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    The Avoca'
dU du
New. Items Gathered Each Week by a Special Reporter for This Department of the Semi-Weekly Jo urn a
vv m. Toney was over from Syracuse
George Draezele was a visitor at
Talmage one day last week.
Mrs. W. A. Hollenberger has been
at Alexandria this week.
W. I. Smoota was a business visi
tor at Auburn Friday.
Asa Johnson attended the auto
Bkow at Omaha this week.
Qua Ruder and Harry Marquardt
were at Omaha Wednesday.
Roy Malcolm was here from Tal
mage several days this week.
. The last number of the lecture
course will be on March 5th.
See Brown's Tennesee Minstrels at
the town hall Monday night
B. C. Marquardt and wife were at
Omaha Tuesday and Wednesday.
Have you seen the new line of
wall paper at Copes' drug store?
E. 0. Copes of Cook was here this
week visiting at the home of his son,
Ora E. Copes.
John Heng of Lorton was Visiting
at the home of J. C. ZInimerer the
first of the week.
Harry Marquardt and Wm. Mase
raan attended the dance at Murray
Saturday night.
T. H. Straub and I W. Fahnestock
were looking over the benzine wagons
at Omaha Tuesday.
Misses Oliver Clark and Florence
Leonard of Weeping Water, spent
Sunday with the Misses Florence and
Bertha Smoots.
Edward Morley and Ralph Graham
were at Omaha Tuesday with stock.
Mr. Moore of Nehawka, was a visi
tor in Avoca Tuesday.
Wedding Bells.
Theron Melcolm was united in
marriage to Miss Virgla Ethrldge
Sunday evening, February 20, at the
home of the bride's paf -nts at Cook,
Neb., Rev. Bert Wilson officiating.
' As the date was the twenty-sixth
anniversary of Mr and Mrs. Ethridge's
marriage, the time was a very ap
propriate one in which the' nupitals
wre celebrated. Mr. Malcolm is a
prosperous young farmer, sober and
industrious and respected by all who
know him.
Mlss: Ethrldge was formerly a
teacher In the Cook schools and will
be missed by her many friends in
school and church work. She is the
ohly daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Emery j
Ethrldge rof Coog and'Is a most esti
mable and accomplished young lady.
The y6ung people will commence
huosekeeping on the A. Zimmerer
farm southeast of Avoca.
School Notes.
Anna True has been absent
school for a few days.
Fred Ahrens was absent .Monday
on account of bad cold.
Pearl Nutzman was absent from
school last week on account of her
mother's Illness. .
The intermediate room had their
"Star Day" Wednesday afternoon.
."A seventh grade pupil recently de
fined "affection" as meaning "pres
sure.". We have no doubt but that
Is often the way affection is shown.
The rush of eastern people to our
western country in the past year has
awakened our own people and now it
in a scramble with them to procure
land that hitherto they have let lay
idle and have considered It worthless.
The necessities of the people "who
came into- our western country have
shown the western people that their
land is now worthless as they sup
posed but-is good producing soil.
The northern and western parts of
Nebraska have In the past eight years
keen blessed' by an abundance of
rainfall. Cr.ops have been good and
those who broke their land and put
It under cultivation at that time, are
today independent and well to -do
1 farmers all this off land that ten
years ago couid be bought for $3.00
to $10.00 per acre. :
Why have peopel left their old
homes where for generations back
they havb- reared and . kept their
children? Because these childrens
children and their children could not
live where only one-third their num
ber lived. They could not buy land
because it would cost from $200.00
$$300.00 per aero and what would
it produce would not pay interest ou
"Just a liUlc tickling in the throat' " Is that what troubles
you? But it hanj's on! Can't get rid of it! Home rem
edies don't take hold. You need something stronger a
regular medicine, a doctor's medicine. Aycr's Cherry
Pectoral contains healing, quieting, and soothing proper
tics of the highest order. Ask your doctor about this.
No alcohol in this cough medicine. 7. C. A uer Co.,LowcllJfas.
Constipation positively prevents flood health. Then why allow it to continue t An active
lvcria great prevent iveof dfce:is.e. Aver's Tills arellvcrpllls. What docs your doctor s.ry;
Pearl Nutzman
school notes for a
will write
few weeks.
Old Maids Entertain.
