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Absolutely Free of Cost
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English, or Medicine Simplified, by R, V. Pierce, M. D.,
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Joe Sihuck.'who was marshal Use
fprji ,ti!ne, but who Is now a police
man, ia .West vim olu, , as it town
. t
between .trains Tuesday.? f
Will Hudson and Austin Trimble'
returned Sunday morning from a j
ilia Filfosn-
A Woman Finds AH Her Energy
and Ambition Slipping Away.
riiittstnouth w onion know hov the
0. it'll. A 1 A liuillil OAIKA U'Hlld - 1
visit to Alliance. Rox Butte county.!"1"" "u ia'"a
. .. . . . ,,,n., ,-.,. kidneys fall make life a burden.
ihere they have been looking alter, . ... , ...
. , liackache, hip pains, headache, dizzy
their farms. ., , , . , ,
, , . . , .. : spells, distressing urinary troubles,
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Peterson are I . . . .
. ... v i. u . ,,,. j all tell of sick kidneys and warn you
moving their household goods here 1 , , ,
will occupy the!"' l"v "'''"""
From Wednesday's Dally.
Myron Wiles visited toe big show
at Omaha this afternoon, going on
the fast mail.
J. E. Wiles and wife were OmahP
visitors on the morning train today,
viewing the carnival.
F. H. and W. A. Stoll, of Nehawka,
were Plattsmouth visitors yesterday,
looking after business matters.
William Haberman, who has been
In Oklahoma City for the past year,
returned to Plattsmouth Monday.
Mr. J. Bullard and jwife and two
children took in the sights at Omaha
today, going on No. 15 this morning.
Fred Olenhausen and wife depart-i
ed for Wymore this morning, where
they will visit relatives for a few
days. ....
John Isbell and H. Wilson went to
Omaha this morning for the day,
where they will visit Ak-Sar-Ben for
the day.
Ed. Fitzgerald returned last even
ing from Bridgeport, Nebraska,
where he has been looking after mat
ters at the ranch for some time.
Mrs. F. D. Lenhoff and daughter,
Miss Tillie, have been visiting rela
tives at Lincoln for several days, re
turning to their homes in this city I
last evening.
John Buck and Julius Buck ar
rived last evening from the west,
where they have been visiting rela
tives and looking after business
matters for several days.
Mrs. Joshua Gapen and grandchil
dren, Elsie and Oscar, were Omaha
visitors today, where they visited the
carnival grounds. Oscar Gapen, sr.,
went to Omaha over the M. P. earlier
in the day.
Juror J. F. Ham, of Weeping Wa-
ter, was excused yesterday by Judge
Travis, on the ground of sickness in
his family. Mr. Ham will not be re
quired to attend further at this term
cf court.
J. T. Porter and wife and Miss
Mary Bergen, of South Dakota, a
sister of Mrs. Porter, came up from
Murray this morning and boarded
the morning train for the metropolis
to view the carnival for a day or two.
F. Neuman and Rev. Steger de
parted for Lincoln on the morning
train today, where they go as dele
gates to the convention of the Ger
man Alliance.
Miss Minnie Born and Miss Sophia
Kreager, came In from the country
and took the fast mall for the metrop
olis this afternoon, where they visited
the electrical show.
John Kanabe and wife and chil
dren came up from Nehawka this
morning and took the train for the
metropolis, where they will visit
friends and the carnival for a few
Mrs. W. A. Becker and children,
Viola, Floyd and Earl, accompanied
by Ola and Mina Kaffenberger, were
Omaha visitors this morning, where
they will spend a few days at the
Col. M. A. Bates spent the day yes
terday in Nebraska City, shaking
hands with his old friends and mak
ing many new ones. He made a trip
to Murray this morning to look after
bus'ness matters.
E. 0. Drexel, of Omaha, who has
been the guest of the Parklning
home for a few days, departed for
his home this morning, accompanied
by John Parklning and his sisters,
Misses Anna and Clara, who will
visit the Ak-Sar-Ben for a few days.
Rev. Father John Duffie, of Sheri
dan, Wyoming, who ha3 been the
Ruest of Rev. Father M. A. Shine for
a short time, departed for his home
tills morning. These gentlemen were
classmates, and had not met for six
teen years.
