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of ihe
Air Lanes
Herbert Quick
Copyright. 1939. by the Bobbi
Merriil Company
TnEODOUE carried Virginia to
a seaside cottage just in proc
ess of being put la order for
its owners.
"Tell nie, dearest," he kept whisper
ing, "that you are safe safe!"
Virginia, wet, draggted, her strong
little form resembling a rough cast
statue of some one quite Irresistibly
shapely, silently hung about his neck.
"You love me!" said he. "I'm not
going to let you leave me again, dar
ling!" She squeezed his hand In gratitude.
Carson went out radiant, meeting
Craighead with the red mantilla on
his arm. v
"You all do know this mantle," said
he, "but not the soul of paltry In
things great. Ethically, this Is a lost
damosel snatched from a watery grave
as she went down In the penultimate
descent. I put my confounded life In
pawn for what? For a mere trum
pery kickshaw of silk with no more
woman in it than a rabbit. Rotten!
Rotten! This 'ere rescue ain't up to
"Craighead," said Carson, "I want
.you to run an errand, and be serious.
Run for a doctor, Craighead. I be
lieve she loves me."
racing up and down the veranda,
Carson was in a delicious disturbance
of spirits. lie forgot Shayne and his
wife, but ran down to see the Virginia
and found In charge the village con
stable. "I know the rules of these coses,"
said he to Carson. "When you give
this to the papers say something about
the way the police end of It was han
dled." "Thank you." said Corson, having
made sure that the Virginia was lu
tact. "I shan't see any reporters."
"Sure you will." said the thoughtful
constable. "I've sent f r them!"
The doctor, a nervous little man
with no voice, whispered to Carson
that his wife, meaning Virginia, was
uninjured and urging him to go in and
quiet her by his presence.
"Neurology my specialty," said ' he
slyly in Carson's ear. "Left big prac
tice In Philadelphia on account of
nervous prostration. Acute neuropath-
le symptom In your very beautiful
young wife, sir but accident!
lug to It!"
Carson explained, with some reuro-
pathlc symptoms of his own. that the
young Imly was not his wife.
"Excuse me!" whispered the doctor,
on tintne. "As to whoso the mistake
Is, yours or mine, omission or comnils.
nlon. can't say. but pardon nii just the
game. Must go now. Oilier patients,
you know. My card!"
And, slipping his card to Thood ire
with the nlr of n man seeking to es
tablish a connection In the castaway
trade, he whispered himself out, being
replaced nWost immediately by two
local representatives of the metropoll
tan press, to whom Theodore resolute
ly refused to sty a wind beyond the
statement tlint the Koe was wrecked
and that the passengers were saved
This, however, did not prevent them
from sending In highly colored nc
counts of the wreck and of the sensa
tloual assistance accorded her by the
Virginia ueronef-wliMi were expand
ed in '.he city olllccs Into the sensation
of tlio day. Khayue of Aerostatic
I'ower had violated the Craighead in
junction in the Hoc! Craighead, Cart-on
and tic Khaynea v.eie together la
a Now !!;, viliage! Rumors
canards on 'change and the cur!! Ex
tras and red type on yellow first pages!
Rut the real seusatlou was not Vnown
until afterward.
Craighead was a long time gone, rc
t liming with a perspiring man carry
ing u notary's seal ia one hand, a huge
volume under one arm aud a flat book
IK;.' an exaggerated check book undcT
the o'h.T. Following them were a
tall, angular, serious looking gentle
ur.ii i:i wading boots, his eyes covered
wiih if .niensi' blue goggles a French If one might judge by cer
ran s:r.:ig prim's i:i garments and
fe::!::iv; a !:. saving crew from up
the o:Nt w!i. had just arrived after
a Ion;; !!st:tn e view of the wreck and
several water s'.de characters belong
ing in a New Jersey way to the Cap
tain llarrod class. The man with the
books seet.icd tired with his burden
Bad was n;ng occasional sfvjg words.
"Set down, set down your honorable
load." said Craighead. "If honor may
be harried with a curse. Fellow citi
zens, we are delighted with what we
have seen of your little city. The cli
mate is lovely, the air fresh and the
water warm. We like It. What do
you call it?"
Carson drew Craighead aside and
suggested dry clothes.
"Re silent, sirrah," cried Craighead,
"and do ns you are bid! Friends, the
performance In the big tent is about
to open. This, Mr. Van Rrunt, Is one
of the principals."
"Of age, I see." said Mr. Van Rrunt,
looking at Carson. "I guess It's all
right. An' where's the other party?"
