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Sermon by
Ptor EfooLIyn
July 21. Once we considered most un
kind, unjust, Hie Itlble declaration that
our Creator condemned all of Adam's
race with liltu ou account of Adam's
'Original Bin." Iiut now, In the light of
the clearer unfolding of God's Word, we
re jirlvlleged to see differently. Now
we perceive, not ouly that God did no
Injustice to Adam's children, but, con
trariwise, that In this very particular,
Le did them a kindness that It was lu
the Interest of humanity lu general.
AVe are awnre that this statement op
pears paradoxical to those who hlfce
not yet gotten the proper focus upon
the Divine Thin. Tho key which un
locks the dllllculty Is the proper appre
ciation of the penalty Imposed upon
Adam and Ills race.
The erroneous, unscrlptural view of
this penalty which came down to us
from the "dark uges" teaches that Cod
damned father Adam, mother live, and
every child born to them to an eternity
of torture at the hands of devils. It Is
this unscrlpturnl and irrational view
of the wago of Original Sin which
caused all our dllllculty. Indeed, It Is
safe to say that no other false doc
trine held by God's people ever drove
away from God, from tho Itlble and
from the fellowship of the Church so
many Intelligent minds. Thousands of
bright, honest minds, after seeing this
teachlugof the Christian creeds formu
lated In the dark ages, have quietly
Withdrawn from them in heart, if not
outwardly. Haying to themselves, Evi
dently my reasoning faculties nro of a
different kind from those of many oth
ers prominent lu the Church: Without
disputing the point, I simply conclude
that 1 must think for myself and that.
In so doing. 1 am forced out of sym
pathy with the majority of fellow
Christians on this basic doctrine.
Whr Lies the Difficulty?
. The dllllculty Is that whllo the ma
jority of Christian people heartily re
pudiate these misrepresentations of
God and his Word.' nevertheless tho
Hubject Is not clear to them and they
fear that to repudiate this doctrine
Would be to repudiate the Itlble nud to
become open Inlldels. And Just here Is
their mistake. The majority of them ore
not Itlble students. Even amongst min
isters of tho Gospel comparatively few
liiive any degree of knowledge of God's
Word. They know what they think
about the Itlble; w hat they believe that
It teaches; what they have been told
that It tenches; what the catechisms say
It teaches; but they have never made
critical Investigations of the Itlble
themselves to ascertain Its teachings.
It Is a part of our endeavor to arouse
Christian people everywhere to search
and Btudy the Scriptures and to assist
them with Itlblu study help, Itlble
keys. etc. And. thank God, there ore
thousands In Spiritual Israel who are
not bowing tlHlr knees to Itaal, but
who are anxious to know, to rightly
understand, the Word of God. "Classes
lu llllIo Nliidy are springing up all
over the world. These have recently
adopted tho mime of "International
Llble Students Association." God Is
Messing them, not only with the open
lug of their own eyes moro and more
widely, but also In using them to bring
others "out of darkness Into his mar
Yclnus light" (I I'eter II. Oi.
Tho Scriptures speak of a "famine,
not for bread nor for water, but for
bearing of the Word of the Lord."
This famine Is upon us now. Not only
ore Christian people hungry and thirs
ty for tho bread of life oml the water
of life, but tunny of tho worldly are
feeling a longing for something better
than the husks which they have. Wo
do not knew that all Church members,
tior ail of any one Church member
ship, are thus hungering and thirsting
for Truth. Hut we do know that every
where lu all the various Churches of
all denominations there Is a hungry
class which anni t be satisfied to dis
honestly misrepresent Itself as In har
mony with the creeds. These bewil
dered sheep ure. of late years. (Indlug
the green pastures ami still waters of
Mviuo Truth and grace near to them
-lu the Word of God bidden under
the rubbish of Ignorance and supersti
tion, mistranslation and uilslnlerprela
lien. I'.ut as for the masses of all denom
inations: Alas, they are falling Jnto
unbelief; The popular form of Infidel
ity known as Higher Criticism has al
ready swallowed up more than ono
kalf of (he ministry and of the most
Intelligent part of the laity. The only
hope for any of these Is In leaving the
chuff and husks of medieval misin
terpretations of God's Word and In
lludlin; lis true meaning, In which Is
refreshment, strength mid new life.
