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Murray- Department
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item of interest in this vicinity ami will mad tame to this office it mil appear unler this heading
If any of the readers of the Journal know of a scial ettnt or on
Wt wunt all items of interest. Editor Journal
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"J lJ . W 11 1
What would be the easiest method
f paying a man you owed this
amount? Could you gather up a
ten-dollar bill, a five, four ones, a
half, a quarter, two dlme3 and four
coppers? There Is a much better
way for the man with a checking
account. He writes $19.99 on a
blank check, signs his name and
hands It to the other party. Carry
a check book with you always.
There Is no safer or more convenient
Murray State Bank
lj " ' " J
Geo. Cook, Murray for fine buggies.
T. J. Brendel and wife were Platts
mouth visitors lust Saturday.
W. S. Smith was a brief caller In
the county seat Wednesday morning.
Colonel Seyboldt was a Platts
mouth visitor Thursday morning.
You want a new buggp? If you want
the best for the least money call on
George Cook.
Walt Vallery was In Plattamouth
Wednesday morning taking In the
election returns.
John Wllllver of Holt county Is
vlHltlng with his uncle, D. A. Young
and family this week.
Miss Rouse of Lincoln Is the
guest of M. G. Churchill and family
and Mrs. Gregg went of Murray.
Dr. A. E. Walker spent a few days
In Grand Island the latter part of
last week, returning home Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Capon, Jess
and Julia tawla of Vlllsca, la., were
gueBts of Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Young
Thore la a new Bteel bridge being
placed over the branch between Mur
ray and the Walker farm, south of
Miss Annabel Moore entertained
a number of her friends at her beau
tiful home, three miles southeast of
Murray on Wednesday of this week.
Tom Smith was In Plattsmouth on
Wednesday morning looking after
some business matters. Tom thinks
of changing his location for the com
ing year and he was In Plattsmouth
to see Dennett Chriswlssor regarding
to renting his farm west of Murray,
Miss Lena Young returned home
laKt Saturday from a vacation trip
up In Montana. MIkb Young loft for
the west early In tho summer, and
Joining a party of friends on a camp
ing trip. She returns homo rested
from her pleasure trip and ready for
her School di-tlcs this fall.
Tom Inner, one of the boss carpen
ters from'plattf-mouth, Is building a
new farm houso on Georgo Drink
Iow'b farm enst of Murray where
Harry Manspiaker now lives. Tho
new structure will be small but good
and well built. It will be 18x30 and
contain threo rooms. It la unneces
sary for us to say that tho carpenter
work will be first class In every par
ticular ns Mr, Isner's work Is too
well known In this locality. He has
built a number of new houses In this
locality, and they have been first
class In every way.
Lee Oldham, our good old friend,
who serves pretty regular on the
election board. Is carrying a black or
rather bruised eye and forehead as a
result of tho recent primary election,
but It was not rocelved as the usual
election knockout blows are In a pu
gllstlc encounter by any means. Par
ing totalled tho result of Tuesday's
election, the Judges and clerks start
ed for homo, passing down tho rear
steps of the polling room over the
Loughrldge blacksmith shop, and the
night being very dark. Mr. Oldham
stepped Into the wheel trench which
the blacksmith uses for setting tires.
Ho fell to tho ground with consider
able force, striking on his forehead,
and as the result he carries quite an
ugly bruise. Otherwise he was not
William Sporer and wife were In
Omaha last Saturday.
Mrs. Gus Mlnnear has been quite
sick for the past few days.
Joseph Burton and wife were coun
ty seat visitors last Saturday.
The Dinwiddle Bale was pretty
well attended Wednesday afternoon.
Grandma Fleming who has been
quite 111 for some time la not Im
proving very rapidly.
Mrs. F. M. Young who has been
numbered with the sick for the past
few weeks Is Improving.
Dorn, August 14, to Mr. and Mrs.
Walter Mead, a son. The mother and
little one are doing nicely.
Matthew Mldklff, the little son of
Ed. Mldklff who has been quite sick,
Is bo me better at this time.
George Farley, the real estate man
of I'lattsmouth, was here looking af
ter business matters Wednesday.
