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Youk Little ;o;3B
Newt Item Gathered Each Week by a Special Reporter for This Department of the Seml-Weekly Journal
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Window glass at Copes' drug
George Braezele was up from
Berlin Monday.
Ralph Graham was at Weeping
Water Saturday.
Gubs Buss was 'a business visitor
at Omaha Tuesday.
Herman Cattau spent Sunday with
Columbus relatives.
Orlando Tefft was a business visi
tor in Omaha Wednesday.
Zimmerer & Gillin installed a
new safe in their store this week.
Henry Hunterman has been suf-
fering with a sore eye the past week.
E. B. Taylor was down from
Sprngfleld the first part of the week.
The revival meetings at the Christ
ian church came to a close Sunday.
Remember that November 28th.,
is the first number of the lecture
J. H. F. Ruhge and Henry Fianzen
were taking in the sights in Omaha
Alfred Nutzman of Bertrand, was
here several days this week visiting
relatives and friends.
Jos. Zimmerer and family were
visiting relatives near Nebraska
City several days this week.
Jeff Welcher and wife have pur
chased the hotel at Dunbar. They
will take charge about December
Jos. Burhns purchased the Delles
Benier farm northeast of town last
week. L. U. Hupp, the real estate
hustler, made the deal.
Miss Clara D. Mohr and Clarence
F. Witt were united in marriage at
the home of the bride's parents,
near Syracuse, on Thursday, Novem
aer 11th. Miss Clara is the young
est daughter of John Mohr and
wife, who for a number of years
lesident west of town. The wedding
was a quiet one and the couple were
given a reception at the palatial
aew home of the bride's parents
. They will reside on a farm near
Syracuse. They have a host of
friends in and near Avoca, who wish
them happiness and prosperity
A Linen Shower.
Mrs. A.'E. Gass was hostess at a
linen shower yesterday afternoon in
honor of Miss Lena Frlcke, to which
a large number were Invited.
After the arrival of the guests
squares of white, cambric, thimbles,
nuedles and blue thread were dls
tributed by the hostess and the
guests were requested to embroider
their name and a design of the ar
ternoon and as each square was
completed, they were collected by
Mrs. Gass, who will make them into
a quilt and -will then present it to
Miss Lena.
During the afternoon an elegant
luncheon was served. Suspended
from the center of the double open
ins between the two parlors was a
large white wedding bell. Follow
ing the luncheon the bride-to-be was
blindfolded and sea'ed under this
bell. She was then handed two rib
bons. which was attached to the lill
and requested to pull them. The
Dulling of the ribbon caused 'the
bottom of the bell to fall out and
the bride-to-be showered with pack
ages of every shape and size. While
seated under this bell the brido-to
be opended these packages, which
routained beautiful linen pieces.
(Special Correspondence.)
Fay Parsell drove the hearse to
Waverly Tuesday morning, to at
tend the Mr. Apin's funeral.
G. P. Foreman and George Oliver
returned from Mr. Foreman's son,
Orrie Foreman near Valparlso, the
latter part of last week.
Mrs. F. S. Allen spent last Sun
day with her husband, returning to
University Place Sunday.
George Oliver went to Elmwood
via Lincoln Saturday evening, re
turning Monday noon.
Schuyler Wolfe had the misfor
tune to fall from the hand car Mori-
day forenoon receiving some very
painful bruises.
Mrs. W. H. Suders and daughter
Mary, of Clatoning. are visiting rela
tives in town.
John Hilderbrant and Miss Mable
Stout left Monday evening for Madi
son, Neb., to visit a few days with
Mr. Hilderbrant's brother, Herman
and family.
Miss Minnie Bailey and Mrs. Lulu
Stone went to Omaha on the early
morning train Wednesday.
Mrs. lvershiner came in Tuesday
evening from Indianapolis, Indiana,
to visit her cousin, Mr. George Hall
and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Stroemer
entertained Mr. and Mrs. J. 11.
