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    ! PEOPLE'S
AT", 2
Sermon by
CHAR1 3 T.
Paotor Brooklyn
'I cried Ly reason ol mine affliction
unto the Lord, and he heard me; out
of the belly of hell cried 1" (Jonah ii,2.)
ooO '
Od the Mediterranean Sea. April 17
We are not far from the place where
Ioor Jonah long ago had his sad es
lierience In his attempt to ruu away
from the Divine commission to the
Ninevites. We are uenrlng Jaffa, the
port from which be sailed, then called
Joppa. Some. Intent on disprovlug us
much as possible of the Bible, have
attempted to make light of Jonah's ex
periences. claiming that there was no
fish In the world of such capacity as
onld swallow a man entirely. We
are to remember, however, that the
Scriptures do not say that It was on
ordinary whale that swallowed Jonah,
but rather they specifically declare
that God "specially prepared" a great
fish for the occasion. Nor la this alL
, We have our Lord's own testimony to
the truthfulness of the matter, and
whoever denies either bis truthfulness
or his Intelligence Is thereby denying
also his Messlahshlp and repudiating
him as a Savior, because neither a
falsifier nor-a dope could possibly be
recognized as the great Redeemer and
:Savlor. the Sent of God, the Messiah.
Additionally our Lord Informs us that
the Jonah Incident was In the nature of
.a type, especially designed of God to
foreshadow the fact that Jesus himself
would be dead for parts of three days
and arise from the dead on the third
day, eveB as Jonah was burled alive
for parts ol three days and on the
third day the great fish vomited him
tupon dry land. There is nothing dim
-cult about the narrative to one who
has proper faith in God. To those who
tiave not faith, nothing connected with
Divine revelation is reasonable, com
oiendable or satisfactory. Let us
incintaln our stand with those who
uold fast to. and hold forth for others.
the Word of Life.
Th Bally of Hell Described.
But what have "the belly of hell'
and the poor soul crying from it to do
with the story of Jonnh? And how
does the story associnte itself with our
journey today over the Mediterranean
Deep? Jonah wa3 the man who was
;in the belly of hell and whose cry unto
the Lord from there constitutes our
cext When a boy I heard this text,
and my imagination conjured up what
toell would be like, and especially what
the belly of beh. or what 1 supposed
-the middle part of It. would be like.
I had the opportunity of looking luto
fclast furnaces through what Is called
the glory-hole or peep-hole. There 1
.noted that the center of the fire was
at white heat. 1 tried to imagine peo
ple in such a condition In the very
middle or belly of hell. I could not
imagine how they could survive such
an experience a single moment, let
alone for all eternity. I sought theo
Jogical expositions of the matter and
learned that some theologians of the
lioary past, admitting the destructive
effect of fire, claimed that God would
specially vitalize all the poor creatures
consigned to this torment, so that they
would never die, but would keep on
suffering forever and forever and for
ever, untenable tortures. 1 found that
other theologians explained that those
consigned to such a fiery ordeal would
gradually become adapted to it and
assume an usbestos-llke shell which
would measurably protect tm in from
Ihe fire. But these theologians went
on to explain that, wishing them, to
suffer horrible tortures, God would
scale off the asbestos shell, causing
them to suffer still more excruciatingly
very time the operation was perform
As u child 1 tried to Imagine that
this was the just desert of sinners,
und that the lleaveuly Father was
really kind and loving that he did not
give them worse, though 1 could not
think of anything worse that they
ould suffer.
"When 1 was a child, I spake as a
child; but when I becume a man, I
lut away childish things" (I Corln
thiaus xlil. Hi. I asked for the proof
that anybody could endure such suf
ferings und yet live. I asked for the
proof that our God Is as unsympathetic
as any devil could be. My mind rejected
us irratloual the whole proposition.
said: The Gou whom I shall worship
must be a greater being than niyself-
greuter tlinu any human being, uotonly
iu power to execute his will, but ulso In
wisdom to make a wise arrangement
for his creatures, and also perfect In
Justice to do to them as he would have
them do to him, If he were the crea-
turo und they the God. He must also
lie perfect in kive, the noblest feature
of any character. 1 said to myself
Such must be the God who was the
Yen tor of our race, for he has pro
dured In humanity certain degrees of
these various qualities and ho could
not give to man what he does not h!:r
self possess, nor can we suppose thit
he would create man with more Jus
tleo, wisdom, love und power than b
himself possesses. To that great God
1 bowed my heart and mind nml every
power that I possess. To him I still
how, and give thanks that by his grace
1 have come to see his character, bis
Plan und his Word more clearly than
iu the past. 1 thank him that now I
can see lu what way ultimately Jesus
will be the "Light of the world"-not
merely the Light of the Church (John
vlil, 12).
