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complete stock of the "21 kinds".
And every other kind of groceries.
Event Is Held at the A. O. U. W. Hall and the Youn Folks Have
Time of Their Lives In the Coming of Santa Claus
The Journal expresses regret that
previously It has been unable to give
a write-up of the Christmas entertain
ment of St. Luke's Sunday school,
which occurred Monday evening. The
only excuse we can give for not pro
ducing this earlier Is the rush of
news matter which crowded In on
Tuesday and kept the force so busy
that the matter was overlooked until
last evening and then the data was
procured too late for last night's
Issue. The Christmas carols were
sung on Sunday at 10 a. m., and the
entertainment Monday evening, which
partook of the nature of a Christmas
party, was held in the A. O. U. W.
hall and was by far the most enjoy
able event of the Sunday school year.
The preparation of the program was
placed In the hands of Miss Barbara
Oerlng and Mrs. C. V. Baylor, and
the almost perfect rendition of each
number on the program showed much
skill and perseverence on the part of
the committee.
There were some good. recitations
by the smaller members of the school,
and a song by Miss Nora Livingston
wnicn evoKea me nearty applause of
the audience. Mr. II. S. Austin gave
two readings, one entitled, "The
Night Before Christmas," and the
other, "The Night After Christmas."
The latter being a parody on the old
German St. Paul's Church.
Sunday school at 9:30 a. m.
Divine service at 10:30 a. m'.
On Sunday evening, New Year's
night, we will relight our Christmas
tree. An evening service composed
of a ehort address by the pastor, and
a special program will be held.
The Dell Teleprone serves the retail merchant
not only as a salesman, but as a purchasing agent.
When the merchant's line ol goods runs low he
can stud for a rush order by telephone and explain
his nteds.
If the consumer cannot find what he wants in his
own town, the Lonp Distance Lines of the Dell Sys
tem permit him to buy anywhere.
10c a can
'omato Soup is "just right".
f so too. Of course we carrv a
poem given in the first reading. Mr.
Austin Is a finished elocutionist and
his rendition of the selections was
very fine indeed, and added very ma
terially to the enjoyment of the even
ing. Mrs. Jay Selver3 executed a beauti
ful and difficult number on the piano,
which was well received and enthusi
astically encored.
One of the amusing features of the
entertainment was a snow ball fight
between the girls and boys of the
school. The balls were ot the con
fetti kind and the contest excited the
mirth of the entire audience during
several minutes that it lasted. The
girls were finally declared the. vic
tors. A guessing contest next occupied
the attention of the merry makers,
this was participated In by the whole
school as well as members of the au
dience. In the conflict of wits Miss
Harriett Clements secured the prize,
which was a candy chicken.
At the close of the party Old Santa
made his appearance amid gingling
of bells, and distributed candy and
pop corn to each member of the
school. ,
Those who were present declared
the party to be the most enjoyable
Christmas party ever held by the Sun
day school.
Mr. Henry Buford, of Galesburg,
Illinois, arrived this morning and will
visit E. P. Davis and family for a
Mrs. Bessie Deuel and daughter, of
Omaha, spent Christmas with County
Surveyor Fred Patterson and family,
returning to her home yesterday.
Nebraska Telephone
C. L. CLARK, Local Managers
A. J. For ma u was iu Omaha Tins-1
Mrs. J. A. Shatter was iu Liucolu j
Harry Parsed was a Lincoln visitor
Miss Orpha Mullin came down front
Lincoln Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Manners were
doing trading in Lincoln last Friday.
Jlmmle Foreman went to Lincoln
to visit relatives Wednesday morning.
Dr. L. Muir and family ate Christ
mas dinner with Mrs. Liza Craig and
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cook spent
Christmas with relatives in Weeping
Mrs. A. Weichel and children, of
Elmwood, visited Christmas with rel
atives. Sam Cashner went down to Omaha
on business Tuesday, returning home
Mr. ad Mrs. Delbert Ieseley, of
Greenwood, visited Mr. and Mrs. Joe
Vlckers Tuesday.
Henry Snoke came in from Doug
las, Nebraska, Friday evening to be
at home for Christmas.
Mrs. G. P. Foreman, sr., went up
to Lincoln Wednesday to visit rela
tives, returning home Friday.
Ceo. Cook and brother Will Cook
left Friday for a Christmas visit at
Alma, Nebraska, with relatives.
Mrs. Mary Vickers and family took
Christmas dinner at the home of her
daughter, Mrs. D. Leseley, at Green
wood. Geo. IJraun, our genial K. I. agent,
returned the first of the week from
his visit to his parents at Chicago,
C. G. Anderson and family, of
Litchfield, Nebraska, are spending
Christmas week with Mrs. Anderson's
Miss Taylor accompanied by little
Clayton Ingwerson, left Friday for a
short visit with relatives at Ulysess,
Jack Curyea, of Omaha, spent Mon
day night with Clarence Curyea and
took dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Geo.
Curyea Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Dreamer enter
tained Mr. and Mrs. Sam Cashner, of
University Place, and Miss Nellie
Dreamer, of Lincoln.
