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Plattsmouth - Journal
Published Semi-Weekly at Plattsmouth, Nebraska
that millions of Republicans, or form
er Republicans, entertain.
R. A. BATES, Publisher.
Entered at the Postoffice at Plattsmouth, Nebraska, as second-class
matter. i
Remember Plattsmouth's big 4th
of July celebration.
Whereupon Governor Haskell may
be expected to say something more
about the federal courts.
:o: -
The railroads doubtless regard
both airships and steamboats as "ves
sels of wrath fitted unto destruc
tion." ,
:o: -
Tostal savings banks may aid the
people toward economy and thrift, al
though these are two virtues to which
congress Is highly Indifferent.
- :o:
"Everybody favors doing away with
firecrackers this year and every
other year. It saves a great deal
of uneasiness on the part of prop
erty owners.
They have a Mothers' day, a Chil
drens' day, and now comes a Spokane
ladv to the front and suggests a
Fathers day, as a tribute to the head
of the family.
lf the standpatters are not afraid
of the Insurgents over In Iowa, why
are they so Interested In their work
of bringini the factions together?
The scent defeat If they fall in their
efforts. They have Bald too many
nasty things against the Insurgents
to ever accomplish their object.
Poulson, the anti-saloon league
scape-goat, Is still trying td get
candidate for governor. The league
would coine nearer getting a candi
date If they would fire this would-be-
dictator out of the state bodily. The
peoplo of Nebraska got along very
nicely long before he entered the
state, and they are able to do so
again without this troublesome gent.
There Is entirely too much agita
tion among Democrats as to what
Dryan will do In regard to the liq
uor question and the Democratic
platform. We take Mr. Bryan to be
a man who Is entirely too sensible to
antagonize the big majority of Dem
ocrats of Nebraska on this question.
We don't believe he will urge coun
ty option In the platform, but If he
locs, we can't follow him, that's all.
The radical utterances of Clifford
rinchot, In his speech at St. Paul,
have lent the cold shivers to chasing
each other up and down the spinal
columns of the Republican regulars.
And there's a reason.
Mr. Pinchot mado that speech af
ter having visited and conferred with
his chief friend and sponsor, Mr
Roosevelt. Undoubtedly, when they
wcro together, he turned himself In
sido out to Roosevelt. Roosevelt
knew all that he had done, and about
what he Intended to do In the future.
It Is reasonable to suppose that two
men enjoying such very closo person
al relations even conferred with and
advised each other on so Important
a matter. Their parting was as cordial
as their meeting had been.
Then Mr. Pinchot came home and
made that speech at St. Paul. And
it was a sizzling speech. It had not
a word of compromise or conciliation
in It. It was a speech for war; war
with Taft and the Taft admlnlstra
tlon; war with tho regular leaders
' of the party; war with the things for
which those leaders have mado the
jparty stand. As the Chicago Record
Herald very truthfully says, '"This
speech, outdoing tho most violent at
tacks of tho Insurgent leaders In con
gross, has placed Mr. Pinchot on the
very Pikes Peak of party lnsurrec
Surely there must bo some slgnl
flcanco In tho fact of Mr. Pinchot de
Hveiing bl m sell' of this defiance so
noon after his conference with M
Itoosevclt. .
field also spoke at St. Paul. He is
as close to Roosevelt as Pinchot him
self. He was a charter member of
the "tennis cabinet." The one favor
that Roosevelt asked of Taft, after
the latter's election, was that Gar
field should be secretary of the in
terlor. And Garfield's speech was as
radical as Pinchot's. Again quoting
from the Record-Herald, "Mr. Gar
field broadened his subject to Include
nearly everything now before the
American people as an Issue, and to
denounce everybody in public life
except insurgents, from the presl
dent who signed the tariff bill down
to the men who passed it."
Still other Insurgent leaders have
erupted -violently since Pinchot came
home, including Senators Beveridge
and Dolllver, whose speeches dellv
ercd within the past week In the
senate were more frankly defiant
and placed them more Irreconcilably
at odds with the administration and
the party organization than anything
they had said before.
