease Is believed to havo caused his
pioneer real estate dealers, who now
Uvea at Hot Springs, S. D.
To Advertise Nebraska.
Lincoln, Dec. 31. Under authority
of the state association of i:oniiner
clal clubs, a committee, composed of
S. It. McKelvlo, editor of the Nebraska
Farmer; K. M. Marvin, editor of the
Deiitrico Sun, unci Will A. Campbell,
manager of tho Omaha Commercial
club publicity bureau, has been ut
work on a state publicity or advertis
ing plan. This plan has been fully
worked out and will be presented to
the legislature, along with a request
for a $23,000 appropriation.
Hastings College Endowment.
Hustings, Neb., Doc. 31. A move
ment Is now wcdl under way to In
crease the endowment of Hastings col
lego from $100,000 to $230,000, of
which $50,01.0 will be Invested as 11
retiring fund for teachers. Tho work
is being carried 011 with the approval
and cooperation of the rresbyterlan
college board of New York. Sub
stantial progress has been mudo and
tho prospects point to the success of
the undertaking.
Fourth Death From Chicago Strike.
Chlcigo, Dec. 31. The fourth death
In tho garment workers' strike was
that of Ferdlnnnd Weiss, nineteen
yarn old, who was shot Dec. 24 by
Edward Henney, a special policeman.
Heaney la locked up.
Nebraska Windmills for Russia.
Hastings, Neb., Dec. 31. M. Fair
man of this city Is In receipt from
Odessa, Russia, of an order for a wlud-
1 mill to bo. erected near that place.
This Is the first Amerlcan-niado wind
mill to he shipped to Russia and the
first mill of any kind to bo used In
that part of the country to which It Is
Wait's Automobile BUI.
Lincoln, Dec. 31. Addison Walt,
secretary of Btnto elect, has a supply
of tirlnted eonlea of his m-otioscd unto.
niomio law, which no will uistrib
Ills Idea is to ch.iri'Q a t!i feo ni.nnnl-
Rollins Bingham Dead. I iv . ;;0Pnsn for niitnmoiit,Q 11.,
Kansas City, Doc. 31. ftouins lllng-i has changed his origlhnl plnn and has
ham. newspaper writer, attorney and
several years ago a society leader,
died at tho general hospital hero of
pneumonia, aged forty nlno years.
stricken out that portion which ex
empted automobiles from other taxes.
Omaha Federal Official Dead.
Omaha, Dec. 31.-3cnjumln H. Har
rows, surveyor of the port of Omaha,
died from a combination of bronchitis
and heart trouble, aged alxty-three.
Fence Stretcher Kills Farmer,
Cnrml, 111., Dec. 81. James C. Cor-
reran, a farmer, was stretch I no- wlrn
fence, when tho stretcher broke, re- Mr Barrows was a former nowspaper
bounded and struck him. Ths blow mnn' "a had held many public ofllcos,
was fatal. 1 1,0,118 American conRul at Dublin, Ire
land, for about fifteen years.