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Great Enthusiasm Displayed by the Younger Members of Club
Who Seemed to be Greatly in Evidence.
The meeting of the commercial II. Falter and John Hatt, Jr., are
)6 laat night was one of the moat!
successful ever held by that organi--v.aXkm
despite the cold weather and
had conditions. There were a great
i!Mf of the new members present
and tor their special benefit the con--etftutlon
and by-tews were read. The
total membership . was well repre--Heated
and the older members were
-nell pleased with the enthusiasm
k how 11 by the younger members of
the dub. The meeting discussed
a great many things including pro
jected good roads Into the city from
ferry landing and from the coun
as. This subject was one which
H"sryene was deeply Interested In
nC8 the committee which had the
ter in charge, reported that ne
aUona were in an advanced stage
tOLh the county and the city for a
nd wagon road. The matter of im
gwjring the avenues by the use of
Unshed rock was debated at consid
arable length and a difference of
tlnlon developed as to its efficacy
Tae committee report was presented
Hon. R. B. Windham. The ex
ayrienre of many who drive into
fee city was cited to show that road
Improvement must be made so trade
wfth the country can be built up.
The report of the treasurer of
the club disclosed that the sum of
t37.99 was in the treasury, a very
Mattering showing with prospects for
heavy additions in a short time.
The committee appointed to have
9!e alterations and repairs made on
the M. E. Smith factory, reported
that the work had been done with
the exception of the furnace which
was not yet in place but which would
le pushed with all possible speed.
'The remaining repairs and improve
ments had been completed and with
toe exception of the furnace the
factory will be open in full blast.
The hustling committee which
was to raise the funds for the Smith
factory reported $538.00 raised,
which Is a good showing as they
have a number of people to see
yet. They will need several hun
dred dollars In addition to what
hey now have and this will be raised
without much trouble, they believe,
Altogether they are highly pleased
at the outlook and believe it is but
a question of a few days when they
will have ample funds on hand for
the carrying out of their contract.
Jhe membership committee made
a report which was received with
cheers and they are entitled to the
V warmest commendation for the good
work which they have done. They
yidded fifty new names to the list
just as they agree to do. George
entitled to particular credit for this
fine showing. They have been un
tiring in their work. As was said
before a large number of the new
members were present and display
ed much interest in the meeting.
The nw members are new blood and
tby will doubtless take hold of the
club and force It to be a real, live
body In the community.
The committee on the banquet re
ported that matters were progress
ing nicely and the banquet to be
given on the night of November 29,
promises to be the largest and best
ever given by the club. The com
mittee which consists of Messrs.
John Nemetz, Henry A. Schneider,
and C. W. Baylor, reported they had
sold fifty tickets with every pros
pect of running the total up to 150
before the date set. A misunder
standing seems to have gotten abroad
as to who is entitled to a seat at
the festal board. The club and the
committee wants it distinctly under
stood the banquet is for any live
citizen of Plattsmouth whether he
is a member of the club or not. It
is to be graced with some splendid
orators and there will 'be talks from
sound business men. The intention
of the club managers is to have all
Plattsmouth people Interested in the
banquet and the club meetings and
there is no limit placed on the mem
bership. Anyone who wants to help
Plattsmouth and help himself is ask
ed to send in his name for member
ship and to attend the banquet.
Tickets for the banquet can be
obtained from Messrs. Nemetz, Bay
lor or Schneider, and the charge is
so small that everyone should at
tend. The banquet is guaranteed
to be one of the best ever given in
the city from every standpoint,
Another thing which seems to
have gotten abroad is that the mem
bership is the club is limited to bus!
nees men. This is a mistake. Any
citizen of Plattsmouth can belong
and the club Is not a pink tea affair
It is organized to do good for Platts
mouth and Plattsmouth people and
everyone is Invited to enroll his name
on the list. The meetings are not
dress suit affairs, but gatherings' of
the live men of the city, and all are
invited. The club has secured one
good factory for the city and it is
on the trail for more, and if any
one here wants to help Plattsmouth
and help himself and improve the
value of his property let him sub
scribe himself as a member of the
commercial club. The club is mov
ing for good roads and factories and
these all help make business and in
crease property value.