Mcnday evening. February 21, the
Old Maids gave a reception to the
Old Bachelors and Widowers who
were brave enough to occupy the
front seats at the convention. The re
ception was held at the home of
Fredora Bobklns (Julia Nutzman).
Such old fashioned games as "spin
the platter," "wink," "happy is the
mllle rboy," etc., were played. For
refreshments the folowing were serv
ed: "Magic Pie." "Love Powders."
(for the men) "Breath Tablets," (for
the ladies) bolgna sandwiches, (re
mains of old maids' dog), pickles, kis
ses, cake, elixir for making old maids
and bachelors young (punch) Those
present were:
Ladies: Misses Julia Nutzman,
Marguerite Francis, Sophia Ruhge,
Louisa Ruhge, Selma Marquardt
Nancy Fleishman, Viola Fleishman,
Elsie Opp, Eda Nutzman.
Mesdames: J. W. Brendel, 0. E.
Copes, A. B. Lewton, P. Nutzman.
Gentlemen: ; Henry Kuhnhenn,
Jens Rasmussen, Claude Durham,
Harry Marquardt", Fred Ruhge, Will
Gillen, Louis Ruhge, George . Jung,
John Betts, Herman Wellenseik,
Simeon Raemier, Rev. Kokjer, Her
man cattan.
Old Maids' Convention.
The Old Maids held a convention
at the town hall Friday evening, Feb
ruary 18th. Twenty old maids in gay
and festive attire were present. Sarah
Jane Sprlngster gave the market re
port as follows:
Will Morley highly elegible and
heart whole.
Ed Wulf and Simeon Raemier
Jens Rasmussen, Ben Mohr and
George Junge getting interested.
Theron Malcolm and Fred Carsten
off the market.
Jack Betts and Will Gillen prom
ising. Herman Cattan, Will Gollncr and
Will Wulf-ngaged.
John Bogard yielding.
The committee suggested that a
little more attention be paid to Henry
Kuhnhenn, August Theile, Dad Wald-
rip, Melvln Kear, Rev, Kokjer. Ralph
Graham, -Harry, Marquardt, Will
Maseman and George Trook.
A large crowd was present and the
efforts of the old maids to get hus
bands were gratly appreciated . by
the audience. ;
A delegation of bachelors and wld
owers occupied tne two rront rows
and showered boquets at the old
maids. To the flowers cards were at
tached, on which were written pro
posals. Each bachelor wore a huge
red necktie ana carried a pair of
opera glasses. Henry Kuhnhem car
rled a large banner on wnlcn was
inscribed: "Delegates from Bachel
ors' Headquarters.
The ladies cleared thirty-five dol
lars to be placed in the treasury of
the Congregation Ladies Aid society.
An Old Maid
the investment. ,
The time is drawing near when
there will be but two classes of peo
ple namely the landlord and tenant
Young men go west and get cheaper
land. Good productive land, well im
proved, can be bought today for $50
per acre. Don't rent all your life but
have a home of jour own.
He-moves to Town.
The Journal Is pleased to record
tne advent Into the city of another
fine citizen in the person of George
Meisinger.. . Mr. Meisinger recently
purchased the Robert Troop property
and several days ago moved Into the
place . He . is .one of the . best
citizens of the county and makes an
excelent addition to the good people
here. He has been a thrifty and In
dustrious citizen and has accumulated
a competence during his years of hard
work on his farm, finding that he
could now take a little leisure time
and live In the city. He will receive
n hearty welcome from all who know
('. E. Wescott is among thoso visit
ing the metropolis this afternoon,
going there, on No. 23.
the. "Throat
uj lyl IT
A. D. S. Druggist
Cashier H. R. Neitzel Will Be
Assisted by H. A. Guthman
The Journal la pleased to chronicle
today a number of important changes
which have taken place in the Bank
of Murdock, one of the flourishing
financial institutions of Cass county,
In the first place the bank has in-
creased its capital tock from 110.-
000 to $15,000 which furnishes de
positors an increased and ample mar
gin of safety for their deposits. . Be
sides this the number of stockhold
ers have been materially Increased by
the addition of some of the strongest
and most substantial men in that
prosperous community and at the
present time, the bank nmaers tne
folowing gentlemen as its stockhold
ers, to-wlt: Messrs. Fred W. Backe
meyer, Conrad Baumgarter. Chas. F
Guthman, H. A. Guthman, Emil
Kuehn, Herman and William Leutch.
