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111 IDE
Class of 400 Adopted at Session Last NightBanquet to be Given
Tonight at Perkins House, Followed by Grand Ball.
The anuual convention of the
Great Council of Nebraska of the
Improved Order of Hed Men started
out under auspicious circumstances
last evening, and the class adoption
st the Parmele last evening was a
notable gathering, representatives
from all of the principal cities of the
State were present and participated
In the event. The special train from
Omaha over t ho Ilurllngton, which
srrlved at the station about 8:30,
brought In something like three hun
dred enthusiastic, members of the or
der. The trains arriving through the
day had brought ' In hundreds of
The South Oninha lodge brought
With them their cornet band, which
Jed the procesBlon up Main street to
the opera house, the procession, with
men four abrenst, extended for three
blocks up the street, and as they
marched through tho brilliantly
lighted streets to the strains of stir
ring music from the band, the scene
was an Inspiring ono. After the band
at the head of the procession were
the grnnd officers, fireat Sachem J.
II. Grosvenor, of Aurora; Great Chief
S. J. Dennis, of Lincoln, and Great
Keeper of Wampum D. V. McLnne,
of South Oiiiahn. After theso the
drill teams from Omaha, South
Oninha and Aurora, followed by
large number of palefaces, candidates
for adoption, and nfter these the
warriors, chiefs and braves In largo
numbers. A more Imposing proces
sion hns never been witnessed on the
Etrcets of this !ty.
The unusual ceremonies connected
with the dans of adoption were held
In the Parmele theatre last evening,
and fully 400 candidates were pres
ent to receive admittance Into this
noble order, and there were fully 400
delegates to the State Council and
visiting brothers In attendance. Tho
whole number aggregating fully 800,
Including those seated in the theatre
and the three degree teams and tho
visitors upon tho stage. Mayor Bat
tler was Introduced by Prettier John
Cory, and In a short address Mr. Sot
tier turned tho city over to. tho Hed
Men. Ho stated that upon such an
occasion as this the keys to the city
had been virtually thrown away, and
the city was with them during their
visit with us. He further Btated that
they would find I'lattsmouth well
filled with kind, good-hearted and
generous people, and If tho visitors
would not take his word for this fact,
they were at liberty to seek further
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trlng within our limits. The mayor
extended them a most hearty wel
come and trusted that their visit In
I'lattsmouth might prove a pleasant
one to the delegates and a harmoni
ous meeting of the grand lodge to
day. At this time the curtain was raised
and the South Omaha degree team
were ready for the first, or adoption
degree, with the candidate In the
person of Hoy Flanagan, of Union,
In readiness and eager'to learn tho
mysteries of true Hed MenHhlp. The
South Omaha team have been In
I'lattsmouth before, In fact they were
active and their team put on the
work at the time the I'lattsmouth
tribe was organized. Last night they
were even better than ever, and the
work was certainly handled In a very
creditable manner.
At the close of the adoption de
gree Pnst Great Incohonee ltlrd, of
the Great Council of the United
States, was Introduced, and he deliv
ered a brief but very Impressive talk
on the work of the order, tho object
of Its organization and the valuable
service It was rendering throughout
the land, as well as the great work
In Htore for It In the future. Mr.
Plrd Is Indeed a line orator, and the
only regret expressed by the many
brothers was that ho did not say
more, lie Is a power In the order,
and tho meeting was greatly honored
by his attendance. In his remarks
he was very complimentary toward
the class, as being ono of the largest
ho had ever had tho pleasure of ad
dressing. The stage was now In readiness
for the second degree, and the Auro
ra tvam were prenent In all their
glory to perforin tho work, with Ed.
Leach, of Union, as tho candidate.
The Warriors' degreo Is a very Im
pressive one, and tho Aurora team
were up to the overage In the hand
ling of the work. Immediately fol
lowing the Warriors came tho Chief's
degree, put on by tho Omaha Tribe
No. .2, and Loulo Lelner of I'latts
mouth, was tho candidate. This gave
tho class tho whole work by three of
tho best working teams In tho state
of Nebraska, and each ono handled
their portion In line style.
This morning at 10:30 the Grand
Council was In session and was ad
dressed by Past Great Icohonee Plrd.
of Topeka, Kansas, who represented
the Great Icohonee, who could not be
Mr. Plrd Is an eloquent talker, his
remarks this morning were commen
datory of last night's work as well
as In criticism of it. He made an
extended talk on the good of the
order, and dwelt on the orphans'
fund and the importance of Increas
ing the same for the benefit of those
who bhould later be entitled to its
generous provisions. Committees
were appointed at the sefslon this
nicrning, arid the election of officers
take.-: place this afternoon. The list
of officers and committees we hole
to be able to give later.