"Th Wget of Sin It Doth."
' However we rend our Hlbles Pi th?
past wo read Into them from tho creeds
of a darker time the mischievous error
Unit when (lie Itlble declares a drath
penalty for sin It really menus tho re
verse of tlils-r eternal life In eter
nal torture. Who hud the right to
I wist the Inspired words In smh a dev.
llUh fashion? Who bad ihe right to
mid to the Word of God and to innU
void lis true teio lil'iT In ih! i hiiii'T';
Ileir the word of 'he Aiit;e. "Tho
v ."-en of ' h dm Hi.' ui't of
Cl . ' . .' . I' ..''! '- '!
Even to
Text :"Suve by ir.Mmme drath, bv man
ilto comet llir rounection ol tiie oVad ; for
4i ll in Adam die, evil to all in Christ
tli-J be made jjt ("very mfn in hit
own order ; Ch 1 1 tlie firttlruilt; ltcrwn!
llry dial ie Oni.l t durnj" hit pretence" (!
Corinthian. v. 21, 2i. H. V.).
0 oo
ChrNt our Lord" (Romans vl. "'.',).
What stitlemci.t could be more kIi.i
pie? The wicked will not be granted
life at nil, either In pleasure or In pain.
They are under sentence of death de
struction. I'terual life is a gift. And
It wlli be given only to those to whom
It will be a blessing to those who will
accept It through Jesus Christ our
Let us turn to Genesis and note tho
statements made to our first parents
respecting sin and Its penalty. Let us
note that, without the twlstlngs of
theology, we should have no dllllculty
In understanding tho Divine sentence,
as our first parents evidently bad no
difllcnlty. Tho sentence upon Father
Adam for disobedience was. "Iylug
thou shalt die": "Dust thou art. and
unto dust shalt thou return": "Cursed
Is the ground for thy sake"; "Thorns
and thistles shall It bring forth unto
thee mull thou return unto tho ground
from which thou wast taken" iGcnesIs
niri', :t. in-in. 211.
Thus we see that the penalty for sin
upon Ad.iin and his race was that they
should return to the dust. As we read
again. "Thou t tiniest man to destruc
tion" (Psalm xc, 31. And this penalty
Is sufficiently awful when we think of
what It mentis to die, to lose mental,
moral ond physical perfection and
gradually go into the tomb into the
Itlble hell nhcul, throughout the Old
Testament). And this ihcol, the grare.
tho tomb, to which tho Itlble says all
go, good and bad, rich and poor, holy
and unholy, was tho only hell known
amongst any of tho people of God for
the more than four thousand years,
represented by the teachings of the
Old Testntnent. Then came the New
Testament times and tho teachings of
Jesus and the Apostles to tne same
effect. In tho New Testament the
Greek word hndts. representing the
tomb, the death state, takes the place
of the Old Testament ulivol In every
passage translated from the Old Tes
tament Into the New Testament.
It was nearly three hundred years
after Jesus ami the Apostles, after the
writing of the New Testament, before
the doctrine of Purgatory was Invent
ed. And for this reason neither the
word I'lircntcfv nor the Purgatory
thought Is expressed In the Scriptures.
I'.ut Llbles were few, and the people
could not have read them even If they
had possessed them; hence for long
centuries the teachings of the clergy
wero accepted without I'.lble proofs,
ond tho doctrine of Purgatory spread
all over Christendom. All of our fore
fathers believed lu It. It became the
teaching of Christians everywhere that
the mere handful of saints, Instead of
dying when they seemed to die. went
to heaven and that the great mass of
humanity, instead of dying when they
seemed to die, went lu some mysteri
ous manner to u mysterious place
called Purgatory, of which nobody
knew anything except what they were
taught. The teaching Is that practi
cally till of humanity go to Purgatory
there to bo roasted and otherwise tor
tured for ceiiturles-ultlmutely to gain
release from the torture, when fitted
for heaven. Upon this doctrine In turn
Ftirung the doctrine of saying "masses
for the dead." who were believed not
to be dead but Intensely olive. The
fear of Purgatory drew the people very
close to. the priests as the supposed
counsellors of the Almighty and, the
mass money drew the priests very
close to the people. They were oil
honestly lutein loued. but all deceived
by tlie great deceiver-Satan.
