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10 BID
Commercial Club Makes a Good Move by Urging Citizens to Use
Plattsmcuth Made Gccds Whenever Possible.
The meeting of the commercial
club last evening at Coates' hall was
better attended than usual, there be-1
Ing some fifty members present. The
expected meeting with Dr. Todd of
Omaha did not take place, he failing
to show up although officers of the
organization had tried to get in touch
with him all day.
The principal business of the ses
sion was that of discussing the best
method of booming home made ci
gars, John Nemetz being the leader
In advocating this. It was urged that
a petition should be circulated ask
ing users of cigars to use Platts
mouth made goods wherever possible
and asking the merchants to patron
ize the local factories.
The discussion developed that
everyone present favored this and a
committee headed by John Nemetz
was seleceted to handle the matter
and secure such action by the local
merchants and users as they could.
In connection with this John Bajeck
of the firm of Ptak & Bajeck who
urged upon the meeting the advantage
which it was to Plattsmouth to use
local cigars and he expressed the be
lief that the increased patronage re
sulted from the more extended use
of local cigars would lend employ
ment to at least ten more cigar mak
ers. He also expressed the belief that
not more than cne half of all the
igars used in the city were home
manufacture. a
Another important matter up be
fore the club was the improvement
of the ferry road. This matter was
up last fall and nothing tangible came
of it so thaj there was no trade over
the ice from Iowa this winter. It is
proposed now to get it in shape for
next spring and summer. James Ault
was reported as circulating a petition
to the county commissioners to im
prove the road.
. A committee which had charge of
the coasting carnival reported that
they had expended all money in their
hands save 7.35, which was turned
into the club funds. No statement of
how the money was spent accom
panied the report for publication.
The club also decided to advertise
the resources of the city one year
Friends Assist G. B. Gould and
Wife to Celebrate Their Fifth
Wedding Anniversary
Yesterday was the fifth wedding an
nlversary of Mr. and Mrs. G. O. Gould
and their friends to the number of a
dozen remembered them on the oc
casion with a surprise party at their
rooms in the Hotel Riley. The party
assembled at the totel, practically all
the members being residents of the
hostelry, and descended upon the
rooms of Mr. and Mrs. Gould in a
body taking these excellent people
quite by surprise although they quick
ly recovered and proceeded to make
the guests at home. Tables were pro
Tided and the evening was most pleas
antly spent in progressive dominoes,
a large bouquet of orange blossoms
and ferns being provided for the win
ner of the games. Frank Gobelman
proved to be the best player and car
ried off the emblem of superiority.
Following this refreshments were
served in the dining hall of the hotel
which had been handsomely decorated
for the occasion. The colors chosen
were orange and green, tho table de
Remedies are Needed
Were wo perfect, which we are not, medicines would
not often bo needed. Hut since our systems have be
come weakened, impnircd and broken down through
indiscretions which have gone on from the early nflcs,
(.Trough countless generations, remedies ere needed to
uiJ Nature in correcting our inherited and otherwise
acquired weaknesses. To reach t!io scat of Btomuch
weakness and consequent di'estivo troubles, there is
nothing so good as Dr. Tierce's Col len Medical DUcov
cry, a glyceric compound, extracted from noiivc medic
inal roots sold for over forty years with great satisfaction to nil users. For
Weak Stomach, Biliousness, Liver Complaint, Pain in tiie Stomach after eating,
Heartburn, Had Hrcnfh, Kclcliin (if food, Chronic Di:rrl cn ami other Inteslind
Derangements, the "Discover" in a timc-pruven and r.iobt cITioicr.t rc'nici'y.
The genuine has on i's
outside wrapper tho
You can't afford to accept a secret nostrum as a substitute for this non-alco-runic,
medicine op known composition, not even thuu;'h tho urgent dealer mny
thereby make a little bigger profit.
Dr. Pierce's I'lcaiant Pellets regulute anj invigorate ktomach, liver and
bowels. Sugar-coated, tiny granules, easy to taue as cunjy.
in a magazine which is devoted to
town building believing that It would
result in good for the town and its
people. Messrs. George L. Farley and
C. W. Baylor were added to the ad
vertising committee which now con
sists of A. L. Tldd as chairman with
Messrs. E. A. Wurl, Philip Thierolf,
G. L. Farley and C. W. Baylor as
It was also decided to have a com
mittee from the club make a visit
to the Burlington shops and see the
condition of matters there since the
accession of the present officials.