A maid w ho had devoted herself to
Virginia replied that Xliss Suarez was
quite able to see people.
"Come. Mr. Van Brunt." said Craig
head, "and view the precious remains."
Craighead entered at Virginia's "Come
in," but Mr. Van Brunt went no far
ther than to insert half his body and
all his head in the room and look
searchlngly at Miss Suarez.
ur course, saw no, "you re over
"Considerably," said Virginia, "but"
Mr. Van Brunt had vanished. Craig
head gazed solemnly at Virginia and
spoke sepulchrally.
"These," said he, "are some of the
local forms of the Initiation. Be obe
dient and thou shalt prosper. Don't
do nothin' that you ain't told to see?"
"What does this foolery mean?" ask
ed Carson as Craighead emerged Into
the parlor, where Mr. Van Brunt was
engaged In filling up blanks aud tear
lug them out of the big check book.
"Foolery?" said Craighead. "Pro
fane not the sacred mysteries of Eleu
sis! Dou't get cynical or funny, You
are not a very important person here-
Friends, fellow citizens, Jerseymen,
lend me your ears. We have met for
certain reasons connected with the vt
tal statistics of our common country
to originate an epithet. Two problems
look the American people In the face
and gnash their problematical teeth
and snort. What are they? My friend
the doctor, who has returned with
healing In his fins, and our reverend
friend in the w.iders can bear wit
ness from their reduced perquisites
that I speak sooth when I say that
these portentous national dangers lie
In celibacy. I have made n speciality
of it."
"Hixirav!" shouted the captain of
the life saving crew.
"My honorable and gallant friend,"
said Craighead, Indicating the captain,
hath a Smith college pin on his serv
ice shirt. It's not to thee, O potential
benedict, that I speak! We are here
to call not the Inoculated, but the hith
erto immune, to repentance. Fellow
reformers, at the request of my friend
Mr. Carson General Theodo' Cahsou.
XI. A. I sent u motorcar for XI r. Van
Brunt, and the county seat of this
county, so far ns the marriage records
are concerned, is here. The Rev. XI r.
Coryell has kindly agreed to perform
the cerauiuui. 1 will assume the chair
if there are no objections. I will en
tertain n motion ordering the nuptials
to proceed. I assume a motion for the
regular order. Reading of the minutes
dispensed with. All In favor of the
marriage of Theodore Carson and Vir
ginia Suarez say 'Aye!'"
There was n swelling roar of "ayes"
that startled Virginia into a belief that
a political convention was in session in
the parlor. Craighead called for the
"nays." with no response.
"It Is n vote." said he "unanimous
ly! I congratulate you In this har
monv! It augurs well for a successful
campaign and a triumphant election.
Will some one volunteer to play. the
wedding inarch? Thank you. sir."
This to the captain of the life savers,
who seated himself on n piano stool
and ran his hands over the keys.
"And now, general." said Craighead
lo Carson, "all Is ready. The statutes
In such cns made and provided are
all fulfilled. Bring out the bride and
let the rapture culminate!"
"Craighead." si! 1 Carson, "come out
silo and I'll brrnk every bone in your
No one hnrd this but Craighead, and
he received the announcement with the
suavest of bows and a withdrawal
with Carson on his mm.
"Just a little de'.tty," said he to Xir.
Coryell. "You know how it Is last
kisses of bridesmaids veil askew
rubbish but we must wait."
Mr. Coryell, with Craighead's money
In his pocket, sullkient In amount to
pay the entire expenses of his vacation
study of Atlantic gasteropods, waited
smilingly, rubbing his hands. Xir. Van
Brunt lighted a cigar and looked of
ficially grave.' Carson seized Craig-1
before answering, and who but Vir
ginia said sweetly and clearly. "I do?"
Aud as for Craighead, that worthy
gentleman would have been in still
higher feather had lie known that
within two weeks he was to succeed
In persuading his adored Caroline to
Join him lu a similar ceremony.
Till END,
Manager Pollock of Plattsmouth Telephone Company Circulating
Petition to Attorney General Thompson
head by the throat In the privacy of
the kitchen.
"What do you mean?" he snarled.
"What Insane thing Is this?"
"Explanations," said Craighead, ex
tricating Ids throat, "are uncalled for,
H seemeih 10 me, tint lr given require
the use of the tnnim. Ah've done did
what you done tole me, boss!"
"What do you mean?"
Carson stood before Craighead with
clinched fists, furious at Craighead's
scandalous use of Virginia's name In
"Strike In due time," said Craighead,
'but hear! You told me to do for you
what I'd want done In your place,
You said Virginia loved you"
I said I believed It!" answered Car-
sou, groaning. "Oh, Craighead, Craig
head, you've ruined me!"
