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Tae greatest combination of industrialism and farming, now rapidly devel
oping, is to be found along the Burlington Route in the vicinity of
Sheridan, Wyoming,
Hardin and Billings. Montana,
and in the Dig Horn Basin,
where large, deeded, alfalfa ranches that have mademillionsires of the owners,
are being devided into small farms, and where Government irrigated homesteads
tnd Carey Act Lands are avnilable.
A WONDERFULLY RICH COUNTRY:-You can get hold of an irrigated
farm within a radius of a few miles of excellent coal, natural gas, illuminating
oil. building materials, fast growing towns that will have varied industries.
1 Tuesdays I personally conduct landseekers excursions losee
these lands.
D. CLEM DEAVER, General Agent,
Landseekers' Information Bnreau,
11004 Farnam Street, Omaha, Neb.
fill. ft.
A. L. Becker and son Henry, de
parted Monday night for Kansas City,
where they took four cars of stork to
Mr. and Mrs. I. N. McCue, of Ft.
Morgan. Colo., arrived Wednesday to
make a few days' visit with J. D.
Cross and family.
Miss Winnie Hutcheson returned
to her home at Rock Uluffs last Fri
day evening, after several days' visit
with Union relatives.
Josciih Lynn and wife returned
Monday morning to their home at
Hartlngton, after a visit with their
Union relatives and friends.
Charles Woodard received word
last week from Palmyra of the
death of a relative, Mrs. James Weav
er, who died as a result of an opera
tion. . W. Cheney, J. R-. Roddy, Ed.
Leach and Louis Anderson mobllcd
to Lincoln last Saturday In Cheney's
tar to witness the Nebraska-Ames
football game.
W. 0. Glasgow departed Monday
for Peru for a visit with relatives
and to offer bis sympathy to his uncle
T. J. Majors, who went down to de
feat In the democratic landslide on
lection day.
E. I Daniel and family arrived
last i?eek from Tuttle, Oklahoma, to
make their home on their newly ac
quired farm near here. Mr. Daniel
arrived Sunday night with the car of
household goods and stock, lie
brought some fine Oklahoma sweet
potatoes and divided up with the
editor, and we vouch that they arc
fine ones.
Mrs. Malcolm Pollard.
John Swartz left Friday for
Smithfleld. Prelps county, whero he
has several weeks' painting to do for
a Mr. Crlpp, a former resident of this
community, and an old friend of his.
The News will follow him once a
week and keep him posted.
Miss Agnes Falkenstahal of Rice
Lake, Wisconsin, came In Saturday
night for a visit to the Peter Johnson
family. She used to live In this part
of tho country and moved to Wiscon
sin with her parents about four yearB
ago. She will spend the winter In
this county.
L. E. Stone, who was taken to
Wichita, Kansas, last week to under
go an operation for appendicitis, con
tracted a severe cold and on account
of the attendant cough the operation
was deferred until Thursday of this
week. Ills condition, however, la re
ported as favorable with excellent
chances for going through tho ordeal
In good shape.
The harvest home exercises at the
Methodist church observed yesterday
were very Interesting and inspiring
throughout. Commencing with the
Sunday school in the morning the
program included a special program
at each service. The decorations
were in keeping with the occasion,
and consisted of shocks of corn and
wheat about the room and the
autumn colors throughout the room.
On the platform was a huge pile of
pumpkins of all sizes and kinds, with
apples, potatoes and other vegetables
and fruits thrown between in profu
sion. Among the decorations were
seen small American flags, giving a
national touch to the scene. In front
of the pulpit a leafless tree on which
hung ripe red apples, anl the altar
was festooned with half husked ears
of ripe red corn, Indicative of the
bountiful harvest, for which all were
A program appropriate to the day
was carried out, on which occurred
an exercise by five little girls which
was nicely given, and there was also
a well rendered solo by Miss Denson.
