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While on Duty in the Union Pacific Yards George Straley, Fore-1
man of the Switch Crew,
The sad and unexpected Intelli
gence was received this morning
through a telegram of a son of Ben
Brooks, now In Omaha, of the death
at that point of George Straley, form-
trly of this city. Mr. Straley waa a
tirother-ln-law of George and Ben I
Orooks of this city, having married
Visa Florence Brooks here some years
So. At one time he worked in this
titj, being employed by W. D. Jones
ad other liverymen in their barns
"fcere and later embracing switching
4k the Burlington yards here under
W. D. Messersmlth. He commenced
Work here during the '90's. For a
bumber of years past he has been
employed In Omaha working for the
Colon Paclfls railroad.
It was while in discharge of his
Hutles as foreman of a switching crew
tor the Union Pacific that the unfor
tunate man met his death. He was
Wiled laHt night at 8:05 o'clock in
the Union Pacific yards in Omaha at
Varcy street between Fourteenth and
tfTteenth streets. He was caught be
tween the rear wall of the Omaha
Faper box factory and a loaded coal
car which was derailed at that point.
Straley was In charged of the switch
rtw which was engaged in Bpcttlng
car of steam coal for the paper
box company at the rear of the fac
tory building. In this duty he was
walking along the side of the car
which was being backed Into place
try a switcher. At the point where
Che accident occurred the space bo
tween the track and the factory wall
4 less than three feet but still enough
A Fine Time.
The members of the M. W. A. last
evening bad a great big time at their
all when they proceeded to Install
ttJ3cers for the coming year. They
bad a fine spread including about
everything to be had In the eatable
line and the many members certainly
aet them down to a vertlable feast.
ATter the banquet a smoker followed
which was hugely enjoyed by all. As
Bpeclal feature of a fine evening's
entertainment, the Woodman band
was on hand and gave a number of
fine selections. The band also played
several airs before the meeting as
sembled and, despite the bad weather,
a number of people gathered on the
streot to liHten to their mudlc and
reward them with generous nppluuse.
In the hall there was from seventy
live to one hundred members pres
that means just so many dollars for any suit or over
coat left trom our Fall stock. Suits and overcoats
Felling: for $10 include Micheal Stern & Co. medium
priced line up to $15 regular. Suits and overcoats
selling for $14 and $18 include Hart, Schaffncr& Marx
hand-tailored clothes up to $30 regular.
At the rate these good clothes went yesterday,
the opening day of oui sale, there won't be much left
for "the man who waits." Come in today and you'll
get the best selection. '
77 o Home of Hart,
Stetson Hats
I See
Jaltci Sfchieicfj?
i)),l. "..rr.nL ' jui I' j
is CrvsHed to Death.
to iwirmlt mn tn walk throueh. The
track was covered with sleet and ice
from the rain and this Is thought to
have been the cause of the big coal I
car suddenly leaving the rails and I
pinioning the unfortunate man be-
tween it and the wall. As he was I
caught between the car and the wall
and life crushed out, be gave one
long, agonizing scream which was
heard by the engine men and the
men of the switch crew who brought
the train to a stop but too late to
him. So tightly was the man,
wedged between the car and the wall
that It was several hours before his
body could be removed. When this
was attempted, It was necessary to:Slvei J"n 9. 1906.)
get two powerful locomotives before
the car could be moved and his body
secured. The body was taken charge
of by Coroner Crosby of Douglass
county and an Inquest will be held
tomorrow (Friday) morning at 10
o'clock to fix the responsibility for
the disaster. The engineer of the
switcher was named Frank Trueman
and the fireman Emery A. Jones.
Straley was a man in the neigh
borhood of 48 years old and is sur
vived by a wife and five children. His
brothers-in-law George and Ben
Brooks expect to go to Omaha this
afternoon to be present at the Inquest
and arragne for the funeral. It is un
derstood that Mr. Straley carried
some life insurance but this Is not
The many friends of Mrs. Straley
In this city extend their sincere sym
pathy to her in her sudden bereave
ment. ent:
The officers installed were as fol
lows: Venerable Consul Geo. Lushinsky.
Adviser Oliver C. Hudson.
Clerk Henry Goos.
Banker Wm. Hassler, Sr.
Memebr Board of Managers A. J.
Watchman J. D. Parker.
Sentry J. L. Burrows.
Manager Harry S. Barthold.
lon't Get a Divorce.
