The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, November 11, 1909, Image 8

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Short Items of Interest From Mon
day's Evening Journal
Miss Mary E. Foster spent Sun
day with her parents at Union.
Frank Kombrlst was a passenger
for Pacific Junction, where he is do
ing some building work.
Arthur Troop came In this moriv
las from his farm to go to Omaha
and South Omaha on business.
Henry Donat departed this morn
iajr for his route on the road, leav
ing for the north on the early train.
Mrs. N. H. Isbell and son John
are spending today in Omaha, going
there on the early train this morn
ing. George Snyder came In this morn
ing from his home in the precinct
to make a trip to South Omaha to
day. Mrs. Paul Budlg and little son
are spending today In Omaha, going
there on the' early train this morn
ing. Miss Ethel Cowles was an over
ttanday visitor in the city, returning
t Omaha this morning on the early
Miss Anna Tewes was a passenger
for Omaha this morning on the early
train, where she will spend several
John Nemetz and wife are spend
ing today In Omaha, going up to
buy holiday goods and make other
visits. ' ) -yg
Byron Clark ia attending to pro
fessional business in Omaha today,
going to that city on the morning
Mrs. It. Stringer was a passenger
for Omaha this morning, where she
will spend the day visiting with
Peter Clans is looking after busi
ness mutters in Omaha today, going
to that city this morning on the
early train.
Feter C. Hansen spent Sunday in
the city visiting with his folks, re
turning to Omaha this morning on
the M. P. train.
J. II. Oltroegge departed this
morning for his route on the road
after having spent Sunday with his
family In this city.
S. II. Shumaker is attending to
business in Council muffs, la., hav-
iig gone to that city this morning
ton the early train.
Carl Kunsman Is among those in
South Omaha today, going thero to
buy different kinds of meats ofr the
people, mostly live steaks and
William Weber was a representa
tive of the Eagles present at the fun
eral today In lluvelock of the late
Victor Anderson, going there on the
morning train.
Eric I leek in an is among those
from this city who attended th
funeral of the late Victor Anderson
at llavelock today, going up on the
morning train.
Miss Alice Kerr, who has been vis
iting at Ithaca, Nob., returned to
tfels city Saturday morning. She
left for Council IllufTs. la., this af
ternoon, where she will 'make her
home this winter.
W. M. Brown and wife of Colum
bus, Neb., spent Sunday with Mr. and
Mrs. Ed. Donat, accompanying them
to Omaha this morning, where Mrs.
Donat will enter St. Joseph's hospi
tal for an operation today.
Mrs. J. E. McCnrroll came up from
Union lust evening for a short visit
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. L. (3..
Larson. She left this afternoon for
Anderson, la., being called there by
the illness of a brother.
Thomas L. Murphy spent Sunday
In the city visiting with his folks
aud friends, returning to Omnha this
morning on the Burlington train,
having been one of the victims of
the M. P.'s playful habit of chang
ing time.
GUTHM AN & CORY. Proprietors
Plattsmouth, : : : : Nebraska
We Solicit the Farmers' Trade
t and Guarantee
The Perkins Hotel
Master Richard Elster Is reported
on the sick list, having an attack
of diptherla.
Mrs. William Holly is spending to
day In Omaha, going to that city on
tae morning Burlington train.
Mrs. W. H. Newell was a passen
ger for the north this morning, go
ing to Omaha to spend the day.
Bruce Rosencrans was a visitor
over Sunday in the city with his
folks, returning to Lincoln last evening.-
Frank McElroy was among the
Bugles going to Lincoln to attend
the funeral of the late Victor An
derson. James W. Newell and wife were
guests over Sunday of their parents
In this city, returning to Omaha last
Mrs. Kern Fogarty of Havelock
returned to her home after spending
sevral days in th city visiting rela
tives and friends.
Sam B. lams, a prominent attor
ney of Lincoln, came down this morn
ing to look after some business mat
ters in the city.
Mrs. J. P. Falter and daughter
Miss Emma, are visiting today in
Omaha, having gone there this morn
ing on the early train.
Mrs. Joe Hiber departed last Sat
urday afternoon for North Platte,
wihere she will spend several weeks
visiting with relatives.
Henry Hesse of the brass foundry,
was a passenger for Havelock this
morning, where lie will attend the
funeral of the late Victor Anderson
Jos. Hadraba Is one of the Eagle
delegation from this city to the fun
eral of the late Victor Anderson at
Havelock, going there on the morn
ing train.