At the church service Rev. Austin
preached a Thanksgiving sermon, at
the close of which the entire congre
gation arose and sang the Doxology
with fervor. The services of the
church were largely attended. At
the Sunday school hour Superintend
ent Wescott appointed a committee
to distribute to the needy the gifts of
vegetables and fruits brought in by
the children.
Onf pooio
Who Wo Are!
is independent of any trust.
We are Importers and Distributors of high-grade European and
American Wines and Whiskies. The Sweden-American Company
Q ivhv wo unite
compel us to sell at their prices. V
ft Pay profits to middlemen. We sell
ft We have determined to introduce
4 you the benefit of our foresight and
24 of our
These Offers!
No other importers can make such splen
did, generous offers. The trusts can not
,'e buy in large quantities. In dealing with us, you do not
first-class goods at less than half what you pay elsewhere.
our products to the American public, and are willing to give
advertising methods. We simply want to prove the worth
goods and to make a steady customer of you. Your trial order will do mora to prove the
8 value of our gcods than all the advertising or letter writing we could do.
Hfllilhilifljl toour reliability, go to your banker, and have him look us up in Dun
rl llullUUIIIIJf l or Bradstreet Mercantile Agencies, and he will tell you of our high stand
Q ing, or have yous Express Agent write any Express Agent in Ciucinnati, and see how well we
Q stand. You can be assured that we will do exactly as we say, and that you will receive the best
O of treatment at our hands.
Tild imnnitlcV Below we reproduce testimonials from a few of our steady customers.
I bwlllllUIIICllOl We have hundreds more, but selected these because they were from
men who are known all over this country. Our goods please them. Don't you think they are
worth a trial by you?
wi:i:pi.(j v.ti:h.
N. C. Klcpscr has built a new barn
f4x64 feet which took 45,000 shin
gles to cover.
J. C. Wade has bought a livery
business in Springfield, and they will
reside there.
The baby girl reported elsewhere
In the paper, born to Mr. and Mrs. A.
A. Las(h, Nov. 10, died Nov. 12.
Colonel R. R. Miller and wife, of
Denver, came In last Friday and are
visiting at the home of Dr. and Mrs.
J. I). Hungate.
Phil. Davis marketed the nrst load
of ear com (new) Inst Friday, at the
Marshall elevator, and accepted 33
cents per bushel.
Theo. Davis has completed gather
ing his crop of corn, Beventy acres,
and got 2,500 bushels. Tom Wiles
says his averaged 4 0 bushels per acre.
Jay DeWolf came In Wednesday
from Fort Russell, Wyoming. Ho
saB he has four months to serve of
his three years and then will bo out.
He expects to re-enllst and go south.
Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Shcrfey leave
today for Los Angeles, Calif., to rc
rlde. He was In town Tuesday mak
ing arrangements for the trip. It
only took one trip to California to
satisfy Mr. Sherfey that he had struck
Paradise. We asked him It he didn't
want to borrow a little money to go
on, and he said "No, I think I can
make it all right," which reminds us
that he has prospered well In No
braska and Cass county. May they
njoy a long lite.
The Coernment pay Railway Mail
Clerks $800 to $1,200, and other em
ployeet up to $2,500 annually
Uncle Sam will hold examinations
throughout the country for Railway
Mall Clerks, Custom House Clerks,
Stenographers, Bookkeepers, Depart
ment Clerks and other Government
positions. Thousands of appointments
will be made. Any man or woman
over 18, In City or Country can get
Instruction and free Information by
writing at onco to the Bureau of
Initri'ctlon, 79 J. Hamlin Building,
Rochester. N. Y.
Xiglit Force Should be Increased.
An Incident occurred last Saturday
evening about 7 o'clock near the
Smith livery barn, on Sixth street,
which would indicate that the night
police force should be Increased. Mr
F. S. Ramsey's two daughters were
attacked by two drunken men, who
started to take the girls away.
The older of the two girls hap
pened to see Dr. T. P. Livingston
across the street and called for help.