B. li. Watkins departed on the
Tuesday evening trata for Peoria, III.,
whore he will spend several days
looking after some business matters.
Ernest Smith has been very sick
the past few weeks but bis many
friends hope to see him out agaiu
John Campbell and wife arrived
home Tuesday night from Belgarde,
Neb., where they had been to attend
the funeral of Mrs. George Camp
bell, who was killed lust week in a
Mrs. J. E. McCarroll and W. F.
McCarroll arrived home Tuesday
from Anderson, Iowa, where they
were called by the serious illness of
the former's brother, Edward
Straight. We are glad to report that
he is much improved.
Mrs. Jbhn Campbell of Broken
Bow, Neb., arrived Wednesday to
make a several days visit with her
sister, Mrs. F. O. Kendall.
Mrs. John R. Plerson, accompanied
by Ruth and Wilbur, went to Lin
coln last Saturday to visit her daugh
ter, Miss Ethel, who is in a hospital
at that place.
George Conrad, who moved from
here to Canyon City, Texas, some
time ago, arrived here Tuesday
morning to attend to som business
matters and 'to make his numerous
friends a visit. He reports every
thing lovely and flourishing down in
the Panhandle country and says that
all of the ex-Unionites are happy aud
contented. .
John R. Pierson and W. B. Ban
ning left Monday morning for sev
eral days hunting trip over on the
river. We hope they have a lot of
fun and that they bring back a good
supply of ducks.
Mrs. Emma Wallace of Lincoln,
who spent several days visiting at
the Barnum home west of town,
went to Nehawka last Friday evening
to make a visit with her parents,
Isaac Pollard and wife.
W. F. Tracy and wife arrived this
week from Long Beach, Cal., and
are visiting with friends in this vll
lage. Mr. and Mrs. Tracy were
former residents of this village and
they have many friends who were
pleased to see them.
Mrs. Will A. Frans returned to her
home in Omaha Sunday, after a visit
with her relatives and friends in and
near Union. Will has just recently
gene into business in the metropolis
and he has many friends here who
wish him success.
In order to do full justice to turkey
day you'll need to let us put the tape
line on you for your Thanksgiving suit
and overcoat. If you're not deformed
we've got a suit here that will fit you
perfectly. All you need to do is step
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being well dressed. Our QUALITY LINE affords you selections from all the best
makers in the U. S , and more than that, you can select a pattern which will be
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chant tailor. Our QUALITY LINE of suits and overcoats $20. to $35. Others
not so good, but good as others show $5 to $18. The turkey waits for you, so
does our tapeline. Come in. .
SI I II lil
Someting Out of the Ordinary in
Honor of Bride-elect
Last Saturday night the members
T the birthday party assembled at
tke home of Mrs. James H. Donnelly
and gave her and Miss Lena Fricke,
whose approaching marriage to Mr.
hustieU A. Harris of Omaha, Is an
nounced, a surprise party. For the thing occurred.
Clement, Carl G. Fricke, John A.
Donelan, James H. Donnelly, Misses
Mia and Barbara Goring, Julia Her
man, Dora and Lena Fricke and
Maud Mason.
Pretty Hani on the Hoys.
The railroads have issued instruc
tions to their train men not to carry
passengers that are intoxicated when
they attempt to board the train.
Last evening several men who came
to the Missouri Pacific railway pas
senger depot to board the north
bound train were refused premls
slon to get on the train and told to
return to the ticket office and get
their fare refunded. Over at the
Burlington passenger depot the same
It has come to a
occasion the handsome dining room
the Donnelly home had been tast
ily decorated In red and white hearts,
graceful festoons of these dainty
decorations being suspended from
the center of the room to the corn
tn.' A dutch supper was served,
the table being also decorated in
green leaves and handsome flowers,
the members of the party were in
costumes of the Fatherland and pre
sented an unique novel appearance.
