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Sermon by
Paitor Brot dyn
Tabcrat e
c !
The Seas
In the Hollow
God's Hand
"Who hath measured the seas in
the hollow of lu hand" (Isaiah xl, 1 2).
t Lis right hand of favor. they will
enjoy pleasures for evermore.
T!.e Ravelation of Our Cod.
On t.t ::".:!y
God .Mil :..-.
1.") tl I. - u
by Wl'J- TJ i :.'.
U .7 Ui li... V.. i
a he : :; L.
oi .' - .;.7 :
IUit we u. . '
lug when j:!! 1
rleiirly. "A 1 live. tu'.
.ill. "Thou art a
flf (Uaiah xlv.
.:!t the world
O.-. I Is
: ..J I e. yet fcj
.'. s;- v pvi s
i :
. '. p n't.." i:v
T LOitf. Un
ifeistaaan State ccmmlt-
; ,j OutCnas Plan.
On the Ocenn, October lfl.-rastor
Russell of Brooklyn Tabernacle is en
joying hla usual henlth. en route for
London. He expects to he buck In
Brooklyn the first Sunday In Decem
ber. Ills Sundays In Great Britain
win be given to London, filling ap
pointments with ns ninny as possible
of the smaller cities week days. Ills
discount for today from the foregoing
text follows:
The wonderful force, and Immensity
of the thought of our text, cannot be
appreciated by those who have never
been upon the great Ocean. As we
travel through the water at railroad
speed and keep watch In every direc
tion, yet seldom see a vessel, largo or
smnll, day after day, we begin to get
a llttlo conception of tho world In
which wo live. It is so much larger
than previously we were able to com
prehend. Yet by the nld of tho tele
scope and the mathematical calcula
tions we perceive that our earth and
Ha seas are small, In comparison to
many other worlds. We perceive that
our solar system (our nun and his plan
etary satellites) constitutes but a small
fraction of God's great creation. As
tronomers tell us thnt by the aid of
sensitive photographic plates they nro
able to count about ono hundred and
twenty-five millions of suns, around
which planets are revolving, as our
earth revolves around our sun. And
they estimate thut probably only a
portion of these aims Is visible to our
naked eye so far distant ore they.
Astronomers estimate that there are
millions of other suns so far distant
that their light cannot even bo dis
cerned by photography.
We stand appalled at the Immensity
of space and the law and order which
everywhere reign. We heartily assent
to the words of the Trophet David.
"Day unto day utteretb speech, and
Bight unto night nhowetb knowledge;
there Is no place where their voice Is
tot heard." The person who can look
upon this wonderful display of super
human power and who can believe
that these worlds created themselves,
shows to the majority of us that. If he
has brains, they are sadly disordered,
unbalanced. The person who. after In
telilgent thoucht, concludes thnt there
Is no Ood. that everything came to
be wbnt it Is by chanco or by the op.
eratlon of some blind force thnt per
son Is described In the Scriptures In
the following words. "The fool hath
stild In bis heart, There Is no God"
(rsalm xlv, 1).
"The Half Was Never Told."
On first rending our text some of us
tnlght have been Inclined to say, Ah,
t beautllul poetic extravagance! But
not so. dear friends! As sclent Klo In
strument demonstrate to us the Im
mensity of the universe we perceive
that the Prophet used very moderate
language Indeed In his description of
the majestic nver nnd greatness of
the Creator, representing him ns
Weighing the mountains lu his bal
ances an 1 holding the seas In tho hol
luw of his hand and that, from his
standpoint, n thousnnd years nro but
as. u watch In the night. How Insig
nificantly small wo nil feel In tho
presence of our God! No wonder some
great men have been Inclined to say
that humanity Is too Insignificant from
tho Divine standpoint to be worthy of
the least consideration much less to
bo objects of Divine caro and provi
dence! The Scriptures encourage u
to reason from tho known to the un
known. They tell us that although
God Is so great, so wise, so powerful,
he Is also Just and loving. And tho
more we consider tho matter, the more' this l'.lhlo description of
the Almighty appears. Ills power we
see demonstrated. Tho wisdom of
One no great cannot bo doubted. Then
Wo como to consider, Could One ho
wise and so powerful be unjust or un
generous? Our hearts answer. No!
No ono Is really great who Is devoid
of Justice nnd love. So surely ns our
God Is Jehovah ho must possess theso
When we cunie In contact with the
Bible, and particularly after we learn
ed something of lis teachings mid get
rid of, the misrepresentations which
gathered about It dining th, dark ng 's
then we began to recognize It as the
tnessaire of Jehovah to his ereature.
