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    Murray Department
Misses' Pointed
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Murray State B
( DC
-23 eJl
Geo. Cook, Murray, for fine bug
gies. Mrs. Countryman continues about
tlio nam!.
Mlsa Tcssie Stokes spent Sunday
with Olga Mlnford.
Frank Dugay Is upending tlie week
with relatives In Union.
Margaret Connor Is upending the
vct:!i as tlie guest of Miss Leola Val
idly. Mrs. Corbet, mother of Mrs. Har
mon Beck, Is visiting In and around
Mr. and Mrs. V. C. Brown entcr
fained a number of friends at dinner
Mrs. James Holmes entertained a
number of friends at supper Mon
day evening.
Mlnb Hannah Hanson was the
lest of Miss Tussle Stokes over Sat
urday night.
You want a new buggp? If you
want the best or the leant money
call on George Cook.
Don't fall to attend the "Comic
Treat" at the Christian church Sat
urday night, July 23.
Mr. and Mrs. Ilert Phllpot and
Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy were guests
of Mr. and Mrs. V. C. Hrown Sun
day. Guy Stokes went to riattsmouth
Sunday evening to consult Dr. Liv
ingston In regard to the appendicitis
from which ho has been Buffering.
Rex Youn; and wife returned
from their South Dakota trip last
Thursday and report a flue visit and
trip. He did not take his mall route
until Monday.
Mrs. V. D. Wheeler, Mrs. T. W.
Vallery and Marjorlo and Mrs. S.
O. Colo and daughter and son, went
to Alvo Sunday in Mr. Cole's auto,
where they enjoyed dinner with Mrs.
Ulna Kltzell.
Mrs. Grace Melllnger and little
ion who have been visiting friends
In Iowa, returned here Tuesday,
where they will remain with her
mother, MrH. Mlra McDonald, until
she returns to her home In Old Mex
ico. Dr. Newell being detained at
riattsmouth Tuesday on account of
court business, ho failed to make his
visual visit. His detention was un
avoidable and consequently no fault
of his. He will bo at his office next
Tuesday at tho usual hour.
Grandma Loughrldge run a nail
In one of her feet Tuesday and went
almost through the foot: At first
It appeared quito serious and the old
lady was laid up, but at tho present
time she Is getting along as well as
eould be exported undpr the circum
Mrs. Oscar Capcn entertained the
Missionary society of the Presbyter
Ian church and the Aid society o
Mynard Friday afternoon. Over six
1y were present, and to say that they
enjoyed a fine afternoon but half
expresses It. It was the enjoyable
treat of tho season.
11111 n.. IiL . .
Mimn ana nam ritman re
turned from their South Dakota trip
Sunday night. They were met a
Omaha by their w ives, who seen them
safely home. They bought no land
but saw some that they wanted bu
the price was too stlf! for their pock
rt-hooks. It sold a few weeks before
they got there for $.'00 per acre
and was situated within three miles
of ' Aberdeen.
Mrs. John Dermitt Is quite sick,
but not dangerously so.
Charles Phllpot shipped two cars
of cattle to South Omaha Tuesday.
Attend the "Comic Treat" at the
Christian church all aftcrnon and
Drs. Brendel are having a cAnent
entrance to their barn laid. W W
Hamilton has the contract.
Mac Churchill has had cement
waiks placed In front of his new resi
dence. Mac always keeps up with the
Uncle Hilly W iley is reported as
being much better at the present
writing, and It is hoped that he will
cntlfVly recover.
The finest ine of buggies In Cass
county at George Cook's. Call and
examine our buggies and see how
low we are selling them.
E. H. Davis came down from Lin
coln Tuesday to enjoy a visit with his
grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. J. A.
i'avls, and uncles and aunts.
A little daughter came to bless the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Sut
ton, Saturday, July 10. Mother and
(laughter getting along nicely.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles llerren were
Plattsmouth visitors Monday, and
while there they call on the Jour
nal to renew their faith in the Jour
nal. The Peters Comedy Co., closed a
three night's engagement here Sat
urday night, and on tlie last night
the tent was crowded almost to over
flowing. The auto trade in Murray has been
at a low ebb for a few days. All
efforts have failed to sell either Un
cle Frank Young or J. W. Edmunds
took Its name from
which would denote
he was
mon:li. Hue received a letter from
ner i ues'iay, saying s;e was enjoy
ing herself and Having a good time, highly esteemed by those who lived
The neighbors are looking after Mr. here at that time. Everyone should
Herger's welfare, and will see that come out to church next Sunday, and
be gets enough to eat while Mrs. give our early day pastor a cordial
Perger Is away. greeting.
A Most Delightful Picnic.
