The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, August 25, 1910, Image 7

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The Avoca Department RK0rK.J5
Newt Items Gathered Each Week by a Special Reporter for This Department of the Semi-Weekly Jcurna
J. H. Busch was at Nebraska City
Claud Fahnestock left for Lin
coln Monday.
Go to Copes' drug store for your
Bchool supplies.
Earl Harmon was an Omaha busi
ness visitor Friday. ,
The Avoca schools will open Mon
day, September 12th.
John Ruhge was at Murdock on
business Wednesday.
Mrs. W. A. Hollenberger wa3 at
Weeping Water Friday.
Prof. O. C. Larson was over from
Flattsmouth last week.
Nicholas Trook was at Lincoln for
several days this week.
The Avoca Supply company are
busy invoicing this week.
Hex. Rinned and family were over
from Syracuse Saturday.
H. G. Wellensiek was a Lincoln
visitor the first of the week.
Charles Woodsen was here from
Omaha several days this week.
Mrs. Buss and Mrs. Peckham are
visiting Lincoln relatives this week.
The young son of Carl Schroeder
was quite sick a few days last week.
Orlando Tefft was under the doc
tor's care several days the past week.
Mrs. Churchill is visiting with
old friends in Avoca and vicinity this
Several from Avoca were at Elm
wood Sunday attending the Chautau
qua. - J. C. Zlfmerer, J. II. Schmidt and
Edward Wulf autoed to Omaha Tues
day. Mrs. J. H. Busch and son, Harry,
were visiting Kansas relatives this
L. J. Marquardt ana wne were at
Omaha several days this week buy
ing goods.
W. I. Smoots and Fred Nutzman,
Jr., were up from Berlin Monday
Charles Durham left Friday for
Eertrand where he has secured em
ployment. Mrs. C. M. Rowland and son of
Denton are spending the week with
Avoca friends.
Theron Malcolm and wife drove
to Cook to visit Mrs. Malcolm's par
ents Sunday.
O, you ice cream kid! Go to Copes'
drug store and try one of those de
licious sundaes.
Mr. Briggs and family are resi
dents of Avoca. They occupy the
Seiver property.
W. L. Gillin spent Monday night
at Lorton visiting his parents and
old time friends.
Attend the dance at the town haU
Wednesday night. The band boys
have charge of it.
Rev. Osterhout was accompanied
by his wife when he came to fill his
charge here Sunday.
The Avoca ball team go to Ne
hawka Friday for a game with the
team at that place.
George Prnzeale and William Goll
ner were at Talmage last week at
tending the picnic.
Irving Paap and wife, Arthur Paap
and Freda Hensley autoed to Ne
braska City Sunday.
A number of Avoca people attend
ed the old settlers reunion at Union
Friday and Saturday.
Jack Betts went to the Platte riv
er last Thursday and brought home
a nine pound cat fish.
Straub Bros, left on Wednesday
morning with their fine herd of Gal
loways for De8 Moines.
Daniel Fleshman and daughter,
Viola, are visiting with relatives at
Langdon, Mo., this week.
Clarence Conrad was greeting old
friends on the Avoca streets Friday.
He is farming near Elmwood this
John Behrns, one of our prosper
ous farmers, purchased a new auto
of the Avoca Supply company this
Charles Jenkins, our busy barber,
with his family, drove to Manley Sun
day and spent the day visiting rela
tives. Louis Ruhge, Asa Johnson, Mrytle
Wolfe and Pearl Harmon took in
the Elmwood chautauqua Sunday afternoon.
Misses Zilah Livingston and Edna
Moore of Cook and Crab Orchard,
were visiting Mrs. T. W. Malcolm
this week.
Mrs. Henry Frnnzen and Myrtle
Wolfe are spta ::.g the week visit
ing with the Y I. Smoots family at
the Berlin hotel.
Don't forget the base ball tourna
ment to be held at Avoca on August
31. September 1. 2, 3. See the large
bills for program.
Joe Zimmerer wears a big smile
now as his wife is at home again af
ter an absence of several weeks at
an Omaha hospital.
Jov St. John, the little son of
Jerome St. John, was bitten on the
leg by a pet cat one day last week
so severely that he was taken to the
doctor, but Is getting along all right
at present.