Mrs. Charles Miller was a pas
senger this morning for Omaha
where she will visit with relatives
during the day.
J. 0. Ulchey and wife were pus
sengers Saturday for Union where
they will make a visit with Mr. and
Mrs. Claud Everett.
Mrs. Seward Fellows of'Keosau
uua, la., who has been the guest of
Senator Banning and family at Un
ion, passed through the city this
morning en route home.
Mayor W. F. Gillespie of Mynard,
was a visitor Saturday afternoon In
the city mingling with the people and
expressing his satisfaction over the
Democratic victory In the county.
A gang of Burlington machlnests
were in the city over Sunday, com
ing down to make some needed re
pairs nt the shops here a:id return
ing to Omaha this morning.
Jack McDanlels was a passenger
for Omaha this morning, going there
to drive back with a horso and bug
gy which his son recently purchased.
He expects to be back this even
ing. Mrs. W. K. Morse of Clarkson,
Neb., who has been in the city visit
ing with her daughter, Mrs. J. W.
Larkin was a visitor today In Om
aha. Mrs. Larkin accompanying
Mrs. Matt Spader of South Om
aha was In the city today In attend
ance upon the funeral of the late
Mrs. Kennedy, calling upon the Jour
nal and renewing her subscription to
the paper for another year. Her vis
It was one much appreciated by the
editor and publisher.
Mrs. W. H. Miller of San Bernardi
no, California, who bus been visiting
relatives and friends In this vicinity
for the past few weeks, departed
for Omaha this morning, where she
will visit for a short time and then
will visit her niece, Mrs. Johnson,
formerly Madge Wilson.nnd nephew
Lloyd Wilson, after which she will
return to her home In California,
Mrs. T. E. Parmele was In Louis
ville Thursday.
Mrs. P. C. Stander entertained
about fifty young p:ople at her home
Friday evening.
Hugh Murphy has a gang of men
at work blasting out a road for the
laying of a side track at his new
Marshal Charley Hogan was call
ed to Omaha Wednesday to the bed
side of his mother. C. M. Seybert is
wearing the star in his absence.
Little Eva Williams celebrated
her eighth birthday anniversary Tues
day evening at her home, with
eighteen of her school mates in at
tendance. Lunch was served and a
pleasant time enjoyed by ail.
"There will be something doing In
Louisville when Murphy gets his Wg
quarry In operation," remarked a
friend at our elbow. There is al
ways something doing in Louisville,
but the opening of this big Institu
tion is sure to help to keep things
Charley Urwin sold his dray biI-
nesB on the first of the month U
Floyd Tennant. Ever since Charley
has been big enough to handle a
cracker box or whistle a tune he has
run a dray In Louisville, and he
having been preceded by his father.
We understand that Mr. Urwin will
move on a farm In the spring. The
Courier and every man, woman and
child In Louisville will wish him suc
Was Thero When Soldiers Returned.
Among the Hillsdale items In the
Glenwood Tribune we take the fol
"Mrs. Val Burkel and son Robbie
of Plattsmouth visited from Satur
day till Monday with Mr. and Mrs
M. N. Anthony. Mrs. Burkel will be
remembered by some of the old resi
dents, as she was formerly Mi3s Nan
Sampson, daughter of E. B. Samp
son. She says she was at Glenwood
the day the soldiers were given a
reception when they came home
from the army, which was Septem
ber !). 1865, but she was not old
enough to take part In the program,
as she was born on that day."
Fine Stock for SI
A good gentle 3-year-old full blood
Short Horn Durham bull for sale.
Also, 1-year-old male Poland China
(full blood) ) hog. Call and see theRe
animals at my place two miles north
west of Nehawka.
Horses for Sale.
I have just unloaded twenty-four
head of large western horses which
I am offering for sale at my farm,
seven miles south of Plattsmouth.
Perry Marsh.
In the matter of the Estate of Frank
M. Svohoda, Deceased.
Notice Is liereby given that at 8
o'clock a. m. on the 15th day of No
vember. A. I). 190!., and at 8 o'clock a
m. on the 17th day of May, A. D. 1910
hearings will be had upon all claims
against the estate, of the above named
decedent, by which lust named hour all
claims muKt be' riled and claims not
Hied will bo barred at said time.