Miss Rose Mae Creamer and Mis3
Susie BIntner gave a most delight
ful picnic In the beautiful grove near
"Rock Creek Ranch," a few days
since. A very nice dinner was serv
ed to which all did justice. Games of
various kinds was played, and a very
pleasant afternoon was spent. In
the evening all returned to their
homes unanimously attesting that It
was one of the best times they had
ever enjoyed. We failed to learn the
number present, but It was plenty to
have a good time.
A Comic Treat.
If you don't attend the "Comic
Treat" at the Christian church next
Saturday afternoon and evening, ou
will miss something good. The fol
lowing bill of fare will show you
that you will miss a "rare treat," at
A Peach Product. Old Crone?,
Boston's Pride,
Frozen Water Product,
Porus Mixture,
Cooled Centers of Butters
Chilly Sour Assistance.
Loyal Bcicuns, Jr.
Mrs. Gapen's Sunday school class
met at the church Monday afternoon
and organized under the name of
"Loyal Bereans, Jr.," and elected the
following officers: President, Virgle
McDanlel; Vice President, Oliver
Gapen; Secretary and Treasurer,
N'aonia Adams. Lookout Commit
tee Ruth Lindsey and Vera Hatch
ett. Social Committee Eva LaRue
and Virginia Copenhaver. Class
Colors blue and white; flower, red
carnation; Motto: "Remember Jes
us Christ." Class song, "Be on Time,"
aim, every member present every
Sunday with his own bible; a liberal
ofefrlng, a meet every Monday af
ternoon and study Bible geography.
Quite a quantity of new wheat Is
being brought In. It Is of excellent
uality and commands J2 tents per
bushel. The yield Is from 17 to 22
bushels to the acre.
The Ice cream social given at the
Kenosha church Saturday ,eveniug
was a big success. The cream was
home-made and was accompanied by
extra good cake. The ladies cleared
Jimmy Loughrldge had his arm
quite painfully burned last Friday
while setting a tire, the same fall
ing against the arm. The burned
member la more of an annoyance
than It Is serious.
Mrs. Isabella Young has been
chosen one of the delegates from the
Christian church to the state con
vention at Bethany next week. They
made no mistake In their selection.
Miss Young Is a very popular young
Dr. B. F. and Mrs. Brendel were
visitors In riattsmouth Wednesday
morning. The doctor being a mem
ber of the Insanity board, he went
up on the caso of Will Carraher, of
Union, who was sent to tho dipso
maniac Institute at Lincoln for ninety
George Wiley's team got scared
at John Halt's meat auto Tuesday
and dashed down the street at a
two-forty gait, and did not stop till
it reached home, three miles east of
town. One of tho horses was pretty
badly hurt, but It Is thought It will
recover, and tho vehlclo and harness
will need a few repairs.
J. W. Berger wears a kind of
forlorn look on lit countenance
Mrs. Horgor has been gone now a
A rieiifiant Gutlieilns.
A pleasant day was spent at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. William Rice
last Sunday. A number of friends
had gathered to spend the day under
the shade of the trees near the house,
and this was mostly enjoyed on ac
count of the exceedingly hot weath
er. When dinner arrived the many
good things prepared for the occa
sion was spread in picnic style, and
this was onther arrangement that ad
ded pleasure to the event. Those
who had the pleasure to be thus en
tertained by Mr. and Mrs. Rice were:
D. A. Young and family, Mrs. Garnet
Welllver, a sister of Mrs. Young, and
former resident of this vicinity; Will
Seybolt, Miss Bessie Brendel, and
Mr. and Mrs. Rex Young. It is un
necessary to say that when the de
parting hour came it was with deep
regret, for all had been so delight
fully entertained that they proceded
very slow In the direction of their
A I'leaant Time.
Mrs. N. Klaurens entertained the
Larklns club Thursday afternoon.
The club reorganized and elected of
ficers. During the afternoon a two
course luncheon was served. Mrs.
Klaurens was assisted by little Mar
garet Spangler and Lena Klaurens.
Those to enjoy the hospitality of the
hostess were Mesdanies S. W. Copen
haver, Torrence Fleming, Adda
Stokes, B. F. Brendel, Charles Car
roll, William Sporer, Alva Long,
Charles Mutz, G. M. Minford, F. M.
Young, William Brown, Pauline Old
ham and Olga Minford. The after
noon was most enjoyably spent.
Fiiteitalns the Journal Man.
The Journal reporter had the
pleasure of being entertained at the
elegant home of Mr. and Mrs. C. E.
Carroll at dinner Wednesday. Among
others who were also entertained
were: Mrs. Minnie I. Wood and
son ana uaugnter or i.incoin, .nits
Ruth Faught, also of Lincoln, Mrs.
John Campbell, Miss Isabella Young
and J. W. Berger. The table was
provided with everything that a hun
gry person could possibly desire, and
the manner in which U was prepar
ed demonstrated that Mrs. Carroll 13
one of the finest cooks in the land.