These facts mean something. They
may not mean, necessarily, that the
Insurgent leaders know Roosevelt will
bo with them, and so dare to break
finally with the administration count
lng on the ex-president's support to
save their political hides. For it Is
conceivable that Pinchot brought
home the word that Roosevelt would
not be with them; that he would
have to stand by his presidential god
child. Or Pinchot may have brought
back word that Roosevelt's future
course was as yet undecided.
Put still there is a meaning to re
cent insurgent fulmlnatious. The
meaning", In the World-Herald's Judg
ment, Is this: The insurgent leaders
have enlisted for the war. They
have burned their bridges. They are
not going to yield an Inch. They are
going to keep on fighting. They
111 fight whether Roosevelt is with
them, or against them, or temporar
lly neutral.
This fact Is the more aparents In
the light of the manner in which
the administration and organization
influence of the Republican party Is
being brought to bear In the state
here Insurgency Is strongest. It
has plainly been shown that M
Taft and his lieutenants mean to
crush and kill, if they can, every
Insurgent leader who continues to
stand out against them. If, there
fore, any insurgent were tempted to
yield, or to compromise, he would
have to begin at once to crook the
pegnant hinges of the knee, that
peace might follow fawning. Hut the
Insurgents are not bowing before the
master. They are standing stralghter
than before, If such a thing bo pos-
It will be seen, trom all this, that
not everything will depend on "what
Roosevelt does." Mr. Roosevelt con-
not dispel the Bplrlt of insurgency
even If, with all his ardor, he casts
himself against it. Should he prove
a lost leader the army will fight on
without him. . It may go on to defeat,
but it will go on. With the aid of
the administration and of Roosevelt
the regulars might crush Dolllver
In Iowa, La Follette In Wisconsin.
They might control conventions and
mako platforms In Iowa and Kansas
and Nebraska and Minnesota and oth
er states. They might even do It
without Roosevelt's help. On the
other hand, tho Insurgents, with
Rosevelt's help, might win such vic
tories In a number of statea as would
spell the certain doom of tho Taft
administration. Just one thing is
sure. Whether triumphant or de
feated, whether supported or opposed
by Roosevelt, insurgency will live
The warring factions of Republican
Ism will never bo got together again
The ideal Is greater than any Indl
vldual, and immortal against any
machine. And Insurgency la founded
lint that Is not all. James R. Gar
New York World: It would be In
teresting to know w hat William How
ard Taft, Judge, would have thought
of the action of William Howard
Taft, president, In excluding Repre
sentative" Francns Burton Harrison
from the white house. Probably
Judge Taft would have read Presi
dent Taft a severe lecture on the dif
ferences between constitutional gov
ernment and personal government.
Mr. Harrison did not call at the
white house on private business or
social business. He went with a
delegation of Jewish citizens, some of
them his constituents, who had "mat
ters of grave Importance to lay be
fore the president of the United
States. It was wholly an official
ceremony; yet Mr. Harrison was de
nled admission because Mr. Taft had
taken offense at the representative's
criticisms of an official act of the
It was Mr. Harrison who Intro
duced the resolution which compelled
the attorney general to admit that his
brief in the Balllnger case had been
antedated. That fact had previously
been discovered through Mr. Wlck
ersham's carelessness in answering a
charge that had not been made at
the time the opinion was nominally
written. In commenting on the Inci
dent, Mr. Harrison said:
This confession of the attor
ney general amounts to a con
Sermon by
Pastor Brooklyn
Workmen Needing Not to
Be Ashamed.
"Study to Show Thyself Approved
Unto God, a Workman That Need
eth Not to Be Ashamed, Rightly Divid
ing the Word of Truth" (II Timothy
i. 15).
elusion that the president and
the attorney general .had agreed
to furnish to congress mislead
ing information to supply an
official document as of one date
which was really many weeks
This Is one of the most se
rious admissions ever made by
a cabinet officer. The attorney
general offers a startllngly lame
excuse. I doubt whether the
country will receive it with even
respectful consideration.
