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Wt aU all items of interest. Editor Journal.
U Thh Prn'r .ho
lha .Ian with a
WE desire that depositors
bring their pass books to
bank at least once a month to
have them balanced. We en
ter all checks issued, on the
page opposite your deposits
add both pages and carry your
balance forward.
A check account will serve your needs
TRY 17!
urray State Bank
Guy Stokes was an Omaha visi
tor Monday.
Mrs. Edward Steiner was shopping
In Omaha Monday.
S. 0. Pitman made a business
trip to Omaha Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Drcndel were
Omaha visitors Monday.
Fay and Pauline Oldham visited
In Plattsmouth Monday evening.
Mrs. Dave Lloyd is Improving nice
ly since she returned from Omaha.
Glen Boedeker made a business
trip to Plattsmouth Monday even-
Mrs. Speck, living five miles west
of Mynard, Is reported seriously
We will pay the following prices
In trade: Lard 12V4c, Butter 22c,
Eggs 12 Vic, Hens .09, Springs .09,
Ducks .07. HOLMES & SMITH.
Mrs. James' Halmes visited her
sister In Omaha a few' days this
Mrs. Gentry, living west of My
nard, has been quite sick the past
Will Drown is serving on the Jury,
going up to Plattsmouth Monday
We have a good line of fur coats,
flannel shirts, underwear and In fact,
everything needed for the coming
winter. HOLMES & SMITH
Dr. B. F. Brendel made a profes
sional trip to Plattsmouth Monday
Mrs. J. F. Brendel was able to
return home from the hospital Sat
urday evening. .
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Marks
November 16, a boy. Mother and
little one doing nicely.
Miles StandiHh has sold his farm
south of Murray to Mr. Deles
Denier cf Elmnnod, for $IH per
Ptak & l!aji":k manufacture the
"Acorns." That meaus they are the
best smoke f-r the money on the
Mrs. Dysart whh taken to Omaha
hist Thursday to take treatment un
der Dr. Allison. She has been very
poorly for some time.
Miss Margie Walker went to Platts
mouth to attend the bazaar given
by the St. Mary's Guild, returning
home Thursday morning.
Dr. B. F. Brendel was called to
Greenwood Monday to examine an
Insane patient. Also, to Plattsmouth
' Wednesday- to examine another
Mr. and Mrs. Walt Mannear left
Monday for Lincoln, where they
will make their home. Mr. Man
nar having a -position in the Have
lock shops.
Mrs. William Sporer entertained
the Kensington Thursday afternoon
much to the enjoyment of those
present. A more complete account
will appear In next week's issue.
We regret that it was necessary
for Mrs. James Loughridge to enter
her brothers-law's hospital, (Dr
W. K. Loughridge) at Mllford. We
only hope that she will soon fully
Oyster Supper.
There wil be an oyster supper
Klven at the Itoek Bluffs school
house, (Dlst. 5) on Saturday even
ing, November 27, for the benefit
of the school.
Banff kcsnin? for
Check Account.
OUR bookkeeping for deposi
tors is neat y done. Any
points not clear to the custo
mer will be cheerfully explain
ed. We invite you to open an
account with us, assuring that
even though your deposit is
small, receives our attention.
d n
Mrs. Adda Stokes and Ida Boe
deker were Omaha visitors Wednes
day. A. L. Baker visited his wife in
the hospital at Omaha Wednesday
For 8le Nine (9) fine Duroc
Jersey Boars good size and color.
The Reading Class met with Mrs.
Gllmore Monday afternoon with
Margie Walker as leader. The next
meeting will be with Mrs. Brown
Monday afternoon.
We have an Immense stock of
children's, men's and women's over
shoes. We bought before the big
advance and will sell them at a low
price. HOLMES & SMITH.
Mr. Lou Young had the misfor
une In having his lei; broken by
mule falling down, while he was
riding to Murray to receive some cat
1c that he had shipped from South
Omaha. He was taken to his home
In Mr. Boedeker's auto and Dr.