A Cad Matter Made Worse.
P.y and by a priest, n Catholic theo
logian and teacher In one of (heir col
leges, by name Martin Luther, acci
dentally rail across a copy of the New
Testament In the Latin language, lie
lug an educated man be was able to
read It; for there was not one copy In
the German language anywhere. Lu
ther tells us of his perplexity lu not
finding Puiyatory In the New Testa
ment He t r U'l to Interest the Pope
In Itlble study, but failed, and instead
was branded a heretic. He protested,
ami others protested; hence ciune the
name Protestants!
These Protestants were undoubtedly
as sincere before their protest as they
were afterward: hence their protest
was against the very doctrines which
once they hud proclaimed as the
Truth. Their minds wi re full of the
thought thi.t a dead person is not dead
but more alive than before he died,
mid that some of tlice at death went
to heaven while the great majority
went to piirgiitorv. Tiny did not see
the teaching of the I'.lble. that "the
wages of sin Is d ;ith" - that all go Into
death, aood and bud. and that this
death stale Is the "' mid lindcs of
the ltilile. Insteiiil of getting this true
light upon Gxl's Word, they wont
from darkness Into greater darkness
on this point. Here wo wish to emphtt
size the thought that all these noble
men. Catholics and Protestants. In
their day. like all true people today
held a pleasure of Truth In comblnu
lion with U N the measure of
Truth tossi-s.'it ci.'l enjoyed that has
(tlven any i' v" 1 1 vi..' f iiic to our va
rlnlW ('!.". 'i v(-v. -. et.ti III. it. to
Home extobt. has neutralized the effect
of our errors.
Starting from their misunderstand
ing of ltible teachings respecting the
wages of sin. Brother Luther and his
noble companions Untied bravely for
ninny truths, but made one great blun
der. When they concluded that Pur
gatory was couii'ury to the Scriptures
and threw It away, not seeing the
ltible hell, tho tomb, they udopted an
other hell and thereby went from bad
to worse on this subject. They said.
The heathen and the masses of the
civilized are surely not saints surely
they do not follow In the footsteps of
Jesus surely, therefore, they cannot
be of his spiritual flock. Concluding
that these could not bo taken to heav
en, they said. We must take them out
of Purgatory anyway, wherever we put
them, because we have found out that
there Is no such place as Purgatory.
After Conferences, seriously dislik
ing to make out God's character worse
than they formerly supposed, they
said tinder their breaths, AVe must
take them out of Turgatory and quick
ly put them Into a hell of eternal tor
ture and say os little about tho mat
ter as possible. They were greatly
relieved when long-headed ltrother
John Calvin explained to them about
tho mere handful going to heaven and
the great mass going to eternal tor
ture. Ho explained that God had fore
ordained and predestinated these aw
ful results that be might show his
vrlsdom and his power. As to a
"Love divine, all love excelling,"
ltrother Calvin seems never to have
thought of that. Brother Wesley and
others since, though less logical and
theological, did stand up for and de
clare the Ix)ve of God. even though
rather absurdly they claimed that he
was neither wise enough nor powerful
enough to do more than rescue a mere
handful of Adam's race from the eter
nal torture to which they thought God
damned them all because' of the diso
bedience lu Eden.
"All In Adam All In Christ."
In the light of our better Bibles and
Bible Study Helps and minds freed
from tho Ignorance and superstitions
of the past we may understand the
Apostle's words and find In them, not
ouly Justice and love, but harmony and
beauty. Instead of all mankind going
to eternal torment for Adam's sin, all
go Into the Itlble hell, the grave, on
account of his flu and nil of the men
tal, moral and physical blemishes of
our race are a part of this heredity.
