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Sermon by
Pastor Brooklyn
July Sl.-Celoron, N. Y.-Today at
this place Pastor Russell of Brooklyn
Tabernacle addressed tlie Iuternatlon-
l al Bible Students Assoeiatlon-about
IfOOO. Hesald:-
( The great Medial), "King of Glory."
baa long been walled for by the civil
ized nations. For thlrty-flvo centuries
the Jews have walled for blm ns the
great Prophet foreshndowed by Moses
and foretold by him (Acts 111, 22): and
as the Great King foreshadowed by
their Kings David and Solomon: and
ns their glorious Priest typified by
Aaron, but specially In the former's
majesty as kins and priest foreshown
by Molchlscdck-a priest upon his
Throne (Psalm ex. 4).
Free masons have waited twenty-five
hundred years for the same glorious
personage, as Hiram Ahlff, the great
Master Mason whose death, glorifica
tion nnd future appearing are contin
ually set before them by the letters
upon thilr keystones. He died a vio
lent death, they claim, because of his
loyally to the Divine secrets typed It)
Solomon's Teinj le. Ho must reappear,
they claim. In order that the great
antllyplcal Temple may bo completed
and Its grand service for Israel and for
all peoples may be accomplished. They
claim that his presence Is to be ex
pected speedily.
Christians of every shade. In propor
tion as they arc conversant with the
P.llde (Old Testament nnd New) be
lieve, also. In great Templo builder
who died been use of his faithfulness
to fYe Divine ilans, ro the spiritual
Temple, the elect Church (I Peter II.
4, 111. Ill m they expect to come a sec
ond time "in K)wer nnd great, glory"
to complete tbc Temple which Is his
Body, and In it ml through that spirit
Hal and glni'l'Ms Temple to Mess Is
rael and nil the families of the earth.
Ills second presence In glory and pow
er, but Inrlsllle to men. Is believed to
be Imminent.
The Mohammed;. n.s. also worship
ping the Hod of Abraham, Isaac and
Jacob and David and Solomon, nre
also expecting a great Heavenly Mes
nenper to lilies them and all peoples
by the establishment of a heavenly
Kingdom. They have awaited his com
lug for centuries, They believe IiIm
Kingdom to be near at hand.
Who I This King of Glory?
The same glorious personage will fill
till all these desires these hopes. Is
It not time that all of these peoples,
fearing Cod nnd hoping In his prom
ises, should come together In one hope.
In one expectation? It must be so, for
do we not read prophetically, "The do
hire of all nations shall come!"
Wo nre well aware that great bar
riers He between these multitudes; but
we hold that they are chiefly barriers
of superstition and Ignorance. In the
past they have pulled apart, and have
slandered and persecuted one another.
If now they will sympathetically draw
near to each other, surely they will
find much to appreciate In eac h oth
er's hopes and alms.
The Bti3 of Sympathy.
The fact that the Jews ami Mohatn
niedans. Catholics and Protestants and
Free Masons, all base their faith on
the Old Testament of the Holy Scrip
tures, Is ground for the better under
standing pleaded for.
All Christians must accept the nil
thority of the Hebrew Scriptures be
muse the founder of Christianity.
Jesus, and bis special mouthpieces, the
Apostles, taught nothing contrary to
the Law nnd the Prophets. Indeed,
they quoted from the Old Testnment
In proof of every doctrine advanced.
They claimed that they neither de
stroyed nor Ignored the Old Testament,
but merely noted Its fulfillment.
The error In the past has been the
general disposition to appeal to super
stlllon and prejudice and bigotry, rath
er than to facts and Scripture. We
must reverse the lever In order to nt
lulu the good results In order to see
ye to eye.
What All Can Agres To.
All npree that the world needs the
Divine blessing! All agree that we
have been laboring under a inlstnk In
supposing that education and civiliza
tion arc alone necessary to secure hu
man happiness. We perceive that the
greater the civilization the greater Is
the unrest; nnd the bronder the edu
cation the greater are the suggestions
nnd opportunities for taking selfish nd
vantage of others.