We feel very thankful to Mr. and
Mrs. Carroll for their kind hospi
tality, for we can assure them that
their entertainment was greatly appreciated.
All woman kind has
gone wild over the
fashion of "ye olden
time." The maid and
matron alike have been
caught by the witch
ery of its design. Here
is a model, cut in sizes
16. 17, IS, 20, that is
extremely pretty and
Ladies' Homa Journal
Pattern No. 5405
The Miss searching
for a natty garment
for vacation dress-up
occasions will find it.
to use the words of
one delighted Miss,
"the design of the sea
Vssa n
Jhe Ladies' Home Journal
Irattera No. 540S
10 Allison Hotter.
The many friends of Lee Allison
in this city, will be pleased and grat
ified to learn that he is continuing
to Improve arid Is now able to be up
and about the house. His Injuries
are healing up marvelously fast and
the greatest trouble now experienced
Is to make him take care of him
self. He is an active man and he
frets a great deal a' naving to re
main In the house- He wants to be
out and doing something and this he
persists in trying even in the face of
the objections of his physician and
his family. However, his progress
has been so remarkable that It will
be but a few days when he can again
be called a well man.
Mr. T. T. Johnson, cashier of the
First National bank of Chlckosha,
Okla., came In Wednesday evening
for a brief visit with Dr. and Mrs.
Gllmore. Mr. Johnson Is a cousin of
Mrs. Gllmore and a most genial gentleman.
Hog For Sale.
A fine male hog for sale. Inquire
of H. J. Thiele, five and one-half
miles northwest of Nebraska. 3tw
Dr. Newell, Dentrst.
Murray every Tuesday from 8 a,
ra.. to 5 p. m. All kinds of flrst-clabs
dental work. Satisfaction guaran
Will Preach NVt Sunday.
Rev. George R. Murray of Thom
as, Washington county, Pa., will
preach In the Presbyterian church of
Murray next Sunday, July 24.
Rev. Murray was tho first minister
Installed In the first church built
where the town of Murray is now
located, several years before any oth
er buildings were built except a
school house. Tho church was
known as tho Falrview United Fres
byterlan church. Rev. Murray
preached here about 11 years, when
sickness and the death of his wife
compelled him to ro to Thomas, Pa.,
where his only near relative (a sis
ter) resided, and where he has been
preaching ever since, over twenty
years ago. He Is now on his annual
vacation, and has consented to preach
here Sunday, and also meet many of
his old friends and neighbors who
still reside in the town. The town
Herman Greeder,
Graduate Veterinary Surgeon
(Formerly with U. S. Department
Licensed by Nebraska State
Calls Answered Promptly
Telephone 378 White, riattsmouth.
The Income of BUmmI.
The blood must have some In
come In order to perform Its duty,
which Is, to distribute nourishment
all parts of our body. Without
ncome tne cioou wouiu iiecumuiuy
become exhausted. The Income con-
Ists of nourishing food which will
be converted, In our body, Into rich
blood. If the digestive organs can
not accept or completely digest
enough nourishing food, the blood
becomes poor arid the body weak.
You should then at once use Ttin
er's American Elixir of Bitter Wine,
which will stimulate the organs to
activity and will give them strength
to do their duty, rale or yellow
ish complexion, skin eruptions, ner
vousness, loss of appetite, coated
tongue, tired feeling are signs of
Impure or weak blood wiucn nas noi
sufficient Income. Tiiner's Amerl
can Ellklr of Bitter Wine Is In such
cases, the only remedy you can rely
on. At drug stores. Jos. Trlner,
1333-1 329 So. Ashland ave., Chi
cago, ill.
W. H. Hell, the well known farm
er irom wesi oi me cuy, imra i
this afternoon and was a passenger
for Omaha on the afternoon train to
attend to some business matters and
take In the Sangcrfiwt.
C. B. & Q. Team or White City
Ramblers to Be Attraction
Base ball matters are somewhat in
a state of chaos here today and it Is
not definitely known what club will
play the riattsmouth team next Sun
day. It is believed that a game will
be arranged either with the C. B.
& Q. team of Omaha on the White
City Ramblers of that place. The
Q. team has recently been greatly
strengthened by the addition of most
of the Hollys of Omaha, the latter
team having disbanded. The two
teams together make a powerful ag
gregation as they have taken the best
of both teams and formed one strong
aggregation. The Q. team has played
two games here and been beaten both
times but for all that they are a fast
bunch and with the new players
which they have secured they can
hold their own with any of the teams
in the metropolis. If they come they
mean to play a fast game and win if
such a thing Is possible. The White
City Ramblers are a good team and
have been winning right along from
some of the strongest teams in the
metropolis, the Bluffs and the sur
rounding territory. They will make
riattsmouth extend itself to win and
If they appear the game will be a
hotly contested one. Either of those
teams will put up a game which will
be worth attending and which will
keep the audience on the Jump from
the time the first ball Is tossed
over until the last man is out. The
locals are keeping in trim and will
play the fastest ball they are capable
of and should be able to trim the
visitors but they will know there has
been some game when they do.