In abandoning the doctrine of eter
nal torment my disposition was to
abandon the Bible also, because 1 be
lieved that the Bible was the founda
tion of the irrational theory which had
pictured God to my mind as a demon
of the worst imaginable type. But,
thank God. dear friends, the Lord
heard my prayer for light, for knowl
edge respecting himself. After I bad
made a search of heathen creeds, as
well as those of Christendom, and had
found them all Illogical, unreasonable.
unsatisfactory, I turned to the Bible
again, saying. Perhaps I have not done
the Bible justice; perhaps I have uu
consciously attributed to the Bible the
teachings of the creeds. Perhaps
have read it through colored specta
cles. Praying to God for guidance I
took up Bible study In a very differ
ent way from previously. 1 began to
study the Bible as I should have done
at first without reference to any
of the creeds. I began to let God
teach me. I censed to say. It reads,
"Thiu," but It must mean otherwise.
It says. "So and so." but cannot mean
that but the reverse. In other words
I ceased to try to teach God and en
deavored to be taught of God through
his Word, guided by bis holy Spirit
International Bible. Studies.
That was thirty-eight years ago. Un
der the Lord's blessing I found the
Key to the interpretation of the Scrip
tures not because of ability, but. I
believe, because it Is now due time
for the Bible to be understood in the
closing of this Gospel Age and the
dawning of the Millennial Day. Hav
ing found the Key and used it myself
I have spent my best endeavors since
to put the Key luto the hands of God's
consecrated people the world over. 1
have nothing to boast of. dear friends,
but have much to be glad for. - First.
1 am glad on my own account with a
Joy unspeakable, tlrnt now I know my
Heavenly Father nud can have con
fidence In him and can have love for
him, as never before. I um thankful
thnt, to some extent. I have been en
abled to convey similar joys, similar
blessings, to others of his dear people
of all denominations In all parts of the
world. The Lord has gradually en
larged my opHirtuulties year by year.
I am not building a sect not making
new denomination not founding a
Church! We have had too much of
that sort of thing already. Not only
have we Wesley's Church and Calvin's
Church, etc.. etc., but It has become
the custom for ench minister to be
spoken of as the proprietor of the
Church; as, for Instance. The "Rever
end Dr. A.'s Church. It has become a
custom, too. for the preachers to speak
of the people as "My people." "My
Church." This Is all wrong. I wish
to have neither part nor lot in It. I
have no Church, and wish for noue
There Is but the one Church the
Church of Christ "the Church of the
Living God"-"the Church of the First-
Borns, whose names are written In
heaveu." That Church Includes lu Its
membership every true saint of God
who trusts In the merit of Christ and
seeks to walk In his footsteps. What
ever earthly systems such may be Iden
tified with are without Divine author
ization. Their standing In God's sight
Is merely becnuse of their Identifica
tion with Christ as "members of his
In God's providence I was led to pub
lish six volumes of "Studies In the
Scriptures." or Bible Keys. These
were taken up by the Bible and Tract
Society, and published at cost price, to
enable all of God's people everywhere
to procure them. They are now pub
lished In ten of the most prominent
languages. The first Volume, "The
Plan of the Ages," has passed the
three million mark. I have received
not one cent of royalty. My life is a
verv simple one. Mr expenses are
small. I accept no salary and take up
no collections. Voluntary donations
from those who' have been blessed by
my labors supply my needs and the
surplus goes to the Bible and Tract So
clety for the general forwarding of Its
work "The Promulgation of Christian
Each earnest Christian who obtains
the assistance of these Bible Keys and
enters Into the ' treasures of God's
Word und becomes rich himself In
spiritual knowledge nml In Joy und
peace of heart Is glad to cull the at
tent Ion of others to these Bible Keys
Thus the International classes of Bible
Students of all denominations In all
parts of the world are springing up
and a blessed light., we believe, U go
ing forth from these, nsslstful to all
who love righteousness and hate in
iquity. Although 1 am the regular Pas
tor of the Brooklyn Tabernacle congre
gation, there nre several assistants and
! rrr privileged to h pert Is to thinking
C'lirl tlnns 'of various parts of the
world, especially In the t'niied States,
en!- the Lord l.nows how I thank hlra
for this privilege of service, am.
the still larger opportunity aU'ordc
through the columus of some of
principal newspapers of the United!