This la not an unpardonable ex
aggeration of the fact. Perhaps it
was harsh to say that the president
and the attorney general had
agreed" to furnlshmlsleadlng Infor
mation; but they had nevertheless
Juggled the dates, and in the clrcum-
stances the information a3 presented
was misleading.
-There Is no power, of course, that
can compel the president to receive
any member of congress or to have
any relations whatsoever with any
senator or representative. The pres
Ident is privileged to shut himself up
In the white house and be a hermit
If he chooses. Put if he Is to re
ceive congressmen on official bus!
ness it is rather a delicate matter
to ostracize members for their opln
Ions about public matters.
Some times we think that Mr. Taft
Is almost too sensitive to be president
of the United States. No president
has been treated more kindly than
he; yet no president ever showed
more resentment of public criticism
Mr. Taft has been scolding the Insur
gents, scolding the newspapers, scold
ng the magazines, denouncing the
muckrakers and quarreling with the
members of his own party until the
country is beginning to wonder
whether it was not wholly mistaken
In its previous Judgment of his tern
per and temperament.
Tho world respectfully renews its
suggestion that if the cabinet is to be
enlarged there should be created a
department of common sense) in
charge of a competent secretary. He
la needed.
The rate at which the Democrat8
are holding picnics and dinners out
In the state should cause Borne com
motion in the political atmosphere
and so far there has been very little
said favoring a county option plank
It seems to bo the bughare of the
politicians and all of them seem to
want It kept into the background at
least ho far as the platform is con
coined. County option is not good
Democratic doctrine and the party
does not want to be committed to it.
The Slocum law with the elRht o'clock
amendment Bults the bulk of the
people pretty well and they do not
care to make a change for the worse.
Nick Halmes and wife, the popular
good people from west of the city,
came In this morning to look arter
business matters, and Jo spend the
day with their many good friends in
v Louisville, Ky, June 19,-Pastor
Russell of the Brooklyn Tabernacle,
New York, today addressed the Inter
national Bible Students' Association
here, using the above text De also
gar a public address under the aus
pices of the association. He bad crowd'
d houses and earnest attention. On
the above text he said In part:
I address you, dear friends, as Chris
tians, students of God's Word, and not
as sectarians.. Although the world is
full of denominations, each claiming to
be the Church of Christ, we all admit
that there Is but the one "Church of
the firstborns whose names are writ
ten in heaven" (Hebrews xlL 23). This
conviction is being borne in upon us
more and more as the days go by, and
as the eyes of our understanding open
more widely to the teachings of God's
Word. We realize increasingly that
our division means our shame in the
eyes of the world, and that our Creedal
contradictions imply that we are not all
led in all things by the Holy Spirit, the
teachings of which cannot be Yea and
Nay upon the same subject It Is this
sentiment which is taking bold of the
ministry of all denominations and mak
lng them anxious for an outward show
of Unity In Church Federation, which
will shortly be effected. The Christian
public, however, and especially Bible
students, are not deeply sympathetic
with the Federation Idea. They real
ize that at most It would be a gloss of
deception so far as doctrinal oneness
la concerned; and that otherwise it is
but a business or worldly combination.
Bible Students are more and more
coming to prefer the Lord's way the
Scriptural way. They are coming to
realize that what (Jod's people ueed Is
not more organization but less organi
zation, not more explicit creeds but
the one standard of, fellowship which
the Bible sets up. They are learning
that this simple, creed Is: a turning
from sin and acceptance of the Lord
Jesus as the Redeemer ffom sin and
death and the full consecration of the
believer, mind and body, to know and
to do the Lord's will to the best of bis
ability, under the Lord's Providential
guidance. We all see that this simple
bond of fellowship Is the only one laid
down In God's Word, and that whatso
ever Is more than this la Injurious-
bondage to men and to systems. We
all see that "the Church of the Living
God whose names are written in heav
en" is composed exclusively of such as
conform to the terms of this simple
creed that these alone will constitute
"the Body of Christ which is the
Church"-"the Bride, the Lamb's wife."
whom be will accept and unite to him
self lo the end of this age. We all see
that this class alone is referred to in
the Scripture as "the elect." who are
to be associated with the Savior In bis
glorious Spiritual Kingdom, which, lu
visible to men, is shortly to be estab
lished in power and great glory for the
blessing of natural Israel and through
her for the blessing of all tbe families
of the earth living and dead.