Fredle, the Bon of Tom Ruby, res
iding north of town has been on the
sick list for the past few days.
Mrs. J. A. Walker departed Wed
nesday evening for Indlanola, la.,
where she goes for a few weeks visit
with her sister, Mrs. Ross.
John Campbell and wife who were
called to Dloomfleld, owing to the
sickness of Frankle Carroll, return
ed home last Monday evening.
Forest Shrader, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Homer Shrader, has been quite
sick for the past few days. Homer
has also been confined to his bed.
Mrs. Charles Carroll returned
home from Plalnvlew last week at
which place she has been visiting
with her son Ern and wife.
Jesse and Zula Lewis of Villlsca,
la., are guests at the homo of their
uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. F. M
Young. They arrived In Murray last
Ern Young has been on the slik
list for the past few days, being
poisoned from eating canned goods
of some kind. At this time he Is
some bettor.
O. V. Virgin was a Plattsmouth vis-1
I..- .T-l I . '
nor iuunuj.
Mrs. Adda Stokes was a Platts
mouth visitor Thursday.
Mrs. J. A. Davis has been number
ed with the sick this week.
Frank Moore was looking after
some business matters In Platts
mouth last Saturday.
Miss Effle Kelly of Omaha Is vis
iting at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
James Hatchett this week.
J. C. Nlday from near Union was
looking after some business matters
In the county seat Wednesday.
The finest line of Buggies in Cass
couny at George Cook's. Call and ex
amine our buggies and see how low we
are selling them.
Eulalla Brooks of Kansas City,
Mo., arrived In Murray Wednesday
evening for a visit with her uncle and
aunt, Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Young and
Mrs. Charles Kiser and three chil
dren of Omaha are visiting at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Queen
east of Murray. They expect to re
main all week, returning home Sun
day. Our good friend J. W. Berger Is
making some Improvements at his
Murray residence in the way of mak
ing all preparations for the winter,
and even some for next summer; he
Is going to build an Ice house.
Will Homes of Carbondale, Kan.,
who has been In this locality since
last fall, returned to his home this
morning. Mr. Homes is a brother
of Mrs. 0. V. Virgin, who accompani
ed him on the return trip for a visit
with her parents.
The small grain crop has sure
been a hummer this season. From
every section we hear of the big
yields, but the best yet comes from
Murray, and was threshed by George
Shields, who lives on the Ora Davis
farm west of Murray. He had thirty
three acres in oats, and he threshed
Just 1,689 bushels, or fifty-one bush
els to the acre.
Mrs. J. W. Berger and Leona
Drown who have been visiting for
the past few months at ' the home
of her daughter, Mrs. Stelner. at
Rawlins, Wyo., returned home Tues
day evening. J. W. went to Omaha
to meet them, and returned home on
the midnight train. They report a
most pleasant visit In the west, and
Mrs. Steiner and her husband are
Mr. W. W. Hamilton and children
departed last Saturday for Manhat
ten, Kes., for a visit with Mrs. Ham
llton b parents. They expect to bo
gono for several weeks.
We are Informed this week that
Mrs. James Alllsou Intends to dls
pose of her personal property, rent
her farm for the coming year, and
go to Oklahoma for the winter, w here
sho will make her home with her
daughter, Miss Eva, who will take
up her school work there for the
coming term. We are Informed that
Mrs. Allison will remain In Okla
homa for the winter, and In the
spring make a trip to Colorado where
she will, visit with Mr. and Mr
Charles Stone at Yampa.
The little son of Mrs. Taylor, who
is visiting at the home of Mr.. and
Mrs. Den 1111, and whose homo Is 1
Iowa, fell from a tree Monday even
lug, the limb upon which he was
playing being twenty feet high, and
ho fell to the ground with but very
slight Injuries. He was bruised u
some but no bones were broken. The
llttlo fellow is but seven years old
and It was certainly a miraculous cs
cape from serious Injury or even
death. He la getting along nicety
Annual Missionary Picnic.