The slogan "See Plattsmouth Suc
ceed" was reported to the club from
the committee of the directors and
enthusiastically received. It was de
cided to urge the use of the slogan
In every conceivable way by the mer
chants, business men and citizens gen
erally. The suggestions of the Jour
nal in last night's issue were all re
peated by members present.
A number of business men agreed
to give special prizes for the part
ies selling the greatest number of
slogan buttons, among them being a
cash prize of $5 by George Blackston
Irving the lecturer to defray the ex
penses of whose lecture the buttons
are being sold. A number of the
prizes offered are excellent and well
worth striving for. The award will be
made by the president, secretary and
treasurer of the club.
It was decided to change the night
of the club meeting so as, not to con
flict with tho meeting of several large
lodges in the city and It was decided
to meet hereafter on the third Thurs
day night In each month. The meet
ings will commence promptly at eight
o'clock even if there is only the presi
dent and secretary there.
This constituted the bulk of the
business done after which the meet
ing adjourned. In connection with
the club affairs It has been suggested
that it would be well to have a state
ment showing how the money collect
ed by the club had been spent and
who received it. It is understood a
number of the members and officers
of the club favor this idea and it
doubtless will be done shortly.
The old directors were re-elected
for another year, their names being
reported to the club for ratification
which was done.
corations consisting of organge blos
soms and ferns making a strikingly
beautiful effect. The table was hand
some in hand-painted china and cut
glass galore from which the refresh
ments were served. It was a late
hour before the pleasant gathering
came to an end and the happy guests
retired to their rooms. The assembl
age presented Mrs. Gould with a
handsome chair of Mission style oak,
a present emblematic of the wooden
wedding and something much appre
ciated. The guests included Misses Pearl
Nichols, Genevieve Howard, Mae Pat
terson, Genevieve Shafer of David
City, Neb., Blanche Horning, Mrs. L.
E. Schaulis.Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gobel
man, Messrs. Robert, Hayes, George
B. Mann, and Mr. and Mrs. G. B.
Gould. .
Park Chrlswisser from near Mur
ray, came in this morning to attend
to some business matters and visit
with his parents. He reports that
the sale which Charles Chrlswisser
held last Monday was a very good
one and that he is pleased with the
result. The things sold all brought
good prices and the people who pur
chased them, especially those who
Invested in the stock and horses were
well pleased with the high grade ani
mals they secured.
Help Build Up One of the Lead
ing Industries of the Cisy.
In the report of the meeting of the
commercial dub appears a statement
regarding the appointment of a com
mittee to see the cigar users and the
merchants who sell them, and try
and obtain assurances of support for
the local factories. The committee
headed by John Nemetz, a hustling
merchant, got busy this morning and
were on the street early In the inter
est of Plattsmouth cigars for Platts
mouth people. They report being
highly encouraged by the results pf
their work as far as they had gone
and feel confident that everyone in
the city who smokes tobacco, will be
come an enthusiastic advocate of the
local cigars.
This is as It should be. The cigar
industry in this city is next to the
Burlington shops, the largest in town.
This is what the Journal believes and
It believes the figures would bear out
its statement. Tha. it can be made
much larger is certain and it is due to
everyone for himself to encourage the
Increase of the factories. They em
ploy the best type of worklngmen,
men who command good wages and
who are thrifty and provident to a
degree. Every shop in this city is a
union shop and their goods all bear
the blue label. This Is a guarantee
of the highest class of goods not alone
in workmanship but In stock and no
Imported cigar exceeds the local In
excellency. In fact, go where you
will you will find no equal to the
Plattsmouth made cigar for the
It is to be hoped that Mr. Nemetz
and his committee find encourage
ment in their mission and that we
can soon record a large Increase in
tho wcrkmen employed in this in
dustry here. Plattsmouth not alone
should smoke Plattsmouth cigars but
they should make their excellent
qualities acquainted abroad so that
they may sell in all parts of the coun
try. The way to make Plattsmouth
succeed is to use Plattsmouth made
goods and the Journal rises to sug
gest an emblem for everything made
here. "Made In Plattsmouth, Neb."
would look good.