"Ruined your granny that Is, of
course, I disagree with you eutlrely.
Faint heart never won the money. 1
tell you the wedding bells are now
ringing. Go to, sirrah go to her,
Give her the rush. Lay It ou me
Throw a fit ou the rug, rip and tear,
snort, weep, fight, fast, tear thyself,
drink up eisel. eat a crocodile, take
her In your arms, aud Incidentally
moutlon the fact that the thing's
matter of record and will be lu all the
papers. It'll work. Why, blast your
picture. It's got to work. If it doesn't
I'm stuck for $75 for fees and corrup
tion money!"
Cnrson walked back and forth, torn
with rage, embarrassment nud anxiety
for the result with Virginia, thrilled
with n growing realization of what it
might mean to him.
"I'm going in to tell her." said he
"And if I fall I shall come out aud kill
you, Craighead!"
"I shall make no will," said Craig
head. "Why, If she were Caroline and
I you"
Carson walked Into the apartment of
Virginia. The serving girl withdrew
and left them alone.
"Virginia." said he, "I'm going to
take you with mo!"
She flushed rosily, but. woman-like,
refused to take bis meaning.
"I can't go back, unkle," said she.
"You failed In your exams. You are
marked away, away down as an uncle!
But I've forgiven you."
"Don't let's talk of that." said he.
"I shan't even apologize. I'm glad I
deceived you! Glad, do you hear?
And now you're going buck Psyche
as my wife. Don't struggle and try to
escape. Don't you love me? Don't
you love me? Don't you love me?"
She was past the struggle now, and
lu the new print gown of the servant
maid she lay In his anus, quite surren
dered. The time passed much more
rapidly for them than for XIr. Craig
head. Ills voice grew hoarse, the roco
co periods grew shorter, and at last
he rapped on the door nud called
The audience had entered upon the
phase of Impatience characterized by
stamping in unison.
"What do they want?" asked Vir
"Us," said Carson. "Let ns go out."
"Out?" queried Virginia. "Out
"Mrginla." said Carson, "did I not
say I was taking you away with me
"Oh!" gasped Virginia, shrinking
back. "Y'ou don't mean for mo to un
"The minister Is outside to marry
us darling! Come!"
"Oh, Theodore!" she gasped.
Tbe door opened. Craighead's voice
camo through In Inquiry.
"All ready?" he asked loudly. "Then
lot he cortege move! After these nup
tlals we shall have the full music of
the grand sweet song. Like Prince
Aglb of Gllbertlan story
"We will dlllcntly play
On the zootrope all day
And blowthe loud puntochlnh'on all night.
"Forward, march!"
The wedding march from "Lohen
grin" tinkled feelingly forth from the
piano. The minister stood In the nar
row cirque left open by the crowd.
Craighead, like a new ducked usher.
bowed grandly at the door to let them
through. Theodore took Virginia's'
plump, prlut covered arm nnd whisper
ed lu her car promises which Instinct
told him would break down the last
resistance. The short service went on
as remembered by the priest.
"Who gives this woman away?"
And who but Flnley Shayno broke
through the press to take her by the
hand and respond heartily. "I do!"
Under State Law Which Means
Quite a Severe Punishment,
County Attorney Ramsey returned
this morning and found several cases
on his desk awaiting action. lie filed
a complaint sworn to by Chief of
Police Rainey against Harry Poisall,
John Jones, Peter llerold and John
(Pup) Egan and these will be prose
cuted under the state law. The com
plaint charges the four with being
drunk on the first count, with an
assault upon Ratney in the second
count, with resisting and abusing
Chief Rainey when he was in the per
formance of his duty as a police and
peace officer. The petialty for these
several offenses if they should be
found guilty of all would be either a
very heavy fine or a long Jail sen
tence. It Is the Intention to prose
cute these cases to a finish. They
grow out of the trouble in the Hotel
Riley bar last Saturday night when
Chief Rainey was set upon by the
crowd and beaten up. At the time
there was serious danger of the chief
being badly hurt had it not been for
the bravery of William Fitzgerald
who went to his aid and who assisted
him in getting out of the clutches of
the gang. Fitzgerald Is said to have
used an empty beer bottle with crush
ing effect upon some of the crowd
and the chief lays his escape with
injury to his timely aid.
