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    Short Locals
frrom Tuesday's daily.
O. M. l'attoii went to Omalia to
epend Lnlmr day with his son, J. .
Tatton and family.
William Warga and wife isited
the state capital yesterday and at
tended the state fair.
C. It. Jordan of .nlvo came down
last evening; to moot with the county
board In its regular (session.
Mr. and Mrs. Hill and son, Itos-
coe. went to Lincoln yesterday to
tpend Labor day at the state fair,
George Walllnger and wife and
Mrs. II. E. Becker were Omaha pas
tengers Monday morning to spend
the day.
Miss Jessie Fox returned from
Elmwood yesterday where she has
been visiting the William DelesDer
filer family for three weeks.
Andy Seybert of Cedar Creek was
In the city today, he having business
"With the court house officials, leav
1ng for his home this afternoon via
R. I). Windham was called to Lin
coin yesterday where he attended
the state fair and looked after busi
ness matters.
La Vaughn Lebnhoff of Omaha who
lias been visiting her grandmother,
MrB. F. D. Lehnhoff for a few days
returned to her home yesterday.
Fred Fatterson was called to
Weeping Water yesterday to do some
(leveling up for a new enterprise
which the commercial club are con
sidering. F. 8. Gordon and family of Dun
bar spent Sunday with Roy Taylor
and family and with D. F. Taylor
and family, returning to their homes
Monday morning.
G. P. Ilarton of Union was In the
city yesterday morning, having ac
companied his daughter, Miss Leota,
to this city where she will renew
her studies In the high school this
Walter White, O. C. Dovey and
W. 8. Askwlth were called to Omaha
to attend the regular board meeting
of the jMasoule home. There nre
twenty-four members of the board
but a quorum can transact business.
F. Wheeler of Norfolk visited his
brother, 0. V. Wheeler, over Sunday,
departing for Ills home Monday morn
ing. 1'aul llonglaiid of the Noagland
Lumber company of Omaha spent
Sunday with Mr. Wheeler and fam
ily In this city also.
Mrs. 8. L. Manes of Watson, Mo.,
arrived Saturday evening and will
visit her daughter, Mrs. J. C. York,
for a time. Miss Farrls York who
has been visiting her grandmother
' 8t Watson, returned to begin her
studies at the Plattsmouth schools to
day. John W. Swanson, the Swedish
minister was In the city and held
service at the church Sunday. Mr,
Swansen will not be back here to
preach for some weeks as this week
he begins a tour of the western part
of the state, making addresses for
the county optlonlsts. Ho will spend
two months lecturing for option.
I'at Kgan and wife and children
Bpent Sunday with friends at Union,
returning last evening.
I. L. Swltzer of Weeping Water
came In on the evening train Monday
to meet with the board today.
A. W. Dawson, wife and son, Fred,
went to Lincoln yesterday morning
to visit the state fair and call on
Miss Edith Martin left for Omaha
Monday morning where she will take
up her work as teacher for the com
ing year.
Albeit Tschlrren, wife and chil
dren, Alice and Elmer, went to Om
aha on the morning train today where
they will visit with friends between
Henry Speck, employed on the
Weeping Water Republican, spent
Sunday with I'lattsmoulh friends, de
parting for his home via Omaha Mon
day morning.
Den Harrison of near Dunbar spent
Sunday In the city the guest of the
Ramsey homo. Mr. Harrison woh
the principal of tho I'lattsmouth high
Khool last year.
Mr. and Mrs. V, h. Jean and Mr
and Mrs. Ed. Spangler, departed for
Lincoln yesterday morning where
they will visit friends and attend tho
state fair for a few days.
Miss Delia Tart sen departed for
Omaha on tho morning train yester
(lay to begin her school, bhe was
. accompanied by Miss Gusslo Koehler
of llluo Hill who visited Miss Tartsch
over Sunday. Miss Koehler will also
teach In tho Omaha school this year,
Sheriff Qulnton, wife and daugh
ter, Edith, spent Sunday with rela
tives at Nehawka. Mrs. Qulnton and
(laughter returned to PJattsmouth
last evening while tho Bherlff camo In
on the early train, bringing with him
a young man from Avoca arrested
for fighting.