It Informed us that the great Creator
of the universe is n it only Aluih'My
and All-wise, but loving anil kind,
with Ju-tlee as tho very foundation
of his Kinplre. Prom the I'.H le we
learned, too, that our Creator hud been
pleased to make us lu his own Image,
In bis own moral likeness, to the In
tent that we ml'.'ht enjoy Mm and tho
fruits of his righteousness to nil eter
nity. From this standpoint we began
to realize that the loftiest sentiments
of the human mind nnd heart nro
merely tho retlectlons of this Creator.
Thus coming Into sympathetic ae.
cord with our Maker we can compre
hend the principles of his chancter
rhat Justice signifies, nnd mercy and
kindness what Is wisdom as contrast
ed with foollshnevs. From this stend
point we were enabled to see tli" frl -!-ous
perfection of our Maker's charac
ter and attributes, which Justify the
name which he has taken to himself
when he declares through his ambas
sador, "God is Love." As we come to
realize this more and more, we are
grasping the Infinite; we are getting
near to the heart of the great Eternal
One, who weighs the mountains as In
a balance nud measures the seas lu tho
hollow of bis hand.
"Liko Unto Your Fathar."
Codllkeness Is love-likeness, and, ns
the Scriptures dilnro, "Love Is the
fulfilling of the (Divine) Law" (Hu
mans xlll, 10). Our grent Creator, the
only living and true God, Is thus seen
In contrast with nil the gods of the
heathen, who are pitiless, merciless,
vengeful, devilish. From tho Bible we
learn that Jehovah, the True God,
takes delight In doing good In the ex
ercise of his Almighty ower and wis
dom In the creating of beings In whose
everlasting life and enjoyment forever
ho takes pleasure. With such glorious
Intentions his creatlvo work began
with the celestial beings, who nre still
enjoying his favor. With similar be
nevolence ho created man a llttlo low
er than the angels, crowning him with
glory and honor as the king of nil
creatures, on the animal, tho human,
plane, tho likeness of his Maker, who
la a spirit. Hearkening to the explana
tions of tho Divine purposes by tho
Apostles nnd Prophets, wo have re
ceived assurances that nothing has
befallen humanity In all tho dire ex
periences of the past six thousnnd
years that tho great Creator did not
foresee. Further, we have the assur
ances that Divine Wisdom purposes
eventually thnt the teors and sorrows,
crying and dying, the peualty for
Original Sin, under which man has
suffered all these centuries, the great
Creator purposes shall work no renl
disadvantage to his creatures. Instead,
the end of the Divine Program will at
test the various elements of the Divine
character as nothing else could have
done. The holy angels, who have
known no sin, will In mankind rend to
eternity a valuable lesson of the ex
ceeding sinfulness of sin and the wis
dom and blessedness of righteousness.
And even mankind, although at pres
ent suffering seriously under the
weight of Divine dlsplensuro and con
demnation to death, will ultimately be
ao blessed nnd the weight of Blessing
so outweigh the sorrows of the curse.
that every creaturo shall bow tho knee
and every tongue confess to Dlvlue
Justice, Wisdom, Love and Power. In
connection with tho Dlvlue dealings
with humanity.
"Joy Cometh In tha Morning."
A night of weeping six thousand
years long, Involving suffering and sor
row to twenty-thousand millions, Is an
awful thought. But tho proposition Is
vet a different ono when wb remember
that the majority of Adam's children
die lu lafnncy and thnt to thoso who
live their three score years and ten
with labor nnd sorrow, thero are pleas
lug nnd happlfylng experiences, as well
ns tears. And when we rend that even
the tears of n few years nro n part of
the disciplines, Instructions nnd experi
ences which God designs shall bo vnl
uablo lessons In preparation for n
glorious nnd Joyous eterulty then tho
whole matter begins to have a new ns
pect to our minds.. If tho light uflUe
lions of this present tlmo will work
out blessings for eternity then wo can
rejoice in them for ourselves, our
neighbors and all Immunity. And this
Is tho Dtviiio proHsltlou. Not that
God has ever proposed eternal life for
a single, rebellious soul, but that ho has
prepared blessing for nil of Adam's
race who shall come Into full harinonv
with himself. At present ho Is teach
lug great general lessons to humanity
as n whole by the exceeding sinfulness
of sin. It would be too bad If, as the;
lessons nro learned, there should bi
no opportunity of profiling by them.