All nre agreed that only the later In
ventions, telephones, etc., nnd our
modern and costly police precautious
make It possible to live In clill:;ed
lands and that, despite all these, tour
dors nre a hundred fold what they
were fifty years ago. In those days a
murder would be detailed and discuss
ed for n year. Now we give Utile heed
to several reported In each day's news
I'ttpers. Thousands are executed, other
thousands lire Imprisoned for life and
we pit v little l.ccd-so gradually havi
we become accustomed to these hor
rors of our clt lllijnlon and education.
We oppose these wl'h Coureh and
nlstlon !i3t;'iic's. with .".nnday
O 1
The Desire of
All Nations.
"I will shake all nations, and the
desire of all nations shall come"
(Haggai ii, 7).
ooQ '
Schools, Y. M. C. A. 'a, with courts, Ju
venile and Superior, and yet they In
crease. We penalize the carrying of
weapons and bombs and wisely pro
hibit Inflammatory speeches; and the
better Informed know that Christen
dom is like a powder magazine which
somo unlucky friction between the
classes may any day explode.
All Hopss Really Ont.
Admitting Hint all mankind are Im
perfect, "born In sin and shnpen in
Iniquity," we nevertheless cannot as
sent to the doctrine of Total Deprav
lty that there Is nothing good in any
man; or In all men. Kach one who
prays "forgive us our trespasses as we
forgive others" should concede that
others, ns well as himself, would pre
fer righteousness to sin. if the envi
ronment were different If bis appetite
wero not so perverse. If his will power
were not so inadequate. So, then,
whether Jew, Mohnmmedan, Catholic,
Free Mason or Protestant, do we not
all really desire the one thing? And
do we not admit, nfter centuries of
endeavor along different lines, that
God alone can send us tlio aid which
the whole world so greatly needs? Wo
Let us now formulate this "desire
of all nations" from those Holy Scrip
tures which we all acknowledge. Let
us see that It Is exactly what we all
have been looking and praying for
under different names: It Is tlio King
dom of God!-th Kingdom of Allah!
Its rule Is to be "under tho whole
heavens" however heavenly or spiri
tual the great ruler will be (Daniel vll,
2"). Under Its beneficent and uplifting
Influence the glorious result will bo
that God's will hhall be done on earth
as completely ns It Is now done In
heaven. This Is exactly what the
Scriptures declare that sin and Igno
rance will be done away; tint the
knowledge of the glory of God's char
acter will fill the whole earth. It
means n strong government exer
cised for the restraint of sin nnd for
the freeing of mankind from slavery
to Kin the Kin very of Inherited weak
nesses entailed by Adam's disobedi
ence, 'lhe great Heavenly King, the
Son of David, who will do these things,
according to the Law nnd the Proph
ets, will have many titles Indicating
various features of bis greatness. "He
shall be enlle Wonderful. Counsellor,
the mighty Klohlnt. the Prince of
Peace, and the Father (!lfe-glver) of
eternal life (lsiilnh Ix, (S).
He Is called the Savior by the Proph
et Isaiah (xlv, 15), for ho shall "save
from their sins" and from the penalty
of sin all who shall become "his poo-
ple." Anil all who will wickedly re
fuse his rule of righteousness and his
assistance out of sin and death con
ditions will be esteemed "wicked" In
the proper sense of that word; and of
these we read: "All the wicked will
he destroy."
Love Righteousness Hatd Iniquity.
Wo have bad too much of hatred nnd
persecution because of tho differences
In our degrees of knowledge as ex
pressed In our differences of belief.
Let this cease. Let us unite lu our
love for righteousness and lu our hatred
of unrighteousness lu-equlty. Let us
cultivate such a sympathy for tho com
ing reign of righteousness to bo estab
lished by Messiah (by whatever name
he and his Kingdom may bo banded
down to usi that our diameters shall
be more and more In licenced and
transformed by the prophetic view.