"Workman Not Ashamed."
Let us couslder the latter part of our
text first: Tbe Apostle's suggestion ia
that Timothy and all tbe ministers of
the Gospel of Christ are professedly
workmen, laboring under the guidance
of God's Word, lu the larger sense
every Christian Is a minister of the
Gospel, or, as St Peter declares of all
the consecrated. "Ye are a Royal
rrlesthood. a Uoly People, a Peculiar
Treasure." In the end of tbe age will
come a reckoning time, a showing of
results, "Every man's work that ho
bath wrought shall be made manifest
(I Corinthians 111, 13).
Our text urges that Timothy, and
every faithful servant of God should
be ho loyul to God and his message
that In the great time of examination
In the end of this uge preparatory to
the Introduction of tbe Kingdom the
showing .'ilmll be one of which we need
not be ashamed. Let us, then, as Chris
tlan Bible Students of all dcnomlna
tlons gathered here toduy, nsk our
selves respecting our own work In the
world, and how It must appear to God
to ourselves, and to our fellowmen-
yca, now it must shortly tie muae
manifest to a 111
Let m call the roll Baptist bretb
ren, What have you to show as work
men who need not to be ashamed
rightly dividing the Word of Truth
Methodist brethren, what say you
Presbyterian, next Congregations
Ists, Lutherans. Catholics all!
The answer of oue Is practically the
auswer of nil: "We hnve so many bun
dred Churches They cost so mnn
millions of dollar. Their steeples are
- high. Their rust of maintenance
Is so much. The number of ministers
Is so many The Church collection
amount to so mix h. The amount col
Ice ted for foreign missions is so much
The amount expended on One choirs j
and elegant organ is so mueu. iue
aggregated debt of nil our churches Is
so much The unpaid Interest on
many of thes debts is so much. The
time and energy expended In fairs,
bazaars. etc. to help Py 'he expend!
Mires s n much The number of
Church membership s-so mnuy. The
number In Sunday Schools Is si
on an Ideal; it rests on n conviction' the city.
Many of our dear Christian friends
say. What lack we yet? Have we not
really attained tbe goal of our Church
ambition T Should we build finer edi
fices or pay larger salaries? Are we
not straining ourselves with collections
at every turn? What more could God
ask of us? "We are rich and Increased
In goods and have need of nothing"
(Revelation ill. 10-19).
' In replr we may suppose the Lord to
ask. Where did 1 give you Instruction
respecting these things? Where In my
Word did you find the suggestion that
what I desired you to do In tbe world
was to erect great church edifices,
piles of stone and Iron and mortar,
polished woods and stained glass?
Yon are not rightly reading my Word
However good In intention, you have
failed to "rightly divide the Word of
TrvthT' The Temple respecting which
I gave instruction Is the spiritual one,
the Temple of the holy Spirit the Body
of Christ which Is the Church. I
fear that you have forgotten tbe
true temple of God while rearing
so many temples of eurtbly ma
terlals. Concerning the true Temple
I Instructed you that "the temple
of God Is holy, which temple ye nre"-
"llvlng stones" being shaped and pol-
lshed "for the habitation of God
throueh the Spirit." Show me what
you have accomplished in this way.
Show me to what extent you nave
rightly divided my Word, and prop
erly Instructed mankind respecting my
glorious character and my great VI
vino Plan of the Ages! Show me
fruitage of the glorious message!
How many in all the millions that
yon report are "New creatures in
Christ Jesus." who "walk not after the
flesh, but after tbe Spirit?" Let me
hear tbe message of my love and
grace in Christ as you ore proclaiming
It! What meun these sectarian di
visions amongst you? Why are there
so many Church edifices and so few
saintly worshipers? Who authorized
you to put these creedal fences be
tween my people to divide tbe flock?