But there will be nu oppoitunlty of
profiting, nnd this. Is the great inessa
which Ood has sent to mankind and
which, Sciipturally, Is styled Tint Gos
pel (hu "good tidings of great Jov
which shall bo unto all people,"
through Christ.
Tlio night of weeping, sis thour;.ini
years long, Is about to bo f ilowed by
the morning of Joy. The New Day, In
which darkness and sin will be nbol
ishod and lu which the Sun of lllglit-
eoiisness will bless and lieul lire world
of mankind, Is n Thousand-Year Day
for the blessing and uplifting of our
race (It Peter lil. S). The Blhie uV
scrlbes that day in most glowing tvrms.
It Is the day of Messiah, the day lu
whlrli God's Kingdom shall conio and
his will be done on earth ns it Is done
In heaven, tho day in which the ior
nnd needy will be lifted up from the
dunghill of superstition nnd depravity,
tho day lu which the knowledge of the
glory of God shall till tho w hole earth.
And there shall bo no more fear.
That day will not end ns do others. It
will not be followed by n night, but
lead on to n glorious eternity for nil of
God's creatures who appreciate Divine
goodness and. using the Divinely pro
vided opportunities, will return to full
harmony with their Creator. Such he
-III lu turn recognize us bis sons and,
while earth dial! l,e fU!i-. .. ,U r.y
glory," "The knowledge of the gio.- ' !
God shall Lil the whole earth ns the
waters cover the great deep" (Ha'mk
kuk II, Mi. Then all shall see what God
hath wrought and our temporary blind
ness will but accentuate tho glorious
brightness of his Wisdom, Justice, Love
and Power:
"Blind unbelief Is sure to err,
Ami scan hla work In vain;
Cod Is )ili own Interpreter,
And he will make It plain!"
In tho end It will be seen that the
Divine permission of tho reign of sin
and death in the earth, instead of be
ing a blot uion Divine character an J
demonstration of Divine uuwisdom
and Incompetency, will reveal the
great Creator to his subjects, LI chil
dren, as nothing else could have done.
Besides, the experiences of mankind
during tho seven thousnnd years from
dam's creation to the end of Mes
siah's mediatorial Kingdom will dem
onstrate traits of the Divine charac
ter which could not otherwise be man
ifested to nngels or to men.
For Instance, without tho permis
sion of sin, tho element of Divine
Justice and the unalterable opposition
of God to all sin would never have
been known to his crentures. His wn
tence upon father Adam and his race
nnd the permission of tho reign of
death nnd sin for nil theso centuries
have demonstrated the fnct that Di
vine Justice cannot bo trifled with.
And this reign of sin and the strength
of the Divine opposition to sin, nnd
the sentence upon sinners, In turn
gave opportunity for the exhibit of
Dlvlno mercy, compassion, sympathy.
love. Undoubtedly God's love was
known to the nngellc hosts before, but
not to the snme extent. Ills dealing
with humnnity will prove the depth of
his sympathy to angels and to men.
God commended his love toward ns,
In thut while we were yet sinners
Christ died for us" (Komnns v, 8).
Surely, as the poet declares, we have
In this a manifestation of
"Love Divine, all lova excelling."
More than this; some of us nt one
time were, perhaps, Inclined to criti
cize our Maker and to say that he hnd
no right to redeem us at the cost of
Calvary; that It was wrong to cancel
the sins of ono nnd require their pay
ment of another. But we erred. It
was not thus. Rightly understood, the
dealings of tho Father with the Son
add still further to his glory-magnify
still more hia Wisdom, Justice, Love
and Tower. With all power nnd au
thority the Almighty would not com
mnnd the denth of his Son. For Jesus
to become man's Redocmer meant lis
voluntary sncrlflce of himself. And
how shall we understand this the
Iteedeemer's willingness to be man's
ransom-price? The Scripture, replv
lug, tell us thnt it wns because of his
great love for the Father, his great
confidence In him nnd his wU'ilncn'ss
to submit to the Divine will and pur
poses nnd arrangement lu everything,
Yet, notwithstanding tho willingness
of tho Redeemer, the Father would
not permit hltn to engngo in this great
undertaking which would ccst himself
so much, unless ho would gie him
tho corresponding reward. Thun we
read of Jesus, that "for tho Joy thnt
was set before him he endured the
cross nnd despised the shame."