My sermons are hapdleu by a Syndi
cate, and I am uuvisou mat now iney
appear In nearly rive hiiidred news
papers, aggregating a circulation of
six million copies, or. accord in g to
newspaper count, thirty million read
ers. All or I.iese dear people iu e cry
dt'iiouiinatlon who do any thinking "I
all, I am sine have had similar ditli
cultles to those which 1 experleiK'ed-
ditlicultios in appreciating how our
Heavenly Father could be a good Fa
ther, a good God. a loving Creator
and yet provide for bis human crea
tures such terrible destinies as all the
creeds 'of the "dark ages" set forth.
There is not a thinking Christian lu
the world who does not need the cor
rect understanding of the Bible in
order to be able to stand in the evil
day that Is upou us. All need to give
heed to St. Paul's words, "Take unto
you the whole armour of God. that
ye may be able to withstand In the
evil day. and. having done all, to
stand" (Epheslans vl. 13i. Our day
Is a blessed oue in respect to Its won
derful opportunities and privileges.
but it is au evil one In the sense of
being a time of great trial and testing
of faith to Christendom.
Thinking minds are rejecting the
doctrine of eternal torment and gener
ally at the same time rejecting tbe
Bible and denying that K is tbe in
snlred Word of God. These dear
friends are stumbling into Infidelity
and think that Higher Criticism and
Darwin's Evolution theory are new
light What they need la to see that
the true light is in the Bible and that,
wearing our grandfathers' spectacles,
we Inherited the Word of God and
wrested it to our own Injury and to
the loss of our peace of mind and fel
lowshlp with tbe Father and with tbe
Son and with the holy Spirit.
, The Key to the Scriptures.
Whoever gets the proper understand
lng of our text has in his possession
the Key to tbe Bible. If he will use
It,' passage after passage will open for
him and the whole Word of God be
comes a new and glorious revelation
of Justice. Wisdom, Love and Power
Divine. Jouab was in tbe fish's belly
-he was burled alive. It Is this that
is referred to in our text. The words
hell-belly sigulfy grave-belly or belly-
grave. The context shows all this,
telling us additionally thnt sea-weeds
were wrapped about tho Prophet's
bead and that God heard his prayer
and delivered him from the hell-belly,
or belly-grave, on the third day by
causing the fish to vomit hlni up. If
you have a reference Bible note that
in the margin there Is a reference to
the words of our text, saying. "He
brew, the grave." Ah! says one. The
translators merely made a mistake
and translated It hell when they should
have translated it grave. Ves, I an
swer, and they made the same mis
take In every case In which they used
the same word sltenl throughout the
Old Testament As It Is, nlirol Is trans
lated grave more times than it is trans
lated hell In our Common Version: but
it should be translated grave every time.
There we have the Key to the Bible.
The hell of the Bible, the penalty for
sin. Is death, the grave, the tomb. It
Another Alfalfa Mill Meeting
This Afternoon ,
About a score of farmers, together
with several members of the Platts
mouth Commercial club, met in the
office of J. P. Falter in the Coates"
building this afternoon at 2:30
o'clock for tho purpose of discussing
the benefits of the new alfalfa meal
mill to be erected here shortly. Some
stock was subscribed for, but the sup
port from the outlaying districts will
be greatly increased in the next
week, as many of those present prom
ised to take firm hold of the mat
ter and aid the project more mater
ially by buying stock.
None of the farmers promised to
buy more than one share but this
will be enough if about seventy of
them can be Induced to do so. At
torney A. I Tldd, one of the solici
tors who has been covering the city
tor the past several days and solicit
ing subscriptions from the people of
the city, addressed the assemblage
and said that more than $6,000 had
already been subscribed from the
citizens of Plattsmouth and that
promises of more had been given
him. He was optimistic that 11,500
more will be given toward the erec
tion of the mill by Monday or Tues
By that time also it is expected
that the solicitors who are helping
Attorney Tidd, Henry Schneider and
Frank Schlater, will accompany him
to the rural districts where the farm
era will pledge their subscriptions
more readily than they can in the
The benefits of the new alfalfa mill
were little known until statistics
were looked into, and it was learned
much to the surprise of many of
those present at the meeting, that
the average is $10 a ton. At this
rate $32 an acre without much care
and attention, would be tbe reward
of t'.ie farmers putting their ground
to t'.:e raising of alfalfa. Such re
turns are rare with any other line
of pioduce that a farmer raises.