Brendel was summoned, going out in
Mr. Spangler's auto. He Is getting
along as well as can be expected but
his many friends regret the accident
I'lenxantly Entertained.
The tome cf Mrs. Mark White was
the scene of a happy time last Wed
nesday when the Aid society of the
Christian church of Murray, and the
society of Kenosha met there, to
spend the day.
There w ua no special work on
hands and bo they Just "visited," as
one could Imagine forty ladles to
gH her would.
When dinner whs called the table
that met their gaze was enough for
the sighs caused. Mrs. White had
prepared n dinner lit for a king and
to which th'ey all surely did Justice
All left thanking Mrs. White for
the good time and good dinner nnd
hoping for a chance to go nguln
sometime. A few of the men were
N'icholslhere to enjoy the dinner.
Those present were: Mesdamea
B. Berger, Carroll. McDonald, N.
Klaurens, Graves, B. F. Brendel, I.
S. White, F. Moore, D. Young, L.
C.apen, W. Wiley. J. Sans, W. Hutch
ison, George Ray, L. Kenard, Joe
Campbell, Bob Fitch. G. Shrader, C.
Creamer, W". Sands, J. Hendricks, F.
M. Young, M. White, M. Gobbleman,
Misses Annabella Moore, Bertha
Nichols, Winnie Hutchison, Mamie
Groff, lsbella Young, Vera Yardly,
JesBle Fitch, Marie Hutchison; Mes
srs Dave Young, Frank Moore, I. S.
White, Mark White, F. M. Young,
Herbert Campbell, Harlan Sands and
Verne Hand ricks.
"The , Sunshine Band" of the
Chrlstlau church will hold their an
nual bazaar at' the church Satur
day, December 11, 1909. Come and
bring your friends, prepared to buy
your ChrlstmaB lfts. They will
have Just what you want. Don't for
get the date.
For Sale!
Good, gentle family horse, good
harness and buggy In fair condition,
but has been in uso some time.
Ffiy-flve dollars will tako the whole
outfit. Address or call on W. A.
Scott, M. P. Agent, Murray, Neb.
this vicinity and Kill mad same to this
Ilazaar given by the Presbyterian
Missionary Society, December 4th.,
at Loughridge's Hall. Dinner and
The ladies of the Presbyterian
Missionary Society will hold their
bazaar at the Loughridge Hall, on
Saturday evening, December 4th.
Here you will find manytbeautiful
articles for sale, usually found on an
occasion of their sort. Dinner and
supper will also be served. Hold
this date for the bazaar.
Farm Hells High.
A deal was completed on Wed
nesday of this week, whereby Miles
Standlsh disposes of his fine 140
acre farm, located near Murray to
Mr. James Deles Dernier, of near
Nehavvkafortheneatsum of, $16,000.
The deal was made through the
agencies of W. G. Boedeker of Mur
ray, and L. U. Hupp, of Avoea. We
are Informed that Mr. Standlsh will
move to northeastern Kansas, where
he will acquire new possessions in
the way of farm property, and Mr.
Deles Dernier will move to the late
Standlsh home.
Able to be Out.
Judge M. Archer, who was so
badly bruised by falling upon the
Icy pavement In front of Crablll'B
Jewelry store some days since, had
so far recovered yesterday as to
be able to be out of the house and
on the street. He got to his of
fice in the afternoon and looked
after some pressing business mat
ters. He Is still black and blue
about the face when he struck the
pavement but is feeling much bet
ter and will doubtless get along all
right from now on.
Grand Mush Ilnll at Murray.
A grand mask ball will be given
at Jenkins' HalHn Murray on Thurs
day night (Thanksgiving), Novem
ber 25. Music will be furnished by
Jacobs' orchestra of Omaha, and a
general good time is assurred every
one who attends. This will be one of
the best balls ever held in Murray,
and It will prove a rare treat to all
who love to "trip the light fantastic
toe." Make your arrangements to
Automobile Supplies.
We have on hand gasoline, cy
linder oil, transmission and differ
ential, and cup grease, brass polish,
carbide body polish, fine patches and
cement. And we can get you, on
short notice, and at the right prices,
anything that goes to make an auto
mobile, from a collar pin to a com
plete auto.