The supper was enlivened by the
embers present toasting Miss
lwicke.MlBs Mia Oering occupying
the proud disposition of toastmlstress.
The toasts were something quite out
of the ordinary. In addition to the
nop per, the members of the party
nave Miss Fricke a shower of kitch
en cleaning utensils including mops,
brooms, old dutch cleanser and other
like articles which she was sur
prised to receive but which she duly
appreciated. The entire evening
was made one of unalloyed pleasure
and the members of , the birthday
mirprise party lived up to their repu
tation as royal entertainers.
The membership of the club was
present with the exception of a few
members who were not in the city,
those present Including Mesdames
Henry Herold, Anna Brltt, R. W.
point that the Nehawkaltes, Union
ites, Barneyltes and Perultes, who
come to the city and load up with
an expectation of getting back the
same evening, will have to arrange
to stay over or make up their minds
that they will go home sober. This
may be hard on some of them, but
it is something that is fast coming
all over the country and the people
who come intoxicated and expect to
travel will have to first learn to stay
sober before they try to purchase
transportation and start on their
journey. In some states it is a
fineable offense, this state being one
of them, for any person to drink
intoxicants while on a train. Ne
braska City News.
Card of Thanks.
The undersigned take this method
of expressing their .most sincere
thanks to the neighbors and friends
who rendered such valuable assist
ance during the illness and death of
our dear departed husband, father
and brother, James Yellnek. And
to the Burlington paint shop ansocl
ates and others for beautiful floral
Roy Clifford has accepted a posi
tion as clerk in F. II. Nichols store,
Roy is a Louisville young man, most
accomodating and ever ready to
serve you when you call.
E. H. Reis of Pomeroy, la., has
accepted a position as salesman in
Diers Bros, general store, Mr. Reis
is well schooled in the mercantile
business and is a most agreeable
gentleman, and this popular firm is
to be congratulated on their good
fortune In se'uring him.
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Wood received
a telegram from their son, Will A.
Wood of Frulta, Colo., Friday morn
ing anouncing the death of his wife
which occurred at one o'clock Fri
day morning. Preparations for the
funeral had not been made at time
of going to press. She leaves a hus
band and two small children who
have the heartfelt sympathy of their
many friends in Louisville.
The members of the local Wood
man camp have organized a drill
team under the direction of Mr.
Shoemaker, an experienced drill
master and meet once a week for
practice. On Saturday evening, Nov.
20, they will give an oyster supper
at the hall for the benefit of the
drill team, to which all are invited.
Don't forget the date and come out
and help the boys out.
The stork delivered a great big
baby boy to Mr. and Mrs. John Ahl
Tuesday. Mr. Ahl is the proudest
father in seven states and is of the
belief that the new boy is much
superior to the ordinary run of boys.
He does not see how people can
make any neasonable comparison
with other boys and just believes the
new Mr. Ahl is In a class all by
himself. Both the mother and son
are getting along nicely.
Funeral of James Yellnek.
The funeral of the late James
Yellnek took place yesterday after
noon. from the Holy Rosary church,
Rev. M. S. Shine conducUng the eer
vices. There was a large crowd of
friends present to pay a last tribute
of respect to the departed and
long cortgege followed the remains
to the grave in the Catholic ceme
tery. Mr. Yellnek In his lifetime
stood high in the community and
was deeply mourned by many friends
A loving husband and father he
merited the respect which was paid
Judge Travis of This City Presd-
ing in the Chamberlain Case.
A special from Beatrice to the Om
aha Bee, under date of November
16, says: "The case of the state
against Charles Chamberlain, the ex-
banker of Tecumseh, charged with
receiving funds in the Chamberlain
banking house, knowing it to be
insolvent, recently brought here on
a change of venue from Johnson
county, was called In the district
court today before Judge Travis of
"Most of the day was consumed in
arguing the motion filed by the state
to supress the deposition of Clarence
Chamberlain of Chicago which was
overruled by the court. The jury
will not be secured until some time
tomorrow when the taking of, evi
dence will begin. About sixty wit
nesses, nearly all of whom reside In
Johnson county, are In attendance.