The Avoca ball team have been
booked to play at Weeping Water at
the log rolling.
George Durham was at Omaha last
week to consult a physician in re
gard to one of his eyes which has
been bothering him of late.
Mrs. B. C. Marquardt was at Lin
coin last week making the acquaint
ance of her new grand-daughter who
recently arrived at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. John Kauffman.
Gus Mohr, Claud Hollenberger,
Glenn Hensley and Ray Lewton were
out Tuesday posting bills for the
base ball tournament to be held at
Avoca on August 31, September 1,
2, and 3.
ShaHenbsrger Gains Ttirss Vates
h Cass Ccd;.
Avoca Wins.
The Avoca ball team went to Un
ion Friday and added another vie.
tory to their credit by defeating the
Union team by a score of 5 to 4
The game was a good one from the
start. Avoca has won three out the
last four games played. The score
Avoca 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 1 2 5
Fnion 10100002 04
Batteries Gruber and Gruber; Ea
ton and Hall. Umpire Charles
Candidate Addresses Voters.
As a result' of the primary election
held August 16th, I am made one of
the Republican candidates for state
legislature at the election next No
vember. In view of this fact, I con
sider it proper to make the follow
ing statement:
At the Republican county conven
tion held at Union in July, among
other recommendations to go before
the primaries was that of my candi
dacy for representative; my name be
ing presented at that time absolutely
without my knowledge or consent, as
I have never either sought or held
public office.
My activities have always been
confined to the cloth'ng business of
C. E. Wescott's Sons of which firm
I am the junior member.
In receiving the nomination, I
am not indifferent to the honor and
responsibility attendant.
If the voters ot Cass county have
confidence that I can render the
service they desire in the state leg
islature, I shall endeavor to merit
such confidence and respectfully so
licit their support upon the Repub
lican state platform of 1910.
E. H. Wescott.
Mrs. Rosa Ilennhigs departed for
Ilarrlsburg, Pa., on the morning
train today on business. From Har
risburg, Mrs. Hennlngs will pro
ceed to visit Washington, D. C, and
New York city and make an Indef
inite 3tay in the east, visiting all the
places of Interest. ..'- .
Before .Indue Archer,
Max Herman filed complaint be
fore the police judge averlng and al
leging that one Alex McQuary had
been guilty of violating the peace
ordinance and had been fighting. A
warrant was issued and the parties
appeared before the court. The evi
dence developed that the row started
by McQuary's children applying the
name "Sheeny" to Max and his fam
ily and instead of making the com
plaint to the parents of the children
Max had thought to correct the chil
dren himself and seized one of the
boys and began to administer what
seemed to Max to be suitable pun
ishment for so grave an offense.
When the father of the child heard
of the muss he went to Max and fell
on him and smote him entirely too
boistriously to comport with Max's
Idea of law observance.
The court listened pntiently to
both sides of the controversy and fin
ally refused to "bring forth his cele
brated brand of justice," but stated'
to the parties that if he fined one
he would have to fine both, and
that if they would go hence and keep
on opposite sides of the street and
refrain in future from violating the
peace ordinance, he would dismiss
the complaint without fining either
party. The parties readily agreed to
do this so the matter was dropped.
Do your feet prespire, smart, burn
and blister, these hot days. Per
haps you never heard of A. D. S.
Teroxide Foot Powder or you would
not suffer In this way.
promptly affords suffering feet relief.
It is remarkably cooling and sooth
ing. Reduces InHamation, kecp3 the
feet from dialling and overcomes all
(llsagreeablo odor that may result
from exccsslvo prespiration. Jutt a
little In your slices In the morning
comfort all day.
Takes ("use Under Advisement.
Attorney D. O. Dwyer returned
from Nebraska City, last evening,
where he had been for two days list
ening to the argument of attorneys
in the contested case of Dr. Hustin
vs. The City Council and City and
Water Company at Nebraska City.
The plaintiff was represented by J.
C. Watson, F. E. Warren and A. P.
Moran. The defendant city and coun
cil were represented by Paul Jessen,
and the water company by Pitzer &
Hayward. Mr. Dwyer says the ar
guments on both sides of the case
were very able and exhaustive. The
case was taken under advisement.
Tor Sale.