Know ye opt that I snld. there Is one
flock and one Shepherd? Why have
you so neglected the spiritual Interests
of my flock aud their instruction in
righteousness? Why ure yon so unable
to rightly divide my Word?
Instead of coming together as one
Church of the Living God whose uuines
are written In heaven you have divided
Into hundreds of sects and parties! In-
stead of taking my Word as a whole
and rightly dividing its teachings as
between the differcut ages and dispen
sations of my work, you have divided
my Word In a sectarian manner. One
sect has mode one selection from my
Word and another sect has made an
other selection. Thus ye array one
part of my Word against another part
of It and hence get into confusion
and conflict What have you to answer
for these things?
With shame of face we must all ac-
knowledge that "We have done those
things which we ought not to have
done and have left undone those things
which we ought to have done, and
there Is no help in us." The proper
thing for us to do, dear Christian
friends, is to get down upon our knees
before the Lord and in contrition of
heart to acknowledge that we have
wrought no deliverance In the earth
(Isaiah xxvl, 18); that our sectarian
differences are our shame; that the ig
norance that we have all been in re
specting tbe Word of God is humil
iating. Now that our eyes are open
so that we can comprehend ns never
before the harmony of God's message
from Genesis to Revelation, it means
a rich feast and blessing to our souls.
Tbe Word of God becomes more pre
cious to us dally as we become able
to comprehend It Our duty Is to fly
to the assistance of our dear brethren
and sisters in Christ of all denomina
tions, and to call upon tbem to Join
with us In a determined staud for
righteousness, for Truth, for God and
for bis Word.
We must show them that ignorantly
we and they have dishonored our God
by misrepresentation of his character
and misrepresentations of the real
teachings of the Bible. We must point
them to tbe fact that the Bible does
not teacb that all mankind except the
"Elect" saiuts will be consigned to an
eternltv of torture at the hands of fire
proof demous. We must show them
that the elation of the Church durlug
this nue n saintly little flock doer, not
meun InJurv to the uun-elect. That
on the contrary. It is the Divine pur
pose that the elect saints with their
grent Redeemer In glory shall const!5-
tute God's Kingdom, lbat his Mug
dom when established will bind Satan.
put down sin, banish Ignorance, error
and superstition and uplift mnuklnd by
"restitution." by resurrection processes.
up. up, up. to all that was lost lu
Eden by disobedience and to nil se
cured for Adam and his race through
the great transaction at Calvary (Acts
III. 19-21).
"Rightly Dividing th Word of Truth."
Alas, how many Intelligent people
have turned' aside from following
Christ and from hearing the voice of
God through the Bible: Alas, how
ninny ore looking to Theosophy, to
SDlrltlsin. to Christian Science, to
nigber Criticism, to Evolution wan
dering farther and farther dally from
the "faith once delivered to the saints"
(Jude ill). We fault them no more
than we fault ourselves. As a whole
we have been workmen tcho need to
be ashamed. We have dishonored God
through misunderstanding and misrep
resenting his Word and his Character.
We have driven away from God and
the Bible some of the most Intelligent
of our fellows, by reason of tbe con
tradlctory nonsense of our creeds.
Tbe Apostle urges, "Study to show
thyself approved unto God." We are
not to suppose, therefore, that the
highest of all science, that which per
tains to the Divine purpose and th
Divine plan, can be acquired without
ttudy. We are not In this claiming,
that study alone would bring the de
sired results of proper knowledge. Wei
heartily agree In tbe Scriptural prop
osition that "the world by wisdom
knows not God." We are not there
fore to study along tbe lines of world
ly wisdom, but along the lines of "that
wisdom that cometh from above"
along the lines of the Inspired Scrip-'
tures. We mutt study! Whoever will1
not study will not know. "The secret
of tbe Lord Is with them that rever
ence Dim." And reverencing him
means the giving of our best thoughts
and talents to the study of bis Word,
that we may "know the things freely
given to ns of God" (I Corinthians il
We should note further as Bible stu
dents that we must not study to be ap
proved of men, but to have the Divine
approval. This will bring to us, as it
did to the Master and his apostles, the
disapprobation of the worldly-wise and
nominally religious. It was the Chief
Priests and Scribes and Pharisees, and
not the common people of the Jews, nor
the Roman soldiers, who were guilty
of the crucifixion of our Lord. And
we must expect similar conditions, be
cause, as tbe Apostle says, "As he was
so are we in this world." The class
who called the Master Beelzebub is the
same class which will oppose his foot
step followers.
