The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, July 14, 1910, Image 2

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-Action Taken on Request of Attorney Generaal Thompson to Pre
vent Purchase of Independents by Bell System.
As forecast In last evening's Jour
nal the war between the Independent
Telephone association and the Hell
Interests Is now In full swing and It
promises to be a red-hot one with
much litigation In prospect. The in
dependents through F. II. Woods of
Lincoln, have prevailed upon the at
torney general to commence an In
junction suit to restrain the Nebras
ka Telephone company from pur
chasing any further stock In Inde
pendent or competing lines and bIho
to restrain them from taking any
further Bteps looking toward the con
trol of the Plattsmouth Telephone
company or to close up connection
Ith its lines.
As the Journal has said, the Platts
mouth Telephone company Is a most
valuable property for the Independ
ents and it's possession by the Hell
Interests would result In disastrously
crippling the former. Hence their
lively Interest in preventing the con
Bumation of the deal. The restraining
order also provides that the com
panies and their officers are not to
deliver over the properties to the
Bell Interests.
The restraining order Is Issued by
the supreme court and is to be re
turnable on September 12, at 10 a.
m., before that court. The attorney
general brings the suit o nthe motion
of F. M. Hall, representing the legal
end of the Independent interests. Mr.
Hall and Allen W. Field, two very
strong lawyers, appear In the case
as counsel for the state.
This promises to indefinitely tie up
the proposed transfer of the prop
erty of the Plattsmouth Telephone
company and the Nebraska City com
pany, the latter owned principally
by It. A. Duff, and It means a bitter
war for the possession of the prop
erties. Those of the stockholders of
the local company who have sold and
transferred their stork and many of
them have already done so, have es
caped probably from some xeyatlous
litigation. The Omaha Pee speaking
of the case says:
Lincoln, Neb., July 12 A tempor
ary restraining order was Issued by
the supreme court this afternoon to
restrain the American Hell Telephone
company and the Nebraska Telephone,
company from buying any stock in
an Independent telephone company ;
in Nebraska which Is a competitor of a fine not to exceed $3,000. W. W.
the Nebraska company, or from niak- Morsman, the attorney for the Ne
Ing any further contracts to connect j braska Telephone company, has ar
wlth any competing telephone com- ranged for an Interview with the at
pany, or from making any eonnec- torney general for Wednesday morn
tion with the Plattsmouth Telephone ! ing.
company, tho Nebraska City Tele
phone company, or the Home com
pany at Papllllon, recently purchas
ed. The companies aru also restrain
ed from In any way Interfering with
the Inst three telephones, or taking
over the offices. The officers of
these companies are also restrained
Jroni delivering over the property.
The restraining order Is made re
turnable September 12, at 10 a. m.,
before the supreme court.
Attorney General W. H. Thomp
son appears as plaintiff In the case,
he having filed the suit upon repre
sentation made to him by F. M. Hall,
representing Frank H. Woods, presi
dent of the National Association of
Independent Telephone companies.
Attorney for State,
Mr. Thompson Informed the court
that he had appointed F. M. Hall and
Judge Allen W. Field to represent the
state and these two attorneys filed a
bond for $3,000 when tho case was
. The petition sets out that tho Am
erican Bell Telephono company Is
trying to get a monopoly of tho tele
phone business of the country and
Is' working through subsidiary com
panjes, of which the Nebraska Tele
phone "company Is one. Unfair means
have been resorted to by the parent
company, the petition says, to stifle
competition, and at this time the Ne
braska company la engaged In buying
up a majority of tho stock of Inde
pendent companies In order to de
stroy them. This Is contrary to the
law, the petition sets out, and for
that reason an Injunction Is asked
for, The purchase of the Independ
ent companies In Cass, Otoe and
Barpy counties la cited as a specific
Instance of recent purchases. Until
the organization of Independent com
panies, the petition recites, the Bell
people had a monopoly of fiie dusI
nesB of tho company and that It re
cently again to get a monopoly pur
chased tho Western Union Telegraph
Billion Dollar Company.
The petition alleges that the Bell
company controls a billion dollars
worth of telephone and telegraph
property and that H has a capital
stock of $500,000,000. It alleges
that $2,000,000 has been set apart
for the use of the Nebraska com
pany to buy up and de;oy compet
ing Independent companies. 1o de
stroy this competition it is alleged
the company has given free service
and cut rates, where competition ex
isted, and that about a year ago it
raised a large fund which It dis
tributing among the magazines and
newspapers for the purpose of de
ceiving the public and closing the
press against exposure of its many
It Is alleged the Bell company con
trols, the manufacturing of instru
ments and It will not permit other
than Its subsidiary companies to buy
them, and retains a controlling In
terest In these Instruments. The
purchase of Independent stock has
been done through an agent named
Hall, so the petition alleges.
War on Independents.
The petition recites that there are
at present In Nebraska some 400 In
dependent telephone companies, own
ed by 20,000 different persons, who
have Invested ten millions of dollars
in the business and have 116,000
phones connected. The Bell has an
investment of 6,000,000 and has 47,
000 phones.