A Horrible Hold-Up.
"About ten years ago my brother
was "held up" In his work, health
and happiness by what was believed
i to be hopeless Consumption," writes
W. R. Lipscomb, of Washington, D.
C. "He took all kinds rf remedies
and treatment from several doctors,
but fovhd no help till he used Dr.
King's New Discovery and was wholly
cured by six bottles. He is a well man
today." It's quick to relieve and the
surest cure for weak or sore lungs,
Hemorrahges, Coughs and Colds,
Bronchitis. La Grippe, Asthma and
all Bronchial affections. f0 cents and
! $1.00. Trial bottle free. Guaranteed
by F. G. Fricke & Co.
I. J. Decker Injured.
Lee Bates is engaged this week in
cutting wood upon the farm of I. J.
Decker northwest of the city, going
out there Monday for that purpose.
Mr. Decker is laid up at his home
suffering from the kick of a horse,
although not seriously injured. The
accident took place last week and is
quite painful, he having been kicked
in the upper part of the back and at
other places on the body. While
bruised considerably and unable to
be out and about hlB farm work, he
was not Injured Internally nor were
any bones broken. Mr. Bates expect
ed to be at the Decker farm all this
The Government Pays Railway Mall-
Clerks $800 to $1,200, and Other
1 Employes up to $2,500 An
nually. Uncle Sam will hold spring exam!
nations throughout the country for
Railway Mall Clerks, Custom House
Clerks, Stenographers, Bookkeepers,
Department Clerks and other Govern
ment positions. Thousands of ap
pointments will be made. Any man
or woman over 18, in City of Coun
try, can got Instruction and free in
formation by writing at once to tho
Bureau of Instruction, 79 J Hamll
ton Building, Rochester, N. Y.
Liinlixli Spuvln Liniment removes
Hard, Soft, or Calloused Lumps and
Blemishes from horses; also blood
Spavins, Curbs, Splints, Sweeney,
Ring Bone, Stifles, Sprains, Swollen
Throats, Coughs, etc. Save-$50 by
use of ono bottle. A wonderful Blem
Ish Cure. Sold by Goring & Co., drug
Miss Ethel ritman from Murray Is
In tho city today making a visit with
I'londcrful Hou
Come in and see the latest and newest labor saver for the
farmer a true marvel of
You never saw anything like It before nothing like it has
EVER BEEN MADE. It makes a windmill pump into a perfect
Power Pumping Plant in a few minutes, and besides pumping, it
runs senarator. churn, tfrindstone. or anv machine ordinarily run by
hand. DO THE ATTACHING YOURSELF and see. It's well worth
a special trip to get acquainted with the most wonderful invention
you ever saw. Next time you are in town come in SURE. We want
to give you a catalog free.
The Funeral Sermon Preached
by Rev. W. O. Harell and In
, terrment Made at Eight
Mile Grove Cemetery.
The funeral of the late Samuel
Barker which was to have been hold
on Tuesday, January 4, 1910, was
postponed until the following day on
account of the heavy storm which
raged on the date originally set.
When Wednesday dawned It was
found to be one of the coldest days
of the winter and It was decided to
hold the funeral from the residenco of
his daughter, Mrs. Wm. Wetenkamp
Instead of from the Eight Mile Grove
church as originally Intended.
In the house, where he had breath
ed his last and entered into the long
sleep, there was assembled a large
number of friends gathered to pay a
last tribute to the sterling worth of
this most excellent and respected citi
zen. His large family of children
wor all present at the obsequies save
two who were unable to attend.
The funeral sermon was preached
by Rev. W. O. Harell, pastor of the
Methodist church at Mynard and
Eight Mile Grove who had attended'
the deceased during the last illness,
and It was an eloquent and worthy
tribute of praise to his many rare
qualities. The testimony of the pastor
was that Ite peace which came to the
deceasrd during his final Illness was
born of his faith in Christ and that
he went to rest secure in his hope
of a blessed awakening.