Egan and Herold were apprehended
shortly after the trouble and the lat
ter has been serving a fine for his
participation in the trouble. He was
fined under the city ordinance and
not under the statute which pre
scribes a heavier penalty for the of
fense of resisting an officer. Poisall
and Jones escaped but have since been
seen In Omaha. During the melee at
the Riley bar, Chief Rainey w as com
pelled to draw his revolver and he
shot once but at the time it was not
believed the bullet took effect. It
has been found out since that the
bullet went through the leg of Jones
who was seen in Omaha with the
wounded member. It is probable both
of them will be apprehended shortly
and returned for trial. It Is said that
threats have been made on Chief
Ralney's life but he Is determined
to suppress the riotous conduct in
the city at any cost.
And when tho ring was called for
who but tho captain of the life saving
crew, true to the traditions of the
service, came forward ami took It
from his chain and saved them?
And when the minister nsked, "Do
you, Virginia, t. ike this man to be your
wedded husband?" and t'o de:- oh'
reniMiinl'T i f It v.ho inn i"i" uii re fNt
rn t'.:r:!'-d d'.r.y at t'c !.: "i-
Another Complaint Filed.
County Attorney Ramsey today fil
ed a complaint on behalf of O. V.
Hamburg against William Xlenden
hall charging him with assault on
Hamburg. This trouble grows oiu
of the affair Saturday night when
the two men had a fight at the comer
of Fourth and Xlaln streets. Accord
ing to Mr. Xlendenhall the fight start
ed when they met at the street cross
ing. Hamburg was coming toward
Xlendenhall and his arms were free
from any packages, he having taken
the box he had been earring across
the street and then returning. As
he approached Xlendenhail he applied
a vile epithet to him and struck at
him. . Xlendenhall returned the blow
and landed. As Hamburg was about
to fall to the pavement Xlendenhall
hit him with his knee. He admits he
intended to kick him and then was
afraid of hurting him too bad so he
used his knee Instead. Xlendenhall
expresses confidence that he will be
acauitted on a trial. The trouble be
tween them dates back to a row they
had while both were working in the
Burlington shops. The two men are
about the same size physically and
Xlendenhall denies he had any open
knife in his pocket. Previously to
the fight both men had knives open,
Hamburg having his out and in his
hand when Xlendenhall approached
him, Beelng which Xlendenhall drew
his own knife.
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Colonel XI. A. Bates of Plattsmouth
has filed his petition to have his name
placed upon the primary ballot as a
candidate for the legislature between
Cass and Otoe counties, on tho Dem
ocratic ticket. Colonel Bates was a
member of the last legislature and
made a good and efficient member of
the lower house. Nebraska City
WANTED Several good men for
threshing service and other work.
Apply to Robert Propst. Xlynard, Neb.
Xlanager Bert Pollock of the Platts
mouth Telephone company, this morn
ing was engaged in circulating a
petition to Attorney General Thomp
sou asking him to consent to modi
fication of the recent restraining or
der issued by the supreme court
against the Plattsmouth Telephone
company, Its officers and agents and
the Bell Telephone company and its
officials. The order provided among
other things that the company could
sell no more stock to the Bell Inter
ests and It was ordered to discon
tinue the connection between the two
lines wherever they existed. It is to
secure a modification of this latter
clause that the petition Is being cir
culated. The petition sets forth that
the toll lines of the Independent com
panies do not reach the most Im
portant centers and that wholesale
business suffers from this fact that
the new connection would give the
business interests of tho city at pres
eut were compelled to keep two tele
phones Instead of one In order to be
able to talk to wholesale houses In
Omaha, Chicago and other centers.
The petition also recites that a large
part of Nebraska Is not subject to
connection over the Independent lines
and that the use of the Bell lines is
necessarw to reach those sections. A
further charge is made that talking
between this city and Omaha over
the Independent lines made the
phones In tho city accessible to only
a small number without paying an
extra messenger fee and that the sys
tem as it was at present, on the
whole, was expensive and Inadequate.
The petition was very generally sign
ed especially by the business inter
ests who are glad to secure the need
ed connection with the various large
centers of the country. In circulating
the petition Xir. Pollock found that
public sentiment was largely In favor
of the proposed modification and that
everyone was glad to know that the
field of the toll lines was to be en
larged. '
In connection with the proposed
modification of the order, an investi
gation discloses that the cnnectlon
had been made between the two com
panies some time before the restrain
ing order was issued and that the
toll service of the Bell had been
placed at the disposal of the Platts
mouth company's patrons while the
toll service of the company was still
retained. This amounted to a vast
Increase In the field which the pat
rons of the independent company
could reach and put the wholesale
houses of the cities Into direct con
nection with the independent phones.