J. M:. Hlber Becured the contract
for cnrravlng two hundred silver
poons ( f the Odd Fellows home at
York to ie used as souvenirs. lie
tent a snroiple spoon to the commit
tee and hlf work was given the con
tract. This speaks highly for Mr.
lliber as a I engraver. O'Neill, (Ne
braska,) liVlt County Independent. 1
Clais Murphy and Leo Hyriies of
Omaha spent Labor day here with
O. Knap;) and wife smi t'.ie !ay
in Omaha, going to that il'y o;i the
early train.
John Hinrich went to Civiiihton
this inornir.s to enter the s hool of
It. Franz of Union arrlu-d jester
day and will attend the I'lattsmouth
high school.
Miss Margaret Rennie was a visi
tor at the metropolis for a few hours
between trains today.
Mrs. II. D. Travis tpent the day
In Omaha today calling on her
friends between trains.
Mrs. G. G. Melslnger and daughter,
Miss Cora, were passengers on the
morning train today.
Mrs. J. N. Wise spent the day In
the metropolis, going on the early
train this morning.
H. P. Hayes and W. J. Hayes of
Elmwood were Plattsmouth visitors
on business Monday.
Miss Irene Jess departed for Om
aha on the morning train today where
she will visit with friends for a short
Miss Rachel Dlschoff of Burling
ton, la., Is In the city the guest 'of
tier cousin, Sheriff Qulnton and
Earl and Ray Travis departed for
Kansas City this morning where they
will spend several days seeing the
Mrs. A. N. Sullivan went to Oma
ha this morning on the early train
to visit with her daughter for a
short time.
Mrs. R. II. Patton and children re
turned from Chicago where they have
been visiting for several days with
Mr. and Mrs. J. N, Docker went
to Gretna today to look after some
business matters, expecting to return
this evening.
Miss Bertha Clans was an Omaha
passenger on the morning train to
day, being called to the metropolis
on business.
Miss Maud Manon, one of Iiatts-
niouth's best teachers, returned this
morning End will uke up her duties
In tho schools.
William Neuland and sister, Miss
Blaine, went to Bartlett, Iowa on the
morning train today where they will
visit relatives for a short time.
P. Latham of Lincoln who has
been tho guest of his sister, Mrs.
William MeCatiley, over Sunday, re
turned to his homo this morning.
Max Adams and wife left for Lin
coln on the morning train tndnv
where they will visit at the state fair
and spend some time with Mrs.
Adams' parents.
Hans Stall, one of tho pioneer set
tlers of Cass county, came In lust
night from Nehawka and was busy
looking up the title of a piece of real
estate he expects to purchase.
Mrs. Keezer and babe and her
brother, Charles SItzman, went to
Omaha this morning where they will
visit their brother, Isadore, for a
few hours, should the Douglas conn
ty authorities permit it.
(1. W. Thomas departed for a three
week's trip to Dldsburry, Canada,
fifty miles north of Calgary where he
has a quarter of land. Mr. Thomas
goes to inspect conditions of crops
H. E. Pankonln and Charles Gae
bel of Louisville were In the city yes
terday and called at the Journal of
fice for a short visit. Thy report
everything In Louisville flourishing
We are in receipt of a card from
O. H. Parkenlng requesting us to
change the address on his paper
from Chappell, Neb., to Fremont,
Neb., where he Is now located as
operator for the C. & N. W. R. R. Co
Mrs. J. II. Dawson who has been
the guest of Mrs. R. Troop for a
short time, departed for Lincoln this
morning where she will visit with
friends for a few days before re
turning to her home at Farnam, Ne
braska. Frank Johnson of Omaha was In
the city Sunday morning visiting
with his parents, returning home in
tho afternoon. Ho reports their lit
tle child that has been so Bciiously
111 for some time as getting along
nicely, with all chances for perma
nent recovery.
Mrs. James Hadrnba and her
daughter, Mrs. Iillne, and her
daughter's children, returned from
Cleveland, Ohio, this morning where
they havo been visiting relatives for
flvo weeks. Mrs. Iladratm has a
brother and Bister residing In Cleve
land whom sho hod not seen for
thirty-one years. Mrs. rillney was
very small when her parents remov
ed from Cleveland to Plattsmouth.
John Krles, tho grandfather of
Mrs. 11. L. Asctnlsscn who has been
hero visiting at tho home of his
daughter for somo time, departed for
his home In Cove, Oregon, last Sat
urday afternoon, making a few stops
for visits with relatives on the way.
The old gentleman is S3 years of age,
pretty old to makosuch a long Jour
ney alone, but it is not Bafe to tell
him so. Refore leaving, a four gen
eration picture wag taken In which
was Mr. Krels, his daughter, Mrs.