ens, C. E. Mockenhaupt, Henry Meier
jurgen, Louis and Herman R. Neltz
el, John C. Stroy, Paul Schewe
Eugene T., Arthur and Henry A
Tool, George E. Vandenburg, F
wolf, Frank and Andy Zoz. These
gentlemen are all very well and pop
ularly known in the county and are
among the most aubstantial men to
be found anywhere. Their names
are a guarantee of commercial Integ
One other change In which Platts-
mouth people will be particularly In
lerested Is that Henry. A. Guthman
the son of our esteemed fellow towns
man Frank R. Guthman, assumes the
cashlership succeeding 3. w. Goehry,
Jr., who goes Into Business for him
self in. Idaho. Mr. Guthman has
long been connected with the bank
at Waterloo, Neb., and Is a tried and
trusted banking official. He will as
sist materially In promoting the wel
fare of the Bank of Murdock and the
Journal predicts for him a Jong and
successful business career in his new
position. . .
With these changes the Hank of
Murdock becomes ' one of the top
notchers in financial institutions in
the county, keeping up at the head
of the procession and its name will
remain as in the pnst a synonym for
good business dealing and financial
New Theories.
Science, In its steady progress,;
brings out new theories about the
origin or cause of diseases and upon
such theories' proposes new methods
of treatment. The old doctors were
of the opinion that the body is ns
strong and as sound ns the stomach
and that it quickly declines when the
stomach refuses to work. We are
of the atime opinion and with us every
good observer. Let us try our best
to keep our stomach In p erfect con
dition, and, should wo notice any ir
regularity In its work, let us uho at
once Trlner's American Elixir of Bit
ter Wine. It will cleanse the Rtom
nch, heal every soreness In it, In
crease the activity of the glands, and
strengthen tho muscles of that organ.
Food will then bo readily accepted
and thoroughly digested. This rem
edy should be taken in dlsenses of
the stomach, tiie Intestines and tho
nprves. At drug stores. Jos. Trlner,
1 333-1 3:1!) So. Ashland Ave., Chicago,
III ' '
yl f s trow fe i J
Defence Claims Court Hat No
Venue in Case But is Over
ruled by Judge Travis
The case of the State vs. Nellgh
which was taken up yesterday morn
ing by Judge Travis and a Jury is
still on for hearing today. Immedi
ately upon the state's resting, yester
day Attorney Gerlng made a motion
to dismiss the case and discharge the
prisoner, C. II. Nellgh, as no venue
was shown for the court here. The
contention of counsel for the defense
was that the legal residence of the
plaintiff and the defendant was in
Cuming county where the parties
were living at the time of the alleg
ed abandonment. The point was then
argued by Mr. Gering for the motion
and County Attorney Ramsey in op
position last evening. The testimony
of the, palintlff and her witnesses
were relied upon by the county at
torney to sustain his contention that
the, legal residence of the parties was
here and that the crime of desertion
took place here Instead of at. Wlsner.
Judge Travis this morning handed
down a decision on the qeustlon rais
ed by Mr. Gering In which he over
ruled the motion to dismiss. He' held
in effect that the court here had Juris
diction of the case and that sufficient
testimony had been Introduced t es
tablish a case of residence of this
county. To his ruling the defendant
Immediately after his decision the
taking of testimony was resumed, the
defendant putting in his side of the
The probabilities are that the ense
will Come to a conclusion this af
ternoon and be submitted to the Jury
by night. The testimony which has
gone In has been of a rather salacious
nature bordering on vulgarity and
plentifully interspersed with profan
ity. The state seems to have estab
lished the fact of the defendant leav
ing the plaintiff after she had come
home to her parents in this city, as
tho defendant returned to this city
and remained over night with his
wife, leaving the next morning and
eturnlng no more. The defense seem
to bo that the complaining witness
mndo life unbearable for tho defend
ant by reason of her constant use of
profanity and the calling ,, of vle
names to the defendant. Tho defend
ant testified this afternoon, , during
his cross examination, to t,he fact that
he became tired of her. references to
him in a vile and Indecent manner
and that he left her for that reason.