Stroemer at supper Monday evening.
Thomas Stout was called to at
tend a sick horse at Waverly last
Miss Delia Newkirk hn3 returned
home from Greenwood.
J. E. Casey is serving on the jury
at Plattsmouth this week.
Dan Skinner and daughter, Miss
Mable, and Mrs. Ada Mick went to
Omaha Wednesday to do trading.
J. V. Parsell will have a public
sale November 27, after which be
will make his future home in Lincoln.
Guy Parsell, assisted by Frank
Parsell, sawed a pile of posts into
stovewood lengths for W. E. New
kirk Monday and Tuesday.
Mrs. Orris Foreman returned to
her home at Valparlso Sunday even
ing, after visiting her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Lou Keefer, for the past
week. i ,
Mrs.-Carlton-Gulllon was, la Om
aha Tuesday shopping.
Ralph Gullion is helping in his
brother's confectionary.
Knulish Spavin Liniment removes
Hard, Soft or Calloused Lump3 and
Blemishes from, horses; also Blod
Spavins, Curbs. Splints, , Sweeney,
Ring Bone, Stifles, Sprains, Swollen
Throats, Coughts, etc. SaVe $30 by
use' of one bottle. A wonderful
Blemish Cure. Sold by Gering & Co.,
In PUtrid Court.
In district court yesterday the
case of Mefford vs. Zoz was finished
and went to the jury. The jury
was out all night and this morning
was still locked up wrangling over
the case.
The ca9e of the State vs. Charles
J. Baker wherein Baker is charged
with bigamy, came up on a motion
of Messrs. Sullivan and Gering as
his counsel for a continuance. The
ground was absent witnesses. It
was fought by County Attorney Ram
sey and argued at length. This
morning Judge Pemberton overruled
the motion and the case Is get down
for trial on next Monday, Novem
ber 22nd.
This morning the case, of Herold
vs. Coates which was tried some
months ago and on one cause of
action, a new trial wa3 granted,
was taken up this morning by Judge
Pemberton and a jury. The case is
presented by Matthew Gering for
Mr. Herold while Attorney Gurley
& Woodruff of Omaha, are looking
after the matter for Coates. The
trial promises to be a sensational
one in many respects and will take
some little time to try.
The jury in the case of Mefford
vs. Zoz this afternoon when court
convened came in and asked Judge
Pemberton whether they had the
right to divide the costs in the case.
While not denying their right, the
court stated it was poor policy and
they returned to their jury room.
At 2:15 they were still deadlocked.
The progress in the case of Her
old vs. Coates was being made some
what faster than in the former trial
and it will not take bo long to hear
it. There was considerable acrimon
ious wrangling between counsel for
the parties and a mass of interest
ing testimony introduced, the after
noon session was largely occupied
with reading depositions taken in
Illinois and elsewhere relating to the
The case of Mefford vs. Zoz which
is mentioned above, is the first Jury
case in which W. A. Robertson, the
young attorney and partner with
Byron Clark, has taken part. The
young man virtually tried the case,
although he had associated with him
William Deles Dernier. He conduct
ed the examination of the witnesses
and made an' excellent impression.
In addition he made a strong argu
ment in the case. Mr. Robertson
gives every promise of becoming one
of the brightest members of the Cass
county bar' and his many friends
have extended their congratulations
on the signal Bttecess which he has
made in his first case before a jury.
Kill Her Foe of i!0 Yeurs.
"The most merciless' enemy I had
for 20 years," declares Mrs. James
Duncan of Haynesville, Me., "was
Dyspepsia. I suffered Intensely af
ter , eating or drinking and could
scarcely sleep. After many remedies
had failed and sevreal doctors gave
me up I tried Electric Bitters, which
ured me completely. Now I can eat
anything. I am 70 years old and am
overjoyed to get my health and
strength back again." For Indiges
tion, Loss of Appetite, Kidney
Trouble, Lame Back, Female Com
plaints, its unequaled. Only 50c at
F. O. Frlcke & Co. .
Buys u 1 arm.