Ti e promoters of the new mill are
sanguine that when the farmers
throughout this Bectlon are thorough
ly apprised of all the benefits of the
mill, that subscriptions will come i
even faster than was at first expect
ed. By the end of next week it is
thought that all the stock necessary
to begin building operations will be
sold and the work of letting the con
tract will begin. i
Booming Cities and Towns.
The "city on the,blue" is boosting
for a better town a better town
means more money In it for every
body. Under the auspices of a com-
ls not nn everlasting hell, for special j merclal organiaztion, Beatrice Is go
Scriptures declare that theol (hell) shall
be destroyed. "1 will ransom tbeui
from tin power of the grave teheol)', 1
will redeem iliem from death: O death.
I will be thy plagues; ( grave iahenl.
helU I will be thy destruction" (Hdsea
xiil. 14. St. Paul quotes this prophecy
In conjunction with his great discourse
on the resurrection. "O death, where
is thy Hting? O grave ihad where Is
thy victory" (I Corinthians xv. Jmi.
We see. denr friends, what our dear
Redeemer suffered on our behalf to re
lease us from the pennlty for sin. He
did uot go to eternal torment for our
sins. He did go into nhcnl, into hade.
Into the graved "Christ died for our
sins, according to the Scriptures" (I
Corinthians xv. Si. Tbus God has pro
vided for the resurrection of the dead
all mankind, "both of the and of
the unjunt." The are the Church,
the saints. The unjuitt include all oth
ers. Tho blood of Jesus will avail for
the release of every member of tho
race from the great penulty of death.
Now It operates under a Rpeclal call
to the snlutly few who are invited to
become Joint-heirs with the Redeemer
in bis great Kingdom which shortly is
to bless all the families of the earth
not only those then living, but also all
who have gone down to the tomb. The
general resurrection will not be an In
stantaneous one. ns In the case of the
saints. It wtll be a gradual one lu
two senses.
' (li All will not come forth at once,
but, as the Apostle declares, "Every
man In his own order." company or
band (I Corlnthlnns xv, 23).
(2) It will be gradual lu tbe sense
that the awakening from the tomb will
be but the beginning of the resurrec
tion of the world. During the thou
sand years of Christ's reign nil who
will give heed to his Instructions and
assistance may rise gradually up, up,
up and by the close of the Millennium
they will reach the full perfection and
Image of God lost by Father Adam
through disobedience. The unwilling,
those rebellious after the light has ful
ly come upon them, will be destroyed
lu the Second Death, from which there
will be no recovery. They will perish
os the brute beasts.
So, then, let us learn n lesson from
Jonah's words, not forgetting the oth
er lesson mentioned by our Lord when
he declares thnt Jonah's experiences
In the grave the belly of the fish, and
his release therefrom foreshadowed
his own experiences In the tomli and
Ills resurrection In power and great
plory on the tlilid day.
ing to have George B. Irving, a mu
nicipal specialist, come there and tell
the people how certain towns and
cities are doing remarkable work to
increase their prosperity. Mr. Irving
has been at Plattsmouth, Madison,
Nebraska City and other towns in the
state, and we have not observed any
criticism in the newspapers of his
methods of arousing the people to
their duty to themselves. There Is
not a town In the land hut what
needs a "punching up" of Its citizens
to a realization of the opportunities
presented, and he reminded of what
they are passing by In the way of
good things. There are few of us
who know it all. and a man who
makes a special study of municipal
advantages and who travels and ob
serves what other cities are doing,
ought to put up a mighty Interesting
talk on what Fremont lacks and what
Fremont needs. Mr. Irving made a
proposition to come here some, time
ago. He got a cold deal. It Is never
too late to change one's mind. Irving
might do a whole lot for us If he
were Invited to come to Fremont.
Fremont Herald.
You get out of clothes
exactly what is put into
them by the manufac
If the manufacturer puts in cheap materials
and cheap work, that's what you will get out
of them, and no more. Such
clothes do not cost as much as
and wh should they? There
hasn't been as much put into
them. It costs as much to
SHRINK the material in our
Quality Clothes as it does to
MAKE some clothes. The un
seen inside part of our Quality
Clothes, costs more to put in
than the yardage of two ord
nary suits. We put hand work
in our Quality Clothes. You
GET OUT of these clothes all
the benefit of the good materi
als and good work we put INTO
them. They cost you more but
you get more. Quality Line
$20 to $?5. Others not so good $5 to $18.
OoytkKl 1910
The Hou of KunpenheuMC
C. E. Wescott'G Sono
Tho Home of Satisfaction
Judges are Unanimous in Their Decision in Favor of the Local
School Over the Blair High School.
For Sale.