In addition to the plaintiff's testi-j
mony regarding tho facts of tho sep
eration of the parties, the state pre
sented tho testimony of J. C. York,
father of the wife, Mrs. J. C. York,
her mother, Mr. and Mrs Wllllnm
Gravett, all of whoso testimony was
corroborative of the facts In the com
plaining witness' testimony, to bohio
The defendant had a largo array of
witnesses from tho vicinity of Wls
ner, Nob., who testified to tho lang
uage used by tho complaining witness,
whenever she referred to her hus
band, theso being Mrs. Llllio Wildl,
Mrs. Fred Rudiibusche, Mrs. A. E. B.
Nellgh, tho defandnnt's mother, Am
brose Nellgh, defendant's brother, I).
J Brazda, Jas. Brnzda and II L.
lllnes. Tho defendant when on tho
stand testified In addition to reciting
the language his wlfo was alleged to
have used toward him, the fact that
she pulled his hair, beat htm up and
treated him generally In a scandalous
manner, lie also denied ho had ever
done anything to provoke her nssnults
and that all he did to protest against
every time when it comes to pelting the best value
in Hardware. Whe values we are giving has open
ed the public eye to what genuine Hardware really
is. We have the most exttnsive and the same time
complete stock of high grade Hardware in the coun
ty. If you intend building, bring in jour plans and
spec in cations no
matter how small or x?-
MVtv iait:c wc win i s
will figure them for
you and save you
her attacks. He admitted on cross
examination that he had taken hold
of her to stop her from pulling his
There were a number of women
at the afternoon session, and they
seemed to enjoy the unsavory details
of the testimony to tho limit. At the
hour of going to press the case was
still on the grind and the defendant
was being cross examined.
A Delightful Event.
A very delightful little party was
given by Miss Rachel Livingston sev
eral evenings ago, to a number of
her young friends in this city. The
party consisted of a sleigh ride
and a fine time was had. Sleighs were
called into requisition and the party
enjoyed a fine drive over the snioth,
hard road of this vicinity, the bright
moonlight aiding largely In making,
the evening one of enjoyed pleasure.
After some time spent In this way,
the party repaired to the home of
he young lady south of the city where
her mother, Mrs. B. W. Livingston,
had prepared a sumptuous luncheon
for the party and where the remaind
er of the evening was spent. In ad
dition to the feast which was fit for
ja king, the evening was spent In
song and games and when the time
came to break up and return to their
homes In this city, the party did so
with the utmost reluctance.
Those enjoying this eplendio. even
ing out Included Misses llallle rar
melc, Lucllo Gass, Helen Clark,
Messrs John Falter, George Dovey,
Lynn Minor and Clarence Staats.
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Tongue coated? Bitter taste? Com
plexion sallow? Liver needs waking
up. Donn's Regulets cure bilious at
tacks. 25 cents at any drug store.
' 5 work horses, 4 cultivator, I corn
planter, oifered at private sale. Jpply
to Mr. Baughrsan, on Dovev Section.
Philip H. Meisinger Is among the
nnny coming down this morning from
his home near Cedar Creek to look
after business matters In Uie city.
Get Well First
Don't risk even a penny until health
first returns.
And! mean lint uaet1y tlmt. ,.'...
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befii nwd and riToiumoTided In every city ami
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ist tor that h'st. And i..r
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youri and w ithout cost.
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niiio a-'riinia ailment. I have helped thou!tnilt
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tiilnd, (or tomorrow never come. Dr. Bliooy, lloi
tl, lUicuie, Wit.
Walch Book Shall I leal Tost
Ho. 1 On Dyspepula
No. 2 On tho Heart
No. SOn the Kidney
Nn. 4 For Woman
No. 5 Kor Men
Ko. 0 On Rheumatism,
Dr. Shoop's
, ., , .
OK Till
Ba.nk of Cass County,
of riattsmoutli, Nebraska.
Charter No. 642.
In iiilHiralod In (lie KlutMi( Nebraska, kt the
clitt of Ininliinui H'lirury VI. 1WW.