The following is taken from a
Lawrence (Neb.) paper of a recent
date: "Joseph Svoboda has pur
chased of Alex Riley his fine farm
northwest of Lawrence four and one
half miles. He paid $100 per acre,
or $16,000 for the quarter, and be
sides this he has 120 acres that cor
ner with the new purchase, giving
him in all 280 acres. Joe was a
renter of the Riley farm for ten
consecutive years before buying it."
Mr. Svoboda was a former Platts
mouth resident, and is evidently
making good in in his new locality.
Homes for Sale.
I have just . unloaded twenty-four
head of large western horses which
I am offering for sale at my farm,
seven miles south of Plattsmouth.
Perry Marsh.
Wash Your Face and Hand
A. D. S. .
Its Constant Use Tends
to Keep the Skin White
25c Cake
Forced Into F.xile.
Wm. Upchurch of Glen Oak, Okla.,
was an exile from home. Mountain
air, he thought would cure a fright
ful lung-racking cough that had do-
fled all remedies for two years. Af
ter six months he returned, death
dogging his steps. "Then I began to
use Dr. King's New Discovery." he
writes, " and after taking six bottles
I am as well as ever." It saves thous
ands yearly from desperate lung dis
ease. Infallible for coughs and oclds,
it dispels hoarseness and sore throat.
Cures grip, bronchitis, hemorrhages,
asthma, croup, whooping cough. 00c
and $1, trial bottle free, guaranteed
by F. G. Frlcke & Co.
(.'(Kid Ice Weather.
The sharp, cold weather of last
night did a lot of Ice making and
this morning the small boy was in
his element as skating on the back
waters from the Missouri fiver was
fine. The Ice is smooth with no
snow or sand on it and if it should
remain this way for a few days the
best skating in years would 'be had.
The thermometer last night crawled
down almost to the zero point bul
was rapidly coming up this morn
ing, owing to a change in the wind
which is blowing from the south.
At eight o'clock the thermometer
at the depot stood at eighteen
above, not nearly so cold as many
thought. Trains are all late this
morning ns usual, No. 6 from the
west being fifty minutes late and
No. 15 from the east some fifteen
minutes late. The M. P. train from
the south this morning was on hour
late. The cold weather with Ice and
snow works hard on the fast trains
as they cannot keep schedule time.
Indications are that the weather to
day will moderate and that a period
of fine weather is in Bight.
The Lucky Man.
Wescott's held their weekly un
veiling of the clock yesterday af
ternoon at 3 o'clock and they had
the usual big crowd present to Bee
who was the lucky winner of the
three green dollars. Glen Low, an
employe of the Burlington shops,
carried off the money, he holding
ticket calling for 4:29:34, while the
clock stopped at 4:G3:G6. The next
unveiling takes place next Wednes
day afternoon, November 24, at 3
p. in.
An Important Flection.
There will be an election tomor
row (Friday) in Liberty precinct,
including that part which It Is pro
posed to create into a drainage dis
trict. Under . the law the election
board-for this , election consists of
the county clerk and two assistants.
For the purpose of assisting him,
County Clerk Rosonerans has select
ed J. P. Falter and Henry A. Sch
neider, both of them "being familiar
with land description and well quali
fied for the place. The proposed
district will embrace a large part
of Weeping Water bottoms through
Liberty prqelnct and Is considered
by many a needed Improvement.
Itch cured In 30 minutes by Wool
ford's Ranltray Lotion. Nover falls.
Sold by Gering & Co., druggists. j
A Hculdccl Boy's Shrieks
horrified his grandmother, Mrs
Marie Taylor of Nebo, Ky., who writer
that when all thought he would die
Bucklen's Arnica Salve wholly cureC
hlm.s Infallible for Burns, Scalds
Cuts, Corns, Wounds, BrulseH, Bkln
Eruption, Chilblains, Chapped Hands
Soon routi riles. 25c at F. G
Frlcke & Co.