Wo cr nil agreed that Messiah's King
dom Is nigh, even knocking nt the door
of the world. In the wonderful Inven
tions of our day we have the very fore
gleams of that Kingdom as outlined In
prophecy. The necessities of the case
also corroborate this: The tension be
tween Capital nnd Labor will soon be
to Its limit and breuk; the grasp of
monopoly will soon be so strong that
the musses will be ground between
the upper nnd the nether millstones;
our high-tension living Is calculated
soon to have our race In the mad
house; specialists say. withlu one cen
tury. Let us believe the Word of God
delivered by the prophets of old. Let
us prepare our hearts for tho Great
King nnd know that such w 111 have the
chief blessing.
"He Must Roign Urtil."
According to the l'.lble the reign of
tho promised Great King shall not be
an eternal reign. Eventually the do
minion of carlh originally given to
Adam nnd lost by disobedience and
consequent Incapacity. Is to be restor
ed to such of Adam's race ns shall at
tain mrlMi prrfeetum and Jehovah's
approval. Messiah's Empire will be a
Mediatorial one and. according to the
3crlpturcM. will continue only one thou
sand years, p.ut we are assured that
the period will be quite sufficient for
the great work to he accomplished.
Father Adam, after being sentenced
for sln-"Dylng thou xlialt die." expe
rienced the dying processes for (CO
years. Contrariwise the world will,
under tho Messiah's rule ns King and
Prht' (Melchlseilek. Psalm ex. 4i,
gradually rie up. up. u. ont of sin
aud death conditions i' :t ':-u a very
similar period of time.
ParadWe tfitored will no longer be i
gt'Men merely. bt:r tlit fliolc earth, as
Cod's footstool, shall be made glorious
(Istiluh Is. Mi. The promis.-s of God t
the children of Isaac und Jacob are
not heavenly or spiritual, but earthly.
From Genesis to M.ilnvJ-l there is not
a Mig;etloo of a heavenly or spiritual
calling. If Christians have a heavenly
calling It is no cause for offense to
Mohammedans und Jews neither of
whom have conflicting boies. There
Is no need for conflictevery reason
for harmony.
"Times of Restitution."
Not only do the ancient prophecies
foretell coming blessings of the Lord
upon Jew and Gentile, bond and free,
but the Law typified the same. Every
fiftieth year with the Jew was to be a
Jubilee year a time of release from
debts and from all bondage. The les
son is that Messiah's reign will be the
great time of Jubilation to men. to all
who will accept and obey bis rule.
The cancellation of debts represents
that God (through Messiah) will thus
cancel the debt of Original Sin and set
free Adam and bis race. All will then
be given a fresh start for life eternal.
Tho setting free from bondage in the
Jubilee Year typed man's release from
the weaknesses inherited through
Adam's fall. It will include the resur
rection from the dead, the great prison-house
mentioned by the Prophet
(Isaiah Ixl, 1).
If we see this great fact nbout to be
accomplished need we quarrel about
how it is to be done? Since it offers
blessings to nil who love God's righ
teousness, why dispute over l?talls?
Shall we contend with God arud his
plans nnd promises except to our In
Jury? Let us rejoice with the Jew.
God hns decreed for the natural seed
of Abraham a glorious share In the
great work of blessing the world to
tho Jew, first, this means a blessing;
to the others, later! The Scriptures
clearly teach that Messiah will estab
lish the New Covenant with Jacob
nntural Israel. Let all who reverence
the Lord acquiesce in his arrange
ments. And If tho Jews shall someday
see that the Oath-Hound Promise to
Abraham meant two seeds, let them
be glad and rejoice In their portion.