It Is charged that the Nebraska
Telephone company has pursued to
wards Independent companies of this
state the same practices outlined In
the above as the policy or the parent
company, but that In spite of this
there are In the eastern two-thirus
of the state, some 100 independent
companies, serving 60,000 subscrib
ers. These are bound together by a
toll system, by contracts for Inter
communication and by a traffic as
sociation which clears all business.
In this way competition has been
built up that It Is claimed saves the
people millions of dollars.
Independent Men Talk.
Attorney General Thompson was
very enthusiastic over the suit, ac
cording to the Independent inter
ests, and immediately appointed the
two attorneys as special deputy at
torneys for tho state for the prose
cution of this action. The suit is
brought on tho section of the stat
utes which provides against the re
straint of trade. It makes combina
tions a felony punishable with a six
months term In the penitentiary or
"The Nebraska Telephone company
has hold of other so-calod Independ
ent Interests all over the state, ac
cording to Information which has
been given to me," says Lysle I. Ab
bott of Omaha, receiver for the Om
aha Independent company. "There
have been numerous purchases thnt
have never come to light and they
will be announced by the Boll Inter
ests whenever they see fit. I be
lieve that the Holdrcge company is
entirely In their control and the Goth
enburg company probably."
Manager T. H. Pollock of the
Plattsmouth Telephone company
when Been at bis office today ex
pressed boiiic surprise at the grant
ing of tho restraining order and
stated that it could not affect tho
Plattsmouth company In the least, had not taken any action In
tho matter, as a company. The sale
of the stock had been made by the
Individual stockholders of their own
volition and not by the company op
erating as a whole. As to turning
tho property of the riattsmouth
Telephone company over to the Ne
braska company, ho stated no steps
had been taken, nor, so far as he
knew, would they be. Speaking of
the physical connection of the Platts
mouth company with tho Nebraska
City company, he stated that this had
taken place, some time ago and a
restraining order at this late day
would bo of no effect. Mr. Pollock
stated furthermore that there was
no contract In existence between the
Plattsmouth company and the Lin
coln or other Independent companies
which the proposed merger would ef
feet. About one year ago F. H. Woods
had proposed an uniform system con
tract between tho Independent com
panics, one clnuse of which provided
that tho Independent or Plattsmouth
companies, would not sell except to
another independent company. The
Plattsmouth company declined to sign
this contract as they did not care
to be tied up In such a manner. Mr
Woods had been In riattsmouth sev
eral times and had figured on tak
In over tho local company but he
had been unable to consumate the
deal and when tho offer was made
by eastern capitalists It had been
Mr. Pollork is of the opinion that I
the sale w ill be much more appre- j
dated by the public when it has been
In effect and some practical work
done under it. He believes It means
a great Improvement in system and
it will result In a great Increase in
the lines convenient to the city for
long distance messages. The trans
fer does not in any manner affect the
use of the Independent long dis
tance lines and It merely enables the
public to use two systems Instead of
one. The long distance lines of the
Bell system extend to every part of
the country and these are now made
available to the patrons of the Platts
mouth Telephone company.
Asked as to whether the sale meant
an Increase In rates for phone serv
ice, Mr. Pollock replied that he had
no doubt the Introduction of a com
mon battery service In the Platts
mouth company's lines would cost
a little more but It was a better serv
ice and If the present system was
maintained then he looked for the
present rates to remain In force. He
believed the merchants would hall
the change as one telephone even
at a small advance on what they were
paying for one at present, would save
them money, especially where they
have two phones as many have. On
the whole he talked optimistically of
the deal and declared that he be
lieved It means Improved service and
more satisfactory to the people. At
to the restraining order he did not
express an opinion of Its affect as
he had not seen a copy of It nor bad
notice of it been served upon him.
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Lottie A. Morrison, wife of the
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against the Woodmen of the World
for $1,000. She claims her husband
was Insured In the Woodmen for this
amount but that the agents have re
fused to make the payment. Mr.
Morrison died from the effects of a
self-Inflicted gun shot wound on
February 3. Af the same time -he
attempted to take the life of' his
wife but inflicted only a slight wound
from which sha soon recovered.
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If Sicli
Lawrence Stull Beats, Chokes
and Shamefully Injure Mn.
O. P. Monroe.
An assault unequalled by its un
natural ferocity took place this noon
at the second hand store of O. P.
Monroe on north Sixth street, Mrs.
O. P. Mo::rce being the victim. The
assault seems from all reports to
have been entirely unprovoked and
to have been made with a venom
which 13 deserving of the most sev
ere punishment According to the
story told by the victim whose face
was battered into a pulp by the vic
ious blows, her brother, Lawrence
gtull came to this city this morning
from his home northwest of the city
and called at the store
At this time Mr. Monroe was out
in the city delivering some goods and
his wife was alone in the store. Stull
announced that he had come to take
possession of a spade which he claim
ed the Monroe's had stolen from him.