Miss Stella Sheesely and Fay Par
sed left Sunday for a few days' visit
at Blair, Nebraska, with Mr. and Mrs.
Fred Tarns and children.
Mrs. S. C. Boyles'and her brother,
Ceo. Skiles, left Tuesday for a Bhort
visit with their sister, Mrs. Joe Prou
ty, at Des Moines, Iowa.
Wilbur Van Cleave and sister, Miss
Metta, and Miss Bolten, of Lodl, Ne
braska, spent Christmas at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. G. P. Foreman, sr.
A ChristniPw urogram was rendered
nt the M. i5. church Saturday evening,
December 24, 1910, which was well
attended by an appreciative audience.
J. B. Clyde came In from Des
Moines, Iowa, Saturday to spend
Christmas with the family of M. C.
Keefer. He returned home Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Bobbitt and
daughter Hazel, of Lincoln, returned
home Tuesday morning. They were
aceompanleu by Charley and Aurel
Mr. and Mrs. James Howell, of
Burwell, Nebraska, visited with Mr.
and Mrs. Will Lewis a few days and
spent Wednesday with Mr. and Mrs.
Geo. Curyea.
Mrs. Joe Armstrong returned Wed
nesday, last week, from Redding,
Iowa, where she has sftent the past
several weeks with her daughter,
Mrs. Elmer Barrett and family.
Mrs. II. Hellmer and son and
daughter came In Wednesday noon
from Wymore to visit her brothers,
J. II. and Ed Stroemer and families.
They will remain several days.
Visiting at the home of John Quad
horst Christmas were his daughters,
the Misses Delia, from Lincoln, Fre
donla and Matilda, from Nora, and
Mr. and Mrs. John Hamel, of Nora.
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Cashner, of Uni
versity Place, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse
Stone and sons, and Mr. and Mrs.
Walter Jordan and family took din
ner with Mr. and Mrs. Sam Cashner,
Mrs. Pearl Fetrow and infant son,
and Miss Agatha Tucker, who have
been visiting Parsed, left Thursday
for their home at Hebron, Nebraska,
Mrs. Parsed accompanied them as far
as Lincoln.
Those who enjoyed Christmas din
ner with Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Curyea
were, Mr. and Mrs. Mord Curyea,
Mrs. Vincent and Mr. and Mrs. Clar
ence Curyea and daughter Lillian.
Miss Ollle Foreman, her brother
Will and friends, Maud and Edith
Cole and brother Earl Colo, came
down from Lincoln Sunday, visiting
at the home of Miss Olllo's parents
until Monday evening when they re
turned to Lincoln.
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Skiles gave a
Christmas dinner for their children
nnd families. Thoso present were:
M. C. Keefer and family and J. B.
Clyde, S. C. Boyles and family, Chas.
Skiles and family, of David City, Ne
braska, and Geo. Skiles. of Colville,
Washington, whom they had not cen
for several years.
T. N. Bobbitt and wife entertained
their children Christmas, all of whom
were present. There being their sons,
L. E. Bobbitt. wife and daughter, of
Lincoln; Chas. Bobbitt, wife and
laughter, Ltncolu; Win. Bobbitt, wife
and son, of Tekamah, and Geo. Bob
bitt, wife and son, of this place.
A number of young people of this
city have formed a club for the win
ter months, this club to meet at the
homes of the members two or three
times a month. The purpose of the
club is that of having a social time.
Consequently, the pleasant home of
Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Shopp, on West
Rock street, was the scene of frolic
last evening when the members of
this club met with their daughter,
Miss Edna.
During the evening various games
and amusements, Interspersed with
music and social conversation were
Indulged In. One of the amusements
was the dressing of a peanut doll,
which produced much merriment for
the young people Miss Mildred
Johnson succeeded In getting her doll
dressed the best and was awarded the
prize. Another diversion was the
matching of a puzzle.
Just prior to the close of this de
lightful entertainment, a delicious
two-course luncheon was served,
which was likewise thoroughly en
Joyed. It was a late hour when the
members of this nub departed for
their homes, voting Miss Edna a
splendid entertainer. The guests of
the club last evening were Misses
Coralle and Mildred Stewart, of York,
"I had been troubled with consti
pation for two years and tried all of
the best physicians In Bristol, Tenn.,
and they could do nothing for me,"
writes Thos. E. Williams, Mlddleboro,
Ky. "Two packages of Chamber
lain's Stomach and Liver Tablets
cured me." For sale by F. G. Frlcke
& Co.
James Murphy, of Cedar Creek,
was arraigned before Judge Archer
today charged with being in "an un
lawful state of Intoxication" while
then and there being In the county cf
Cass and State of Nebraska, and
against the peace and dignity of the
state during the greater part of the
last six months. After hearing the
evidence Judge Archer then and there
considered and adjudged that the of
fender should recline In the county
Jail for thirty days and pay the costs.