The annual picnic of the Mlsslen
ary society of the Presbyterian
hurch was held In Oldham's yard
on last Friday afternoon, and It was
Indeed a most pleasant gathering,
there being about sixty present. This
society made up of the ladles of the
church have certainly been a wonder
ful help in the advancement of the
work In all departments, and last
April the president, Mrs. Brown, de-
lsed a way by which they could be
still greater help, and raise the
money with which to build a new
kitchen to the church building. She
gave each of the members 25 cents
and told them to invest It In a way
they might choose best, and return
the 25 cents and the earnings to her
at the time of the annual picnic, and
on that dote the good ladles return
ed the neat sum of $130, and some
are yet to hear from. This Is pretty
good from an original forty quarters
or $10.
Mrs. W. S. Smith made the larg
eRt amount of any of the members
which was $10, and she received the
prlzo offered, which was a handsome
creamer and sugar. The next meeting
will be held at the home of Mrs. Fer
ris and Mrs. Fiiederlch, these ladles
Inviting the society for a picnic.
Sertoli Runaway.
Henry, the twelve year old son of
Mr. and Mrs. Abe Decker was quite
seriously Injured In a runaway Mon
day, the accident taking place about
five mllea southeast of Murray, near
their home. The bolt in the circle
of tho tongue, attached to a spring
wagon came out and the ton
gue dropped, which frightened the
team and they became unmanogable
tor the lad. The young man was
thrown from the vehicle to the
ground, lighting upon his head, caus
ing concussion of the brain.
Two of Murray's Most Excellent
Young People and Guests
Enjoy Pleasant Evening
Monday evening, August 15, 1910,
was an evening long to be remember
ed by two of Murray's most excellent
young people, Mr. and Mrs. W. C.
Brown. The occasion was given In
honor of their fifth wedding anni
versary and it was celebrated la a
most pleasant and unique manner,
Some of the friends of Mr. and Mrs.
Brown planned tne occasion, which
was to be a surprise, but owing to
the honored couple having planned
for the evening out of the city, they
were apprised of what wa3 going on
about 6 o'clock; up to this hour the
well laid plans worked charmingly
The friends had planned for a mer
ry trip over the town In an automo
bile, and to make stops at a number
f the residences for the partaking
of an excellent three course luncheon,
one course for each stop. In due
time the auto landed at the pleasant
home of Mr. and Mrs. Brown, and
they were Invited to enjoy a cool
arive on tnis very warm summer
evening, which was indeed most ln
vltlng and of course promptly accept
ed. The auto was made by the big
factory that is expected to be launch
ed In Murray In the near future, de
signed and patented by W. G. Boe
deker, J. W. Holmes and Dr. G. H
Gilmore. It was a car of most strik
ing proportions, built along the clas
slcal lines under the supervision of
these talented designers, of material
reputation. The body was of the
Kandaulet style with most of the
landaulet removed, artistic decora
tions taking Its plJce. A Holmes 8
cylinder air-cooled engine Is used In
this -Boed-Holm-Mome type of land
ulet, started on spark as most cylin
ders are, especially when used to
sparking. The twelve foot shaft
drive attached to the rear axle was a
unique thing in mechanical construc
tion. The corborator on this car
gives the proper mixture and Is so
adjusted that it will adjust itself to
atmospheric conditions. The proper
mixture without too much water us
ually strikes the taste of an expert
"chauffeur," as the occasion was a
blowout on four wheels. Tire trou
ble was joyfully anticipated. The
muffler was removed of the Presto
Electro-Olio type, causing the polish
ed gold and silver finish to glisten
with respendent beauty. The car
glided along like a summer dream
like a gondolla In the streets of Ven
Ice, with the mellow moonlight beam
ing upon Its swan-like bow, to the
pleasant home of Mr. and Mrs. James
Holmes. Here the first stop was made
and the first course of the excellent
three course luncheon had been pre
pared under the supervision of Mr
and Mrs. W. G. Boedeker, Mr. and
Mrs. James Holmes, Mr. and Mrs. O.
A. Davis and Miss Margie Walker.
From here the merry party again
took up the most pleasant and un
tiring drive that was for the pas
sengers to the pleasant home of
Mr. and Mrs. Oldham, where the
second course was in readiness, and
where the entertainers were: Mr. and
Mrs. Alva Long, Mr. and Mrs. T. J.