Hy the Ouurt:
County Judge.
Byron Clark and TV. A. Robertson, At
In tlit matter of the estate of Regina
Wolf, deceased.
All persons Interested In said estnte
will take notice that Edward Kgen
bcrger, administrator do bonis non
thereof, has filed his final Bccount and
report of the- administration of said
estate and a .petition for final settle
ment of suld account and allowance
thereof and for the discharge of such
A heating upon said account and pe
tition has been. set by the court at the
county court room at Plattsmouth, Ne
braska on the 20th day of November,
1909, at the hour of 10 o'clock a. m,
when any and all persons Interested In
said estate may appear and contest
such petition and account.
Dated this 26th day of October, 1909.
County Judge.
IX O. DWYER, Attorney.
In the matter of the Guardianship of
Ree Campbell, a Minor.
Notice Is hereby given that In pur
suance of an order of lion. Harvey D.
Travis, Judge of the District Court of
Cass county, Nebraska, made and en
tered on the 16th day of October, 1909,
for the selling of the real estate here
inafter described, there will be sold at
tho south door of the court house at
Plattsmouth, Nebraska, on the 1st day
of December, 1909. at 1 o'clock p. in., at
publlo vendue to the highest bidder for
cash, the following described real es
tate, towlt:
The undivided one-half of the north
half of the west half of the southwest
quarter of Section 23. Township 11,
North of Range 8, In said Cass county.
Said sale will remain one one hour.
Ouardlan of Ree Campbell, a Minor
D. O. DWYKU, Attorney.
The Bohemian Catholic Sokols
of Plattsmouth Entertained
by Friends
A large number of the members
of the Bohemian Catholic Sokols
were visitors In South Omaha Sunday
and were the guests of the Catho
lic Sokol's of that city. The occas
ion was made one for reviewing the
work of the National Catholic Sokol
tournament recently held in Chicago.
Dinner was given the visitors by
their South Omaha friends who
made them thoroughly enjoy their
visit. After dinner a parade of the
two lodges was had, headed by a
fine band, and ending at the hall,
where there was speech-making and
music. Rev. Hundalek delivered an
address which was particularly well
received and greeted with much ap
plause. A number of quartettes and
national anthems were sung which
the audience all joined in and which
were grand in their melody. After
wards the line hall of the society was
thrown open to the boys and girls
and dancing and. a general good time
was had. ' Nearly all the visitors re
mained until the last train, return
ing to their homes in this city in the
night more than pleased with the
royal time shown them by their South
Omaha friends and brothers.
Among those attendln from this
city were J. M. Jiro'usek and family,
Charles Gradevil and family, Jos.
N'evotny and family, Frank Janda
and wife, Frank Slavlcek and fam
ily, Messrs. Jos. Libershal, Anton H.
Kouhek, Frank Ashenbrenner, Jas.
Burnanek, Tom Gradevil, Matt Jir
ousek. Funeral of Mrs. Kennedy.
The funeral of the late Mrs. Mary
Kennedy took place this morning
from the Durlington station, the re
mains arriving from her late home in
Omaha on the 9:45 train and being
immediately taken from the train to
the Catholic cemetery In West Oak
Hill, where they were laid to rest
beside those fo her husband and
three children. There was a very
large attendance of friends from
this city and vicinity, all those who
had known her In past years when
she resided here uniting in an ex
pression of sympathy with the sor
rowing family. At the grave ser
vices were conducted by Rev. Father
Shine of St. John's church of which
for many years, deceased was a most
constant atendant. The services were
of the Impressive nature of that faith.
There was a very large funeral
held In Omaha pervious to bringing
the remains to this city. There
were many very handsome floral of
ferings and a great many of them!
were left at the church owing to the
impossibility of transporting them to
this city.
AH of the children of the deceased
were present at the services In this
city except Mrs. Joseph McCaffrey of
Omaha, who was too seriously 111 to
permit her attendance and Mrs. Leo
Shroder of Perham, Minn., whose
small child was so ill she could not
attend. Those of the children at
tending were John Kennedy of To
peka, Kas., Felix Kennedy of Sheri
dan, Wyo., Edward Kennedy of Mar
quette, Mich., Mrs. John McCann of
South Omaha, Miss Anna Kennedy
of Omaha and Miss Blanche Ken
nedy of Omaha. In addition the
out-of-town friends attending the
funeral were John Drennan and sis
ter, Mrs. James Green and daughter
and son, Mrs. Lyman, daughter and
son, Thomt.3 Flynn, Mr. Hoffman,
the funeral director, Ed. Dee, Drs.