There would have been no hope of a
future life, good or bad. had not God
lu his mercy provided the Savior the
"Life-Giver," as tlie Syrlac renders the
word, in God's due time he set before
his Son the opportunity of becoming
mau's Redeemer. The Logos was -made
flesh (John 1. 1-1) and obediently gave
himself In death "tasted death for
every man." As by one mau's d'mobedi
nice tho senteuce of death passed upon
all of tho race, even so by the obtdiawe
of the man Christ Jesus unto death
Justification to life passed for nil of
that nice. Now we see the wise rca
Bon for permitting tho sentence to pass
through one man's disobedience to
all of his posterity. It was in or
der that one sacrlllce for sin might
make possible tho reconciliation of the
entire race.
Now read our text and drink in Its
depths ond beauty and force. The
resurrection of mankind from the sin
and death and tomb condition to the
full perfection and Image of God from
which the race fell Is the salvation
which God has provided for nil. Who
ever will fall to attain the full recov
ery from sin and death conditions will
have himself to blame because of re
jection of the glorious arrangements
which God made lu and through Christ.
"The Firit Resurrection."
God divides the salvation of man
kind Into two parts the Church to
spirit nature and the world to perfect
ed human nature. The first ho Is ac
complishing during this Gospel Age;
the second be wilt accomplish through
Christ and the Church during Mes
siah's reign of a thousand years.
The Church, the "little flock" of
saints, called, tried, tested, in the nar
row way during tills Ago. are to con
stitute the "First Resurrection." class
and to become "the Bride of Christ."
"the Church of the First-Horns."
These are to be associated with the
great Redeemer In Ills future work.
These shall be like him, chauged from
earthly to heavenly nature and made
sharers of his glory, tumor and Im
mortality. The Kingdom of God un
der tho whole heavens will be Inaugu
rated after the glotilleotlon of the
Church and then will begin tho bless
ing, the salvation, tho uplifting, the
resurrecting, of mankind lu general
from sin and death conditions not to
spiritual conditions, but to perfect
earthly conditions.
All the willing and obedient shall bo
blessed by the great LIfo-Glver who
eighteen centuries ago died, the Just
for the unjust, and who, during tho
period since, has been selecting the
Bride (lass. With his Bride ho will
reign to Mess the world, to make the
whole earth beautiful. As it Is vrlt
ten, "I will make the place of my feet
glorious." The whole earth will then
be as the Garden of Eden and the re
stored raceilke our perfect lirst par
ents. But as for tbe Intelligently
wicked, we read. "All the wlckVd will
he destroy" (Psalm cxlv, '.'Hi. He will
not preserve them lu torture or other
wise. They will die the Second Death
But none will (He the Second Death
for Adam's transgression. Christ died
for that transgression and will release
Adam and all his race therefrom, even
while be will hold them responsible for
every wilttil transgression and give
stripes or punishment therefor to
teach them to love rle'ii imhisih'ss and
to bate l!:l.tu:v (Acts (II. I't'.'i
Born To Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Gibson on Wednesday, July 13, 1910,
a daughter.
Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Sperry depart
ed last Thursday for an extended
trip visiting relatives and friends in
Seattle and Cashmere, Wash., Port
land, Ore., Taeoma and San Francis
Principal C. E. Corbin and wife
went to Crete Tuesday to visit a
couple of weeks beore packing up
their good's o have for Huron, S,
I). Mr. C&ib!i!'3 father and mother
also departed Tuesday, going to
their home In I'tica, 111..
S. J. Marshall has moved Into the
J. C. 'Wade house which he recently
purchased. Mr. Wade Las not decid
ed Just what he will do but his wife
expects to po east on an extended
visit with relatives and they will de
ckle where they will locate later.
J. M. Tcegarden recently sold his
residence to Ceorge Leach. They do
not have to give possession for a
number of months. Mr. and Mrs.
Leach w ill move to town some time In
the future, and Mr. Teegarden will
either buy or build a home closer to
his business.
On Thursday, July 14, occurred a
very pretty wedding at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Ambler, when
their niece, Genevieve Megrew was
married to William G. Knox of Sub
let, Wyo. About 40 guests witnessed
the ceremony which took place at 9
o'clock, Rev. J. H. Andress officiat
Mrs. T. S. Rhanklin has something
over 100 chickens stolen ana some
old hens. This Wednesday morning
Henry O'Brien sold to J. W. Swindle
a coop full of young frys Mrs.