The doctor started over to where the
girls were and the two drunken louts
released the girls and ran out the
avenue. The fellows were standing
In the shadow of the barn as the lit
tle girls passed, and as they passed,
Jumped out and nabbed them. This
is the first time an occurrence of this
kind has happened In this city, and
it was not known that any such
brutes Infested the city, and It be
hooves the officers of the law to be
on their guard and be ready for such
4 QiiaHs 2
H. P. Sturm and wife are rejoicing
over tho arrival at their house Mon
day of a baby girl.
From the building material that
goes out from this place every day It
does not look like hard tlmeB.
Babies are registering In to beat
the band this week; the latest Is a
boy out at Harvey Beckncr's, born
Tuesday evening.
Charlie Royal Is putting on a lot
of unnecessary airs over the arrival
Monday nlaht of a bouncing boy of
regulation weight.
Mrs. Keyser, wife of a former
Methodist minister of this place, has
been Tlsltlng recently with Mr. and
Miss Bertha Bryan, of Ashland,
visited her Bister, Mrs. Woolcott, the
latter part of the week.
Mrs. West, Cella Brekenfeld and
Doris Oreen spent the day with Mrs.
Ralph Keckler near Manley, Wednes
C. S. Hart, K. T. Comer, V. I.
Woolcott and Will Langhorst left
Wednesday morning for Shlckley, Ne
braska, to shoot ducks.
Mrs. J. N. Woodard spent .the lat
ter part of tho week with Miss Rhena
Towlo, near Wabash, and Mr. and
Mrs. McIIugh, at South Bend.
Jas. Durbln commenced tho carpen
ter work on Dr. Alton's new dwelling
Monday morning. This is going to
be one of the nicest little residences
n the county.
Elmer Preston Is rapidly drawing
to a close the carpenter work on tho
addition to Lee Coon's cottage In
west Elmwood. The Improvement Is
well deserving of special mention, as
It adds greatly to the appearance of
that part of town.
Iast evening was tho occasion of a
very pleasant gathering of friends at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Lang
horst. The evening was spent In
playing flinch and listening to fine
music and singing by Daisy Lang
horst and Mrs. Myrtle Langhorst. A
very dainty lunch was served by the
hostess, after which the guests de
parted, voting Mr. and Mrs. Lang
horts royal entertainers.
X t Sony For Blunder.
If my friends hadn't blundered in
thinking I was a doomed victim of
consumption, I might not be alive
now." writes D. T. Senders, of llar
rodbburg Ky., "but for years they
siiw every attempt to cure a lung-
racking cough fall. At last I tried
Dr. King's New Discovery. The effect
wus wonderful. It soon stopped the
rough nnd I am now in better heulth
than I have had for years. This won
derful life-saver Is an unrivalled rem
edy for toughs, colds, lagrlppe, asth
ma, croup, hemorrhages, whooping
cough or weak lungs, 50c, $1.00
Trial Vottle free. Guaranteed by F.
G. Frlckc & Co., Uulon block.
Mauled by Judge Beesoii.
Charles Barrninn and Miss Fannie
Whitney, both of Omaha, accom
panied by tho bride's mother, Mrs.
Broderwlck, came down on No. 4 this
morning and were Issued a license to
wed. Judge Beeson pronounced the
words which united tho contracting
parties for life.
Cliff Gordon, the "German Sen
ator," the actor manager who has
made the world laugh, tays: "I
never had better liquors or at bet
ter prices. I carry them every
where with me."
Bobby North, one of the start of
the Follies of 1910, says: "I don't
believe I ever had such good
whiskey as your Private Stock.
How can you sell it for such a
AI. H. Woods, one of America's
most famous Theatrical Mana.
gers, says: "Enter my standing
order for I gallon of whiskey and
I gallon Swedish Puch monthly,
I Intend to be a steady customer."
You will note that we have listed a number of standard wines and liquors in our order blank.
They are, one and all, liquors that are fit to grace the sideboard of any home in America. We
want to call' your attention to our famous "SWEDISH PUNCH." This is one of the best holi
day liquors that has appeared in years. It is made from a recipe that has been handed down
from generation to generation by the Royal Family of Sweden, and is now, for the first time, put
upon the American market. Too much can not be said of it.