We solicit your patronage on any
of th'ese accessories.
Pay Your Taxes.
All patrons of the Murray State
Bank, both in Mt. Pleasant and
Rock Bluffs precinct, are hereby
notified that they can pay their taxOt
at the bank, where they will be of
ficially receipted for the snme.
Pattons paint at Gerlng'.
Unless Health First Returns.
Here Is what should 8ml enn tn cloncl
Now you would not wlllin&ly imy for fooA
thfttwns worthless would you?
Then why iajr forniwlirlneiintll that medi
cine first prove! to you lis srttml north?
positively knowing vlmt 'Jr. Hhoop's Itn
tnrnUvecnn (In (or the sick, 1 sny to all "clou t
Py mill lii-nltli llrxt ri'turns . And l Mirk my
Kustornttve with a slitui'd and sealed 30 day "No
help, No pay" contract.
I positively ptalen to th sirk evprywhora
that "V. Shoop'ti mstorutiw is absolute
ly free If it fails". Let others do the suine
or eUe pass their prescriptions hy.
If you nuKl morn strength, mora vitality,
mora vigor or more vim, uso my Kiwtnrative
tow days aim notathnlnimemaU) improvement.
When the Stomach, Heart, or Kidneys D
wrong, then tet Dr. Shoop's Kestoratlvn. I do not
dose the nor stimulate the Heart or Kid
ooys. lor that li wrong:. Years aco 1 cast away that
mistaken hie in medicine. Thn books below will
best tell you how I am sueceedtna'.
Those books also tell ol a tiny hidden ' In.
lids nerve." no larger than a silken thread. They
tell how that nerve, until it fails, actually gives
to the Heart its power, Its tons, its never-SQUins
action or impulse.
These books will open np new and helpful
Ideas to those who are not Well. They tell how
the Stomach, and Kldneysearh havntbnlr 'inside'
or power nerves. They tell how the KestoraUvt
was especially made to ream ana revualiietnnat
weak or falling inside nerves. Alt of these facts
tell why I am able to aty. "It is tree if It (alls".
This is why I say "takt no chance on a
medicine whom maker dan not back it
just at I do by this remarkable offer".
Bo write me today (or the order.
I have appointed homst and responsible
rirurf Ista In nearly every commuuity to issue my
medicines to the sick.
Bui write me first for the order.
All druggist sell Dr. Shoop's Restorative,
but all are not authorized to give the JO day test.
8o drop me a linn please and thus save
disappointment and delays. TU me also which
book you need. "
A postal wilt do.
Besides, you are free to consult me as yrtc
would your home physician. M y advlre and the
book billow are yours and without cost. -
Perhaps a word or two from me will clear
OP some aerlousailnieut. I have helped thousands
upon thousands by my private prescription or
personal advice plan. My best effort is surely
worth your simple request. So write now while
you have It fresh In mind, or tomorrow nova!
comes. J'r. Snoop, liox i;, micine, rut.
Which look thill I Stat Tot
Ko. 1 On Pyspensla No. 4 For Women
No. 2 fm the llenrt No. ft Kor Men
j No. On the Kidneyt No. 6 On KheumaUan
office it voxll apjear under this heading
W. L Cooper, Former Store
House Manager for the Bur
lington, Here, Goes
Up Higher-
From a Bloomlngton, 111., paper
the following item is clipped res
pecting W. L. Cooper formerly con
nected with the Burlington store de
partment In this city. Both Mr. and
Mrs. Cooper are well known in this
city and have a great many friends,
who extend their congratulations to
them upon the prompt advancement
which he has received with the Al
ton. That Mr. Cooper was a very
able man, was generally conceded
here by all and they were not sur
prised at the recognition which he
has received. The extract follows:
"When It wus decided some few
months past to create a distinct
stores department, Mr. W. L. Coop
er, formerly storekeeper of the C.