The trial of the case will consume
a greater part of the week."
George Mattlson, one of the old
reliable citizens of South Bend, is in
the city today attending to business
matters, coming down this morning
on the Schuyler train.
Do You Want to Marry?
Conspicuous among the exhibits
of the National Horticultural con
gress at Council Bluffs, Is a scene
set for a wedding, In a bower of
chrysanthemums, smllax, bride's
roseB and ferns, with altar, gates and
all adjuncts.
In this spot, the members of the
congress propose to make some fond
couple happy for. life by providing
minister, music, and all necessaries
for a wedding, with the visitors at
thecongress as guests'.
President W. S. Keellne of the
congress will give a wedding present
of $10 to any couples who may de
sire to be married, with a full brass
band and hundreds of guests from
all parts of the country.
Mr. Keellne will provide any minis
ter desired and the wedding march
will be played by Liberates band. He
does not limit the number of couples
and is willing to hand out the wed
ding present as often as the couples
appear. 1
Here Is a chance of a life time
for those young Nebraska people who
ean't get the consent of the old folks
to double up. The above should give
encouragement to elopers, If they
willingly "take time by the forelock."
In District Court.
In district court yesterday Judgo
Pemberton In the case of Carroll
vs. Jeary took the case from the
Jury, directing a verdict for the de
fendant. The case Involved the col
lection of alleged commissions due
Carroll from Jeary for the sale of
some land near Elmwood, and It
was tried originally before Justice
M. Archer In this city. Justice
Archer Instructed the Jury to disre
gard the testimony In the case and
rendered a verdict for the defendant,
but the jury found otherwise and
gave Carroll a verdict. Judge Pem
berton yesterday instructed for a
verdict for Jeary which the Jury
The case of Peters vs. Schomaker,
from near Avoca, was taken up and
tried to a Jury. II. G. Wellenslek,
of Avoca, represented Peters while
Schomaker's Interests were taken
care of by A. L. Tldd. The after
noon and this morning . was taken
up by the hearing of testimony and
evidence and the case went to the
Jury about eleven o'clock in the
Judge Pemberton and a Jury this
morning took up the case of John
Mefford against Andrew Zoz, a case
of damaging arising out of a well
digging contract. The case originat
ed In the west end of the county
from the vicinity of Greenwood. Mef
ford had been engaged In digging
a well for Mr. Zoz and was unable
to ,get water. He had secured fin
ancial assistance from Zoz and the
trouble came up over a settlement
between them,' Mefford claiming
himself to be short some $85 worth
of tools when he cleaned up the
material and ceased work. William
Deles Dernier is attorney for Mr.
Zoz, while D. K. Barr represents
Mr. Mefford. The case will take up
the remainder of the day.
In the case of Peters vs. Scho
maker which went to the Jury this
morning at eleven o'clock, a verdict
was returned in favor of Mr. Peters
for $12.50. Peters originally sued
for 131.00 and Schomaker made a
counter claim of $198. In the lower
court Schomaker recovered a ver-
dicet for $85.
Visitor at the Masonic Home.
The Masonic Home was yesterday
visited by a delegation of the mem
bers of Martha Washington chaptet,
Order of the Eastern Star, of Have-
lock, Neb., the delegation coming
down to select a room which they
will furnish at the home. The part
consisted of Miss Daisy Adams, mo
tion, Mrs. W. B. Allis, Mrs. D P.
Downs, Mrs. Elmer Garrison, and.
Mips Fanny Adams of Havelock. fa
addition the party comprised Mrs.
J. W. Gamble, associate grand con
ductress, Mrs. E. H. Booth of this
city and Frank H. Young of Omaha,
the latter a trustee of the Eastern
Star home board. The entire parly
were the guests of Col. Askwlth tad
wife at the home. They had a nr
pleasant visit and were welcomed
by the members of the home.
Coat Lost!
Between -my house, two and a
half miles east of Murray and the.
town of Murray, a sack coat, nearly
new, with grease spot on breast.