A western Judge granted a divorce
on acount of Ill-temper and bad
breath. Dr. Klnk'B New Life Pills
would have prevented it. They cure
Constipation, causing bad breath and
Liver Trouble the ill-Temper, dispel
colds, banish headaches, conquer
chills. 25c at F. O. Frlcke & Co.
Scia(fiur & Marx Clothes
Manhattan Shirts
Other lines
The Same Mistake U Made by
Many Plattsmouth People
It's a common error
To plaster the aching back,
Tn rnh with liniments rheumatic
Jolntg y
Wnen the trouble comes froTO the
... . ,
"an a Kianey run cure an naney
And are endorsed by Plattsmouth
citizens. (
Mrs. John Sharp, corner Third and
Dyke streets. Plattsmouth, Neb..' says:
"u uuuu" "um
my back and kidneys. There were ter-
rlble pains in the small of my back
often extending into my hips and
limbs and though I doctored and tried
various medicines, I was not relieved.
About a year ago I procured Doan's
Kidney Pills from Gering & Co.'s drug
tore and In a short time they brought
me complete relief. This remedy has
my hearty endorsement." (Statement
Oa December 29, 1908, Mrs. Sharp
said: "I gladly renew my former en
dorsement of Doan's Kidney Pills. I
still think highly of this remedy,
knowing that it Is a splendid one in
cases of kidney trouble."
', For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-Mllburn Co., Buffalo,
New York, sole agents for the United
Remember the name Doans
and tak o other.
Bunks Fleet Officers.
The annual meeting of the stock
holders of the First National bank
was held yesterday at the bank
quarters. The old officers were re
elected which is all the business done
at the meeting according to officials
of the bank. They are President,
George E. Dovey; Vice President,
Frank E. Schlater; Cashier, II. N.
Dovey; Assistant Cashier, Carl O.
Fricke. Directors, Geo. E. Dovey, D.
Hawksworth, G. Knapp, F. E. Schlat
er and II. N. Dovey. The bank has
had a prosperous year and has a
flattering amount on deposit Judged
by the last statement published in the
Journal which shows a total of de
posits amounting to $364,238.16.
The stockholders of the Bank of
Cass county also held their1 annual
meeting and as in the case of the
First National bank, the old officers
were re-elected. They are President,
Charles C. Parmele; Vice President,
Jacob Tritsch; Cashier, T. M Patter-1
son; Assistant uasnier, ilea rauer-
Son. Directors, Thos. M. Patterson,
Rea Tatterson, Thos. Parmele, Chas.
C. Parmelo, J. O. Rlchey, F. G. Egen-
berger and Jacob Tritsch. This bank
also had a very prosperous and en-
couragmg year ana me Biocanoiaers
declared the usual dividend. In ad-!
anion tne sum or.?&,uuu was aaaea
to the surplus which now amounts to
$0,000. The deposits in this bank at
its last statement amounted to $297.-
C96.91. Thl3 bank Is one of the
strongest and . best in tho state and
Its action in increasing its surplus
affords the depositors an Increased se
curity for their money well worthy
of eonslderaton.-
An alarm of fire this morning
caused the Wlntersteen hill people
some excitement but turned out to be
nothing worse than a chimney at
George Hrasky's liouso burning out.
No damage was done nnd tho depart
ment did not turn out.
If SicK
Don't risk even one ntngle penny !
And I will tell you why I lay thin.,
It U bemuie every pucltagn of Pr. Rhoop'i
ntiMm is absolutely free fit fails.
No one need mk even one tingle penny.
Jiut think what this nieani to the lullurlnj
Itckl. . y.
Norlak, mytnynte, nothing wnatrver un
I (MM With fli fturtii 'ur HO full day, and
without therhirc0alif(le penny, you ran um
either of my tiftt fwicdiei Dr. Hhoop'p
KeitornUveorvrrMt(JTn rKiiumatie Kemeay.
Then why take any chanco wrmVvorT
Why vunhase any medidne whose
maker dare not back it just as I do by
this remarkable oneri
And beside. I am notjanr to you.
My "No Mpfttfly'Pjki' iias made Dr,
Shoop's Retof v4 lif"fVli every drug store
In the land. ThA hi4irViVall,,,'We take
no chance whaSrvfr fiore."
Kor twenty years ur.Hhoop medicines nave
become thnroughl
lnMlttHl all over AmiTlca
And l
t and rospons.
ll'le druggists
village eviry.
whor to aci
yours: Those
solM'tod om
ttMinriiiy nu'UK'ine wun
the sick an
risk Is mine alone.