God permits all this with wise and
loving foreln ten tlon. Nothing connect-
ed with tbe opposing forces is in any
sense of the word Interfering with his
great Trogrnm. ne set apart with Di
vine wisdom this Gospel Age of nearly
nineteen centuries for the sole purpose
of selecting, from tbe world "the
Church of the firstborns" the antltyp
Ical Priests and Levltes. The restric
tion of his message, the darkening of
counsel, the clashing of creeds, the op
position of tbe world, tbe flesh and tbe
Devil, are all wisely permitted with
tbe forelntentlon on God's part that
thus all through the Age the way of
the cross In the footsteps of Jesus
should be a "narrow way," so that
comparatively few finding It would
care to walk in It
It is those few, that "little flock"
zealous for God, for his Word, for
righteousness, that he is now marking
out as the prospective Joint-heirs with
Jesus in his glorious Kingdom, which
Is to bless tbe world with full opportu
nities for earthly salvation "restitu
tion." Tbe trials of the faith, the pa
tience, the love, the devotion of this
"little flock" are all designed and not
accidental. Satan and bis hosts may
think to thwart the Divine Plan and
may mislead and use humanity as their
tools, but it shall yet be seen that all
of the Divine purposes shall be ac
complished. The Vvord that has gone
forth out of Jehovah's mouth shall
prosper In the thing whereto he
sent It
St Paul declared of earthly Israel,
thafelbey enjoyed "much advantage
every way, because to tnem were com
mitted the oracles of God." So now.
dear friends, It seems to me that you
and I and all sincere Christians tbe
world around enjoy much advantage
every way. Looking to the past we
find great excuse for our dear forefa
thers who, with sincerity of heart so
misunderstood tbe Divine Word and
so misinterpreted tbe spirit of tbe
Master that they burned one another
at the stake. We should not think so
harshly of them for this as though,
they lived today under the greater ad
vantages which we possess. We
should sympathize with them. We
should consider them as blinded by
the great Adversary as was Saul of
Tarsus, when he, as a member of the
Sanhedrln, authorized tbe stoning of
St Stephen. We should think of them
sympathetically as St Peter spoke of
the Jews who crucified the Lord. He
said, "I wot brethren, that In Igno--ranee
ye did It as did also your rul
ers." So also we should kludly, lov
ingly cast a mantle of benevolence
over similar conduct on tbe part of
John Calvin and others of our forefa
thers. But as we would not go to the
Jewish rulers, nor to Saul of Tarsus
for religious instruction, neither should
we go to Brother Colvin or others of
our forefathers who were blinded, as
be was. respecting the true churacter
of God aud the true Spirit of his
Only within the past century have
the mnsHQs of God's people been able
even to rend the Bible, if they bad pos
sessed It. And only within the same
time have they had the Bible to read.
Our great hindrance has beeu that
with Bibles lu our hands and with
ability to use them, we looked for In
struction to our well-meaning fathers
Instead of going to God's Word Itself.
Now by God's grace the eyes of our
understanding are opened. Tho won
derful Bibles of our day with their
marginal references, their concord
ances, etc.. Hud other assistances in
ruble study are brluglng us In toucb
with the whole message of God's
Word. Now one passage of Scripture
throws light upon another and thus
with iucreoslng brightness the Word
nf the Lord as a hi nip gives Mght upon
'the pathway of bis Church.