Asemlssen, and her son, Hugo, and
little child.
Hans Tarns spent Sunday with his!
family in this city, returning to Gib
son on the morning train today. j
Fram is Shields and Leo G. Ha'.l of
South Omaha visited with Platts
mouth friends Sunday and Monday. I
Perry Utterback of Omalia was'
shaking hands with his many Platts-j
mouth friends yesterday and Sunday. I
Mrs. John McXurlin who has been
visiting relatives near Cedar Creek
for a few days returned this morn
ing. Mrs. Best of Minneapolis who has
been the guest of Mrs. Lahoda for a
short time returned to her home this
John Hennlngs of near Louisville
came down on No. 4 this morning
to transact business with Plattsmouth
Dr. T. H. Cochran and son, T. B
Cochran, Jr., of Omaha, were In the
city this morning looking after the
Burlington sick.
George Hoerr end wife arrived
this morning from Pekin, 111., and
will visit Henry Melslnger at Cedar
Creek for a short time.
C. C. Parmele returned this morn
ing from Broken Bow where he has
spent a few days at the ranch. Mr.
Parmele says the crop outlook there
is very good.
George Perry anc" wife departed
this afternoon for Dallas, South Da
kota, where they will visit Mrs. Per
ry's daughter, Mrs. Emll Lamborg
for a few days.
C. H. Baker and wife and children,
who have been guests of Mr. Baker's
brother, W. A. Baker, for a few days,
returned to their homes at New Vir
ginia, Iowa, this morning.
Mrs. William Street and grand
daughter, Clara .Mae Morgan, re
turned from Red Oak, la., on the
morning train today where they had
visited relatives for a time.
T. B. Salmon and wife of Burling
ton, la., are In the city the guests of
Mrs. Salmon's parents, W. K. Fox
and wife. Mr. and Mrs. Salmon will
depart for their home this evening.
I. E. Green of Albla, Neb., arrived
Sunday evening and visited over La
bor day with his old friend, Thomas
Wilkinson. Mr. Green and Mr. Wilk
inson homesteaded together In Boono
county some years ago. The lands
they settled on are now worth a
great deal of money.
Will Reside in liattsvnotitli.
A special from Weeping Water
under date of September o bub. "At
the home of John Prichard, Weep
ing Water Sunday evening took place
the marriage of Oliver Foglesong of
Lancaster, Mo., to Miss Ella Mitchell
of Contsvllle, Mo. Rev. G. II. Moul
ton officiated. The newly married
couple left on the midnight train for
riattsmouth where they will reside."
J. D. Comes and wife of Prince
ton, Mo., who have been visiting
George Ray and family near Murray
and other relatives for a few days,
while en route to their home from
Denver, departed for their home last
No. 1914
or THE '
At riattsmouth, in the State of Ne
braska, at the close of business
September 1, 1910.
fxmn and discounts i'2.3s4.77
Overdrafts, secured and unsecured.. (l.: 47
I'. S. ImiikIs to secure circulation 5o,ihiiuhi
Premiums on IT. R bonds LfrfUMII
llonds. set'tirit les. etc MM'1 .7
Mimklnir house, furniture, (Ixtures... 14.ri7ii.fnl
inner real estate owned.. i,utl7.t.s
One from national banks (not re
serve atrents) J2.4fll.37
Ihie from approved reserve ajrents... :tt..M4.ikl
Checks and 01 her cash Ileum 1 .51.3.57
Notes of other national banks O.lkKi.lK)
fractional puiier currency, nickels
and cents
i.rwiui money reserve In lmnl. vl.:
Nlieele frJUIMHt
l.etriil-tender Holes ll.liki.iH) 27,24.O0
MMicinption fund with I ,S. treasurer
5 per cent of clivulutlon) 2. SCO. 00
Total 64i2.s:l.54
Capital stock paid In ( Sfl.Oiifl.Ofl
.-iiipius 1 (1 ll(l 2.1.O1W.OU
I mllvliled prollts, less CXlienscsund
t axes nnld q km is
Nalional bank notesoutstandlnir.... fiii.iviuiO
Individual deposits subject to check ll4.7:m.:W
Demand ceit lllcates of deposit ::i,9l.'.il4
l line certlllcfttes ot dcposll IHs.WKuW
Total f4l!2.H.54
State of Nebraska I
l omit r of ( ass " I. 11. X. Dnrer. cAsMcr
or the alMive-nnmed bank, do solctnnlv swear
that the alsive statement Is It ne to the besl of
my knowledge and belief.
li. X. Dovky, Cashier.