Following the services at the house
the body was laid to rest In the Eight
Mile Grove cemetery, a large number
of sorrowing friends forming a cor
tege to the grave despite the severe
In their loss of a most kind and
loving father the sorrowing children
have the sweet consolation of know
ing that the sympathy of a wide
circle of friends Is theirs and that
their bereavement is felt as that of
each of all who had known this good
man in his lifetime.
Emll Palmer, well known In this
city and one of Louisville's good citi
zens, is spending today in. the city,
having come down this morning from
his home at LoulBvllle.
MITICK of a U.K.
In the county court oj Cans county,
In the matter of the estate of Dabner
T. Thncker, deceased.
Notice Is hereby given that In pursu
ance of an order of Hon. Allen J. Hen
son. county Judge of said Cans county,
made and entered on the 19th day of
January, 1910. for the Kale of the per
sonal estate belonging to the estate of
l)abncr T. Thacker, deceased, as herein
after described there will be sold at the
south door of the court house at I'latts
mouth, Nebraska, on the 12th dny of
Kebruarv, 1910. at 10 o'clock a. m., to
the highest bidder for cash the follow
ing described personal property to
wlt: One note of the principal sum of
$5,000 signed bv Walter A. Thaekernnd
Hell Tharker, dated Anrll 8. 1908, due
In ten (10) years with Interest at R per
rent nnd secured by a mortgage on the
s""thenst quarter of section B town
ship 1ft, range 14, In Pass county, Ne
braska, and lot 4, In section 4, town
ship 10, range 1 , In as county, Ne.
bra.Mkn, nil containing 1B7.70 acres more
er less; on said not Inteerxt hart been
paid to the amount of $IH7.fi0.
Knur chairs, one rocking chair, ono
complete bed, one cream separator, har
row, one pair of scales, ono wagon, ono
stand, two cupboards, one post auger,
ope carpet Ipom.
One note of W. A. Thncker, In the
principal sum of $72. &0 dated March 7,
lt0S, 4ind. dtifl In ono year wllh Interest
at 8 per cent; one note of V. A. Thncker
In the prlnclnnl sum of $10(1.00 dated
Kehruary 8, 19m, nnd due In one year
with Interest of 4 tier cent.
Kor the. purpose of paying sai l debts,
charges nnd expenses of said estate end
for the purpose of converting said as
sests Into money for distribution, It Is
neceisary to sell the snmo. Hald sale
will retnnln open one Pour.
I. C). lwyer, H. N. Dovey,
Attorney. Administrator.
Invention Iki
mechanical genius the
Many Cathartics Tend to Cuiino In
Jury to the Bowels.
If you are subject to constipation,
you should avoid strong drugs and
cathartics. They only give temporary
relief and their reaction Is harmful
and sometimes more annoying than
constipation. They In no way effect u
cure and their tendency Is to weaken
the already weak organs with which
they come In contact.
We honestly believe that we have
the best constipation treatment ever
devised. Our faith In it is so strong
that we sell 'It on the positive guar
antee that It shall not cost the user
a cent If It does not give entire sat
isfaction and completely remedy con
stipation. This preparation Is called
Rexall Orderlies. These aro prompt,
soothing and most effective in action.
They are made of a recent chemical
discovery. Their principal ingredient
is odorless, tastless and colorless.
Combined with other well known in
gredients, long established for their
usefulness in the treatment of con
stipation, it forms a tablet which is
eaten just like candy They may be
aken at any time, either day or night,
without fear of their causing any in
convenience whatever. They do not
gripe, purge nor cause nausea. They
act without looseness of the bowels.
They are Ideal for children, weak,
delicate persons and aged people as
well as for the most hearty person.
They come In two size packages, 12
tablets 10 cents, 36 tablets 25 cents.
Remember you can obtain them only
at our store, The Rexall Store. P.
F. Fricke & Ca., Union block.
Art Hughey, the well known and
popular Nebraska City traveling man
was In the city last night making
his Wednesday night call upon his
many customers in the city and meet
ing old friends.