And Put in Some Time Condemn
ing Mist Mary Foster.
Plattsmouth, Neb.. Nov. 16, 1909.
Board of county commissioners
met in regular session with all mem
bers present.
Minutes of the previous meeting
were read and approved, when the
following business was transacted in
regular form:
Bond of Charles Clapp, constable
Elmwood precinct, approved.
Bond of William H. Rush, road
overseer Road District No. 7, approved.
With reference to an article pub
lished in the Louisville Courier of
October 30, 1909, signed by Coun
ty Superintendent Mary E. Foster
In which it casts reflection upon the
county board of commissioners.
We ns a board denounce the charge
as false. ,
The bill of goods she bought
amounting to $700, she said she
could have bought the same bill of
goods from another firm for $350.
The commissioners would like to
know why she did not buy them
there, as she had the authority to
buy where she wished. She also
made the 'statement "that she did
not deal on as large a scale as some
of the commissioners would like to
have." If this is a fact, why did
we as a board cut the claim from
$750 to 450?
She also makes the claim that she
would like to know what is going
on in her office. If she is not famil
iar with the duties of her office, It
18 time that she post herself on said
The county board never dictated
to the superintendent the kind,
quantity or quality of moods ordered
un to the time this bill was present
ed for payment, at which time the
board passed a resolution that in
the future no supplies Bhould be
ordered by any county official with
out first procuring an order from
some member of the board.
The following claims' were allow
ed on the general fund:
C. H. Smith, stamped envoi
ones to treasurer: . .'-...$ 156.50
CVD. Qulriton, boarding city
"nrlannpra ' . 7. 1 O
F. -
C.' D. Qulnton, salary and
'boarding county pris
oners ' 203.30
L. D. Swltzer, canvassing
election .returns. ; '. -i'li . . 12.40
J.'H. Donnelly, db..i.v.. 9.00
m' L. Frledrich, stlla-ry and
' ' expense. .' .'i .' : 21.10
Li l). Switzer, do... A'.. 21.25
b! I. Clements, vtewlifg body
! of Dr. Rlckard. . 6.10
C. F. Vallerysettlng -up
election booths: . ' '." ... 3.00
II. G. Wellenslek, room' for '
two electlons;rA vocal ... 9.00
Joe Banning, room Tor-two
elections, Liberty. '. S.00
Fred Kehne, room for one
election, Plattsmouth pre
cinct '-oo
M. Archer, costs State vs,
Wilson '"
r n nnlnton. do 4.30
M. Archer, costs State vs
XHltA Slnvlu-k 4.50
D. L. Amlck, witness State
va MlUn Rlnvlcek 1.00
W. P. n.inisev. do L00
MonH-Unrnlrt. nrintlnir . . . . 24.30
Kloim & Dartlett, supplies
239. G!l 246-
Nebraska ' Telephone. Co.,
rent and tolls 5.15
Peter Claus, stove and pails
to poor farm 2.80
C. R. Jordan, salary and ex-
ponse o-.uu
Geo. Stander, wood to poor
farm 300
T. J. Isner, labor at poor
farm......: 1620
The following claims were allow
ed on the road fundi ,
T. J.' Marshall, road work
R. I). No. 6..,.. '.. 19-60
W. R. Brown, do. . : ... . 3.00
II. Hart, do No. . 7 . 69.20
M. Dalby, do No $..'.. 25.07
J. H.-Henegar, do No.' $ ... 130.25
The followlngrelal;ms were allow
ed on the commissioners' road fund:
Henry Snoke,; road 'work
d.: d. no. 4? ::!.,v y.; 170.64
The following claims iwera allow
ed on the bridge , fund:..