The court goes on the theory that
If there Is anything which will "give
us pause" It Is to observe the activi
ties of life from within the CaBS coun
ty prison, and he knows of no remedy
which will cure the drink habit so
effectually as about a month In this
resort. On the other hand, the court
hesitates to commit a sober criminal
to .ne Jail, for fear the conditions
there will drive him, the criminal, to
A lady's gold watch, on December
2nd, on the road between the Amlck
school houBe and Murray. The watch
was open face and bears the letter
"V" on the back of the case. Finder
will please leave same at the Journal
office or with Lloyd Gapen, In Mur
ray, and receive reward, Miss Villa
Gapen being the owner.
Mr. Edwin Sprleck and wife, of
Stanton, Nebraska, have been In the
city for a few days, the guests of Mr.
and Mrs. John McNurlln, departing
for Cullom last evening, where they
will visit friends for a few days, then
go to Louisville for a short visit with
friends before returning to Platts
mouth to finish their visit here.
Si '
Sold by all Leading Deal,
crs. Try a Sack and
if notsatisfactary
Money Refunded
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ncss and Rcsi.Cnnlalns nc tow
Opittm.Morphiac norMncraLI
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Chnhnt Stmr
Mafejmw tkmr.
ADorTcrl Rem? dv forCansftea
t Ion , Sour Stonur h.Uiarrlioca
Worms ,CoiMtlsions.rcvcnsh
Facsimile Siijnaturtnf
Guaranteed under ihe fowTnj
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
The basket ball game Friday even
ing between the riattsmouth High
school team and the team represent
ing the German Turners, deserves
the attendance of all those who are
lovers of good, clean, manly Bport.
The members of both teams are all
home boys and the Interest that Is
shown In the game will show whether
the people desire to have athletics In
Plattsmouth that will be a credit to
tho town and the citizens. A social
dance will be held after the game, bo
that a most pleasant evening can bo
spent by all present. The line-ups of
the teams are as follows.
High School: Heece, forward;
Egenberger, forward; Dalton, center;
Falter, guard; Herold, guard.
Turners:Mann. forward; Scotten,
forward; Frlcke, Rawls, center; Ileal
guard; Hall, guard.
Nt rayed or Stolen.
From my blacksmith shop In My
nard, a small bay mare, with white
spot In face, and one hind foot slight
ly smaller than the other; also had a
blanket on her back. Finder please
notify Frank Svoboda, at Mynard, or
Tim Kohoutek at riattsmouth.
lT. H. TrooN Vuhh TIii'oiikIi.
This forenoon at 11:15 a Bpeclal
train carrying United States troops en
route from New York to San Fran
cisco, passed through Plattsmouth
over the Hurllngton line, going from
this point to Lincoln, McCook and
The train consisted of one baggage,
two kitchen and five sleeping cars and
It was received from the Lake Shore
route at Chicago at 4:15 yesterday
afternoon. The train would carry
from three hundred and fifty to four
hundred troops.
You Pay
ATTENTION: Are You in the Market for LAND, if so Read What
Follows: THE PAYNE INVESTMENT CO. is Placing on Sale
The soil is not less than 200 feet deep; corn averages from GO to 90
bushels per acre. This is tho great sugar cane region. This land raises
20 to 35 tons of cane to the aero present price is f 1.00 per ton.
The men selling this land wunt cunejfrown for thoir sugar mill and
you can PAY YOUR LAND IN CANE, 1-6 k,1 of your acreage paying
lor your farm.
Delightful climate, cheap living, no cold, no snow, little fuel needed,
no heavy clothing necessary. Labor at 40 to 85 cents per day. All kinds
of FRUiT: Oranges, lomans, grape fruit, peached, poars, cherries; ber
ries grow in profusion.
You ran buy this land at from $55 to $70 per acre, one fifth down,
balance 10 yeare at 6 per cent interest.
Don't take our word ior it, but go with us and see it. The next
Call and taik with us about it; write for further particulars.
Windham Investment 1 Land Co.,
Plattsmouth, Nebraska, Assciale Agents.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears tho
For Over
Thirty Years
Legal Notice.
Theodore D. Duck, defendant, will
tako notice that on the 3rd day ot
Docember, 1910, The First National
Dank of Plattsmouth', Nebraska,
plaintiff, herein, filed Its petition In
the District Court of Cass County,
Nebraska, against said defendant et
al, tho object and prayer of which,
petition are to recover a money Judg
ment on a certain promissory not
executed by said defendant and an
other to plaintiff for the sura ot
1200.00 with Interest from date at
10 per cent per annum and payable
within eight months after date, and
also to subject payment to the satis
faction of such judgment the attached
property In this action to-wlt: Th
undivided one-fifth (1-5) of th
North Half () ot the Southwest
Quarter of Section Three (3), Town
ship Ten (10), Range Thirteen (13),
In said Cass County,
You are required to answer Bald
petition on or before tho 13th day ot
February, 1911.
Dated this 29th day of December,
First National Hank of
iPlattsmouth, Nebraska,
D. O. Dwyer, Plaintiff,
Its Attorney. 12-29-8tw
Head the Dally Journal.
Herman Grccdor,
Graduate Veterinary Surgeon
(Formerly with U. S. Department
Licensed by Nebraska Stale
Calls Answered Promptly
Telephone 378 White, Plattsmouth.
in ane!
M fl WfC