If the great Messiah soon to be re
vealed in power nnd great glory be
composed of "many members" on the
pW plane, what matters It to Jacob,
all of whose promises are on the
earthly plane? Moreover there Is no
room for Jealousy anyway, for these
"elect" who shall be on the spirit plane
are of all nations tho Jew being there
Riven also the preferred place. Fur
thermore the select or "elect" few are
not either Christians or Jews In the
ordinary usage of those words, but
snintly. holy ones chosen by the Lord
from every sect and party, because of
their love for righteousness nnd faith
fulness under trials.
"I Will Shake the Earth."
The context shows us that "The de
sire of all nations" will be realized as
the result of a great shaking of the
heavens nnd earth and sea nnd all
nations. This Is prophetic of the grent
time of trouble, with which tho col
lapse of present institutions will come
nbout as precedent to tho establish
ment of Messiah's Kingdom "the de
sire of nil nations."
We are not left to speculato respect
ing the Import of these words, "shake
the beavns, tho earth nnd the sea."
The great theologian, St. Pnul, quoted
this very passage in bis epistle to the
Hebrews (xll, 2U-2S). He pointed out
thnt the literal shaking of Mt. Slunl
nnd the terrible sights associated nt
the tlmo of the Inauguration of Israel's
Lnw Covennnt was but a feeble pic
ture of the awful commotion which
will prevail In Its antitype when Is
rael's New (Lnw) Covenant will bo In
stituted nt Mt. Zlon In the end of this
Ago nt the hnnds of the nntltyplcnl
Moses Messiah.
The prophet intimates that it will be
a short, sharp, decisive shaking, quick
ly accomplished. And the Apostle ex
plains that it will bo so thorough-going
thnt everything thnt can be shaken
will be shaken nnd will be removed. lo
ot her words, everything that Is in the
nuture of a temporary mnke-sblft for
righteousness, truth, equity, will be
shaken out of tho way not be allowed
to remain, because the Lord will make
a thorough work. St. Puul intimates
that the Kingdom which tho Church
Is to receive will be the only Institu
tion which will stand the slinking time
and that only because tho "Church of
the First-born, whose names are writ
ten in heaven," will have the Divine
approval; they will "bo chnnged iu a
moment, In the twinkling of an eye"
established endurlngly on tho heaven
ly plane nt the Right Hand of God,
principalities and powers being sub
"The Prince of Peace."
Notwithstanding the fact that Mes
siah's Kingdom will be Introduced by
a period of universal trouble, anarchy,
etc., which will overthrow civilization
nnd uproot every tdnful nnd Imperfect
human organization, nevertheless this
will eventually lend to the most pro
found nnd most enduring pence. In
that one great lesson Immunity will
learn the futility of Its own endeavors
nnd will cry unto the Lord for help
and for the desired pence then "the
desire of nil nations slmll come."
Referring to this time of trouble the
Prophet David declares of the Lord's
work at that time, "He makeih
wars to cease unlo the end of tin
earth. He breiiketh the bow, and cut
teth the uponr asunder" (Psalm xlvl,
0). Then wonderfully be announces
the climax of It nil. "Re still nnd
know that I ntn God. I will be ex
alted amongst the nations. I will be
exalted In the earth." The only true
basis of peace Ix righteousness nnd on
thU firm foundation Jehovnh through
his Anointed One will shortly estnb-
llsh it l Psalm xlvl. 1 i
Sleps Will Lfe Taken a! Los
Aisles felinz.
Thirty-rive Million Dollars Stolen by
Trusted Employees in Last Five
Years Elaborate System of Safe
guarding Funds to Be Inaugurated.
Clerks' Wages May Be Raised.
Edwin Wider, cashier, Russo-t
I Chinese, charged with theft of I
1800.000. T
Officials of Denver Savings
hank, $1,700,000.
T. Lee Clarke, Enterprise bank.
of Pittsburg, $1,200,000.
Henry Rieber, paying teller;
John oung, cashier, Farmers' Na
tional bank, Pittsburg, $1,105,000.