B. & Q. at Plattsmouth, Neb., was
selected to accept the task of reor
ganization, he assuming said posi
tion in February, and so effective
has been his efforts and results ac
complished so satisfactory, In recog
nition of which circulars announc
ing his appointment, effective No
vember 15th. to the position of dis
trict . storekeeper, have been issued,
giving Mr. Cooper entire charge of
Alton properties, Chicago to Kansas
City and St. Louis and all branch
lines. Mr. Cooper, while a com
compartlve new man In Alton cir
cles, is by no means a stranger to
men of official railway standing,
having been storekeeper for jome
of the largest systems in the United
States and general supply agent for
the C. B. & Q. railroad, his many
friends locally and otherwise will be
pleased to note his appointment. Mr.
Cooper and his family reside at 114
East Beecher street."
Tickling, tight Coughs, can be cur
ed and quickly loosened with a pre
scription Druggists are dispensing
everywhere as Dr. Shoop's Cough
Rerhedy. And it is so very, very dif
ferent than common cough medi
cines. No Opium, co Chloroform, ab
solutely nothing harsh or unsafe. The
tender leaves of a harmless, lung
healing mountainous shrub, gives the
curative properties to Dr. Shoop's
Cough Remedy. Those leaves have
the power to calm the most distress
ing Cough and to soothe and heal the
most sensitive bronchial membrane.
Mothers should, for safety's sake
alone, always demand Dr. Shoop's. It
can with perfect freedom be given to
even the youngest babes. Test it
yourself and see! Sold by all dealers
In Old Fgypt.
The people of old Egypt believed
that the majority of diseases is due
to improper food and that it is ne
cessary to abstain from food for
three days every month to give the
body a chance to recover. Now-a
days we do not need such treatment.
If we notice that something is wrong
with our digestion, Trlner's Ameri
can Elixir of Bitter Wine should be
used at once. It wtllN quickly
strengthen the exhausted organs
and bring them to their normal acti
vity. They will then be able to ac
cept and digest more food and to In
crease bodily strength. The , digestion-,
will become complete and new
blood will soon fill all veins. This
remedy should be tried In every
family. It contains no deleterious
Ingredients. At drug stores. Jos.
Trlner, 1333-1339 So. Ashland Ave.,
Chicago, 111.
Five Dollars Reward.
The above amount will be paid
to the 'finder of a coat lost west of
this city some two or three weeks
ago. It contained the Ten Com
mandments covered with leeather and
with straps attacked. This was a gift
from the owner's grandfather, and
will be of no use to anyone else. You
can leavo same at this office or M.
Fanger's store and get your reward.
A clergyman writes: "Preventlcs,
those little Candy Cold Cure Tablets,
are working wonders In my parish."
Freventlcs surely will check a cold,
or the Grippe, In a very few hours.
And Preventlcs are so safe and harm
less. No Quinine, nothing harsh nor
sickening. Fine for feverish, restless
children. Box of 48 at 25c. Sold by
all dealers.
What Ails You?
Do you feel weiik, lired, despondent, htve frequent hed
cches, coatedturiCiic, litter cr bad taste in morning,
"heart-burn," l:ck;mj; of, mid risings in throat cftcr
eating, stomach cr burn, ioui breath, dizzy spells,
poor or variable appetite, nausea at times and kindred
symptoms ?
If you havo c.-r c;'. ml !i number of thn
r.bove symptom reu . ; Miacrln from bilioiu
ness. tor;-ii :cr. i. 4 iatujestion, or dypcsi.;.
Dr. ricrcj's C'.I.I;i .ntlical Discovery is maifo
up cf the B;.jst vtvua'jlo medicinal principle-!
Lnown to mcdictl science for the permanent
cure of such conorinc! conditions. It is a most
efficient liver hiviorntor, stomach tonic, bowel
regulator and ncrvo ctrenjthener.
The Golden Medical Cir.covcry" is rot patent medicine or secret nostrum,
full list of its ingredients being printed on its bottle-wrapper and attested
under oath. A glance at these will show that it contains no alcohol, or harm,
fill habit-forming drugs. It is a fluid extract made with pure, triple-refined -glycerine,
of proper strength, from the roots of native American medical,
forest plants. World's Dispensary Medical Association, Props., Buffalo, N. Y.