Of course, when the restraining order
was made this service had to be dis
continued and it Is to restore It that
the modification Is asked
ment of the toll lines. They were
much gratified to find that the public
sentiment was strongly for it. They
found that nearly every one was of
the opinion it had increased the value
of the telephone Immensely and that
this feeling was especially strong
among the business Interests who had
occasion to do most of the long dis
tance work.
Xir. Pratt speaking of the matter,
stated that he believed Attorney Gen
eral Thompson when he had become
fully informed as to the feeling of
the public on the matter would de
cide favorably upon the question of
modifying the restraining order. He
was of the opinion that the attorney
general had discovered that he might
have been a little hasty in asking so
sweeping an order and that he would
permit this modification and fight the
other questions involved out in court.
Xir. Pratt was of the opinion that
the public at large would find the
proposed connection of inestimable
benefit to everyone and that the bus
iness men would bo especially pleas
ed with it. As things now stood one
telephone was all which would be
needed as it would reach anywhere
in the outside world.
Speaking of F, II. Woods who has
been the chief and moving spirit in
the litigation now pending, Xir. Pratt
stated that Woods had tried himself
to buy the lines of the Plattsmouth
Telephone company but had been un
able to do so and that previous to
this he had tried to get the Platts
mouth company to enter into an ex
clusive contract with him to handle
all business over the Independent
lines exclusively. It was only when
Woods found he could not have his ,
own way in theBe matters that he
became Indignant and tried to stop
the connection between tho two com
panies. XIr. Pratt also called atten
tion to the fact that Woods' com
pany had recently voted an issue of
$1,250,000 in preferred stock which
was to be used in purchasing other
companies and combining them into a
monster corporation. Woods' lines at
present consisted of a number of sep
arate companies Including the Lincoln
system, the Gage and Johnson county
lines and a number of others.
Speaking of the benefits which phy
sical connection between the Nebras
ka system and the Plattsmouth Tele
phone company meant Xir. Pratt call
ed attention to the fact that connec
tion now existed between 52,000 in
dependent phones and 05,000 Bell
phones while the Woods system had
30,000, thus Illustrating the wider
field which the proposed connection
woiii-i make.
Xir. Pratt expressed the hope that
the public would realize the condition
of things as they existed and that the
In connection with the transfer of J aim of the Nebraska company was to
1 I... iL . ..1. ik. !... r 1 It I trK n f
interests of the Plattsmoutn stoeK-.give uie peoiue '"s""
holders of the Independent company
to the Bell Interests, an Important
visit was made to the city today by
Superintendent Pratt and District
Superintendent Xiay of the Nebraska
Telephone company. The gentlemen
while here took occasion to Investi
gate the sentiment of the public re
garding the proposed connection of
the two systems and the develop-
grade service. On the whole hta
talk was of the most encouraging
kind and indicated that the Nebras
ka people wanted the cordial co-operation
of the public and was willing
to do its share toward getting It.
XIr. Pratt and Xir. Xlay departed
this afternoon for Nebraska City,
where they hope to find as favorable
a state of affairs as In this city.
Business Men Should Make
Effort to Secure Free City
Postmaster Schneider recently call
ed the attention of the postal authori
ties at Washington to the fact thnt
Plattsmouth was over tho limit on
postal receipts and was entitled to
free delivery under the law. He has
received a reply from the postofflce
department to the effect that a check
had been made and tho statement
found correct and that a postofflce in
spector would be Bent here very short
ly to ascertain if the other conditions
Incident to free delivery had been or
would be compiled with. Just what
these conditions are Is not known
but it Is presumed good sidewalks ia
one of them and it behooves property
owners who are Interested In free
delivery to get busy and put their
walks In repair
Plattsmouth seems now to have a
good opportunity to advance nnd help
Itself a lot by securing free delivery
and it is believed that nine of every
ten citizens wont this. The city has
had Its houses numbered for many
years and now the putting down of
good walks Is essential. The city has
several years past and has a large
number of permanent walks already
down with many more In sight. Free
delivery promotes a town to the dig
nity of a first clasB city and It Is a
great convenience to tho general pub
lic. Steps should be taken to see the
Inspector and find out what the re
quirements are and that they are
complied with. looked at from a
number of standpoints the free deliv
ery system 1b a mighty good thing.
It insures work for several men at
remunerative wages and also Insures
the Bpeedy and prompt delivery of
Presumably the commercial club
will meet the Inspector during his
stay In the city and will take up with
him the question. Plattsmouth ha
several times had the opportunity for
free delivery but through neglect of
some vital point It has been allowed
to slip away. This time it must be
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