Mrs. Monroe replied that they had
not stolen it and that they had never
taken any more from him that he had
from them. This seemed to throw
Stull into a violent passion and he
commenced abusing his sister, ap
plying foul names to her and wound
up byl declaring "we might as well
settle this now as any time." He
then declared he would "knock your
d eyes out" and sprang over the
counter behind which the sister was
She attempted for a moment to
ward off the storm of blows which
he rained upon her but her efforts
were unavailing and she was beat
en down, a terrific blow in the right
eye being the most powerful one de
livered first and this was followed
by others upon her face, the brutal
brother finally seizing her by the
throat and delivering a blow which
knocked her unconscious and sent her
Into a senseless mass of flesh In the
corner of the store back of the coun
ter while her brother stood over her
and, It Is believed, kicked her insensi
ble body with his boots.
When his terrible wrath had been
In a measure appeased, Stull turned
and left the store,' getting Into his
wagon which was standing in front
and driving off. O. M. Streight was
one of those who saw him leave the
store while at least a dozen men
stood In the neighborhood of the
place where the assault occurred and
offered nothing to prevent it.
The woman lay upon the floor for
some moments after Stull had left
when consciousness returned and she
staggered to her feet, reaching the
telephone and sending in a call for a
pTiysician. Fortunately the physician
was in his office a few doois away
and he hurried to the scene. In com
pany with O. M. Streight, he carried
the unfortunate woman Into her
house at the corner of Sixth and Vine
streets and gave her temporary re
lief from her Injuries, the exact na
ture of which. he could not determine
then. It was evident that she had
been terribly beaten as she was bleed
ing from a dozen cuts and wounds
about the face and from the mouth
and, nose while she complained of
pains down the back of her neck and
of a terrible headache.
During the time she wns being
beaten by the Inhuman brother, the
screams of the unfortunate woman
had rent the air and alarmed many
of the neighborhood but no men went
to her rescue. Gradually as she was
beaten down her cries died away and
when she was being chocked by the
brute a convluslve, gasping noise
could be heard a block away on Main
street according to ladles who were
As soon as he had finished his
work and gotten Into his wagon, Stull
started for home, meeting Monroe as
he returned to his store. Monroe did
not know of the trouble which had
taken place In his absence and was
accosted by Stull who said he hnd
something to say to him. As Stull
kept on driving Monroe did not s'op
but came to his store when he learn
ed of what had taken place.
A reporter for the Journal was
on the scene within a snort time af
ter the unfortunate woman had been
carried Into her home and the sight
which she presented as she lay upon
the lounge with her swollen distort
ed countenance, blackened and
bruised by the awful blows and the
convulsive fits of vomiting blood
which she endured was something
painfully shocking. Between these
spells she told the story of the crime
as above outlined Interrupting her
story at times, to cry out about the
terrible pains In her head and down
her neck.
County Attorney Ramsey this af
ternoon filed a complaint before
County Judge Reeson charging C
Lawrence Stull with assault with In-
tent to do great bodily Injury upon
Mrs. Monroe. A warrant was Issued
and Stull will be taken Into custody.
Owing to the county attorney being
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called to Papllllon hy business the
hearing will not take place before
The nature of Mrs. Monroe's In
juries this afternoon were pronoun
ced by the attending physician to be
principally bruises as he found no
broken bones and. he Is Dt the opin
ion that the blood which she spit and
vomited came from the Injury to her
head caused by Stull's blows. He Is
of the opinion that she will recover
without doubt and will suffer nothing
worse than being very sore from the
bruising efect of th eblows adminis
tered. ,
The warrant for Stull's arrest was
delivered to Deputy Sheriff Man-
speaker who departed for Stull's
farm this afternoon at 3 o'clock.
According to Monroe, the husband
of the woman assaulted, this morn
ing Stull and he were talking togeth
er, and Stull seemed entirely friendly
although he had been drinking at
the time. This was before the as
sault and Monroe left the store with
out susplcioning any trouble. When
he met Stull as he came back to the
store he did not imagine any trouble
had taken place.
Some who claim to know the facts
assert Stull was enraged at the Mon
roe's because they had bought or
tried to buy some hay in Iowa in
stead of patronizing him. It is said
he was in town this morning and had
been trying to sell hay when he heard
of Monroe's action and It had lnscen
sed him a great deal. This last re
port comes from several sources and
possibly accounts for his action.
Monroe asserted this afternoon that
he would prosecute Stull to the limit
and the complaint filed would be pres
sed to a final determination and Stull
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Wilson Discharged.
The insanity commission consist
ing of Clerk of the Court Robertson,
Attorney D. O. Dwyer and Dr. B. F.
Brendel of Murray, this morning
made an examination of James Wil
son, the telephone lineman, who tried
to commit suicide here several days
ago. Wilson was In much better con
dition than for many days and seem
ed to be quite rational. The hear
ing developed that he had been sub
ject to attacks of insanity in the
past and that after a rest these had
left him all right. He was of the
opinion that If he could get out to
Colorado he would be all right and
the board after considering the case
decided to discharge him. He stated
that he would go to Omaha this af
ternoon and try and get a job with
the telephone company In Colorado
where he thought his health would
return and he would be all right.