"the nor
One of the Finest Plays That
Ever Came to Omaha.
To those who like "The Lion and
the Mouse," "The Ringmaster" will
doubtless appeal, though the only
real note of similarity between the
two Is the uprightness of youth and
the greed of the kings of finance
have for unlimited control.
John LeBaron, Jr., living a con
tended life of Idleness, finds that, he
Is In love with Elenor Hillary, daugh
ter of the much feared "Ringmast
er. She returns hia affection, promis
ing to marry him on the condition
that he will go out In the financial
world and carve a niche in the wall
of workers for himself, as her father
and his father have done. Upon this
he agrees, and opens an office near
the stock exchange. Ills policy, as
he has accepted it, makes it neces
sary for him to become the chief
financial enemy of Hillary. In the
war for control which follows,
Elenor's father is exhibited as a
rather unscrupulous financier, but
Elenor mistakes these questionable
business traits as belonging to Le
Baron until Hillary confesses that
It Is he and not LeBaron who Is
guilty, isaturany, sne reproacnes
her lover for being in direct opposi
tion to her father, though she for
gives him in the end, not so readily,
however, as she did her father. This
is the main theme of human inter
est derived from a financial battle
to gain control of certain smelting
Interests, In which the ringmaster
tries to buy a railroad of which the
porter, and Rebecca Love, a very
frivolous and effervescent young
woman. . These young people un
known to themselves, discover cer
tain facts by intercepting a wireless
message and ciphering it out, which
starts LeBaron in his turbulent
career as a power on the exchange.
This play of. high finance which
deals more with the technique of
buying and selling stocks than the
real things of general interest to
humanity, was written by Olive
Porter. Miss Porter, it is said, spent
considerable time In the office of a
Wall street financier in the capac
ity of stenographer, her story is
written with the knowledge of a sub
ject only gained by close association,
which evidently was spent In care
fur observation. Miss Porter having
made the dialogue between the male
characters exceedingly strong,
greater part is known by LeBaron.
In gaining this, he expects to raise
rates in shipping supplies to a cer
tain plant, thereby forcing It In order
to meet competition to those who
If you don't
is for the face
you should try
after shaving.
raal condition.
come into the combination. Here is
where LeBaron displays his quixotic
honesty and refuses to become a
party to a scheme so unpatriotic and
Inhuman. Supplementary to this
main plot, are several minor plots,
one being the love affair between
Peter Stuyvcsant Gbbb, a young re
A small piece of characterization,
which Is so artistically and careful
ly done, that it stands out more con
spicuously than any other in the
caste, is that of Harry D. Crosby, as
ex-Senator Paul Graven, for perfec
tion of the smallest detail, Mr.
Crosby has been most studious, and
he Is especially deserving of praiHw
in making a minor part so life-like.
"The Ringmaster," as played by'
Frederic Montague, is forceful ainl
strong. He rises to the situation
with apparent ease and power. As
the young financier, John LeBaron,
Jr., H. S. Northrup is at his best.
The character gives him an oppor
tunity to give way to the full power
of expression and voice. Another
praise-worthy piece of acting is done
by F. A. Yelvinyton, as the old rail
road president. The other members
of the caste serve to balance the
whole quite well. Alice Weeks, as
Elenor Hillary, is thoroughly cap
able and handles the role very well
indeed. Miss Anna Lee, a young .
woman, played the part of Rebecca
Love in a spirited manner. Clara
Coleman created many laughs in the
ro,e ghe lrnpersonated
Affords Relief in Forms
of Sore Throat.
It is especially Value
able in the
Treatment of
Diphtheria, Scarlet
Fever, Tonsilitia and
Acute or Chronic
Used Night and Morning
it Produces Most
Satisfactory Results
by Cleansing the Mouth
and Throat and
Deodorizing the Breath,
F. 6. Fricke & Co.
know how good
and hands it is time
it. For chaps and
Keeps the skin in nor
Buy a tube today.
J -