August Ropke, Fidelity Trust,
Trust company, Louisville, $1,140,-
Oliver M. Douglas, bookkeeper,
$ Trust Company of America, $1,- :
f 300,000. I
I C. S. Nixon, bookkeeper, Union t
jTruBt company, Pittsburg, $123,-?
iooo. J
J. Howard Lowrey, cashier,
tlltica (N. Y.) National bank, $111,-J
J ooo.
New York, Aug. 1. When the Bank
ers' Association of America convenes
in Los Angeles shortly steps will be
taken to establish safeguards about
tho banks which will prevent financial
Institutions from being looted in the
future by unscrupulous officials and
employees. Alleged thefts from New
York banks and a big financial insti
tution In Louisville, Ky., recently have
compelled the attention of the Amer
ican Rankers' association and when
the annual convention is held a move
ment will be Inaugurated' with a view
to protecting the funds of the depos
itors more carefully lu the future than
they have been protected In the past.
An elaborate national system of
safeguarding hanks from thieving em
ployees will be Inaugurated. The fact
that more than $35,000,000 has been
embezzled from banks and trust com
panies in the last five years brings the
question of embezzlement looming up
as one of the most important things
to be considered in modern banking.
Many bank thefts never come to light.
Bankers Aroused.
That the bankers are alarmed is
evident from the preparations which
are being made for the hanaling of
this subject. In a majority of cases
the money stolen from banks has
been lost In stock and grain gambling.
In New York city embezzling em
ployees are lured by fortunes to be
made In Wall street. In the south, of
fending bank clerks have played the
cotton market and In the west and
middle west much money has been
dropped in the wheat pit and in buck
ctshops. Temptations to crime are often held
out In alluring get-rich quick circulars
of brokers and others. The underpaid
clerk steals to make money; he gets
In debt and steals more in the attempt
to recoup his loss. The next thing he
knows he Is so Involved that the end
soon comes.
The bankers will put a ban on all
literature like the "get-rich-quick" cir
cular. They will also ask that stricter
rules be laid down by brokers in the
dealing with customers. Bankers
claim that If brokers would Investi
gate conditions of clients they would
find, many times, that they were re
ceiving stolen money for stocks and
bonds. v
Whether the question of raising the
wages of bank employees will be con
sidered has not been made known.
However, something will be done, and
something very drastic, too.
Madriz Attorneys Protest
Washington, Aug. 1. Attorneys rep
resenting the Mndiiz government In
Nicaragua filed protests with the de
partments of state, Justice and com
merce and labor against the sailing ol
the yacht Hornet, now at New Or
leans, with a cargo of arms and am
munition supposed to be Intended for
use of the Estrada government.
Lessuer Sent to Prison.
Evansvllle, Ind., Aug. 1. James E.
Issuer, a Kansas City newspaper
artist, who was found guilty of bigamy
In the ril.e county circuit court at
Petersburg, Ind., was sentenced to tho
state prison for a term of from two
to four years He took his sentenco
without apparent concern.
Two Killed by Explosion.
Osslnlng, N. Y., Aug. 1. Two men
were killed, one was seriously Injured
and another made permanently deal
by the explosion of ten pounds of dy
namite 300 feet below the surface of
the earth in the tunnel for the new
Croton aqueduct at Kltchawan.
John G. Carlisle Is Dead.
New York. A ig. 1. John O. Caiilslo,
former recrotiry of the treasury, who
lind been rritlr.-l'y il tor the last two
days, died rt hh 1 avtninrt It New
York of hovt pille nrc'!tn;rnle, by
oed'-nin of the ltr. gs.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Edward
Cess, Sunday, July 2 4, a boy.
.Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Stohlman
entertained a few friends and rela
tes at their home last Sunday.
Miss Dawn Boylea returned to her
home In Des Moines after a pleasant
visit with Miss Olga Ragoss.
Mrs. Mike Tritsch and children re
turned home Monday from a week's
visit with relatives In the country.
Will Lehnhoff of Lincoln and F.