Hut write me tint (or an order.
1 have an agnt In almost every commun.
It r hut all druggists are not authorial to grant
the 3olny tt.
bo drop mc line, please and thus nftve all
dlMipi)iiitni.'iits and 0luys.
JWidm, you are free to consult me ly lotter
as you would your homo physician. lo so liwly
and (ully If you diwlro. Wy advice and the book
hflmv r vours and without cot. tYrhAn a
word or two trom me win clear up some riou
ailment. I h.v helped thousaiidsuiwnthouMinds
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helpful Idcns to you Tlioy tell o( my l years ex- 1
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jiex' Inlling nerve.
and relitiililn, ifnilKiti
restores the loM
tone a;nl imiw.slII cun uri
'heln lou-if "t It
wilhln the imiwi r of med
to do so. My best
Ulurt Usurely worth ym
iple request, f'o write
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drivel -jf ityJiti.
(l;lti ar.Tlu
il rrm entire
now, while It l fresh lWuuiid, loe tomorrow
never conies. Ir. SIhmip, Vox li. Hiicine,
Which Book kball I Bna Tout
No. 1 On Pyr'Pl "o. 4 For Women
No. I On the llenrt No. 5 Kor Men
Nu t On the Kidneys No. 0 Uu tUitumatUm.
In County Court.
In county court petitions have been
filed for the administration of several
J estates. Among them is the estate
of J. M. Kunz. the estate of Gustave
Buss and the estate of George Lutz
A petition for the appointment of a
guardian for John A. Clements minor,
has also been filed, B. A. Clements be
ing named for the petition. A peti
tion has also been filed for the pro
bate of the will of David Reed, de
This Should Interest Many Mem
bers of the High School.
Some additional details are given
out this morning in regard to the
slogan which the commercial club
Is offering a prize of ten dollars for.
This Is necessitated by the numerous
calls upon the secretary for further
details. '
What Is desired is that the slogan
be brief. Three or at the most four
words are plenty and the shorter it is
the better.
The competition Is open to every
body, men, women and children and
an especial Invitation is extended to
high school pupils to enter the com
petition. There Is no limit to the number
of suggestions. Send in every idea
you have. Don't stand back because
It seems out of the ordinary or be
cause it la common place. It may be
worth $10 to you.
The slogan must appeal to outside
people as well as people who live
here. What Is wanted is something
which will make everybody think of
Plattsmouth and draw attention to
the city.
Remember that three crisp words
with plenty of meaning to them ,wlll
cover the ground and that the com
mittee will pay $3,33-1-3 for each of
these three words.
Everyone Is asked to submit his
or her idea on what will make a suc
cinct and catchy phrase for the
booster button. You can win just
as easily as the next one. Try it any
way and do the best you can.
ti ct v it..--. .- va
i. i . . ...
iieyu are weun, iry ut icuki., a icw .
doese only of Dr. Shoop's Restoratlce.
In five or ten days only, the result
w,n ,,urprl8e you. A few cents w!irand who has a record of thirty years
cover tne coat An(j nere jg why help ,or enviable success to his record.
,comea B0 nulckly. Dr. Sh'oon doesn't' 'We receive more good reports about
jdrug the stomacn nor stimulate the' Rexall Mucu Tone than we do of all
neart or Kidneys .Dr. Shoop's Restor- .other catarrh remedies sold In our
atlve goeg directly to the weak and store, and if more people only knew
falllng nerveSi Each orgau ha8 lt8 what a thoroughly dependable remedy
own controlling nerve. When these
nerve8 faU( tne depending organs 1
mu3t necessity falter. This plain, yet
vital truth, clearly tells why Dr.
shop's Restorative is so universally
successful. Its success is leading
druggists everywhere to Rive It unl-
versal preference. A tost will surely
tcll. Sold by all dealocls.
' sues, to soothe the irritation and heal
Another Simp Man Injured. the soreness, stop the mucous dis
i W. F. Ford who la a machine man charge, build up strong, healthy tis
in the Burlington planing mill Is an- sue and relieve the blocd and system
other man on the relief owing to hav- of diseased matter. Its Influence is
ing the thumb of his left hand caught toward stimulating tho, muco-cells,
by a rip saw.. Mr. Ford was engaged aiding digestion and improving nutri
in sawing some frost shims, one side tlon with healthy activity. In a com
o? the piece of lumber being thin, paratlvely short time It brings about
The thin section was drawn between a noticeable gain In weight, strength,
the saw and the table board causing god color and feeling of buoyancy.