204 acre farm, 4 miles west of
riattsmouth one and half miles from
grain elevator, well Improved, and
known as the Jacob Horn farm. For
further particulars see William Ilass
ler, Plattsmouth, Neb.
W. J. O'ltiien fleie.
W. J. O'Brien, superintendent of
the state fisheries at South Bend and
his wife were in the city today. Mr,
O'Brien looked after the state car
at the shops and Mrs. O'Brien
call on friends. The special fish car
has been in the local shops for two
weeks for repairs, and Mr. O'Brien
was here to look after some little de
tails concerning the refitting and re
pairs. The fisheries are in ship
shape, the drouth never affecting
the crop in the least. The pools
and ponds are supplied by natural
springs and may be affected slightly
by evaporation in a dry time, but not
sufficient to cause any trouble. Mr
O'Brien expects to siene the Platte
and the Missouri near Plattsmouth
again this fall for specimens of fish
with which to stock the pools at the
Attorney General Thompson Gives
Opinion cn Proposit-on to Reopen
Ballot Boxes, Holding Recount Is
Legal Says Action Should Ee
Taken When Affidavits Are Filed.
Lincoln, Aug. 23. Attorney General
Thompson, in reply to an inquiry from
Gage county, held that it Is proper and
legal for the tuuvassmg boards li
open the ballot boxes and recount the
bullets when a recount Is demanded
and the proper affidavits are filed.
Several county attorneys have hold
that the county canvassing boards
have no authority to open the ballot
boxes and count the ballots until or
dered to do so by the court. The at
torney general holds further that after
the recount Is made it is the duty of
the canvassing boards to transmit to
the state canvassing board the figures
as shown by the recount.
The opinion of Attorney General
Taompson declaring that If an affi
davit Is filed demanding it, a recount
must be made in any or all counties,
will probably cause a complete reran
vass of the votes cast In the last primary.
Though somewhat abated, owing to
the first news received from Butler
and Cnss counties, Interest In the re
count of the primary ballots was In
tense around the executive office. Dur
ing the day the governor received
word that the recount In Butler coun
ty had resulted in a net gain for Dnhl-
man of one vote, while Shallenberger
gained three votes In Cass county.
OST men believe in the kind
of economy we're proposing to you now;
not buying stuff simply because it's low
priced, but buying what's good, what you know
you can use, even when
you may not really need
it. We "re bound to
clear these suits; and
at these terms we're
sure to do it; you'll be
the looser if you don't
take yours. II a r t,
Schaffner & Marx
made them regularly
worth as high as $30,
now $14 and$lS.
"Oust 'em out prices
$10, $14 and $18.
m Nil, n
Thousand Soldiers to Ee In
Omaha This Fall.
Omaha, Aug. 25. Major Carr, com
manding officer at Fort Omaha, has
completed arrangements for the mill
tary maneuvers to be held at Fort
Omaha in connection with the Ak-Sar-
Ben fall festival. Seats are to be
erected overlooking the parade
grounds wl;h a capacity of 5,0(!0 persons.
It Is expected that two additional
squadrons of the Seventh cavalry will
be Jn Omaha to take part in the ma
neuvers. The Second and Third squad
rons will make a practice march from
Fort Riley to Lincoln and return and
arrangements are being made whereby
they may be brought to Omaha for a
day. These squadrons will prove
big addition to the troops already
promised. About fi.OOO soldiers will
take part.
"Had dyspepsia or indigestion for
years. No appetite, and what I did
eat distressed me terribly. Burdock
Blood Bitters cured inc." J. II.
Walker, Sunbury, Ohio.
lor Infants and Children.
Th3 Kind You KaY3 toys Bo"g!it
Bears the
Signature of
poti't rink even one single penny!
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ltlibecauM every raPkaif of Ir. Rhoop'i
medicine is absolutely fre if it fails.
No one need risk even one single penny. '
Juit think wht this meant to tlio lulltirlni
lick I ,
Norlsi, nnfrrxrns, nothing1 whatever uni
lot h-altti fl runii 'or 30 full dtys Bin)
without the rtfiVfy aliWie penny, you ran u
cither of my titv'iu-fiviiie-llHi Dr. Khoop'r
Ketorntlve or WkfOflV't-l(Iieiunatlc ItemeUy.