H. Ossenkop of Omaha came down
Thursday to attend the Ossenkop fun
eral. Mrs. Higgins, mother of Father
Higglns of Manley, returned home
this week after an extended visit in
Vermont and other eastern points.
Ote Petersen returned to Pierce
the first of the week after a visit
with the home folks in Louisville.
Ote is holding down a good Job in a
drug store at that place and is pleas
ed with his location.
Peter Vogler was given a pleasant
surprise Saturday evening, it being
his 68th birthday. His sons and
daughter w ho are married came with
their families to extend hearty con
gratulations and to spend the even
ing. Mrs. Frank Fetzer, of Omaha visit
ed at the home of Charles Fetzer this
week. This is the first visit Mrs.
Fetzer has made to Louisville since
moving away nine years ago. She
was accompanied by her daughter,
Mrs. Fred Gobel of Falrbury.
The Missouri Pacific painters ar
rived the first of the week and com
menced work on the depot.
Mrs. W. F. Tracy arrived Tuesday
afternoon 'from Pawnee, and will
spend several days visiting with her
Union friends.
Miss Jessie Todd arrived home on
Tuesday night from Kearney, where
she spent several weeks visiting with
C. R. Frans was a Monday evening
passenger to Omaha where he accept
ed a position with the M. P. bridge
Miss Case, the trained nurse who
has been caring for Mrs. Ilallle De
Laney, returned to her home In Om
aha Monday evening.
Amos McNamee, one of our rural
mall carriers, Is enjoying his fifteen
days' vacation, and Charles Niday Is
carrying the mail.
Dr. R. L. Newell was last week
chosen president of the Old Settlers'
association, and has taken hold of
the office with a good spirit..
The personal property of the late
I Olive Dye, deceased, was sold at
public auction last Saturday, Luther
Hall being the auctioneer, and Ad
ministrator L. R. Upton was clerk.
The clock at J. B. Nichols' store
stopped Wednesday at 12:29, and
several were on hand with their tick
et. The lucky ticket was held by
Mrs. Barbara Taylor, who received
a fine set of dishes.
Fremont Dally Discontinued.
We regret to note that the Fre
mont Daily Herald has been discon
tinued after Sunday morning's issue
Mane G. Perkins, the editor and pub
lisher, says be will launch a weekly
to be issued Fridays. It will be
konwn as the Weekly Herald. Mr
Perkins went to Fremont three years
ago with Edgar Howard of Columbus.
They bought out the Herald Publish
ing company. They greatly improved
the paper. After a few months Mr.
Howard retired and went back to
Columbus where he stilly retained his
ownership of the Columbus Tele
gram. Henry G. Richmond was made
editor of the Herald to succeed Mr.
Howard. After a meteoric career of
a year he retired. Since then Mr.
Perkins has been editing the paper
himself. He makes announcement
that the patronage has not been suf
ficient to Justify the publication of a
daily edition. Fremont is nearly
twice as large as Plattsmouth, and
this leaves that city with only one
dally. There Is not many towns the
Bize of Plattsmouth that can boast of
a daily, and our people Bhould be
proud that they can boast of a paper
such as the Journal.
Here for a Visit.
Terry Johnson arrived from St.
Joe, Mo., Saturday on the noon train
for a several weeks visit with his
grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W.
Johnson. They were very much sur
prised w hen Terry walked In on them
as he had not written them of his
coming. Terry made an extended vis
It In this city several years ago. Mr.
and Mrs. Johnson have not seen him
since nnd Terry having grown consid
erable, was not recognized by his
grandparents at first.
Everett Eaton was a passenger to
Lnngdon, Mo., Saturday evening,
where ho will remntn until Thursday
to enjoy an outing. Mrs. Eaton and
little daughter Laura Elizabeth, who
have been down there for the past
two weeks, will return with him.
Ssruni Expsriments Began at
South Onciia Stos&c Yards.
Eighteen Healthy Hogs Treated With
Serum and Put in Pen With Four
Sick Ones Eight Animal Not
Treated Also Added Results to Bo
Shown at State Fair.