Corn et -Attest: l T. Si-iii.atku.
(ieo. K. Dovey
, , D. llAWKSwoiiTit, Directors
SuIncHIumI and sworn in lu.foiu n 1I1U
fllh day of September. ItUO. Hkssie Siika
Ifeall Notary Public,
My commission expires June :t, 1915.
Do you want an
If you do, Ret one who has
Experience, Ability, Judgement.
Telegraph or write
Dunbar, Neb.
Dates made at this ( rice or the
Murray State Bank.
Good Servic Reasonable Rate
Herman Greeder,
Graduate Veterinary Surgeon
(Formerly with U. S. Department
Licensed by Nebraska State
Calls Arswered Promptly
Telephone 378 White, Plattsmouth.
The following proposed nmcnr.ment to
me constitution or the State of Nebras
ka, as hereinafter set forth in full, is
submitted to the electors of the State
of Nebraska, to be voted upon at the
Keneral election to be held Tuesday,
P III, J, I ,f J jfjy,
Section one (1) of Article neven 7) of
vwiiBiHuuvu vi witt aiaie or e
lie It Enacted by the Legislature of
Hi A KtntA V K - 1, .
Section 1. (Amendment constitution
proponed.) That section one (1) of
article seven (7 of the constitution of
the State of Nebraska, the ftennta pnn.
currlntc, be so amended as to read as
Section 1. (Who are elector 1 V'v.
ery male citizen of the United States, of
the age of twenty-one years, who shall
have been a resident of this tnt iv
months next preceding the election and
of the county, precinct or ward, for the
term provided by law be an elector:
provided. That Dersons of foreign
birth who shall have declared their In
tention to become citizens conformably
to the laws of the United States and
are voting at the taking effect of this
amendment, may continue to exercise
the rleht of suffrage until such time
as they may have resided In the United
States five years after which they shall
take out full citizenship papers to be
entitled to vote at any succeeding elec
tion. Section 2. (Ballots.) That at the
general election nineteen hundred and
ten (1910) there shall be submitted to
the electors of the state for their ap
proval or rejection the foregoing pro
posed amendment to the constitution
relntlne to the rlKbt of suffrage At
such election, on tho ballot of each
elector voting for or against said pro
posed amendment, shall be written or
printed the words: "For proposed
amendment to the constitution relating
to tne riKiit or sum-ago," and "Against
snld proposed amendment to the con
stitution relating to the right of sufr
Section 3. (Adoption.) If such nn
amendment be approved by a majority
of all electors voting at such election,
said amendment shall constitute section
one (It oT article seven ,.i of the con
stitution of the Stale of Nebraska.
Api'iowd April 1, 19rt!t."
I, George O. Jiuikln, Secretary of
Slate, of the Stiite of Nebraska do here
by certify that the foregoing proposed
amendment to the Constitution of the
State of Nebraska Is a true and correct
copy of the original enrolled and en
grossed bill, as passed bv the thlrtv-
f f est session of the legislature of the
State of Nebraska, as appears from snld
original bill on file In this office, and
tnat said proposed amendment is sub
mitted to the (piallfled voters of the
Stale of Nebraska for their adoption or
reaction at the general election to be
held on Tuesday, the Cth dny of No
vember, A. I., 1910.
In Testimony Whereof. I have here,
unto set my hand and affixed the great
seal of the State of Nebraska. bone
at Lincoln this 29th day of July, in
the year of our Lord, One Thousand
Nine Hundred and Ten. and of the In
dependence of the United States the
One Hundred and Thirty-fifth, and of
this Stale the Forty-fourth.
(Seal) Secretary of State,
Notice Is hereby Riven that by virtue
of nn order of court mnde bv the Hon.
Hurvey 1). Tin vis, Jude of the district
court. In and for Cuss county, Ktate of
Xebrnska, In a suit pending therein,
wherein Small Matilda I'eterson la
plaintiff nnl John Albert Hauer, et al,
nre defendants, which order was sinn
ed and entered on 1 lie .10th day of July,
11110, confirming tli report of the re
ferees and to make the sale of such
land involved therein without unneces
sary delay and In the manner and form
as It sold hy the sheriff upon execution.