Tonight at 8 o'clock the great ban
quet will be given at the Perkins
house, and the grand ball will take
place at the Coates hall after the
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braska, tomorrow morning, where
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this clty.s This convention will con
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E. II. Wescott went to Nehawka
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C. L. TALLMADGE, President. B. H. TALLMADGE, Vice President.
District Manager, Burt C.
Finds Lawrence Stull Guilty of
Assault and Battery.
The case of the State against C.
Lawrence Stull, charged with assault
to do great bodily harm, was on trial
jesterday, and good progress was
made In the Introduction of evidence,
the state having completed Its case
In chief and the defense having all of
Its case in chief before the jury when
the hour of adjournment for the day
The complaining witness, Mrs. O.
P. Monroe, who is a sister of the de
fendant, gave the state's version of
the affair between her and her broth
er, and in substance stated that she
was In the store on Sixth street on
the day charged In the. information,
when her brother came In ostensibly
to buy a lantern and started a quar
rel by accusing the witness with hav
ing stolen a spade from his premises
when she was last out to the farm.
That defendant cursed her and stw k
her with his list, knocking her down,
and then kicked her twice or three
times, bruising her Bide,. and then
left her lying on the lloor of tho
Tho witness was corroborated In
part, by Linda Alford and LIna Mur
phy, who were on, the opposite sldo
of tho street, and hearing the row,
looked over and saw Stull kick the
prostrato woman. Dr. Cook was
called for the state and ave tho facta
about being called to attend Mrs.
Monroo at her home, and treated tho
bruises on her face, but niado no ex
amination of her body. In all, ten
witnesses were called by te Btatc,
most of them being asked but a few
Lawrence was put on the stand In
his own behalf and denied flatly that
he had struck his sister but one blow,
and that, after she had assaulted him,
or attempted to, and had scratched
his face, cursed him and called him
vile names, then he struck her once
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with his open hand across the mouth
and nose. That he only seized his
sister In the first place to prevent her
from getting a revolver Irom the
show case, which defendant thought
she was making a move to do. He
stated that he did not kick Mrs. Mon
roe, and that she stumbled over, some
curtain poles which were lying In the
way, and fell to the floor, and he
assisted her to her feet.
Two witnesses were to be called
for the defense this morning, being
Mrs. LIndsey and Dr. Cook, after
which both sides gave their rebuttal
As tne Journal goes to press we
learn that the jury has returned a
verdict Into court finding the defend
ant guilty of assault and battery, the
penalty of which Is a Jail sentence,
or fine, or both.
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A special from Lincoln under date
of .October, says that in making an
appeal to the voters of the First dis
trict ueiore tne primaries Will Hay
ward gave out the Impression that he
never held an appointive ornro.
Today he stated that ho meant to
ninke plain the statement that he had
never held an appointive office "lu
lie stated that he was appointed
prlvato secretary to his father, the
late M. L. Hayward, about the middle
of March, the year of Hayward's elec
tion to the senate, and that when he
received a warrant for his services it
covered the period up to the follow
ing fifth of December. Hayward said
that he has worked as private secre
tary In Nebraska City only, never
having gone to Washington. He as
serted that his father made only a
short visit to Washington Immediate
ly after his election, and that on his
return, or shortly after, he "vaa taken
g to lee the Lights
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sick and was unable to go to Wash
ington when congress next convened.
Hayward states that he refused to go
to Washington while his father was
111, and that a consultation was held
regarding the advisability of sending
someone to Washington to look after
the Hayward interests, the expecta
tion being,that M. L. Hayward would
recover from the stroke of apoplexy
that eventually ended in his death.
Hayward acknowledges his appoint
ment and says that when he got the
warrant he cashed it and kept the
money. This statement from Hay
ward is chiefly of interest because of
the Impression that many people got
from his first statement that he in
tended to say he never held an ap
pointive position. The warrant was
for about $1,000.
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Would Like to Join.
George Snyder and Joe Tubs, both
of near Mynard, drove up from Mur
ray this morning and were looking
for .some one to take their applica
tions for membership to the "'Owls,"
as they desired to be charter mem
bers, regardless of the cost, as they
understood this was the last day for
getting In. Both gentlemen went to
South Omaha to attend the Shallen
berger short horn sale, which occurs
there today.
Frank Gobelman was called to
Omaha this morning on business.
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West where a'.l lilting is done
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