Loans unci discounts us
OverdiRftH. wt'uivil ami uiwivmvcl.. ilurt OH
llotuls, sux'ks, wTurllleH, Jmlniiicnts.
claim. cU" 2,:)0 00
Itanktiiir Iiohm" fiiriitlura and tlx -
turvH 9.m 00
ltealoNtiitoollicrtlmn bank Inir house XSS 40
('ui'ivnl cxih'Iihvi anil taxi's imld... . n,tM7 IS
Duo from nai l, sum and lutvam
lianks unit bankers ri2i7 M
Check and ttt'iiisof exchanirn. i'M lii
Currency 1 I 5 oe
(loldroln s.Wiu 00
Mlvpr.nlcklcs and cents I.ttft on
Total :3,0Jo to
Capital stock paid In i., ..$ fo.UOO 00
huiphiH fund .0oi UU
Undivided protltK 1 1. (Ill) it.
ludlvlduul iIi'ImmIin Huhli-ct to check 1 1 5.3 w Ni
iH-mand certificates) of dcnohlt, M
'I line certificate of leHwlt tW.tM M
Cashier' M chock outst ainliuK Hi
luo to nat'l, Htate and private bunks.
and hunkers ' 3.414 87
Hills payable .Uoi) uo
Total . t'.'3,(W IV
Statb or Nkhiiawha. (
County or Cahh I I, T. M. I'attcrvm,
cashier of the alvove named bank, do berohy
Hwear that the alsive statement In a corns-' anil
true copy of the rt'iairl made lolhessiuto Ittuik
liig Hoard. T. M. l'ATTKii.-m..
AII..MI.) Chas. C. Vahmki.r, Itlrector,
""""") V. ii. KoKMiKUUKit, Director.
KuIhci'Uh'u and sworn to before uie this I "lit
day of February, mitt. .bit A Known,
Notary I'uhllc.
(Seal! My coiniuls,slon expires Mar. l?th. I wl .'
A Xtvy VuUl Night.
Henry Hilhert, the well known
farmer and stock raiser who Is locat
ed Just outside of the city limits and
one mile north of Oak Hill cemetery,
was In the city this morning and
states 'that last night was one of
the coldest of the winter so far as
freezing weather Is concerned. For
the first time this winter water frov.o
in his well and this morning he
hnd to break the ice before water
could be drawn from it. While the
thermometer did not reglsier uearly
as low as at many times during the
winter, the wind served to drive tho
cold Into the most remote parts and'
open water froze hard. The water
In his well was at a distance of fif
teen feet below the surface of the
earth. Mr. Hilbert r-ceutly added a
fine thoroughbred bull to his stock.
having bought the animal from Chas.
Contryman, living near Murray. The
animal Is a pedigreed cne and id con
sidered one of the best In this im
mediately vicinity, lie Intends to
stand tho animal at his home Just
outside the elty limits, Mr. Hilbert
also has some fine shouts and onu
or two excellent cows which he in
tends to place on the hiarket VHiy
shorty. ' '
Piatt smouth State Bank
of riattsmnntli,' Nebraska
Charter No.iHG '
Ini-ortKu-ated In theHtalfof, tie
close of business, IVhruary l:.'. ituo.
KKsnllKcKS- ,
Loans and discount............. .IH.iriH tr
( tvcrdiaftM. his-urcd and liusernivd..' Tjl7.'i 711
Itanlilnif liouse.rurnllurcandtixluics ,V,l) 00
ileal estate other than lia.iklnif
'louse 1 .(l,),- :VT
Current cMienst-s and taxes imid z,7 ":i
Cush Items "y t'-
Due from mil 'I stale and private banks
and hankers s.HOI'i
r"''' iv -''.MO (hi
'"do coin !
Slyer, nickels and ivnt.s 4:e 4:.'
Total.. , iow.
Cupli ill slock paid in fjuxx) ft
Sin-plus fund ' ,0 no
I'lldlvlded pi-oIHm j;-, lt
Dividends unpaid no w
Individual deiHislts subject to check M I4l ll'i
Demand cert lllculcs ()f tleistslt 4:," p.,
Tlinccei lllli-ales of deposit :i,im 4(,
IIUIh payable s.uuu tw
Total il4.V,)7:i .-
I'tatr or Nkiiiiahka, I
Coi-NTYorCAM iM M. ltoltcrbs,
cashier of the above named bank, do hereby
Nwearthat the bImivc Mtatenicnt is a correct
and true copy of the ivianl made to the .stuio
llaukllig Hoard, J. M. KOItKHTS.
, ... 1'a.shler.
Attest I " ' Nwib. lUi-ector,
A1Ust l.).l'. Kai.tkh. Dlr.Tfir.
Hubscrllied and sworn to before me tills t1ri
day of l-'ebiuary HH0. II. II. Winhham,
leall Notary Public.