McAvoy and Dwyer, Michael Roach
and F. A. Murphy of Omaha and
James Grace and children of South
The out-of-town guests were the
guests of Mrs. Thomas Walling and
Mrs. A. naxter Smith during their
stay in the city, returning to their
homes on the afternoon Burlington
The pall bearers who assisted at the
last sad rites to this most lovable
and estimable lady were Thomas
Flynn, Ed. Dee, Patrick Grace, Dr.
McAvoy, Dr. Dwyer, Michael Roach,
F. A. Murphy of Omaha and Thomas
Walling of this city.
For Kale.
Small farm, 13-1-2 acres, 1-1-2
miles south of riaattsmouth, on Rock
Bluff road; good Improvements with
plenty of apples, pears, grapes and
other fruit. Possession given either
with crop or after crop la taken off.
Further particulars and terms of
Claus Jess at the farm.
Pigs for Sale.
A pair of fine Berkshire pigs, sub
ject to register, for sale. Wm. Gil
mour, Plattsmouth, Neb.
C. E. Metzger of Cedar Creek
spent last sight In the city looking
after business matters.
) Short Items of Interest From Tues
day Evening's
William Krisky and family were
passengers this afternoon for Omaha,
where they will visit relatives.
John Livingston Is a business visi
tor today in South Omaha, going
there to attend the stock market.
George Kaffenberger Is in the city
today on business,, coming in from
his farm west of the city this morn
ing. Mrs. H. S. Austin Is among those
spending today In Omaha, going to
that city this morning on the early
Byron Clark and wife were pas
sengers this morning for Omaha,
where they will spend the day with
Thomas and Grover Will are
spending today in Omaha, having
been -passengers for that city on the
morning train.
J. H. Mel8inger, one of Cedar
Creek's responsible and upright citi
zens, is looking after business mat
ters today in the city.
John Urlsh is among the farm
ers from southwest of the city, com
ing In this morning for transacting
business among our business men.
J. E. Barwlck, the land man, is
attending to business matters today
in Omaha, having been a passenger
for .that city this morning on the
early train.
C. O. Larson came down from
Bellevue yesterday morning for a
short visit with his parents, return
ing on the 5 o'clock train over the
Missouri Pacific.
Adam Fornoff, one of the good
citizens of Eight Mile Grove pre
cinct, was in the city today, driving
in this morning from his farm near
Cedar Cree'i.
J. F. Wolff, the prominent busi
nessman of Cedar Creek Is among
those having business matters in the
iity to attend to, coming down this
morning on the Schuyler and return
ing this afternoon.
Friend3 are in receipt of post
cards from Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Sharp,
which were mailed at Osceola. Ark.,
and bearing a picture of the steamer
'Stacker Lee." which they boarded
at St. Louis for New Orleans.
Mrs. Tolf Hanson of Omaha came
down last evening with Mrs. Hanson,
the mother of her late busband, to
complete arrangements for the en
trance of the latter into the Masonic
Home In this city. Mrs. Tolf Hanson
returned to Omaha this morning on
the Burlington train.
Mr. Kessler of Pekin, 111., was a
visitor in the city this morning and
met a great many of the old time
residents of that locality now locat
ed In this vicinity. He had quite a
pleasant visit with J. H. Melsinger
and J. P. Keil, two of Pekin's form
er residents, who happened to be In
the city today.
The Journal this afternoon was In
receipt of a call from John G. Chase,
who has been living near Murray
and who Is now moving to Hartlng
ton, Cedar county. Mr. Chase is
one of the finest young men of the
Murray neighborhood and the Jour
nal notes his departure with the deep
est regret. He renewed the paper
and it will follow him to his new
home. It is pleasant to be able to
send the paper with our subscribers
when they leave our section and the
Journal certainly wishes Mr. Chase
and his wife the greatest of good
fortune in their new home.