W. J. Grosser and wife, of Wausa,
it-turned to their hone this after
noon, having visited relatives near
Hurray for a few days. Mr. Crosser
s an old-time Chkb county citizen
and one of the Journal's most valued
Miss Emma Bauer and Miss Jessie
Robertson went to Omaha on the af
ternoon train, where they will meet
Miss Blanche Robertson and together
they will visit the Ar-Sar-Ren this
evening and witness the electrical
', parade.
JoIt. Hennlngi, of near iVn.l;vl!lc,
wps i. Plattsmouth visitor today hav
ing come down on No. 4.
Mr. and Mrs, Sam Smith went to
Omaha on the afternoon train today
to visit the Ar-Sar-Ben parade this
J. W. Haffke and wife were Omaha
visitors on the morning train today
to visit the carnival and visit friends
for the day.
Ldvln Jeary, the Elm wool and
I Ineoln banker lawyer, was ii
the dty today, Attending the district
i'ourt lawsuit.
Jacob Buechler and wife and two
daughters went to Omaha on the
morning train today to view the
parade and isit the carnival.
Mrs. M. A. Dickson and Mrs. Wil
liam Bchlater went to Omaha to visit
friends this morning, and will take
In the carnival for a day or two.
B. B. Worthing and Harry Worth
Ing went to Omaha on the afternoon
train today, where they visited the
electrical display this evening.
There were 105 tickets for Omaha
sold at the Burlington station this
morning by Cashier Lyle. The sale
this evening will no doubt be large.
trom Brock and
Geo. Smith house. Ed. and Ella
Peterson accompanied them to Brock
Saturday to assist them In packing.
August Rumble came in Monday
from Sparland, Illinois, to visit rela
tives and friends for a few weeks.
August Is looking well and brings
good reports of Mr. and Mrs. Wm.
Russell, former residents of this community.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Chris Hoff
man, a boy, Wednesday, September
1. Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Dietrich, a girl, Friday, September
16. Adaughter was born to Mr. and
Mrs. Eddie Francke, Tuesday, Sep
tember 20.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom McGee of Iowa,
have been visiting at the John Froh
Itch home the past week. Mr. McGee
is a brother of Mrs. Frohlich. They
have been visiting in the northwest
ern states and passed through the
region where the big forest fires were
Henry Wiggins of Morrow, Okla., a
former merchant of this town, ar
rived here Sunday evening for a visit
with old friends. Since leaving
Eagle, Mr. Wiggins has spent most
of the time in California. Rev. Don
egan, who makes his home with Mr
Wiggins, is in very poor health, hav
ing suffered a paralytic stroke about
a year ago.
dropsy and Blight's disease. Doan's
Kidney Pills permanently cure all
these disorders. Here's proof of It In
a Plattsmouth woman s words:
Mrs. James Hodgett, 1102 Main
street, Plattsmouth, Neb., says: "1
suffered a great deal at times from
dull, heavy pains across the small of
my back, especially severe when 1
stooped or brought any strain on the
muscles of my loins. About two years
ago I learned of Doan's Kidney Pills
and they brought me such prompt
and positive relief that I have since
ued them whenever I have felt in
need of a kidney remedy. I procured
Doan's KiKUney Pills at Gerlng &
Co's drug store and do not hesitate
to recommend them."
The above statement was given in
June, 1906, and on December 30
190$, Mrs. Hodgett said: "I still
hold a high opinion of Doan's Kidney
Pills. I am glad to confirm all
hove previously said about the rem
For sa'e by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-Mllburn Co., Buffalo,
New York, sole agents for the United
Remember the name Doan's
and take no other.
Funeral of Anton t'lioloupka.
The funeral of the late Anton Chol
oupka, who died last Monday night,
at his residence in this city, occurred
this morning at 9:30 from the Bohe
mian St. Rosary Catholic church,
Rev. Father Velcek, pastor of the
church, conducting the same. A large
audience of friends and neighbors of
the bereaved family filled the church.
The Society of St. James, and the
Catholic Workmen, and the Catholic
Sokol, attended the funeral, each
society In a body, thus showing the
high esteem in which the deceased
was regarded by his associates and
friends. Many out of town relatives
were present from Omaha and Crete.
Interment was made In the Holy
Sepulcher cemetery, the pall bearers
being selected two from each of the
lodges of which deceased was a mem
ber. The pall bearers were Frank Havl
cek and Ton Janda from the Wood
men lodge, Joe Abersalon and
Adolph Koubek of St. James lodge,
and Joe Holly and Joe Racek from
the Catholic Workmen lodge.