The report that Nebraska City
would play here Sunday la erroneous.
That team plays its Mink league
schedule and has very few open dates
and when they do have one they are
glad of a rest. The report that
riattsmouth would play Shenandoah,
Clarinda and Nebraska City at Mal
vern during the tournament Is Im
probable as neither of the three
other teams have so many days open
and their championship games have
first call. It is believed and report
ed that Instead of the league teams,
some of the strong amateur teams
from that vicinity will play and they
are as strong as the average Mink
league team and play as fierce ball,
riattsmouth is willing to mix It with
the leaguers or with amateurs and,
In fact, is not afraid of any team In
this section of tho country right now.
They are some ball players any they
know it and Intend to make anything
they buck up against understand it
before they are through. Good crowds
are all that is needed to keep the
boys on their winning streak and
with the growth in enthusiasm which
Is going on there is an assurance of
large crowds. Be one and help a
good thing along.
(Tribune j .
C. A. Hunger cud family enter
tained a company of Plattsinoutli
young people on SuaCay at the Cosey
restaurant. They dioe over in a
carriage, and were chaperoned by
Mrs. J. Maurer. Those present were
Misses Mary Svehla, Louise Hesse,
Jessie Ledgway, Metta Jenning3,
Francis Thomas, Lena and Lotta
Miss Lucile Gass of Plattsmoutb.
was a guest several days the past
week at the C. F. Kraft home.
Proffessor Ed. Schulhof of the In
stitution is taking his summer vaca
tion, and will spend several weeks
at his home at riattsmouth.
Albert and Carl Hunger, who are
working on a farm near Plattsmoutb,
were home Sunday, and they were
accompanied by Verner Terry and
Dan Klser in the latter's auto.
A Delightful Time.
W. J. Strelght, wife and daughter
and Miss Nora Livingston who were
out at Cedar Creek yesterday for an
outing had a most delightful time
and landed many fish. They caught
according to Mr. Strelght a total of
eighty-one fish, mostly sun fish and
they had a rare time in catching bait
which consisted mostly of grasshop
pers. Mr. Strelght did not get much
of a chance to fish as he was tha
official bait catcher of the crowd. Ha
made a far superior record in this
line to any of the common grasshop
per catchers of this locality. The
party returned In the evening and
were a tired but decidedly happy
Those Ties oi Hoynood.
How delicious w ere the pies of boy
hood. No pies now never taste so
good. What's changed ?thevples? No!
Its you. You've lost the strong,
healthy stomach, the vigorous liver,
the active kidneys, the regular bow
els of boyhood. Your digestion la
poor and you blame the food. What's
needed? A complete toning up by
Electric Bitters of all organs of di
gestion Stomach, Liver, Kidneys,
Bowels Try them. They'll restore
your boyhood appetite and apprecia
tion of food and fairly saturate your
body with new health, strength and
vigor. GOc at F. G. Frlcke & Co.
Farmers' mechanics, railroaders,
laborers rely on Dr. Thomas' Tclectlc
Oil. Takes the sting out of cut3,
burns or bruises at once. Pain can
not stay where it Is used.
Inquire now-Ozark fruit lands,
ranches, farms and summtr homes.
Best and cheapest in the world. Free
literature. K. K. Worley, 7M N. Y.
Life Bid?., Omrhi.
J. II. Tarns and M. L. Frlcdiirh
were passengers on the morning train
for Omaha where they will attend a
meeting of the Sons of Herman to
day, they being two of the delegates
thereto. Henry Kaufman, the other
delegate, could not get away to attend.
Man Umo License.
A marriage license was issued this
morning out of the county jud't of
fice to 0?:io'.' f.. Hatfield, ngci 21,
and Miss Hazel M. Walden, a'e 1 17,
of Greenwood. The consent of the.
prospective brides parents was at
tached to the request for the license.
The young folks are residents of the
neighborhood of Greenwood and are
well known ami popular In their
neighborhood. They hove a great
many friends who will extend their
most sincere congratulations on their
venture upon the sea of matrimony,
Editor A. E. Qulnn of the News
Herald in company with Thomas B.
Bates of the Journal force, took a
spin to Omaha yesterday afternoon
In the News-Herald's runabout. Tim
gentlemen returned on the mldnlgt t
train, leaving the auto In an Omaha
garage for overhauling and repairs.