Vinol Restored This Man's
Strength ;
"Several years ago I was attacked try
a severe case ot grippe, which left m
with a hacking cough, soreness In my
chest, and bronchitis. I took nearly
very kind of cough syrup sold on the
market, besides medicine given me by
I received no permanent relief until
my druggist asked me 'to try Vinol,
and after taking three bottles I was
entirely cured.
I believe Vinol to be the greatest
blessing ever offered to the public, as
It does what Is claimed for it." R, E. R.
Hicks, Maplesvllle, Ala.
The reason Vinol cures chronic
coughs, colds and pulmonary troubles
Is because it contains tonic iron and
all the healing and body building ele
ments of cod liver oil but no oil.
Vinol Is also unexcelled as a strength
builder for old people, delicate children,
weak and ruu-down persons, and after
GERING & CO. Druggist
70 Years with Coughs
We haveJiiad nearly seventy years of experience with
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. .That makes us have great con
fidence in it for coughs, colds, bronchitis, weak throats,
and weak lungs. Ask your own doctor what experience
he has had with it. He knows. He can advise you
wisely. Keep in close touch with your family physician.
No alcohol in this cough medicine. ICAycrCoMwelUfcZ
he well; be strons. You cannot if your bowel are constipated. The best laxative is
Ayer's rills, all vegetable. Ask your doctor if he agrees with u$. Do as he sayV
on Display
:vi '
i . lit,
See the
Pulley for
I i
1 j
Patent Applied for
Wed at Nebraska City.
Fred Ruhge, aged 26 and Miss Ron
Telde, both of Berlin, came to th
city yesterday afternoon and tried to
secure a marriage license from John,
C. Miller, clerk of the county court,
assuring Mr. Miller that the father of
the girl, Henry Telde had consented
to the marriage. Mr. Miller was not
satisfied and besides he wanted tho
consent In writing, so ho located tha
father at a sale In that precinct, via
phone, and he would not at first be
lieve that tho daughter was away
from Inline. Ho would not consent.
Tho girl was called to the phone and
talked to the father some time, but
they readied no agreement. Th
father asked Mr. Miller to hold the
couple until he ould come to the-
city, but was referred to Sheriff Fish
er, as Mr. Miller hnd no license at
law, to hold them. Whilo the father .
was securing the sheriff the couple
left the court house and went to th
depot saying they were going back
home. At the depot they boarded tb
freight train and it pulled out tor
Auburn just before Deputy Flahtr
reached the station. The officers at
Auburn were asked to hold the coupl
which they did. The father went dowa
there last night, secured the dauga-
ter and took her home and refused
to prosecute the young man. Th
couple vow they will get married yet
and will In some way outwit the girl
father. Both are well known youasT
people pf that precinct and have beta
keeping company for some time.
Nebraska City News.
Well HaUsfled.
J. P. Marling, connected with th
Woods Bros. Live Stock commission,
company of South Omaha, who has
been visiting for a couple of days In.
the city with Benton KInkead, de
parted this morning for his home. It
Is forty-one years since the two gen
tlemen met and Mr. Marling came la
quite unexpectedly to meet his old
friend. Quite to his surprise he found
that the long lapse ot time had not
impaired Mr. Kinkaid's excellent
memory of names and faces and b
was recognized at once. The two bad
a very pleasant visit over old timet
and Mr. Marling departed this morn
ing more than satisfied with the re
sult of his trip.
Brave Fire Ladle
often receive severe burnB, putting
out fireB, then uso Bucklcn's Arnica.
Salve and forget them. It soon drives
out pain. For Burns, Scalds, Cats,
WoundB and Bruises its eartb'a
greatest healer. Quickly cures Skin,
Eruptions, Old Sores, Bolls, Ulcers.
Felons; best Pile cure made. Relief
is Instant. 25c at F. G. Fricke k Co.
PIcuHant Caller.
Louis Lelner, one ot the most po
pular farmers living near the city
came in yesterday afternoon to look
after business matters and to meet
with his many good friends. Mr.
Lelner recently came In and renewed
his subscription to the Journal which
Is his old standby and without it, he
would not feel at homo. Louis 1b hop
ing for the cold weather to hurry
past so that he can get Into ills' fields
and plant a new crop for the coming