In pursuance thereto, we, the under
signed referees, xvl'l sell at public auc
tion to the highest bidder for cash, at
the south front door of the court house
In the city of I'lattsmouth. In said
county, on the 10th day of September,
li10, at 1 o'clock p. m., of said day,
the following described real estnte to
wlt, The northwest iinrter (contain
ing 169 S7 100 acres) and the southwest
quarter of the northeast quarter, all In
sort Ion 30, township 11, raiiKe 11, east
of the p. 111. in said Cass county, Ne
braska, contalnlnif 201) 87-100 acres
more or less.
Snld sale will be held open one hour
and at the time of declaring tho bid,
20 per cent of the purchase juice must
ne paid end me nalanco of such our-
chnse money shall be paid upon the
confirmation of the sale bv the court,
and the making of the deed.
lated this 4th day of August, 1910.
1). O. liwver.
James. Kobert son.
lon't Itreak Down.
Severe strains on the vital organs,
like strains on machinery, cause a
break down. You can't over tax a
stomach, liver, kidneys, bowels or
nerves wltliotu serious danger to
yourself. If you are weak or run
down, or under strain of any kind,
take Electric Biters the matchless,
tonic medicine. Mrs. J. E. Van do
Sande of Klrkland, 111., writes: '"That
I did not break down, while enduring
a most aevero strain for three months
is due wholly to Electric Bitters
Uso them and enjoy health and good
strength. Satisfaction positively
guaranteed. 50c. at F. G. Frlcke &
Co. '
W. C. Ramsey arrived from Omaha
this morning and attended to some
legal business, returning to the me
tropolis this afternoon.
Live Stock and General Farm Sale
Five years successful selling renders
me thoroughly competent of handling
your sale. Referfence from those I
have sold for. Graduate from Missouri
Auction School. See me at Ferkini
THELinLEREOMfl!PUTrsi,m;ir s
The News automobile contest has
closed, the votes being counted lad
j Saturday and the announcement is
made that Miss Eva Porter wins the
auto. This seems to be all there is to
it. No statement is given out as to
the number of votes she received or
what majority she received over the
other contestants. The Judges sim
ply say she wins and that is all. The
News says as a money maker the con
test was a failure, as they knew in
the start but as a subscription get
ter it proved a grand success. Now,
how can such a state of affairs be
true. If they get the subscribers
they certainly should get the money.
In another column they claim double
the circulation of any other paper
in Cass county since the close of the
contest, still as a money getter the
contest proved a failure. For years
the Journal has claimed the largest
circulation of any paper in Cass coun
ty and we have never given away any
pianos or automobiles either, and we
still claim it today. We claim a lar
ger circulation and are ready to place
our list in the hands of competent
and reliable Judges any old time to
prove our claim. The Journal is to
day reaching more people than any
paper ever published in Cass county.
J. J. Dabcock of Elk Point, South
Dakota, was In the city yesterday
morning searching for his runaway
wife. According to his statement
she was in the city, having come to
this city from Modale, Iowa. His
story was that he had allowed his
wife to go on a visit to her grand
mother at Modale, and that a Platts
mouth citizen had gone there and
persuaded the young woman to de
sert him and come to Plattsmouth to
live. Dabeock stated that if she con
sented to go back with him without
trouble, he would not say much about
It, but on the other hand, should she
refuse to go home, then he would try
the virtue of the law. It is sup
posed that his persuasive power pre
vailed, as we have heard nothing to
the contrary.
Labor day passed off very quiet
ly In Plattsmouth. Save the ball
game nothing unusual occurred. In
the afternoon most of the business
houses were closed. In fact, it was
very quiet for Labor day. Hereto
fore, with exception of last year the
day has been appropriately celebrat
ed, and the day for weeks previously
looked forward with much Interest.
ISut somehow or other the day seems
to have lost all interest to those who
should make It a day for celebrating
appropriately. The business men al
so assisted In making the day one
which drew larger crowds to town
than any other event during the
year. Let us not see another Labor
day pass without celebrating the ev
ent In a way that it should be cele
brated. Gathering Second Strawberry Crop.
Harry Smith, the real estate man
residing west of the city limits, who
recently came here from Iowa, finds
Nebraska soil superior to his expec
tations. He Is now gathering his
secondl crop of ripe strawberries.
Stand up for Nebraska!