Owl Hoot".
-the charter
Trying Case to l.loven Jurors.
The case of Charles E. Beckwith
against the administrator of the
estate of Samuel Johnson, is on trial
today to eleven jurors, Mr. F. H
Goodfellow, of Greenwood, having
been excused by the court after the
Jury was empanneled. The reason
for this unusual proceeding, was that
a 'phone message was received h
Mr. Goodfellow after the Jury was
selected, Informing him that his lit
tie rrlrl had met with an a'dden
wheieby her leg was broken. On
this unfortunate occurrence bein;; re
lated to the court, Judge Travis e
cused the Juror, and the partie then
consented that the cause be tried to
eleven men Instead of the ejstomary
The members of the Jury sjlectel
try the case, a.-e: C. A. Hsi'vey tl.
L Perry, John Fowler. C. F. :!ery,
II. P. Dt hnlng. F. H. Goodfellow. (..
cased), W. S. Phlloot, John Sjhs. ti e
Allen. George Kaffenberger, O T
Dudley and Elmer 'Iirchln".
Use "Forest Rose" Flour if you
want the best results in making good
bread. Try a sack and you will buy no
other. For sale by all loading dealers.
Large Burn Iiurne.1.
Henry Lopp, a farmer residing five
miles southwest of Murray, had the
misfortune to lose his barn by fire,
last Wednesday evening. The origin
of the fire is shrouded In mystery, as
no one was about the bar nat the
time, that Mr. Lopp knows of. There
was about $200.00 worth of hay and
corn in the barn which could not be
moved and which went up in smoke.
Neighbors assisted Mr. Lopp In tak
ing out his harness and machinery
and the horses. There was some In
surance on the barn, but not enough
to nearly cover the loss. The Jour
nal is Indebted to Dr. Gilmour for
such facts as could be gleaned con
cerning the unfortunate occurrence.
Forced to Leave Home.
Every year a large number of poor
sufferers whose lungs are sore and
racked with coughs are urged to go
to another climate. But this is cost
ly and not always sure. There's a
better way. Let Dr. King's New Dis
covery cure you at home. "It cured
me of lung trouble," writes W. R.
Nelson, of Calamine, Ark., "when all
else failed and I gained 47 pounds in
weight. Its surely the King of all
cough and lung cures." Thousands
owe their lives and health to it. It's
positively guaranteed for Coughs,
Colds, LnGrlppe, Asthma, Croup all
Throat and Lung troubles. 50c and
$1.00. Trial bottle free at F. G.
Fricke & Co's.
Warning the charter will soon
C. L. Martin, the popular livery
man, found time to write five appli
cations for the Owls yesterday.
Several prominent citizens of Cedar
Creek left their applications for mem
bership in the Owls yesterday.
O. P. Monroe, the Sixth street mer
chant, is doing some splendid work
for the Owls and wants his friends to
call and Investigate the proposition.
D. L. Amlck returned from Mynard
yesterday with a half a dozen appli
cations for Owls In his pocket. D.
L. gets there.
Mr. Hugh R. Norton, the efflclenj
and popular Mo. Pac. R. R. agent, Is
one of the latest "jlners" of the
Owls and realizes he made, a good
move in the right direction, ask him.
J. E. Mason, the wide awake Main
street confectioner, is an Owl with
authority to receive applications for
membership and wants to tell his
host of friends about it, see him.
For the benefit of those In doubt
there Is no age limit or medical ex
amination to charter members and
the charter fee is nominal Join now
and save dollars.
Apples lit $1.00 IVr Bushel.
Mr. J. E. Glasgow, from Peru,
Nemaha county, is in the city and
will remain for a few days with a
caiioRd of apples that he Is selling
at $1.00 per bushel. They are choice
winter apples and can be seen at the
Burlington depot. Come and get your
winter apples now. While In the city
Mr. Glasgow will he a guest at the
home of his friend, Will Rainey and
If so you want to laiv our "Quality Clothes"
for men younjj-in-years and young-in-spirit.
Our Oualitv Clothes" me particularly for young
really and ideally YOUNG MEN'S CLOTHES
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ing them youthful cheerful poiseful.
Our Fall lines are the ".-supreme achievement"
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you to apply to them the unfailing eye-and-finger-test.
We'd like you to judge them simply as
"GOOD MERCHANDISE" inside, outside, top
side and bottomside. "We know that if they get
your eye, we get your business.