Small reward will be paid finder.
In the matter of the Estate of Frank
M. Svoboda, Deceased.
Notice Is hereby given that at
o'clock a. m. on the 16th day of No
vember, A. D. 1909, and at I o'clock a.
m. on the 17th day of May, A. D. 111,
hearings will be had upon all claims
against the estate of the above named
decedent, by which last named hour all
claims must be filed and claims not
died will be barred at Maid time. '
By the Court:
County Judge.
Byron Clark and W. A. Robertson, Attorneys.
In County Court.
In county court a petition has
been filed asking that the last will
and testament of John Leutchens
be admitted to probate and the exe
cutor named in the will appoint
A petition has also been filed In
the matter of the estate of Silas V.
Garard, late of Weeping Water, ask
Ing that letters of administration be
granted to Jessie E. Garard, his
widow. The petition which Is filed
by Attorney Clarence E. Tefft, of
Weeping Water, sets forth that the
deceased left real and personal prop
erty In Cass county and that the
heirs are Jessie E. Garard, widow,
Rossle E. Garard, S. Mabel Garard,
daughters, and Paul F. Gerard son,
all of Weeping Water, and Harry
Gerard, son, of Lincoln.
Mrs. C. A. Harvey and daughter,
Mrs. Goodman are spending the af
ternoon In Omaha, being passengers
for that city on the mall train.
Cool and lli-acing.
This morning was a right sharp,
frosty one, and the thermometer was
down to about ten or twelve above
zero. Ice froze on the ponds and
lakes In the neighborhood and the
small boy was In bis element as he
had some skating on the still waters.
Although it was quite cold, the air
was pure and bracing and thorough
ly enjoyable. The sharp weather
came as a surprise, as the Indies
tlons were for continued warm
weather. Trains on all roads were
late, the evening trains last night
being much later than the trains
this morning. The Missouri Pacific
from the south last jbvenlng was
some two hours behind time, whilo
the trains from the west on the Bur
lington were even later. There was
a heavy snow fall all over "the west
and the entire state Is covered with
a white mantle. Snow extended
clear to the Rocky mountains and
from southern Kansas to Canada
The weather bureau reports fair
weather for today with rising tem
perature. "
In tht matter of the estate of Ileglna
Wolf, deceased.
All persons Interested In said estate
will take notice that Edward Egen-
bcrger, admlnlHtrutor de bonis non
thereof, has filed his final account and
report of the administration of said
estate and a petition for final settle
ment of said account and allowance
thereof and for the discharge of such
A hearing upon said account and pe
tition has been set by the court at the
county court room at Plattsmouth, Ne
braska on the 20th day of November,
1909, at the hour of 10 o'clock a, la.,
when any and all persons Intereete. la
said, estate may appear and contest
such petition and account.
Dated this 20th day of October. 1909.
County Judge.
D. O. DWYER. Attorney.
Card of Thanks.
We take this method of returning
our most sincere, thanks to those
for whom we threshed the post son
son, and desire to express our ap
preciation of their favors, and trust
we may bo like favored next sea
son. R. L. PROPST.
In the matter of the Ouardlanshlp of
Rfve Campbell, a Minor.
Notice Is hereby given that In pur
suance of an order of Hon. Harvey D.
Travis, Judge of the District Court at
Cass county, Nebraska, made and en
tered on the 16th day of October, 1909,
for the selling of the real estate here
inafter described, there will be sold at
the south door of the court house at
Plattsmouth, Nebraska, on the 1st flay
of December, 1909, at 1 o'clock p. m., at
public vendue to the highest bidder for
cash, the following described real es
tate, towlt:
The undivided one-half of the north
half of the west half of the southwest
quarter of Section 25, Township 11,
North of Range 9, In said Cass county.
Said sale will remain one one hour.
Guardian of Ree Campbell, a Minor
D. O. DWYER, Attorney.
Posts for bate.
Hedge fence posts for sale. Wn.
Gilmour, Plattsmouth, Neb.