Shanklln was brought over to the
meat market and says she ran identi
fy many of them as hers. Mr. O'Brien
says he bought them of Harry Cog-
lizer. Just what action will be taken
will be determined when Mr. Shank
lln comes in.
John R. Tlerson, another victim of
the automobile accident. Is doing
well and Is able to come down town,
but says he has seen the tiire he felt
Charles Crimes of Plattsmouth,
the wide awake city editor of the
Plattsmouth Journal, was down last
Sunday for a visit with Claude Ever
ett and wife east of town.
G. W. Cheney went to Auburn on
the forenoon train to oversee the
work of repairing his automobile,
which was injured in tie auto acci
dent a few weeks ago.
H. Swenk of Lincoln, accompanied
by his genial force of bricklayers,
came down from Lincoln Tuesday
and commenced the brick work on
tlie new bank building.
Word' comes from Wndcftown,
West Virginia, that Earl Uj ton rnd
wife are the parents of a daughter,
born July 10. We extend congratula
tions to the young lady and parents.
The news was received here last
week by relatives announcing the
marriage of Miss Maude Chldester,
daughter of A. H. Chldester of this
village, to Mr. Stewart of Walthlll.
We extend congratulations to the
young people.
J. AV. Tilman and family came
down from Fort Crook last Saturday
ET acquainted now if you haven't been wearing Hart,
Si:h:iffnor it Marx clothes; it's pretty certain that you've thought about the mat-
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ncss and Loss OF Sleep.
r.'-cSiri'e Signature of
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
to make a short visit with their Un
ion relatives and friends, and depart
ed for home Monday evening. Mr.
Tillman and family are now located
at Oralalla, and were caled to Om
aha by the death of Mr. Tilman's
mother, .who passed away at the St.
Joseph hospital shortly after an op
eration. A bunch of ball players came up
from Nebraska City on the evening
train last Sunday and after a great
deal of hustling the Union boys se
cured a few pick-ups and the game
commenced about 5:30. The Union
boys played ball from the word go,
and secured a good lead, but they
"let up" a little bit, and then the
city boys had their turn, and when
the final count was taken it stood,
Union 15, Nebraska City 14.
Free Delivery.
Senator Burfcett announced this
morning that Plattsmouth has a good
chance to obtain a free mail delivery
service. Officials of the postoffice
there have submitted to the depart
ment at Washington a certificate
showing that the business of the of
fice during the last year has amount
ed to over $10,000.
Senator Burkett said he had ob
tained from the department the serv
ices of an Inspector to go to Platts
mouth and investigate the conditions
of the office there. If the other re
quisites can be met the free delivery
State Journal. '
Christian Wohlfarth Is spending
today in Omaha, being a passenger
this morning for that city.
GuAranteed under the rowjol
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears tho
Itev, George 15. Miiray in Town.
Rev. George R. Murray of Thomas,
Pa., who is to preach tomorrow at
Murray, passed through the city this
morning en route to that place. Rev.
Murray has the distinction of being
the father of the town of Murray in
this county, It having been named In
his honor and he can be justly proud
of his namesake. Years ago he was
a jesident of this county, being lo
cated upon the site of what Is now
the flourishing and prosperous town
of the same name. He has a great
many good friends and admirers
among the early settlers and they all
were ver glad to have him come
west and pay them a visit. During
his visit In the east recently, A. M.
Holmes, the well known citizen of
Murray, made a visit with Rev. Mur
ray and had a, most delightful time.
It was due to his urgings that Rev.
Murray came west on his first trip
to this locality for twenty years. Rev.
Murray preached at the site of Mur
ray for eleven years and during that
long period Cass county boasted no
more popular and able minister of
the gospel.
Joseph Kouhck and daughter, !Uiss
Frances, who were in Omaha yester
day consulting with Dr. Clifford con
cerning his eyes, were again In Om
aha today. An examination of his
eyes disclosed that they were In had
shape and an operation will have to
he performed upon one of them. This
operation will probably take place to
day as that was the Intention when
they went there this morning.
terat some time or other, and
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