Nebraska Construction Co.,
bridge work.-, . 1503.20
Additional claims allowed on the
general fund:
I. A. Edgerton, labor at all. 42.30
I. A. Edgerton, assigned to
M. L. Frledrich . !.00
Dr. J. B. Martin, 3d quart
er salary Physicians dist
rict No. 1 60.00
Meeting adjourned to meet Tuos-
1ay, December 7, 1909.
Clerk." .
r , j' j;v"a. iir r a m - tuns
If vou were to die todav would vou leave behind
helpless little children? The ONE way to keep
them from need is to SAVE PART of the money
you make. Plant it in our bank; it will grow.
We will pay, you 3 per cent interest on the
money you put in our bank and compound the in-
erest every twelve months.
Plattsmouth, Nebraska
In County Court.
In county court the final decree
In the matter of the estate of James
C. White is under consideration by
Judge Beeson. The decreo which
closes out the estate and releases
the executor James A. White and
his bondsmen from all liability In
the matter, shows that he received
as executor the sum of $17,525.60
and paid out the sum of $3,747.03,
leaving a balance in his hands of
$13,778.57 which Is for distribution
among the four heirs of the estate.
The estate was excellently handled
by the executor James A. AVhlte, the
newly elected commissioner of Otoe
county, William Delles Dernier of
Elmwood being his counsel In the
matter. ' '
A petition has also been filed
asking for the appointment of an
administratrix In the estate ' of Dr.
E. T. Rlckard. The petition present
ed by Lydla M. Rlckard, who asks
her appointment as administratrix
and sets forth that there are two
heirs in addition, viz: Elsmere , R
Rlckard and Edward T. Rlckard, sons,
and both being minors a petition
asking the appointment of their
mother as guardian Is also filed.
Clarence E. Tefft Is attorney, for
the estate.
Will Go Into I jii iid BusIiichh.
A special from Denlson, Texas
says: "Paul Klrkpatrlck, who has
been with the Katy as commercial
agent at this place for three years,
has tendered his resignation, ef
fective at the end of this week. He
will go Into the land business and
continue to reside here. He han
contemplated this ' step ( for unme
time." Paul is a Bon of Mr. and
Mrs. A. E. KlrkpiUrlck of Nehawka.
and has been in the railroad busi
ness every slnc he was big enough
to manipulate a telegraph instrv
ment. He is a product of Cass coun
ty. and has made good In everj
position he has occupied in the rail
road Bervlce. He will no doubt. do
the same in the land business; The
Journal wishes him success.
Young (Jlrln Are Victim
of headache, as well as older wo
men, but all get quick relief and
prompt, cure from' Dr. King's New
Life Pillfl, the world's best remedy
for sick and jieryouB hendaches. They
make pure blood, and strong nerves
and build up your" health. Try them.
25c at F. G. Frlcke & Co.
Fine Slock for Sale. . n
A good gentle 3-year-old full blood
Short Horn Durham , bull for sile.
Also, 1-yenr-old male Poland China
(full blood) ) hog. Call and see these
nnlmala at my place two miles north
west of Nehawka. ' j
, A Heal Bargain.
For Sale 5 acres of line soil lay
ing well, ,3 .acres, In orchard coin
p rifting apples, cherries, plums and
peaches. Balance In cultivation. A
good four-room .. houso with good
well,; Binall baru,, thicken .house and
other out-bulldingH. Price $600.
The land atom ty, worth ll,e money.
See J. P. Faiter, Plattsmouth, Neb.
Last Chance to Buy American
Fence at These Low Prices
Li a tfi IB
Washington avenue and Ninth St
f -my a Ess I1NJ VJs? l,
II I ."i
&lVire Co.
oiiTinfnntinl. pndnrinn' fnnr.
Lnilfc nn thn elaatia. hintftfl-ioint Drinci.
)lo the most scientific, practical and per
fect fence principle known. , It yields to great
nndsudden pressure but returns again to the
original shape.
Thoroughly galvanized and protected against weather.
Since purchasing our last car fence has ad
vanced 15 per cent. We arc still selling what we
have on hand at the old price. If. you need any call
at once and save money.