County Attorney Ramsey this af
ternoon filed a complaint before Jus
tice M. Archer against Vim T. Smith
and Alnslee Wilson charging them
with burglarizing a bunk car, the
property of the Missouri Pacific Rail
way company, on Saturday last, and
taking therefrom a coat, some tools
and food. These are two of the men
captured Saturday by Sheriff Quin
ton, as told in the Journal. There
has been no date set for their exami
nation and it Is possible they will
plead guilty, although this is not
Frank A. MsElroy, adjuster of the
Shawneo Fire Insurance company of
Topeka, Kas., which carried the In
surance upon the household goods
of C. A. Peterson, destroyed by fire
on the 30th day of last October,
was in tho city this morning and
made an adjustment of the loss which
was satisfactory to both Mr. Peter
son and the company. The amount
of the adjustment was paid over to
Mr. Peterson by the adjuster and the
matter Is closed. This Is a quick
settlement and one which the assur
red appreciated. M... Archer is the
local agent for the Shawnee com
Daily Journal
O. A. Nystrom is a business via
tor today in Omaha, going to that
city this morning on the Burlingt.
Mrs. H. K. Dunbar Is spending t
day In Omaha, being a passengr
for that city this morning on th
early train.
John J. Svoboda is spending t
day in Omaha, where he will viwtt
with friends and also look after
business matters,
Mrs. Hendricks and baby of Om
aha, came down Ibis morning for a
visit of several days with her sU-
ter, Mrs. Fay Woodford.
Mrs. Snyder of Omaha, who has
been visiting in the city, the guest
of her daughter, Mrs. A. L. Ander
son; returned to her home this morn
ing. Julius Piti came In this morn
ing from his home south of the city
and was a passenger for South Om
aha this morning, going to the stock
Miss Alice Hubbell, who has bet-xi
stopping at the home of A. A. Wetea
kamp near the city for sometime'
past, departed this morning for her
home at Bartlett, Ia.
Miss Ethel Ballance departed this
morning for Peru, Neb., where she
takes up her studies at the state
normal school. Miss Ballance will
be gone until Christmas, when she
will return for the holiday vaca
tion. The adjuster of the Shawnee In
surance company was in the city yes
terday making the adjustment of
loss on the household goods of C. A.
Peterson whose home burned receat
ly. He had $500 insurance in tae
Shawnee company of which M. Archer
Is agent.
W. S. Soper of Nebraska City spet
last night in the city looking after
some business matters. Mr. Sopr
has recently purchased a studio fat
Nebraska City and Is doing a ban-
some business there. From his re
cord In this city, it is evident tke
good people of the town down the
river have secured a finished artist
in Mr. Soper and he is bespoken a
generous patronage.
The party of freight car repairers.
which was transferred to Edgemoit,
D., last week for work, have fin
ished their task and returned ito
this city this moruing. The party
contained some dozen of the em
ployes and were called away on a
rush Job just before election. They
were glad to get through and baofc
home again and regretted exceeding
ly having to lose their vote9. The
entire party were Democrats in pon
tics and caused that party a ser
ious loss as their votes might ha
saved several of the candidates.
Dr. E. D. Cummins and wife aaJ
Mrs. J. W. Crabill made an automo
bile trip yesterday to Weeping Wa
ter, going over to pay a sympathe
tic visit to te widow of the late Dr.
Rickard, and take a last look at tW
good friend. Dr. Cummins fouid
that he would be unable to get awy
from here tomorrow to attend the
runeral and for this reason ha
thought best to go over yesterday.
Returning, the party made the r
from Weeping Water In one hor
and nineteen minutes. Considering
the fact that the run was made after
nightfall the time una vppv fni
i v- IHOl,
I'lmngcs I lands.
An important transfer of propertr
took place today when the Perkiis
Hotel property was sold by Charles
F. Guthman to John Cory. The
consideration is announced as $7 -
000. Mr. Cory assumes control of
the property on the 15th., of the
month, Mr. Guthman retiring froai
all connection with the hotel. The
change is more in name than in aay-
tning else as Mr. Cory has had a
hand in the management of the
hotel' for several years,. being one of
the firm of Guthman & Cory. He
has proven in that time to be an
excellent hotel man and one who
understands thoroughly the needs of
the public. Under his management
the hotel will undoubtedly keep the
ugn ranic wnich it has had in th
past and will be a hostelry which
will merit the patronage of the puh
Ilc Mr. Guthman who retires from
the management of the house is a
gentleman with many friends in the
travelln public and during his con
nection with the business he has
demonprated Ms capacity to handle
hotels. It is not given out as to
lJust the line of business he will take
up In the future.