Will you step in and see the new models? Our
Quality line $20 to S35. Others not so good, but
good as others show S5 to SIS.
If you want the best Blue Sorga value In Nebraska for
the money, ask for our $10 advertised Blue Serge all wool.
In Making Flour
there is just as much difference as there
is between mills and millers. Some
mills are equipped ho make oor flour
others gond Hour, and a very few Buch
flour as "forest Hose."
At great expense we have installed
tne most modern machinery and are
fully prepared not only to "P,eat the
Dutch" but most American millers aa
Wahoo Mill Co.
The best plaster. A piece of flan
nel dampened with 'phamherlaln's
Mnlment and bound on over the af
fected parts is superior to a plaster
and costs only one tenth as much.
For sale by F. G. Fricke & Co.
Mr. ami Mis. Mci-intfcr Entertain
George Melslnger and wife, resid
ing west of the city, enterta'ned a
.lumber of relatives and friends Inst
Sunday in honor of Mr. George 'el-
sir.'.fr. of Green Valley, Illinois, who
litis been visiting his Nebraska rela
tionship for a few weeks. A fine din
ner was prepared by Mrs. Mehii'ger
which was serve 1 In the large Ji'..'.:ni
mom !' their cvumodloiia residence
The !'H':'ii consisted of rcisi meats
hfpd chicken, and every "Ici'oncy
wh:ih a farmer's good w' !) knowr
jo vc ' how to prepare ij temrt ire
ippf.tite. Games and nusic and
soMol conversation enlivened the af
ternoon. Thos.3 present wore:
Mr. and Mrs. Jno. Melslnger, of
Louisville, Neb.; Mr. and Mrs. Geo.
Melslnger, Plattsmouth; Mr. and
Mrs. P. P. Melslnger, Mynard; Mr.
and Mrs. Kd. LohneH, Cedar Creek;
Messrs. Jno. Kopla, Plattsmouth;
George Melslnger, Green Valley, 111.;
Jno. Kraeger, George Gradevllle,
Jesse Long, Adam Melslnger, Louis
Melslnger, Emll Melslnger, Will
Melslnger and Ed. Melslnger, of My
nard; Misses Mary Vetter, Green
Valley, 111.; Anna Kopla and Miss
lsabelle Todd, of Plattsmouth.
Col. McMukeu Returns,
Col. II. C. McMaken, who has been
absent from the city for two weeks
attending the national G. A. It. en
campment at Atlantic City, New Jer
sey, and visiting friends In Pennsyl
vania and Indiana, as well as Wash
ington, D. C, returned this morning
looking hale and well kept.
Mc. has suro enjoyed the time lie
was in the east, and It kept him on
the Jump to attend all of the pleas
ant features which were going at the
places visited.
Miss Helen Horn, Miss Nettle Mel
slnger, Mr. George Horn and P. A.
Horn and daughter, P-erniee, spent
tho afternoon and evening viewing
the Ak-Sar-Hen parade.
Made His liKcnpc.
Cam Seybert, the Louisville mar
shal, was In the city today looking
after business matters. Mr. Seybert
stated that the thief who got tho
watch at Louisville Monday, came to
Cedar Creek, where he took the train
for the west going through Louis
ville on an extra freight. Marshal
Seybert .'phoned to Cedar Creek and
tried to Induce the men there to hold
tho thief until he could drive to
Cedar Creek for him, but for some
unaccountablo reason the Cedar
Creek men declined to do this, and
the thief escaped.
Uncle Reuben Foster has been on
the sick list the past several days.
Dr. M. L. Thomas and wife of
Palmyra, who were here several
days this week to be at the bedside
of her mother, Mrs. William Frans,
left for home Wednesday.
G. K. Fitch, of Luray, Va., who
has been visiting for several days
with R. II. Frans and family, depart
ed for home Monday. Mr. Fitch Is
an uncle of Mrs. Frans.
A. S. Frans, of Kingfisher, Okla.,
arrived Tuesday evenlhg to spend a
few days visiting his parents, Wm.
Frans and wife, and other relatives
and friends. Mr. Frans was a pleas
ant caller at this office yesterday
Geo. Stltes, Uncle Sam's efficient
rural carrier on route 1, has decid
ed to be up-to-date and purchased
an automobile of Addison Johnson,
and George Is busy getting acquaint
ed with the machine.