Brendel, Mr. and Mrs. James Lough
rldge, Isabella and Albert Young,
Pauline and Fay Oldham and Mrs.
Addle Stokes.
The next and third scheduled stop
was at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W.
S. Smith, end the party arrived ex
actly on time. Here the entertain
ers for the third course of the lunch
con were Dr. and Mrs. G. H. Gil-
more, Mr. and Mrs. S. O. Pitman,
Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Smith and Miss
Ida Boedeker.
Thusly ended one of the most
pleasant evening's spent In Murray
for many a day, all the merry en
tertainers wishing their honored
towns-people, Mr. and Mrs. Brown
many more such happy occasions, and
that they may live and reside In Mur
ray to enjoy a similar occasion at the
fiftieth anniversary of their wedding.
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Returns From Cedar County.
J. L. Young of near Murray who
owns land in Cedar county, this state,
returned from a two weeks visit to
that county this mornln. Mr.
Young is delighted with the country
in northwest Nebraska, and will move
his family to his farm there next
spring. He purchased his land one
year ago last March, paying $75 per
acre for It and was offered a raise
of $25 per acre while he was out
there this time. His oats crop went
better than 40 bushels per acre, and
corn will average even better than
that. Mr. Young says the agricul
tural report for last year will show
Cass county's yield per acre at 28
bushels while the same report will
show 42 bushels average for Cedar
county. Alfalfa does well there, the
men having this crop have harvested
two crops and are ready for the third
cutting. Mr. Young saw the follow
ing Cass county men: F. W. Klopp
Ing, M. Fleming, Will Lewis, Gus
Lowther, Jesse Lowther, J. H. Norrls
and all of whom are doing well on
their own farms and are enthusiastic
In their praise of the country. Miss
Mary Troop, who formerly conducted
a notion store here is located in Cole
ridge and conducts a confectionery
store there, and Is doing well. When
Mr. Young removes to Cedar county
he expects to have the family neces
sity, the Plattsmouth Journal, fol
low him to keep him posted on Cass
county events.
Dance at Murray August 27.
The Murray Dance club will give an
other dance at Jenkins' hall In Mur
ray Saturday evening, August 27.
Jacob's orchestra of Omaha will fur
nish splendid music so come out, and
have a good time. These dances have
become very popular and this one
will be up to the usual standard.
Henry Horn of Cedar Creek visited
Plattsmouth today and looked after
election returns.
For Sale,
264 acre farm, 4 miles west of
Plattsmouth one and half miles from
grain elevator, well improved, and
known as the Jacob Horn farm. For
further particulars see William Hass
ler, Plattsmouth, Neb.
I will give no more dances at my
place. Thanks to the public for
your attendance. ) Fred Dawson.
That good friend of the Journal,
Uncle Ben Beckman, residing south
of Plattsmouth, was In the city to
day and called at the Journal of
fice to subscribe for two copies of the
paper, one to be sent to George
Ludden at Royal, Neb., and the oth
er one goes to A. J. Augustine, his
son-in-law at South Omaha. Such
readers as Mr. Backman are cer
tainly appreciated by the newspaper
man, and we only wish we had many
Phil Becker of Eight Mile Grove
precinct, came In this morning and
brought the primary returns with
him. -The vote was light In that pre
cinct. Out of 200 votes in the pre
cinct 28 were cast.
Curd of Thanks.
The undersigned take this method
of returning thanks to those kind
friends who assisted us during the
tlluess and death of our dear husband
and father.
Mrs. J. H. Rico and family.
Here From California.
Miss Margaret Strong of Santa
Rosa, California, Is visiting at the
home of L. G. Todd and family near
Union. Mr. Todd and Miss Strong
accompanied by O. a. Shlpman, an
old resident of this city, were up from
Union In the auto of Mr Todd Tues
day. Miss Strong Is well pleased
with Nebraska on her first visit to
tho state.
iUSraisa Serviceable
Patent Lether,
Kid and Box Calf,
Lace and Button!
The Best School Shoe We Know'of at the
Price. From fi
$ 1 .3S to 2.2S