Omaha, Aug. 1. Hog cholera is to
be a thing of the past in Nebraska, if
a movement now being strongly urged
by President F. C. Crocker of the Ne
braska Swine Breeders' association
To interest the swine breeders and
growers of the state in the serum
treatment, Mr. Crocker and General
Manager Buckingham of the Union
Stock Yards company of South Omaha
have arranged with the bureau of an
imal industry of the department of ag
riculture at Washington to conduct
the most extensive experiments .n the
use of serum ever conducted in the
state, and the results of these experi
ments will be shown at the Nebraska
state fair.
Under the direction of Dr. Niles of
the government station at Ames, la.,
the experiments have begun at the
Union Stock yards in South Omaha,
Mr. Buckingham furnishing the hogs.
The first thirty shoats which may be
sacrifices to science were furnished'
by the stock yards company July 23.
They were as healthy specimens a3
the farms of Nebraska' ever produced.
Four of them were given shots ol'
blood from cholera hogs. Within flvo
days these four were very ill wlti
the cholera. '
Eighteen of the healthy hogs were
then treated with serum and put in a
pen with the ill hogs the hogs with
well developed cases of cholera. Eight
hogs which had not been treated were
also put in with the s'.ck ones.
Thirty Shoats Await Fate.
Now thirty valuable shoats await
their fate. The four hogs given the
cholera will die sure. The eight un
protected ho;;s also stand a good
chance of dying with cholera, while
the eighteen given the serum treat
ment and made imnrir.e should sur
vive, refuso to catch the disease and
make good prize winning hogs.
If this experiment proves successful
the eighteen hogs rescued from a
cholera death will be taken to Lincoln
and exhibited at the state fair. An
other pen of hogs will go through the
same treatment and all visitors to the
stock yards will have an opportunity
to see the experimental work, while
those who see the eighteen shoats at
the state fair will have a chance to
see how the cholera Is going to be
stamped out.
President Crocker of the Swine
Breeders' association says there to
still a great deal of doubt among the
farmers ns to whether the serum will
do the work and the association is
anxious to demonstrate to every Ne
braska farmer that hog cholera will
become a thing of the past if every
grower will give the work some at
Six Violate Speed Regulations at
Fremont, Neb., Aug. 1. Three auto
mobile drivers drew fines for speed
ing in the police court and there are
three more to come up today, with the
probability of still others. Mrs. Mat
tie Wall wa3 found guilty of speeding
on Fifth Btreet and drew $25 and
costs; George Robertson, an Omaha
man, admitted that he had been a lit
tie too reckless, but tried to excuse
himself on the ground that it was very
late and few people on the street. Ha
got $10 and costs. Guy Kelley ac
knowledged that he had violated tho
ordinances and contributed' $24.80 to
the city. James Shephard pleaded not
guilty and Luther Larson and Chris
Hansen were out of the city.
The automobile law has been a dead
letter here, not only in regard t
speeding, but running without lights
and without numbers on the rear of
the car. Chief Peterson hns had a
special man out keeping tab on tho
speeders and a wonderful differeneo
Is noticeable in the way cars are now
run around town.
Annual Pew-Wow of Omaha Indians.
Wallhill, Neb., Aug. 1. Tho O i;aha
Indians are &.ig into camp foi ineir
annual pow wow. Tl.e largest
will bo on the hill live miles trom
Walthill. D.mtes of different des:r!p.
tloiu wi'.l tai.e place and old time cus
toms will bo performed. There will
be an okl-time parade on horseback,
such as used to take place when start
ing on the warpath or on the buffalo
hunt. Many Indians from South Da
kota and Oklahoma are already here
Another Beer Raid.
Lincoln, Aug. 1. Another raid was
made by the police on a South Ninth
street house and a quantity of beer
and other liquors was confiscated.
Three arrests were made, a man, his
wife and daughter. The police are
working overtime to shut upthejolnta
In Lincoln and raids are of frequent