U4& mAa o' any goods In the assortment mentioned kii nynrOOO CI 85
d ST 6.3$ in order blank, shipped, all charges paid, Ujf uAJJI UOO Oli
any goods In the assortment mentioned
order blank, shipped, all charges paid
! by express $2,
This applies from Nov. 20th to Dec. 25th, inclusive and will never be repeated!
MENT, shipped by Express
FOUR 'quarts of any goods In our assortment absolutely FREE!
8 12 Quarts IN THE SHIPMENT FOR $8.50
Iu order to introduce our Liquors we include, FREE of any charge, one gross of the Fa
mous Sweden Anti-Blowout Matches with Our Special Offer. These Matches are a Great Nov
elty, and they alone are worth a go id part of the total cost of the order.
and guarantee our goods to be just as represented, as stated above. Our special four quart
FREE offer is limited to thirty-five days, so get your holiday orders in early, so as to avoid de
lay, as all express companies are very busy at this time of the year.
Our offers are the most liberal ever made at any time, at any price, by any firm. If you can
not use twelve quarts yourself, get some of your friends to join you in ordering, and divide the
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offer will NEVER BE RErEATED.
Send your order TODAY NOW! Our holiday business will be very large, and to insure
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"I am pleased to recommend Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy as the best
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ble." writes Mrs. I IJ. Arnold, of
Denver, Colorado. "We have lined It
repeatedly and It has never failed to
give relief." For sale by F. Q. Frlske
& Co., Union block.
Married by Judp. Archer.
James Gilliam and Miss Mabel Bell
Pholly were granted a marriage
license today by Judge ReeBon, and
straightway went before Judge Arch
er and plighted their troth. The
groom Is a grandson of Judge Archer.
Find enclosed $-
-for which please
forward by express she following order:
Mrs. John Cloldt, residing on West
Main street, has been quite sick for
some days, but is reported better this
Swedish Puunch
S. A PorT
S..A. Sherry
S. A. Blackberry
sTa. Private Stock Whltkty
S. A. Corn Whiskey
2 3 6
?. oi&2
Applied Into the nostrils
la qulokly absorbed.
It eloanHOs, soothes, heals and protects the
diwaxed membrane remitting from Catarrh
and drive away a Old lu the lltvm quickly.
Restore the tieiwos of Taate ami Hniell.
It is eay to use. Contains no injurious
drug. No mercury, no eocalue, no mor
phine. The bouaouoid remedy. f
lrioe, 6() rents at Druggists or by mail.
ELY BROTHERS, (6 Wtrrsn St., Ntw Yerk.
Remit by U. S. or Express Money Order, or
by currency. If you send personal check, add 25c
for collection.
P. O.
Express Office-
R. F. D. or SL No..
. State.
Sweden-American Building. CINCINNATI, OHIO.
Miss Mary Foster, county superin
tendent, was Inspecting Jhe Eagle
schools last Thursday.
Mrs. Dlhel departed Tuesday for
New Mexico, where she will Join the
doctor and Fred, who are holding
down a claim.
"Billy" Ramsey, formerly county
attorney of Cass county, but now of
Omaha, was lu Eagle on legal busi
ness the first of the week.
Harmon Frohllch, who Is attending
the pharmacy school at Fremont,
came home Friday for a visit with his
parents, lie returned to Fremont
Noble Taylor'g house burned down
November 2nd. Mr. Taylor was Bit
ting at the table eating when he
noticed sparks falling on the outside
and went out and found his house in
C. P. Munger, of Falrbury, Neb.,
arrived Sunday to visit his brother,
Dr. Munger. Mrs. C. It. Munger
and children have been visiting here
the laBt three weeks while the doctor
has been treating the baby. They re
turned homo Monday. A. D. Munger,
of Lincoln, also visited his brother,
Sub, ribe for the Daily Journal.