Then why take any chutu-o whatever?
Why purchase any medidie vthose
maker dare not back it just at I do by
thin remarkable offer 1
And belh. I am noJjnrjJr to you.
My "No WpiwoJl-Wii Jiai made flr.
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In the land. Th'Mi4vV.Ar uld,.,''We take
no chanee whavt4 hl-re."
For twenty yean Dr.Khoop'imedlclnethave
become thomughlyMnadardlr.ed all over Amerira.
And I haviffNg-jpitod hon-ipt and responi.
1Mb (lruggidU SnL&ntrffi ityti village every
where to CyT7jrTlPT,i Tioun. Tht-io
elected (IniwariueffViiik medicine with
the lrk and TTii) entire risk U mine alone.
Hut write me tint for an order.
I have an agent In ahwmt every commun
ity hut all druggist are not authorized to grunt
the 30 day text.
Hodrop mf a line, please and thui gave all
disappointment nd delayi.
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liirg-r thJ niPi.l titt give to the
Heart it inipwf!. How the 1-t'iniiw-h and Kidney
each have their In-ule or power nerve. Ilov
these :!nure1v fuller v.l-.x'i thew oonimllni
or mauler ii rvyTyyi io fuil. How Dr. Hhonp'i
IWorntive go A (M ';, r, t).v, (Hililig nere,
anil ri'liilllds, il-iilMtj. Vi'jji I irnim-n the lo'l
ume a:et pou.l cirt !. ir help jou if It li
tt'i'Un the power of meiHuffJ. to ,1,, ft. Mr l"t
ellorl is surely northynitV Mitile is-iin t. Ho write
li', w, whie It in (r.- h TTi'inltid, mi t"norro
never come. Ir Hhoop, ) ix 1. linelnn. Wis,
V.'MlU fctalt Iiik.iI I Stai Tool
t-'o. 1 On Py-men-l y , 4 for Women
No. if On fie H-srt No, 5 Kor Men
Ku it On nm r.nii.i yt S j. c On Uiiuuinatlin.
Accused of Blcamy Declares
Friends Will Furnish Ball.
Central City, Neb., Aug. 25. Sheriff
Her returned from Salt lke City with
Othello M. Evans, charged with big
amy, in his custody. Evans was mar
ried here on Aug. 3 to Miss Grace Gor
man of Grand Island and it Is claim
thnt a previous wlf' whom he married
at Camden, Mo.,, In 1807, and from
whom he w-ns never divorced, is now
living In Kansas City. The complaint
Is sworn to by O. E. "Gorman of Grand
Islnnd, the father' of tne second wife
Fvans wrs nrrnlenod' before Judge
pcWsnri, waived oTntnlnatlon and was
nlaei'd under $2.0 0 bond. He PsnTts
tlwb weu-ltliv frlLni's .In Grand Ii-lnm1
will furnish ball.
i - Irrigation Dicp'Jte.
fciuVoliirfAug. 1!j.'--'J tun Nohin, attor
ney for tne Keysuiue irnpiputm com
puny of Ko.tli comity, ws before the
statu boiird of irrlguiion to have an
order made by JUiite Ki'im er Sinioi
which cltwtfcj the he'udato of this torn
puny In V.'luto Tail cut k,' an iiult
pendent stream which empties into tin
North- Platte rlyer, vvea..-ludt1. Sjnioiis
closed the Jictidgats wmise ne iieiu
that pintles" who ,'hbd prior tlalni to
waters of the Platte river should have
first use .of the .water and that this ap
plied equally to tlio tributaries and
the river. Nolan fcfjrued that his coin
priny was entitled-' to the waters of the
creek through their riparian rights
and that settlers on the Platte river
had no claim whatever on the waters
of White Tall creek. The board de
elded against Nolan.
Ask to Fifiht Timber Fires
IJncoln, Aus. 25. Governor KhalU-n
berger has received the following tele
Kram from Gibbon: "V', the under
signed, ask permission to be sent to
Montana to flht timber fires." The
mehsnge is signed by Max K. Kink
and fifteen oiliers, If the si ;neis of
the niesKaRn will pay their own ex
pensr-s, the governor v. Ill Interpose no
Hastinr3 College li to Flul'd.