Mr. Ford's left thumb to be caught We urge you to try Rexall Mucu
by the saw and the upper portion .of Tone, beginning a treatment today,
the thumb lacerated to a considerable At any time you are not satisfied,
extent. He will not be able to work simply come and tell us, and we will
for several days.
Probably ' the greatest coffee sub
stitute yet produced Is that now
known to grocers everywhere as Dr..
Shoop's Health Coffee. It actually
goes a third farther than all others,
and besides It is "made In a minute."
No 20 or 30 minutes tedious boiling
is at all necessary. Pure toasted
grains, malt, nuts, etc. have been so
cleyerely blended as to give a won
derfully satisfying, true genuine cof
fee flavor and taste. And not a grain
of real coffoe is used. 100 cups, 25c.
Sold by F. S. White.
Senator Lnverty In Town.
Senator Laverty of Ashland, was
In tho city today looking after Borne
business matters and found time to
drop in nnd Bee the Journnl. During
the recent session of tho legislature
the writer and Senator Ltiverty were
.1,1. 1
upon very friendly terms during the
on,lro slon, and to say that we
WP,.0 unppy to meet him and give
Mm the glad hand.
Senator Lnverty
tho gentleman of "downed" the
gront fa,lntic ratrUk for an endorse-
ment of his actions in the session of
R. lletherlngton, one of the llur
llngton's reliiibh niechnnies, was In
the city last evening for an over night
lslt with Ms family, returning to Ms
duties on the road this morning.
' Iff; I
9 Id
The president of the largest shoe house in the
world saved part of his money when he clerked
in a store. The man he worked for liked this and
took him into partnership. About forty years age
he had saved Ten Thousand Dollars. Today he
uvnrh Ton Millinne Malm vniif nuun moral.
We will oav vou 3 oer
money you put in our bank and compound the in-
icrcai every iwuivu munins.
Plattsmouth. Nebraska
30 H
F. O. Fricke & Co. Offer a Remedy
for Catarrh. The Medicin
Costs Nothing If it Fails.
When a medicine effects a success-1
ful treatment in a very large majority
of cases, and when we offer that
medicine on our own personal guar
antee that It will cost the user noth
ing if it does not completely relieve
catarrh, It Is only reasonable that
people should believe us, or at least
put our claim to a practical test when
we take all the risk. These are facts
which we want the people to sub-jof
sianuaie. vve want inem to trv Kex-
all Mucu-Tone. a medicine nrenared
from a Prescription of a physician
wun wll0m catrr!l was a specialty,
Rexall Mucu-Tone Is, it would bo the
only catarrh remedy we would have
any demand for.
Rexall Mucu-Tone Is quickly ab-
L . . ' ' " ' ' , Ul"-
itium iu uisiuieci, uiiu cieause me
entire mucous tnembrances tract, to
destroy and remove the parasites
which injure the membraneous tis-
lire Yourpugh I
Gering & Co.'s Combination Compound Syrup of
White Pine, with Cold Tablets, is an ethical Com
bination for Curing Coughs and Colds. This Pre
paration has been unsurpssed in treating Coughs f
ana vojus prevalent in
it to do the work.
. 4
fR (Pa ...
t - HnH n & (in n
i i y
cent interest on the J
quickly return your money without
question or quibble. We have Rexall
Mucu-Tone In two sixes, 50 cents and
$1.00. Remember you can obtain
Rexall Remedies In Plattsmouth only
at our store The Rexall Store. F.
F. Fricke & Co., Union block.
Departs For Home.
Commissioner Charles R. Jordan
departeofor home this morning after
having attended the commissioners
meetln8 and assisted
In checking
some of the county officials. Mr.
Jordan in common with the other
re8ldent8 of Alvo and Murdock, is '
prote8tlng agaln8t tne change in time
the Rock Island whlch makea a
ui . ... v . r
..i. . ..... t . . . ,
lrip irom aivo nere ana reiurn. ii is
8ald tnat tne Rock T8,and lntends
to start a motor service in the spring
wh,ch Is much wanted
We Sell
oa the positive guarantee
that if it does not give sat
isfaction we will return the
' entire amount of money paid
us for it.
We ask all those who are
run-down, nervous, debili
tated, aged or weak, and
every person suffering from
stubborn colds, hanging-on
; 'coughs, bronchitis or incipi
I ent consumption to try Vinol
with this understanding.
GERING & CO. Druggist
mis climate. We euarantec A