Miss Illanche Mougey, who was
taken to the Clarkson hospital In
Opaha a few weeks ago for treat
ment, returned home Sunday, ac
compahied by her mother. We are
pleased to note that she Is much
Improved In health.
A. N. King, of Nebraska City. Is
a new addition to our busincw
directory, having purchased the
barber shop of Wes Clark Tuesday.
Mr. King appears to bo a first-class
gentleman and comes highly recom
mended as a tonsorial artist.
A. V. Clarence of Vale", S. D., ar
rived last Friday night to make a
visit with his parents and other rel
atives and friends. "Lon," as ho Is
familiarly known here, is well
pleased with South Dakota, but
likes to visit around his old home
ome In a while.
Attorneys II. H. Wilson and M. V.
Ilcgthol, of Lincoln, were here Wed
nesday taking depositions in tho
case of Vernle II. Cheney vs. Wood
man Accident Association. This is
tho caso In which Mtb. Cheney sued
In tho Lancaster county district
court to recover $1,000 on a policy
held by her father, the into Thomas
G, Ilarnum, the company resisting
payment and claiming that the poli
cy had lapsed.
Lame back is one of the most com
mon forms of muscular rheumatism.
A few applications of Chamberlain's
Liniment will give relief. For sale
by F. G. Fricke & Co.
Fred Weld man arrived from Plain
view this morning and will visit
plattsmouth friends for a tlme
Quite a heavy frost fell here Mon
day night, but did no damage to even
the most tender plants.
E. Sturznegger and son, of South
Bend, left last week for Doston,
where the latter will enter the Har
vard law school.
Mlsa Jessie Spence, of Chicago,
who has been visiting her father, C.
W. Spence, of Havelock, la in town.
the guest of Miss Flora Duma.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Philip Cor
nish, Friday, Sept. 30, a girl; born,
to Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Lefler, Sept.
20, a girl; born, to Mr. and Mrs. Ora
Edwards, Sept. 23, a girl.
A numbV of cases of scarlet fever
are reported In the vicinity of
Platte. The public schools have been
dosed for an indefinite period, atl
public gatherings postponed and its
people urged to remain at home.
Rev. and Mrs. Jung, who started
on their way home to Texas last
week, were called back on account c f
the serious Illness of the little son of
Mr. and Mrs. Jno. Rohrdonz. Tt.
little fellow Is much Improved, hov -ever,
and Mr. and Mrs. Jung depar -ed
Six hundred United States cavalr; -
men under command of Col. R. I.".
Hunter from Fort Riley. Kansa
passed t'.rough town Wednesd;. r
morning en route to Fort Omar..',
where they will take part in the A.-Sar-Iicn
parade. A son of Generrt
Fltzhugh Lee was among tho nu. -her.
For Salo If taken quick, 640 ai res
of grazing lain!, 50 acres cultivated,
240 fenced, sod house, cemented In
side and out, well, windmill, grove,
barn, granary. About 100 acres val
ley, balance hilly and rough, but good
grazing, all situated In Garfield coun
ty, Neb. Prho $5.00 per acre. A
snap. Windham Investment & Loan
Co., Plattsmouth, Neb.
Shower of Fruit.
The Industrial ladles of the Chrl -Ian
church yesterday afternoon ga
K fruit shower In honor of .Mrs. A .
T. natcliffe. There were about fllv
person" present, and each la')y
brought a jur of fruit. Refreshmen t
were served and a social time c
joyed. The meeting was a succc. ,
and was a most interesting sesslo'v..
- i 1) a a ? a
2 3;?4
3 a
i TFri
Cecil Thomas and wife, and Mrs.
S. L. Thomas and Mrs. Stholnian and
Miss Dora Will, motored to Omaha
today, leaving Plattsmouth at 8
o'clock this morning, going via the
ferry and Council IllufTs, expecting
to witness the electrical display at
the Ak-Sar-I!en this evening.
Applied Into (h noitrllt
I quickly absorbad.
It clonuses, soothes, heals and protect t'.
diHfliwed ninmbruiK) resulting from Cutnir'.i
and drivt'HRwuy a Cold iu the I load quickly.
Restores tho Souses of Tnto md Knell.
It is easy to use. Coiitiunn no injur:
drugs. No mercury, no eocidno, no r
phiuo. The household remedy.
Price, CO eents at Druggists or hj m. .1.
ELY BROTHERS, 66 Warrn St., Nw Yi..