Fine S. C. and R. C. R. I. Red
Cockrels at $1 each, also eggs 75
cents per setting.
Mrs, C. E. Schwab,
Murray, Neb., Both Phones.
The state of Nebraska, In county
court, for the county of Cass.
You and each of you are hereby
notified that a petition has been filed
praying the administration of the
estate of John George Hansen, de
ceased, and for the appointment of
John G. Wunderllch administrator
thereof; that a hearing will he had
upon said petition at the office of the
county Judge for said county on the
9th day of May. A. D., 11)10, at 9
o'clock a. m.
All objections thereto must bo filed
before said hour of hearing.
Witness my hand and official seal
this Hth day of April, A. 1)., 1!(10.
Allen J. Itetson,
County Judge,
William C. Ramsey and Hasll S
Attorneys for Estate.
Those of the faithful who turned
out last evening to witness the de
bate between the team from the
Plattsmouth Hlgti school and the
team from Blair are unanimous In
their opinions today that this was
one of the beBt debates ever witnes
sed iu this city and one of the most
That there never was a doubt in
the minds of the impartial as to who
had won Is evidenced by the decision
of the Judges, they being unanimous
ly in favor of the local team,
From tho very first the debate was
most Interesting and the speakers on
both sides held the attention of the
audience without any difficulty. The
question, "Resolved, That labor un
ions are on the whole beneficial,''
was one that the people of this city
are especially Interested in at this
time when the men at Havelock,
rnany of whom 'are personally known
to the people of this community, are
out on a strike. The cause of labor
in its relation to capital and to gen
eral industry of every kind, is one
of the largest questions that this
country has to face, and the interest
that these young people take in thlB
vital problem shows well for the
future of this section at least.
In last evening's contest the local
team had the affirmative side of tbe
question and the argument was open
ed by Miss Luclle Gass, of this city,
the speaker being introduced to the
audience and Judges by Principal
Harrison of the local high school,
acting iu the capacity of chairman.
Miss Gass opened the debate in a
masterful Btyle, displaying a knowl
edge of the subject, and a keenness
of logic in reasoning that went far
toward convincing the Judges and
showed that a great deal of thought
and preparation had been exhausted
upon the study of labor conditions In
this country and elsewhere. When
the young lady had completed her
argument for the affirmative and
the applause bad subsided, Mr. Carl
Hathaway, opening speaker for the
negativo side of the question, was
Introduced and niado a very forceful
and logical talk on his side of the
question, lie discussed tho condi
tions existing In our own day in
regard to the relations of capital to
labor, and cited numerous specific in
stances bearing upon tho question at
band. He was roundly applauded at
tho closo and tho audience appenred
to ho well plcnsod with his' speech.
Following Mr. Hathaway for the
negative, Mr. John Falter on the af
firmative arose and made his usual
Incisive and forceful argument, cit
ing numerous examples, and defend
ing his case with remarkable acumen
and skill. Mr. Falter was well re
ceived and received many encomiums
for his work.
The other speakers for the nega
tive were Mr. Waldo and Mr. Han
nou and both of these gentlemen
made good talks and were the recl
pents of much applause. Miss Maria
Douglass of this city made the clos
ing argument and rebuttal for the
affirmative and it was generally con
ceded that she made the best speech,
of the evening. Miss Douglas is one
of the most brilliant speakers that
this city has ever produced, and it is
quite freely prophesied that this
young lady has a great future before
her In her chosen art of elocution.
Although it would seem like unfair
discrimination to say that any one
speech was the best on this occasion,
It must be said that as a consistent
and dependable winner for the local
team this young lady done remark
ably good work and deserves special
commendation. When the Judges re
tired for the purpose of considering; '
their decision, there was little doubt
In the minds of those present as to
what would be the outcome of their
deliberations, and when they return
ed with a unanimous verdict in favor
of Plattsmouth, the audience voiced
Its approval by rounds of deafening
The Judges of this occasion were
Professors Conant and Robblns, of
the law school of the university of
Nebraska, and Professor Sheldon, of
the department of history. These
gentlemen were united in declaring
that Plattsmouth had the decision.
Ily defeating IUalr the local team,
put a second competor behind them
In the State High School debating,
league, and brought themselves one-
round nearer the coveted goal of the
state championship. The date and
place of the next debate have not yet
bonn delllnltely decided, but as the
team from Wahoo has defeated their
David City contingent, our next con
test will be with Wahoo for the
championship of our district. The
contest with Wahoo will decide
which of theso two teams will have
tho honor or competing with tho
teams of the ten other districts for
the championship of the state.