"No! It Is Just Liko Him."
Tho Divine Plan being set firth to
nn old colored woman, she was asked
If It was not strnnge that Go.l should
do such great thltv.s for ns. 1 1 -r an
swer was, "No. Masler: it Is u..t like
So we say ro.':p, 'ti:i; the gr-it 0d
who made the Leaven: '.A the i-,:nh
nnd sun and stars, It Is net s' rouge
that he should have a p'orioii.. Plan
for nil of his creatures a I'h.n which
will fully exemplify ills character- Ms
Justice, Wisdom. Love anil l'ow&r!
And amongst these wonderful tLiugs
of the Divine P.irposo none 1j more
wonderful than that which relate to
the Church class, "the elect," drawn
nnd called nr.d begotten of the holy
Spirit during this Gospel Age. These.
Justified by faith Instantly, nro a scp
nrato class from the world, who will
bo justified, perfected, through works
during Messiah's glorious rc-lgu. The
arrangement for their falth-justlticn-tlon
through the merit of the Redeem
er In advance of the world's Justifica
tion is for the purpose of nllowing
these, who by nature arc "children of
wrath even as others," to bec i:iK mmis
of God on the spirit plane, "purtakevs
of the divine nature."
Dealing on II:mm of Impartiality.
God's offer to there inetulu rs of
Adam's race, a "little fioeU" In til!. U
that. If they Join with their IVJcm
er In sacrifice mid walk In his! foot
steps, his merit shall cover their blem
ishes nnd they may become for a)!
eternity his glorlocs I'.iid: and Joinl
helrs with him In lis Kingdom-that
they may sit with Mm In his Throne
ond be associated In the prent work v
uplifting the children Pf men.
How wonderful Is oar God, rnflntte
In nil his qu.illtli! "Who hath Irnxvr
the mind of the Lord; who hath boon
his counsellor?" iT'omans it, tli.) Hw
enme nil theo woadnrfoi hlngs
which are written In hW V, ;o!na
by hts own knowldf? tt bow
before h!m and don bttii M be
faithful followers In Dm ftwciffeps of
Jcs::s until th end of the reeniUl
wo rcVvo the ,rw Ufa
Declares Thit If Dx Should Be Elect
ed Governor He Would Be "Power
less in the Grip of His Masters."
Denounces the New York State De
mocracy. New York, Oct. 15. Theodore Roose
velt returned this morning from bis
southern trip. On his arrival here he
met several members of the state
committee and outlined with them a
plan for his campaign speeches in the
state. He expects to cover the state
as thoroughly as he can without
making too great demands on hU
strength and is planning a fight which
will make the campaign a lively one.
After meeting the state committeemen
Colonel Roosevelt left for Oyster Bay
to rest over Sunday. He hopes to have
his brief respite from politics In abso
lute quiet and to see no visitors. Early
next week he will start out again.
In his speech at Dunkirk, where he
opened his campaign for the Republic
an state ticket, Colonel Roosevelt de
nounced the New York state Democ
racy with all the emphasis which he
could command.
"Wall street and Tammany Hall struck hands," he declared. "We
are fighting for the rule of the people
against the most shameless combina
tion of crooked politics and crooked
financiers our state has seen since
Tweed was driven from power."
John A. DIx, Democratic candidate
for governor, he dismissed with a few
words as the "respectable and unim
portant figurehead of Tammany Hall,"
to elect whom, he said, Wall street
was doing all In Its power because It
knew him and the people did not.
"If elected he would be utterly pow
erless In the grip of his masters," said
the speaker. "The delegates to the
convention represented nobody, not
even themselves," he shouted. "Mr.
Murphy was everything."
Secretary Dickinson Gives Out Infor
mation on His Observations.
Washington, Oct. 15. According to
information received here, Secretary
of War Dickinson, who recently visit
ed the Philippine Islands on his round
the world trip, highly commended the
work being done by the Jesuit fath
ers at the Manila observatory. He ex
pressed his own appreciation and that
of this government of the services of
these men who gave up their Spanish
citizenship to serve the United States
as its official weather forecasters In
the Philippines.
At the time of American assumption
of the reins of government there, the
Jesuit fathers were the only men in
the Islands cnpnhle of carrying on sci
entific weather investigations.
I vt if
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Petition to Be Presented Protesting
Against Any Reduction In Rates.