Hastings, Ni b., Air;, t'l. Prepnn
tlons arc under way lor the erection
of two new biii'iliiriH at MasilniM col
hn:o. A cvmiiaslum will be built (hi
fail and the Altiriiii iisKocInt Ion
: i-p'ti'' tlx l-nl'il n rrlV tef"
a c-:t ? i,i"i!i. lie ' er
win (o.i.
tp)rn(lii run vitocr & M -k
The display of our new
things for the Fall sea
son is well worth your
examination. New
browns and grays made
up in the new two and
three button models.
Come in soon and look
them over.
The Home of Hart, Schaffner & Marx Clothes
Manhattan Shirts Stetson Hats
We carry the
Largest line
of Suit Cases,
Crips and
Trunks In town
Prices surprls.
Inly low
lilmwood Chautauqua to Quit.
It Is said that the Hi p. '.it annua
will be abandoned at Elmwood as
they have not been profitable in a
financial way. Elmwood has al
ways secured good attractions and
they of course come high. It is a
big undertaking to finance a Chau
tauqua so as to come out even In
towns of that size. It Is bIho a great
deal of work on the part of a few.
Weeping Water Republican.
The Journal regrets to learn that
the Elmwood chautauqua is to quit.
There has been a few of tho citizens
that have had all the work to do, and
In a town the Blze of Elmwood It
Is a hard proposition to even make
a chautauqua a success with a unit
ed effort of all the citizens. Those
who have had the management of
the chautauqua deserve great credit
for their Incessant labor In endeav
oring to make It go. Elmwood Is one
of the most enterprising towns of Its
size In Nebraska, and if a chautauqua
falls there, there Is not much use for
towns of the same size to try It.
There is not as much Interest taken
in chautauquas at the present time
as there was when the Elmwood
meeting wns Inaugerated several
yar3 since, and It has taken much
time and lots of work to even pay
In many localities In the United
States the people are greatly larm
ed because of an unusually large
mortality on diseases of the Intes
tines. We wish to Impress upon you
the necessity of having a rellablo
remedy on hand and use It as soon
as the first symptoms of any disorder
In the digestion Is noticed. Trlner'a
American Elixir of Hitter Wine Is
such a remedy. You should use i.
In all maladies of the stomach and
of the Intestines as a ready relief.
It quickly cleans the blood of im
purities and at the same time streng
thens the wholo digestive system,
brings it to Its natural activity and
gives to the body the agreeable feel
ing of comfort. Any delay of tho
treatment may give a clianio to a
serious disease to get a firm hold
on your system. Consider every dis
order of the bowels as a serious sick
ness and use at once Trlner's Ameri
can Elixir of Hitter Wlno. It will
help you. At drug stores. Jos Trln
er, i:n3-1.1u!) South Ashland ave.,
Chicago, 111.
Don't let the baby suffer from
eczema, sores or any itching of the
skin. Moan's Ointment gives Instant
relief, cures quickly. Perfectly fiife
for children. All druggists sell it.
W, U. Murray of Mynard went to
Omaha on the afternoon train to look
after business matters.
Improving Some,
We are glad to leain that Jesso
Kitehorn who resides near Hock
Hluffs and who has been Buffering
with blood poisoning Is some better
at this writing. I Io Is now able to
get nround a little with tho aid of
crutches. He, with his parents, mov
ed here last spring from the Iowa
side. They punhused t'.ie farm form
erly belonging to James Lea.
Mark Furlong of P.o.-k Hlurfs was
in the city this afternoon lool.lntr
i.f'.er some shopping.
Rr Social Arrangements
if the iirl'l V,-i !
Before the time of the Bell telephone it took days
of letter writing and personal calls to get a crowd to
gether for a social gathering now it takes a few min
utes only, for Bell service is instantaneous and, too, it
is both satisfactory and universal.
Sometimes you will want to invite friends from the city to ac
cept your hospitality, but thar is just ns easy ns nskintf those next
door, for the Hell telephone reaches wherever telephone service is
needed. Kvcey day it serves the social needs cf twenty millions of
Dy the way, have you a Bell Telephone?
r wt m m m trr-m mm
ifeBraska s c snnons Uo.
J'vcry Hell Telephone is a Loin! Dis
tance S! a lion.
.HI 4 frrX 3
'l ( "O