W. C. Brown and wife of Murray
were In attendance at the ball game
bsmmtm win ti mm ihmw tT.maBiifiTirBJMVII iVBBaaBBBS1 'I 'If JliTff! -.TTTJ
GO WITH ME on one of our personally conducted landseekers excursions to
THE BIG HORN BASIN the first and third Tuesdays of each month and
ana ii4id f it,, (a.mnM A J . i ... .
w n, ,., ini,uci3 u,; uuing un
....... .o uuuuuig new mica; wucre new towns oner splendid business
ening in all lines of trade and profession.
EXAMINE THESE LANDS PERSONALLY with me. I will help you to pick
out the best. I am employed by the Burlington Railroad for this purpose,
OUR HOMESEEKERS- TICKET allows you 25 days with stop overs every
where In homeseekers' territory; ample time to examine thelBnds and spend
a few days fishing in the mountain streams if you like. See the irrigated
lands where the ditcheB are built by the Government and also by private
companies, and the Mondell S20 acre FREE homesteads all on ene trip.
Special prepared Wyoming literature just eff the press
Write for It today. '
D. CLEM DEAVER, General Agent,
Lendteekers1 Information Bnreau,
1004 Farnam Street, Omaha, Neb.
or THE
Of Plattsmouth, Nebraska, on
Mth day of June, 1910.
First mortt'iiw loans .'.sn!i4 f
Muck loans .';,' -J)
Ileal estute 17
I ash i -j- 47
iH'liuiueiii Interest, premiums, tines
and dues .jj
Oilier assets ' , -)
79 03
Capital stock paid up. a,y 04
r'TiYi fi"Ki- i I- '
I 1 1 li v I i-i profits HUf7
Matured stock js 54
To,al ...803.09 3
for the yearendlnir June 30, 1910
I 13.9'.'l 0l
. 20. Si
I nterest, premiums and Hues
Loans repaid
Keal estate sales
1 axes repaid ;
Kills payable , 2.tx0 00
775 S9
Cash July 1, 1910 f l.f35 58
ii,: 00
r.xiej!ses m$ (,
Stock redeemed a.05 ?
( ash on hand 1.75747
Keal estate jij 71
Taxes advanced 275 u
UlllspayaUe 0.IX14 33
Total t4'77l so
Stati of Nebraska. I ,'7S
Cass County, f8 I.T.M. Patterson.
Secretary of the above named Association, do
solemnly swear that the foregolnir statement
of the condition of said association, istrue and
correct to the best of my knowledge and belief
T. M. Patterson, Secretary.
W. J. Whitb. 1 t
J E. Warwick, -Directors
H. B. Windham )
Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 12th
day of August, iwiu. Zetta Hhowk
lEALJ Notary Public.
The Goernment pays Railway Mail
Clerks $800 to $1,200, and other em
ployees up to $2,500 annually
Uncle Sam will hold examinations
throughout the country for Railway
Mail Clerks, Custom House Clerks,
Stenographers, Bookkeepers, Depart
ment Clerks and other Government
positions. Thousands of appointments
will be made. Any man or woman
over 18, in City or Country can get
Instruction and free Information by
writing at once to the Bureau of
Instruction, 79 J. Hamlin Building,
Rochester, N. Y.
Statement of the Condition
of riattsmouth, Nebraska, on the 30tb
day of June, 1910.
First mortirntre loans $ m 401 p
Stock loans w
Keal estate contracts ,. 3,1113
Cash t)''t)7t
Delinquent interest, premiums, fines
and dues . 3,4 ,3
Other assets. Insurance and taxes
paid and advanced g.j 00
Capital Stock paid up
Keserve fund
Dividends declared
...5ni.fc.i3 10
..$ W.ltlfl HO
... 4.4s.-, (IK
.. 12
To,al ?i:il.M3 10
ExniNd Junk 30, pjio.
Balance on hand July 1, m9 ; 1 p,. r,-.
Dues -,'.,.,. ':.
Interest, SH0 03and fines 5;7.30 "imi:7
Loans repaid lo'l"1'' l'i()
Membersbln fees ' ' 7-7 ....
...... ni in;
lieal estate contracts...... !!'!."."
277 4
Stuck redeemed '
. I 52.S22 30
$ KUlfl 00
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I. Henry R. Oerlnp. secretary of the above
named assoclat Ion. do solemnly swear that, the
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social km. Is true and correct to the best 'of my
knowledge, and belief. "
. HENRY K. GEIilNli.
Approved: Secretary.
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C. A. MARSHALL, i "",""
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