Springfield, Mo., Oct. 15. When
tho state railroad and warehouse com
missioners meet at Jefferson City next
Tuesday to consider the reduction (
railroad freight rates in Missouri, the
railroads will present a petition signed
by f.0,000 persons protesting against
the proposed action.
It is Bald a majority of the em
ployees of nil tho railroads operating
in the district signed the petition. The
petition states thnt a reduction of
rates will cause the rai'ronds to adopt
a policy of retrenchment that will de
prive many shopmen nnd trainmen of
employment. The petition wns signed
by 1 1 .000 business men In the vari
ous cities of the s'nte.
The following interesting article Is
clipped from the Belle Fourche, Butte
county, South Dakota, Northwest
Post, published by Rush Fellows, for
merly a resident of this city:
"One day last week a man stepped
up to the writer and asked: 'Didn't
you use to live In Plattsmouth, Ne
braska?' We replied in the affirma
tive, and he then said, 'I know your
face, but can't remember your name;
now, see if you can tell who I am.'
After looking him over we said to him
that he looked something like Sena
tor Sam Thomas. 'Well,' he replied,
'you came pretty close, for I am his
brother, Thomas Thomas.' After ten
or twelve years' absence It was quite
a coincidence that one man should
recognize another in a strange land,
but the meeting was nevertheless a
pleasant one for both, we hope. Mr.
Thomas was practically a young man
when we first knew him, something
like thirty years ago, while today he
Is as white as snow.
"Mr. Thomas had filed on a claim In
Stanley county, this state, and had
proven up on the same. Recently he
made the acquaintance of a Mrs.
Mary Hayes, who had filed on a ranch
in the vicinity of Newell, and was
coming here to commute on the same.
Mr. Thomas accompanied her here
after the papers had been a!l fixed up
they went to the office of the clerk
of the courts, secured a marriage
license, repaired to the home of Rev.
J. N. McCurdy, pastor of the M. E.
church, and were then and there
made man and wife. They left the
following day for Newell, where they
will make their future home for a
time and then go to Omaha, where
Mr. Thomas has been making head
quarters for some time past. We
were pleased to renew acquaintance
with Tommy, as he was known when
a young man, and to make the ac
quaintance of Mrs. Thomas."
Itepait For Calfoi nla.
Senator S. L. Thomas went to
Omaha this afternoon to see the
Plattsmouth colony off to California.
Those taking the train for Los Ange
les this afternoon were Frank John
son and wife, T. E. Todd and wife,
Clyde Adamson, Stephen Buzell. At
Omaha the party will be joined by
others, among them Mrs. McCaleb's
sister, from Clarinda, Iowa.
Harry Horn and his brother,
George, of Eight Mile Grove precinct,
drove in from the farm this morning
and met their father, Mr. Henry
Horn, who returned today from a
three weeks' visit at Plainview and
Railroads Seek to Set Aside the Inter
state Commission Order.
St. raul," Oct. 13. Judges Sanborn,
Vandevanter and Adams of the United
States circuit court are hearing tho
cattle rate case.
This action is participated in by
nearly nil of the western railroads, ex
cept the Great Northern nnd Northern
Pacific, nnd Is an attempt to Bet nsido
nn order Issued by tho Interstate com
merce commission nhout two years
nc;o, making sweeping reduction In
the cattle carrying rates from nil
points went of Chlcngo and St. I.oiiIh.
The order Is In effect now nnd gov
erns schedules In nhout fi.ono hauling
rates for the west.
... I
Cardner Under Indictment.
New York. Oct. 15. Frank J. Gard
ner of Brooklyn, a former state sena
tor who was arrested in Scranton,
charged with attempted bribery of
Congressman Otto 0. Foelker, also n
former state senator, to vote against
the nntlrace track bills In Albany In
1!)08, was Indicted by tho New Y'ork
county grand Jury on tho charge of nn
attempt to bribe a fhihlle official.
Lincoln Man Dead In Morning Fire.
lnd. S. t., Oct. 15. Frnnk Asklns,
a miner, lost his life In a fire in a re
sort here. Three women Inmntes
were Injured find several were enr
rted out by firemen. Asklns recently
enmo here from Lincoln, Neb.
- IV
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Sl'xJ nM
l'iia-ti utr. ieJa
Clt'Hit.1 '.ifP.
.r)crrl Hemeilv forCVmslipa
ni'ss and Loss OF Sleep.
Facsimile Signature of
For Infanta and Children.
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